TAS 768 Create The BEST YEAR EVER and Stress-FREE with Kayla Voelker

It’s a special time of the year for many TAS followers, so to all who celebrate – Merry Christmas! For this special session of The Amazing Seller originally airing on Christmas Day, Scott decided to change things up a bit. Scott invited his daughter, Kayla, on the podcast to talk about the concept of Hygee. On this episode, you’ll hear Scott and Kayla discuss their experiences with Hygee, how they’ve adapted it to their personal use, why it can be helpful for business leaders like you, and much more. You’ll want to pay close attention to this special holiday episode! 

What is Hygge? 

Have you heard of this popular practice called Hygge? Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Recently, Scott’s oldest daughter, Alexis, told his younger daughter, Kayla, about Kygge. Since Alexis told Kayla, Kygge has been a hit in the Voelker household. From comfy nights on the couch to quite Saturday mornings in bed, there are a ton of ways that you can incorporate Hygge into your lifestyle. Learn from Kayla and Scott as they discuss this helpful tool. 

Be present 

In many ways, Hygge also promotes a sense of mindfulness and being present in your surroundings. When was the last time you felt grounded and present? Do you take steps to engage in a practice of mindfulness daily? The more you can learn how to remove distractions and simplify your lifestyle; the more your business will thrive. Don’t let busyness and hustle steal the life and joy you’ve always wanted. Learn how to slow down and smell the roses by hearing helpful insights from Scott and Kayla on this episode of The Amazing Seller, you don’t want to miss it! 

Decrease your stress

One of the best gifts you can give yourself and your business this year is a less stressed you! Let’s face it, too many business leaders find themselves on the sidelines because they worked themselves too hard, or they failed to take care of their personal life. What good is all a profit you gather if you don’t have people you love to enjoy it with? If Hygge doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine; the point is – stress happens. It would help if you had a plan in place to deal with stress healthily. Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott and Kayla discuss the value of decreasing the stress in your life.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:40] What is Hygge? 
  • [5:20] Digging deeper into Hygge. 
  • [7:20] The value of being “Present.” 
  • [11:45] Using hot beverages and food to calm yourself. 
  • [13:40] Get comfortable! 
  • [18:00] How you can use Hygge to decrease stress in your life. 
  • [23:00] Closing thoughts from Scott and Kayla. 
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TAS 768: Create The BEST YEAR EVER and Stress-FREE with Kayla Voelker

00:00 Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is a very special episode hosted by Caitlin Volker,

00:08 and that was well done. And today we decided to do something a little bit different because the day that this is airing, the day that this is coming out is Christmas day. We should do that together. Today is Christmas. Hey, see how we just did it together? We're in the same room together.

00:29 Uh, but we did want to do this because, well, today's a very special day and you've been teaching me a little bit about this thing called Heuga. And am I saying it right? And I want to talk about this because I think that this could be, this could be adopted by a lot of us entrepreneurs out there, people in general, stress, stress, right? And being more present. And I think on a day like Christmas or any day of the year that is special, you start to be reminded of family of friends and all of that stuff. But why not really take that and apply it to everyday life? And that's what this Hooga thing is. Yeah. And I want to talk a little bit about that, how you were introduced to Hooga and then from there, the book that you have that is written on this thing called Hooga. So if you guys don't know what who get is stick around cause we're gonna find out and uh, a lot of these things I'm really interested in because I think we all can be doing this and it really is a way for us to just slow down a little bit and kind of as they say, smell the roses.

01:34 Right. All right. So kick it off Kayla. So tell me a little bit about who GHA and tell me, well first off, tell me how did you hear of Hooga?

01:43 So actually my older sister, I got introduced by it from her because we were just in the car one day on a road trip and she was like, have you ever heard of Hooga before? I was like, no. She's like, Oh. Or it's where you get really cozy and you just enjoy togetherness with other people in new, just enjoy your time. But playing board games or also doing book clubs. So like reading group by the fire on a rainy day lender storms. That's really when Hooga really occurred.

02:07 And I'm sorry about the noises that you might be hearing, but Maisie, our dog is in here stretching and rubbing her face and sprawled all out. So if you can see a visual here, Kayla and I are in my office. She's on my little chair in the corner of the room, a little Ottoman and I'm sitting on this, uh, this little stool and Maisie is just sprawl all out probably around. She's probably around five foot long if he took her, you know, her pod or Paul. But uh, yeah, Macy's a little crazy. But anyway, if you hear that, we're going to just let it fly because, well, this is part of this embassy. It's a family. It's a family show. All right. All right. So Alexis introduced you to this, started hearing about this thing. Hooga and when, when I first started hearing about it, I thought it was just like, you get all snuggly you're on the couch and you just, you know, maybe have some,

03:00 so I thought as well, because it first, when you first look at the overview, that's what you think, but when you dive deeper into it, that's when you really realize it's actually about just being with other people, enjoy your time and being together with people that you have met in 10 plus years or, you know what I mean? Having seen. So it's really good just to interact again, which I think is definitely a big key for Hooga.

