TAS 826 Writing Emails without Sounding “Salesy” Ask Scott Session #257

Don’t you hate it when you get those annoying emails that practically SCREAM their products at you? When was the last time you were happy to get a telemarketing phone call? Let’s face it, the “Salesy” approach is the worst! What if there was a way to communicate with your target audience without turning them off? You’ve come to the right place! 

It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller! On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he teases some exciting news for TAS and as he gives a detailed walkthrough of a successful email he recently sent out to his brand. Make sure you have pen and paper handy for this episode – you don’t want to miss it! 

How to make a solid connection with people 

At the heart of Scott’s effective email marketing approach is a desire to really connect with people on a personal level. You don’t need to be formal with your email messages – in fact – its best to keep your emails lighthearted and fun! Using friendly banter and lingo that your target audience gets is also a critical aspect to making that personal connection. To learn more about Scott’s approach and how to get your followers to let their guard down, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Keep it simple 

Let’s face it, the reason why most marketing fails is that the marketer doesn’t take the time to really get to know their audience. Generic and complicated emails are what drive people away – why do so many businesses continue with this outdated approach? Making a connection with people takes effort – but not much! According to Scott, the best thing you can do when writing your marketing emails is to keep your message simple. Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott breaks down exactly what sellers like you need to write to keep your followers engaged! 

New Changes Coming! 

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott loves to change things up from time to time. Each time Scott rolls out a new change – it’s always a good one that helps sellers like you take your business to the next level of growth. Comming as soon as Monday, May 11th, Scott will be announcing some pretty big changes for The Amazing Seller podcast. Are you excited? It’s going to be an episode that you don’t want to miss! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:00] An email marketing approach that works. 
  • [7:15] Scott shares an email that he sent out to his brand. 
  • [10:30] Keep it simple – an effective email isn’t as hard as you think. 
  • [16:00] Closing thoughts. 


Speaker 1: 00:00 One of the most effective things that you can do in your business, in your brand is build trust and a bond with your customers or future customers. And the best way of doing that is by writing emails. But the big question I get asked a lot, and I'm going to be answering here today, is Scott, how do I write emails without being salesy? How do I deliver value? I don't want to bother people, but I also want to make some money. So in this episode I'm going to share with you exactly how you can do that and people are going to love you in the process. Sound good? Stick around. That's what we're going to cover in this episode. Well, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to the podcast. I cannot wait to share with you something that just happened and I wasn't sure that I was going to air this on the podcast, but I decided to because it was that valuable.

Speaker 1: 00:57 Some of you may or may not know, but there's a couple of big things happening right now. One of them you may already know and that is I started doing a morning coffee talk. We're calling ourselves the take action morning crew and this is where I show up every single day, 10:00 AM Eastern time. I've been doing that through this whole quarantine thing and I'm going to continue it as long as people like you are showing up. So if you have not attended one of these, you definitely want to make sure that you do because we're having a lot of fun over there. All right, and the way you can do that is just head over to the Facebook page and from there you will get access to our lives or at least you'll be notified when we go live. All right? So make sure that you do that.

Speaker 1: 01:40 What I decided to do here today on this Ascot session, which by the way is episode two 57 of this podcast and I'm going to be sharing with you our recent, actually I just recorded that this morning or I did it live this morning with the coffee crew and we talked about this. I broke down an email. I wrote an email, I broke it down showing you exactly how to do this day in and day out. People will look forward to your emails. You'll be able to sell in your email, but in a really cool way, you'll be able to drive traffic to your website and we talk all about how that all comes together. So I'm going to share with you part of this discussion that we did during our coffee talk this morning. All right, so before I do run that right now for you or air that what I did want to do is also let you know that something is going to be changing here on the podcast.

Speaker 1: 02:36 I can't give it all away right now, but something's going to be changing and I really believe it's going to be for the better. I'm going to be making that announcement this Monday, so if you're listening to this on the Friday before May 11th well then you're in for a treat. I'm going to be announcing it here on the podcast Monday. All right? That episode will be all about why I'm making this a little bit of a change, where we're going, why we're going there, and really the whole decision process because it wasn't easy. It was something that I've been wanting to do for awhile, but I'm finally doing it and I'm going to push myself to do it. So the accountability part here is me letting you know that it's happening. So if you're listening to this after the fact, then well you can probably skip ahead and listen to that episode and you'll hear what this is all about because this podcast will never be the same.

