FREE FACEBOOK Marketing Strategy – New Test That Proves it WORKED (EP 802)

How are your plans for the weekend shaping up? Are you ready to get some much-needed rest from the workweek or are you utilizing the weekend to get your business off of the ground? Wherever you are on your journey so far, it’s always helpful to get an outside perspective. It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares some tips and examples from Facebook marketing success stories. Make sure to have pen and paper ready, you’ll need it for this informative episode! 

An example you can use to drive traffic!

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott likes to break things down so everyone who listens to him can understand the information. Drawing from his success engaging with new communities on social media, Scott wanted to share a helpful example that sellers like you can follow to drive traffic on your social media channel. 

  1. Have your target audience create content for you! Ask them. 
  2. Engage with your audience – ask them questions, reply to their comments! 
  3. Drive people from your email list to your Facebook Page. 
  4. Spotlight your community – they want to be recognized. 

Are you ready to see how your social media community will respond? What steps are you going to take to start engaging with your target audience? To hear Scott expand on this example and so much more, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Build on what works

Never one to take success for granted, Scott wants sellers like you to consider throwing some fuel into the fire even when it’s roaring hot. If something is giving you good results, keep directing resources to there! Putting the pedal to the metal, Scott has a great way to build on the success of his social media engagement effort. 

  1. Do the same effort, once a month. 
  2. Choose the top three pictures from your post and repost them. 
  3. Have your community vote for the winner and then give away a free item.
  4. Announce the winner on your Facebook Page. 
  5. Rinse and repeat. 

One of the best things about connecting with a robust community like TAS is the wonderful assets and tools that are readily available. Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more from Scott as he goes into further detail about engaging with your followers on social media! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:40] Channels will change, that’s ok. 
  • [7:00] Scott’s Facebook engagement tip. 
  • [10:00] To get more reach you need more engagement. 
  • [11:30] A helpful social media engagement example. 
  • [15:20] Scott’s five-step Facebook marketing strategy. 
  • [18:30] Recapping the episode and closing thoughts.

Speaker 1: 00:00 One of the biggest questions people are asking themselves right now in 2020 is, Hey, is Facebook marketing dying? Can I still use Facebook to get people to see my business? Can I still use Facebook marketing to promote my brand? Well I got some good news for you because I just recently did a test and I'm going to share with you exactly how we did this and how no, I don't think Facebook marketing is dead. And I'm going to show you exactly how we did it and how you can do the same. So if you're interested, well stick around cause that's what we're going to cover in this show.

Speaker 2: 00:39 Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number eight Oh two and session number two 50 a basket. This is where I answered your questions here on the podcast and we'll do it again here today. And today I am coming at you. Well from my office and my [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 01:00 yo and with my cup of coffee. And you know what's really cool about these Ascot sessions is, well, for the longest time actually, the last three episodes I think I did on camera, but before that I always said it was like you and me sitting down having a cup of coffee together, just talking business and talking about life. And well we get to do it now on video cause I'm recording these just like this. So this is kinda cool. So what I'm going to go over here today is a recent experiment that I did and I literally just thought of doing it an hour before I actually did it, right? I'm like, Oh, I wonder, maybe, I don't know. Let's try it. So inside of brand creators Academy, that's our Academy where we're helping brand creators, which right now it is currently closed depending on when you're watching this.

Speaker 1: 01:47 But if you are watching this before April 6th, we are going to be opening enrollment for just one week. We, uh, opened, uh, about four times a year and uh, we're going to be doing it again on April 6th. So if you're at all interested, definitely head over to brand and if it's not open, you will see, uh, an area there that you can, uh, you can grab a copy of our brand growth validation checklist. It's totally free and it will allow you to dive deep into your market, even if you're just starting from scratch or if you want to take your current business and really diversify it inside of your market and, uh, and really be able to, to grow it. Um, so if you're at all interested brand, all right, so here's the deal and I think we all agree, or at least we should agree, but you can kind of hear me out here.