03:23 And I was always having a tough time pronouncing, I think that if it was huggy or huggy or, yeah. Uh, and so, okay, so you got introduced to it and you're like, Oh yeah, that sounds great because you're like, Oh, we can lay on the couch together and just fill up with blankets, you know, be warm and all of this stuff. But then we started to hear a little bit more, uh, or I started here a little bit more that it's actually more than that. There's, there's ambiance, there's a, you know, different smells, different tones, like all of those different things. And um, you know, we're like, you know, we're, you know, there's, there's just different things other than just snuggling on the couch. Um, so then what happens next is you and Alexis are planning these Hooga parties.

04:08 Yeah. So we're just, it's just basically a who the gathering. People really call it and you just spend time with other people. You just read books together, do board games. That's really the meaning of being together.

04:20 [inaudible] it's being able to just be together, but yeah, but it's just like if you're doing Hooga while it could be like, and it sounds good to be like, you know what, on Sunday, let's just have a Hooga day.

04:29 Yeah. And basically it doesn't even have to be, I mean, who go can be defined as, you know, being inside on a rainy day. But it can also occur outside in the cabins. And so if I pronounce this name wrong, wrong with meek wicking, I think his name is. Um, and there is in one page.

04:46 Well, you're okay now. I'll let you to get to that page. I'll, I'll hold the mic for you while you get the page. But what I wanted to know, I got it. I'm just holding the mic for you. See here. See, I want to see what I'm doing here. Kay. I'm holding the mic. I'm your mic stand right now. Okay. You guys can't see this, but I'm actually holding the mic for her, but she's got her book. And before you dig into the book though, Kayla, where did this book come from? Um, I didn't even know they made a book. I'm like, wait, what? They have a book on Hooga like I thought it was just snuggling with popcorn and yeah, as soon

05:13 as I heard about Hooga, I went on YouTube and I search it up and I was like, Whoa, I need to find out more about this. And so there's actually a video and they were talking about a book called the little book of Hooga. And, um, it's like the Danish secrets to happy living. That's the kind of headache. But I'm on one page on one 40. If you guys have this book, there is a little page where he was talking about how to be in the prison and not worry about what's going to happen next or things like that. Cause he was actually sitting in a cabin for every summer when he is about my age, like 12. So he actually, every year I'd stay in a cabin during the summertime and his family would just go out fishing. And then when he got older he realized that that was actually who goes, that he was experiencing. And now every year he goes back to a cabin and he does every year. So I thought it was really cool how he was saying, you know, don't worry about the other things, be in the present, don't just look back or you know what I mean? Any of that kind of stuff. You need to think about what's going on right now and be positive about it.

06:15 Yeah. Well, I think with what he is kind of experiencing, I mean we used to do something similar, like right? Like we used to go camping when I was a kid, right? And so every summer we'd go camping for like a week. And back then we didn't have cell phones. We didn't have all these distractions that everyone has. So you know, nowadays our heads down all the time, we're not experiencing things. I mean, sometimes I'll actually stand up in my kitchen and I'll just walk out to where the front window or the back window is. And um, and we have, uh, you know, woods and stuff back there and we have a pond. And so sometimes I'll just stand up and just look out the window and just not be distracted. It's hard to do because we live in that world of like distractions. But what he was doing at that time in his life was like you said, he was experiencing Hooga, which basically just means you are, you're your taking time with family and friends to just sit down and relax.

07:10 So my little tip here for people listening is schedule this and it could be a, it could be a schedule thing once a month. It could be, it could be a lunch date with someone, whatever. But if you consciously say to yourself, I am going to be present, that means maybe you don't bring your phone into lunch or maybe you silence it and you just say, I am not going to look at my phone while I'm at this lunch date or you know, this time that I'm going to be meeting up with someone. Or maybe it's a game night that you have with your kids and with your family.

