TAS 791 (Content is KING) 6 Websites That SOLD for BIG CASH and WHY?

Can you really create an ecommerce brand that makes money and can give you a good return on investment? How can sellers like you compete with some of the big names on the ecommerce marketplace? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains why content is king, how niche markets work, why you should model your business off of proof, and so much more. Don’t just hope your ecommerce business with succeed, learn from helpful examples that actually worked! You’ll need pen and paper for this fascinating episode – don’t miss it! 

What is an Evergreen Empire? 

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about helping sellers like you take a leap toward creating and expanding an ecommerce brand. Why focus on creating a brand when you could just focus on selling a product? Creating content doesn’t cost you anything but time! If you can figure out how to create content that a passionate following will keep coming back to – you’ve struck gold! Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott shares the story of an ecommerce brand that doubled down of a content creation strategy!

Why niche markets work 

Do niche markets really work? How do you find out what niche market to pursue? Too often people look at Scott’s brand-building approach and complain because they feel like it takes too long to turn a profit. While the brand-building process isn’t for the impatient – if you can endure a market validation process, you’ll find yourself on the pathway to success. To hear a rundown of several brands that are making the most content creation and niche marketing, listen to this engaging episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Bank on what works! 

Where are you on your ecommerce journey? Do have your approach figured out or are you still trying to find a strategy that works well for you? Don’t let yourself get sucked in by all the promises of easy money and hassle-free success – that’s not how it works! Anything worth having will come at a cost – make sure that your approach is following a method that works. If you are ready to put yourself and your business on a time tested and proven approach to ecommerce brand building, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:00] What is the “Evergreen Empire?” 
  • [8:30] Why niche markets work. 
  • [15:00] Model after proof! 
  • [19:00] Closing thoughts from Scott. 
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TAS 791: (Content is KING) 6 Websites That SOLD for BIG CASH and WHY?

Speaker 1: 00:00 Content is King, and if you don't believe me, I'm going to share with you six market examples from huge players. I'm talking millions of dollars that they are spending on acquiring or launching their own content niche website. If you don't believe me, you're going to want to stick around and listen to this episode.

Speaker 2: 00:26 Well, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 91 my name is Scott Voelker and I'm here to help you build a future proof business so you can create the ultimate freedom, but, and there's always a, but you have to, you must take what you learn from this podcast and take action and you can become

Speaker 1: 00:47 the amazing seller of your life. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's do this. All right. Well, like I said, today we're going to be talking about why content is King and I'm going to share with you six market examples from huge players. And these are huge niche businesses or niche content sites that were acquired that were acquired. Now my good friend over at quiet light brokerage, Joe Valley had also shared a story with me one time that a recent sale that they did a resulted in over, I believe it was $12 million they acquired for a content site. Just content. Now what I'm going to share with you here today was published on the hustle.co and this was shared with me by one of you, one of our listeners and said, Scott, you gotta you gotta check this out because what you're saying about building out a brand and using content and email lists and all that stuff, I think you're onto something here because some of the bigger players are starting to follow this model as well and they actually did it to save their business and I'll talk about that here in a minute.

Speaker 1: 01:53 But the other thing I want to highlight here, and this isn't even what I intended on sharing with you, but the a website, the hustle.co they are basically reporting, they're like a reporter in a sense. They're sharing stories of others on their website and they publish business and tech news. That's basically what they do. And that's one of these articles that I'm going to share with you and I'll read a little bit of it and they share these different markets that this one company acquired. And I'll tell you why here in a minute. And it's just pretty remarkable. But this company right here, the hustle.co it's a website that publishes news and updates and just interesting stories, right? They have a million subscribers, okay? They're not necessarily the content creators in a sense. They're reporting, okay. And they're getting traffic. They're getting, they have 1 million subscribers, okay.

Speaker 1: 02:49 They also, and I looked at the numbers here, they're getting over 200,000 organic searches on Google alone, just from searches. That's not talking about sharing the content, that's not talking about anything social, that's just organic searches. All right? So again, they're publishing content and then from there, if people come into that world, they also have their own little conference. They have other things that they're monetizing with, but they also have ad spots. They have sponsorships, they have ways that they're leveraging their traffic. And that's what I've been talking about. And again, I go back to like building out your brand with these core principles, and if you are just tuning in or if you have not yet went through the brand creator's playbook, you're going to want to do that because we map it out inside of there. How do identify your market, but then how to drill down in your market and then serve the market with content to get attention and build traffic.

