How To to Generate “MASSIVE” Website Traffic Using Content – Bullet Proof Method (EP 794)

How do brands like Bullet Proof grow from a little known startup to become a massive leader in the ecommerce industry? What is your plan to grow your brand and build a reputation for yourself? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he examines the Bullet Proof method of brand building and expansion. As Scott walks through the Bullet Proof method, pay close attention – he’s got several tools and resources that you’ll want to follow up on as you develop your strategy. Make sure you have pen and paper ready, you are going to need it for this engaging episode! 

Learning from good examples

As you plan your strategy for building an ecommerce business, where do you look for inspiration? Are you just making it up as you go or are you looking to other leaders who have pioneered the way forward? While Scott is as experienced and successful as most ecommerce leaders, he is also a constant learner. Harnessing his desire to learn more, Scott has compiled a helpful review of how BulletProof has built its brand over the years. Don’t just take Scott’s word for it when it comes to brand building strategies – learn more on this informative episode! 

Telling a story with your brand

When was the last time you really found yourself connecting with a brand? Let’s face it, brands are not usually personal and engaging but that narrative is quickly changing within the ecommerce industry. People connect with people, not brands. If you want to get people connected and invested in your brand, you need to give them a story. If you don’t have a story to tell with your brand, it might be a good idea to take a step back and rethink your approach. Learn more about the value of telling a compelling story with your brand by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

How to generate massive website traffic

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about breaking complex topics down into easy to follow processes. Here is a simple breakdown of the Bullet Proof approach that Scott has observed. 

  1. Research your target market on Google and YouTube. 
  2. Create three content buckets. 
  3. Do light keyword research and chose the type of content you’ll create. 
  4. Post content consistently. Commit to the process.
  5. Start choosing more competitive keywords and use the content tree method. 

Where are you in your ecommerce journey? Which step do you need to pay attention to this week? Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear Scott expand on each of these steps and a lot more! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:30] What drew Scott to Bulletproof Coffee. 
  • [8:00] How to create the right content for your brand. 
  • [11:00] Bringing people into your brand. 
  • [12:30] Validate your market! 
  • [14:45] Don’t overcomplicate the validation process. 
  • [17:15] Create three buckets of content. 
  • [19:50] How are you going to deliver your content?
  • [23:00] Be consistent. 
  • [24:45] What is a content cluster? 
  • [26:50] Scott recaps the best way to attract traffic. 
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TAS 794: How To to Generate “MASSIVE” Website Traffic Using Content (Bullet Proof Method)

Speaker 1: 00:00 How would you like to get free targeted traffic to your website every single day, 365 days a year? Does that sound like something that you'd be interested in? Well, if you are listening to this or watching this, I'm pretty sure that you'd be interested in that and I am going to break down in five simple steps that you can achieve this and I'm going to be showing you what I'm calling the Bulletproof method. So if that sounds interesting, stick around cause that's what we're going to cover in this show.

Speaker 2: 00:37 Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 94 and today, like I just said, I am excited because we're going to be breaking this down in five simple steps, how to generate targeted traffic to your website so you can do it every single day of the year.

Speaker 1: 00:59 And this way here you have a steady stream of traffic so you can turn that into money eventually. All right, so that's what we're going to be talking about. Now if you're new to the show, I want to take a minute to say, welcome. My name is Scott Voelker and I am here to help you build a future proof business so you can create the ultimate freedom. That's what my goal is here on this show. So again, just want to say thank you for stopping by whether you're listening to this on the podcast or if you're watching this on YouTube or any other social media channel, whatever. I just want to thank you for taking time out of your day. Now here's what we're going to do. We're going to break right into it here. All right. Now what I want to talk about is, and I want to kind of paint the picture for you on how this all works, because a lot of people, what they do is they just focus on the product.

