TAS 788 The International Selling Experiment For More Sales (Physical Product Sellers)

Have you reached the end of your rope when it comes to expanding your product sales? What will it take to get your brand to stand out from all the others on the marketplace? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he welcomes back, Kevin Sanderson. In his conversation with Scott, Kevin opens up about the status of his business, what he has learned about international selling, tips for sellers like you, and so much more. Make sure to have pen and paper ready – you don’t want to miss a minute of Kevin and Scott’s helpful conversation! 

Selling internationally 

Does the idea of selling internationally get you excited or do you find the idea intimidating? Have you started looking into what it takes to sell your product on the international marketplace? Thankfully, Scott has a friend who’s done a lot of leg work when it comes to selling internationally. Kevin has built his brand here in the US and he’s expanded it to international marketplaces. What can you learn from Kevin’s journey? Is it a good idea for you to invest your efforts into selling internationally? Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear Kevin’s answer and so much more! 

Action steps 

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long you know that Scott is all about taking action. Remember – taking action and moving your business along doesn’t come naturally – you’ve got to put time and effort in if you want to succeed. Kevin and Scott have some helpful action steps that sellers like you can use to get the momentum started with selling your products internationally. 

  1. See if products like yours are selling in a country near you, like Canada! 
  2. Try sending a few of your units to the Canadian marketplace. 
  3. Take advantage of Kevin’s awesome tools and resources for international sellers! 

What action step will you take for your ecommerce business? Are you prepared to do what it takes to make your business succeed? For more helpful insights and action steps, make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller featuring Kevin Sanderson!

Special bonus gift! 

While Scott is quick to point out that nothing worth having comes easy – the same isn’t always true when it comes to helpful resources. Over the years, Scott has made a name for himself by resourcing and equipping sellers like you and he’s still doing it! Even as Kevin has put together a helpful video course for potential international sellers like you – Scott wanted to sweeten the pot. Not only can you get Kevin’s workshop for international sellers, but you can also get his Brand Accelerator Live session for FREE! Learn more about these awesome resources made for sellers like you by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] Scott welcomes back Kevin Sanderson as he gives an update on his business. 
  • [5:00] How easy it is to sell your product internationally. 
  • [11:30] Kevin explains how to get access to a special web-class he’s offering. 
  • [15:00] Why it’s a good idea to test your products in Canada. 
  • [18:00] Helping other sellers succeed. 
  • [20:00] Kevin shares some action steps you can take. 
  • [25:30] Closing thoughts from Scott and Kevin – plus a bonus gift! 


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TAS 788: The International Selling Experiment For More Sales (Physical Product Sellers)

Speaker 1: 00:00 What if you can take your existing products and sell them on other platforms and add another five or even six figures to your top line revenue. Would that be interesting? If it is, you're gonna want to stick around because this episode we're going to be breaking down the international selling experiment for more sales.

Speaker 2: 00:25 Well, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 88 my name is Scott Voelker and I'm here to help you build a future proof business so you can create the ultimate freedom, but, and there's always a button you have to, you must take what you learned from this podcast and take action and you can become the amazing [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 00:46 seller of your life. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's do this. All right, well this is going to be exciting. I am excited cause I've got my good friend on mr Kevin Sanderson and he is going to be telling us a little bit about this international selling experiment to help us get more sales with our physical products. What's up Kevin? How you doing? My man, Scott, I'm super excited to be here. Yeah, it's going to be exciting. It's a little bit long overdue. You and I have talked back and forth about doing this episode and uh, we are, uh, we're really excited to kind of share what we've been brainstorming about because I think now that your, uh, last year is kind of come to a close and we can kind of see some of these numbers. Um, it's pretty exciting and really I want you to be able to dive in and share with people what this looks like if it's even for them. Um, as far as taking your existing products and then leveraging other platforms. And we're going to be mainly talking about international platforms. Um, I'm a big fan of doing less work but getting more done and uh, and that also includes getting more sales if we can by leveraging our existing assets. Um, so with that all being said, where should we start here to kind of get people up to speed with what you've been up to and kind of like this little experiment that we're talking about here.

