TAS 776 (INSPIRING) How Husband and WIFE Team Built Thriving Lifestyle Business

Do you ever feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back with your ecommerce business? What will it take to get your business performing on the next level? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he sits down with special guests, Mike and Mariska. In their conversation with Scott, Mike and Mariska open up about how they started their business, what it took to pivot in their business, challenges and success along the way, and so much more. Have pen and paper ready; you don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Mike and Mariska! 

Playing to your strengths

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about helping sellers like you understand how to build a healthy and thriving business. If you want a successful business, you need to learn how to recognize and play to your strengths. Why force yourself to learn how to keep the books if you can just outsource that aspect and focus on other areas of your business where you excel. Scott isn’t the only ecommerce business leader out there who champions the idea of playing to your strengths. Learn from Mike and Mariska’s inspiring story by tuning into this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

The value of an outside perspective

Did you know that one of the hardest things for a business leader to do is objectively evaluate their business? It’s true! When you are so invested in and close to a business that you’ve built from the ground up – you are not a good person to evaluate the status of your business! Getting an outside perspective on your business could end up saving your 10’s of thousands of dollars down the road. Hear more about getting a good outside perspective on your brand from Mike and Mariska by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Why branding matters

When was the last time you spoiled yourself and bought something really nice? Maybe for you, it was a premium set of headphones or an expensive watch. Did you notice the nice packaging and branding your product had with it? Let’s face it, branding can make all the difference for your ecommerce business! How do you plan on communicating your brand’s values to your customers? Will you invest in high-quality packaging? What customer support? Learn why branding is a crucial aspect of business success by listening to this informative episode of The Amazing Seller! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:00] Mike and Mariska join Scott and share their story. 
  • [10:00] What caused Mike and Mariska to immigrate from South Africa to New York? 
  • [13:45] Mike explains his role with the marketing side of their business. 
  • [15:00] How Mike and Mariska started their business helping sellers. 
  • [21:50] Why outside eyes can help you improve your business. 
  • [25:00] The value of branding your products and impressing your customers. 
  • [33:20] Mike talks about some recent changes to his website and the business. 
  • [42:00] Closing thoughts. 
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TAS 776: (INSPIRING) How Husband and WIFE Team Built Thriving Lifestyle Business

Speaker 1: 00:00 Have you ever wondered if you were on the right track in building your business but you needed or maybe you wanted to pivot? It happens. Trust me. Well, today I have an amazing husband and wife team that did just that. And I'll tell you what, it's a true inspiration for all of us. Hope. Boy, this is going to be a good one.
Speaker 2: 00:21 Well, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 76 my name is Scott Voelker and I'm here to help you build a future proof business. You can create the ultimate freedom, but always a, but you gotta take what you learn here from this podcast and take action. You can become the amazing
Speaker 1: 00:43 seller of your life. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's do this. All right. Well, like I said, you're in for a treat because if you're anything like me, there's always a time in my career, in my business, in my life that I need to make a change. Or we also call this a pivot. And the pivot could be you picked a market and then you found out that you need to pivot in that market in order to be competitive or it could be you're doing this business, you fell out of love with the business and you want to do something else. And in this story that you're going to hear today from Mike Emeris SCA, they are going to share their story, how they started going down the e-commerce path and then from there how it led them to where they own an operate a design company and that design company you might have even used the name of their company is outline MADEC and they were also sponsors at our event at brand accelerator live amazing people.
Speaker 1: 01:40 I got to meet him in person, but also we got to do this interview because I really wanted to get on and hear their story. Now they will share some of their insights from working with tons of brands and how they're building out their brand with design and packaging and all of that stuff. So you're going to hear about that as well. So you're going to pick up some nuggets there, but I really wanted to hear about the story on how this even happened for them. And I'll tell you what, I was blown away. I was inspired, I was motivated and also made me say, wow, I didn't have it so bad. Like there's a lot of things that we think are obstacles for us, but when you hear someone else's story, you figure out that, you know what? I think I had it a little bit easier.
Speaker 1: 02:21 I had a, you know, not as many obstacles or maybe different obstacles and I'm glad I didn't have those right. We all kind of think like that. So the reason why I wanted to have them on, like I said, is to share their story, to inspire you, but also teach you that it's okay to feel as though you need to pivot or how to pivot. I mean, heck, you've been listening to this podcast. If you've been listening for a four and a half, five years now, you're going to probably understand that while Scott was talking about Amazon primarily in the beginning and now Scott is talking about building a brand, we're still using Amazon, but it's not the entire focus. Uh, again, it's a pivot. We made a slight pivot. I used to be in the photography business. I used to own a brick and mortar store.
