TAS 770 The 52x Traffic (MOMENTUM) Challenge (Step by Step Plan)

How is the traffic looking for your ecommerce business? Is there room for improvement? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Wherever you are on your journey, Scott is here to help you make the right steps. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his approach to increasing traffic, how to develop compelling content for your audience, which common mistakes to avoid, and so much more. Make sure to have pen and paper ready as you listen to this episode – you don’t want to miss a minute!

Chunk it down!

If you’ve been around the TAS community, you know that Scott is a fan of breaking down complex topics and strategies in an easy to use way. This week is no different; Scott has a plan to help sellers like you increase your traffic and take your ecommerce business to the next level. While it might seem complicated when you chunk down your task list and the steps you have to take to increase your traffic, it becomes a lot more manageable! Learn more about Scott’s innovative approach by tuning into this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Creating content for your market

What does it take to create compelling content for your target audience? Is there a secret formula that will bring in all the traffic? According to Scott, it all comes down to observing where your target audience spends their time online. Try taking a look at Google and YouTube and searching for your niche market – what does the autofill display? From unboxing videos to product comparisons and reviews, there are a ton of helpful ways to create content for your market. Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more helpful insights from Scott! 

Common excuses to avoid 

Do you ever find yourself wondering what your life would have been like if someone came along and gave some pointers on what to avoid in your career? Imagine getting access to that sort of insight that could help you avoid common mistakes and excuses! Thankfully, Scott has compiled a list of common excuses that sellers like you should avoid when it comes to your brand growth strategy. 

  1. I’m not an expert, why would anyone listen to me? You don’t have to be an expert, just invite people along for the ride and educate them along the way. 
  2. I don’t know how to use social media and navigate the technical aspects of the business. Learn about it and educate yourself or hire someone to do that for you!
  3. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way. 
  4. It’s going to take time, don’t get impatient! 
  5. I’m not a good writer; how can I write blog posts? Hire a writer or have someone transcribe your video. 
  6. I’m not good on video. That’s OK – just give it your best try! What do you have to lose? 

To learn more about Scott’s approach to rejecting these common excuses and how to get your business back on track, make sure to listen to this episode! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:15] Traffic is currency! 
  • [5:30] Breaking down a sustainable content creation strategy. 
  • [7:45] Where do you go for product information online? 
  • [12:50] Six common excuses that keep people from creating content. 
  • [19:00] Scott’s challenge to ecommerce business leaders like you! 
  • [22:45] Recapping Scott’s five-step challenge. 
  • [29:20] Action steps you need to take. 
  • [31:45] Closing thoughts from Scott. 
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TAS 770: The 52x Traffic (MOMENTUM) Challenge (Step by Step Plan)

00:00 How would you like a steady flow of targeted traffic coming to your own platform, your own website every single day for free. By the way, if that sounds interesting to you, stick around. That's what I'm going to share with you inside this episode.

00:17 Well, Hey, Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 70 my name is Scott Voelker and I'm here to help you build a future proof business so you can create the ultimate freedom, but, and there's always a button you have to take what you learn here in this episode and take action and you can become

00:38 the amazing seller of your life. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's do this. Alright, so like I said in the very beginning, this episode is going to be all about traffic because, let me just say, if you have traffic, if you can get traffic, targeted traffic, things become a lot easier. And I don't mean just easier as far as selling your one off products. I'm saying easier because now we can diversify revenue streams. We can build an email list and everything in between. Traffic is the ultimate. I look at traffic as currency because if you get traffic, if you get good at getting traffic, well things become a lot easier because now people get to see what we have to offer or maybe they see because they come to our website, they see a pop up that we put on our site that says this week only write 15% off, 20% off if you want to sell your products, or maybe it's a a little bar at the top that says, join our email newsletter if that's what you want to do.

