TAS 772 What Is The Best Blogging Platform for MY Brand? Ask Scott #240

It’s the New Year! Welcome to 2020 – are you excited about the possibilities this new year has in store or do you find yourself scrambling to get your business on solid footing? To get you pointed in the right direction, it’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear Scott as he gives an update on Brand Creator’s Academy, explains how to grow your home base, provides helpful action steps you can take, and so much more. You’ll want to pay close attention to this informative and helpful episode! 

Brand building is the way of the future

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about paving the way for ecommerce success in the future. A key to Scott’s approach is changing the way we think about ecommerce success. Gone are the days of finding and launching a product for some quick cash – to succeed in 2020, you need to start working on building a brand. Remember, people, connect with brands and personalities, not products. To learn more about brand building in 2020 from Scott’s expert perspective, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Evergreen content 

Did you know that all content created by brands are not created equally? It’s true! While some content is designed for a singular purpose – creating evergreen content can help your ecommerce business succeed in the long term. How do you create evergreen content? What does it look like to create content that keeps people coming back? Don’t just leave it all up to guesswork – learn from someone who has been in the industry for over a decade! Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more as Scott expands on this critical topic. 

Action steps for you!

Let’s face it, building a successful ecommerce business in 2020 is not an easy task to take on. What if there was a way for sellers like you set yourself up for a solid start? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he provides several action steps sellers like you can take to put your ecommerce business on firm standing in 2020. 

  1. Build your home base. Start with a website and a blog. 
  2. Create content that will bring in your target audience for your niche market. 
  3. Work on your email list – this is the way to amplify your content and grow your brand! 

If you are not sure how to proceed with these action steps that Scott has provided, make sure to check out the links in the resources section to learn more about how you can get started. Have pen and paper ready as you listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller, you are going to need it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:00] Why Scott is focused on brand building. 
  • [8:15] Creating evergreen content. 
  • [14:00] Setting your home base up for success. 
  • [19:00] Three action steps you can take to get started. 
  • [23:30] Closing thoughts from Scott. 
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TAS 772: What Is The Best Blogging Platform for MY Brand? Ask Scott #240