Speaker 1: 01:46 That's it. All right, and I'm going to give you an example right now. I'm going to share a story with you on how this has really blown up. This business that I'm about to share with you. You might already know by the title that I used the Bulletproof method. And the reason why is because I'm going to be sharing with you some ins and outs of what Bulletproof coffee has really done. And they're not even known as Bulletproof coffee anymore. It's just the Bulletproof brand. All right. And I'm going to kind of take you back a little bit to where when he was thinking Dave Asprey, that is, if you don't know who he is, he's the one that started this over 10 or 11 years ago now. But it started with a little bit of butter in your coffee and then he seen how much clarity it gave him, how it made him feel, how it, uh, it just made him feel better, gave him better clarity, and then he started to share it with everyone.

Speaker 1: 02:39 All right. And this is going way back in the day. And then he started to educate people on brain clarity, uh, on getting more done, how to feel better, how to lose weight. And then that's even before really you, you started hearing all about keto and all of that stuff. And I'm not an expert in that, by the way, I'm learning. I am a Bulletproof coffee drinker as of right now, and I have been doing the diet for over about three weeks now. And it's crazy because I lost about nine pounds. Not even really trying, just kind of switching things up, but that's, this isn't about that. All right. Um, but if you want more on that, you can head over to the Bulletproof website. But it really, it demonstrates exactly what I've been talking about here on this podcast for the longest time. And before I break down these five steps, because that's what we're going to do here.

Speaker 1: 03:25 And I want you to be able to walk away from this, this session. And I want you to be able to go out there and evaluate your market and then start creating those assets. I call these traffic assets. All right? But what happened here with Dave Asprey is he started publishing content. And this brand now is built all around content. So I'll just give you an example. I did a Facebook live not that long ago and I had all the products on my desk here and I was showing all of these different products that I had purchased, but I didn't purchase them before. I actually got introduced to Dave Asprey and then his brand Bulletproof. All right. And he's not the only creator now. They've actually brought in creators and experts. He has his own podcast. He has, uh, you know, he just has a lot of resources that are just feeding back into the brand now.

Speaker 1: 04:11 But it didn't start that way. All right. But right now if you go, and I'm going to actually do this on the fly here, I'm going over on my computer here. If I can get that window open. There it is. And I'm pulling up a tool called Uber suggest. By the way, it's a free tool, a, actually, it's a free tool. They also have an upgrade. They just added an upgrade feature, which I did upgrade. It's pretty awesome. But the free really does still give you a lot of information. All right. But what I wanted to do, and I'm going to walk you through this visually too, so if you're listening, don't worry, I'm going to break this down. Uh, but just so you understand right now, their website is getting over 1 million unique organic searches per month, per month. Now, it didn't start that way.

Speaker 1: 04:53 A lot of people are like, yeah, I'd love to have that. I want to have that in 30 days. Not going to happen. All right. And you really want to understand that what you're doing here when you're creating these pieces of content is we're creating these assets that lead back to your business, that can educate people, that can help people. And then from there we'll turn them into either a raving fan or just someone that says, Oh, I think I should probably be buy this. Right? Um, so the very number one piece of content that was written here is keto diet for beginners. Your complete guide, 306,990 visits per month on that one alone. The next one down. What to eat on keto, your complete Quito food list. 148,655 how to do intermittent fasting for weight loss. 120 3093 searches. Uh, and then we have the official book Bulletproof coffee recipe, seven eight or a 78,007 55 75 Quito desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth.

Speaker 1: 05:53 47,423 all of are adding up to a lot. All right, so again, I just wanted to show you this because kind of demonstrate this for you so you understand that it doesn't always start there at the product level. Now it can. Now, if you're selling, and I used this example yesterday on a Facebook live, I'm holding a pair of headphones here. Now if you're listening to this, you can't see it, but just imagine I'm selling a pair of headphones. Okay? Now how would I differentiate myself from just someone that's selling some headphones, right? Like these are beats, but I could sell these even if they weren't beats and I could S I can make them special for a certain niche market. That might be the podcasting market. Maybe that's who I go after and then all my messaging is going to be about teaching people how to have a better podcast and then it just happens that when I start talking about the gear, that's one of the products.