Speaker 3: 02:09 Yes. So I've been doing a little experiment here of selling internationally really kind of early on. So it's not necessarily like a new new thing. But the nice thing is it's been an ongoing growing thing in my business. In fact, uh, last year I, well it's a little bit more than last year now. So over a year ago I left my job, so 2019 I went in. So I can say what the experiment here is that I left the job and went into full time entrepreneurship. And the interesting thing is my sales for the year on amazon.com were about flats year over year. So in the U S they're flat, but internationally they increase year over year. So got bought an extra 30% growth. And so just between Canada and Europe, which is the bulk of my international, sure, that was an extra hundred and $32,000 of top line sales. I would not have gotten if I didn't take same products already selling and put another marketplaces. And it's not even necessarily all of the same products. It's basically taking the ones I thought would work the best and putting them up there.

Speaker 1: 03:17 So how, how did you, how did you know that, um, that your products would be a good fit for the international market? Did you do any research to see what other products were selling in your market? Um, you know, and to kind of get an idea, cause that is what I want to give people here today is, is really the whole concept of doing this. But to a lot of people it's scary because going international it means a lot more sometimes moving parts, but not even that. It's just jumping through the hoops to get to that point of selling internationally. Right, exactly. So you know, all of us dream of getting sales off of amazon.com yes.

Speaker 3: 03:55 And so I think oftentimes, naturally we look to, you know, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify, maybe international. And if someone was to say, what should I do? My answer is yes. All of the above. They're all great. Now, the thing that I've come to learn is if I'm selling on Amazon in the U S Amazon international is basically the same except it's a little dropdown. And the money signs probably different. Okay. But like the mechanics, how the algorithm works, everything is like once you're up and running, it operates the same as how it does in the U S so whereas, you know, an eBay, I might eke out a few hundred dollars in sales. Sure. You know, I had a $132,000 in international sales last year on Amazon. Um, and then you know, when you go create your own web store, you have to send traffic to it, which is a good thing to do and you definitely should be doing longterm.

Speaker 3: 04:54 Now what I've come to learn is tools like jungle scout work internationally. So I can take, let's say my listing, let's say I'm selling fishing lowers, we'll just use that example. Why not? And I can look on amazon.ca or amazon.co. Dot. UK or amazon.de, all different Amazons and other countries. And I can type in however a customer might look up my product. So in this example, you know, let's say red fishing lawyers can see what is the demand look like for red fishing lawyers. And you know, sometimes you gotta take it with a little bit of um, a understanding of what's happening in that country. So like right now as we record it, it's February. I would imagine other than hardcore ice fishermen, there's probably not a lot of people fishing in Canada, but you can look at sales history and things like that and see, okay, in the summer months probably people are out super excited about getting outside and going fishing or whatever their outdoor sure thing they'd like to do is, and so now I can take actual data and say our products similar to mine selling and if they are, then it's at least worth trying out.

Speaker 3: 06:13 Now for me it was about 15% of my sales in the U S I got in Canada. For a lot of people it tends to be more closer to 10%. But think of all the things you would try to do in your business to try to get 10% additional sales. Whereas instead of launching new products or you know, running Facebook ads or you know, spending extra on keywords that may not convert on Amazon, you could just take your listing, put it up there, and you know, once you jumped through the hoops, they're not as scary as they may seem. You can be up and running and bringing in, you know, disbursements every two weeks and other countries that you wouldn't have gotten this money if you didn't at least try it out.

Speaker 1: 06:54 Well, let me ask you this. So from your experience, because you have also worked with clients, that's also something that you do as a, as another thing that you do on the side of your, you know, your physical product business. It's another, um, you know, service that you're now offering, but you work with some, some clients. And so like, when you're doing that, uh, and you're looking at other markets, not just your own, are you, are you noticing that also the competition is different on those other marketplaces? Um, is it like less hijackers? Is it, is it, you know, is it less, you don't need as many reviews? Is there, is that part of it as well?

Speaker 3: 07:37 Yes. All great points. So the competition is definitely less. So you'll notice it's not going to be the same players in page one. When you look something up, um, oftentimes you see completely different companies or if you do, you might see, let's say a product that you see in both marketplaces. You might look on that product and maybe in the U S there's let's say 20 variations. Let's say a water bottle. It's got a bunch of different color variations. There might be seven color variations in Canada or in the UK or whatever. So you'll see less competition. And because sales aren't the same level as they are in the U S oftentimes it doesn't make sense for other sellers to do huge giveaways because let's be honest, there's people in the U S that are buying page one by giving away 10, 15 units a day. That doesn't happen in the other countries.