Speaker 1: 02:38 Channels will change, channels are always going to change and that's okay. We, we need to understand that and it's okay if they do, but we also need to not build our business on that channel, right? So if you remember in the last episode I talked about, you know, selling on Amazon, the good, the bad and the ugly and there is some really great things to using that channel. But like anything, they're going to have updates, they're going to have more competition. Uh, there's things that are going to change with the algorithm. Like there's all of this stuff and it's fine as long as you are prepared for it and you understand that and you're not building your whole business on that. All right, so now that we have that out in the open, and we probably agree on that, I did want to kind of share this with you.

Speaker 1: 03:26 Now, this didn't come in from a specific person. It came in from a lot of people saying like, Scott, can I still use Facebook marketing and do I have to just pay for it? And the answer is no. And I didn't really know that because I was kind of thinking, I think kind of Facebook marketing is kind of dead for free. But let me go ahead and test this. And so here's the deal. Now let me just kinda give you guys like the frame here. A Facebook fan page probably three years ago was awesome. You would create a fan page, you would start publishing things on it and people would see it, not just your friends but people, right? You'd start, you might even do like a, a a a like campaign where you would run maybe $5 a day and you'd get like 150 200 likes or more, maybe a thousand likes.

Speaker 1: 04:12 I mean, I've heard so many stories on this and then once you get alike, you're showing Facebook that these people want to hear from you. So then you would put marketing material in front of them or just content. All right. So yes, okay. That worked. But then all of a sudden Facebook, like all of the big, you know, platforms you gotta pay to play. Right? And so they turned on their ad platform and then it became where the reach became less than all of this stuff. So I was starting to, and I still believe that there is definitely a place for both, but I was seeing it as not a way that I was going to spend time to try to get people to see my stuff. If I was going to be on Facebook, I was going to run ads using it because that's how I'm sure to get in front of people, but it needed to make sense.

Speaker 1: 04:56 But here's the deal. We recently ran a a a contest they give away and that's kinda how we build a list in a new brand. And we're building a brand right now inside a brand creators Academy where we show, we show all of our community members, the brand, we show them how we're coming up with content ideas, how we're building the list, like everything we go through. So in the list building process, we were at this point and we went ahead and we did a giveaway as we teach. And so we started running Facebook ads, but we need a Facebook fan page or anyone needs a Facebook fan page in order to run a Facebook ad. All right? So as we're running this, we're automatically starting to get likes, all right? We had a hundred likes and then we had 150 likes and then we had 200 likes.

Speaker 1: 05:45 And so it was pretty cool, right? We're like, all right, this is awesome. Right? We're getting some likes, but okay, that's just a little by-product. We're building our list. And by the way, the list that we built was a, I think the exact number. I have it in my head, 9,332 emails. And uh, we ended up running that contest for 30 days. And uh, I actually recorded a whole episode on that. I'll, I'll try to link that up in the show notes to this episode. Um, but it really was us following this to a T and during this process we started to build our likes to our page, but not trying, not trying at all. It's just people seeing that the ad was being run through there. They signed up and when they signed up, we also have a way for them to share for more credits or more entries in different ways that they can get in touch with us or share our brand.

Speaker 1: 06:37 And they just automatically want to do a little nosing around and go over to the page and then they'll like the page. So one little side tip here, and I've mentioned this a couple of different times, but I like to kind of sprinkle this in cause it's a good tip if you're ever doing this, uh, and you're not doing this one little Ninja tip, you should because you'll gain, well I can't say for sure, but we gained over 50% more likes just by doing this. So anybody that that likes the post but the ad, right? But the ad is technically a post on your page. And so anybody that likes the post but doesn't like the page, we can invite them to like our page, right? We can just go on there to see everybody. It'll give you a list of everybody that has liked the post and if you can see if they've liked the page or not.

Speaker 1: 07:18 And if they haven't, you can just say invite, invite, invite. And then we can invite them to like the page. Pretty cool. Little little tip there. Okay. And that was actually brought to my attention by Todd Welsh, who's also one of our Academy members. So a little shout out there to Todd Welch. So as we're building this out, we're like, okay, we should probably put some of our content on there. And again, we follow our process, we start building a blog, we start putting content on the blog. So we're like, why not just take that content and then put some of those posts up on, on the Facebook page too. So as we're doing this for starting to get some interaction, we'd put up a post, we'd ask a question, we'd get 30 comments, 50 comments, some cases, a hundred comments. But this thing here that I'm about to share with you, we got over a hundred and I think it was 140, 150 and I think to date now, cause when I did this, it was a couple of days ago, I think we're over 200 comments.