Speaker 1: 06:48 All right, but we're teaching all the way around it and there's something that I call the content tree. I'm going to actually talk about that actually just came up with this this morning inside of brand creators Academy. That's our Academy where we teach brand building and I probably should have mentioned that too by the way. Right now if you want some help in this right now, currently the Academy is not open. It will be opening April 6th, 2020 so depending on when you're listening to this, it will be opening up. We have a checklist that you can go through a brand growth validation checklist that will help you through this process. It will help you identify your market clearer. And so this way here, you can map out this content strategy if you can even do one. Um, so it's probably worth downloading. It's free. You can head over to brand

Speaker 1: 07:32 Just go to brand and you will see that there. And then we'll also notify you, uh, when we do open the Academy cause we only opened for like a week. Uh, and we'll let you know and if you're interested in joining us, we'd love to have you, but it's all for a brand creators. That's what we're doing in there. But I shared this content tree strategy this morning and I'm going to break it down here for you as well today cause it's part of this, of this five step process. All right. But so right now you should be thinking to yourself, Oh my gosh, like what could I create content wise that could, uh, give my market, you know, some information so we can help them, right? So we can, so we can go ahead and get them interested in what we have to offer in our market.

Speaker 1: 08:13 Now, the other thing is too, and I just want to throw this out here because a lot of people think, okay, content, that's great, but that doesn't sell my product and I don't, I can't do every single post, every, every single piece of content about buying my product. And you're absolutely right. We don't want to do that, right? But here's the cool thing. We can leverage other people's products and we can become an affiliate for them, okay? We can sell on Amazon whether it's our product or not. We could become an affiliate, we can do private affiliate deals. We can also offer people's digital products. Uh, we can also, once we get enough traffic, we can turn on AdThrive or media vine. So there's other ways that this content is going to really help the business. We can build our email list, all of that stuff.

Speaker 1: 08:51 Okay. So just keep in mind, this isn't just about selling your product, although it will help. All right? Because if we get the traffic coming over, just like Dave Asprey is, everything leads back over to his home base. Okay? And just to let you know, I bought his book, I bought the audio book and I bought the physical copy of the book and that's really what got me interested in the supplement side of things. I was just doing butter in my coffee and I'm like, okay, cool. And then I'm like, okay, MCT oil. He's talking about that. He says, I can use coconut oil, uh, and if I use that it's good, but it's not as good as MCT cause it's not as concentrated. So let me go ahead and get the MCT oil. I did that. Okay. Then I'm like, okay, let me go ahead and get the butter while the butter he does sellG is what I think that's how you pronounce it.

Speaker 1: 09:36 It's a really purified butter, but there's also a Cara gold, which most supermarkets sell and that's what we get. My wife and I love it. Okay. The trick here too is if you are going to try Bulletproof, make sure you use a blender. I use a Vitamix and a, I just blend it right up and it's frothy and it is smooth and it is, it's so delicious. But then I was just using regular coffee, but now he created, he created a coffee that has no mold toxins on it. So I'm like gotta get the coffee. So now I'm buying coffee right from him. And then from there I'm like, okay, I need, uh, uh, what else did I buy? I just lost it here. Um, Oh, a protein. Okay. A collagen. I bought some collagen because it is from him and I'm figuring if it's from him, it must be pure.

Speaker 1: 10:18 It must be great. So I bought that. Right. So there's all of these other products that I'm buying along the way along the journey. I don't have to, there's still education out there that he's posting that I don't need it. Okay. But now that I trust him and I look at him as like the pioneer, I'm like, I'm just going to go ahead and follow his lead. Right? Like why not? He's doing all the work. I'm just going to kind of pay attention to now he's built enough trust with me. It's kind of what we're doing here. Okay. Now, if you don't want to go like be the face of a company, you don't have to just be the ultimate resource in your market and you'll do the same thing. Okay? You'll do the same thing. All right? So let me get back over here to my notes.