Speaker 3: 08:30 So you're on a little bit more equal playing ground. And to your point about the, uh, the reviews, Amazon is playing around with reviews and what reviews show, I'm actually finding, sometimes my international reviews are showing up on my amazon.com listings. There's one day almost that actually had a heart attack because I had a product, let's say it had last time, I checked 84 reviews a couple days later, or let's say a week later, I look and he was like 130 reviews. It was like, I gotta put it in a ticket with seller support. I'm not doing Revit manipulation. I'm not doing anything shady. Then it came to look and it was like, you know, customers and other countries also thought this, and it was like my Canada reviews and my UK reviews. Well, when you started in the other countries, they're constantly, I've done this as a, as we're recording this, they're constantly playing with what shows.

Speaker 3: 09:21 Okay. But oftentimes your U S reviews will start there. Okay. They may take those down once you get some reviews in that country, but if they do, they're doing it to everyone else. So let's say you get a handful of reviews. Well, the first page, if they're doing it where they're showing just local reviews on that first page, not everybody's got 3000 reviews like they might have on the first page in the U S people might have like the top one might have a hundred or something like that. So there's less reviews, less competition, less dirty tactics because in the U S some people play the game of black hat tactics thinking, Oh, I'll just do what I can to get away with it. And then, you know, Raycon all I can. But then you're going internationally and they tend to not risk things the same way.

Speaker 1: 10:11 That's interesting. Uh, okay, so I know that you and I talked about you actually being able to demonstrate what this looks like too. Cause I think it comes down to validating, right? Like for me personally, like I would be like, all right Kev, this sounds great and I'll validate to me that I should do this. Right? And so, uh, we don't have, you know, all the time on this episode to basically do the whole validation process. It's actually better for you to show it and actually see what you're doing and kinda how you think through this process before you actually go and start applying for these, uh, you know, these scary, uh, you know, these different accounts and stuff and getting approved to sell in certain countries. Um, so I know that you agreed to do a web class, so let's just talk about that real quick.

Speaker 1: 10:57 And then what I do want to do is I want to give people just like, uh, an easy way that they can even think to themselves if this is something that they should consider. So, okay, you're going to do a web class. What is that going to be? I mean, I think I know what it's going to be. It's going to be you validating, but tell us a little bit more about that and how people can go and register for this. When you're listening to this, if you sign up, it will be live and you can give the date out. But then after the fact, um, Kevin, you are also going to put up a, a replay so people can go watch it, um, even after the fact. So give us a little bit more about that. Exactly,

Speaker 3: 11:30 exactly. So, um, I'm going to be hosting a web class, a live web class. It'll be on Thursday, February the 20th. Now if you're listening to this in the future, you'll be able to get the streaming version of it. Um, so you can watch it so you won't miss anything if you're like, Oh, but I'm listening to this in March. No worries. Right. Um, you know, it's the, the concept of how it works is evergreen. So if somebody wanted to get access to that web class, all they have to do is go to maximizing e-commerce dot com forward slash class and they can sign up and also give them a validation checklist, a free gift, so that way they have something to at least get started on their own. So maybe they can test it out a little bit, even before the class. And then once they're there, watch the class and they can see, okay, this is what I did, this is what Kevin showing this doc.

Speaker 3: 12:20 Kevin has done it to help others. So that way they can see like, does this make sense for my business? Yeah, because I mean, to be honest with you, like, like we had talked, I mean it's not for everyone at the time in their business. Like right now you might be focusing all your time on launching your first product or maybe your next product or maybe you're like, you know what, all my products are going pretty good right now. I'm going to start building out my external assets and, uh, and kind of go down that road or build my email list. So I don't recommend people doing everything. But if the time is right for you, it's at least worth considering or at least knowing the options there for you when you do decide to do this because we all want low hanging fruit. The other thing is if you're going to ever sell your business to have external channels, including international channels, that will increase the evaluation.

