TAS 766What Is Best Day To Post Content? – Ask Scott #238

Where are things headed with your ecommerce business? Are your profits continuing to rise steadily, or are you facing a slump in sales numbers? What can you do to put your brand in the best position to succeed in the long-term? If you need some solid advice, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, gives an update regarding Brand Creator’s Academy, answers a question from a TAS follower like you, and much more. Have pen and paper ready; you don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode! 

Customer service can be your secret weapon! 

When was the last time you had really terrible customer service? Unfortunately, those negative experiences tend to stand out in our minds way more than the positive ones. This is why you need to focus on delivering high-quality customer service each time you get a chance to interact with your customers or potential customers. The last thing you want your brand to be known for is poor customer service. Imagine what it would mean for your brand to be known for delivering high-quality customer service! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares a helpful lesson about customer service – don’t miss it!

Don’t wait for the best timing – act now

What is holding your business back? Do you find yourself wondering when the best time is to launch a product, publish a post, or shoot a video? Bad news – there is never a perfect time. The time to act is now! While Scott often encourages sellers like you to do your research, the truth is – it’s easy to get lulled into inaction. Why not commit to taking action every single day? It doesn’t always have to be something challenging – even a baby step is a step in the right direction! 

Brand building is the wave of the future

Let’s face it, gone are the days when you could find a popular product like fidget spinners and then make a killing by selling your own white label product online. While there is still money to be made in the ecommerce sector – you’ve got to smart about it! If you’ve been part of the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is hard at work shifting the focus of this brand to empower sellers like you. Learn more about brand building and the resources that Scott has built by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:50] Scott’s thought of the week. 
  • [12:30] When is the best time to post on social media or on a blog? 
  • [16:45] Why brand building is the wave of the future.
  • [18:30] Closing thoughts. 
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TAS 766: What Is Best Day To Post Content? – Ask Scott #238

00:02 Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the amazing seller podcast. This is episode number seven 66 and session number two 38 of Ascot. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I'm going to do it again here, today and today. Well I've got a lot to cover because while we are approaching the end new year,

00:24 lot of great things are happening, a lot of things have already happened and I want to make sure that you're aware of those and some new things that are coming up. So I just want to make sure that we cover all that stuff before we hit the ground running and start heading towards 2020 which is kind of weird to even say. But today the question that I'm going to be addressing, I'm just going to throw it out there cause we've been talking all about building brands and a lot of that has to do with producing content and really attracting the right people into your business, into your world, into your home base. 

And that is what is the best day to post content. That's like a big question that a lot of people ask and actually one of our brand creators, Academy members asked this question and that's what prompted me to want to address this today.

01:14 So that's what we're going to be talking about. We'll talk a little bit more about content and stuff as well, but before we do, if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ascot session, all you have to do is head over to the amazing seller.com forward slash ask and you can do it right there. All right, and this way here, you can submit your question. Let me know who you are, where you're coming from, a little bit about yourself and ask that question over there. Don't be shy. 

Go over there, the amazing seller.com forward slash ask and you can do it right there. All right, that'd be awesome. Okay, so we are, like I said, we are approaching 2020 and to me it's the year of building a brand, building your own assets, controlling your own channel, your own destiny.

02:00 And I'm really, really excited about 20, 20 because that is what we're going to be focusing on. And if you are new to this show, well, uh, you probably don't realize, but over the past year and a half, almost two years now, this whole podcast has shifted its focus to mainly talking about building a brand and then leveraging that brand using things like Amazon, using things like AdThrive or media vine or affiliate programs to generate revenue off of that brand. 

But in my opinion, building a brand is going to be even more critical. Moving into 2020, I'm going to be doing an upcoming episode where I'm going to be talking all about my predictions of what's going to happen here in the future and what we should be focusing on. But it's kind of crazy because, you know, I've been at this over 12 years online, uh, and I've just seen a lot and it's kinda coming full circle because a lot of the things that we were doing then we're doing now just with different tools in channels.

