TAS 784 What’s The Best Platform To Post My Content? Ask Scott #244

Are you ready to put what you’ve learned in action and move your ecommerce business forward? What do you need to do to take your brand to the next level of growth? If you are in need of solid advice and an expert perspective, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, talks about some helpful lessons he has learned from Oprah, answers a question from a TAS follower like you, and much more. Have pen and paper ready, you are going to need it!

Lessons learned from Oprah

Have you ever learned valuable lessons from someone you’ve never met before? If you haven’t met Scott yet – your answer is probably yes! For Scott, that person who influenced him from afar for years is Oprah. Scott and his wife have learned a ton of helpful lessons for both personal and professional growth over the years. Recently, they had a chance to go see Oprah during her 2020 Vision Tour. To hear some of the helpful life lessons that Scott has learned from Oprah over the years, make sure to tune in to this episode of The Amazing Seller – you don’t want to miss it! 

Find out what your audience wants!

Should you start a YouTube channel for your brand? What about a podcast or a blog? If you want to grow your brand – you need to give your target audience what they want! Don’t waste your time creating a podcast if your audience would respond better to a YouTube channel. How do you find out what your audience wants? It’s easier than you might think! Use autofill search engines to your advantage! Try typing in keywords for your niche market into Google or YouTube search engines and see what pops up. Go even further with this critical topic by listening to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller! 

The Take Action Effect 

If you’ve been part of the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about creating resources for ecommerce sellers like you! From this podcast and blog to live events and even books – Scott has been hard at work over the years to resource his fellow ecommerce business leaders. The pride and joy of all of Scott’s resources is his recently published book and audiobook, “The Take Action Effect.” If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your copy of this informative book today! You can learn more about the physical book and the audiobook by visiting the resources section at the end of this post.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:45] Helpful lessons learned from Oprah. 
  • [9:45] Question: What's the best platform to post my content?
  • [15:00] What is your target audience looking for? 
  • [18:45] Closing thoughts from Scott. 
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TAS 784: What's The Best Platform To Post My Content? Ask Scott #244

Speaker 1: 00:02 Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 84 and session number two 44 of ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast. And guess what? I'm going to do it again here today and I'm fired up because, well, I've got a few things that I want to share with you. We're

Speaker 2: 00:22 with you. But first off, I'm going to give you the question that we're going to be answering today because it's a good one and it is. What's the best platform to post my content? And the reason why I'm so excited to answer this is because it means that you guys that are listening are interested in building out your brand and you want to know after I've already talked about how to go out there and post your content and create that content, but what's the best platform? And there's also a couple of other questions that are in this voicemail question that I'm going to play for you that also are around this, uh, this topic. But before I get into that, I did want to, well, a couple of things. Let me first off, say if you have any of your own questions that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, all you have to do is go to the amazing seller.com forward slash ask and you can do it right there.

Speaker 2: 01:17 Just leave me a little note there. Let me know who you are, where you're from, and you can just ask your question and I'll do my best to answer it on an upcoming Ascot session. So a couple things. Alright, first off, I just got back from attending. Get this. Are you ready for it? Oprah Winfrey's 2020 vision tour. Yeah, that's right. And uh, I went there for a couple of different reasons. Number one, my wife has been an Oprah fan for 20 plus years and a quick little story here, uh, going back 20 years, uh, actually it was a little bit longer than that. I believe if I do the math, it was like 1998, 1999, somewhere in there. That was the day or the year. I should say that my wife was watching a show, an Oprah show, and Oprah had, uh, got my wife thinking about doing something more in a profession that was more enjoyable.

Speaker 2: 02:16 And at the time she had left her corporate job to be a stay at home mom. I was working full time construction, 60 plus hours a week, stressed out, figuring out at that point in time too that I probably wasn't going to own my father's company because that partnership was just a disaster. And again, I talk about all of this in my book to take action effect, but my wife's seen an Oprah episode and got her thinking, you know what? We should do something for ourselves. We should build our own business. And uh, well long story short, after that episode got us thinking, my wife was interested in photography, we had no idea about photography. We didn't know if we had to go to school for it, whatever. But we ended up starting our own photography business and 18 months later I left my job.