Speaker 1: 10:56 All right, so again, he's going after now, not just people that are drinking coffee, he's going after people that want brain clarity, like I said, but now he's going after also how to lose weight because his story is I lost over, I think it was over a hundred pounds doing this Bulletproof diet. Okay. And talks about inflammation and how that's been reduced and all this stuff, right? Uh, and then, uh, Quito. Now he's really specializing in Quito even though that's not necessarily what he went after. But that's really what he, he is getting traffic from, right? Biohackers there's actually a definition in the dictionary now. Biohackers and he is the one, from what I understand, he's the one that put it on the map. He's got a whole conference about bio-hackers. Right. People that are are hacking their own biochemistry. Okay. Um, you can sleep better. You can live longer supposedly.

Speaker 1: 11:45 Right? He's got a book he just wrote called superhuman. All right. I'm reading it right now by the way. Um, so it's, um, I'm in it now, right? But this is the ultimate resource that I am going to stay connected to. Right? And he's hitting me in all different modalities, like podcasts, video, uh, you know, articles I'm not consuming at all. But whenever I want an answer, I go, I go there to understand and I'll ask questions or I'll put in a, you know, like a certain question and I'll put in Bulletproof or I'll put in Dave Asprey because I want his take on it. Okay. So just to understand that's what we're doing here. Okay. Now it doesn't have to be that elaborate. Like I said, it doesn't have to be. All right. So let's get started. Let's cover these five simple things that you can do.

Speaker 1: 12:28 Okay. So number one, you first need to explore and validate that your market can offer content out there on the old internet. All right? So you gotta make sure that you're able to do that. First and foremost, if you don't, these, I'm not even going to go through these five steps right now, okay? So that's like number one, which isn't, it's like pre number one. You need to make sure that your market is going to allow you to create content. So you might need to ask yourself, have you looked for content in your market? You know, um, is there things that you've searched for that has led you to your market? And if you don't know the answer, then you got to do that research. You've got to start asking yourself that question, right? If you're selling a fidget spinner, what is going to get people over other than you running an ad on Google that drives people over or a Facebook ad for a widget, what is someone going to search for?

Speaker 1: 13:21 What is it going to, uh, is it going to help with a certain condition? Then you're going to target that as a tool that helps with that condition. You see what we just did there? All right, so that's what I want you to really think about it. I want you to understand that that's what we're doing. Again, if you're having trouble with this, I've got two resources for you. Brand growth validation checklist. You can go to brand if you want to grab icon, I created a full playbook that teaches you how to build a brand from scratch and all the elements in between. It's six different parts, okay? I'll have this process. Everything from validating the market to planning out the content, to building the home base, to creating the content, to optimizing the content, and then getting it amplified and then turning it into money at the very end, okay?

Speaker 1: 14:08 That's what we're doing here. If you want that, you can head over to brand creators, there's my little shameless plug. Yes, you will buy me a cup of coffee. Okay? It literally will cost you one cup of coffee. Okay? And I really do love my coffee. So if you're interested, go grab that and it'll help a lot. It's over a hundred pages, lot of, uh, examples in there, a lot of how to, so definitely go grab it if you're interested in building a successful brand. All right, so let's get started. Let's say that yes, you have explored it, you have validated your market. Okay, let's go step number one, we need to do research and we need to do this in Google, in YouTube, and we want to start doing some searches. And what I would do, and I've got a couple of examples that I wrote down, um, best router bit for dovetails.

Speaker 1: 14:55 All right, so if you're into the woodworking market, that's probably going to be a search that is done. Now I'm going to do that. I'm going to go ahead and type in best router bit and then I'm gonna let it auto fill in in Google. Okay. And Google will auto suggest the top keywords. That's what I'm looking for. Okay. And honestly, the brand that we're building inside of brand creators Academy, the first 90 articles we have over 90 articles right now. All of them were done basically without looking at a ton of like numbers and data. It was just common sense and also using auto suggest inside of Google and YouTube. That's it. Okay. And we're already getting traffic right now. We have one keyword right now that we just discovered yesterday that we are ranking number one, page one number one in the snippet and it gets 1600 searches a month.