Speaker 1: 03:04 We pivoted to online. Then from online we pivoted in the photography space over to where we were doing eBay sales. And then from there, uh, we started to do Amazon sales and that led me to where I am. These are pivots. All right, so again, I'm going to stop talking so you can listen to this interview that I did with Mike and Mariska great people. If you ever get a chance, if you're at brand accelerator live in 2020, which you'd be, haven't went over there and checked out tickets, head on over to brand accelerator, live.com if they're available right now. Currently, whenever you're listening to this, if not, jump on the wait list and we'll let you know when they are great people and I can't wait to share this episode with you. And once again, outline maddick.com check them out. Great people. If you need some design work, if you need them to help you come up with ideas for design, they're the people you want to go to. All right, so I'm going to stop talking so you can listen to this amazing conversation that I had with Mike Emeris. Gus joy.
Speaker 3: 04:06 Well, hello Mike and Mariska. What's up? Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. How are you guys doing? I'm doing, I'm doing well and you and I and uh, you know, the Yankees aren't doing so well, but a little bit about that before we got on here. We'll go into that. But, uh, I have a dog named Yankees. Is that or Yankee is that, is that poor dog? Oh, that's hysterical. That is funny. But no, seriously you, you guys, we've been, uh, we've been back and forth talking back and forth for a couple of years now. Wanting to get one on the show. I think I did a podcast a while back with some tips and stuff that you guys have given me to, to kind of report back on images and photos and how to improve your listings and stuff. And you were recently a brand accelerator live, one of our, one of our partners, one of our sponsors.
Speaker 3: 05:00 And uh, it was awesome that you guys were there, but I wanted to get you guys on. I said, you know what, we've got to lock in a date. We got to get you guys on. And we got a number one, I want to hear your story because I want to hear how the heck you even got into this part of the business. And then from there I want to talk about how we can help some sellers from just the things that you've learned from working with so many sellers over these past few years. So, um, why don't you guys kick it off? Why don't you just introduce yourselves and kinda let everyone know and myself like a little bit more about your story.
Speaker 4: 05:27 Yeah, sure. Well, I'll, I'll let Michael tell the story, but, um, my name is Mariska Hi-Rez and I'm originally from South Africa and yeah, me and Michael started the business in 2016 so my team began in 2016 and um, yeah, but he, he's the one who actually has the, the brain storm of the entire business, so I can just let him solve the story.
Speaker 3: 05:55 Yeah. So it's actually we to sell on
Speaker 5: 05:57 Amazon. In January, 2016 we started looking to sell on Amazon. We were still living in South Africa at the time. And um, we've, we add that time, we used to come to the U S a lot, you know, a few times a year. So we've always wanted to live in the U S and we decided that we want to sell on Amazon. But the thing is, you're not actually able to sell on Amazon from South Africa. It's not a listed country. So we were lucky we had an LLC registered in the U S was a tax number and the bank account and all that. So we were able to bypass that. But the other problem was we didn't want to say no products directly to Amazon at the time and it was just impossible to send it to South Africa and into to the U S was way too expensive. But, um, because I wanted to do sell on Amazon, I was on a few groups and I actually started listening to your podcast and somewhere in 2016 I joined a bunch of Facebook groups and I actually saw a lot of people who want like design work done packaging and logos and you know, we just ate it and things like that.
Speaker 5: 07:08 And at the time she was working for a company, I'd rather not mention it, that they manufacture baby products and in South Africa, but they have a big brand in the U S as well. It's like a baby seat. I was, people would probably know when I talk about now, but she used to work for them and she did the product design for me. Oh wow. So yeah, she, she uh, studied industrial design. So our speciality was product design at the time, but she, she did a lot of packaging design and things like that as well. And, um, so I decided it's not going to work to sell it. Amazon at that time, we should maybe just start a business where we can help people with design work for, especially specifically people who sell on Amazon.
Speaker 5: 07:54 So Mariska started doing some freelance work, um, on the side and then we built a website and we eventually got some traction. I think it was, I wrote it down, you're in June, 2016 that we really started picking up and then, um, we Mariska wanted to leave her job because the workload, God, you know, doing that and she was the only person doing it at the time. It's gone bad. And I keep saying, if we make X amount of money, you can leave your job. You know, it was, yeah, we, we got to the amount and then we said, okay, maybe just a bit more. And it always happens like that to us. And eventually she got fired for working on other projects at work. So you were trying to get
Speaker 3: 08:56 fired. I didn't want her to quit, so she was like, I'm fired now. You didn't have a choice anymore, so we've gotta make this work. Yeah, they're looking back
Speaker 5: 09:07 was actually really good thing that that happened because, um, like a month after that [inaudible] giving more attention to the business and that we actually picked up a lot. And um, basically from there with, she's been doing that full time ever since. Um, I still have a business in South Africa. It's a family business that I'm still a part of. It's a car dealership and we actually had to use that business and Alpine too. Well get a visa to come and stay in the U S and we had to employee people and um, and that's all part of the, of the visa and to keep the visa. So, um, we just jumped into it and like you say, say, you know, you always say take action and that's basically what we did and it worked out.
