The Story of Never Giving Up + TAS Weekly Recap

So, last week at this time I was in sunny Florida with my entire family getting ready to watch a Yankees spring training game.

No hate mail please…especially you Boston fans 🙂

Ok, so It was Good and BAD day

Oh, and as always…there’s a business lesson in this email too, so make sure you read it.

My 10 year old daughter (Kayla) is a HUGE Arron Judge fan and her goal was to get his autograph at the game 🙂

So, I purchased front row seats months ago, so we would have a good chance to get her shirt signed and watch the game. lol

You know me by now…I look at business like a sport or a game and the they are very similar.

The only way to hit the ball is to get in the batter box and take a wake at it.

Kind of like a business, you can’t get results unless you start.

Ok , back to the story.

Here’s what happened next.

My wife and two daughters created these CRAZY signs that we held up to get Aaron’s attention.

Once again…like in business, we created a plan to Take Action and gave it our best shot.

The Good News

We got Aaron’s attention multiple times and he smiled at us and giving us a thumbs up.

Then after the 3rd inning after coming off the field, he came up to my 10 year old and gave her a fist bump.

He also said he would sign at the end of the game.

The Bad NEWS!

During the 5th inning Arron left the game and went into the locker room and didn’t return.

Kayla never received her autograph and she was heartbroken.

But, she’s not a quitter.

She wrote him a letter and sent him a picture of all of us with our Crazy Signs in hopes he signs her baseball card.

The point here is this…Never Give UP!

If you strike out…get back in the batters box and take another swing.

I’m not sure if Kayla will get Arron’s autograph next time around…but I can tell you this…she will keep trying.

She’s so thankful she got a fist bump and is still HUGE Fan 🙂

Remember, as long as you keep trying…YOU CAN’T LOSE!



OK, let’s talk TAS weekly recap now.

Lot’s of stuff happening and some great content.

Let's start with the TAS Podcast Episodes

TAS Youtube Training:

This Week's Private Label Workshop

Lot’s of cool stuff happening in TAS land, so make sure you subscribe to the TAS Youtube channel an the TAS Podcast.

We’re also wrapping up our Product Discovery Bootcamp training and should be opening back up soon.

In the mean time…go through the 24 hour Product Discovery Challenge that will help you get started NOW!

So, that’s going to wrap up this week.

Have an awesome week or weekend (depending when your are reading this)

Talk to ya next week 🙂

and as always…Take Action!


After I posted the picture of my family, I couldn’t believe how much taller my son is than me 🙂

He’s the one holding the ARROW next to Kayla (my youngest)

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