Speaker 2: 03:00 So it's pretty important, uh, that, uh, well number one, that you look at something like this and you go, wow, that one moment, that one thing changed your life. Right? And it did. And so her coming to our area to be able to go see her and to be able to more or less pay tribute to her because, you know, part of, of what she has done for us, I kind of wanted to just be there to support her, but then also to hear more of her wisdom and to be able to see who she was bringing in, what she was actually, um, the rack, um, was actually, um, was actually her featured guest. And it was just, it was amazing. And there's a couple of different things. I'm probably gonna do an episode on some of the things that I took away cause I think it's important.

Speaker 2: 03:48 Um, you know, we can talk about business every single day of the week, but when it comes down to it, if we don't know what the heck we're doing, why we're doing it, if we don't know our intentions, uh, we, we really were just kinda out there doing it blindly. And, uh, the one thing that she had said that really struck a chord with me in a good way was be intentional. Like be intentional with what you're doing and why you're doing it. And, uh, this kind of leads into my thought of the week, I guess. Uh, I wasn't ready to do that, but I guess we're just gonna do it here because it makes a lot of sense, right? Like be intentional with what you're doing and why you're doing it. And the other thing, and this will really kind of a, you know, make this a be intentional thing.

Speaker 2: 04:31 Even more clear is be present, like be present. Because right now in the life that we live, everything is so busy. Everything is so fast paced. There's a ton of noise in the online space, and there's so many distractions and we don't take time to look around, to enjoy the moment, to enjoy silence. They actually had us do an exercise there to sit in silence for one minute, and I'll tell you what, it's not easy. You should try it. Go ahead after this episode, just don't listen to anything. Close your eyes and sit there for one minute. You'll be amazed. It actually, it's kind of refreshing, but it also allows you to realize like, you're here in this moment. Enjoy this moment. Don't worry about all of the things that you could do or that you should do. Be in that moment. And being intentional also means planning out what you're working on when you're working on it.

Speaker 2: 05:26 You're going to get more done. You're going to feel less stressed, like all of that stuff. So I took a whole bunch away from being at this event with my wife, which by the way, I was probably, I don't know, there was 12,000 people there. I was probably one of the thousand men that were there. Uh, not even kidding. Uh, the, the women's bathroom had a line a mile long. They even closed a couple of the men's rooms to make them women's rooms. So that way they're, uh, they could fit more women. And then I had to walk halfway around to find a men's room, wasn't blocked off. And then when I did, there was like three of us in there. Not even kidding. Um, so it was, it was funny, but it was a great time. We had a really, really good time. Uh, it was actually in Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaker 2: 06:07 So we, uh, we had to travel about four and a half hours. Uh, so it was fun. It was great. But it also, it made me realize that moment, 20 plus years ago was a huge moment. And that also leads me into another thing that I'm excited about. And that is, if you haven't already grabbed your copy of the take action effect, because you've been waiting for the audio book to come out, well guess what? It's out. It's ready. And there's a couple of different ways that you can receive it. Number one you can head over to take action, effect.com you can grab a copy there, you'll find it on Amazon, and then you'll find a paperback, the Kindle version, the hardcover, and now there's the audio book that's available so you can grab it by heading to take action effect.com and you can grab it right there.

Speaker 2: 06:55 Option number two is if you want to receive a free copy of the audio book, all you need to do is go through my affiliate link and yes you will buy me a cup of coffee, but you'll get the book for free. So if you just go to the amazing seller.com forward slash audible you'll actually get a free book and you can choose my book and you can start to listen to it immediately. Now in the audio book, I've already had people giving me feedback saying that they love that I that I read it myself cause I love when authors read their own books. And then also they loved the going off script, the little rants, the little side notes that I shared, which was not scripted, it was just I felt it in the moment and I decided to go off script, tell a little bit of a story or really, really hone in on a point.

Speaker 2: 07:42 Um, so if you're at all interested in listening, listening to that audio book of the take action effect, go there, pick one of those options, take action, effect.com you can go there or you can go sign up for a free audible account and you can go@theamazingseller.com forward slash audible and you'll get your first credit for free. And that will be that book. All right, so again, I want to thank everyone that has already downloaded the book and uh, and listened book inside the book. I talk all about that moment. But these moments are, there are moments, there are take action moments and these moments. And this is another thing that Oprah said in her, um, in her, uh, one of her presentations is she was saying like, every single thing we do is just preparing us for the next thing. Right. It's preparing us because if we didn't have this thing to prepare us, we wouldn't get to that next thing.

