TAS067 Ask Scott Session #15 – FBA Amazon Questions

You can get your questions answered by Scott – maybe they're answered in this episode!

Another powerful Q & A session is coming your way on this episode of the Amazing Seller, with Scott Voelker. Scott’s got 5 great questions today, ranging from an inquiry about optimizing sponsored ads for a product, all the way to avoid losing the seller box for a trademarked listing. It’s all over the board today, but well worth your time. You might even get the exact answer to a question that’s been rattling around in your head for some time!

How can I get my sponsored ads onto page #1?

That’s the great question Leo asked this week and Scott’s response goes into a lot of detail about keyword research, the difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords, and how you can use the interface to position your ads in a way that they have a greater likelihood of landing on page 1.

Running out of inventory? How do you regain your position?

Jordan has hit a few situations where he’s run out of inventory and by the time he’s replenished his product supply his seller ranking and position has plummeted. What do you do then? Scott’s got some great advice for him on this episode that has to do with how to keep your inventory from running out, as well as what you can do to regain your momentum if you do happen to run out of inventory.

Naming private-label products: Is there a good system to optimize the name?

Julie’s creating her own private label products and wants to maximize the name she chooses to take advantage of keywords, search algorithms, and stuff like that. Is there a formula or system Scott uses to make sure he’s choosing the best name for his products? His answer might surprise you, so be sure you listen to this helpful section of the show.

Can you use HTML in product descriptions? If so, how much impact does it have on the listing?

Paul wants to know if Amazon allows html coding in product descriptions – you know, stuff like bold, italics, headings, and other things to make the text and descriptions “pop” for the reader. Scott’s answer outlines the basic html he uses in his product descriptions and why he only uses a few minor things. You’ll learn a lot from his answer.

My trademarked product listing is being outranked by other sellers!

Tommy’s got a question about a product listing he created that’s got Scott a bit stumped! Tommy branded his own product, listed it on Amazon as a trademarked product, yet he keeps getting bumped from the buy box by other sellers of the same product! Scott answers his question with a lot of questions of his own. You won’t want to miss this one!

You’ll learn all of that and much more on this episode of The Amazing Seller with Scott Voelker. Be sure to check out the outline and links mentioned in this episode below!


  • Hello from Scott!
  • Shout-out to Kelvin B. Washington who commented on the blog.
  • Thanks to the iTunes reviewers for this past week.
  • Questions on this week’s episode:
    • From Leo: Sponsored ads: How to get them onto page #1
    • From Jordan: How does Amazon’s algorithm work when I run out of inventory and how can I get back to my previous seller ranking after I replenish?
    • From Julie: How do you go about naming your products? Do you have a process you follow?
    • From Paul: What is your feeling about using html code in product descriptions and what does Amazon allow?
    • From Tommy: Is there a way to avoid losing the seller box after building a new trademarked listing for your own product?
  • Scott’s thanks for submitting your questions – keep them coming!
  • Be sure to leave your questions & sign up for the upcoming workshop.


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  • I have a comment for Tommy’s question. I have had something similar happen, my problem was that my item was sort of generic (I had not put my logo on the pictures with my listing). If you make your pictures more branded and your item, it makes it harder for people to “claim” that they sell your item. The other thing that you can do..and warning but this takes extra effort. You can apply for something called ‘brand registry’ in Amazon…this is specific for Private Label sellers. Once you are approved for that, then you apply for Frustration Free Packaging (FFP). This is for an item that is in recyclable packaging. The benefit to this is that unless another seller has also been approved for FFP for your item, they cannot list on your listing. Feel free to contact me and I can direct you to the help pages for these items. I have gone through both of these for all my products and I have never had another seller on my page since I did these.

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