Speaker 1: 08:07 Um, it's pretty crazy. But so what we did is, um, we started to see like, wow, this, this page is kind of like a group. It's not even a Facebook group by the way. And the reason why I don't like doing Facebook groups, um, at this stage, cause then you got to maintain it and monitor it and approvals and all of that stuff. But why not treat this kind of like a page and anything we post in there is shareable. So another little Ninja tip there. If you are creating a Facebook entity, I would always have a page that I would use as a way to promote material. So if you're going to create a video, put it on the page first and then share it in the group. Again, I'm getting a little technical, but that's how we do it. So I don't even have a group yet for this and I might not ever, because this is working so well.

Speaker 1: 08:52 All right, so let me give you this, this strategy. All right. So what we wanted to do, uh, I say we, myself and Chris shaper, we discussed this a little bit. We're like, how can we get the community in this new brand? How can we get them to be engaged but also help us create content? Right? So one thing we did is we did reach out through email cause we built our email lists and we asked people if they wanted to contribute. And we had probably around 12 or 15 people say that they, they wanted to contribute. So this could be, you know, give us some pictures. It could be writing blog posts, it could be shooting video, whatever. So we got that. That's cool. That's another reason why you want to build an email list. You can tap into that, right? So what we wanted to do is we wanted to get some pictures because, uh, we wanted to have some original pictures on our blog content, not just going out to a stock photo, which we've done that and we're still doing it.

Speaker 1: 09:41 But this opens that up. And I'll give you a little thing here that we're going to be doing here in a minute, but in, it's going to also help us, uh, get them people that are helping us with the content to share our stuff because they're going to want to, I'll get to that here in a minute. All right. So we wanted to have the market create content for us. And in this case, pictures. Okay too. We wanted to get a Facebook, our Facebook audience engaged. Okay. And to get more reach, you need more engagement. So one little tip again is to just ask a question, an open ended question or maybe, Hey, what's, what's your favorite out of these three picks? You know, a, B or C and let them just let them comment, right? And then that gives the engagement up and Facebook sees that.

Speaker 1: 10:26 So that'll increase your reach too. Okay. So number three, we wanted to get our email list to the page and engage because some people would say, well, well wait a minute Scott. Like why do you want to get people from your email list to the page? Uh, you know, why do you want them over on Facebook? Well, a couple of different things. Number one, that they will help us get more engagement, right? And then also they will allow us or you know, if they come over to the page, that'll allow us to also retarget them because now they have shown that they've been to a page and they've touched a piece of our content. Again, little technical, not going to get there right now, but that's also what we're doing. All right. But number four is we wanted to have a reason to spotlight the community.

Speaker 1: 11:08 Anytime that you can spotlight the community, boom. It's crazy because then they want to, they want to brag about it cause they're, they're like, yes, I was featured like, or Oh someone recognized me. Right? We all want to be recognized. Okay. So that's a big one. So let me give you a little test post here that we did, right? Or a little example of this test post that we did. All right. So here's what this would look like if I was going after the bass fishing market. Obviously inside a brand creators Academy, you see everything, I mean the posts, you see the comments, you see everything there. Um, but because we're, we're only revealing that in our smaller group in the Academy, I'm going to use bass fishing once again, but you'll get the idea. All right? So this is what it sounded like. Okay.

Speaker 1: 11:52 Wanted all caps, bass fishing pics to feature on our blog. And then I just put post pics of your best catch. Okay? That's it. That is the post. All right? I know. Real hard, right? Okay. Now when I also put in, there was a little note, a little thing in the comments and that was, and it said no, uh, by posting your pictures, you agree to have them shared on the bass fishing fanatics blog. Okay? So let me, let me repeat that. Okay. Really important that you understand this. If you have a Facebook page right now, you should be trying to get them engaged. All right? So wanted bass fishing pics to feature on our blog and then in brackets, post pics of your best catch. All right? And then a little note in the comments by posting your pictures, you agree to have them share it on the bass fishing fanatics blog this way here.

