The 7 Print on Demand Products You Need to Add To Your Etsy Store In 2023

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 12/22/22 •  6 min read

If you've been in the Etsy ecosystem for any length of time, chances are that you've seen lots of people talking about creating digital downloads to sell on Etsy.

Although there's nothing inherently wrong with selling digital products on Etsy if you're looking to build a solid foundation and still maintain a relatively hands-off approach to your store you may want to consider print-on-demand products instead.

The Truth About Digital Products

The truth of the matter is, while digital products can work in some niches, creating templates that will reliably work for your customers is offensive, substantially more time and effort, and requires more design skill than print-on-demand.

Additionally, if you're trying to market products, outside of the digital planner, real estate, social media, or digital greeting card spaces, there aren't many successful examples of digital products being sold.

If you're using the niche-focused approach that we advocate for here at brand creators, you may want to take a look at these seven print-on-demand products that are often overlooked by sellers.

The 7 POD Products That Are Better Than Digital Products

Although print-on-demand providers like Printify have thousands of products and add more every single week, I wanted to take just a second to cover seven products that can help you launch your print-on-demand business the right way.


Although you will often see people in the Etsy world talking about selling mugs, their slightly chunkier and more insulated brother, the tumbler, is often overlooked.

Not only do tumblers have a higher margin than most, but they have a higher perceived value by your customers.

This means that you can list a tumbler for your market at a higher price point. And because of the higher perceived value, your customers won't even flinch.

Additionally, tumblers are carried virtually everywhere by your prospective customers and are a great conversation starter quite often leaning toward the question. “Where did you get that”.

Metal and/or Wood Signs

The second print-on-demand product I would take a look at in virtually Every niche is metal and or wood signs.

Since they appeared to be complex to design, These products are extremely undersold inside the Etsy marketplace.

However, with the help of a print-on-demand provider like TeeLaunch and just a few minutes in Canva with their easy-to-follow templates, you can create a fantastic-looking sign for your market.

Additionally, because these products are undersold, they have higher margins and a very high perceived value as a finished product.

Lastly, signs can be customized to include a variety of different things such as the last name of your customer or a date that is significant to them.

With just a few extra clicks in your Canva template, you can create a customizable template for your metal sign and increase your margins further.


The next product I'd suggest every Etsy seller take a look at is blankets.

Blankets are available from virtually every print-on-demand provider that integrates with Etsy and in most niches will net you a 50% plus margin.

Add that margin to an average selling price between 50 and $60 and you have yourself a profit-generating machine.

On top of that, they are an extremely giftable item and like signs and tumblers. They are massively underutilized on the platform.


Although this next product may not work for every single niche, if you can find a way to squeeze one into your inventory, you'll love it.

In addition to having 45% or higher profit margins, being a conversation starter, and being highly giftable, puzzles are an extremely unique offering.

Not only are they a great way for families to pass time and build memories, but they're an extremely attractive option to be added to an already existing shopping trip for somebody in your niche.


Jewelry is something most print-on-demand and e-commerce businesses never touch and that needs to change. 

With the help of print-on-demand providers like Shineon, You're going to start to see print-on-demand jewelry explode in the next few years.

Not only does it have high margins, but it's extremely giftable and is likely something that your customers will be talking about having received as a gift.

That makes the word of mouth that can come from a unique offering like this. Absolutely priceless.

Yard Flags

The sixth product you should be taking a look at are yard or garden flags. 

Not only do these have fantastic margins, but they are one of the products most likely to lead to high average card values.

If you can design a flag that your niche would enjoy, you can add in things like variations for seasons and easily create multiple variations. Variations.

From there, your customers are very likely to want to collect them all, potentially leading them purchasing multiple units all at once or becoming a return customer.

Either way, when we're able to increase the average value of a customer. Not only do we make more money, but Etsy gives us a little extra love as well.

Cutting Boards

The last product I would suggest taking a look at before diving into selling digital products on Etsy is a cutting board.

Although it may seem like something that will only work for cooking or kitchen-related niches, applying an existing well-selling design to a cutting board for your niche can be an extremely profitable move.

Any opportunity that we can give to our niche to show off how much they love fishing or whatever it is that we target, is usually welcome.

In addition to a cutting board itself, you may want to take a look at things like serving platters or wood serving bowls, all of which are available from a variety of print-on-demand providers, to allow your customers to show their love for your niche every time they have company.

Quick Recap

Although there's nothing inherently wrong with selling digital products on the Etsy platform, you can often charge higher prices and make higher volume by incorporating more print-on-demand products into your catalog. Catalog.

Don't be afraid to spend a little bit of time thinking through these seven ideas and spending a few hours each week Taking a look at the new products inside your print-on-demand providers catalog.

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