Speaker 1: 15:41 How would you like 1600 searches coming to your website every single month that are searching for a best router bit for dovetails and you just happen to either sell dovetail or router bits or you are an affiliate for one. Be pretty cool, right? This is the exact same process. Okay? So again, don't overcomplicate it in the beginning. Don't worry about looking at all the numbers. Now when you get to, and I'll talk about this a little bit later, when we get into like really being a little bit more, uh, you know, strategic about the numbers, we can do that, but there's a time and place for that. And I'll talk about that here in a minute. All right? So another example would be furniture, woodworking plans, right? Or maybe it's going to be, instead of furniture, it will be desk, woodworking plans, or maybe it's here was a good one.

Speaker 1: 16:25 Um, pallet, woodworking plans. A lot of people are using old pallets for, uh, for different types of projects. All right. Or how about this one? Can you use wood glue on miter joints? That's a question, right? Can you use wood glue on miter joints? If you're new to woodworking, you might not know. Or you might want to know what type of glue should I use on miter joints? Okay. So something like that. You need to do that. The, uh, you know, the research on this in your market, use Google and use YouTube. Those are going to be your best resources right now. You want to go into Uber suggest? Definitely just don't get caught up in the numbers. Okay. Cause a lot of people, they get hung up on what, well, what's the exact number that I should be targeting? And don't worry about that yet.

Speaker 1: 17:07 Just worry about creating the resources for your market. All right. All right. So moving on to number two, create three buckets of content. Okay. Three buckets of content. Okay. So number one questions. Can I use wood or wood glue on miter joints, dovetails, whatever, right? So it might be like, um, is wood glue used for let it fill in or what type of wood glue for and let it auto fill. That will give you a list of keywords, search terms that are actively being searched for. Those would be content that you would create if you are in the woodworking space. Same idea. Okay. I'm going to give you another example here in a minute on how this all ties together. So this is all the second bucket is your how tos, okay. How to create a dovetail drawer or a dovetail in a drawer or how to, uh, how to, uh, cut a miter joint in a cabinet door.

Speaker 1: 18:09 Something like that. Right. Random. I'm thinking off the top of my head here, so I apologize. It, these aren't like that great, but it's, those would probably be searched for. All right. Um, so that's it. So the other one, the last one is your product bucket. This is where you're, you're going to go after best router bits for woodworking or five best. You would start with best, best router bit for, uh, dovetails, right? So it's gonna be a special, a dovetail router bit, and that's what you're gonna be looking for. And that's what that content is going to be based on. So anyone that's searching for best router bit for dovetails or whatever, they're going to find that post. And don't you think that they're going to be interested in your market? And don't you think that they're probably interested in doing some woodworking and furniture because it's a dovetail, right?

Speaker 1: 18:56 You see how it all kind of ties. And here's the cool thing. I really want you to understand what you're doing is you're creating an asset that lives on, this is what we call evergreen content, evergreen assets, and the bigger we build this out, over time, the more traffic is going to come in. And the crazy thing is you can post something today and get crickets, right? No one's really seeing it. Once it starts to get index, you can all of a sudden see that post go from zero to a thousand searches per month that's coming to your page from one post, all right? And that's actually what's happening to us right now with that one post that took off, but it took three months, okay? But you got to drop these seeds and you got to plant these seeds of content that will bring in traffic through our assets in our business.

Speaker 1: 19:39 All right? All right? So that's your three buckets. Questions bucket, how to bucket and products. Buckets fill your buckets. All right? That's your action step there. Moving on to number three, you need to choose a content type. What are you going to use as your content? All right? Now you might want to ask yourself, what could you create content using? And what I mean by that is, is it written? Is it a blog post? Is it a YouTube video? Is it both? Is it a podcast? Okay, how are you going to show up and deliver this content? Now, I would definitely strongly recommend, do not use Facebook or Instagram as your place holder for content. And what I mean by that is, is don't say I'm going to build an Instagram following and I'm just going to post there daily. That's a lot of work and it's not evergreen, okay?