Speaker 3: 09:52 Yeah. Yeah. I love the story. Now before we go any further though. So were you, were you two both originally from South Africa? Oh yeah. Okay, so you guys were born and raised there? Yeah. Okay. Okay. And so what was the, what was the, I guess the reason for wanting to come to the U S and I'm always just curious. Like what, what was we South African.
Speaker 5: 10:14 It's a beautiful country and we love living well, love living, you're living there. But the problem is, um, in my opinion at the moment, it's not the best place to raise a family or to do business. And um, yeah, that's the main reason we decided that we want to come to the U S before we start a family. We want to live in the U S permanently.
Speaker 3: 10:40 Yeah. Do you come back? Came back every time for longer and longer and longer. Yeah. No, you're here now. You guys were, you guys went to, did you go to New York city? Yeah. That's the first place. Did you guys ever head up North? Did you guys ever go up towards the Adirondacks or anything in New York or you should go there? That's where I grew up and that's where I was raised. I was raised in upstate New York, so out like Albany, which is, um, um, probably I'd say you're about three and a half hours from the city of Albany, but then Albany, we were North of that. Even in Saratoga Springs, like horse races is like the harness track is like in the, a flat track is really well known, like celebrities go there. Um, really beautiful place. I moved out of there just because I didn't like the cold weather and the snow and I didn't like the taxes, so we got out of there, but it took me 40 years to get out of there. So, uh, but here we are in South Carolina, which we love it here. But yeah, I'm just, I was just curious. So you went to Florida then and, or I'm sorry, New York, Florida, and then you kind of chose smart move by the way.
Speaker 3: 11:59 Get out in the summer, but it's really nice. Like I'll take the heat, I'll take any day. Um, okay, cool. So, all right. And again, I love to kind of highlight these, these moments because in my book I just wrote a book to take action effect. And in that book is there's these moments that something happens that forever changes like your life, right? Like I mean there, there's like these, these things that we don't realize. Like that is what allowed us to get to where we are. And you guys are still on the journey. Like the journey hasn't ended and it never ends for you guys to, to, you know, have this all, we're going to sell, Oh we can't sell. So what else could we do? Oh, we have a graphic design thing. Okay, well maybe we could help with that. You've freelanced with that. You get fired, boom, boom.
Speaker 3: 12:42 It all just kind of leads. But it also teaches you through every experience, and I'm sure it hasn't been easy, right? You've learned, you've learned. We did a bunch of stuff. We sold them. Anything you can think of. Coloring books, phone cases. We did drop shipping. We, we did a bunch of stuff. Yeah, we started this and we sat on this website for almost a year before we finished it. Yeah, yeah. No, it's, it's, it's really, uh, it's pretty interesting on how it kind of takes you to where you are. But you had a skill set already though. Mariska I mean you had like a, you know, a design and, and, and, and so you're like, how can I take this skillset and apply it to, you know, this over here where people need this help. Like they don't want the business, they don't want to be the designer.
Speaker 3: 13:28 They don't wanna be the graphic designer and the product designer. So you just took that skill set and adapted and I love that. I mean, you just kind of piggybacked off of that now. Mike, did you have anything as far as like graphic design or were you interested in like what was your background as far as that part of it or were you just like, I'm going to be the marketing guy? Yeah, I'm just doing the marketing. I absolutely suck at graphic design. All right. I struggled to get to draw stick figures. I still like it. I always have the appreciation if someone is good at drawing and design and things like that. So, um, yeah I just decided to do the marketing bar. That's basically what I concentrate on. See other things on the sideline as well.
Speaker 3: 14:15 That's a unit that you need that. Yeah, it's funny cause when my wife and I did our photography business years ago, she was the creator, like she was the IO and I was just like, I can do Photoshop. Like I can learn that. And I did, but then I, I fell in love with like the marketing side of things and even that's where I seen that, that's where I wanted to play. So I'll get the people and then you can just go ahead and do your job and you know, like photograph them and it worked out really well, you know, that's exactly what we do. Yeah. That's perfect. That's perfect. Um, all right, so take, take us through, um, the journey to how you even got this up off the ground. Started to get some client work. And then from there I want to, I want to move into like what you've learned from working with sellers to help them get some more conversions out of their product and their listings and stuff when some and some mistakes that people can, can avoid whether they hire your company or not.
Speaker 5: 15:10 Yeah. So, um, we started the website, I could sit in June, 2016 but we added the website a few months before that. And actually we, yeah, the business was started in June, 2016 but the website wasn't launched. We just did some you all, she did some freelance work and I got some clients off of Facebook. And, um, then when the website launched, we, um, did some Facebook ads, which I still struggle with students still today. Um, especially for, for our specific thing. I just struggled to target people. Um, but, um, we got some traction with the Facebook ads and also some Google ads at the beginning. And we were mentioned on some podcasts. Um, one of which actually a year after we launched in August, um, 2017, I think was actually your podcast. Yeah. Brian. He was actually also at Brown accelerator.