07:44 Right. And also in the book how he was saying if you work in an office, bring plants like succulents. I don't know if you guys know what those are, but definitely yes. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But it's definitely good to have those in your office because it can bring, you know, a little bit more of an earth year. Organic kind of feel brings life. Yes it does. Yup. Green something living. Oh is something to look forward to every time you go to the office via the water or things like that. So now you're looking forward to something. Yes, but we need to get you a Palm tree. I did have a Palm tree in here, didn't I for the longest time. Cause you look forward to it. You're like Palm tree. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to have to get another live plant in here. Definitely. I'm sure at Lowe's or things like that. Feel it when American bought the lighting. Um, lighting is definitely a very big key to Hooga because you can usually have candles or lambs, but usually want to be very dim. You don't want to be very bright, overpowering light. You want to be just just enough so you can see people or play a game, but you don't want it to be overpowering. So I recommend just like dimming your lights a little bit, getting a dimmer or things like that.

08:56 Um, lamps, candles, just like a little overhead lamp. But you know what I liked with the lighting myself personally. Like there's new light temperatures out there, right? So yo, you ever noticed the lights that is a little bit more blue? Like it's like a fluorescent light, but nowadays it's like they call that daylight, right? I don't like it. So. Okay, so Kayla, turn around for a second. See the window light? Yeah, it's more blue, right? Yes. Look at the warm tone over here. Yeah, that right there makes me feel calmer. That there makes me feel just, well not as calm but a little bit colder. A little, yeah, a little bit. Right? Like a little nervous. Right? So if we're looking at the warm light, that's why a lot of times I do that. Like I'll turn that light on in the corner here, close the blinds or whatever, and then it's just brings me in a more commerce state and I didn't even know that's what I was doing.

09:46 I love the warmer tones of light candles. You know, mommy and I, we always have a candle. Candles, candles. I'm telling you guys, be safe. Let's, let's be responsible with your candles. Yes. Make sure you make sure you blow them out before you leave the house. If you have a bath and body works and you definitely go and get a ton of candles right now because they have sales going on right now, but go to any other store and they are going to have tons of candles. You need to get some that have a little bit more of a smoother sent to them. Nothing to, again, like the daylight kind of that you're saying you want it to be a little bit warmer tone like especially in um, autumn we'll have a lot of like harvest ones, pumpkin, Apple spice. Those ones are great, but I like a, like a sugar cookie smell or I like vanillas or uh, you know, something even like a beachy smell.

10:41 Sometimes the ones I don't like is the florally ones. You know, some people do. Some people like the lavender. I'm not a lavender fan. I do like, you gotta choose peppermint, but that can also make you feel a little bit more colder because it doesn't really bring the soft. Think about walking into a house and smelling fresh baked cookies definitely brings you into a calm, not as going to say, it's not that, I'm just thinking, I can't wait to eat some of those cookies. It's more of the smell. Or you're like, mm, next time you walk into a house and you smell fresh baked cookies, just take a second, remember this episode that Kayla has brought to us and just take, take a whiff of those cookies and just maybe even close your eyes and just, you're going to feel a sense of calmness, you know, and you'll probably want one. Definitely. You're going to just run to get a criminal. You're going to want to get a cookie with some, uh, you know, something. Maybe something warm to drink. Let's talk about warm drinks. Definitely. That's also a big key factor for, um, Hooga I feel like food and drink, it's definitely like if you're gonna be having drinks, tea, warm tea, cam a meal, hot coffee.

11:54 We know we have coffee lowers out there. So it's definitely a no, no, never, no, no. You don't drink coffee at all. But like definitely coffee is something that can really bring you to another calm state that we were saying before. And again, here we're seeing the lunch days, get a coffee, something that makes you feel warm inside. So just getting something cold. If you're having a bad day, get something warm that'll bring you to a calm state of mind.

12:21 Yeah, I like that. So you got warm, uh, you've got smells, you've got light.

12:27 Definitely food. Sweets are a huge thing in Denmark. That's where,

12:33 yeah, let's talk about that really quickly though. Okay. I mean finish that, but like, so where does this originate from? Cause at first I'm like, Oh, this is a new trend coming out. And you're like, no, it's been out of [inaudible]

12:41 from, actually Denmark. Denmark has carried this tradition for many, many years, but it really kinda got started during Christmas when there's a really cold, rainy day, a lot of thunderstorms and people like they couldn't go outside because it was so rainy. They wanted to do something. So they're like, you know what? Let's just gather around the fire. Let's just read some books on the couch. Just get warm socks on blankets and that's how it originated. And it, I don't know who came up with a name, but it's very clever. I definitely am liking how the Danish trend, you know, came over to America to really like and hopefully it spreads to other countries as well because

13:20 so here I got a little, uh, I got a little action step cause you guys all know I love to take action, right? Right. K so I got something here for everyone to do. So we're heading into the new year. If you're listening to this around the time that this airs, if you're listening to this in July, pretend it's tomorrow's the new year, right? You can always start tomorrow, right? So if you're, if you have an office or a workplace, go and take some of these things and apply them to your office and your work, your workspace.