01:44 If you have nothing else to give away or maybe your lead magnet that we've talked about in past episodes, but you have the traffic, there's so much you can do. People are going to be able to discover your website, your business, your brand. If you create the right type of content that attracts the right people. What I'm going to do today is I am going to give you the traffic momentum challenge. All right. This is exactly what I'm going to be doing inside of brand creators Academy, which has somewhat already started, but we're going to actually set the timer, if you will, and we're going to have a start date and an end date and it's 52 weeks that we're going to be doing this challenge and this here will build momentum and today I'm going to give you that step-by-step plan. Now, I did an episode, the last episode on perfectionism or procrastination, and let me just say if you did not listen to that, you probably want to, I gave you three things that you can do to overcome that.

02:43 It is a big, big problem. We call it the perfectionism disease. It literally paralyzes you and what I want to do here today in this episode is I also want to give you a roadmap and I want to give you exactly how you can do this because here's the thing, every piece of content that we create, it doesn't have to be perfect, but every piece of content we create is an asset. It's a way for someone to be found. We just recently had someone in brand creators Academy who said that they've been publishing content for probably over a year and yes, it's a lot of work in yes, maybe the traffic wasn't like right out of the gate. Amazing. But he had a few posts that started to get some traction. We're talking eight months later. That's the thing that we need to think about as we start this.

03:35 As we start building out this content. Sometimes yes, right out of the gate you might get a few pieces that start to get some traction or if we build that email list, we can also kind of spike that a little bit. We can amplify that as we talk about, but that's for another conversation. But we need these assets in place. We need to stick to the plan. And what I want you to do right now is I want you to commit to this. I want you to commit to a little challenge and whether you join brand creators Academy or not, which right now it's December 30th the time that this is airing, we will be opening January six 2020 so again if you are interested make sure that you go through the free training and then you'll be put on the notification list and that's at brand creators.com so a little reminder there.

04:21 I wanted to have that reminder anyway, so there you go. But what I really want here is for you to be able to say, all right, here is the deal. I'm going to figure out 52 pieces of content. I know that sounds like a lot to some people, but it's one week at a time, one week at a time. And if you go through this process, which I've already given you the process, I did a whole six part series on it. I did a whole training inside of the free training over@brandcreators.com so there's no excuses. You can come up with the ideas, you can fill your content buckets that we've talked about. And then just go do it. And I'm going to give you some ways in this episode as well so you can just get right to it. Like start planning out your for your first four weeks.

05:07 Don't worry about 52 weeks. What's your first four weeks? So that's four pieces of content. All right? And we'll go through exactly what this looks like. But here is the big takeaway. If you sign up for this challenge, meaning you do it mentally, you know you don't have to sign up to necessarily do it, but inside a brand creators Academy, we will be doing it. But you can do this by herself at home, whatever. And what you're going to do is you're going to commit to one per week and after a year you will have 52 he says, yeah, of content that reside on the internet that will lead back to your home base. So think about that. You have this home base that no one knows about. Not anybody in your world knows about this. Maybe few friends, right? Like maybe a few friends, maybe your mom and dad, like whatever, right?

06:02 You have a few people that might know about it, but not a lot of people know about it, right? You put one piece of content out, you haven't, you have a chance, right? You have a chance for someone to find that. You put another one out, you have another chance, you have another one out, another chance. And there's creative ways to do this. So this way here we can have a better chance of it being what people are actually searching for. But we also want to make sure that when we're putting out this content, it's relevant to our market and our brand. All right? So we do need to think through that. But if you just commit to that one piece every single week, man, when you look back a year from now, you'd be like, wow, whether I got a ton of traffic or not, which I would probably say you will get some traffic.

06:43 Uh, you might, you know, some people get more than others, but you will have learned, you will have gotten in a rhythm, you will have momentum now and this will take you to the next year. And then you can learn from what you did in the past year. You see, when we take action, we learn from each action. We get to ask questions, we get to see what happens and what doesn't happen. Like that's the big, big takeaway. All right, so here's what I want you to do. All right? Again, I want you to really consider this and I want you to say, yes, I'm going to commit to this. I'm going to do this for 52 weeks and you can start whenever. If you're listening to this in June of 2020 you can start this week or next week, all right? So you can totally do it. It doesn't mean it has to be at the first of the year.