Speaker 3: 13:09 Um, our good friends over quiet light brokerage Joe Valley and Mark Bell tell you like if you can diversify those streams, not just being dedicated on that one, that one platform you're going to do better because it just reduces the amount of risk, um, for, for an investor. Yeah, absolutely. And I've had the same conversation with Joe Valley. So it's, if you think about it, you're kind of getting an a both ends potentially. So on one end, you're more attractive to a buyer if you're looking to sell. And that buyer's going to say, well, how much is this business worth? So that's called the multiple and it's basically the multiple times profit. Well, if you're bringing in more profit and then you ha you're a little bit more attractive and so you might get a higher multiple, you take the multiple times your profit and that's what your business is worth.

Speaker 3: 13:51 So you might sell it for considerably more because you got it on both ends. Um, if you are in that position of selling it. And to your point too, if you're looking at building those external assets, you know, oftentimes that takes some money to do, especially if you want to speed up the process and run ads and things of that nature. And you might be saying, well but do I have the funds to do it? Well if you're bringing in additional cashflow from another country, you could take that money and basically increase your snowball for building out your external assets because now you've got additional cashflow that you can put into other things to invest in your business too. So that's one of the nice things about selling internationally as well. Yeah, I don't want, one of the biggest concerns is generally too like, okay that means I have to order more inventory and that means that I'm going to lock up inventory in another country.

Speaker 3: 14:42 Um, so why don't we just talk about that real quick cause I know that you are a big fan of taking your existing inventory and doing some tests with that. So why don't you just talk about that real quick? Yes. So what you could do is, let's say you have inventory in a warehouse, so you could take it from that warehouse and just send it up to let's say Amazon in Canada. I think Canada is one of the best ones to start with cause it's right there. Um, basically like a colder America. Yeah. As we record this here in the wintertime. Right. Um, but the nice thing is, you know, let's say you were going to order, you know, an additional batch from your supplier. Let's say you have to order a thousand units and it's time that you're like, okay, I'm going to fill out the forms to register in Canada and things of that nature.

Speaker 3: 15:30 We'll tell your supplier, instead of sending all thousand units to the U S maybe take 50 or a hundred of them and send it up to Canada. So you don't have to say, Oh my gosh, if my MOQ is a thousand, I have to order another minimum order quantity of another thousand to sell new another country. No, you just divvy it up. And you know, I've had people ask me this question, but you know, how do I do that? Just tell your supplier I want X number to go to this address and X number to go to this address. They do it all the time. Freight forwarders do it all the time. Suppliers do it all the time and if they don't know how to do that, I mean contact me and I'll recommend people that can do it because there's plenty of folks that do this in the freight forwarder world all the time.

Speaker 3: 16:12 Yeah. I want to actually highlight what you just said there as far as reach out to Kevin and ask questions because uh, Kevin is definitely very giving of his time. Um, he does, um, want to make sure that people are aware of what the possibilities are, but also what are, what are the obstacles that you could be facing and how to really eliminate those or at least make them easier to deal with. Um, so definitely show up to the web class cause I know that you'll be there live and even if you're not there alive, um, reach out to Kevin, um, go there to the web class and from there I'm sure Kevin will have a way for you to ask questions. Um, and uh, this way here he can address any of those and even have you maybe say, Hey, this is what I'm, this is what I'm doing, this is my market.

Speaker 3: 16:59 Do you think that I have, you know, an opportunity. Um, and so I think that would be interesting, but I think you showing people and having you look or people look over your shoulder as you're going through these, um, you know, invalidating these different markets I think is going to be helpful. Uh, because I think a lot of people get hung up on will this work for me? Right. And I think a lot of times it can, but there's also different, you know, different situations, different circumstances. And we do this a lot, even in brand creators Academy where people, a lot of people get hung up on, should I niche down this far? My brand is, my market is in, you know, outdoors, but I want to go into fishing should I don't know if the numbers are right. So you know, they just need help validating that it will potentially work for them.