Speaker 1: 12:46 They're, they're seeing it, they're agreeing to it, right? But who doesn't want to show off their trophy or you know, they're uh, you know, their special train that they built cause you're in the train niche or whatever, right? Like whatever it is, okay, now we're going to do this once a month now because this just blew us away. All right? Because we had, and I'm trying to see if I got the actual numbers here. Uh, yes. So we had 144 images submitted at the time of me writing this rate now or putting this together. Okay. 144. Okay. And that means we got 144 pictures that were able to download or pull down and then we can use them inside of a blog post. So they're giving us content, right? And the cool thing is, is they're giving us, you know, even like more Intel because they're telling us a story along with it a lot of times.

Speaker 1: 13:42 So we get to hear more about the market, how they caught it and all of that stuff. So we could send out an email and go, Hey, look how Rob caught this bass. He said he used a uh, you know, a certain lure or a, you know, some type of technique and then it gets people to want to come over and then they're like, Oh, I want to be like, I want to be like this guy. Right? Or I want to try that. Right? It's a way for you to spotlight people in there creating the content for you. Okay? So it's a great, great way to do this. All right. But again, we wanted to do this to get them to be more involved and for us to drive up the engagement. So actually I have it here. 191 comments, 144 images posted and we reached over a thousand people just from our 1800 people.

Speaker 1: 14:24 So that's over 50% reach on that by the way, over 50% reach when people are saying the reach is terrible, it is terrible if you're not engaging with them and getting them to basically see your stuff by touching things on, you know, in your, in your posts. So a great way to do this is just ask questions or have them share a, a quick, you know, nugget or something that is, it's gotta be in your market obviously. Like maybe it's like a quick tip fish Friday and then they would all put one tip, one sentence long and then every Friday you do that, right? And then it's getting that page going, right? And it's getting that page kind of warmed up in a sense. And then also when someone comments, you should comment back and you should like their stuff because this is also going to show back and forth, back and forth, right?

Speaker 1: 15:11 Facebook loves that. So 199 or 191 comments, 144 images posted and then we reached a thousand people. Okay, now here's the deal. We're going to do this again every month, okay? And here's the new strategy, and I broke it down into five, five little steps here, all right? So pay attention. Here we go. Number one, we're going to do this once a month, all right? It's going to be scheduled. We're going to do that once a month, okay? Number two, we're going to choose, and we just did this. This was the second part of this. We're going to choose the top three pictures and we're going to repost them, okay? And then number three is we're going to have them people, both the winner or for a winner. And we're going to give away a free shirt via Teespring, okay? Or whatever Merck's you want to use, right?

Speaker 1: 16:00 That's what we're doing, right? And so now in number four is we're going to use the pictures of our community on the blog. And when we do, we're going to announce it in the Facebook page and our email, Hey, Rob Smith, uh, allowed us to use one of his awesome pics of the fish he caught two weekends ago, right? So what does this do? Number one, it gives him credit, it makes it feel good. And then when I use his name in Facebook, it's going to also tag him and he's going to see it no matter what. And he's probably going to share it with all his friends. Right. You see what just happened there? We, we, we took that one picture or that one thing of content and we spotlighted it and then we made them feel good and then it makes them want to share it.

Speaker 1: 16:46 Now, not everyone's gonna do it, but some people are. Right. But Oh my gosh, I was just featured on, you know, a bass fishing fanatics, a blog. I can't believe it. I'm such a fan of that place. It's awesome. And then you can see all the other pictures of some other great fish or whatever, and he's going to share it maybe in his, maybe in his fishing groups, maybe he's going to share that. Which by the way is a Facebook fan page. So it's a fan page. It can be shared, right? If it's in a group, it can't fan page. You can share group. You can. Right. So that's what we're going to do. So now number five, very simple. We're going to rinse and repeat. We're going to do it every month. All right, and we're going to build up a library of pictures that we get to use in our posts and then we also give, get to give credit to those people and then also get some extra attention on Facebook. All right, so this happened literally in an hour's time of me thinking of this idea. I wrote that up real quick and let me just kind of go back to that. Wanted bass fishing picks the feature on our blog post, pics of your best catch and then just a little note there by posting your pictures, you agree to have them shared on the bass fishing fanatics blog. That's it. That is it. Like who can't do that? Like you can literally be brewing your coffee.

