TAS 663 How To Build Your Email List to 1,000 Subscribers in 14 Days

What would it mean for your ecommerce business if you had over 1,000 new subscribers to your email list before the end of next month? Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he reveals his seven steps to get 1,000 new subscribers to your email list. This is your chance to learn from an industry leader and the strategies he has used to succeed, what are you waiting for? Have pen and paper ready; you don’t want to miss a minute of this helpful episode!

7 steps to build your email list

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is constantly looking for ways to help sellers like you build an email list. Scott isn’t putting in all of this effort into creating resources based on theory alone – he’s seen it work! Here are Scott’s seven steps to build an email list.

  1. Identify your market.
  2. Find out where your market spends their time (online.)
  3. What is your target market buying?
  4. Create a giveaway contest.
  5. Set up an auto-responder.
  6. Drive traffic.
  7. Follow up!

Where do you need to start on the seven steps? Are you at the beginning with #1 or have you made your way, half-way to #4? To get the full rundown on each of Scott’s seven steps, make sure to check out this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Know your audience!

If you had to describe your target audience right now, could you? It might sound like a silly exercise, but it’s vital to the success of your business! Too often ecommerce leaders try to go big and make a splash with their marketing efforts only to find that they spend time and money reaching the wrong audience. Don’t let that happen to you! Make sure you know how to target and vet the right people for your brand by listening to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller!

Make sure to follow up.

Don’t you hate it when you send an email or a text, and you never get a reply back? Any business that operates like that is designed to fail! What are you doing to make sure your ecommerce business is prepared to follow up and nurture a relationship with your customers? An easy way to look more professional and polished than you might be is to focus on providing consistent follow up with your customers. To hear what Scott does to drive this message home in his business, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Catch the Early Bird Special!

As a business leader, you know how important it is to know exactly how much money is coming in and how much is going out of your business. Why let an opportunity to get a significant discount on an event slip by? You could use those savings to reinvest in your brand! Make sure to check out the early bird pricing available for Scott’s Brand Accelerator Live event in September. It might sound like a safe distance away, but the truth is – it’s almost May! You can grab a ticket to the event by going to the link located in the resources section at the end of this post.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:15] Make sure to check out Brand Accelerator Live.
  • [9:10] Do you know who your market is? Have you niched down? Where do they hang out?
  • [14:20] Tips on creating a contest to get more folks interested.
  • [17:30] How an auto-responder can help your audience get connected.
  • [21:00] What it takes to drive traffic to your contest.
  • [26:30] Don’t forget about sending follow up emails!
  • [29:30] Scott recaps all 7 steps to build your email list to 1,000 subscribers in 14 days.
  • [36:40] Closing thoughts from Scott.
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TAS 663: How To Build Your Email List to 1,000 Subscribers in 14 Days


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is Episode #663 and today we’re going to cover seven steps to…

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…build your email list to a thousand people in 14 days or less. I’m going to tell you exactly how you're able to do that. I get a lot of people that say, “Scott, I want to be able to go out there and build external assets that will allow me to drive sales, also allow me to drive traffic to whether that's a blog, whether that is your Facebook group and your page, maybe just to build community or maybe to build out that relationship with your customer base or potential customers. Now, you guys probably heard me talk a lot about a lot of people are focusing on the buyer and that buyer generally is on Amazon usually and they're looking to buy something, okay, and that's kind of what we know right now, people are going to Amazon to buy something.

But there's a lot of people that aren't ready to buy today but might be ready in let's say a month or maybe four months or maybe eight months, but those people if you stay front of mind will buy from you when they're ready. Or maybe you can remind them of something or get them interested in something by you delivering value to them on a regular basis and then they go, “Oh, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and buy that.” I’ll give you an example. I was actually looking into this thing called intermittent fasting. I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of that. Some of you probably have. It’s where you eat only a certain amount of time during the day like maybe six hours, maybe eight hours, but there's also a prolonged intermittent fasting, meaning that you would fast for up to 24, 48, sometimes even 72 hours. There's a ton of health benefits and all that stuff and I'm not going to go into that, but it got my attention because I was interested in it. I want to live longer.