Speaker 3: 17:49 We can't guarantee anything. But if we can at least help validate it. And that's why you do have a checklist. You do have the web class and that's really just there to allow people to see and identify if, um, if it's the right fit for them. And then of course if it is a right fit for you, Kevin can help you. And yes, he does have a service that helps you with that, but if you don't want to hire him, you don't have to either. He's there to help you. So I just want to throw that out there, Kev. Yeah, exactly. And you know, the way I look at it is I started out like many people listening to this podcast who are, I stumbled on the amazing seller podcast. And somehow some way I said, let's do this. I'm going to figure it out.

Speaker 3: 18:30 And I figured it out because I had virtual mentors. I didn't know you at the time, but you were my virtual mentor. And you know, I had lots of other folks like that too, that I listened to podcasts and you know, pieced it all together. And so this is my way of giving back to, because you know, I really look at it as a rising tide will lift all ships and if we can rise the tide and do better, we're all going to do better in this. And the way I see Amazon going, they really see that there's growth internationally and they're pushing more and more that way. So it's like get your flag in the sand, so to speak right now while it's not as competitive. Hmm. No, I love that. All right. So, uh, we're gonna wrap up here shortly, but I, I wanted you to kinda, again, maybe give people a little bit of a, you know, what they can do right now, even before you would jump on the web class.

Speaker 3: 19:20 So what is something that they can do, like right now in their own business, their own market, what can they do to give them an idea of if their products would even be a good fit for those market places or what marketplace would be the best to start with? You know what I mean? If they're the U S my recommendation is start with Canada. And again, it's just because it's close. The tax, the sales tax works similar, although it's simpler when you learn how it actually works. Um, it's similar to how it works in the U S whereas that once you get into Europe, um, right now everything's kind of still the same now that Brexit just happened. Um, but longterm that could change. And so there's a lot of kind of unknowns there, but I wouldn't let that keep people from going into Europe. But I think get your feet wet in Canada before going into Europe.

Speaker 3: 20:08 Now if you're already in Canada and you're thinking about going into Europe, I would go into the UK first. Um, and then you can still sell in the rest of Europe as of now that we're recording this, and Amazon's even saying it would be through minimum the end of the year that you can sell out of the UK into the rest of Europe. So that's the nice thing is there's so much opportunity out there. So the one piece I would say if someone's listening to this is say, you know what, at least look and see, do similar products to yours sell. Are they getting any sales at all? And if they are, just think of it this way. Someone as you know from the time they're listening to this to the time they go on Amazon dot. CA or.co. Dot. UK or wherever and type in their, you know, main keyword. Some customer, they're typed in their main keyword and potentially bought their competitor's product, but would have bought their product if their product is available for sale there.

Speaker 1: 21:08 That's a good point. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's an easy thing to do right now. Um, and again, whether you want to go to jungle scout, which you guys know, I'm a, I'm a huge fan of, of jungle scout and Greg, and they've created a really awesome suite of tools. Um, and if you haven't grabbed your copy yet, you can go to the amazing seller.com forward slash J S and you can grab it through my affiliate link and you'll get a discount. See, Kev, I had to just, you know, I had to share that affiliate link there just to let people know they can buy me a cup of coffee. That's how it works. Exactly. And I've got a lot of people come up to me and go, Scott, how'd you like the coffee I bought you? I love it. Um, so that's, that's, that's pretty awesome. But um, but regardless, you can even just go to Amazon and then go to that marketplace and then just do a little search and you can kind of see like the reviews and you can see, you know, the BSR. Is there any difference in the BSR over in those other countries? Um, I haven't really looked into that extensively. I think it's pretty much weighted the same. Correct? Right.

Speaker 3: 22:04 Yeah, it's, it's very similar. The categories are pretty much the same. They might call them something slightly different in that country, but it's going to be pretty much the same structure of, you know, you have categories and subcategories and the, within the main category there's the BSR rankings. So it all works the same. Um, Oh, one other thing just people might notice, and this is one little random thing, so if you go and if you S if you look up your product, look up your brand name, you might see it, especially in Canada, this tends to happen more in Canada than Europe. You might see your product for sale and you might be thinking, Oh my gosh, this is crazy. Well, it's what's called a gray listing. And so it's probably, if you take, you know, in Canada it's basically one us dollar is about 1.3 Canadian dollars.

