TAS 782 Zero to 9,332 Email Subscribers in 30 days (Case Study Update)

What would it mean for your business if you could create a following of over 9,000 people in 30 days or less? How much do you think it would cost to secure that level of engagement with your niche market? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares the data from his case study and data from sellers like you who are just starting out. If you are ready to put in the work – tune into this episode to learn more from Scott and what it takes to succeed – you don’t want to miss it! 

Traffic is money! 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start bringing in profit for your brand before you even consider marketing any products? Imagine keeping your followers so engaged that they keep coming back to your home base. By harnessing the power of website traffic, your brand can leverage that connection and turn on advertizements. What will it take to build your brand and keep people coming back to your home base? Have pen and paper ready as you learn innovative and helpful insights from Scott by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Tried and tested

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long you know that Scott is not a fan of “Get rich quick” schemes. From flashy cars and eye-popping results, there are a ton of ecommerce leaders who are out there trying to sell you a quick way to build a brand. Opting for a more steady and tested approach, Scott invites sellers like you along for the ride. Scott will be the first one to tell you that the results that he touts aren’t easy to obtain – you’ve got to be willing to put in the work! Don’t just take it from Scott either – TAS followers like you have had impressive results using Scott’s methods. Hear more about what it will take to get your brand headed in the right direction by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Action steps you can take today

Beyond just giving you a good target to shoot for, Scott is committed to empowering and resourcing ecommerce sellers like you. Here are several action steps you can take to get the ball rolling with your ecommerce business today! 

  1. Get to know your niche market inside and out!
  2. Give your audience a great offer to build your email list. 
  3. Go where your target audience is spending their time online! (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) 
  4. Use the TAS resources that have been created just for you! 

 What step do you need to take today? Make sure to visit the links to the resources that Scott and his team have put together just for you!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:00] Why traffic is so valuable. 
  • [6:00] Scott goes over the numbers from email list case study. 
  • [11:00] Breaking down the cost of building an email list. 
  • [14:00] Resources created for sellers like you. 
  • [17:00] Scott goes over several great examples from ecommerce sellers. 
  • [20:45] Takeaways and action steps. 
  • [26:45] Closing thoughts from Scott. 
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TAS 782: Zero to 9,332 Email Subscribers in 30 days (Case Study Update)

Speaker 1: 00:00 I want you to imagine for a minute you have 9,332 people on a list that are targeted in your market for what you have to offer. And I want you to imagine being able to write a message and with one click of a button, send it out to 9,332 people. That's exactly what we've been able to do in the past 30 days. We went from zero to 9,332 emails. So if that sounds like that would be useful to your business. Stick around cause that's what we're going to cover in this podcast.

Speaker 2: 00:38 Well, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number 782 my name is Scott Voelker and I'm here to help you build a future proof business so you can create the ultimate freedom, but there's always a button you have to take what you learned from this podcast and take action and you can become the amazing

Speaker 1: 00:59 seller of your life. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's do this. All right, well like I said in the very beginning, I am excited because, well I'm going to break down exactly how we went from zero to 9,332 email subscribers. How we have already sent out emails to this list and have gotten a really, really great open rate and click through rate and a whole bunch of other cool things that are now happening because we went through this process and again, like I said in the very beginning, I want you to think about having the reach, having the attention of your market, whether it's a hundred people or 500 people or 9,332 people. To me, you have to always remember these are people, these are people that raised their hand, that are in your market and from there you need to stay in front of these people.

Speaker 1: 02:06 All right, so what I'm going to do here is I already did an update when we were at like 3000 ish emails and now what I'm doing here is giving you a final update on this case study and we did this inside a brand creators Academy as part of our brand build. It's been really exciting because I'm actually going to share with you two other examples of two of our members that did the exact same thing following along. And there's other ones that are doing it. They're just not fully done with it yet, but they're in the process and some people are just starting that process, which is really cool to kind of see this. But I'm going to share with you two other examples which are very similar, which is pretty cool. And they're in different markets. Every one here that we're talking about, you know, the one that we did it in and the other two members in totally different markets.