Speaker 1: 20:32 We all know the minute you open up your feed, you see, Oh my gosh, there's a whole bunch that uh, you know, new activity that came in depending on how many people you're following. We don't want that. Okay? What we want to do, so we want something that sits there and it's evergreen and people are searching for it. Same thing with Facebook. Unless you're running ads, it's going to be something that's going to have to be tended to just about every day. Now I am a fan of taking the content, amplifying it on those social media platforms. That is part of our strategy. And we teach that inside of brand creators Academy and inside of the book the playbook, but it does first start with where are you going to put that content. So it can be found a year from now, 10 years from now. Okay. And the best places are a website slash blog or something I call a home base.

Speaker 1: 21:19 This is where everything resides. And then YouTube, okay? Cause YouTube is a search engine. You know, preferably you'd be able to create a piece of content on YouTube, get that traffic and then take that video, embed it, and then write a blog post about it. And now you've got two pieces of real estate with one piece of content. All right? So that's what I would do if you are able to create that video. All right? Um, so that's what you need to decide. What is it going to be for the type of content? All right. And at this point, all we're doing is we're doing a little bit of keyword research. Oh, a light amount. We don't have to get crazy, but we want to fill our buckets. And then once we fill our buckets, we want to look at the ones that were like, you know what?

Speaker 1: 21:59 That makes sense. Like my audience, my market needs to know this. I know they're actively searching for this and I'm going to create it because if someone came up to you, I, here's how I want you to think about this. If you had someone come up to you and you were local and you were running a woodworking class, a shop, and people would come in and every week they would show up and they would ask questions. You have to repeat those questions. What if you had a bank of, uh, or a library of content that you could say, you know what? I answered that question in the library. Go in the library, look for that question, and you'll have the answer. It's done right? So this way here, you're, you're creating this resource for your market and that's really what we're doing. All right, so that's number three.

Speaker 1: 22:43 Yes. Choose content type. Okay. What's it going to be written? There's going to be videos, is it gonna be podcasts or is it going to be, uh, you know, maybe video and written or maybe a podcast and then may be written whatever. Okay? So, um, think about that. Number four, you need to post consistently. Okay? Uh, anyone I talked to that has success in really getting traffic. It's always about being consistent. It's committing and being consistent, okay? And I have something I call the 52 X challenge. The strategy. And what that basically is, is once a week you create one piece of content, just one piece of content, and that's it. And then after a year, you got 52 pieces of content that are going to lead people back to your home base. All right? So you definitely need to be consistent and you definitely want to, uh, you want to show up and, and just do it on a regular basis.

Speaker 1: 23:34 Consistency wins, I'm telling you, all right? So that's number four. Now, the one thing here is if you are posting, a lot of people want to know like, okay, how do I optimize for SEO and all that stuff? We're not going to get into that, but one little tip, if you're using WordPress, download a plugin called Yoast. Okay, Yoast, I'll link this all up in the show notes. The show notes can be forward slash seven 94 I had to look here, seven 94 and I'll link all of these up in the show notes, but Yoast plugin, it's a free, they have a free version. That's all I'm really using right now and it works really, really good to help you with SEO, search engine optimization. All right, so that's that number five, wrapping this up and bringing it all in. Once we've done all that, that's when we can move into more competitive keywords.

Speaker 1: 24:18 All right. Now, like I said in the beginning, we are creating a brand right now inside a brand creators Academy as a case study, and we're showing everyone what we're doing, what we're learning, the process, everything in between. But we just literally today I shot a video showing how I'm going to be more strategic now moving forward, because we're through the base stage, meaning for the first three months we've just set this base of content and we're starting to get traffic and we're getting some that we're ranking pretty good for, right? But now we need to be a little bit more strategic. Now we are going to look at the numbers and we're going to create something. We're calling a content tree or a content cluster. So here's what it looks like. All right, I'm giving, I'll give you an example. So let's say for example, I am in the Quito market like Bulletproof, right?