[00:02:01] Scott: I want to be healthy and I said, “You know what, I’m going to start looking into this.” So, I found this guy. His name is Dr. Berg, by the way, and I found him from another recommendation from someone that I’m following, actually Michael Hyatt, who I’ve been following for a while and he recommended this guy so see right there, word-of-mouth almost, right? Well, not even almost. It is. And so, I was led over to his page. Now I’m consumed in what he has to offer because he's teaching me all about what the health benefits are, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, how to effectively do it. Also, the things to look out for like all of these things that I'm learning so I'm kind of tied in. I'm starting to trust this guy. I’m starting to learn from him. I'm starting to hear other people that he's helped and all this. And then well, yeah, he led me to products that he sells like just different supplements and things like that but I’m not going to get into that whole story, but I wasn't ready to buy anything, any supplement stuff, up until I started to really learn about this process and then him educate me.

So, that's just an example of how it happened. This happens all the time. I didn’t go to Amazon to look for wheatgrass or whatever like I found him and then I’ve seen what he was talking about and he was recommending this and why and he just educated me. And now I'm following him and when he posts something new, I’m going to listen. If he says, “Hey, there's three things that you need to know to get better sleep at night.” I’m going to probably open up that email or watch a YouTube video or whatever because that's I want to have better sleep. So, he's already got me and I'm starting to build a relationship with him even though I don't know the guy. So, that's what we can do when we have an email list. So, whether you have 500 people, two people, 15,000, it doesn't matter. We got to start somewhere. So, I like to look at a target and that target for me is a thousand people so that’s what we’re going to focus on here today. All right.

[00:04:02] Scott: Now, before we do that, I did want to give you guys a little bit of a reminder here because there's a little time sensitive news here that I want to share with you and it does go hand-in-hand with what we’re going to be talking about here today because this is like one aspect of like building external traffic, assets in your business, and email list is part of that, and we are having our own live event where we’re going to be diving into this, but also other external traffic strategies, also how to optimize your current business, your products, or how to really niche down and find your market and then serve that market. There's a lot of things we’re going to be covering here at Brand Accelerator Live and the reason why I said this is time sensitive is because depending on when you're listening to this, if it’s before May 1st, there are super early bird tickets available and if you're interested in joining us in September, it’ll be September 18th through the 20th then definitely go grab your tickets.

Now, you're not going to want to miss this. This is my first ever live conference where we’re going to have entrepreneurs and brand builders there so it's going to be exciting. I am really pumped up for this. So again, if you're interested in really accelerating your brand and taking it to the next level or if you're just starting and you’re like, “I want to get started in the right place,” and then create that business plan and then map it out and then execute it, definitely, definitely this event is going to help you there as well. So, BrandAcceleratorLive.com, go grab your ticket if you haven't done so already. I am pumped for this and again, if you want that super early bird pricing, go there, grab your tickets before May 1st.


[00:05:46] Scott: All right. So, let's dig into these seven different steps. Now, I'm going to be basically reverse engineering what we have done in the past. We've also had other people that we’ve taught this to have done the same exact thing with really good results, okay, and let me just say like this here what I'm going to be sharing with you is exactly what we did, the first thing that we did when we started building this newer brand. I say newer brand in the past 20 months, this is exactly what we did day one before we even had a product but the other thing I want to say is it does come down to making sure that you are targeting the right people and then also and a big mistake that a lot of people make is they do not follow up other than when they have a sale. That's the kiss of death in my eyes. Now, currently, we have an email list of 30,680 people at the time of this recording because I went ahead and I pulled those numbers because I wanted to give you guys exact numbers.