07:30 It just happens that the time of the recording we are approaching a, you know, the the beginning of the new year, the kickoff. All right? So I want you to think about something for a minute before we get into this. All right? I want you to think about when you've looked for information online, okay? We all have done it. We all have done it. I've done it numerous times. Okay. Whether I'm looking to buy a new backpack for my next trip or whether I am looking for a maybe a boots for my wife, uh, for the horse farm because she's been doing some riding. Like there's, I'm looking not just the products but I'm looking at the market and then from there my wife or my daughter, they might be looking at writing lessons. They might be looking at a variety of different things about the horse market.

08:18 But I'm looking at maybe a product that my wife talked about. You see. And so I can be looking at products or I could be looking at information. All right. So I want you to think about that for a minute. Think about what is something that you looked for information, additional information online, whether that is an unboxing of something cause you wanted to see what came with this thing or maybe you wanted to see a comparison. I just did. I actually just did this with some mikes. I wanted to get a, a, a standalone mic that I could put on a table and then I could have someone on the other side of the table and myself maybe like three foot away and still pick up good audio so we could do like an interview thing. And so I went online and I seen comparisons. I wanted to see what the comparisons were.

08:59 And then I stumbled on a YouTube channel where this guy did a really good job of talking about, not just the technical stuff but giving me like real good sound checks and tests. So I could see what it sounded like if you were a foot away or if you were to foot away or if you were three foot away and now I'm into that guy's world. I really like his other stuff that he reviews and that he talks about. So I'm going to go back to him if I want to maybe look at a, not just the mic but maybe it's a guitar, cause he does guitar stuff too cause he's a guitar player. So there's a lot of different ways that I'm going to get brought into his world now. But it came from that micro view. Okay. Because I wanted to see what it looked like in the quality of it and he gave me everything.

09:41 Okay. So I want you to think about that. What is something that you've looked for information online, either a product or something that you're interested in. Okay. Just think about that because that's what you're doing. All right. What groups on Facebook are you a part of? I know myself, I'm on like an old Mustang group where, uh, guys will be posting, not just guys, there's girls in there too. There'll be posting there, uh, you know, they're, uh, they're Mustang. Uh, maybe they're, they're, uh, maybe they did a repair on it or maybe they are doing a restoration and then they'll document that. Or maybe someone put a few parts up for sale. I'm in that group because I own a 73 Mustang and I love old Mustangs. I love just looking at them. They make me happy. Right? Like, so again, I'm into that. Okay.

10:30 And there's other groups that we all belong to. So think about that. If there's a group that you're paying attention to, then there's probably a market out there. And if not, then you need to go through that validation process. If you haven't done that, make sure that you do. And that's over@brandcreators.com there's a full brand growth validation checklist and there's a couple of video tutorials of me walking you through that process. So just do that. All right. And then this way here, you'll see if your market has these groups and if it has maybe YouTube channels, and this is all for research, but then you just need to come up with what are those buckets in your market. We talked about this in a past episode in that six part series of the brand builder series and we talked about them. It's questions, there's a questions bucket, there's also a how to bucket, and then there's a product bucket.

11:19 Okay? So that's what I would do. And I think right now we all agree that content generates traffic and traffic can lead to a buyer. I think we all agree on that, right? I have done it so many times. I'm like, I'm ready to pull the trigger on a Mike. And it all came because I was doing this research and I stumbled on this guy's YouTube channel. I really liked him. I really liked what he had to say, but I'm buying it because he gave me a really good review. Now he's got 10 other Mike's that I could have bought from him. It's not just that one that he's promoting over and over and over again. See, it's not just one product. And that's the thing about what we're doing here in building out a brand is once we have the traffic, now we can have multiple products that we touch and that we talk about, and then we can do reviews and then we can bring them to our market and we can give them the pros, the cons and everything in between.