Speaker 1: 03:28 It's going to change and you're going to hear what I'm up to. All right? So make sure that you tune in to that episode. Let me just say though, I'm not going anywhere. All right? That's first and foremost. All right. So with that all being said, let's listen in here on this conversation that I had with my take action morning crew this morning and you can hear exactly how I broke down this email in front of everyone. And from there I go through the psychology of it. But also how you can sell, but not really have to sell in an email. If it doesn't make sense, it's going to. So stick around, listen, apply this to your business and I promise you it'll feel good when you're sending out really good emails to cool people. All right? So sit back, relax, enjoy. Alright, so we all know, well, we should know that email, email marketing is, you guys know I'm a huge fan.

Speaker 1: 04:24 Okay? I've been doing email marketing for years, okay? And it's not really changed. It really hasn't. I mean the same messaging that I was doing way back in the day, I've learned a ton. I've been able to write better, which by the way, if you're thinking yourself, I don't know how to write. I can't write. Well, I'm here to tell you that if I can write, you can write. Uh, because I struggled for the longest time. I still struggle. Um, but there is a formula. All right? And as you do more of it, you're going to get better at it. It's like anything, right? We flex the muscle, we're going to get stronger. Um, so we want to just keep flexing that muscle. Um, the other thing I get from a lot of people too is like, well, uh, you know, I'm not quite sure what to write.

Speaker 1: 05:08 You guys, for anyone that has an email list right now, do you struggle with what to write? Like are you sitting there like, Oh, I know I should write my email list, but I'm just not sure what to, I don't really have anything to say. I don't know what, you know, I don't know what to say to them. I don't know what to write. Let me know in the comments if you're stuck there at all. Um, we can go over some ideas on how to get you on stuck. But I think after you read this email that I wrote this morning, um, you'll see exactly what I mean. And actually the email I wrote this morning to me, maybe you, you might have received it, but everyone that is a podcast listener that has signed up to receive emails from me this morning, I just kinda jumped on and I talked about what I wanted to talk about.

Speaker 1: 05:52 Nothing for sale. I talked about our coffee talk here a little bit. I talked about just keeping things, how to get out there and rock your week. Like that was it, right? But there is some things that I'm doing in those emails that are intentional and I think being intentional when writing email or doing anything is really, really important. Super important. All right, so you want to be intentional to certain degree. All right, so let me, uh, let me dive in here. All right. Uh, let's see. There we go. Okay, so here we go. Here is the email that I wrote. You can see my cursor there. That's good cause then I can highlight things. So see this right here and that's our subject line. Now if you guys were on one of our past coffee talks, uh, you heard me talk about subject lines, how to get attention in writing emails.

Speaker 1: 06:46 Like how do I get attention in an inbox? We talked about that. Well, in that inbox, you know, we're, you know, we're, we're kind of competing with other people. The first thing is, is we want people to trust you. So how do you do that? You show up with value. This email right here is going to demonstrate how you add value and also build relationships, okay? And get people to really want to open your emails. All right, so I'm going to read through this and then I'm going to break it down. We'll talk through some of these, some of these things that I'm doing, but also how you can incorporate this. All right? So the subject line would read new bass fishing tip, and then in brackets you need to try this. So number one, we use the word new, okay? So we talked about that.

Speaker 1: 07:31 New is like the ultimate. Everyone wants something new. I actually just use that today in another brand of mine. And I used new as the main, uh, the main thing. I even put it in brackets, it gets attention. We all want to know what's new, right? So now not only does that work, it's not going to work if you just write new, it has to be to the right people, and if it's calling out what they signed up for or the market, right? So I'm writing to, let's say the bass fishing market, right? So new bass fishing tips. So if I'm a bass fishermen and I signed up to receive either, you know, maybe it's a tip on or a guide on how to catch more bass, or maybe I bought one of your bass fishing lures or something, right? And then I show up with new bass fishing tip, right?