Speaker 1: 02:53 So it just, you have to understand the components that make this work and we're going to cover all right. But let me just kind of give you a little bit of a recap. The reason why we decided to do this is because, well, we know that if we build an email list, we have instant traffic, instant traffic. And what I mean by that is the minute that we have people, okay, on a list that have raised their hand through what we call a lead magnet. And in this case it's a giveaway, a bundle that we put together in this market. And then from there we get their attention. But what we can do now is we have instant traffic because we have them on a list. So all we need to do is send a message to them. Not everyone is going to open the email, okay?

Speaker 1: 03:40 But I mean industry standard is typically around 10% of the list. We'll open an email. But here's the thing, whenever you're looking at those numbers, which we got higher than that, but if you look at the, at the industry standard, it's not always the same 10%. And that's why what we always do, it's another part of our strategy is we always send to our unopens about 24 to 36 hours later. And that always gives us an increase, a bump in our open rate. Um, and again, that's something that we break down in great detail inside of brand creators Academy. Now the other thing that this does is, and this is the second part, is where it really allows us to do what we call content amplification. So let's say for example, uh, we want to get people instantly over to a blog post that we wrote.

Speaker 1: 04:31 Okay? And on that blog post, we might just give useful information, but we have affiliate links in there and affiliate links for anyone that is new. All that is, is it's a link that we're using to promote another product that we recommend. And if they buy it through that link, we will get credit. We will get a commission on that and depending on what network you're using, we're usually starting with Amazon because it's super easy. Uh, and you know, we can just, uh, you know, lead people over there and then we can get credit for that. But the content amplification piece is huge because when you're starting out as far as building out your content, building out your brand with content and getting those assets built so we can have traffic for years to come. The hardest part is for people waiting to get that traffic, including myself.

Speaker 1: 05:17 We're inpatient, okay. But we have an email list, we can instantly get it there. And the other byproduct of this is we are able to also through our Facebook page now that we've built, and I'll give you all the numbers here in the rundown, but we're able to then start re-purposing our content that resides on our blog and on our website and then sharing it over on Facebook. And then we can direct the traffic, our email list over to our Facebook page, get that going a little bit more. And then from there we can also send people to a blog post or if we have a YouTube channel. So there's a lot of things that we can do when we have this asset, this email list. And right now we're sitting on 9,332 email subscribers, okay. That are in this market. All right? So again, this is exactly what we're doing.

Speaker 1: 06:03 And now our original goal, our target was 2,500 emails. While we crushed that, as you can see, and we were willing to spend 50 cents to $1 per email. Now I would not have wanted to spend $9,332 for those emails, even though I know if they're the right people in the right market, I know that that will come back and pay me back over time. But we didn't pay mere that at all. And I'll give you guys all the numbers here. So our numbers, I'll just jump right into it. Our numbers right now are 9,332 emails. Okay. Our open rate right now is over 30% which is crazy. Okay. Now I do expect that to go down as we send more emails as we start to clean the list, okay? But right now having over 30%, I mean we had one that almost touched 40%, which is crazy.

Speaker 1: 07:01 Um, so that's totally fine. Okay. 30% is great. All right. And again, just keep in mind that the 30% that opened today doesn't mean that's the same 30% that sent it out or that will open it up in two weeks from now or a month from now. So that's why we're always sending on a regular basis. And this is also why I like to follow that 52 X content strategy. Because what we're doing here in 52 X strategy, what that basically means, I did a whole podcast on it, uh, is you want to basically create one piece of new content every week. And that is also your email that you're going to send to your list. All right? So it kind of works hand in hand. All right? So the other cool thing is because we created a Facebook fan page, which I think all brands should have anyway, even though I'm not really using it so much for, Oh, I'm going to get a whole bunch of traffic and I'm going to get a whole bunch of reach, which there are ways that we can increase that.