12:07 Okay. And then that could lead to someone buying that product. Now this Mike I'm looking at, it's about 150 bucks. So this guy will make probably between eight and 10% depending on the category. I don't know what the commissions are, but that's just on Amazon. Now there's private affiliate deals out there too with other companies. Like maybe there's a, uh, another MC company that would offer him 20%. There's ways that you can go out there and get bigger commissions, but simple way is Amazon associates super easy. All right, so again, I think we agree, right? Content generates traffic and traffic can lead to a buyer. All right, so here's the big thing that I think people get stuck on as far as publishing content. And there's actually, there's actually six of them here. So one of them is like, I'm not an expert. Like who am I?

12:55 Right? Well, I'm not an expert at everything either, right? But if I'm into, and I'm going to give you an example here in a minute on how this 52 week challenge worked out for one of our listeners. I've actually had them on the show and he's crushing it right now because he committed to 52 weeks, but he wasn't an expert. And I'll give you that example here shortly. Not an expert, but when he decided to do is he decided to be the guy that was going to document the process of learning. All right? So you don't have to be the expert. Okay. The other one is number two is tech people get hung up with the tech. Well, I don't know how to post my first post. Well, hire someone on Fiverr for five bucks or teach yourself. There's so, I mean, YouTube videos are there.

13:35 There's a plethora of, Oh, that's a good word for me. Plethora. Uh, that's a great word that just came. I just, I just spit that one out. That was a good word. I like that. Uh, so there's a ton of YouTube videos that teach you how to set up a blog. So just go find it and set it up or hire someone. No excuses. All right, three perfectionism. We talked about that in the last episode. You don't have to have it perfect. You just got to have something done and you know, be authentic. Like don't try to fake it. Just be authentic. If you don't know a whole bunch about something, tell people but then say I'm learning, right? So you don't have to be perfect. So get that out of the way. Number four is they want results too fast. Well Scott, what if I post a, you know, a piece of content and I don't see any traffic for two months.

14:23 So what? Create five more in the meantime, right? Like constantly be showing up and this is exactly why I wanted to do this 52 week traffic momentum challenge. Because if you just show up and don't worry so much about the numbers, the numbers will probably surprise you after you get rolling. All right? But you gotta get going. The other thing is too, I'm going to jump out of order here or I'm actually going to jump out of this order here for a minute. But the other thing is that we can do is that once we get this content up, we're starting to build that list. Hopefully you are. And then from there we have stuff that we can send these people so we can actually get that traffic coming a little bit faster than just waiting for Google to index it. All right, so I'm going to get back to the list now.

15:07 All right, so again, that was number four. People wanting results way too fast. They're just too inpatient. All right. Five is well, I'm not a good writer. Well, I'm not either, but I figured out a way, right? I either can talk like right now and then have it transcribed. I'm going to give you guys an example of this and on how this works. I recorded a six part podcast series that's an audio series. I created the outline. I wrote the outline. No one's seen the outline. Okay. I wrote it. I recorded six episodes right now. Currently at the time of me airing this podcast, I have a writer going through all six episodes, distilling it down, making it easy to read, easy to follow, pulling out all of the meat and putting it into a di digestible book. Okay. An ebook that is going to be coming out later, but I did that by talking.

16:06 So if you're better at talking than just [inaudible], come up with some bullet points, talk about the points, and then have it transcribed and then have an editor do the cleanup. You can find people on Fiverr, you can find people on three up. There's a whole bunch of different places you can find someone to do the cleanup. Or maybe you have someone in your family that could do the cleanup for you. Okay? But again, you can just jump on and do an audio or you can do a video with some slides, okay. That are a on PowerPoint or keynote or Google docs or Google presentation, whatever it's called. And do that even not even being on camera. And then have that transcribed and then have it turned into something that's a resource or blog posts. Okay? So that's exactly how you can do it. All right.

16:53 So there's, again, you don't have to be a good writer. If you are a good writer will great, then that's to your advantage. All right, number six. I'm not good on video, so how do I do it? Well, I just gave you one way. Let's say you're not good on video. You might think you're not good on video. There's someone right now in brand creators Academy. Actually it was a few people, but one person in particular, Karen, she was definitely afraid of jumping on camera and everyone in the group was encouraging her and saying, come on, you can do it. You can do it. Well, I put this little challenge up to our Academy members and I said, Hey, I want you guys to jump on camera and I want you to record what it's been like to be inside a brand creators Academy. So this way here I can share it with people like you.

