TAS 666 (MY CRAZY BAD DAY) YOU Can QUIT or Do This Instead

Let’s face it; this ecommerce game is not for the faint of heart. As you’ve been busy building your ecommerce business or taking steps to start – you’ve likely realized that it's going to take a lot of work. That’s true – but all of the hard work is worth it! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains his mindset and how he stays in the game even when things get difficult. If you want to know how to endure the challenges that will come your way, this is the episode for you!

Get mad, then get to work on a solution.

One of the toughest aspects of running your own small business is having to deal with the crap when it hits the fan. When you are the boss, the buck stops with you! So what do you do when you run into a significant challenge? According to Ryan Lee from Rewind Bars, the best solution is to let yourself get mad for a few minutes and then take that energy and use it to find an answer to your problem. While Ryan’s approach isn’t easy – it is practical. Learn more about this critical topic by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

You’ve got to dig deep!

If you have any hope for your ecommerce business to go the distance, you’ve got to be prepared to dig deep! When things get tough, and adversity rears its ugly head you need to have already decided that you’ll do what it takes to see the challenge through. If you think that your business won’t face any challenges, you are fooling yourself! Scott doesn’t sugarcoat the entrepreneurial journey – he’s prepared to share it all with you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t miss this episode of The Amazing Seller to learn more!

Who is in your corner?

Our society often looks at entrepreneurs as these mythical figures who pop up out of nowhere to enjoy instant success – has that been your experience? If you are anything like Scott, your answer is a resounding, “No!” So how does an entrepreneur get their business off of the ground? The answer is, it takes a lot of hard work and support – you need both! Hard work will get you far but if you surround yourself with people who aren’t supportive it’s like tying one hand behind your back. Do you have like-minded and supportive people in your corner? Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott expands on this important subject!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:45] Why you need to have like-minded people in your corner.
  • [5:15] Scott talks about an issue he ran into with the TAS website.
  • [14:15] When things go wrong, let yourself get mad then find a solution!
  • [16:30] How an email list can help you in a pinch.
  • [21:30] You’ve got to dig deep!
  • [24:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.
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TAS 666: (MY CRAZY BAD DAY) YOU Can QUIT or Do This Instead


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 666. Oh my gosh I don’t even like to say that number but I have to because that’s what number we are at. It actually…

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…goes hand in hand with what I’m about to share with you in this episode and that is, bad days will happen. As my day happened today, and not today I mean the time that you are listening to this but the time that I’m recording this I had one heck of a day. Really, really bad day.

And I’m going to explain what that was but also more importantly I wanted to turn this into a lesson and really how to deal with these types of issues and things that happen that punch you in the gut and make you want to stop, make you want to quit but really how to get around that, how to push through that. Because let’s face it, things are going to happen. Things have happened to you. Right now I guarantee and you are like, “This isn’t worth it. I’m not going to do this anymore. It’s not worth my time.” Have you ever said that? I have, plenty of times.

And today it could have been one of those days but it wasn’t and I’m happy to say that after about six and a half, seven hours it’s been fixed. And I’ll explain what I’m talking about here. But I really just wanted to convey this to you and really get this message to you. I know this podcast is about how to build your business and how to go out there and create your own freedom, your own lifestyle business. That’s what we talk about here and what we don’t realize is that a lot of that has to do with or achieving that has to do with mindset and getting through those rough patches.

[00:02:01] Scott: That’s what I want to share with you here today. I almost wanted to skip this episode because the number was 666 and we all know what that means or at least some of us believe that, some of us don’t. But I almost wanted to skip this because I’m like, “This is just bad, bad number.” But actually it turns out that it’s something that we should discuss because there are things that are going to happen and I want you to understand that when it happens there’s ways that you can deal with this.

Now I’ll explain exactly how I dealt with this myself. Now, the other thing is I want to mention here is it’s really, really important that during times like this it is so helpful if you have like-minded people that you are surrounded with, so important. Now, I am very fortunate that I have a great team, a great people that work with me. It wasn’t always that way. It’s taken some time. With TAS I started out all by myself and then I started to meet people and add people and learn what direction I wanted to go and then start building out that infrastructure.