Speaker 1: 08:16 I talked about this the other day too. I was a, I bought some bird feed, uh, or bird seed and also some deer food. And I bought it from tractor supply. They should have sent me an email following up maybe a week later and said, Hey, five tips to keep squirrels out of your feeder. I would have read that right? Instead of just sending me out a flyer, right? So you got to know who you're speaking to. That's number one. So I know that if I'm writing to bass fishermen or women, uh, you're basically looking to catch more bass. So you're going to see here new bass or bass fishing tip, and then you need to try this. It makes me want to read even more because I'm like, I want to know what you're talking about. What do I want to try? Right. So that's first step.

Speaker 1: 09:01 All right, so now moving into the email, I start out not by necessarily speaking to everyone, although you can say, Hey there friends if you want or you can just jump right in as if you're talking to a friend. I like talking one-on-one. I like speaking to one person. That's how I like to write. So listen, let's go through this and then I'm going to go back and we're going to do a little bit of deep dive here. Okay. I hope you had a great weekend and you had a chance to drop the line in the water today. I had to share this new tip I tried over the weekend because in the past I've struggled with catching fish in ponds, right? So then I move on to, there's a new color green worm on the market and a ton of others are saying it works like no other.

Speaker 1: 09:43 Okay? So I put it to the test and Holy moly, it worked like crazy. But I learned a simple tip that made this work even better on how I attach the rubber worm. Watch the video I shot here plus pick of five pound bass, right? I still can't believe how well this works. You need to give it a try. Trust me, you'll thank me later. Smiley face. Have a great day. Tight lines. My friend Jim P S Oh I forgot to mention I tried three different lures with this new color worm and I give the pros and cons of all three here too. And then that would link to the video. That's it. That is the email. So I'm going to break this down now. All right, after I take a sip of coffee, if you do you think you can write an email like that?

Speaker 1: 10:33 Did I mean that how? How hard is that? Like it is so simple. You're not trying to sell anything, right? And here's the thing. If you're looking at like, what am I doing here? And I'll break this down, what am I doing here? How could you possibly buy something from me? We're going to get into that. Okay? And you don't always need to sell, okay? But if you also are building a brand, as we've talked in the past and it's built off content and it's built off of a website with a blog, well we can make money once people arrive there. So all we gotta do is get them there. But what if we can get them there all the time? What if we send an email out and we get a thousand people from our email list to actually go there? Not read it, not open it, go there clicks.

Speaker 1: 11:14 All right? We've been able to get 2000 to 3000 link clicks from one email that go over to our blog. Imagine that right? By doing this, not selling, not selling, but emails. I write in this one brand. I send three emails a week. We don't sell anything in there. Maybe, maybe once a month we'll put a, maybe a promotion out there, but it's always backed with content. Always. All right. All right. So I know there's gonna be a flood of questions. So I'm gonna leave a little bit more time here today and I don't want to go too, too long here. I try to keep these the 30 minutes, it's not always easy. Alright, so let me just kind of go through this. I start off by saying I hope you had a great weekend and you had a chance to drop the line in the water.

Speaker 1: 11:57 That's as if I was talking to you. Let's say I'm talking to my buddy Todd Todd, I just wrote this email to you. Your Abass fishermen were buddies, right? I hope you had a great weekend and you had a chance to drop the line in the water. Okay. Today I had to share this new tip I tried over the weekend because in the past I've struggled with catching fish in ponds. I probably could have said there, I've struggled with catching bass in ponds, something like that. And then I'd say, and then I went on to say there's a new color green worm on the market and a ton of others are saying it works like no other. So I put it to the test and Holy moly at work like crazy. I'm sharing this with a buddy. I'm sharing this with one person, but actually it's too many.

Speaker 1: 12:38 Okay. Uh, but I learned a simple tip that made this work even better on how I attach the rubber worm curiosity. You see what happened there? So I'm bonding in the front part, right? You and I, we're together. We're in this, hope you had a great weekend. Just like I would a friend, right? Cause I look at everyone that's on my email list as a friend. Okay. And that's how you should as well. Okay. So I'm adding curiosity there. Also, there's a problem there in most people that are bass fishermen probably struggle in a pond. I know I do, right now I've got a pond out back. I've been trying to catch a bass for like the past two weeks and I haven't had any luck and I'm trying all these different things. Uh, but I have caught bass in there, so I know they're in there.