Speaker 1: 07:55 But you have to have a Facebook fan page in order to run a Facebook ad. And that's how we drove all of this traffic. Okay. Or I should say most of the traffic cause a lot of it also came from being shared, which I'll talk about here. Okay. So the Facebook page currently, right now when I just pulled these numbers was 1,734 followers. Okay. And then 1,663 likes. Now there's, there are two different things. I'm not quite sure what it actually means more than a, or you know, other than a follower means that Hey, I'm clicking this cause I want to follow this page. A light just means like, Oh I like this page. So there are two separate things. I think if you can get both of them, I think it makes it better because then, uh, the page is going to reach those people because they've raised their hand twice.

Speaker 1: 08:45 All right. But anyway, that's what we got there for those numbers. So really good. Like that was, we didn't really try for that. It just kinda happened. Um, now there was one little, I'll give you guys a little Ninja trick here and this was actually brought up by one of our members, Todd, who also I'm going to be talking about here in a minute. Um, but he basically, uh, and I've heard about this before but he reminded us of it and he was like anyone that likes your post, um, through your giveaway, your contest, you can go in and then you can invite them to like the page. Cause they might have liked the post but they didn't like the page. And we did that and I bet you we added another 30 or 40% to that. So it might have only been around maybe let's call it like 1100 or 1200.

Speaker 1: 09:27 We ended up getting 1700, which is pretty awesome. Um, the Facebook posts that we created that was dedicated to our giveaway, our contest, um, and also was the Facebook ad, uh, was 2,200 likes emojis, some type of reaction. OK. that's, that's how Facebook works, right? So that's pretty good. 650 comments. Now the cool thing is with these comments, a lot of them were just people tagging people. So it was like maybe it was a Sue Allen and then she just put in a comment, uh, Troy Allen, maybe it was her husband cause she wanted to show that person this contest. So they were just tagging each other in the comments and then it was bringing it up in their notifications. So a lot of those comments were shares in a sense. Now get this 979 shares, 979 shares. Incredible. All right, so those are the numbers that we ended up with.

Speaker 1: 10:35 Now you probably also want to know, okay Scott, like what did all of that cost you? Well, I'll give you, um, I'll give you the rundown. Okay. At the end of the day, we want to know, okay, how much did we spend, um, to get an email address? We're talking the Facebook ads, we're talking the prize. Okay. Our prize was a $225 cause we don't have our own product right now. So we went out and we bought four different products and we're shipping it to the winter. So it was $225 and um, and then we also spent on the ads a little over $1,650 okay. So if you do the math there, I mean we're talking right around 20 cents per email address. Okay. 20 cents which is just craziness. Okay. And if we look at just the Facebook ad, and I'm actually gonna do this on the fly. If we just look at the Facebook ad that we spent on, and if we do that, I'm doing the math.

Speaker 1: 11:38 It's 17.6% or I'm sorry, since 17.6. So let's call it 18 cents. Okay. So 20 cents all in to get a targeted email address, address. That also the way is opening our emails. Not all of them, but 35, 36% already have, which is pretty darn crazy. So right now we're going to go through the process of sending them useful content, sending them over to the blog, sending them over to Facebook, which today a little side note here. And I wasn't going to share this because I had just did it and I didn't know that I was going to do it when I created this outline for this, uh, for the show of, uh, you know, everything that I wanted to share with you, but I just on our Facebook page, I asked a general question, okay. Like for example, if I was in the bass fishing and be like, how long have you been bass fishing or how many tournaments have you entered?

Speaker 1: 12:35 Um, last year, something like that. Right. Just an open ended question. And I did that this morning while I was drinking my coffee and I said, I'm just going to see how active the pages and how many people this actually reaches. Well, I told you 1,734 fouls, um, on that page. Um, within minutes I had like 35 or 40 comments of people telling me that answer or giving me their answer. It was just crazy. Um, I haven't looked since. Um, but I know that that's going to get well over 150 to 200 comments just from me posting on there asking question. That's it. So all we're going to do there on that Facebook page is we're going to be putting out content that we're producing, asking questions, getting to really know the market. We're actually going to probably roll out some merge cause I think this market will definitely lend itself to merge.