17:33 And I just wanted them to get on camera too, because a lot of them were, were kind of struggling with getting on camera. And I'm like, you know, if you don't like it, you can delete it. It's not a big deal. Well, she finally did it. It came out amazing by the way. She felt like she didn't do good. Everyone in the group was just away. They're like, you were worried about getting on camera. So a lot of times it's ourselves. Have you ever been, uh, like listening back to yourself and you're like, Ooh, I don't like the way my voice sounds. I mean, we've all probably done that, right? Well, you know, that's like video. A lot of times you think that you're not good on camera, but you're probably better than you think. And the other thing is, is you don't ever have to air it if you don't want to.

18:12 But if you record it, guess what? You get better. All right. Now, one way that you could do this without jumping on camera is to do exactly what I said just before you could create like a little PowerPoint and then just show images, show examples how to use whatever, be more visual, and then you could just narrate it and that's it. Okay. So you could totally do that. So those are like six things. Why people don't start publishing their content. And a lot of times that's that perfectionism or procrastination is, well, if I don't do it, then I can't fail, right? And we all fall into that trap. So no excuses. You totally can do it. So here's my challenge. All right? Figure out what content you're going to record your first four weeks. Okay? So that's one a week. I know right now that if you do this, you, and I think you'll agree if you do this, you probably have a better chance to get traffic than if you don't do this right.

19:14 So let me give you an example. Like I said earlier, I wanted to give you an example, which I've had Jesse on the podcast before and he runs a really, really successful YouTube channel right now. And I say successful. He's approaching 50,000 subscribers, okay? But he came on the podcast and he told me that the only reason why he started to publish content was because [inaudible]. I was talking about just publishing content, committing to one per week, one episode per week, just post it and then don't look back and just go on to the next. And he goes, you know what, I'm going to take that amongst myself to challenge myself to do it and I'm going to see what happens. And his goal was 500 subscribers after a year after 52 videos. So for him, he wasn't even building a list. All he was doing was, I'm just going to post and document my journey of distilling alcohol.

20:12 The name of the channel is still it. And uh, and he's also known as chase the craft. And uh, he did a 52 week video challenge and it paid off because after his first year, he had over 15,000 subscribers he was making at that time, over a thousand dollars her month from just doing 52 videos and one per week. Okay. So that's all that he did. Okay? Now this will only work if you know who your market is and what they're looking for. Okay? Now what Jesse did was he did some research and then he said, okay, people that are getting into distilling alcohol, they have these questions. Well, heck, I've got these questions because I'm learning this thing from scratch myself, and I'm just going to document this process. All right? So you do need to know who your market is and then you need to go through that process.

21:05 And again, I'm going to give you five steps right now. Okay? Five steps that I want you to commit to. If you're interested in getting some traffic and that traffic when it's coming to your website, you'll be able to do whatever you want with it. And you've heard me talk in the past about how we have over a million visitors per year now, 2 million page views. Uh, so you've heard me talk about that. That all happened following a very, very similar process to this and that what I mean by similar is if you're on YouTube, you're posting on YouTube consistently, all right? You can repurpose that. And we talk about how to do that and everything. But we showed up every single week at least once per week. Right? Now, we're up to two per week in the brand that we're building inside a brand creators Academy as an example.

21:54 Uh, we're doing a a in a month. We, I think we had about 15 articles in a month. Uh, and so, and then there's another project that I'm working on in there and that one there, I think we're doing about four to six per month so that there's your one per week. So we'll see what happens. But you have to commit to the process. So if you don't know who your market is, if you have not gone through the brand growth validation checklist, you're going to want to do this before you actually do the 52 week challenge, okay? Because you want to know what content to produce, but you also want to know that there's traffic in your market and you also want to know that there's ways to monetize in your, in your market. All right? So let me go through these really quickly. All right?

