The 1k Niche Property Project – Month 9 May 2022

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Welcome back to the 1K niche property project, we've wrapped up the 9th month of this project and I wanted to give you a quick update.

The Goal:

If you aren't already familiar with what we're doing inside of this project, our goal is to build a brand new niche property and take it from zero articles, zero visits, and $0 in revenue to over $1,000 per month in recurring revenue in as short of time as possible.

Although this website shouldn't be used as an example of what you have to do to achieve this goal for yourself, we wanted to document in detail every step we took along the way in adding this site to our portfolio of niche properties.

Keep in mind if you're following the niche properties model, you don't necessarily need to spend anywhere near the amount of money that we will be investing into this project to achieve the same or better results for yourself.

The History:

Before I dive into all of the happenings from the previous month, I wanted to take a quick second to look back at what we've done up to this point.

In the first month of this project (Starting in the middle of September 2021) we decided we were going to do something a little different than we normally do and instead of starting a website from scratch, we worked with our friends over at niche website builders to help us choose an aged domain.

If you are not familiar with this concept, it essentially means we purchased a domain that was used previously and we are building our niche website on top of it.

Theoretically, the links and authority that this domain had gained under its previous owners should help our content rank faster and help us gain traffic more quickly than we could with a new domain.

This also means that because we are using a domain, we could avoid the niche selection process(Using an aged domain typically means you need to keep the website in the same niche that it was previously in or you defeat the entire purpose ).

With our age domain selected, we moved into month two of this project where Scott and I worked with the niche website builders team to do some keyword research and design the initial batch of content for the site.

Out of around a hundred articles, we came up with ideas for, we eventually settled on 44 that we are going to publish for our site launch date.

While this content was being written and the site was created for us, we made our way to month three of this project where we got the keys to the website and were off to the races.

In the fourth month of this project, we began to see our initial growth in organic traffic( The traffic we rely on most for these types of sites) start to grow rapidly to a place where we're comfortably getting 21 visits per day from organic search engines.

In month 5 of this project so I was publishing 22 new pieces of content. (We used the remaining ideas we had from the initial keyword planning session in the first month of this project) and we also saw our organic traffic increase to over 35 visits per day.

In month 6, we saw an increase in traffic from 35 to 48 organic visits per day and we published another nine articles for a total of 75 pieces of content published on this site.

In month seven of the project we saw one of our biggest increases in traffic to date going from 48 visits to an average of 83 visits per day and we published another eight articles.

Last month, we saw modest traffic growth taking our site from 83 visits per day to 94 visits per day and we published an additional 16 articles on the site bringing our total to 97 pieces of content.

It's important to keep in mind as you work your way through the history of this project to understand that content typically takes somewhere between 6 and 8 months to rank in its ” final resting place” in the Google search results.

This means, we may be publishing substantially more content than we need to reach our goal, but we would rather invest the money upfront and reach our goal of $1,000 in passive income from the site sooner rather than waiting for all of our content to rank and realizing we need to play catch up down the road.

That being said, we're excited about the potential of each piece of content that we published up to this point and you'll see why we're so excited if you read this month's update below.

The Activity This Month:

I know that if you've been following these updates for any length of time, you're probably tired of hearing me say that I'm excited looking at the numbers, but this month gives me the kind of excitement. That is one of the reasons( along with the passive income potential) that I love building niche properties.


If you tuned in to last month's update, you'll know that I said our traffic growth had slowed slightly, but then I was extremely optimistic about the increased growth in the keywords we were ranking for.

Not only did we see a huge 131% growth in the number of keywords at the top of page one, but we also saw a 40% growth in the keywords at the bottom of page 1.

As I've mentioned previously, this type of growth excites us because it's a leading indicator of what's going to happen on the organic traffic front in the future.

This month, we saw exactly that.

Not only did we see an almost 68% increase in overall traffic to the site, but we also saw an almost 67% increase in traffic from organic search alone.

These increases gave us 166 site visits per day and 154 of those are coming from organic searches every day.

While those are the average numbers for the month, they don't tell the entire story by themselves…after all, they are averaged out right?

We started this month averaging about 135 people per day from organic search and ended the month with an average of 178 visits per day from organic search alone.

Even better than that, in the 4 days leading up to this recap, we've been averaging over 200 visits a day from organic searches.

Are you getting excited yet…I know I am!

At this pace, we will likely reach our first goal of 10,000 visits per month from organic search within the next 6-8 weeks.