Speaker 1: 03:45 And then from there, turn that into dollars. All right? So if you're interested in grabbing a copy of that, head over to brand creators, book.com again, that's brand creators, book.com all right, so let me get right to it. All right? The company that I'm talking about is dot dash okay. Dot dash.com okay. They are an evergreen empire, okay? And they're getting even more underneath their umbrella, all right? Because they kind of seen they, they, they seen some things changing, so they needed to do things a little bit different. All right? Now, what I'm going to do here is I'm going to read what they had written in this post from the hustle.co and a and then we'll talk about it. All right, so they started off and said, although other ad based media publishers seem to be struggling, the digital publisher dot dash formerly about.com has carved out success by featuring evergreen content content that's not pegged to the news cycle.

Speaker 1: 04:51 And now dot. Dash is expanding its evergreen empire by buying two sites that publish evergreen content about evergreens. Yes, we're talking about evergreen trees people. That's right. The two newest pieces of dot dash is portfolio, tree hugger and mother nature network, both feature content about trees and other greenery. All right, so let me just call a timeout here for a minute. And a Kevin Sanderson if you're listening, blow that whistle. All right, so what I want to just highlight here is number one, I'm reading this and I'm like, okay, uh, content sites, yes, uh, people are, are, are seeing these as valuable. There's something that I, even if all I wanted to do is just build a content site and just leverage the traffic and then maybe sell it to someone like dot dash or someone that wanted a content site there. It's happening. Okay? It's happening out there.

Speaker 1: 05:48 And in some upcoming episodes I'm actually going to be having, um, some people come on that are doing exactly this to build it to sell. And that's actually something that I'm working on inside a brand creators Academy. We're building out two brands right now with the potential of, of possibly selling down the road or turning it into a recurring revenue model. All right? And we're documenting everything inside of there and all of our Academy members members are going through that with us. All right? But what I also want to highlight here is I'm paying attention to what they invested in. They invested in tree hugger and mother nature network. Both are about trees and other greenery. So I'm thinking to myself, well I guess that the, uh, you know that the nature market and the greenery and trees and nursery market is probably something that is a viable, right?

Speaker 1: 06:42 So I'm just paying attention. I'm not saying I'm going to launch something in that space, but it does make me say, wow, okay, let me keep that logged in. And then if something, uh, you know, appears, at least I understand that it's been proven that they've spent a lot of money to acquire these businesses. All right, so let's go ahead and keep reading the two sites. Fit dot dash is portfolio because they feature content about a popular topic, a well established audience. Sustainability, okay. Sustainability established a well-established audience, okay? They feature service content stories that tell people how to calculate the environmental footprint of their meat consumption, for example, that's not focused on breaking news. Okay? So it's not just breaking news that's here today and gone tomorrow. They've changed that. They're looking at what we call evergreen content. In this case, evergreen meaning trees.

Speaker 1: 07:41 They're also talking about evergreen. Meaning, if you plant that content piece today, that seed, it can get you traffic a year from now, 10 years from now. Okay. And I've seen it done guys. I've seen it done in my own, in my own businesses, but also other people that I, that I know. Okay. Uh, it works really, really well. And you also want to go into this thing about, about content that you can create that can be evergreen. You don't want to do something that's just news today and gone tomorrow and it's stale. It's outdated, right? And that's what they're doing. So we've got to learn from this, okay? Learn from this example that I'm sharing with you. All right? So let me keep reading dot dash shows that ad based media still works, especially when it's not reliant on breaking news. And when it caters to loyal niche audiences.

Speaker 1: 08:29 Let me repeat that. Dot dash shows that ad based media still works, especially when it's not reliant on breaking news. And when it caters to loyal niche audiences. Dot dash, which is a profitable and or which is profitable and did 160 million in revenue last year has built its entire strategy around launching or acquiring niche content sites instead of flashy new sites. All right. You might want to just hit that little skip button back and listen to that again. $160 million in revenue last year. Okay. Mainly from ads that are based on their platform. Okay. Cause they're, that's what they are, right? They're serving ads to certain markets and that's where they're making their money. All right. So their strategy now is focused around launching their own or acquiring up and running niche content sites. Okay. Instead of a flashy new site. Okay. Let me now give you some additional ones though.

