What Is The Etsy Best Seller Badge?

By Chris Shaffer •  Updated: 03/05/23 •  7 min read

If you've ever dug around on Etsy, chances are you stumbled across a product in their search results that are labeled with the best seller badge.

In this article, we're going to take a quick look at what the Etsy best seller badge is, what it means for you if you see it on one of your products, and how you can potentially earn one.

To get started, let's answer the most obvious question first… what is the Etsy bestseller badge?

The best seller badge on Etsy is a small yellowish orange ( technically it's called blanched almond) banner that appears in the search results and on the product detail page on top of the first product image when a product has a “high sales volume” over the previous 6 month period.

Similar to Etsy picks, which indicate items hand chosen by Etsy, it's not uncommon to see one or more Best seller badges on listings in any given search result.

Are There Benefits to Having The Best Seller Badge on Etsy?

Although there are no “official” benefits to having a bestseller badge on your product on Etsy, there are two important side benefits to consider.

First, the goal of Etsy is to serve the best product to each customer, every time they use Etsy organic search engine.

If Etsy knows your product is more likely to sell, given that you've had a high volume of sales over the previous 6 months, there's a good chance they will give you more “Love” in the  algorithm.

Additionally, because your product is marked as a best seller in the organic search results, it stands out and is more likely to be clicked on when someone is searching for products like yours.

This increase in traffic is likely to lead to even more sales of your product (not to mention the potential of a conversion rate boost from the badge) even if Etsy doesn't give you more Love directly.

How Do I Get a Best Seller Badge On Etsy?

With all the potential benefits of this badge, it's logical to wonder what you can do to get your hands on one.

Unfortunately, unlike most things in the Etsy ecosystem, Etsy has been rather tight-lipped about the actual requirements.

There are currently no official requirements to be labeled as a best seller.

Logically, however, we can make a fairly safe assumption that when Etsy does its bestseller badge evaluations, they are likely to award a bestseller badge to the top-selling product for each keyword.

This would be similar to how Amazon awards the “Amazon's Choice badge” within their marketplace.

Since it's not uncommon for products to rank for multiple keywords, this type of ranking would also explain why you occasionally see more than one bestseller when you run a search on Etsy

If your intent on giving your best effort to obtain the Etsy bestseller badge, you'll want to do three main things.

Optimize Your Listings:

The first step in this process is to make sure you are listing is optimized.

Run an empty search for the main keyword for your product and use a tool like everbee to find the top-selling listings.

From there, you'll want to take a look at how these listings are optimized.

Once you have the chance to analyze these three factors, take the time to tweak your listing and watch the sale start to come in.

Consider Turning On Ads:

In addition to making sure that you're listing is optimized, you may want to take a look at running ads with the Etsy platform.

Although Etsy ads are very often overlooked by sellers, they're an extremely high return on the investment opportunity and will help you to secure more individual sales for each keyword you run ads on.

These additional sales could be the make-or-break decision point when it comes time for Etsy to award the best seller badge.

Run a Sale:

Just like how turning on the ads can lead to additional sales, don't be afraid to use Etsy sales and promotions to boost your listing

Running a small discount on your product can lead to a large, I'll be it short-lived, boost in sales. Sales.

This is due to two main factors.

First, Etsy lets people know when your product shows up in the organic search that your product is on sale, leading to similar conversion and click-through rate benefits that you would see from having the best seller badge. 

Additionally, depending on how you set up your promotion, Etsy will let previous customers and people who have liked your store or favorited the product. No, that product is on sale.

Since these are the people most likely to buy, your product, can lead to a nice boost in sales and bring you closer to the best seller badge.

Why Did I Lose My Etsy Best Seller Badge?

Just like understanding exactly why an individual product has a bestseller badge to begin with, understanding why your badge is going. Can be a little bit of a headache.

Since Etsy doesn't list any official requirements, the best thing that we can do is do a little bit of competitive research.

If you find that your product has lost your Etsy bestseller badge, take a look at your competitive listings using a tool like EverBee.

By running a simple product analysis on your listings, and most popular keywords, you will be able to see not only the products that are selling at a higher volume than yours, but you will also be able to understand their conversion rates.

This type of competitive analysis, allows us to get a better understanding of what has changed over the last few months and tweak our listings accordingly.

The Best Seller Vs Star Seller Badge On Etsy

Unlike the star seller badge, which has very specific criteria to meet and is applied to the whole shop, the best seller badge is applied to individual products.

Although I would never be mad if Etsy wanted to give me the best seller badge, I would rather see sellers focus their time and effort on making sure that they are star-seller-rated.

If you're looking to achieve a star seller badge, it's a fairly straightforward process.

First, you must ensure that you're responding to messages quickly.

To qualify for the badge, you need to respond to 95% or more of the initial messages from your buyers within 24 hours.

Second, Etsy requires that you achieve at least a 4.8 out of five-star rating on average for your customer experience.

Third, to qualify for a star seller badge, you'll need 95% or more of your orders to ship on time.

Although these may seem a bit burdensome, the requirements are very easy to comply with and are straightforward.

Additionally, unlike the best seller badge which does not have any official requirements or the ability for you to know when it will be applied or removed from your listing, star seller badges are evaluated and awarded at the beginning of each month.

This means, if you focus on creating a good customer experience, you can easily get a star seller badge and will likely see almost identical results, without having to worry about being the top-selling product for any given time frame.

Quick Recap:

At the end of the day, the Etsy bestseller badge is simply a way of indicating a top-selling product inside the marketplace.

Although having an Etsy bestseller badge for your product is an admirable goal, since there are no official requirements for getting one, it can be a tough goal to shoot for.

Rather than focusing your time and effort on being the” best seller” your time is better spent ensuring you provide an adequate level of service to your existing customers to be consistently labeled as a star seller.

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