But it also came down to meeting people at events or meeting people at meetups or whatever but it is really important. My wife, I’m very fortunate for her because she is always generally pulling me out of that mindset if I ever start falling into that mindset. And there’s been a lot of times that I’ve been at that point where I’m just like, “Oh my gosh, why did I, was it even worth it? Was it worth it to put this amount of stress on me?” And she’s always been really good at pulling me out of there and going, “Yes, look at this, look at that, it’s going to be okay.” You are starting to tell yourself stories, you know how that works and we all do it.

We tell ourselves stories of what happens if this happens? What happens if that happens? And it might not ever happen. So I just want to stress that it does come down to surrounding yourself with good people, people that understand what it takes and that there is going to be these hiccups.

[00:04:03] Scott: And I probably should remind you about where there is going to be a lot of cool people hanging out that are likeminded and this is my little shameless plug for Brand Accelerator Live. If you’ve not grabbed your ticket yet you should do that because it’s so important to be able to surround yourself with those likeminded people. And that’s what we are doing there at that event but more than that, we are actually going to be really focusing on building a future-proof brand and accelerating your current brand whatever that is, whether it’s just starting, whether it’s just starting to grow or whether you are at the seven or even eight figure mark.

Believe it or not I’ve got people that I’m working with in the Inner Circle that are seven figure sellers, they are still dealing with stuff. We all do, there’s just different times, different places that you are going to arrive in your business and yet you’ve got to be able to move through that. So no matter where you are in your business this Brand Accelerator Live event is going to be for you if you are looking to build a future proof business. Head on over to brandacceleratorlive.com grab a ticket and I will see you in September. It’s going to be awesome.

Alright so, let’s talk about what happened here today. You guys are probably wondering, “What the heck happened Scott?” Let me share what happened. I currently, at this time that I’m doing this recording, I have a workshop coming up tonight. Now if you are listening to this later, you can still go to theamazingseller.com/workshop and you’ll see any upcoming workshops there where we are directing people at that point as far as our workshops. We do workshops every so often. It’s been about two and a half months since I’ve done one so I was really excited about it.

And I’m going to be teaching what we’ve done in this new brand in 2019, some of the things that we’ve learned through this process but really The Ten Step Formula is what I call it. And I’m going to be breaking that down and really going through it as a case study so I was really excited about it. I’m like, “Man I haven’t done a workshop in so long. People have asked me when I’m going to do another one.” And I’m like, “This is going to be awesome, I can’t wait.”

[00:06:08] Scott: So last week I started to let my email list and the podcast know that I’m going to be doing a workshop. So I started to get people registering and signing up for this free workshop which I’m excited to be hanging out with some cool people like Brand Accelerator Live that we are going to be doing but this is going to be virtual. So I'm really excited about it. So sent out an email, got a lot of great feedback, a lot of people signing up, it’s awesome, I’m excited.

Now, let me just back up a little bit. Last week I also had an issue with our iTunes feed being updated from our blog, our website for TAS. And so what I was noticing was that the podcast wasn’t being updated unless we went in and forced an updated inside of our blog post. Complicated but just understand that it wasn’t happening automatically like it should. So freaked out a little bit, started asking Chris what he thought. Now we had started to tweak our theme inside of WordPress for TAS. We are starting to do a little bit of a rebuild behind the scenes.

Actually by the time you listen to this it could be live. You might want to go check that out theamazingseller.com and you can see what the new look is. And so we started to do this so we updated our theme, we added maybe a plugin or two, whatever and then I’m like, “That’s the problem. We just changed things, now we’ve got a problem.” And Chris was like, “Wait a minute here, it might not be because really we didn’t change anything other than this one plug in and we’ve already turned it off and it didn’t work.”

Long story short is we really even to this day, right now we are still trying to figure that out. We finally got our podcast feed to update after we forced it a few times. We still don’t know if it was iTunes updating it automatically and they just took their time to do it or maybe they were doing changes so I’m stressing out because no one’s been able to listen to the podcast.

[00:08:09] Scott: And people are saying, “Where is the podcast? Did it go away? Are you going to stop publishing three times a week?” As of right now, No. So all of this stuff is happening so I’m like, “Oh my gosh, all of this is happening all at once. My podcast isn’t being updated, people can’t access the site in certain areas.” Then come to find out after trying to fix the issue of the podcast being updated we turned off a plugin and then all of a sudden the site went down.