Speaker 3: 16:12 Yeah. Nice. Nice.
Speaker 5: 16:13 Really nice guy. And um, we did some of these branding and you went on your podcast and that helped us a lot actually. And um, so, uh, we went on some other podcasts as well, got some affiliates. That's, that's basically where we get the bulk of our clients now. And um, yeah, that's how we started as well.
Speaker 3: 16:33 Hmm. Yeah, I don't, I don't think there's anything that, um, that, you know, Trump's going out there and you know, getting some good word of mouth or someone that is referring you or recommending you. Um, obviously I was, I was referred to you by that guest and then that then, so I'm like, well, this person's swearing by like these guys did a great job that actually helped them get more, I think they actually were selling their business to, and by you having better graphics actually help them increase sales, which also then increased the multiple, which is huge. Um, so again, I, I S the more that you get out there like you guys are doing and you guys are, I mean, you guys are active in the community and all that stuff and I think you guys are also building up a good rapport with people, you know, not just influencers but just people in general.
Speaker 3: 17:22 And the more that you do that, I mean, you know, it's like word of mouth. There's nothing that beats that type of advertisement at all, you know? Um, okay, so let's, let's kinda move into like, so people right now, and let me just say like, and we won't get into this, but like Amazon has changed and you guys have seen it like the marketplace, the landscape, competitiveness, the counterfeits, like all of that stuff, it's changed, right? Like, I mean, we all agree like it's a different world there in Amazon land. Um, and so what I want to do though is I want to, I want to give people like, things that you've been working with people over the past couple of years, design-wise. Like, like, what, what has made a difference for people when you're helping them, that they can either say, Oh, well maybe we should have that done, or Oh, maybe I can make that small tweak. Is there anything that comes to mind from working with, um, you know, so many sellers that you've already helped?
Speaker 4: 18:17 [inaudible]
Speaker 5: 18:17 well, one of the things that I can mention that from
Speaker 5: 18:21 the time we started, um, you could basically still just put a product on Amazon without really trying to build a brand and you'll, you'll see, we would sold you out. Okay. Yeah. But that changed the like, you know, it, it changed a lot throughout the past two to three years, especially the last year, um, with all the competitiveness on Amazon and, um, everyone trying to do it. But, uh, that's why we also strongly believe in building a brand that's a, it falls within your message and that's why we love it. Building a brand on Amazon and especially off of Amazon, um, so that you're not only relying on that and for us, we believe to do that you need a brand image and that can be your logo, that can be your packaging. Your brand obviously is a lot more than just your how good your packaging or your logo looks. It starts to that in a way. So, um, we decided to help people with that part, especially because it's getting more competitive on Amazon. Counterfeits are crazy big thing. I'm having our own packaging logo, things like that always make it more difficult for someone to just completely copy. So that's something that we believe in Google that brand. No. Yeah, I think she'll have some more tips.
Speaker 4: 19:40 I mean, something that's very recent is that transparency grid and onto the packaging. So we started doing that now as well. Um, but the thing is, what I always try and tell people is definitely if you have a brand, you can keep that brand constant throughout. Everything from your luggage, your packaging, your insert, your images. Oh, right. You fruit, it goes into your cell phone. Social media, on your website, everything and everything comes down to that brand or brands basically your, your identity, it's your reputation. It's something that I strongly recommend when people come to us and they're like, I didn't want a logo. I just want this. I always tell them, you have to do another. You have to have that connection between a brand and a product. So because if you reached me once, you go into that category and actually bring out more products than you're going to having an established brand. And that's something that's very important. A lot of our clients that have the Browns that has been established come back to us too, expanding to new products. And that's amazing. And it's good for us to see how their brand is growing and to be part of that is just amazing.
Speaker 3: 20:59 So let me ask you this, cause this is something that I know a lot of people struggle with, including myself. Even like when you're starting a new brand from scratch, uh, it's, you know, like it's important to really think through the branding, but then sometimes people can get hung up on the branding, right? They're like, Oh well I don't know if I love the logo or I don't know if I love those colors and I don't know if I love that design. Like what would you like, what's the first steps? Like if you're working with someone and do, do you guys do that? Do you guys do like brand like creation or like, you know what I mean? Like where you think through even like the color palette and like, so you help people through, I didn't even know that, that you guys help with that part of it as well. I thought you guys would just take, and I know you guys create logos and all that stuff and you guys do an amazing job, but I didn't know the actually went through that whole thought process.
Speaker 4: 21:47 Yeah. Well the thing is they fiddly people get hung up. Like you said. The first thing I would say is like don't try and be perfect from the start because things are never perfect. Sometimes you just have to, you have to go with it. If if you, if you don't have that feeling that you want basically done, done, go for it. Then then explore a bit more, but the thing is, and we've seen it with ourselves, we're not completely happy with our logo, but it's our logo now. Yeah, but the thing is with our logos, that's why we provide people with six different concept, our insurance to choose and combined from, because that helps them too. Just see what's possible. Sometimes they give us a direction and then we'll do like a few things that are trending at the moment and sometimes people love what's gaining.