Speaker 2: 08:32 And it's funny, I just interviewed, um, which will be airing soon, Jesse from um, chase the craft and I had him on about a year ago and then we had an update and like things are different now than they were a year ago, but he wouldn't have been where he is right now if he hadn't gone through what he did up to that point. See, it's preparing him and preparing us for that next thing. Um, so the take effect is really about identifying number one these moments and we all have them. And then from there looking for new ones and understanding there's going to be fear, there's going to be doubts, but we need to trust our gut and we need to go for it in some instances. And we need to look at things a little bit differently. So again, if you have not went through that book yet, if you haven't read the book, it's a lot of mindset in the very beginning. And then that prepares you for us going out there and building a future proof business, a future-proof brand. So definitely go grab a copy if you haven't done so already. All right. So there you go. There you have it. There's my thoughts of the week. There's some exciting news there. The audio book is out now. Let's go ahead and let's listen to this week's question and then I will give you my answer. What do you say? Let's do this.

Speaker 3: 09:46 Hi Scott. I'm Melinda. I've been following you for a long time and I even buy some of your courses. Um, just about me. I've been in wholesale manufacturing for 30 years and was learning about Amazon. And I think you're right on about brand building. Amazon is just one channel and it's not a good one at this time. Um, having a solid business is about building a brand with multiple avenues and whether you're going to be wholesale or B to C, it just, you're just really have it right on. So I really love your podcasts and everything. How do you give a podcast? What kind of microphone do you need? What kind of outline do you need? Um, if people wanted to start developing content, um, some people like podcasts, I might like video. Uh, if you have any recommendations for that, that would be fantastic cause I, I don't even know what kind of microphone that would work even if I used my iPhone. So if you could maybe share that, I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Speaker 2: 10:56 Thank you so much for the question and I am going to answer that question and I again, I just want to say thank you for being a longtime listener and I truly, truly appreciate you and I love it that your from the wholesale market and you can kind of see that brand building is important. It was important back in the day and it's important now. And, uh, I think that, uh, you know, yes, we, we really do need to focus on this. But to answer your question and you started with what microphone do you need? If you're going to do a podcast and should I do a podcast or should I create YouTube videos or should I post on a blog? And those are all great questions. Here is what I would say because it's not really about the microphone. I mean, we'll, we'll talk about that here in a minute, but it's really not about that, right?

Speaker 2: 11:50 Like to me it's about what is the right platform for you but also for your market. All right? Now, depending on what market you're in, you might not have your, you know, your audience on YouTube, they just might not be there. Uh, and if they're not there, well, we don't want to go there, right? We don't want to take our time in post stuff on YouTube. Now there is ways, and we talk about this a lot in brand creators Academy is really, we want to take content that we've created and then leverage it on multiple platforms. But we we don't want to make our primary one the, the sole focus. Um, if our audience isn't there. All right, if our market isn't there, all right, if your like, you know what, I'm going to build up my Instagram following so I can launch my physical products and I sell bass fishing gear.

Speaker 2: 12:41 Well is your market there and I would also probably say if you're building your channel there, that shouldn't be your main channel. So I've got thoughts on uh, you know as far as like if you're going to build it on something like a social media channel, I would always go with a home base. But to your, to your um, your original question, like what microphone to use. If you're creating content that requires you to have a microphone, podcast, YouTube or just video in general, yes you are going to want to have something that has good clean quality. But I would say most of us, our phone, if we're not like 50 feet away from it, is going to do a pretty good enough job. I would rather see people not worry about the technical side and just get something out there. So if you want to, you can pick up a, you know, a Mike.

Speaker 2: 13:39 I mean road makes, um, some, some pretty decent. Mike's for a affordable and whether you want to have one that clips on your shirt or one that goes overhead or one that, um, that I'm speaking into right now. Um, and you can generally get something. There's other ones out there. Uh, there's a, there's a bunch of different makes. Um, but in reality it doesn't really matter as far as what Mike should you use. I think the question you're really asking is, what channel should I post on? Or what thing should I, what medium should I use? And it really comes down to what are you most comfortable with? Are you okay with speaking into a microphone and carrying on a conversation? Or are you a little stagefright and you don't want to get behind a Mike or you don't want to get on video. You would rather write a blog post.