13:51 Bring socks to work when you're, if you have a night shift or things like that, just have them in there. No one else would know about them. Just put sweets in there. It just, it makes you feel calm if you're having a bad day at work and they didn't go well with your workmates. Yes, but not some fluffy socks on, right? Yes. Go to Amazon or target. I'm sure they'll have them on there, but get some very warm, fluffy socks and just put them in your drawer at work. And then when, if you work at a night shift then you can definitely take it.

14:25 Or if you have a home office, have a little stash, right. You have a little stash or have an area that you have that. And just to kind of give you guys a little bit of a visual that are listening. Um, yes. Kayla has these Hooga socks and they are very, very thick and these ones have Santa Claus on them and then they have, you know, there are like a light blue within the Santas and then at the very top it's got a lot of, yeah, it's like fleece but really thick. And those are who [inaudible]. Yes. Yes. You do. You wear them every day pretty much every day. Um, so yeah. So just some things I think as we're heading into the new year, sometimes even, or even like taking your office place and just making some changes and then being aware, uh, I think will go a long ways. I mean for me personally, I like having the warm light in the corner. Like I just like having that, um, the plant, I need to add that, I'm going to add that in here so we can improve on always maybe moving things around a little bit. Giving yourself a new space, a calm space, right? Yeah.

15:35 I have a lot of things that are just scattered around. Maybe put that into thought and neaten it up organized here. So yeah, love,

15:46 you know, I like to keep stuff organized, huh? Yes. It's funny cause Kayla will be like, ah, we'll be cleaning out the car or whatever. And then after we get all done, she goes, doesn't that feel so good that everything's like in its place? And I'm like, I really do. Like that's just something I've always loved and sometimes there's been a little bit of annoying to some of my family members. Um, uh, some other ones, not us. Um, we, we won't say who they are. Um, but sometimes I get a bad rap for that, but it's okay. Um, you know that, you know, not everyone has to be that way, but I will say this is that when you are feeling scattered, you're feeling not settled, start with your desk, start with your desktop on your computer, get things tie-dyed up a little bit and that will give you a sense of calm, where you'll be able to focus better. You'll be able to get more stuff done. So what I would recommend doing here for the first of the year, we're approaching the first of the year, depending on when you're listening to this, what you should do is take an hour and figure out what you can do to improve your workspace. The place that you are going to be sitting down. And then from there, take another hour, get a little candle going. Nice little smell, get the light where you want it, where you can see

16:57 you. Definitely recommend a dimmer. Definitely we have one and we love it. So,

17:02 and then from there, take a notebook and start writing down some plans, some things that you're going to do.

17:09 Huge thing. Go to cabin. If it's, you know, wintertime there. If not, just go to a summer cabin. Does not matter, just take time away from her phone. Yes. Yep.

17:18 Be intentional. But you know, I always talk about creating a plan of like your business plan and your strategy and that's good. But part of this will help execute your business plan because you'll be in the right frame of mind and de-stressing is a big one.

17:33 Yes. And not having a negative mindset is definitely helping you. Cause I mean when you go into your workspace, it's very messy. It's hard to have positive mindset because you're not, yes, you're distracted by everything. So now you have twice as many things as you did before problems. So now you got to clean it up.

17:50 So it's just all these things that really who good can really help you. And I know, you know what I, you know what I like about this, Kayla, is that, you know, a lot of people that are listening, they are business people, right? Yes. They have kids. Yes. And I have kids. And the thing is is, you know, what we don't realize is kids have their own set of stress, right? And it could be schoolwork, it could be volleyball, it could be whatever, right? Horseback riding, like whatever, right? There's certain stresses and we all think of stresses like a worry. Not necessarily always a worry, it's just the pressure of maybe things you need to do, getting stuff done and all of this. So I think this is great for you, the listener to really take this and use it in your own life. But also if you have kids, bring this to them.

18:38 You know, maybe go out and grab the book. I'll link everything up in the show notes as well. But this is the title of it is the little book of Hooga and uh, it says pronounced hoo, guh. H O O G a, but it's spelled H Y G G E a. And M. yeah. So this is, I mean, [inaudible], um, at the very bottom he's got, or the author, uh, it says a CEO of the happiness research Institute. Copenhagen. Yeah. Actually works at a place, you know, where he gets to research on how to, you know, show people how to be happy and find out ways. And he's even saying like with his kids, he would actually just go out and fly a kite. They love that. They love it. It's the, it's their favorite thing. So it's not who, that isn't even just about warmth, it's about being happy.