We’ve also cleaned that list a little bit. What that means is that we have had a list that was a little bit bigger than that but we always refine it by opens and clicks and all that stuff but we’re averaging about 19% to 20%-ish and I say that because some have been 21%, some have been 16% but generally say average of 20% is about what we’re getting which is actually higher than the normal, the normal opens for email marketing and the reason is because we have better targeting. We target the right people and because we have good stuff that we’re sending these people and they’re continuing to open. We weren’t just hitting them over the head with offer after offer after offer. So, for us, our opens right now out of that list is about 6,136 people are opening.

[00:07:45] Scott: And now here's the other thing to keep in mind is that when you're sending out your emails, let's say that I received that 20% open rate of 6,136 people, I'll send another email out let's say the following week and I may get 6,000 people again to open. Some of those people aren't the same that opened the week before. So, some people think that, “Oh, I only get 6,000 people out of my list.” No. You got 6,000 people, but maybe the week before, there was another 2,000 different people that didn't open and then this week they opened. You get what I'm saying, right? Like there's kind of an overlap there. So, what I like to do is I like to always send to the unopens as well. And again, you can say that’s a little advanced. It's really not. If you're using ConvertKit you just go in there and after you send email, you wait 24 hours and you say, “I want to send an email to the people that have not opened this email,” so that way you’re not like re-emailing everyone again on the list and then you can see that climb.

And we’ve done that where you get like a 12% open rate on the first 24 hours and then you go ahead and you send the unopens, you get an extra 8% or 10% which is awesome. And then here's the other thing you have to understand when building a list is that it's all about getting the opens but then it's also all about getting the click, where are you sending people. So, just keep that in mind. All right. So, let’s dig in. Seven steps. Step number one, identify your market. Now, you might be saying, “Well, Scott, I already got products. I’m selling them.” Okay. But do you know who your market is? Do you know precisely who your market is? If you do, then great then we’re going to keep going here. If you don't then I want you to start digging into your market and see who you are serving. Don't tell me just sports and outdoors people. I want you to tell me it's bass fishing people or kayak bass fishing people. Okay. We got to be very, very precise on who we’re targeting so we get the right people to raise their hand. Okay. So, that’s number one.

[00:09:48] Scott: Step number two is we want to start doing some research of where they are hanging out. In our case, we found out that they’re hanging out on Facebook. You can go to Facebook. Facebook, by the way, is a search engine in a sense as well. What I mean by that is they have their search bar. You can go in there and you can type in kayak bass fishing and then it will pop up and you can search by groups, you can search by pages, you can go by recent conversations, all of that stuff. So, it's a huge research tool if I can talk here but where do they hang out? Facebook's a great place to just go see if they’re hanging out there. You might think, “Ah, they’re not,” but they might be. Figure out where they’re hanging out and if they are hanging out on Facebook that's great because then we can really, really target those people when we’re running ads. All right. So, where do they hang out? Go to YouTube. Check that out. Go to Pinterest. See over there. Instagram. Go over there like figure out where they’re hanging out. This is worth the time. Okay.

Step number three, what are they buying on Amazon or what are they buying in general? Now, you may already know this because they’re buying your products. You might have already done all that research and that's great, but we still want to know what they're buying not just so you can see what you're going to sell them. You want to see what you can put out there as bait. Get it? Bass fishing, bait? But it's basically getting their attention like if you're going to drop your line in the water, what is that audience going to bite on or what are they going to be attracted to? So, what are they buying? Now, you may be selling a little widget. Does your widget go with a bigger product? Do you sell vacuum bags that go with a popular vacuum brand? If that's the case then you would take the big item which would be the vacuum and then, yes, you can sell your filters or better case would be maybe you sell fishing lures, but you don't sell fishing rods.

[00:11:47] Scott: Well, maybe you're going to use a fishing rod as your what we call a lead magnet or something that's going to get their attention where they will want to and this is in step four where they’ll want to enter their name and email address for the contest. This is what we did in the very beginning. That's why I’m just reverse engineering what we've done and I'm telling you right now this is worth over and over and over again. If you get it right, okay, but you have to go through and make sure that you have your targeting. Here's where it will not work where you can build a very big email list, but you will not have the right email list. Let's say you said, “You know what, I just want to get people on an email list. I’m going to go ahead and I sell fishing gear but I'm going to raffle off an iPad.” Do you realize that people are just going to randomly enter their name and email address for an iPad? Everyone wants an iPad or a gift card to just a random store. We don't want that either.