Speaker 1: 13:22 Right? So, uh, this, this kind of is, is, um, Metta, but, uh, I'm not a huge bass fishermen. I like fishing. I just, I'm not that great at it. So this terminology doesn't really jive. So anyway, um, so I went on to say, so I put the, I put it to the test and Holy moly at work like crazy. So again, you're like, Oh my gosh, I want to see what the heck this is a green worm. What kind of green, what color is? I'd like, what type of green is it lime green? Is it dark green? Like what is, is it specially? I don't know. Right. But I'm just dropping in curiosity. Okay. I'm not giving, I'm not showing a picture in here right now, although I could, um, which also can work, but then I go on to say, but I learned a simple tip that made this work even better on how I attached the rubber worm.

Speaker 1: 14:08 Watch the video I shot here, plus pick of five pound bass. So number one, you want to watch the video if you want to see exactly how I did it. And then number two, I'm also adding, I'm stacking another part of curiosity. You want to see that five pound bass, right? Who doesn't want to see a five pound bass if your best fishermen, right? I still can't believe how well this works. You need to give it a try. Trust me, you'll thank me later. Smiley face. That right there, that little you'll thank me later. Smiley face joke. It's a joke. If you and I were hanging out, I'd be like, you got to give that a try. You'll thank me later.

Speaker 1: 14:44 You're just speaking your voice inside of that email. That's all that we're doing here. That's how you create relationships. That's how make yourself real and not accompany. There's no best buy is not going to do that. Tractor supply is not going to do that. Okay? We're going to do that and that is powerful. Okay? It's huge. Have a great day. Tight lines. My friend, I learned tight lines from my buddy Todd, uh, who's embraced Grey's Academy and uh, him and another guy were going back and forth and then they just signed off and said tight lines. And I'm like, what the heck does that mean? They said, well, it's just, it's when you, when you're a fishermen that's, that's kind of like your, you know, the talk. So I said, okay, I'm gonna start using that. Signed it off as Jim P S Oh, I forgot to mention I tried three different lures with this new color, warm and give.

Speaker 1: 15:28 And I give the pros and cons on all of all three here too. What's that too? Another piece of curiosity. I want to know what three lures you were using. You say so simple, but you need to understand how you're writing as far as who you're writing to, the voice you're using and all of that stuff does not have to be hard. Okay? Very, very short email. But you can see all of the different things that's happening inside of that email. And then you just rinse and repeat. Always open a little bit of like, Hey, hope you had a great weekend. Oh, Hey, uh, hope, hope I'm not bothering you right now, but I had to share this with you. Right? It's like you would share a friend practice writing an email to one person wanting to your friends because you just discovered a new gardening thing that you know that they're a gardener and you're like, you got to try this.

Speaker 1: 16:14 I don't want to use chemicals, but I've been using vinegar and it's been really working well. You gotta try this. It's, it's a, it's a certain blend or something. I don't know. Right. How would you write that to a friend? Practice doing that? It's not that hard. Uh, okay. We're gonna have some questions. All right. Well there you have it. A great morning coffee talk. I have so much fun. I am so glad that I ended up doing that. Another thing that came good of a, well, this quarantine because, well I wasn't going to ever do this. I was thinking about it, but I'm like, I don't know if I want to show up in the morning every morning, but I'm like, you know what, right now people need it. And I've been wanting to connect on a daily basis, so I'm just gonna do it.

Speaker 1: 16:56 And guess what? I did it just like this podcast. This is what, 826 episodes? Is that what we're at? Yeah, we're at 826 crazy, right? Didn't know where this podcast was going to go. Well, here we are five years later and something's going to change. So make sure that you pay attention here. You listening this Monday, May 11th I'm going to make a huge announcement. Something I am super excited about, little nervous about, but more excited. So stick around for that episode and until then, remember guys, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to come up. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go get them.

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