TAS068 (Case Study) The $500 Product Test That Validated A WINNER!

How do you go about finding those winning products that you can sell as a private label item on Amazon FBA?

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott highlights a post from the TAS Community on Facebook where a member outlined an experiment he did to find a winning product. This guy (his name is Christ) outlined exactly what he did, step by step, including the numbers on what he spent for the product, how long it took to get set up, and what he did using pay per click ads to get the sales going. You’ll want to hear this one.

The TAS facebook community is here for you!

This episode proves that you can learn from each other and from Scott’s interaction in The Amazing Seller Facebook group. It’s a free community that you have to request to join, but you should be approved within a short amount of time. It’s a no-spam community, so one strike and you’re out. But if you join up and take action on what you learn, you can be in the same shoes as Chris, who was featured on today’s podcast and be making money with your own private label products and Amazon FBA.

Get creative with an email follow-up campaign following the purchase of your products!

You don’t have to sit back and wait for the customers who have purchased your products to review your items on their own. There’s a lot of ways you can be proactive and generate comments and reviews of your product and business on Amazon. In this episode of The Amazing Seller you’ll hear about Scott’s recommended email sequence to encourage reviews from those who have purchased your products, and learn how that impacts the ranking and profile of your products on Amazon.

Will you take The Amazing Seller Challenge?

Facebook group member Chris ended his case study by challenging everyone in the community to take steps to find and list their own private label products on Amazon through FBA. Given the details he provided of his own experiment, Chris believes that anyone can get at least the same results he got if they are simply willing to set aside the $500 and put in the work. There are no excuses. You can do it and free yourself up to run your own business if you’ll just put action to the knowledge you gain from this podcast episode

So what are you waiting for?

Look through your average week and find the cash from your current expenses. If you really want to make a living from your own online FBA business, you can do it through little sacrifices. How about skipping one coffee or beer a week? How about trimming down the number of times you eat out? There are many, many ways you can find the money to get started in your own Amazon business. This case study proves it. Listen in to find out what Chris achieved and to get inspired to do something similar for yourself.

You’ll learn all of that and much more on this episode of The Amazing Seller with Scott Voelker. Be sure to check out the outline and links mentioned in this episode below!


  • Hello from Scott!
  • Join Scott for his upcoming video workshop – LIVE!
  • Thanks to those who have left reviews on iTunes!
  • The value of the TAS Facebook community – this episode proves it.
  • The case study from the TAS Facebook community – way to go Chris!
  • How Chris used an email follow-up campaign like Scott has recommended in the past.
  • The numbers Chris achieved by running his experiment to find a winning product.
  • The Amazing Seller challenge! Will you take it?
  • Comments from the TAS Facebook community about Chris’ experiment!
  • Scott answers a few questions about this experiment that came from the community.


The Amazing Seller Facebook Group  – Join up today!

Workshop videos you can use

Episode 35 – Using a product as a test

The email sequence Scott recommends

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Join the discussion

  • Hey,
    Im looking forward to taking the challenge!

    Do you know how he is doing now? did he stick with the product? is it doing well?


  • scott u have recommend me to get start with aliexpress (due to low budget) but i want to ask that i live in india then who will do repackaging foe me and how should i deliver product to US by air china or DHL (dhl is costy) , and if i send with chinese airpost which is usually free then will they take care of cutoms

  • Hey Scott!

    Love your podcast. Thank you for all you do.
    Can you please post the link to Chris’ FB post? I apprecite it.

  • Thank you very much for many helpful podcasts. I’m following your $500 suggestion, getting a few samples from Aliexpress. There are a few things that trouble me.
    1. What brand name do I use? Do I make it up? Do I use the temporary brand name on the product?
    2. Where do I put UPC?
    3. Should I put the product in a plastic bag, and stick a tag with UPC and brand name?

    I’ve a PL on Amazon, but I didn’t go through testing process, and this time, I want to follow your advice to test it before I PL it.

    I’ve been searching your podcast but didn’t find anything that address this particular issue. If you already had, please point me to it.

    Thank you so much for all your time and the information you share here. I listen to your podcasts every day trying to catch up.

    Lian Havro

    • Hey Lian,

      You would use whatever brand name you plan on using when you launch your branded version of the product.

      As far as the UPC goes, you only need that for the listing creation portion of the process, you would sticker each of the products with either the UPC of the FNSKU that Amazon gives you (if you don’t want them to sticker it for you).

      Using polybags, like what you’re talking about, is probably the easiest way to repackage the stuff you get from aliexpress, if you’re lucky, your products will already be in a polybag and might not need to be repackaged at all.

  • Hi Scott, Hi Christ,
    first thanks for this great episode – and I like that you pull something out of the TAS FB community and discuss it here! Me personally I cannot follow all the FB discussion but keep up with every new podcast here so it is really valuable to get the best of the community here in the podcast!
    I really like your approach to take 500 bucks and simply test if it works. The only thing I want to add to the discussion is that I was suprised that you roughly use $200 and $300 for pay per click! I know that PPC is required to get the product started when you launch it and I know Scott that you love PPC 🙂 But I asked myself if I would do this excercise, do I really need to put that much money into PPC to decide if I want to go forward or not? I also liked the idea to start with three products and see which ones performes best. And maybe I can decide even earlier which one is better. For example set up three products (each $200) and simply see what happens then. Do you think without any PPC I will see simply nothing? 😉 and not have enough data to evaluate the winner? But maybe I add $100 PPC money for each product and then go for the winner… Just want to know your thoughts on this – especially from you Christ, if you think you need the $300 PPC money to evaluate if it is a winner or if you could have decided even earlier? Thanks guys…love it. And Best Regards from Germany

    • Hey Tobias,

      you certainly can get started by just putting the products up and you may in fact see sales, the problem is time. You may put those products up and have them sell right away…or they may be a great product and never go anywhere because no one ever sees them. The reason we talk a lot about PPC on this podcast is because it helps to speed things up. Using the Amazon ad network puts your product directly in front of of the ideal potential buyers, allowing you to test those products in a significantly faster way.

      Best of luck!

  • Scott, you mention that you would include the link to the post in the show notes. I can’t seem to find it. Can you help me out?

    Keep up the awesome work.



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