Speaker 1: 18:02 I think I just spilled some too. Did that, was that on? That might've been on camera. We might need to now we won't edit that out. I got so excited. But here's the deal guys. We want to take other people's content in our community and spotlight and, and this, and this is not hard, right? The hardest part is thinking about what you're going to say or how you're going to word it. And honestly, I think you could just probably plug and play with what I just gave you and just adapt it to your market like that is it? All right. So let's just do a little bit of a recap here. Okay? Yes, channels are going to change. We all know that, and we need to do things differently in our market. And that's why it is so important to hit the market at different angles.

Speaker 1: 18:44 Not just Facebook, not just Pinterest, not just Instagram. You know, not just, you know, your email list. We want to diversify. We want to be multiple, multiple different sources and channels and angles. Okay? Now that doesn't mean you have to do them all at once. Okay? Like I said, right now, we're not doing a Facebook group right now. We're not. We're doing a little bit on Pinterest, but we just started not that long ago. We waited, you know, four months. Uh, the email list came up two months in, right? So it doesn't all have to be done at once, but it is important that you get these assets built, these traffic assets, I'm telling you, we'll pay you back not just in money but in attention. And like I've said before, attention or traffic is the new currency. If you can get traffic in your market, you are going to be able to do very, very well.

Speaker 1: 19:32 And uh, and if you know your market, it's a lot easier to identify these ways to get attention and you can speak the language and then from there it becomes a lot easier and the opportunities become really, really crystal clear. Now if you want help with this, like I said, brand growth validation checklist, we'll get you started and that is free. You can go to brand if you go there, uh, and it's around April 6th, you may see the opportunity to join brand creators Academy. We'd love to have you if you're ready for that. It's full of action takers and people that are building out their brands right now as we speak, all different levels. Um, if you want the playbook, it's another thing I haven't mentioned on this episode, but the playbook, I'm holding it. If you're watching the video, you can see me if you're listening, you can, the playbook is 107 pages and it takes you through the six step process for building out your, your brand, all the way from identifying the market, drilling down in that market, validating that your traffic is there a validating that you can diversify, not just traffic but revenue streams and really how to build out this business to take advantage of multiple, multiple channels.

Speaker 1: 20:46 All right, so if you're interested in that, you can head over to brand creators, again, that's brand creators, All right guys, that is going to wrap up this episode of Ascot. If you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, there's two ways you can do it. One. If you are listening to this head over to the amazing forward slash ask leave me a voicemail. That's how you can ask a question. If you're watching this well you can just drop it in the comments and uh, I'll look at that comment and we'll go ahead and we'll get it answered on an upcoming ass got session. How's that sound? Good. Well go ahead, ask your question.

Speaker 2: 21:21 All right guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up for this episode member. As always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go get them. Hey, before you go, I've got one quick favor for you and I would love to hear from you and I've also got something that I would love to give one of my listeners and I'm going to tell you how you can get it. So here is the deal. I want to hear from you, so what I would love for you to do is head over to iTunes and leave a review over there. Let me know how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape, or form.

Speaker 2: 22:10 I read every single one of them and they really do energize me and give me the fuel to get back on here and want to just keep creating and keep helping, so I really would love you to do that. Now anyone that leaves a review from today, moving forward, what I'm going to do for anyone that leaves a review and you take a screenshot of that and you send it to you send me that. What I'm going to do is I'm going to enter everyone once a month into a little contest and in that contest I'm going to pull one winner and I'm going to send them eight gift, a special personalized gift just for you. So all you have to do, head over to iTunes, leave me a review, and then take a screenshot of that. Send it to me, email it to and that way there you can be entered to win. Oh, and one last thing. If you haven't subscribed yet to the channel, what the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe. That way you never miss one of the upcoming episodes. All right guys, so thanks once again, I'll see you in the next show.


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