It came up and it said, “Error accessing database,” or something like that. It was dead, couldn’t get on, couldn’t even get in the backend to adjust anything or change anything or tweak anything. So then Chris gets on with the support at Hostgator. Just to let you know we have a dedicated host so we are not sharing a host. We did that for this reason because we wanted stability. So all of this is happening. And you can imagine. I’m stressed out, I’m like, “Man, I’ve been waiting for this workshop it’s been on my mind, I’m getting prepared for it, I’m getting excited for it, I’m also excited for the new website design that we are doing that’s going to be cool.

But now no one can even access it. So wasn’t it worth it? Should I have done it? Should I have tested things first? You start going through all of these things. You just start beating yourself up. So here is what I ended up deciding to do for a minute here. Monday morning, this is what’s happening, I took a step back, I took a deep breath and I learned this from my friend Ryan Lee who you guys have heard on the podcast before. He said, “Give yourself five minutes to get mad, to get upset, to feel sorry for yourself and just use that five minutes for that. Then from there you need to move on because nothing else you are going to do. You can sit there and beat yourself up or worry. Now it’s trying to get things fixed.”

Here is another thing that was happening in the meantime to add more to this issue. Our email provider which is Active Campaign.

[00:10:09] Scott:  We use Convert Kit in our physical products stuff, we use Active Campaign for TAS stuff. So we are using Active Campaign now. Long story short, we actually have switched our email provider two times in the past year and a half. It’s a nightmare to do that by the way so be very careful on what you do as far as moving contacts from one platform to the other. So we’ve been messing around with that and we are finding that people weren’t receiving the emails. They just weren’t.

The servers on Active Campaign were not allowing some of my contacts to be contacted or some were being pushed to promotions or some were being pushed to spam. When people would contact me and go, “Scott I haven’t received an email in over two weeks. What’s up, is everything okay?” I’m like, “Yeah I have been sending them out.” But no one’s getting them, not no one but there’s a certain segment that’s not. So that’s why we were playing around with that and we’re figuring that out.

Then we find out that Click Funnels, who we used to build our pages for our workshops or for our book funnels or anything like that, we are using Click Funnels. Click Funnels speaks to Active Campaign and updates the contacts in there. Well, they weren’t speaking well together so people were registering in Click Funnels but they weren’t being added to Active Campaign, at least not all of them. There was like half of them.

So I’m like, “Now what are we going to do?” It was just a mess, a nightmare and I’m actually still in it right now. The only thing is since I recorded this episode, which I created these notes before, I actually recorded this. I outlined this podcast, I went to lunch, I came back, refreshed to see if my website was back up and it was. But in the meantime I sent out an email, you probably got one, maybe you did and it basically said, “Hey, had an issue with our site going down, here is a direct link to the workshop.”

[00:12:01] Scott: So I just recently did that but now as I’m recording this, things are starting to look up a little bit. But what I decided to do is give myself five minutes, actually I gave myself about an hour. My wife and myself and my daughter went to lunch, she’s off for the week, and we’ve had some lunch. And honestly I didn’t freak out about it. A couple of different reasons. One I’ve done this before, I understand that things happen, I understand there’s only so much you can do, I also have a great team.

Chris was on the phone with Hostgator figuring that site out. He’s more of the tech guy. I know enough to get myself in trouble but he’s the tech guy so he’s going through all of that. He was telling me like they are resetting the server but it might take a few hours. So then we started thinking about what we were going to do to contact people to let them know of a direct link versus going through our website. So you can see guys it was a mess. It was a mess but I’m excited for tonight now. I’m still excited.

I’m excited that there’s ways to still move when it feels like you can’t and now guess what? I’m also able to take this experience and share it with you guys and hopefully have you guys say, “Ah, it’s not just me. Things happened to Scott too even though it might appear Scott’s got it all figured out.” No, and I find that every single time that I connect with someone that I thought had it all figured out. Good friend of mine Pat Flynn, just hired ten people on his team full time by the way. I was like, “Man you’re nuts. Like ten people, that’s a lot man. That’s a huge responsibility.” He was like, “I know, I thought that a year and a half ago too but now it’s time. I feel like its time, I’m going to give it a try.”

And so to me he’s got it all figured out and so I’m asking questions I’m like, “It seems like you’ve got everything going great. Is everything perfect?” And he’s like, “No, it’s not. There’s challenges every single day. I’ve run into the same things that you do and other people do but I have a great team but I also know that it will work itself out. We’ve just got to figure it out. We can’t stop moving, we can’t just leave and hope that it works. We have to figure it out.”