What you want is if I'm going after the kayak bass fishing market maybe I'm going to raffle off the kayak. Maybe I'm going to find the $200 kayak and I’m going to use that as my lead magnet as my attraction piece that's going to get the right people to raise their hand. Or maybe it is a complete set for the bass fisherman and maybe part of that is my products, okay, but in the beginning, let's say that you don't even have that product yet or let's say that you do have one your products. That's fine. Add that to part of the bundle. So, what we did in the very beginning, we didn’t even have our own product yet so we just used three random products that went together with an item that we knew that we also would be attracting the right people that would want to buy our product potentially. All right. So, that's the name of the game here is getting the targeting right. And so, just do a little bit digging there. We spent I think in our first contest we spent about $175 or $200 for the prize. Now, think about it. This is advertising costs.

[00:13:47] Scott: A lot of people will say, “Well, Scott, I want to do this for free. Well, it's going to be harder, to be honest with you, but you have to give something of value away and everyone wants to win something that is tangible, that's physical.” So, that's why I suggest using something that is aligned in your market that you can even add your product in as something additional and then this way here people are raising their hand for something that they're going to receive in the mail and it just gets a lot of buzz and all of that stuff. So, what are they buying? Go to Amazon and see that. You probably already know it if you’ve been selling in the market for any period of time. Use that thing. Okay. Now, step four is we have to create a contest. That's what we did and then the big thing here is you want to have that contest page on its own page. What I mean by that is you don't want to just put it on your website or your blog where there's other things that they can do. You don't want to send them there where they can click a whole bunch of different buttons and leave the contest.

We call this a landing page or a squeeze page, whatever you want to call it, but it serves one purpose and that purpose is here's what we got, here's what you need to do next, and that's it like that's it just here it is, do you like it? Good. Enter name, email address. Good. Do it. Like that's it like there's nothing else they can do. They can't go click on our About Us or the brand story or our shopping cart or any of that stuff. We don't want that on this page. So, if you have a website, that's fine. Don't have those features visible while you have this contest up and running. A couple of side tips here is make sure and this is what we like, set a time, a deadline. So, in this case, I said 14 days to 1,000 people on your email list. Just set that contest for 14 days and then in 14 days you’re going to be driving traffic to this page. Now, again, we’ll get into how we can drive the traffic and stuff here in step six, but right now we are setting up that contest.

[00:15:44] Scott: We want a countdown timer on there so this way here when they go there like, “Oh, it’s clicking down. There's only seven days and 14 hours left.” Okay. So, they know that it's coming soon. People don't want to wait three months to know if they won. They’re going to forget about you and in 14 days we’ve want as much as 30 days then it's fine. It works good but 14 days if you want to kind of shorten it a little bit, you want to build that email list to 1,000 people very, very easy to do in 14 days. You can totally, totally do that. Now, I probably should already mention this. If you're interested in seeing exactly how we've done this, I have a free resource for you. It’s a training that Chris Schaffer and I did. It’s totally free. You don't even have to opt in for it. Go to TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList, all together. So, TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList and I will link this up in the show notes at TheAmazingSeller.com/663 just in case you're driving or something and you want to go over that episode, definitely go check that out if you want to see kind of the play-by-play and kind of how everything is kind of put together.

So, create the contest. There's other services you can use out there that are dedicated to just building contest and they have share features and stuff. We had GiveawayBoost which we built a plug-in along with Chris Guthrie and it’s called GiveawayBoost and we use that internally. It's a plug-in that goes inside of our blog and then this way here, it creates these dedicated pages for us. It has everything built in. it has a timer, it has the opt-in form, it has the copy that we can modify. It also has images that we can apply so it's really cool. So, anyway, enough on that. You got to set up a contest page. Now, number five, step five here is setting up an autoresponder. Now, we have it built into GiveawayBoost that you don't necessarily have to have an autoresponder. You can do this. It will collect the emails through the plug-in and then you can just export that list later.