00:02 Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 72 and session number two 40 of Ascot. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast. I'm going to do it again here today and I'm going to do it in 2020 can you believe that the new year there
Speaker 2: 00:23 is here and depending on when you're listening to this, we just kicked off 2020 which I am super excited about and it seems like every year when we kick off a new year we're always generally excited and I am really excited this year and it's just crazy looking back at how far we've really grown and things that have changed and how we've pivoted and all of those things and just how we've grown as a person. So I want you to take a minute here while you're listening to this episode and one of the action steps is really looking back and seeing how much you've grown since just getting involved maybe in this online business space, or maybe it's something that you started doing a year and a half ago and now look how far along you are. And a lot of times we don't take a minute to stop and look how far we've really come.
Speaker 2: 01:18 And I want you to do that. I want you to give yourself a little bit of credit here because you know what? We're always growing. We're always learning. And even if it's learning that we maybe are a perfectionist and we need to overcome that, that's why I did a recent episode on that. Whatever it is, we can always look and see how we can grow and look in and see how we have grown. So I want you to do that. All right? So if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, few different ways you can do it, you can head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash ask and you can do it right there. If you're on the YouTube channel, you can do it on a Mary, you could do it on a, on a comment.
Speaker 2: 01:53 Uh, you can email me aScott@theamazingseller.com and the other way that you can do that over on Instagram, you can find me over there. And then if you're in brand creators Academy, well that's where I'm answering a lot of your questions on a regular basis. But here's the deal guys. I'm going to be answering a question that came in actually it was a big discussion that we had inside of brand creators Academy and that is what is the best blogging platform for my brand. And you might be asking yourself, Scott blogging platform, why do I even want to think about that? Isn't that so like two thousands like you know, like early two thousands like are people still blogging? It's what we still call content creation, content publishing, and you've heard me talk about that a lot lately, so I'm going to be answering this question because we do need a platform.
Speaker 2: 02:44 It can become overwhelming or confusing. We had a great conversation and I want to share my thoughts and really just give you what you need to know so you can get out there and take some action. All right, so that's what we're going to be addressing here today. All right. Now again, like I said, it's the new year. It's exciting, let's get to work, let's let's start going after those, those goals, but more importantly, let's take action on those goals. All right, so couple of things I want to do here before we jump into answering that question. You guys know I really want to give you guys my thoughts of the week and I have some good ones here this week. But the other thing I want to do is give you a quick reminder if you are listening to this on January 4th okay, 2020 we are going to be opening brand creators Academy, which we only do a few times a year on the 6th of January, 2020 so again, depending on when you're listening to this, so if you've been waiting, if you missed getting in the last time or maybe you came in and started listening to the podcast and found out that we were closed, if you want to join us inside of brand creators Academy, be ready January 6th that's when we're going to be opening enrollment for a very limited amount of time, a short period of time.
Speaker 2: 03:58 And then we close. And then we really focus on helping all of our, all of our BCA as we call them members. All right. So if you're at all interested, be ready. The other thing I want you to do if you have not done so already is go through the free training that I've put up for you@brandcreators.com. There's a full checklist there to validate your market, to see the growth opportunities. It'll make a lot more sense when you do join whether you join or not, it's going to help you. And then there's a video there of me walking you through the process. All right, so definitely make sure that you do that and if you are wanting to join us for the new year, make sure that you are ready. If you are going to brand creators.com and you register there for your uh, your downloads, you will be notified as well.
Speaker 2: 04:47 All right, so just make sure that you get on that wait list. All right, so let's jump in. I want to clear up a little bit of confusion here too as we're kicking off this new year and you could tell guys I'm really fired up about this new year. We've got a lot of cool things happening and a lot of things I'm going to be sharing with you, but I recently got an email that made me say, you know what, I need to be crystal clear with my listeners, with my email subscribers, with people that follow me on Instagram, Facebook, wherever. I need to clear up this confusion if you have confusion about this. All right? And that is, and I got an email that said, Scott, I'm a little confused. You're sending me emails about building a brand. I thought that you were going to teach me how to sell on Amazon and here's the deal.
Speaker 2: 05:32 Okay? Things have changed depending on when you have joined my email list. It might've been three years ago, okay. And a lot of the focus was Amazon related. Now let me just clear this up once and for all. I am not saying that we are not selling products on Amazon and that we're not going to in the future. Okay? We are okay love the Amazon platform, but when I don't love is depending on a channel and that goes for any channel that goes on. You know, traffic channels, if you're dedicating all of your time to, to really dominate, you know, YouTube and that's where all of your eggs are. I don't recommend that. I don't recommend putting all your eggs in the eBay basket. Right? Diversification. Okay, so I want to clear this up. If you are listening to this and you want only Amazon focused talks and topics and guests, that is probably not going to happen.