19:26 It's, you know, the thoughtful side of it. Yeah. So what we're going to do is we'll, we'll, we'll link up the book here. Uh, but this is, I think this is great and I think it's great too. I, on the back of the book it says, um, get consciously cozy. And I love that. I love that. And, uh, yeah, I just, again, I wanted to bring this to you guys because, well, uh, my daughter, my daughter's, I should say, brought this to my attention. And then when she got the book, it really made me look into it a little bit deeper. Other than just being like, Oh, let's have a Hooga night and then we're just gonna, you know, snuggle on the couch, which is fun making cookies though as well. Yeah. So I really, uh, I really think it's awesome and I'm going to be learning more as you're learning more because I think this is great and this is going to be something that you are doing that will better your life now as a 12 year old or as a 47 year old or someone that is wherever they are in their life.

20:25 Like right now, this to me is helpful and this here is always going to be needed. Like you're 12 right now, but when you're 24 you can still apply this to your life. And so the things that you're learning, you're going to be able to use now, but way into the future. Uh, so what else did you want to say before we wrap up here? For anyone listening right now on this episode that I did with my daughter. Right.

20:48 I definitely think, um, we did just miss a little bit on the food and drinks, clothing, but the food and drink, I was just going to definitely say again, cake, sweets and strudel. If you're in Germany or something like that, strudel, you should definitely be getting some of that. Um, but you definitely can get, they love tart things. So if you live in Denmark, go get your tart things that you like. Denmark, what do we do? Just get [inaudible] from a supermarket. Yeah. But um, and then clothing, just cozy sweaters. Definitely. Um, you know, just bright, happy. But in Denmark they do like to wear like black just because it brings down the mood. I mean, but uh, sweaters and socks are the two key factors and um, blankets as well. Yeah. So just apply those to wherever you work or live or things like that because they can really help you just be calm.

21:51 So cozy, cozy, meaning clothing and then also meaning lighting and then also meaning sense. Uh, so to me, honestly, and I know that there's been research on this sense, uh, lighting has some type of, some type of effect on your, on your mind, and it really puts you in a different state. So I really, I really love this. I love it that you brought it to my attention and I said, you know what, there's an episode that's going to come out on Christmas day. I'm not going to make it a business. Uh, you know, if people are listening to this, I don't want to make it another strategy for how to grow your business. Although this here will grow your business, it will grow your life. It will, to me, it will distress you. And these are things that I'm going to be applying to my life moving forward. And I know that you are as well.

22:42 Yeah. And I mean, Christmas this time year, who goes prime time? It's really, I mean, it's sad. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So go and do your Hooga thing.

22:53 All right. Awesome. Well guys, I just, again, I want to thank Kayla for coming on. Kayla, he did an awesome, awesome job. Yeah. And uh, yeah, we're going to do some Hooga here while we have our company and we've got a full house here. We've got, uh, your, uh, your puppy is here. Uh, we've got, uh, your sister Alexis. We've got Scotty, we've got Cameron, uh, who is my son in law. And uh, we've got the three dogs. We've got Maisie, we've got Lily are the German shepherd, and then we've got Brody. Yes. Brody always loves Hooga. He was Hogan this morning. It was all, no, no, he was, he was hooking on the couch. He was all snuggled in and yes, he was kind of sounds like yoga. Yeah. Yoga. Oh, yoga. Yoga could be possibly right. All right. All right. We might have to do a followup episode here on who guys we learn more as we, as we experiment.

23:45 I think we're going to experiment a little bit with some Hooga, see what we like and we'll, we'll do another followup episodes. So, Kayla, thank you for coming on. This is episode seven 68. I hope that I, uh, that I remembered that one, right? Let's see. Seven 68. It is. And this is all about how to create the best life ever in 2020 and way beyond that, by adopting this thing called and tell people about it, learn about it, and apply it to your life. And guys have an awesome, amazing day and we'll see you right back here on the next episode. Merry Christmas and happy new year at well. Okay, but let's, let's wrap this up through the way that we always do it. Okay. You ready? You're going to fall? Yeah. Yeah, we got it. We got it. We did this at brand accelerator live by the way.

24:37 Kayla wasn't there, but she was there on stage. FaceTiming with myself, my wife and everyone else. Scotty was there. Uh, so, uh, here's what we're gonna do. Okay. All right. We're going to wrap this up. All right. The way that we always do. All right. Deep breath. All right. Who got, who got, who got, Oh no. All right guys, that is going to wrap it up. As always. Remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I'm rooting for you, but you have to. You have to. Come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Having an awesome and amazing day. I'll see you right back here. Episode bad, high five. Woo.

25:36 [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].26:03 Thank you.


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