Speaker 3: 22:52 So if you're selling your product for $20 in the U S theoretically it's about 26 Canadian dollars. Although you can oftentimes sell it for a couple bucks more. So let's just say you could sell it for 30 Canadian dollars. You might see it on sale for like 70 Canadian dollars. That usually means that someone has just copied the listing and put it up there and they're really selling it FBM if they even get a sale. Now, sometimes people are like, well, I don't know. Is that going to muddy the water? Is that going to make it gray? No, because if you send an FBA inventory, who do you think Amazon wants to give the buy box to you? I can tell you those sellers come and go, like Amazon knows it's a problem. They'll might add a million listings. I'm not joking. This is what a rep from Amazon told me, and I sometimes have eight quote unquote hijackers on my listings and the other country and guess who never gets the box? Any of them, so I don't even worry about them. They're here today, gone tomorrow. New one comes new one goes. But you know, if, if Amazon can sell something prime for a reasonable price versus someone that's selling it two and a half to three times what I'm selling it for and it's going to take a month to get there from somewhere else, I'm always going to get the buy box. So if you see that, don't worry about it at all.

Speaker 1: 24:08 Okay. No, not that. That makes sense. Uh, that makes total sense. And that's a good tip. Um, so yeah, so guys, here's what I'm going to do, cause there's only so much that we can kind of go through here, but I think the first thing you need to do is exactly that. You need to do like a little, a little deep dive, take 15 minutes and go see your products or the types of products and see if they're selling internationally are ready. And if they are, then yes, you can capitalize on that. Now, if like you said, Kev, if you go and you look for your own product and you see it there, well someone is selling, you know, technically or already has proven that, so then you can kind of use that and say, well yeah, that's kind of my product already. So they've kind of already validated it for you.

Speaker 1: 24:49 Uh, even a little bit, um, more. But I wouldn't worry about that as being a Hijacker. Cause like you said, you're, you're generally going to be getting the, um, the buy box. Um, so all right, cool. The web class, let's give another, um, another mention there. How can people get signed up? And I actually have a bonus I think that we should include here. Kevin, I didn't even talk to you about this even know about this. I'm curious to hear about it. You're going to like this bonus. So, and this is why guys, and this is again, this is how we operate here on this podcast and on this show. And you know that. And Kevin, he knows it as well and that's how he operates is no matter if you ever gave Kevin or I a dollar, you're going to walk away with good information and you can do what you want with it.

Speaker 1: 25:33 But we want to give you the resources so you can just go make it happen. And if you need help along the way while you can reach out to Kevin and he can give you that. And that's why he's agreed to do the web class. But I do have a pretty sweet bonus here, Kevin, you're going to be like, wow, why didn't I think of that? Well you didn't think of it. I thought of it for you. So tell people first how they can go sign up for the web class and the date again. And then from there I will, I will throw on that bonus that we're going to do here.

Speaker 3: 26:01 Great. I, I'm, I mean honestly this is, this is not staged. I have no idea what you're going to say. I'm very curious. So if you go to maximizing e-commerce dot com forward slash class you can sign up for the web class and you'll get the bonus download with the, uh, the checklist of how to validate your product. Um, and in addition, in the class, we're going to walk through all that on Thursday, February 20th. And if you're listening to this past Thursday, February 20th, you can still catch the, uh, um, the streaming version of it as well. And so now I'm just, uh, [inaudible] shopping here.

Speaker 1: 26:41 All right, so here's what we're going throw in Kev. Now you guys may or may not know, but Kevin is also our event coordinator, our master, uh, our master mind behind, um, brand accelerator live. It's our, it's our live event. We did one last year in September and we're going to do it again here, this coming September. And it was amazing. We had well over 200 people there that came together and networked and learned. And Kevin actually presented as well on going internationally. And I, I gotta I gotta be honest. There was a lot of great feedback that came back. They said, wow, this wasn't just like, Oh, here's what you can possibly do. It was actually nuts and bolts and showing people like even how to apply for some of these countries and this, that and the other thing. And at the end of the session, we always opened it up for Q and a and that was really, really valuable. Now, the only way that people have been able to get this recording or any of our recordings is to purchase our recordings or attend a live event. So Kevin, why don't we give them your live presentation that we have video of? Why don't we do that?