Speaker 1: 09:31 So those are two I'm actually going to give you a, let's see here. I'm going to give you six more. So I'm gonna give you eight. All right. Total. All right. And this is pretty awesome. All right, so some of the portfolio sites and the respective niches, the dot dash has self launched, invest Topia or no, I'm sorry. Invest hope. Pedia. Okay. Investopedia, I think that's how you say it. It's about investing. It gets 59 million monthly visitors. Okay. 59 million monthly visitors. Okay. The next one up is the spruce. It's home design. The spruce home design. 26 million. Okay. And that's 26 million people. Okay. Trip savvy. Okay. T R I P S a V V Y vacation travel, 20 million. 20 million. Now let me call another time out here. Okay. Because some people would be like, well Scott, if these guys are, are already winning at this, how would I ever compete in the travel space?

Speaker 1: 10:41 There's a lot of different ways and there's a lot of proof that you can. Uh, there's a good friend of mine, Alex, she's been on the show from travel fashion girl. She gets a million visitors a month to her blog every single month. So she's technically competing with trip savvy, right? So she's still getting the traffic. There's plenty of traffic out there, guys. There's plenty. Okay. I shared an example, I believe it was in the last episode with, um, if it was a, let's see this old house.com with Bob Biola and those guys, right? And they're getting, you know, a few million, uh, you know, visitors and you'd be like, well, I can't go into woodworking. And then I found a site called a cut the wood and they're getting about 60 to 70,000 a month. Well, I don't know about you, but 60,000 or 60 or 70,000 people a month.

Speaker 1: 11:28 Pretty darn good. I'll take that, right? And you can build on that. So don't let these numbers scare you. There's always room for you to niche down and really get up and running and find those long tails is where we start. Again, if you want to go through this process and map out number one, your market and validate it, but then start creating those content buckets. I do that inside of, uh, the playbook and uh, and then start mapping out what is the low hanging fruit and then go from there. So if you're interested, brand creators, book.com, go there, grab it. All right, let's move on. The next one that is under their umbrella is birdie. Okay? Birdie, B, Y, R, D, I. E. and that's for the beauty market. Okay, so 12 million, 12 million visitors. Okay. Brides. Okay. Brides and that one there for weddings, 7 million.

Speaker 1: 12:25 And then, uh, let's see here@liquor.com booze culture, 2.4 million. Okay, 2.4 million. Now if I screwed up one of those names, I apologize. Um, the Investopedia, uh, I think that's how you say it. I don't know why that's a little bit hard for me to say. Um, but 59 million and that's for investing home design. The spruce 26 million trip savvy, 20 million birdie, a 12 million brides, 7 million liquor. Uh, uh, 2.4. Crazy, right? Crazy. All right, now let's model after proof. Let's do that, right? I mean also if you want to kind of see some search numbers of maybe a website and see what they're doing, that's kind of the process that we go through too. In the, uh, in the playbook, you can go to a tool called Uber suggest. It's from Neil Patel. It's a free tool and you can punch in a website and see what type of traffic they're getting organically.

Speaker 1: 13:23 Now let me just say also this, when you see that number, it's only for Google search traffic. It's not accounting for the social media side of things. And I know this firsthand because our results right now on our brand that we've been building now for just about three years and it's heavy on the content and we're leveraging that in, in a bunch of different ways right now, which is awesome. Uh, but we're at a million visitors for the year. Okay? Two a 2 million page views, okay. But if I go into Uber, suggest and punch that in and only says that we get, I think it's between 8,000 and 10,000 monthly organic searches, that means that's how many people are searching for keywords and find us. But it doesn't account for all the other stuff. So I know that that's not correct. I know that we're getting anywhere from 150 to 200,000 depending on the month for visitors per month.

Speaker 1: 14:15 Okay. So again, when you look at that, don't just think that, Oh, because it only has 5,000 monthly organic searches that it doesn't get a lot of traffic. That's, that's not right. If I seen that, then I would say, okay, it's probably twice that at least if not four times that. Okay. And there's other ways that we can kind of see that. But I usually just look at that number and then just say, okay, if it's above 5,000 it's probably getting a good amount of traffic. All right. And also I look and see like how old it is. How long has it been running? Um, I use a tool called the way back machine. Um, it's free. It just type in, uh, the way back machine.com you put in the web address, it'll show you when it started. It'll give you screenshots of what it used to look like.