While we don't need to wait to reach that mark to enable ads and start earning revenue from the site, we typically like to at least reach the 10,000 visits per month mark.

Not only because it lets us get more value for our ads, but it also means we have enough of a foothold that any minor inconvenience in the user experience side of things shouldn't delay our content from continuing to rank and grow.

Keyword Rankings:

As I mentioned above, we love keeping track of our keyword rankings because it gives us a clear indication of what's going to happen down the line with our traffic.

Not only are we seeing great growth in terms of traffic coming to our site, but if our keyword rankings are to be believed, we're seeing an even brighter future than looking at our traffic alone would seem to indicate.

Last MonthThis MonthGrowth
Page 2 Or Higher3754622065.69%
Bottom Of Page One27749779.42%
Top Of Page One374521.62%
Total Keywords4068676266.22%

Although we did not see another over 100% increase and the number of keywords we had ranking at the top of page one, we did see a substantial 20% increase bringing our total to 45.

You might remember a few months we also had 45 keywords at the top of page 1 before we experienced a massive drop-off.

This initial drop-off was because we are ranking keywords related to the old version of the site and not to the current version that we have and although the number may be the same, we know each of these keywords is extremely related and likely to bring a large amount of organic traffic to the site in the future.

We also saw almost 80% growth in the number of keywords ranking on the bottom of page one (spots 4 through 10 on the first page of Google search results ).

Although the vast majority of traffic is concentrated at the top of the search results  (The content ranking 1-3), seeing this large of a jump at the bottom of page one not only means that we should be able to count on some additional traffic next month, but that we should start to see a large number of these keywords start moving even further up the page in the months to come.

Lastly, we saw just over 65% growth in the total number of keywords that are being indexed for the site.

While getting these keywords indexed may not lead directly to traffic at this point, it does show us that a large amount of the content we've created over the past few months is starting to be indexed by Google and will be able to bring us traffic within the next month or two as we work towards the first page for those keywords.

Content Creation: 

Although the site is growing fantastically, we're not taking our foot off the gas pedal.

In addition to all the great growth this month, we published an additional 20 new pieces of content.

Although the vast majority of this content is answer-based content (we're directly answering a question that somebody will be typing into Google related to our niche) there are a few articles that are a little less, obviously question-based content.

Although this isn't a strategy we typically recommend for new sites, because there are lots of little questions in this niche, we've decided to combine some of them into larger articles that have the chance to rank and give us a return on investment for the time and money spent creating the content. 

While we technically could answer every one of them as an individual post on the site, it doesn't make sense and would likely lead us to have three to five times more content with much less value to the user.

Make sure to check back in 2 months for a quick update on how this other type of content that we're trying is ranking.

The Money:

This month, like most months of this project our only new expense is content, but you can see a full breakdown of what we've spent so far below.


Since the entire first year of our hosting was paid for when we purchased the domain from our friends at niche website builders, our only ongoing expense at this point is contact creation.

As we've commented previously, for us to have a new article written and posted costs around $45 per post.

Since we published 20 posts this month, our new expenses for month nine of this project are $900.

Month 9  Expenses: $900


Since we haven't added a stream of revenue to the site yet, there are no earnings to report as we are still in the investment phase.

As mentioned above, I expect to be adding an ad network somewhere in the next 6 to 8 weeks to this site once we reach the 10,000 unique visits mark.

Month 9  Earnings: $0

Net Earnings

Month 0 Expenses: -$9,000

Month 0 Earnings: $0

Month 1 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 1 Earnings: $0

Month 2 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 2 Earnings: $0

Month 3 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 3 Earnings: $0

Month 4 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 4 Earnings: $0

Month 5 Expenses: $945

Month 5 Earnings: $0

Month 6 Expenses: $405

Month 6 Earnings: $0

Month 7 Expenses: $360

Month 7 Earnings: $0

Month 8 Expenses: $1080

Month 8 Earnings: $0

Month 9 Expenses: $900

Month 9 Earnings: $0

Month 9 Net: -$12,690

That’s A Wrap:

That's it for month nine of the 1k Niche property project.

As we move into the 10th month, we aren't exactly where we wanted to be as our initial growth was a little bit slower than we had hoped, but we're seeing signs of rapid growth and can't wait to see where this site takes us.

Make sure to check back next month to get an update and if you’d like to learn how we got to where we are, make sure to check out the full 1k Niche Property Project Archive here.

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