[00:17:43] Scott: I would prefer and this is what we do is we connect an autoresponder to the contest. It's not that difficult. Inside of GiveawayBoost all you have to do is select your autoresponder. We have ConvertKit built-in so all you have to do is just like ConvertKit and it'll attach to your ConvertKit account. Obviously, you have to have a ConvertKit account but again everything is kind of laid out for you if you go to that free training that I just shared with you, TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList but set up the autoresponder. Now, autoresponder if you're brand-new and you don't know what that means, an autoresponder is a place where you can take emails, a tool that you can collect emails and then you can set it to auto send messages and this is really cool like if someone enters their name and email address, immediately, I can send an email to them and say, “Hey, thanks so much for signing up to win the ultimate bass fishing kit. Here are the details if you want to share your link with someone else and get extra entries. All you have to do is click the link below. Thanks so much for entering. We’ll be in touch. Have an awesome day,” like that's it.

Like you could automatically do that. That's what we do. Or it could be someone buy something through your website and you want to send them an auto message or maybe someone downloaded a guide that you have on your website and you want to send a follow-up or maybe they just sign up for your newsletter, which if you're not collecting emails on your website yet you should do that like soon as possible. And I don't care which is like sign up for weekly tips like if that's it, put it on there. And then from there, you can have an auto message that comes up and says, “Hey, thanks for signing up for our weekly tips. While you're waiting for this week's tip, here's five of the most popular ones on our blog. Go check them out,” and then you can link to all five of those. That’s your auto message or immediate message. The other cool thing is then over time you can say every two days I want to send a message or every five days I want to send a new message.

[00:19:45] Scott: And you can build this thing out so when someone comes in that's new, they’ll get message number one. It'll wait three days, send him another message. Maybe wait five days, send another message. Wait another five days, send him another message. You can do that in an auto type fashion where that's why it’s called an autoresponder. But the other cool thing is you can also broadcast to the list meaning you can write an email and then you can say I want to send that to everyone that’s on my list. That's a manual broadcast that's what we send out when we have something new or if we wanted to be maybe time relevant, whatever, okay that's what you can use there. I don't want to go too deep into autoresponders and all that stuff. Pretty basic on like setting it up and also even just getting it started. You don’t have to get really crazy with it. There's a lot of things you can do. You can get crazy with it but we’re not going to do that right here. The biggest thing we want here is we want to connect that to our contest and then that way there we can send out a message immediately to thank them and also let them know that they still have a chance to get more entries by sharing that link. So, that’s step five.

Now, step six is driving traffic to the contest. We’ve got it built now. We’ve identified our market. We know where they’re hanging out. We are setting up for success because we know that our market wants these three products or five products or two products, whatever you used, and then we set up the contest page. We connected it to our autoresponder so this way here we can have that all kind of dialed in and it's automated. Now we got to drive traffic. And so, when we’re driving traffic, there’s a few different things we can do. Number one, share it with your network. If you are connected in Facebook groups in your market or if you have your own Facebook group or a Facebook page, share it. Okay. Put it out there and share it. If you already currently have an email list and you want to really give some good value and goodwill created within your email list, let's say you haven't emailed your list in a while, this is a great way to warm up the list too.

[00:21:52] Scott: Even though they’re on your email list, give them a chance to win. That's a good thing like people are going to thank you for that. They’re going to be like, “Oh, this is cool. These guys are awesome. They're giving away stuff,” and this way here you can warm them up but if it's a brand-new contest and a brand-new list that you’re building then we got to drive traffic. You can do that organically if you have traffic already come into your blog, put this up as a pop-up or a slide-in or a hello bar, whatever, just put it somewhere on your website so people can see it if you have any type of traffic. Now, the other way that you can do it, and this is a way that we have done it and we still do it this way, but we did this in the very beginning is we used Facebook ads. We spent about $20 to $25 per day and then we just targeted the people that we knew would be interested and there’s a bunch of different ways that you can do this.