Speaker 2: 06:24 Okay? And I shouldn't even say probably it is not going to happen. Now will we have guests on or will I talk about what's working, what's not working, what's the best strategy? What's pay-per-click strategies like all of that stuff. Yes, that is still going to happen, but I am not going to only allow myself to talk about Amazon focus stuff and I'm doing that because that's not what I'm into right now. That's not what I am, you know, doing in my own businesses and my own brands and the people that we're helping for a couple of different reasons. Number one, I see the change coming. I seen it coming a long time ago and that's why I started to switch to building a brand. And the crazy thing is is, well I've been doing this for over 12 years before Amazon was even a thing for me.
Speaker 2: 07:09 All right, so it's kinda coming back full circle. So if you're listening to this and if you're listening to this, you're probably not falling in that camp, but I just wanted to clear this up for anyone that is like, I want to just focus on building an, I'm going gonna use the air quotes an Amazon business. All right. I don't even like using that term because I think you should be building an online business or an eCommerce business if that's what you're doing. I think you should be building out your external channels and all of that stuff. All right, so just again, I want to clear that up for anyone that is listening to this and anyone that is on my email list has already gotten that email. I just wanted to clear that up. Okay, so good. Now that we've got that done, let's move into my thoughts of the week.
Speaker 2: 07:54 All right. Or really this new year. And that is, and this came from a conversation that I had with my daughter this morning. All right. And the word that I want to share with you and I'll talk about it is evergreen. Okay. No, just wait a minute. We're going to get into it. What do I mean by evergreen? And I had this conversation with my daughter this morning about evergreen assets or evergreen content and her and I got into a little bit of a discussion because she was asking me and she's, you know, she's always, you know, playing around as far as like in different markets. She's like, Oh, you know, like the horse market and cause she's into horses or the volleyball. So she's, you know, we don't really, she doesn't even have a phone as of right now she's 12 years old. Uh, we're very strict on that because we don't want her time all consumed on a phone, um, at this age.
Speaker 2: 08:45 Okay. But she does have an iPad. So we do give her some limited time that she can go on her iPad and she does go on to Instagram now. She doesn't have her own account and all that stuff. Like, you know, I don't want her having that as of rate right now. But she does, you know, like to look at volleyball people or horse people, right? So as we're talking through this, I'm like, you know, you could start your own YouTube channel or you know, your own Instagram channel or any of that stuff. I go, but you really do need to understand what you're doing instead of just doing it. And she's like, well what do you mean? And I'm like, well, everyone thinks that Instagram is this, this great traffic source. And it can be, but the way I look at it at Instagram is it's an amplification of the piece of content that you're trying to bring to the surface or bring to the light.
Speaker 2: 09:34 And so I started explaining this to her and I had like coasters and I had like I was, I was mapping this all out for, I go look at, let's say that you created a volleyball video, right? And showing a kids your age how to get better at passing, right? And so if you create this thing and you put it up on an Instagram, you know a channel and you add a few thousand people, they're going to see that and then it's going to disappear. And no one's searching on Instagram for that. I go, but what if you took that video and you posted it up on YouTube? That thing is evergreen. And she's like, what do you mean evergreen? I go, well, think about a plant. If you have a perennial right, it will come back every single year. I liked those plants, right? You just trim them down in the fall.
Speaker 2: 10:15 Boom. They come back. Right. We don't have to worry about keep replanting them. Then there's some other ones that we have to plant every single year, right. That, you know, they die off and we got to replant them. I like to plant assets that are evergreen, they're always going to be blooming okay. And there's always a chance for them to really grow into something, you know? Awesome. Right? So I went back at some of our old photography video stuff and there's a video that's seven years, seven years old right now, over 300,000 views. Now, to some people, it's not millions, but it's still a video that was created seven years ago, has 300,000 views and gets views every single day, every single month. And I showed that to her and she was like, Oh yeah. And I go, so what you would, what you would want to do is take your Instagram and just remind people about that piece of content every so often you'd want to do that on Facebook, right?
Speaker 2: 11:06 But if we have a YouTube channel or a blog, and this is exactly what we're doing inside of brand creators Academy, by the way, is we're going through a live case study of us taking a market, a niche, and building out content and getting traffic from Google. All right? That's bringing them over to our home base and our blog, which we're going to be talking about the blogging platforms here in a minute. All right, but I want you to just visualize this. You have this, you have this hub in a sense and that hub is generally a blog or a website and then from there we're going to have these other outside sources that will allow us to direct traffic eyeballs over to the home base. Right? And that's what Instagram is. That's what Facebook is and sometimes your market isn't on Instagram. Okay. So after I got done explaining this to her, I go, listen, you are a 12 year old kid that is learning about evergreen assets and traffic and how everything kind of runs to together.
Speaker 2: 12:01 And she was like, yeah, I know it makes a lot of sense and I didn't understand that before. I just thought, Oh you get, you know people on Instagram to follow you, you are going to be able to make a lot of money and that's not the case. So I was teaching this to her and I wanted to bring it to you guys because it's a common mistake a lot of people think and they don't understand of creating an evergreen asset. You have to understand that. And that's really what we're gonna be focusing on in 2020 in way beyond. And I've been doing that for years. All right. I always think about is this piece of content, is it an evergreen piece of content or is it an amplification piece of content? There's two different sides there. Okay, so again, just wanted to kind of bring that up.
