TAS BONUS EPISODE Prime Day Results to Blow Your Mind!

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott Voelker quickly reviews what he observed about Amazon’s recent “Prime Day” and outlines why those results prove that anyone who can get products onto the Amazon platform should do so immediately.

Amazon is becoming a powerhouse for online sellers. Some of the sales figures for individual sellers that Scott references in this episode show that the potential for huge profits is there, and the more seasoned and reputable your listings, the more likely you’ll be able to benefit from it. Scott himself saw a ⅔ increase in sales on Prime Day without doing anything to promote his products or discount them for Prime Day.

Listen in to find out how you can get on board the Amazon train with your own private label products – and hit the subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss an episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • In the car today – maximizing time and getting things done!
  • Your invite to join Scott for the Amazing Seller Meet-up at Podcast Movement in Dallas, TX.
  • Prime Day was a big event for Amazon sellers – what it was and how it worked.
  • The influence and power of Amazon Prime as an example of Amazon’s growth and power.
  • How sellers were contacted by Amazon to be featured on Prime Day.
  • Why Scott did not adjust his prices for Prime Day in any way.
  • Scott’s warning about gaming the system when it comes to titles and images.
  • The increase in sales Scott saw simply because of the traffic of Prime Day.
  • One of Scott’s friends who had a substantial increase on Prime Day as well.
  • The evidence of how getting products on Amazon will prove to be a great asset over time.
  • How one “featured” seller on Prime Day who Scott knows sold over $42,000 worth of products on Prime Day alone.
  • Why increased sales on Prime Day should result in greater reviews from your follow up sequences.
  • The importance of simply getting started!


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