Speaker 2: 14:30 Then you're going to want to publish on a blog or you're going to want to publish on a blog slash website, your home base as we call it. And then from there you might want to do narration videos that don't show your face, but they allow you to create a video that you can then post on YouTube. Okay. Or if you're like, you know what, I don't want to be on video, but I don't mind talking then yes, a podcast. But then it comes down to really is the market there? Okay? Is your market on iTunes? Is it on Stitcher? Is it, um, is it, is it a podcast? The right fit for that. Okay. And so, uh, that's what you need to ask yourself. So again, hopefully I'm giving you some things and anyone else listening, some things to think about, not just about, okay, I know that I gotta go out there and create content.

Speaker 2: 15:18 What microphone do I need? The bigger question is, what platform and what medium are you going to commit to? Okay. And again, I just got off an interview with Jesse from chase, the craft, also known as still it, and I asked him at the very end, I said, what is the number one thing that you feel has helped you and that has gotten you to where you are right now with your channel. And he said, consistency, being consistent, something out there is better than nothing out there. Right? It's better to have something out there that's not perfect and nothing out there at all. So I wouldn't worry about the microphone. I think probably right now your phone has a good enough microphone. I know people that do podcasts from their, from their microphone on the, the voice recorder on their phone. If the information is good and if you can show up consistently, then that's what you do.

Speaker 2: 16:17 Okay. So again, don't overcomplicate it with what equipment you need. People get hung up on the equipment and a lot of times it's because they think they have to be perfect raw and and really just being authentic. That is what's going, that's what's going to resonate with people. Now, I'm not saying that audio is an important, if you have static and if you have like pops and all of this stuff, yeah, people are going to be annoyed with that. So yes, when the time is right, invest in a decent microphone. Okay. Yes. You know, there's a, there's a bunch of different ones out there. Like I said, and I'm not going to rattle off certain names right now. Like I said, Rhode makes a really good microphone. You might spend, uh, you know, anywhere from, depending if it's like I said, the lapel Mike might be, uh, you know, 60 bucks up to 350 bucks.

Speaker 2: 17:07 Um, but yes, the audio quality isn't, is important. Um, but it's not important enough to me to say I'm going to wait to figure out the best audio quality to post my stuff. I want that decision to be made. I want it to be done. I want the medium to be picked. I don't want to do them all because if you do them all, you're probably not going to stick with it because it's going to feel like a lot of work. Um, so always start with one platform. What is the platform that your, that your audience or your market is on rate? Now, in most cases, the home base, a website, that's always where I'm going to be publishing the content. So this podcast, yes, it gets posted on, uh, iTunes. It gets posted on Stitcher, Spotify, all the major ones, right? But it's always embedded on my website.

Speaker 2: 17:56 Okay. Because what I'm doing here is I'm creating this piece of content and then I'm repurposing that content on another medium. And so I'm leveraging that content and that's really what I would stress here. All right. Taking that one piece of content and then leveraging other platforms, but your Homebase, that piece of real estate that you own. Wow. Let me just tell you something. That right there is number one for me always. All right? But pick that channel, pick the medium, and then just get to work and get started. All right, so hopefully this helped you. Thank you so much for that question. I love these questions. Keep them common. If you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, all you have to do, head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash ask and then just hit that record button, record your message and I'll do my best to air on an upcoming Ascot session.

Speaker 2: 18:44 All right, so again, get consistent. Do not over complicate this process, don't get fancy. That will come later. Get something out there. And again, one last reminder before I wrap this episode up. If you want to install the take action mindset, well you're going to want to head over and grab the book, the take action effect. Again, it's available in audio book now it is released so you can head over to take action, effect.com grab a copy any way that you want to consume it and you can do that by heading over to that link. And I would really appreciate to hear your feedback on it too. So leave me a review after you get done

Speaker 1: 19:25 going through the book. All right, so that's it guys. That's gonna wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you. What you have to, you have to come on. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode.

Speaker 2: 19:47 Hey, before you go, could you do me one quick favor? If you haven't done some already, can you head over to iTunes and can you leave me a review over there? I would really love to hear how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape or form and Oh by the way, I read every single one of them and actually I'm going to read one right now and this one came in recently from Allen V and he said this is the best podcast that delivers not only free but most important, very well organized content to help you understand and know what you have to do in your brand and Amazon business. Scott is very energetic now, really and smart about organizing lots of information into little baby steps to help me take action. Thank you very much, Scott, for being an inspiration and for delivering so, so much. There's a lot of OHS there, so again, I read every single one of them. I appreciate all of you and I would really appreciate it if you would leave me one of your own reviews there as well. And if you haven't also subscribed yet to the podcast, if you could do that, that would be amazing. Talk to you later. Bye.


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