Speaker 2: 12:42 I thought it was interesting and I was kind of going through this with my 12 year old and I actually talked to my 12 year old about the 52 X traffic momentum strategy. So if you missed that episode, you'd probably want to check that out because anyone can do this. If you're willing to show up and produce 52 pieces of content and there's a whole plan and a strategy behind it. If you haven't checked that out, check out the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 70 and you'll see that, uh, that episode there. All right, so let's get into today's question. All right. And again, this came in from a discussion, not just one person but a discussion inside a brand creators Academy. And that's what I love about our Academy by the way, is that just everyone is so willing to, to share and to be transparent and we're looking at like real people's, you know, in businesses, uh, websites and blogs and some people are switching from Shopify over to WordPress and it's just, it's really awesome to see this.
Speaker 2: 13:43 But I want to break this down for you, okay? Because I've been at this a long time as far as platforms and different types of content distribution channels. Okay? And I'm going to break this down really, really simply for you. Okay? First off, I would stay away from any type of free platform that allows you to post blog content. All right? A lot of times you're going to get yourself on this platform, maybe even start to get some traffic and then find out that you have limitations and then you're going to be like, Oh, I want to go to more of one that I can control like WordPress. All right, so I'm just going to cut rate to it. WordPress, to me, it's been around for the longest time. Now there's two different sides. WordPress has a free one, okay, a free like hosted platform that you can go and start posting.
Speaker 2: 14:32 I would not use that. What I would do is I would buy your own hosting and I talk all about this actually in an episode that I did in the a brand building series and that was a episode seven 59 I had to look at my notes here, the amazing seller.com forward slash seven 50 and that's the brand builder series. I did a whole series on this process, by the way. All right, so what I recommend is you buy your hosting, okay? And you're going to have to spend a little bit of money. I'm talking like five to 10 bucks per month for a hosting platform. Okay. So the hosting is just going to allow you to install WordPress. That's it. And WordPress is free. And a lot of the hosting, if you use HostGator or Bluehost, they have that install already kind of baked into their backend.
Speaker 2: 15:25 So all you have to do is just go to that area and they call it C panel. You go in there and then you just hit quick install WordPress, boom, you've got a WordPress blog set up, and then you have themes that you can choose from and WordPress has free themes that you can use. So that's what I recommend. That's what I use. That's what I've used for years. Like I think all the way back to my photography days. Uh, that's what we were, that's what we were using in the beginning. We used a free one and then I learned about, Oh my gosh, like this is kind of limiting me to what I can do. Right. And I'm also kind of like, I have to use their hosting and their platform. I don't want to do that. I want to take my own, my own property, my own home base, and I want to take it wherever I want.
Speaker 2: 16:10 I want to be able to do what I want with it. But if you go on a, on a server that is a free server, they've kind of got you right now on HostGator. If I have my WordPress blog there or in my website set up there and I want to move to Bluehost, I can move everything over to Bluehost and I'm not going to skip a beat. Okay. So just think about it that way. So WordPress is technically free. The actual, uh, you know, the, the, uh, the install okay. Of that, but HostGator and Bluehost or whatever, when you're gonna use those are a paid a hosting plan. Okay. And I would recommend doing that. Now I get a lot of people, and this was one of the discussions was, well, I've already got my store set up on Shopify and Shopify allows you to do a blogging, uh, you know, platform or a blogging channel, uh, on my Shopify store.
Speaker 2: 17:00 Can I just do that? And the answer is absolutely. Yes, I've seen a lot of people do that. The problem is that a lot of people that are building on Shopify, they start hearing about what they can do in WordPress, but then they have to find a plugin or an extension on Shopify. That is the, that is a, you know, the same are compatible. So personally, take your pick, but whatever one you're going to go on, you're going to have to really build within those parameters. I believe WordPress has a wider range of plugins and extensions and things that you can do because it's a universal type of platform. All right. Shopify is too, but I find that WordPress is talked about to me more on is as far as like content distribution. All right? Now some people say, well, I have a Shopify store.
Speaker 2: 17:50 I don't want to take that and move it over to WordPress because then I have to do, you know, a plug in that will allow me to take orders. You don't have to, you can do a sub domain and your Shopify would just be your store. That's all [inaudible] it's totally fine. We've actually done that. So you don't have to migrate everything over from Shopify. You can keep Shopify and have WordPress be your website for your content and for really your customer journey, if you will. Uh, you know, as far as like taking them on the content journey, email opt-ins, like all of that stuff. So again, that's my choice. I'm not going to go into all of the other ones because those are the main ones. Those are the ones that we really have focused on inside a brand creators Academy. And I would say probably 90% of our Academy members are using WordPress.
Speaker 2: 18:37 Uh, so that's what I would recommend. Again, totally up to you. But that's my thoughts on it. And that was the recommendations that we were giving inside a brand creators Academy. But whatever you do, stop procrastinating about which one and pick one and start building. Like that's it. Like it's as simple as that. And it's actually simpler than that because here's three pieces that you need to understand and that you need to consider. And if you do this, you'll be on your way to building out your brand. Okay. So number one, you need a home base. I've talked about this over and over and over again. Think about your website as your home base, okay? It's also your blog where you post content, it gets indexed by Google and all of that stuff and you're going to be getting traffic, but it's your home base.