[00:14:11] Scott: How can you apply this to yourself? Well, whenever you come into a situation like this, which you will, I’m just telling you, I’m being real you are going to have issues. They are going to happen. Take five minutes, you have permission, take five minutes, get mad, get upset, whatever you want to do but that’s it. After five minutes, you might even want to set your timer on your phone and say, “Five minutes that’s what I’ve got.” And after that then go into ‘what I’m I going to do’ mode. Ask yourself questions.

Start working on fixing stuff. Start figuring out what’s the thing you can do. In my case I have a team but if I didn’t have that team I could say, “I’m going to call Hostgator.” And I’m going to give you another example of this. Not that long ago, probably around five years ago now, I was running a full… And it was my full-time business at the time, a full membership site for photographers for downloading and using digital backgrounds and digital props and Photoshop training and all of that stuff.

At one point I had just about nine hundred paying subscribers in there, monthly subscribers and I had a lot of people accessing that site. I had a lot of people depending on getting their downloads and accessing and all that stuff that they are paying for. So I have an obligation to keep that running smooth. Well there was more than one occasion that the site would go down or maybe… Again maybe they did an update but they didn’t update the plugin or the WordPress plugin or whatever it is. So then I would go and get an email. I can still remember I’d get an email and say, “Hey Scott sorry I can’t access the members’ area. Are you having some issues or is it just me?”

[00:16:02] Scott: Then I would go and I would try to load the site and if it wouldn’t load, “No, not just you. It’s the entire network of our website and our infrastructure is all broken right now.” So then I would go and contact Hostgator, which they’ve been great by the way. So I’d go to Hostgator, I’d get on their support, live chat and sometimes it would be an easy fix and sometimes it would be an all-day fix or sometimes it would be a two-day fix. Now here’s something I want you to keep in mind, I always had an email list, always.

So if I didn’t have the email list today to let people know, “Hey guys, change of plans. We are going to meet over here now. We are not going to meet here.” I was able to do that by having that email list. Same thing happened inside of the photography business. Got an issue? All I got to do is send out an email, “Guys listen, the site’s down I’m working on it, I’m going to try to get it as soon as possible, bear with me.” That’s it, had the email list. Or let’s say that I had the photography business of the brick and mortar which I had.

If I had to let everyone know, “Guys we are supposed to have sessions next week but we got the flu, can’t make it,” I can contact those people. It’s so important that you understand that having the email list will allow you to contact your customers if you have any issues with your website and if people are trying to access it. So that’s one huge little nugget there for you. You guys have been hearing me preach that a lot here lately, email list, email list, email list. It still works, it’s not dead, it’s great traffic and it’s a way to build your relationship with your potential customers. It’s just awesome.

I will be building one until I see that I shouldn’t be which I don’t see that coming so it’s just a great asset. If you are not building one start. If you don’t know how, well there is no excuse because I’ve given you free resources and I’ll give you a reminder right here theamazingseller.com/buildlist. That’s theamazingseller.com/buildlist.

[00:18:20] Scott: The other thing I want to do here is remind you that if you have not subscribed to the podcast, you are listening to the podcast right now, subscribe to the podcast if you have not done so already. Here is why? Because let’s say that the podcast is being updated but my email list is down, I could do an emergency podcast and it could give signal to everyone if I wanted to. Let’s say for example like this, the podcast went down, I can’t contact you guys through the broadcast well I can email you guys or I can show up on my Facebook page. So there’s different channels that I can still show up.

It’s really important that you understand that we need to build external assets and resources for our business and our brand. You have to. Anyway that was long winded, a lot of stuff happening here. I still feel pretty good, I’ve got to be honest with you. I was feeling a little frustrated but I was chuckling. I’ve got to be honest, I was chuckling a little bit and I was boxing back and forth with Chris and my team and I’m just like, “I’m pretty much down in the weeds and I’ve got to be pulled out because it feels like I’m starting to get eaten up down here.”

There is a lot of stuff happening, a lot of things that seem like they are breaking but when things are working they are working really well but it’s like anything. And we’ve had our share of issues in the physical product world. We’ve had products that are held up at customs for a week and we are out of inventory and we’ve got to be on the phone. Or maybe you are with Amazon and you are having an issue.