03:00 Uh, but it really does come down to those basic things. Have you ever thought about that? If you've ever coached a sport or have watched coaches, coach sports, they always talk about the fundamentals. They always talk about dribbling a basketball before shooting, right? It's like, or when you're shooting, shoot closer to the, to the basket. 

So this way here you can make those baskets and then start working yourself back. You know, using the basics, the fundamentals. If you're playing baseball, it's hitting off a tee before you hit live, right? It's all of these fundamental things and we tend to overlook them because we want to do everything or we want to do the fun, exciting stuff, right? Like playing in the game is fun, but we gotta, we gotta practice, we gotta do all of these things, these fundamental things that help us really show up to the game and you know, ready to win.

03:50 And that's well, building a brand is all about, to me really is understanding the basics, understanding the fundamentals, getting good at it, building that skillset. And then from there, starting to use those to your advantage as you're building out your brand and your business. All right. So today what I also want to do is I want to talk a little bit about my team. 

I've got something here on my mind that I want to share. Something recent that just happened actually to my daughter, my older daughter who's 24 married. Um, but uh, she had a, a a story, uh, of a, a customer service. No, somewhat of a nightmare. Uh, well I don't want to say nightmare but just a little bit of like a lot of problems that shouldn't have been and you know what, as a new seller you really shouldn't be doing this stuff.

04:31 So I want to talk about that here in a minute. But if you did miss the brand builders series that I just recently do, well you've got a little bit of catching up to do, but it's okay because it's all done now and it's all ready for you to go through if you are at all interested the time of this airing. 

Okay. We are just before Christmas, the 25th, they should be airing on the 20th of December. I've got a special episode coming up on Christmas day as well. I've got a special guest that I'm going to have on and we're going to, we're going to learn something about really creating a richer life and really more of a, I guess a stress free life. Um, and I'm going to bring on that guest. It's very, very special guests. Um, so you can look forward to that, but if you have not gone over to brand creators.com yet and grabbed the resources over there, you're going to find all of the brand building stuff there.

05:24 Okay. The brand building series that I just did, we'll be there. The brand builders, uh, creation validation, growth process and that their bet is all over there@brandcreators.com. So again, go there, make sure that you go through that series, make sure you make sure you go through that training. All right, so let's jump in. Like I said, we got a lot going on, right? I mean, here we are approaching the holidays. Fourth quarter is almost behind us. 

Hopefully you're having a great fourth quarter, but my thoughts of the week are this. And they came from a story from my daughter, I sitting at the kitchen table as she just received her new water bottle. She bought this glass water bottle with a plastic top that screws on and she bought it because she wanted to have a BPA free. Um, she wanted to have something that she could, uh, you know, have and use, uh, on a regular basis.

06:16 So she wasn't using plastic bottles and the whole thing. Right. So she was really excited, got the bottle and she started screwing on the top and the top was not threatening correctly and it was just, it was hard to thread and she didn't want to cross thread it. So I looked at it and I got it working and stuff, but it was, it was a little bit of a, a, of a project to get it to work. Right. So I said, you know what? Contact the seller and let them know that you're having this issue. And they'll probably just say, no problem. Keep the bottle, we'll send you a new one. Right? And so she emails this seller and uh, and they said back to her, well, can you take a picture of it? Because it sounds like you're not tightening it. Right. Right. So, so right away they're, they're kind of like giving her resistance thinking like, well, you're just trying to get a free bottle.

07:06 Right? So my daughter says, okay, so she doesn't take a picture or anything, but she says, listen, you know, I've screwed on the top. It's tight, but, and it's not leaking, but it's hard to get it on and off and I'm afraid that it's not going to thread properly and it will eventually leak and I don't want a bottle, but it gets bought to not, you know, screw on properly. So then they came back and they said, well, we just want to make sure that you are following the instructions with it, of taking it on and off, which is kind of silly to me. It's like you unscrew it, you screw it on. So, uh, so they, they said, um, you know, as long as, uh, you know, the product is, is a defective, uh, threads, we will then send you a new bottle, right?