One way is if there's any popular TV shows like let's just say for example you are doing woodworking or maybe bass fishing. Let’s just use bass fishing again. I can go find that there's probably some fishing shows that people are watching. I can go into my targeting in Facebook and target those shows. If people are watching that show, there’s probably a good chance that they’re into bass fishing, pretty good chance they might want to win that bass fishing kit or ultimate package. Or if you're into woodworking, let's say you're watching Bob Vila and you’re into doing remodeling and doing carpentry or whatever and you sell stuff around that. Maybe you’re going to have some type of toolkit and you're going to offer that to that audience. Okay. Now, here's where it can get really, really powerful and again I don’t want to get too much in the weeds here. There’s a lot of things you can do with Facebook ads. We’re just literally scratching the surface but what you can do is you can take your email list once it starts to build.

[00:23:44] Scott: Let's say that you get 300, 400 emails. We can then re-upload those emails to our Facebook ads manager and then we can use that as a targeting audience. Not that we’re going to show the ads to them. We’re going to use their data as a look-alike audience. So, what Facebook is going to do is it’s going to go out there and start saying or it's going to start looking for data points that those people have that are close to that and then build you a custom audience. So, we usually wait until about 250 to 300 and then we’ll upload it and then we’ll start creating a look-alike audience off of that. Sometimes you don't have enough emails to do that. So, if you can't do it right out of the gate, that's fine. For your second contest in the future, take the list that you just built, use that as your base and then from there you can create a look-alike audience from those people. So, it's pretty powerful stuff. But again, I don’t want to get in the weeds too much. Basic level, go after what you know people are whether they're interested in like a TV show or even another page or another group.

You can't target groups specifically, but you can pages somewhat because sometimes they’re not and sometimes they are and no one knows why but just start putting in the interest and Facebook helps you with this. They help you establish who your target market is, which is pretty awesome. So, that's what we did so about $20, $25 a day and then influencers, that's another one. Reach out to influencers in your space and say, “Hey, we’re running a contest. I don’t know if your audience would be interested, but here it is. We’re giving away this ultimate fishing kit,” and they might do it. You might have a relationship already built with an influencer. Ask those people or just do some outreach. YouTube ads, that’s another strategy. We have not played around with YouTube ads as of yet, but we probably will because again, it's another channel we have tapped into to fresh audience. Why not? But again, it's just another way that you can drive traffic.

[00:25:43] Scott: And there's a bunch of other ones too but this one here, Facebook ads, that's like top because we can target them pretty quickly. We can have an ad up and running and approved in an hour and we can have traffic be driven to our contest and that's really what we want to do here. Again, lots to take in here. If you want like everything that I just shared with you up to this point and more, definitely check out that free resource, TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList. There is nothing to opt in for. You just go there and watch it and it's very educational. We take you through the entire process on how we have built multiple lists at this point, but, anyway, that's what you do there. Okay. So, that's number six, drive that traffic. Step seven, follow-up emails. A lot of people will set up their contest, they’ll send out that one email and then that's it. They’re done. Well, you don't want the list to think you just emailed them to push something once and then you're gone and then at the end you come back and you go, “Oh, sorry, you didn't win. You can get 20% off or 30% off my widget here.” We don't want to do that either.

So, what I strongly recommend doing is giving value during this timeframe and even after. A lot of people they’ll just build a list and then they sit on it or they email once a month. We want to email multiple times. And again, if they unsubscribe, it's okay. I get a lot of people say, “Well, Scott, what if they unsubscribe?” That's good. They’re cleaning your list for you. Don't get stressed out about that. Let them clean the list for you by you sending a message to them going like, “I don't want to get this anymore.” Good. Unsubscribe. There's a little unsubscribe button on the bottom. They can click and they're gone and that's fine. No problem, but the follow-up is really, really important and I like to have that follow-up message come immediately where it tells a little bit about your company, but why you're doing what you're doing.