I just actually got off with an Inner Circle member and they have a great brand, great product and they had like 650 reviews that were built organically and they all of a sudden got flagged for having fake reviews.

[00:20:03] Scott: And they’ve never had any fake review. They’ve never had any type of giveaways or anything like that for review groups or anything like that. Totally legit. But what happened was they made a little tweak inside of their flat file, I say they, they did the Inner Circle member, the brand and because of that it flagged something internally and then all of the reviews went away for the most part and then they slowly started coming back. Now we had been through that so we were able to say, “Listen, chill out, relax,” and they were in our Slack Group, we have a private Slack Group for Inner Circle members.

We were in the Slack Group and we just said, “Relax, this has happened to us. They are going to probably start coming back slowly.” And sure enough they did. Sometimes it’s good like I said to have people that you can surround yourself with that are likeminded people that can pull you out of that funk if you get into it. And you can get into that very easily. I’ve been stressed out this week a little bit anyway. I’m heading to Puerto Rico, depending on when you are listening to this. I’m heading to Puerto Rico this week for a mastermind that I’m attending and then also my wife and I are going to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary there in Puerto Rico.

So I’m excited but I’m busy and then this has to happen? I’ve got three days before I leave and I’ve got all this stuff that I want to get done and now this happens? I don’t have time for this. You’ve probably said that. I have. Again I’m sharing this with you to allow you to see that it’s normal. It’s going to happen. It’s just how you deal with it. There’s always going to be a solution. It’s just a matter of how much you are willing to push. And I’m telling you the successful people will all tell you it’s the ones that are willing to keep pushing when you don’t feel like pushing anymore. Like Shaun T from Insanity, the beach body program, dig deep.

You’ve got to dig deep and that’s what happens. When you feel like giving up, when you are doing those burpees, you are doing some type of cardio and you are saying, “I want to stop, I want to stop,” and your mind is telling you you want to stop And you’re like, “Nope, just dig deep. You can do this, you can do this.”

[00:22:10] Scott: That’s what you’ve got to do in these cases too. It’s so important. So just understand that if it happens, chill out, take five minutes, get upset if you want to, go get some pillows and if you want to punch them you can punch those pillows and then from there come back and start asking questions how you are going to fix it. Sometimes even you want to walk away. Take a walk for 30 minutes. I went to lunch and I came back and guess what, things are better.

It happens. You need time to reboot sometimes. And then the other thing is, smile. I know it seems impossible. How are you going to smile at a time like this? But sometimes when you smile it will change the way you feel even though you don’t feel it, it will trigger something internally that will make you feel a little bit better. And sometimes you even have to say, “Wait a minute here, I’m stressing out about this? I could be stressing out about I just got diagnosed with cancer or something like that. That would be terrible. Or I got in an accident or something happened to a loved one.” Whatever.

Sometimes you’ve got to play those mind games with yourself because what you are stressing about really isn’t that bad when you take it into consideration as far as what it could be, how bad it could be if something really was like life threatening or something. Like not really that big of a deal. We’ll get through this. Again just remember, things are not going to go perfect. It’s okay, its normal, it’s the ones that push through are the ones that will succeed and you’ll look back and you’ll learn from this. I just wanted to share this with you. I know it’s random but I think it’s relevant and I think that we all deal with it. So I wanted to share this with you.

And my day is going to be good. We are going to have a great workshop, I’m going to get a lot more things done for the rest of the day. I actually got quite a bit done. I’m actually recording this episode that was part of it. I wanted to batch record a few episodes because I’m going away to Puerto Rico so I’m like I’m going to record. I’m getting stuff done, I’m getting to connect with you guys and listen to me, I’m still in a pretty good mood.

[00:24:09] Scott: I’m here with these issues I had this morning and I’m still hanging out with you guys and I’m pretty fired up. So you can do it. Another little reminder, if you want to hang out with us in September in Fort Worth Texas, head over to brandacceleratorlive.com, again that’s brandacceleratorlive.com, grab your ticket, would love to have you there and we’ll build our brands together there and surround yourself with like minded people. It’s going to be awesome.

Alright guys, this episode can be found at theamazingseller.com/666. I don’t even want say that number but I’m going to say it anyway because that’s the show notes number.

And guys remember, I am here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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