Speaker 1: 13:23 So I think we're going to make like three to five different tee shirts and I think we're going to put them up there, have the, have the Facebook page vote on it and probably send an email out to vote on it. Which one should we create? And then from there we'll try to sell some shirts and that will be a quick way for us to start monetizing the list but also monetizing the brand. Um, so anyway, that's just a little bit of a side note. All right. Now this all might sound great and you might be saying, well Scott, that you know this sounds great and everything, but I have no idea if my market even lends itself to doing this and where would I even figure that stuff out? Well, the first place that I would tell you to go to is our free resources@brandcreators.com okay.

Speaker 1: 14:08 If you go to brand creators.com you're going to see a checklist there. It's a brand growth validation checklist and it's going to run through and really identify your market, see if you're niche down enough and then from there start to explore all of these things that we're doing inside of building our brand and building an email list is one of them. All right? Now the other resource that I would give you, which I think is very useful if you're looking to only start focusing on building an email list and that is go to our free list building workshop. You can find that by heading over to list build class.com again, that's list build class.com and we'll actually show you how to identify what is the best lead magnet or the giveaway. We'll show you an example. We'll show you how we drove traffic, we'll show you how we set everything up, how we collected the emails, how we did, the followup, all of that.

Speaker 1: 15:04 So definitely go check out that resource. All right, so let me give you another example from one of our brand creators Academy members. Okay. Now here's his final results just in off the presses. By the way, he just posted this, his name is Ken by the way, and so he collected 8,375 emails. Okay? Now actually it was 8,375 entries, 8,041 emails. And the reason why he's giving that number is because he actually collected a, an extra, what is that? An extra 330 ish, 40 ish emails. Because part of the strategy is, uh, people that enter the contest will also be enticed to share it. And if they share it with people and they enter their email, then they will, uh, maybe they'll get three extra entries, I think is how we set it up. So you incentivize them for wanting to share it. And the way that works is they will go to a landing page as we call it, that shows everything that they can win in the contest or the giveaway.

Speaker 1: 16:08 And then from there they enter their name and email address. On the next page we call that the thank you page. It says congratulations, you have one entry and then it'll say to get more entries you can do these things. And one of them is to share it. And um, any, um, anybody that enters or ever, I think it's three people that enter their, their uh, email, we'll give you one extra entry. So something like that. Alright, so his total Facebook ad spend was $1,212. So a total cost per email was 16 cents. Okay. 16 cents. Okay. His Facebook post results, and this is pretty awesome. 2,300 likes, 490 comments and 622 shares. Okay. And this one, here's really cool, over 1400 new page likes. Okay. Now the social sharing, this is what I'm reading, what he wrote here. The social sharing has added 1,334 entries as well, the difference between ad clicks and actual subscribers.

Speaker 1: 17:13 And then he gave a whole list of 'em the top 25 who had the most entries. So that's pretty cool. Okay. Um, he had one person that shared it. Oh my gosh, it looks like a dah, dah, dah, dah. Well, it shows that he must've had an email list for a media company and he sent it out to his email list. Um, so, okay, so now I'm gonna give you another one. And this is Todd, uh, who's also in our Academy and he's still got 10 days remaining. And, um, his Facebook ad, uh, entries was a six, 916, and um, he's getting them for 10 cents per result. So every entry is costing him 10 cents. His total ad spend was $666 and 70 cents total entries, 9,108 his prize cost is $188 and 94 cents. Bottom line cost per result is so far at this time, just under 10 cents.