Speaker 4: 22:45 Some sounds. People hate training. It really depends on your personal [inaudible] friends and [inaudible] people seem to unfortunately have that personal preference for the logo. A lot of the times it's not necessarily [inaudible] [inaudible] the base for their product. For instance, if you have something that you want to embed your logo on a mulcher logo and you have a super detailed logo, it's not going to work. And we try and we always try and help people, you know, that we [inaudible] to bring that message of like simplicity is your best buddy when it comes to things like that. That's going to be the thing that's more memorable. Sometimes the most simple things. The more memorable thing as well.
Speaker 3: 23:32 Yeah. No I love the simplicity of design and keeping things clean when they get kind of, when they kind of get busy they get muddy and then it's just, to me it cheapens it sometimes too. So I do like simplicity. Um, so I'm a huge fan of that and I agree. I think that like to go through that process and I mean that's it. Sometimes that can be an extensive process. I mean you can go through like a mood board and like, like, you know, like what do you, what kind of feel do you want? Like what is your break? Your brand's a baby brand so you're not going to have like harsh re like a hard red or something. You know what I mean? Like I have something that's softer and you know what I mean? Like so there is a lot of that goes in but there's people like, you know, you know, that don't know like design or like they have no idea.
Speaker 3: 24:17 They're just like, yeah I'll just use clip art and just stick something out. But like you said, I think it's more and more important when you get to that point that you at least have the basic framework set. And like you said, carry it throughout. And like you said Mariska you said like you want to on your, your logo but then you want to on your insert and then you want it on your box and then you want it on your website and everything carries through. It feels like a brand versus just a one off product, you know? Um, talk, talk a little bit about that cause you brought up, um, being able to embed the logo into your design or your packaging. I think this is huge. And if you're not already doing this, if you're listening to this and you're, and you haven't done this, definitely start if you can, if your product lends itself to it, um, in Boston, like that logo in to that, that metal or the plastic or the silicone or, and if you have a tag then put a tech. Like you definitely need to be doing that nowadays. You have to be, would you agree?
Speaker 4: 25:19 Yeah. One day thinking as as much as possible, you have to get your brand recognized. It doesn't matter.
Speaker 5: 25:31 And even sometimes just doing that, the product can feel so much more expensive premium. So just as the logo embedded on the product or you know, like you said in the middle or something that can feel so much more premium just because the logo is on there compared to [inaudible].
Speaker 4: 25:46 Otherwise it feels just like a no name.
Speaker 3: 25:51 I agree with you. It's kind of like just like a generic product that [inaudible] dollar store or whatever, you know what I mean? Um, okay. And so let's, let's kind of walk through then. You guys like you guys do a lot of graphics and a lot of design work. What is like, what's one of the bigger things that you guys are doing with one? I guess the more popular things that you guys are doing. Is it the packaging itself? Is it inserts? Is it like, you know, like packaging. Okay.
Speaker 4: 26:22 Yeah, definitely. I mean who doesn't love a nice package? Even if you're in the shop, you averaging is definitely something that attracts you. Attraction. I mean who doesn't like getting in the ice box that looks like a gift box or something or um, you know, anything that makes the entire just come together.
Speaker 5: 26:47 Yeah. I always say that when I get a product from Amazon, which was her is almost daily, but you, when you get the box and you open the Amazon boxes, just the polybag in there, it already cheapens the product for me compared to just taking that same product, putting it in nice packaging. You can even want that product. The packaging costs, you just double that added to the price. You make your money back on that and you get more profit out of it just because it's in a box and it feels more premium that way. And um, yeah, that's the thing. Some people say that, you know, it's sold online. People don't care about the packaging, which I'm sure in some cases that may be so, but most of the time when you receive a product in it's already in a nice box and packaging and all of that just feels more premium.
Speaker 3: 27:37 I, I absolutely agree. Actually, um, people that are listening are gonna be able to see this, but I'll show you guys, I just, I got my aura ring, just the, I just got it and I didn't buy it on Amazon. They don't even sell it on Amazon. Got to get a sizing kit and everything. And I got my packaging right here. Very simple, very simple. But I'll tell you what, when you open it up, it's, it's nice, it's got a nice, like it's thick. It a little bit of a padding up there and it's got like where the ring was inserted with your charger and the boxes. Like really kind of, you can just feel it. So, you know, I spent $300 on this ring, right? But I got a nice box and got it out. It was kind of always excited to get it. It took longer than I thought it was going to take, which kind of annoyed me. But then it also made me want it more.