Speaker 3: 27:54 Wow. I hadn't even thought of that, but yes, it's good, right? We're going to also, if they sign up for the web class, they're also going to get the, uh, my talk from brand accelerator live. Wow. Yeah, that's, that's a pretty sweet bonus. Rat's a pretty nice bonus.

Speaker 1: 28:07 Yeah. Yeah. So I would say definitely go sign up, maximize e-commerce, maximize, maximizing, maximizing, maximizing, maximizing, uh, e-commerce dot com forward slash class and go and do that. And then also I'll link everything up here in the show notes, which this episode is seven 88 so the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 88 and uh, yes, so I really think you guys should go sign up for the web class. You'll get all of that great information that Kevin's going to share with you, but also you'll get the live recording from brand accelerator live with Kevin Sanderson rocking the stage and answering a ton of great questions. And I believe it's just over 50 minutes. So it's just almost an hour. Um, and it's, it's just, it's awesome. And uh, and then yeah, go join us a brand accelerator, live guys, brand accelerator, live.com. If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Go get a ticket. All right Kevin, that's it. That is going to wrap up this episode. You got anything else you want to share here before we wrap this baby up officially?

Speaker 3: 29:11 Yeah. So what I would say the big thing is what I've come to learn is there's one way to guarantee a result in business and that's to do nothing because your result is guaranteed to be nothing. Every time I've taken that risk to, you know, try my first product to send my first inventory into Amazon to go into international marketplace to do other things. You know what? It's good things happen on the other side of fear. And not that, you know, people are necessarily like, you know, having anxiety and fear about going into another marketplace, but sometimes there is a little bit of like uncertainty, what's going to happen. And so you know, at least looking to see are there breadcrumbs that lead you down the path of other people are making some sales. So maybe it's at least worth trying to see if I can get some sales and maybe I can add another 10 20 30% in my business by adding in another channel or two by going international.

Speaker 1: 30:11 Yeah, no, it makes perfect sense to me. And I love it. If you don't do anything, you can't get anything right. It's like you got to do something. Uh, and uh, and I think this is one of those things and you know, whether you're ready or not right now, you still should know if it's an opportunity that you could potentially even use down the line. Um, so I just really think that people should at least validate their market and see if there's a potential there for them. And uh, that would be like step one and step two would be obviously going to the web class, understanding it seemed more examples of how it's done and then that way there you can get a better understanding and then watch that live recording of Kevin at brand accelerator live. And that'll answer a lot of those questions as well.

Speaker 1: 30:55 So, Kevin, I want to thank you once again. This has been awesome. This has been amazing. I'm sure that we will have you back on because as we get closer to brand accelerator live, we're gonna have a lot more updates and, and news that we're gonna be sharing. And I know that you're working on that behind the scenes as well. So once again, I just want to say thank you. I appreciate you taking time out of your day and uh, and sharing some of your wisdom and really setting up this web class. So once again, man. Thank you.

Speaker 3: 31:18 Thank you. Appreciate it.

Speaker 1: 31:19 Yeah. All right guys. Let's officially wrap this up. We're going to do it with Kevin. He didn't know I was going to do this either. We're going to wrap this up together. All right guys. You ready Kev? Let's do it. All right. This is how we do it over here. All right

Speaker 2: 31:30 guys. Remember as always, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to come off. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud, Kevin. Going say it on the count of three. One, two, three. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.

Speaker 1: 31:54 Not bad cab. Not bad. Thank you.

Speaker 4: 31:58 Hey, one last thing before you go, if you can do me a quick favor and that is, can you head over to iTunes and leave me a review over there, letting me know how has this podcast helped you in one way, shape, or form? I read every single one of them and they really give me the fuel that gives me the energy to continue to show up and really help more people. So I would love to hear from you, and I'm actually going to read one Ray here from [inaudible] 1224 and the title of this review was amazing content. High energy went on to say, warning, do not listen to this podcast before bed. It will have you up. Poor hours, great, great tactics, massive amount of content, truly something for everyone. Loved the energy. Thanks for all the hard work and passion poured into this. Well, I want to thank [inaudible] 1224 but again, I would love to hear what this podcast has done for you. So if you can do that, that would be amazing. Oh, and if you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet, but that you're waiting for subscribe this way here, you never miss an upcoming episode, so if you can do that, that would be [inaudible]


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