07:59 Like, okay, let's call a time out here. I need my buddy Kevin Sanderson, my referee buddy, a brand accelerator live organizer. I need him right now to call a time out because if you are selling a product and there is a problem with it and someone requests that you look into this or send them a new one, even if you say send the old one back, which you shouldn't do that by the way. 

You just need to send them something without any questions asked. I mean, come on. And then the crazy thing is, and this is where my daughter made a little bit of a mistake, there was only five reviews. So she didn't really look at the review. She just seen the bottle and she says, I want to get the bottle. You know, a lot of people look at reviews nowadays. Well, she's like, you know what, it's a $16 bottle.

08:44 Oh, that, that was the other thing. It's a $16 bottle. So that $16 bottle might cost $3, right? Maybe four let's say, and let's say five all had to do was send her a new bottle and she would have been happy and probably gave a positive review and said, that's great customer service. Now guess what? 

This person's only got five reviews and my daughter will probably leave a negative review because of that, right? So why? I mean if you had thousands of reviews and you wanted to challenge it, maybe I still wouldn't do it, but you five reviews. So lesson for anyone that is launching a new product right now, if you have, okay, if you have a problem or someone has a problem and they they've, or would you that problem do not, please do not resist giving them a refund or giving them a new product.

09:34 Here's what you should do. Here's what I would do. Here's what we do, okay? Most times if there's a problem with the product, we'll say, I'll tell you what, let me refund your purchase and send you a new one absolutely free because we want to make sure that our customers are happy and I want to make sure that our products are not having problems. 

Now if you start getting four or five or six of these, well then you might want to pause that, uh, that listing or you know what I mean? Like you might want to take the inventory and hold it and you might want to have a few shipped to your house or you know, to your business and look and see and to make sure that that thing isn't effective. Because if that thing is defective and you have a thousand of these units, you're going to keep getting these over and over and over again.

10:20 All right, so there is my little thought of the week. Uh, I was kind of upset to be honest, and I'm like, is this person serious? Like, people wonder why they can't, you know, they, they can't get sales or they can't get good reviews because you're resisting giving them good customer service. That is number one, number one. Okay. All right. 

So I know you guys listening are probably not going to do that, but if you were it all thinking of it, the next time you get someone that says something isn't right, even if they're giving you a line of BS, I don't care. Right? Like I just, I don't want a negative review if I can help it. Okay. We're going to get them regardless. So we want to take any opportunity to make that customer happy so we can avoid that. All right, so don't let that happen to you.

11:09 All right, so let's dig in now that I got that off my chest and hopefully you're going to take something away from that. All right, so here's what I want to address. Okay. Uh, again, we are in brand creators Academy right now, which currently right now it is closed, but I should mention that on January six, 2020, we are opening enrollment for a short period of time. 

Generally we open for a week and then from there we close the uh, Academy and then we, you know, focus on our members and then from there we'll usually open in the next couple of months. Okay. So again, if you're interested, you're going to want to be ready January six. But our members, they're in there taking massive action. I actually just did four site reviews inside there where we're actually going through and looking at the website, the home base, we're looking at the content, we're looking at the structure, we're looking at all of those different things.

12:06 Um, so we're in there creating, and that's why it's called brand creators. Get it. So again, it's just a lot of fun. But one of the questions came in and said, Scott, what is the best day to post my content? I want to know what's the optimal time, what's the best time to go ahead and hit publish? So I make sure that Google gives me like the best chance of ranking here is the simple answer. And we'll go into a little bit of a deeper answer here, but here's the simple answer. All right? And I think someone in our group might even have been Todd, Todd Welch. 

Uh, he might've said any day ending in a Y and one of those is today. Like just post it today. Like, just get that thing posted. Don't worry about the most optimal time to post something. You know, we always, we always kind of hold ourselves back because we think that there's going to be this one little window that we get something published or we post something on Facebook, we post something on Instagram, we post something on an or we email at a certain time, right?