Speaker 1: 18:21 Basically it's, it's zero, it's 0.093 so just under 10 cents. So let's call it 10 cents, right? That's pretty incredible. Now, social likes, he had 1,800 431 comments, 547 shares. And um, and he says here actually more, but I accidentally changed the ad copy when I made the switch. So because of that he lost the data. So, um, Oh well, um, but um, the extra page likes he gained was 451. And um, a little side note here, here's something that Todd did that we're going to be doing as well as a test and we're going to be sharing this inside of the Academy. And he shared everything in there, even the email that he wrote. But what he did was he reached out to his list so far and he asked if anyone was interested in becoming a contributor for the blog through, uh, you know, asking them if they would be willing to write and get paid.

Speaker 1: 19:28 And so if you're into this niche, if you're into this hobby or passion, um, or you're just into this topic, this market, you will probably find out of 9,000 people, there's probably a handful of people that are willing and wanting to write about this and what better way to have content content contributors found, but through your own list. So that's another benefit because what we're doing is we're out there and we're finding our VA's in a variety of different ways, but this is a great way to do it because they're vested in this market and they love this market. But then the trick is to find out if they're a good writer or maybe they're a good video creator, who knows. Um, but I will give you an update on that, how that goes here in the future as well. But I'm really excited about that.

Speaker 1: 20:18 But Todd broke that down and it worked really, really well for him. He found, I believe he had like five or seven really qualified writers and then now he's going through, I think three of them are doing like test articles. Two already sent them back. He said one was a, was a slam dunk. Perfect. And then the other one, um, he said he might need to just do a little bit of coaching to get them to write a little bit more his style. Um, but yeah. Oh my gosh. Like incredible. All right, so let me give you some takeaways here and some lessons and what you can do. Okay. So number one, all right. You have to, you must know your market because if you do things become much clearer and the results will follow just like this. The reason why this has worked so many different times is because when we're, when we're doing this, we know who the market is, we know what they want, we know what's going to get them to raise their hand.

Speaker 1: 21:15 And that's all we're trying to do right now is get the people in our market to raise their hand so we can then communicate with them on a regular basis through an email. So remember where, like I said in the very beginning, we know that these people are in our market because they raised their hand. And right now I'm not even concerned with them buying something. What I want them to do is visit our content. I want them to be part of that amplification that we talked about because that will also allow us to start getting more traffic. And here's the other thing, even if they never ever buy a single thing, when we turn on ads on our, on our website, we will get paid per visit. So every thousand people that visit the website, we will get paid. And I talked about that in another episode in the past.

Speaker 1: 22:03 Um, it's where you will be paid per thousand and it ranges anywhere from $10 per thousand up to 25, $28 per thousand. Okay. So you know, for anyone that is thinking to themselves, yeah, but I want these people to buy right away. Don't, don't try to push it. Don't try to rush it, okay? Because a, the results will come later and there's a bunch of different ways that you can monetize versus it just being selling a product. All right? So number one, know your market and I'm telling you, things will become clearer and easier and the results will follow. Number two, you need to have a great offer. The reason why people's giveaways or lead magnet doesn't work that well is because they don't have a great offer. I like to have at least a hundred dollars value on the giveaway when I'm first starting. Now I don't, I don't think I'm going to always do giveaways throughout the entire life of a brand, right?

Speaker 1: 23:03 I don't look at it that way. It's a good way to jumpstart and kind of really inject some traffic immediately. But I'm going to also now start doing typical lead magnets. Like, maybe it's going to be a, uh, maybe a three part video series, or maybe it will be an ebook or maybe it'll be a checklist or a shopping list. Um, we're going to also add those into the mix because they're important. Okay? So, but you do need to have a really, really great offer. Okay. And that offer, when we're doing this as far as email list building, we need it to be something that they go, wow, that's an amazing thing. I would love to have that. And I can't tell you how many people comment. And it said, I can't wait. I hope I win. I really love this. This is great. Thank you so much for doing this.

