The 1k Niche Property Project – Month 8 April 2022

Niche Website Project 8

Welcome back to the 1K niche property project, we've wrapped up the 8th month of this project and I wanted to give you a quick update on where everything is up to this point.

The Goal:

If You haven't been following along with our journey so far, our goal with this project is to take a brand new content-based website from zero to $1,000 in monthly recurring income as quickly as possible.

To get there, we're going to be relying entirely on traffic from organic search and evergreen social media networks, such as Pinterest, with no paid traffic.

Along the way, we will be documenting each step of the journey and every single penny we spend, so you'll have an idea of exactly what it will take in terms of time and money to build your very own niche property.

The History:

Before we dive into what happened this month, let's take a quick look at what's happened up to this point.

As Scott and I talk about constantly, the first and most important thing you need to do when building a new property is select your niche and validate that there is enough traffic to reach your goal.

We spent our first month working with our friends over at niche website builders to select a niche and in our case, we also chose to use an aged domain.

If you're not familiar with the concept of an aged domain, it simply means we bought a domain that had a previous history in the niche We are looking to build this project in.

We did this to test a theory that age domains can help you to rank content faster and achieve your traffic and monetization goals even more quickly than a brand new domain.

Additionally, we worked with their team to do some keyword research and came up with the initial batch of topics to write articles about for the site.

In month two of this project, we received our initial batch of content from our friends at niche website builders and spent the rest of the month polishing the initial 44 articles we are going to publish on our launch date.

Month three of this project saw us finally getting the full keys to the website, we chose to let our friends at niche website builders build the site out for us instead of building it ourselves, and once they turn the site over, we are off to the races.

In the fourth month of this project, we began to see our traffic grow from about 10 visits per day to over 21 visits per day from organic search engines like Google and Bing. 

At this point, we also decided that the initial 44 articles we published probably would not be enough content to get us to our goal of $1,000 a month in passive income.

In the fifth month of this project, we published 22 new pieces of content from the original keyword research that we had done( we had initially come up with 90 ideas and started the site by publishing only 44 of them ).

We also saw our traffic jump from 21 to 35 visits a day.

In month 6, we saw another big jump in traffic. Going from 35 visits per day to an average of 48.

Additionally, we published another nine articles bringing our overall total to 75. 

Last month, we saw one of our biggest increases in traffic to date, jumping from an average of 48 visits to almost 83 visits every day.

We also published another eight articles on the site bringing our total number of articles to 73.

Now that you're all caught up, let's take a quick dive into what happened this month and get you a better idea of what's going on now.

The Activity This Month:

I know I've said it before, but this month has me extremely excited about the site's future.

Although we didn't see the same level of growth in organic traffic we saw last month, although it's nothing to complain about, we are seeing massive signs of indexing for articles that we've written over the past two or three months.

This means, not even though we didn't see the same level of growth this month as we have previously, we can expect great things over the next month or two in terms of organic traffic growth.

Let's quickly dive in and take a quick look at what has me so excited on the indexing front.


So as I addressed quickly above, our traffic growth wasn't quite as good as it was last month when we saw an almost 63% increase in our overall site traffic.

This month, we only saw a 20.64% increase in traffic, bringing our total visits to almost 102 per day over the last 30 days.

Although this growth is not quite as exciting as it was last month, we did see another 40% growth in organic search traffic bringing us to 94 visits a day from 67 in month 7 of this experiment.

The biggest reason for the reduced growth in traffic was that we saw a 60% drop in direct traffic.

For those of you who are not familiar with the differences, organic traffic is traffic that comes from a search engine, social traffic comes from social media sites, and direct traffic is usually the result of people typing in your domain name.

If you look back at the post for month five of this experiment, you may remember that we suffered a slight reduction in indexing for some of the keywords that were driving our initial organic traffic.

This reduction came as a result of us using an aged domain and Google finally, realizing that we were not necessarily relevant for some of the terms they had us indexed for.

This month's drop in direct traffic is likely a result of the same phenomenon.

That being said, 20% month over month growth is nothing to shake a stick at and when we start to dive in and take a look at what's happening on the keyword indexing front, (which is a good indication of what will happen with our traffic over the next few months) I think you'll be as excited as I am.