Speaker 1: 25:01 And there's other people that are in the Quito market, by the way. So just because Bulletproof is kinda dominating, it doesn't mean that you couldn't go in that you just have to carve out Quito for men over 40. That's how you would niche that down. All right? So, um, let's say I create a post, what can I eat on a keto diet, right? Or what can I eat on keto diet? That's the question, right? What can I eat on a keto diet? Anyone that's going to do the keto diet before they even do it, they're like, I want to know what I can eat, right? So that's what we call a pillar post, okay? A pillar post. It's the, it's the tree in a sense, okay? Now what we want to do is we want to also have these other little pieces of content. And usually a pillar post is between 3000 and 5,000 words, give or take.

Speaker 1: 25:44 There's no hard rule. Just it needs to be enough. So this way here, it's really in depth. All right? And so what we'll do is we'll list out a bunch of the foods. We might have a food list, all this stuff, but then you're going to see that there's going to be these little searches for like, can you eat apples doing Quito? Can you eat steak doing Quito? These are one question, but you can write a post on that 1500 to 2000 words. We're doing it right now, very similar to this example. Okay? Can you eat steak doing Quito? Can you eat ice cream on KIDO? Right, so all of these would be our staple posts or also a support post as I call us. We have a pillar post, we have support posts, okay? And now what we can do is we can create this one big post and then all of these little ones, we're going to link to the big one, and then the big one, we're going to link out to the small ones.

Speaker 1: 26:31 And I know it sounds kind of complicated. It doesn't have to be, and if you're not there yet, don't worry about it. But once you start building out these resources, these assets, we want to be a little bit more strategic. I literally went through 15 different blog posts that we're going to be creating here over the next month. And there's one pillar post that they're all going to feed into. All right, so that's what we're doing. Um, so again, I know I covered a lot here. Let me just wrap this up and I am going to give you a little bit of a recap. So number one, research your market in Google and YouTube. And again, look for like best this and uh, you know, can you use this or can you eat this or any of these other things, right? So that's number one. Number two, create buckets.

Speaker 1: 27:11 Create three content buckets, questions a how to and products. All right. Number three, you want to do some light keyword research, but you want to choose the type of content you're going to be using or doing. Choose the type of content you're going to be using or creating. Number four, post consistently set a date and stick to it. Commit to the process. And number five, start choosing more competitive keywords and use the content tree method as I just described. All right. Now if this seems a little overwhelming, it may be at first, but I tell you, I promise you it gets easier and you can do it one step at a time. If you want help with this, you can head over to brand you can grab the, the brand growth validation checklist there or if you want the entire playbook, you can go to brand creators, all right, and you can get everything there. All right, so once again, I want to thank you for spending some time with me. Hopefully you've learned something. Hopefully you're excited to go out there and create some content that's going to bring traffic over to your website and I would really love to hear from you if you have any questions. You can always either comment on this video if you're watching it or if you're listening to the podcast, you can always head over to the amazing forward slash ask and you can leave me

Speaker 2: 28:26 voicemail there and who knows? Maybe I'll even answer that in an upcoming Ascot session. All right guys, so that's it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to. Come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Now go get them

Speaker 1: 28:50 [inaudible]

Speaker 3: 28:51 Hey, before you go, I've got one quick favor for ya and I would love to hear from you and I've also got something that I would love to give one of my listeners and I'm going to tell you how you can get it. So here is the deal I want to hear from you. So what I would love for you to do is head over to iTunes and leave a review over there. Let me know how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape, or form. I read every single one of them and they really do energize me and give me the fuel to get back on here and want to just keep creating and keep helping. So really would love you to do that. Now anyone that leaves a review from today. Moving forward, what I'm going to do for anyone that leaves a review and you take a screenshot of that and you send it to you send me that.

Speaker 3: 29:43 What I'm going to do is I'm going to enter everyone once a month into a little contest, and in that contest I want to pull one winner and I'm going to send them a gift, a special personalized gift just for you. So all you have to do, head over to iTunes, leave me a review, and then take a screenshot of that, send it to me, email it to and that way there you can be entered to win. Oh, and one last thing, if you haven't subscribed yet to the channel, what the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe. That way you never miss one of the upcoming episodes. All right guys, so thanks once again, I'll see you in the next show.


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