Speaker 1: 23:49 So we're also adding Goodwill to the marketplace. All right? But you need to have a great offer. It is key to getting these type of results, okay? But again, I can't say what your market's going to do, um, or if you're going to be able to get results like this, but it's worth a try. Okay? It's worth a try. All right, so that's number two, have a great offer. And then number three, and this one's big as well, targeting, you need to understand where they are hanging out. If your market is hanging out on Instagram, go to Instagram, go and reach out to influencers and ask how much they would charge you to do a post. We actually did this in that, um, that workshop that you can go check out. And uh, that I mentioned earlier, we actually used Instagram. We used Facebook as well, but we used Instagram mostly on that one because that's where the market was hanging out.

Speaker 1: 24:45 Okay. And we identified that this example that I'm sharing with you here today, we didn't use Instagram. We use Facebook. That's where they're hanging out. And so you really want to get precise targeting and know exactly where they're hanging out. And an example of this would be if we are going after the kayak, bass fishing market. Okay? Number one, we know that they're passionate about this sport, this hobby, right? We know that. Number two, we know that they would love to win the ultimate bundle and that might be a pole, a net, a tackle box, a vest. And maybe a few special lures. Okay. And then number three, we know they're hanging out on Facebook in groups and they're talking. And the reason why is because we did the research, we went through the brand growth validation checklist. So again, if you have not gone through that, here is another mention that you should because it's free and it's so valuable.

Speaker 1: 25:43 So make sure that you do that. Brand creators.com okay. Brand creators.com go there, grab that checklist. You're going to also see a couple of videos there. One is me going through two live validation examples, walking you through that process, walking you through that checklist. It's free guys, go get it. You have nothing to lose. Check it out. All right, so, uh, let's wrap this up before we do a sign off. All right. Because I think that at this point you guys can see that having the ability to reach out to over 9,000 people within 30 days, I mean the value in that, imagine having 9,000 plus people on an email list that you can write up an email like I did this morning. By the way, I did it actually in three different brands, wrote up an email and I pushed send and it went out to as many people that are on that list.

Speaker 1: 26:36 And then I'll be able to go back there tomorrow and I can send to the unopens. Okay? And that's the power of having that email list. All right, so number one, know your market and I'm telling you, things will become much clearer and way easier and the results will follow. All right? Niche down, make sure that you niche down. That's another little tip here, okay? Make sure you're not going too broad, okay? Number two, create a great, amazing offer that is irresistible. I can't stress that enough. And number three, get laser laser focused on your targeting. Whether that's Facebook, whether that's Instagram or maybe even Pinterest. All right, find out where your market's hanging out. Go there and get that, that laser focused targeting that will make this campaign and make you really be able to start understanding what they want, what they need, and then you can show up and give it to them.

Speaker 1: 27:30 All right. Now, if you need help identifying these components, like I said, make sure that you go through the brand growth validation checklist. You can find that by heading over to brand creators.com and you'll find it over there. All right guys, the show notes to this episode are the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 82 again, that's the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 82 you'll get the show notes, the transcripts, all the goodies. There'll be linked up there. I'll also link up the brand growth validation checklist. If you haven't went over there and grabbed it, you'll have another one

Speaker 2: 28:07 reminder to do self bear as well. All right guys, so that's it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to. Come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode.

Speaker 3: 28:31 Hey, before you go, could you do me one quick favor? If you haven't done so already, can you head over to iTunes and can you leave me a review over there? I would really love to hear how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape, or form and Oh by the way, I read every single one of them and actually I'm going to read one right now and this one came in recently from Josh Krist and he says insightful and actionable and he shows a little flame and says five stars and says whether your a well established as an online entrepreneur or just getting started in carving out a profitable niche that's ready to grow. This is a must listen podcast for you. Scott does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving online business and life you can be proud of from leaders who've actually experienced success themselves. I highly recommend listening and subscribing. Well, thank you, Josh. I truly appreciate it. And again, if you're listening and you have not left me review, please leave a review. I'd love to hear from you. Oh, and if you haven't subscribed yet, subscribe that way there. You'll never miss an episode. All right, so thanks once again. I look forward to seeing and reading your review. Until next time, have an amazing day.


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