Keyword Rankings

As we've discussed, ad nauseam, one of the best ways to understand what's going to happen in the future is by taking a look at your keyboard rankings.

This gives us a slight crystal ball into the future of organic traffic, because if we see keywords increasing in rank, (the vast majority of traffic goes to the top three search results ), we can fairly accurately predict a corresponding increase in our organic search traffic over the next two to three months.

While this month we didn't see quite as large of an increase in the total number of keywords that were being indexed as we did in the previous month (14.7% growth versus 39% growth ), we weren't expecting this result.

Last MonthThis MonthGrowth
Page 2 Or Higher3273375414.70%
Bottom Of Page One19727740.61%
Top Of Page One1637131.25%
Total Keywords3486406816.70%

If you take a quick look at the chart above, you'll see the two numbers we track the most closely had very large increases.

First, you'll see an increase of just under 41% of keywords that are being indexed on the bottom of page 1.

Typically, these are going to be keywords that are ranking in the 7th through 10th position.

While we don't expect these new rankings to bring us a ton of organic search traffic, we do expect to continue to see these move up the page in the months to come, meaning our organic traffic two to three months down the line should see a significant increase.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that's come out of this month is the increase in the number of keywords at the top of page one.

These are keywords that are indexed between the first and third positions of the Google search result and we can expect them to drive a large increase in organic traffic. This month, we saw an increase of 131% in the keywords in these positions.

To me, this means we should see a large jump in our organic traffic for month nine of this project.

Pair this with the 40% increase in the number of keywords at the bottom of page 1 and we can expect the next two to three months to show solid organic traffic growth.

Content Creation: 

Prompted by the large increase in organic traffic that we've seen over the last two months. And the extremely large growth we've seen in terms of our existing content getting indexed in months six and seven, we decided to double down on our contact creation in months 8 and 9 of this project.

This month, we created and published 16 new articles on the site.

These articles were a 50/50 mix of the traditional answer post type content that we suggest publishing and of the new type of content. We're testing specifically for this niche to see which will work better over the long term.

At the end of the day, our goal is to generate traffic consistently from organic searches, and limiting ourselves at this point to one type or another of the content is a bit short-sighted as both are currently working to deliver visitors to the site.

In month 9 of this project, I expect to see another 8 to 10 answer posts and a similar number of other pieces of content in a variety of different styles as we work out exactly what the best type of content is in terms of bang for our buck for this site.

The Money:

This month, our only real new expense was content, but you can see a full breakdown of what we've spent so far below.


As we've discussed in the past, there's not a one size fits all answer for how much content will cost you to create, but on average our content costs $45 to be written and published to the site.

Since we published 16 articles this month, our overall expenses to keep the site running and growing came in at $720 for the month.

Month 8 Expenses: $720


We have not started to monetize this site yet, although I expect to do so around month 10 based on our current trajectory and as such we have no earnings to report.

Month 8 Earnings: $0

Net Earnings

Month 0 Expenses: -$9,000

Month 0 Earnings: $0

Month 1 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 1 Earnings: $0

Month 2 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 2 Earnings: $0

Month 3 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 3 Earnings: $0

Month 4 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 4 Earnings: $0

Month 5 Expenses: $945

Month 5 Earnings: $0

Month 6 Expenses: $405

Month 6 Earnings: $0

Month 7 Expenses: $360

Month 7 Earnings: $0

Month 8 Expenses: $1080

Month 8 Earnings: $0

Month 8 Net: -$11,790

That’s A Wrap:

That's all she wrote for month 8 of the 1K niche property project .

Although this site is not growing quite as fast as it did in month 7 of this project, I'm not worried and I'm optimistic.

Based on what we're seeing in terms of keyword indexing and how rapidly some of our new content is beginning to bring in traffic, I'm expecting to see this site start to generate a return fairly quickly, even if it's not quite as quickly as we had initially hoped.

Make sure to check back next month to get an update and if you’d like to learn how we got to where we are, make sure to check out the full 1k Niche Property Project Archive here.

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