Speaker 3: 28:28 I rang, I want to try this thing out. Right. And I got it. But yeah, I mean it's a whole process. And, and a funny side note is, um, while I was at the event and, um, I used the process of me figuring out that I was going to buy this thing and I kind of used it as like a little case study. And, um, I actually mentioned in my Instagram story that I w and I tagged them that I was going to get the ring and then they sent something back and they're like, Oh, that's awesome. Can't wait. But then I also said that I was a little annoyed that, you know, I didn't, I was going to take three weeks to get it. And they're like, well, we do special order, I'm from Finland or wherever and we have to get them. And we do them in batches. And so they were right on it. So their, their social media is great, but so far I'm happy with it. But so to your point, it's a very simple, simple box, right? But so like it's silver. It's, you know, it's got a nice look. Aura. I mean it's nice packaging
Speaker 5: 29:21 and just think if you receive the same Marine but just in a polybag or something big of a difference that would've made,
Speaker 3: 29:31 Oh I got this in a plastic bag. I would have said this thing. Like it was like another example, nomad. These were ear bud case holders for your EarPods. Um, and I mean it's got a magnet here that click, click. And I mean they've got a whole, they've got a whole set here. You guys would love this. So it's got like this little envelope that comes with it, right? All of this. And I mean it's heavy. And then they give you stickers. Cause now you're in the neck nomad. Uh, you know, kind of, uh, you know, you're in the pub and all kinds of stickers, but this, this envelope has their story. W you know, what they are, who they are. But again, if I would've gotten those, you know, that case in just a polybag, I would have been like, what? But that takes some work to design that you guys know.
Speaker 3: 30:29 But yeah, but again, when I get this, it's premium. It is a premium product. I mean, the box is so hard. I mean it's, I can't even hardly bend it. So I was actually gonna I actually am saving. I'm like, you know, I save all my darn boxes. And I did, I ended up having like, why the hell did I ever say that? The thing is so damn nice, I don't want to throw it away. And uh, and the thing in your mind is always to like, well, if I ever resold it, it'd be nice to have the box. And I'm like, I'm not reselling this. Like, you know what I mean? But you're right. I mean, I'm like, I can't throw that away. Maybe I'll turn it into a piece of content and I'll do a podcast episode or a video or, you know what I mean?
Speaker 3: 31:13 Like I'll use it for that. But, Oh, here's another one too. I know we're doing this on the air, but you know, people have to watch the video on YouTube if we post it. Um, so this was the sizing kit. Oh wow. They send you this and they gotta be all the rings, all they do a good retargeting ad with that. Anyway, if you're listening, packaging is important. I just gave two examples, which made me say like, wow, that was an expensive product, but it was Walmart. And when I got it, I felt like they put time in the package as much as they did on the product and it's representing their brand and it's simple, but it's really the quality and I'm feeling it when I get it. I mean, have you ever gotten something and like you said, Mike, it's like you get it and it's like in a polybag and then you get something else that's in a car, it could be the same product and you're like, that one's quality. Oh yeah, I agree. Xbox and the other one came in and followed. Exactly. Exactly. Um, and that would be a good video for you guys to do by the way. Just, just throwing a little, you know, guys, we just got something in the mail, you know. Mariska got hers in a plastic bag. I got mine in this. I'm feeling mine's a better quality. Yeah. Not so much. If you want good packaging, come on over to outline medic. And I actually think I paid $8 for
Speaker 5: 32:40 mine. Yours was like 18 and it's basically, you can see the quality is basically the same, but they can charge more. But just because it feels more premium justifies the price in a way.
Speaker 3: 32:52 I totally agree. Uh, you know, if you get a pair of Oakley glasses, you're going to get a nice box with the lenses and all that stuff. Or you can get the ones at the gas station that are hanging up on the thing for, that's a good example, right? I mean, come on. It's, it is pack packaging has a lot to do with. So let's, let's talk about a little bit about what you guys offer. Um, I actually just went back over to your site. You guys did a little Raymod on the site too. Really, really good. I really love it. And uh, it's really simple to navigate. Um, so I would definitely, um, definitely uh, checkout their services. Um, you can go through my link@theamazingseller.com forward slash outline MADEC will also drop some links in the show notes. But, um, let's talk a little bit, it looks like you guys are offering photography. Did you always offer to photography? You guys add that?
Speaker 5: 33:46 Yeah, it's new. It's been about eight months now that we've offered that. Yeah, we, we spend a lot of time perfecting it and making sure that the photographer we hired does a great job obviously that we know that photography is a big thing, just especially selling on Amazon. Um, they say that, you know, you remember 80% of what you see on only 20% of what you read. And I think especially on listings, uh, images make a huge differences. When I look at a product on Amazon and they only have two or three images on there, it already, I'm like always want to see more, especially if it's not good quality. And, um, so that's why we, we've always wanted to add the photography, but we wanted to make sure that we do a good job before we added.