Speaker 1: 14:56 It's really cool. And again, I go in detail, I give you screenshots of going through this process inside of the playbook. So again, another reason why you want to get it if you haven't gotten it yet and it's like less than a cup of coffee. Uh, so yeah, you should probably grab it. Brand creators, book.com. All right, so moving on again, we want to model after proof. So do this, right? Go through this process, right. Take some of these websites that I just shared with you. Go look at their site, see how they're publishing content. You would have probably just searched for something in home design, landed on their site, didn't think anything of it. There's a few ads being displayed, they're making money and you're just getting the information that you were searching for, right? And this to me is the way that you can get more traffic to either your products or leverage other people's products that they're selling and you be an affiliate for them.

Speaker 1: 15:48 Or you run ad networks like media vine or ad thrive. All of these different ways that you can then leverage. You can create digital products if your market lends itself to that. I used an example on a Facebook live I did recently with a golf club. If you're selling a golf club, you don't want all your content to be just about how to select a a, a, you know, a driver, right? You want to see how to correct your, your slice, your hook, you want to see how to hit further. You want to see, uh, you know, how to grip the club, uh, whatever, right? You want all these different ways that you're going to be searching to improve your game and then the club is a byproduct, okay? That's what helps you get to resolve, but you got to learn how to use it, right?

Speaker 1: 16:27 So that's what people are doing here with these types of content, right? The spruce home design. If you're looking at remodeling your kitchen, you might go there to get kitchen designs, right? If you're going on vacation, you might go to trip savvy or you might go to my good friend, travel fashion, girl.com. And then you're going to be able to get a packing list of what you need when you go to Germany, what you need when you go to Puerto Rico, you know, or when you're going on a summer vacation, right? Like all of these things. But she's niched it down to where she's not just helping everyone, she's helping mainly women. Okay. And that's what we want to do when we're niching down inside of there, um, or inside of that market. All right. So like I said, you might want to do a little bit of digging in your market and see if there's already content sites being created.

Speaker 1: 17:14 And I would probably, I would bet that you'll find some, and if you go through that process that I outlined for you inside of a, well, whether it's a past episode or if it's inside the playbook, you're going to start to uncover these websites that are already up and running. They might be a year old, they might be 10 years old. And you can learn from that data. You can learn from what they're doing. And you'll probably also be shocked that it doesn't have to be a big fancy site to get traffic. It really doesn't. All right. There's two brands that we're building right now, mainly in the content right now we're just using content. We've got one that we built an email list in of about, well 9,332 when we, when we, uh, created the email list our, when we built it and now after we've done our cleanup, we're just under 9,000 emails right now.

Speaker 1: 18:05 And um, and so we're doing this, but our, our whole goal here is to build out a content site that gets traffic. Okay. Instead of Lee gets more and more traffic and then we're able to leverage that traffic and then direct it to wherever we want. We can build our email list, we can do all kinds of cool stuff because it's our property. It's our real estate. All right, so I want to give a little shout out to Dan Fey for uh, for recommending me checking this out. And this was really interesting and uh, I really just love hearing this because this is what I've been saying. This is what I've been doing and uh, you know, you can, you can turn this thing into a massive website over time and who knows, possibly get acquired. So definitely consider this if you have not started to build out your website, your home base, if you have not started to go down the content creation, uh, you know, path, you really should consider it. And again, if you want help going through this, I would recommend that you grab the playbook and you can find that by heading over to brand creators, book.com if you want the show notes to this episode and I will drop a link into this article that was written and you can go check it out, you can head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 91 once again, that's the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 91

Speaker 2: 19:28 all right guys, so that is it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come up. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud, take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.

Speaker 3: 19:52 Hey, before you go, I've got one quick favor for ya and I would love to hear from you and I've also got something that I would love to give one of my listeners and I'm going to tell you how you can get it. So here is the deal I want to hear from you. So what I would love for you to do is head over to iTunes and leave a review over there. Let me know how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape, or form. I read every single one of them and they really do energize me and give me the fuel to get back on here and want to just keep creating and keep helping. So I really would love you to do that. Now anyone that leaves a review from today, moving forward, what I'm going to do for anyone that leaves a review and you take a screenshot of that and you send it to me@scottattheamazingseller.com you send me that.

Speaker 3: 20:44 What I'm going to do is I'm going to enter everyone once a month into a little contest, and in that contest I'm going to pull one winner and I'm going to send them a gift, a special personalized gift just for you. So all you have to do, head over to iTunes, leave me a review, and then take a screenshot of that, send it to me, email it to me@scottattheamazingseller.com and that way there you can be entered to win. Oh, and one last thing, if you haven't subscribed yet to the channel, what the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe. That way you never miss one of the upcoming episodes. All right guys, so thanks once again, I'll see you in the next show.


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