22:40 There's five steps that I want you to consider here. Number one, commit. Commit to posting one piece of content per week. That can be a blog post, or it could be video or it could be both. All right? Step two, create your content plan. You need to identify your buckets. All right, we have questions we have how to, and we have products. Now what we want to do is we want to fill those with whatever needs to go in those buckets. So questions, would it be questions how twos would be, how tos and products would be products? Pretty simple, right? The easiest way to get started though, I'll be quite honest with you, is to do product unboxings or reviews of existing products. So if you currently right now are into, uh, let's say woodworking, well there's probably a whole bunch of different things that you're using in your woodworking projects, right?

23:34 There's probably clamps and there's vices and there's chisels and there's router bits and there's routers and there's a vacuum that, uh, is a dust vacuum for your work bench. Like there's all of these different things that you could be every single week you could be showing up and doing a breakdown, a review on the products that you have in your woodworking shop, right? So that's what I mean, like, take your market. If you're in the market yourself, you probably have a lot of these products already that you could start doing reviews or you know your thoughts and giving people the pros and the cons. And the thing is with a review, make sure that you're giving people your honest review. If there's something you don't like, let people know that you don't really like that. Right. And you wish that they would change it. When I was reviewing a, or when I was going through that review of the guy doing the MC, he was, he was using the knob and he goes, this is really kind of sloppy.

24:30 I think they could have did a lot better job here. I haven't any problems with it, but I can see that this could cause a problem. So you know what, they should probably tighten this up a little bit or they should make this a little bit. So he gave that opinion. Right. And his thoughts from what he was seeing and me, I'm looking at that like, Hmm. Might be cheaply made. I don't know. Right. So again, you want to be totally honest. All right, so that's step number two. Step number three, decide the channel that you're going to be posting on and set that up. All right, so website, set it up or YouTube channel, set it up. I would say though, if you are going to go the YouTube route, make sure that you do set up a website too. We always want a home base.

25:10 I talk about that so much because it's so important. You want the home base, the home base, you always control YouTube. You don't even control that, right? You're taking the traffic from there. You're, you're being able to use it because you have subscribers and stuff like that. But ultimately they could turn off your, you know, your, your channel of traffic if you, you know, violate a terms of service or have a complaint or whatever. Right? On our website, we're pretty safe there. We want to create our own home base. So I would say definitely if we're going to do video, make sure that you do both. Um, okay, so that's decided to channel and set that up. Step number four, decide what day you will post your content. This is part of that commitment, right? Every Monday, boom, your post goes out, right? Every Friday, boom, post goes out, whatever the day is, commit to it.

25:57 Stick to it, put it on your calendar. There's no negotiating that it happens. It has to happen. If not, your boss is going to fire you, you're going to lose your job, right? We never, we never think about that. Like we, we just think because we work for ourselves or you know, we're unemployed, right? Whereas self-employed, uh, we are in a word, you know, able to do whatever you want. We can cancel things. No, this is your commitment to yourself, to your business, to your traffic that you want to build. You need to show up. You need to commit to it. So decide what day that's going to be for you and stick to it. All right? Step number five, create the content and publish it. I know it seems pretty obvious, but you need to create the content and then publish it. All right?

26:42 Now a little note here. After you get in the rhythm, start building your email list as soon as you can. Okay. Send them weekly emails. And if you don't know really where to start with building a list, well I've got a resource for you. If you go to list build class.com, again, that's list build class.com that'll take you to a free workshop that myself and Chris Shaffer did. And you can actually see us build one from scratch. And another little side note here, okay, as I am recording this right now today inside a brand creators Academy, we are showing us building out a content site from scratch, which we've already posted over 50 posts in there. So we show exactly how we're doing it and what we're doing. We show you what's working, what's not working and rate now. And actually we delayed this list building because we wanted to wait until we had our brand creators Academy up and running.

27:39 And we do. Now we're about four and a half, five weeks in, maybe close to six weeks in now. Uh, yeah, it's probably about six weeks now. Crazy. Uh, but we are now building the list. We started it literally today, uh, is the second day that it's been live. And, uh, we right now are, and we're showing exactly how we're doing this, which I show you in that class list, build class.com. Uh, and we are right now up to just about 200 emails within two days and we're paying less than 50 cents per email at this time. Now that may change, it may get better, it may get worse. Uh, but that's part of that process. And uh, you know, it's, it's what we do. It's, it's how we follow this process. We've shown up inside of our market. We're publishing content on a regular basis.