Speaker 3: 34:41 Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that's smart to add that because I know I had sent people to you and asking them to ask you if you guys did that and I knew, I didn't know that you guys had added that in, in the past eight months. But that's really good to know. Um, so I'm, I'm really happy to see that. Um, and I'm, again, I'm just going through your, your website now. So you have the package design, logo design, infographic, ebook design, which I think is smart, insert design, enhanced brand content. That's another big one too, is enhanced brand content. So all of that stuff. So yeah, you guys offer just about everything that you would need and very one stop shop. Yeah, no, it's a, it's really, really good. So, um, yeah, definitely check these guys out. Uh, I've had you guys on for probably a couple of years now and um, anyone that's worked with you that has come back to me and said that they've been very, very, so I'm definitely go check out outline MADEC um, and uh, yeah, definitely. Uh, just check out what they've done in the past for others and what they could possibly do for you. And if they have any questions, I'm sure they can just contact you, right?
Speaker 5: 35:49 Oh yeah, yeah, sure. Anytime they can email us at info at [inaudible] dot com or they can just go over to our website. I'll find magic.com pull out a contact form or brief whatever is
Speaker 4: 36:03 so like to a free consultation. If you, I want to know if you're on like the right track with your branding and things like that. So we do that as well. So if people are just put on the share, we can help them on that as well.
Speaker 3: 36:17 No, I, I love that. And, uh, I think that's great that people can just reach out and kind of have you give them a little bit of direction. Cause I think a lot of times people struggle with that. And, uh, and I love that you guys are offering photography now. So that actually helps me because, because, uh, you know, I do know a lot of people that, uh, that need that and yeah, there's a lot of photographers out there, um, that are now, you know, jumping, kind of in this game. But I do like keeping it under one, uh, you know, one, uh, you know, company and I know do a phenomenal job.
Speaker 5: 36:48 Yeah. We've, we've actually been selling out of the photography even before it goes on the website because we get emails daily as we do photography as well. And then we added it on. But we'll probably, if, if we get to capacity, we'll just, you know, say it on the website, but yeah, so far it's been, it's been going good.
Speaker 4: 37:07 Yeah. And it actually helps us as well because if we [inaudible], um, need to put a product image of the product on the packaging, we can actually take the photos for the packaging, for the infographics, for the inserts, anything. So it helps us not having to wait on anyone else to get that from.
Speaker 3: 37:29 Yeah. And the other thing I liked that you offer with the photography is you're also offering a lifestyle image. So it's not just the product on a white background, what you do offer that too. Cause we need that for them. Um, but I think that's really, really good. And the other thing that's really good as the infographics, I think people need to take advantage of doing infographics, cleaning what the product is or even, you know, competition here. You hear like, what are, you know, what's the comparison, you know?
Speaker 5: 37:55 Yeah. I'm a big believer in infographics. That's a
Speaker 4: 37:58 graphic, sell me on a product. I mean, I love going through infographics, seeing what the features are. I barely ever read the description. I just go through the images and that's what I tell our clients is don't like good a bunch of takes there that's on the infographics. Just put like a nice little icon, little description. If people want to read more single, got to read your description, but just try and be as visual as possible and explain your products as visually as possible through your images. So then I have to think twice to even read through the instruction way. That's all.
Speaker 3: 38:36 Yeah. And I think having those in the images, and again to your point of being on brand, being on color, like all of that stuff, it makes your brand look more legit to be quite honest. Makes it seem more cohesive. And like you said, I mean you could take those colors and then put them into your packaging. You can do them into the inserts, but then you can do them into your, your secondary images and then you just have that branding throughout. Um, so I really, really, uh, I really liked that. And again, I think just to emphasize on keeping it simple and clean is also important, right? It's like not over complicating having a whole bunch of different colors, all bunch of different texts, like all of that. Um, I think the bullet points are really there nowadays just for indexing to me.