[00:27:41] Scott: Like, “Hey, it's Scott. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I started BestBassExperience.com because I wanted to create the best experience out there for bass fisherman like myself and when I was a kid, I used to go fishing with my dad he really got me into bass fishing and then we went and started entering contest and tournaments and then I found the love for just mastering this sport and I built some of my own lures. You can see them over here on my blog. But here's I want to do today. I just want to introduce myself, but I also want to give you like five tips that have helped me over the years to catch more bass. Here's a link.” You could share it with some of your content that you’ve created. Now, if you haven't created any content, here’s another solution for you. You can give that whole story the same thing and then you can go, “Hey, if you're interested in catching more bass, I found this really awesome video from, whatever, Tom and he really shows how to catch more bass and I really have been following him and he’s helped me so much. You can check out the video here.” Just link over to his video. Who cares? It's free content for you.

You’re publishing his stuff. He may find out that you're doing that and be like, “Awesome,” and then you might have a relationship with that person and build that over time. So, when someone says that they don't want to send their audience, they don't know who they're serving them. Then I go back to step one, identify your market. Who is your market? And then from there, find out where they're hanging out and then from there, connect with those people that are already publishing content and then you can amplify their content. In the meantime, while you are waiting to create your own which I think you should be creating your own eventually. Okay. So, really, really important that you understand that we need to follow up with those people, not just with, “Hey, buy my stuff.” We’re building a relationship. You’re building a relationship over time, really, really important. So, let's just recap that really quickly. There are seven steps here. One, identify your market. Really important that you do that.

[00:29:43] Scott: Step number two, where do they hang out? Figure that out. It might be multiple locations, but what one is the best one for you to start to get more information but also for targeting when we get into ads. Step three, what are they buying? Now, you might already know this, but what are they buying that you're not offering right now that you might not ever offer because it's too big, it’s oversize, whatever? Use that thing. Step four, create a contest. Use countdown timers on that page and also the key features they're really keeping it simple, but also letting them know what the prize is, showing pictures of it, giving them an easy way to enter and then also have some countdown things on there as far as like showing them that it's coming to an end soon and there's going to be a winner selected. Also, shareability is also important there. Everything I just mentioned there, though, I give you some screenshots of what that looks like inside of that free workshop of TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList if you're interested so check that out.

Step five is creating the autoresponder and that’s setting that up, setting up a way for you to collect those emails. You can start to follow up with those people. And then step six, once that’s all built, drive traffic, Facebook ads, influencers, YouTube ads, Instagram, whatever you want, share it on your social media if you have any. Even if you have 100 people, it doesn't matter. Share it. Okay. And then step seven and this is a big one, follow-up. Even after the contest is over, follow up and from there, you'll have a targeted list that could buy from you when you end the contest and way, way after. We have people right now I know for a fact that have been on our list that haven’t bought up until a month ago and they’ve been on the list for let's say a year, a year-and-half. That's what you need to understand. There's buyers and then there's potential buyers and there's buyers that are going to buy in the future.

[00:31:42] Scott: They’re just not ready yet or they're not excited about something because they haven't been researching it because maybe fishing season isn't happening right now but it's going to be coming up. So, there's ways that you can continue to stay front of mind by delivering value over time and then in the process you may buy earlier than you initially were going to. So, hopefully, that makes sense, but it's really important that you do the follow-up. Do not skip that. And I like at least once a week. Right now, we’re at three a week for our physical products brand. Okay. Three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and here's the cool – sometimes we’ll mix that up. Sometimes we’ll do Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. So, we just mix it up but it's three times. One other little side tip here or a little ninja tip. If you are sending, and the reason why we break that up like that, let's say we send out on Monday. We’ll let that go for 24 hours. We’ll come back on Tuesday and then we’ll resend to the people who have not opened an email yet and that increases our open rate usually by 5% to 10%. It's pretty significant.