Speaker 2: 19:22 All right? Number two in this is you need to produce content. Well, I've made that very easy for you. If you go through and take the challenge of the 52 X traffic momentum strategy, all right, and that was on episode seven 70 that will give you the next 52 weeks of what you can do to start building out your home base. And then number three is, this is a huge part of this, of this process is the email list building. All right? And I talk about that in episode seven 62 again, that's in the brand builder. I can't say that today. Brand builders series a and that is building that list because the list will allow you to then amplify the content. Remember how I talked about that is like when you have that piece of evergreen content, it's going to reside out there on the internet and it may take six months, it might take two months, it might take a year, it might take four years before you start to get some momentum on that piece of content.
Speaker 2: 20:21 The key is, is to continually create that content. That's why I have a 52 X, you know, strategy here. But what you can do with the email list is then we can amplify that content. Meaning we can bring awareness to that content as we build out this, uh, this content, right? We can then let our email list know that we have content and we're going to start bringing the traffic over there. And you know, I'll just, I'll tell you right now, like inside a brand creators Academy, we're a live case study of building out a brand and we're also doing a live case study on building our email list. And we're about 11 days in right now. And this morning when I checked, we had 3,250 emails in 11 days. And we're spending less than 30 cents per email. Okay, 30 cents per email. So at the end of this, we're going to run this for 30 days.
Speaker 2: 21:12 We will probably have over 5,000 email subscribers. So think about that for a minute. What if you had 5,000 targeted, by the way, it's very critical that you are getting targeted email addresses of people that are interested in your market. That's one huge part of this equation. And I talk all about that in our brand growth validation checklist, brand creators.com if you haven't got that, go get it. But we have these people now, so imagine I'm in 5,000 people or more that you can have a piece of content be seen by, right? We don't have to wait for Google to index us. So that's one big thing that we're doing and that we've always done in the brand that I talk about as the new brand now isn't so new. It's over two and a half years old. We built that to over 35,000 emails. Actually, it's been more than that, but we've really, uh, uh, kind of like trim the fat as we do as we build that out because there's some people that just, they lose interest.
Speaker 2: 22:07 So we have to clean that list. But we're at 35,000 email subscribers right now and our traffic has gotten up to as high as 200,000 people per month and the ad revenue on that is just growing every single month. But again, it came down to following a content strategy, publishing on a regular basis, emailing the list on a regular basis. And so many people get afraid of email on the list. That's part of the strategy is finding the right people and letting them know that you're going to be emailing them with useful, helpful content and that is how you do it, right? Like just go out there and help your market and then the traffic will follow and then the revenue will follow in. Your products will sell more and all of that stuff. I mean, imagine having 5,000 people on an email list and letting them know that you have a special coming up this weekend.
Speaker 2: 22:59 Right? Like imagine that. And one little side note, if you are doing this, make sure that you give them a deadline. You have to put deadlines into your marketing because we all procrastinate. Whenever there's an offer, I've done it. You've done it, we've all done it. Okay? So if you ever going to run a special, do like a three day, you know when we talk about this and brand creators Academy and we're going to be showing exactly how this works too, but we've done this over and over and over again and it works every single time. Uh, so don't try to reinvent the wheel, you know? All right. So anyway, that is going to wrap up this episode. If you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, all you have to do is head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash ask.
Speaker 2: 23:39 And you can do it right there. And again, you can always hit me up on Instagram or over on YouTube in the comments. Also, one last little reminder, if you are interested, depending on when you're listening to this, on January six 2020 we are opening enrollment to brand creators Academy, so again, if you're interested, go to brand creators.com go through the free training. It's a must that you go through that free training because we want you when you join to have a really good idea of how this whole thing works and how everything fits together. This way here when you come in, you know exactly what to do and we can get to work immediately. All right, so January six 2020 be ready if you want to join and that is brand creators Academy. We opened up a few times a year and I am
Speaker 1: 24:25 super excited to welcome some new members here at the kick off of 2020 so guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. What you have to, you have to come on. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode
Speaker 2: 24:50 real quick. Before you go, could you do me a quick favor? If you haven't done so already, can you head over to iTunes and could you leave me a review over there? Let me know what is one thing. Just pick one thing that you've learned or that's helped you in your business, in your life, something, and let me know through a review. I would really, really love to hear from you. Not to mention, it really does help us reach more people and share with others what we're doing here to build our brands and to make an amazing life. So if you can do that, that would be amazing. The other thing is if you haven't subscribed yet to the podcast, make sure that you do that because we've got a lot of cool things coming here in 2020 and I wouldn't want you to miss out on them. All right? So take care and as always, take action.


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