Speaker 5: 39:18 No. Yeah, that's it. Yeah,
Speaker 3: 39:20 know. So you put that in there for the indexing for if for Amazon, I know exactly what you're offering, but we're all visual people like you things and it also represents the quality. Um, yeah. Yeah, I agree. Um, so you know, this has been great. I, I just, I'm happy that you guys, uh, were able to, uh, to kind of discover this, this niche of yours that you guys were able to kind of really, uh, you know, take, I don't want to even say take advantage of, but for you guys to take your strengths and then bring them into something you guys can get behind. And you guys, I've seen you guys from the beginning and when you started into where you are now and you guys are just, you know, you guys are, are just good people, but also you have a really, really solid brand. And that's why I do recommend you guys and you guys were a sponsor at brand X, X brand accelerator live. But I also look at like those are my partners. Those are the people that I truly believe in. And um, you guys are definitely, um, you know, one of that one of those companies. So I just want to say thank you guys and thank you guys for being at brand accelerator live and
Speaker 5: 40:16 yeah, we, we want to thank you. I actually want to, I want to touch on brand accelerator live. We really enjoyed it. Yeah. We haven't been to too many like live conferences and things like that. But um, the, the nice thing was you had a bunch of amazing speakers. I've, I actually spoke to a, a a person that was at brand seven, right? Yeah. You were with. Yeah. And he told us we made him, um, last year at the difference, different conference and he said, um, he goes to many different conferences, even eBay and you guys do a bunch every year. And he said he was really impressed with the quality of speakers you have. And I actually agree. I wish I could have sat in more of the, the presentations, but yeah, it wasn't possible, but that's probably a good thing. But because we were busy, um, but yeah, I really think it was a great conference. And the other, the other thing we always see with the people you refer is a bunch of them are return clients or if we speak to them a year later, they still have their brand going. And that just shows that whatever advice you're giving, it's working. So,
Speaker 3: 41:25 Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. No, I, I agree. And I think part of what made this event great was that we had the right sponsors there. And I hate calling them even sponsors because I look at them as a partners. They're our partners, MIS. And um, you know, we're, yes, we're lending, you know, like our advice and stuff and our recommendation, but it's from people that we know, like, and trust as well. We encouraged people there to go and pick your brain, like go pick your brain, go pick Joe Valley's brain on selling your business or you know, designed for you guys or you know, whatever. You're there to give advice, not just sell your service. And when you build that relationship, people will naturally follow. And the one that I want to do business with you, I mean, it's pretty simple, right? So I really, I really enjoyed having you guys there and um, you know, and, and like, like you said, I mean the people there were just amazing.
Speaker 3: 42:16 And, uh, and part of that is, is because of the community that we've built. And again, you guys are part of that. So I just want to say to say thank you. Um, so yeah, let's, let's, let's wrap this up. So if people want to get more info, definitely head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash outline. MADEC I'll also drop it in the show notes. If they want to send you something direct, they can just email you guys, right? Or go to the form. Okay. Any last little bits of advice that you want to give people wrap this thing? Yeah, I like that.
Speaker 3: 42:48 Well, I, I believe in that. I actually listening to your podcast, even though it wasn't on Amazon, your business advice over all, it's, I love hearing that. And it's funny because a lot of people say, Scott, you helped me, you know, launch the eCommerce business and Amazon, you know, product, whatever. Um, but I get a lot of people that come up and go, Scott, I want to start a podcast or Scott, I want to go. And I'm like, I love talking about that because it's not what I talk about all the time, but it's what I enjoy talking about. I just enjoy like you guys had something that you guys could then take and then plug in and then learn the other stuff and to be a part of that, even a small part of that, that's like, that's me. So I appreciate that. But all right guys, let's wrap this up.
Speaker 3: 43:31 We'll probably have you guys back on those. We can do a little recap and do an update and see what's happening in the world of eCommerce and really just branding. I do want to dive more into like even just going through a brand and maybe we can even do like a brand audit or something at some point and it goes through and see what, maybe even just pick one randomly and say this is what they're doing. Great and this is another one that they could be improving this cause it's disconnected and maybe we can do that. I think that would be pretty useful so that the future. So thank you, I appreciate you and uh, we'll see you around. Thanks for having us Scott. Really appreciate it. All right, well I wasn't kidding, right. Great people. I mean really truly great people. I actually did a zoom call with them. I'm going to be posting that on YouTube as well. So I will link this up in the show notes, the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 76 and when that video is available, I'll put it there too. So if you wanted to watch us, if you wanted to see those guys, definitely do that.
Speaker 1: 44:32 And like I said, make sure if you are considering doing any design work for your products, for your, you know, your packaging, any of that stuff they can help you with that. Logos, they even did a tee shirt design for us so they do a lot. So just make sure that you check them out. And the cool thing is is their support is top notch and they will help you as much as they possibly can. So check out outline madec.com again, outline madec.com and even if you just want to go over and say hello, do it and let them know that you appreciate them because they are great, great people. And I'm so glad that a, their pivot happened because now we have some really good design people that we can use. So it's pretty awesome. So again, want to thank them. I want to thank you guys for listening and I wanted to remind you about the show notes, the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 76 and definitely
Speaker 2: 45:25 go check out outline, Matt. All right guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to. Come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode.
Speaker 1: 45:48 Hey, before you go, could you do me one quick favor? If you haven't done some already, can you head over to iTunes and could you leave me a review over there? I would really love to hear how this podcast has helped you in one way, shape, or form. And Oh, by the way, I read every single one of them, and actually I'm going to read one right now, and this one came in recently from Allen V and he said this is the best podcast that delivers not only free but most important, very well organized content to help you understand and know what you have to do in your brand in Amazon business. Scott is very energetic now, really and smart about organizing lots of information into little baby steps to help me take action. Thank you very much, Scott, for being an inspiration and for delivering so, so much. There was a lot of OHS there, so again, I read every single one of them. I appreciate all of you and I would really appreciate it if you would leave me one of your own reviews there as well. And if you haven't also subscribed yet to the podcast, if you can do that, that would be amazing. Talk to you later. Bye.


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