28:31 Okay. Because we went through that brand growth validation checklist. I know there's traffic there. I know there's products that are being sold there. I know there's ways to monetize there. All right? And then the other part of that is, I know that people need things in this market. So, and I mean like information. So why not build an email list and be front of mind? So that's why we're building that list and everything. Everything. To me, it gets built around the home base. But the list building is a really critical part to that because it can really speed up the traffic. Uh, you know, the amplification of your content and everything, uh, as you're, as you're building this thing out. So list building is pretty darn important. All right? So let's, uh, let's wrap this thing up. Okay? I got a little tip here though for you got two tips.

29:17 All right? I want you to take a day. I want you to take a day to plan and fill your content buckets. All right? Again, that's something you should commit to before you actually create and take action on the plan. You got to take the time to develop the plan. All right? So take a day and plan and fill your content buckets. Another thing I want you to do, take day and batch. Create your content. So if you are writing, okay, then it might take you a day or two to write, but maybe you're going to write two articles or two blog posts, or maybe you're going to shoot videos, okay? So plan out the videos and then shoot them in one day. Maybe shoot four videos. That's four weeks worth of videos, right? So it's really important that you can batch this stuff out because you'll get more done, but you need to be prepared heading into the batch.

30:09 All right, so again, some tips here for you. Take a day, take some time and plan and fill your content buckets. Then from there, take another day to batch create your content. I'm telling you those tips right there will make a huge difference when you are in this 52 week challenge. It makes it so much, so much easier. All right, so let's go ahead and recap. All right, number one, commit to posting one piece of content per week, blog posts or video, or both. Step two, create your content plan and fill your buckets with your questions, with your how-tos and with your products. All right, step three, decide the channel and set that up. Step four, decide what day you will post your content and commit to that day. And step five, create the content and publish it. All right? And then you're going to see that rhythm and that momentum and the effects from creating and posting this content.

31:14 And again, once you get through this, you're going to learn the process is going to get easier. You're going to get faster, you're going to get better. And I will tell you this, your first piece of content will not be your best. All right? It's just not going to be, and it's okay. It does not have to be perfect, but I will tell you this, that piece of content at least has a chance to start getting some traffic. I think we all agree on that, right? Okay. So like I mentioned earlier, depending on when you're listening to this episode, we are going to be opening brand creators Academy January 6th, 2020 if you're listening to this after the fact, well still go to brand creators.com go through those free resources and when we reopen we will be letting you know. All right? But if you want mentoring in this process and help building out your brand in 2020 I would definitely consider checking out brand creators Academy when we open enrollment, which this time around will be January 6th, 2020 and then what we do is once we close enrollment, which is generally open for a bottle a week, then we start working really hard inside of brand creators Academy with all of our members and we take some massive action.

32:25 That's literally what we're doing. All right, but again, depending on you're listening to this, if you're at all interested, make sure that you go through the free training@brandcreators.com make sure you go through the brand growth validation checklist. It is critical that you go through that. Even if you do join, you're going to need to go through that process. All right, so we would love for you to go through that first. Any of that training that I already gave you will be also very, very helpful. All right guys, so32:51 that is it. That's going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to come up. Say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Oh Hey guys, before you go, I wanted to ask a quick favor. If you have not yet left a review for us on iTunes, if you could do that, that would be amazing. I read every single one of them, even the one stars, and yes, they're going to be there. You can't make everyone happy. I understand, but if you've gotten any kind of value from this podcast, it really helps me to get fired up to see what this podcast is doing for you. And it also helps us reach more people by you leaving a review on iTunes. So if you could do that, that would be amazing. And while you're there, if you haven't subscribed to the podcast, do that as well. This way here, you'll never miss an upcoming episode. All right, so if you could do that, that'd be amazing. Talk to you later.


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