13:11 It's better to just post it and just get it done than it is to wait and hope, right? So the best advice here is worry about creating a great piece of content. Worry about getting a piece of content that you know is going to help and serve your market. That is

14:01 going to bring the right person to your home base and then just get that thing optimized and then from there, post it all right. We can always tweak it later. But once it's live, it's not alive. It's, it's going to be evergreen too. We have something that is out there on the internet that could potentially lead someone back to our website and eventually either buy a product, go through an affiliate link, show up as an impression that could pay us through AdThrive or media vine or whatever. So just understand it's going to be better just to post it.

So to me, the biggest thing here is to post it on a consistent basis. That's the bigger part here, right? It's better to post something once a week, then once a week now, and then let's say you wait another three weeks to post it and then you might post two in a week and then you wait and you post, you know, on another three weeks. I'd rather see you be consistent. So maybe every Monday, every Wednesday or every Friday. Right. So I post the podcast every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Okay. In our a physical product brand and the one that we're really building out our content site around, um, that one there, I email every, uh, every three, every two days. So it's, um, it's three, three times a week. So it's a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, okay. And here's the other thing, consistently, every time I send them an email, so let's say email is on a Tuesday, I'll wait 24 hours and then Wednesday morning, guess what I do?

I sent to the unopens and then I get another bunch of people that opened the email from people that I would have just given up on. So, but I do that consistently, right? So Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, like clockwork blog post, depends on your market. But I would say Monday, Wednesday, Friday, sometime during the week is probably best if I was going to give you a time, right. Versus the weekend. But it doesn't really matter because once that piece of content is there, then we want to share it and then we want to talk about it. That's probably the more important part here is is what's the best time to let your, your audience or your email list know about it? I would say Monday through Friday. The reason why we do it on a Saturday for one of our emails is because we know our market is also doing this on the weekend.

So we want to show up in the morning and I generally do them in the morning because I look at it like, well people get busy by the time nine o'clock hits, so I'm going to try to get the email out before nine o'clock. Right. So to me it's more important about getting the content posted and then figuring out when to share it. Right. That would be a better question versus what is the best day to post the content. The best day is today, you


know, or you know, whenever you can post it, post it. And this is literally what we talk about inside of the brand building series that I just went through. So again, if you have not went through that, it's all there for you. Okay. And all you need to do is create your plan and then execute that plan, take action on that plan.

All right, so again, brand building to me is going to be the thing for 2020 and into the future. And I think the skills that you're learning through building the brand will also carry you way, way into the future because these things to me are plug and play. You plug these things into just about any business and they will work, but you do need to make sure that you validate that and that's actually part of the skill set that you're learning is how to really validate a market, how to see these openings, how does CDs, opportunities, how to understand if this market is even viable for what we want to do with it. All right. So again, that's why you definitely should be going through the brand builder series and going through that brand growth validation checklist over@brandcreators.com. So definitely, definitely check that out if you haven't done so already.

And, uh, the other thing is again, before we wrap up, make sure if you were at all interested or if you missed out on the last time that we opened brand creators Academy, this will be the open that we do for 2020 in January. It's January six to be exact. And from there we will be open and uh, we will open up enrollment for about five days and then from there we will close the enrollment down and we will be then just catering and just pouring all of our energy into our brand creators that are inside of the Academy. And uh, and then we'll be opening up again in a few months after that. So again, if you're at all interested, be ready. January six, 2020 is when we're going to be opening enrollment. In the meantime, make sure that you go through

through that free training that we created for you. All right, so that's it guys. That is going to wrap up this episode. As always. Remember, I'm here for you. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, but you have to. You have to. Come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud. Take action. Have an awesome, amazing day. I'll see you right back here on the next episode. Oh Hey guys, before you go, I wanted to ask a quick favor. If you have not yet left a review for us on iTunes, if you could do that, that would be amazing. I read every single one of them, even the one stars, and yes, they're going to be there. You can't make everyone happy. I understand, but if you've gotten any kind of value from this podcast, it really helps me to get fired up to see what this podcast is doing for you. And it also helps us reach more people by you leaving a review on iTunes. So if you could


do that, that would be amazing. And while you're there, if you haven't subscribed to the podcast, do that as well. This way here, you'll never miss an upcoming episode. All right. So if you could do that, that'd be amazing. Talk to you later.


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