If you don't do it, you're not getting that many more people to open and see your message, which also will decrease the amount people that click. They don't see the email or open the email. They can't see the link so they can’t click. They can't click, they can’t go to where you want them to go. So, really, really important that you understand that, but that's just a little tip there. If you already have a list, you should be communicating with those people and I should say also, and I said it earlier but I’m going to say it again. If you currently have a list, maybe you’re listening to this you already built your list and you started that process, my question to you is, are you following up with them on a weekly basis? Are you? And if you're not, that's where you need to start. I don't care what you send them. Send them something. You could even be really, really basic and don’t even send them anymore. Just ask them a question and the subject line can be like, “Are you still interested in bass fishing?”

[00:33:42] Scott: And then inside can be like, “Hey, I just wanted to check with you and make sure that you're still interested in bass fishing and if you are, stick around because I got some really cool stuff planned for you. But while I got you, what’s one tip that you could share with me and the rest of the bass fishing community for catching more bass?” And that's it and then say, “I really love to hear from you. Talk to you later, Scott.” That's it. No links, no nothing, and then you’re going to start getting replies. The cool thing with this is it also helps you come up with ideas of content because then you can say, “Oh, I just received a whole bunch of emails from the bass fishing community and here's five of the top tips that were shared. John said this. Mike said this,” and then you can share that. The other thing this does is it builds authority for you that you actually have people that are submitting stuff to you that are asking questions of you. There's so much that we can do with an email list once we have it, but we got to build it first. So, don't get overwhelmed. Start right at the beginning if you have to by identifying your market and then go through those steps.

So, there is your seven steps. If you want to again check that out as far as going through that process with me, myself and Chris Schaffer take you through that exact process, show you exactly how we've done it, TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList, and I’ll link that up in the show notes and you can go ahead and grab that. I got notes here and I don't want to leave this out, but I don't want to overwhelm you either, but you can also do this to build your email list during a launch. Let's say for example you want to build the email list during your launch of people that are interested in your product specifically, you can just do a 50% off limited time offer and you can just run a Facebook ad to build your list with 50% off. This is another feature, by the way, we have built into GiveawayBoost. We have a way to create these really simple and time sensitive pages that we can drive traffic to, collect the email address, and give them a code in return. So, that’s another thing that we do in GiveawayBoost.

[00:35:43] Scott: And then the other thing that you can do is just use a lead magnet. So, once you understand this process, you built this process, and you get it, we’re learning a skill here, we can use something like download the ultimate bass fishing guide to win your next tournament and then we can have that as a what we call a lead magnet on our website and then we can get people to opt-in for that on a regular basis. So, I want to throw those things out there because we’re building our list all the time. We’re building a customer list of people that actually enter their name and email address and pay for something and we’re building a list of people that are potentially going to buy in the future and then we want to be connecting with these people on a regular basis so this way here they know, like, and trust us.


[00:36:23] Scott: All right. So, a lot there. I know that you’re probably going to want to go back and listen to this one again, or at least go to the show notes at TheAmazingSeller.com/663. And then the other last reminder, again, if you skipped the beginning and you went right to the core here of this episode, Brand Accelerator Live is happening September 18th through the 20th. We are going to be talking about this and so much more so you can build out your assets in your business to drive more sales to Amazon, yes, and then you can rank better, optimize your current listings, optimize your current products, optimize your current business, and then really grow and scale it. And that's why I'm really excited that we decided to do this event. It's getting closer. There are super early bird tickets available. If you’re listening to this before May 1, 2019, if you are then head on over to BrandAcceleratorLive.com.

Grab your ticket over there so this way here, number one, you make sure that you don't miss this event because it’s going to be epic and then also if you're listening to this before May 1, you get a discount. Super early bird. We always want to reward the action taker. So, go there and grab your ticket. All right, guys. So, that is it. That is going to wrap up this episode. Remember, as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, take action! Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.

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