TAS 650: UPDATE $2,008 from External Traffic in 29 Days with NO NEW Products

How do you attract external traffic to your website or product listing? If you really want to get your ecommerce business going, you’ve got to be an expert at driving traffic! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he talks about how to attract traffic to your website, what it takes to create a digital product, why market research is so important, how to build a home base, and much more! This is the episode you need if you are prepared to go out there and grab attention for your brand, have pen and paper ready!

Scott’s approach for attracting external traffic.

Do you find yourself lost when it comes to getting traffic for your ecommerce business? Don’t waste your time guessing and stumbling around in the dark! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott provides his time-tested approach for attracting external traffic.

  1. Focus on your niche market.
  2. Build an email list.
  3. Launch your product on Amazon.
  4. Publish content regularly on your blog and other channels.
  5. Turn on Ads and start collecting passive income from your hard earned traffic.

There you have it! Your excuses are gone, you’ve got a roadmap to start driving traffic to your website. To hear Scott expand on each aspect of his approach, make sure to listen to this helpful episode!

How to create a digital product.

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is big on creating and marketing digital products as part of a robust brand growth strategy. Have you dabbled with digital products yet? Do they sound too complicated for you? They don’t have to be! Digital products are a great way to grow the depth of your brand and gain credibility in the eyes of your audience. If you are ready to put in the time to create a digital product, then make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Why you need a home base.

Did you notice a few days ago when most of the internet lost their collective minds when Facebook and Instagram were down for a couple of hours? If Amazon suddenly went down for most of the business day tomorrow, what would you do? Unfortunately, many ecommerce sellers have their entire brand wrapped up in and dependent on, Amazon. The best way to disaster-proof and future-proof your ecommerce business is to start building out your home base. To get the full scoop from Scott on this critical aspect of expanding your brand, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Let’s face it; building a brand is hard work! You will never get to where you want to be if you keep doing the things that kept you stuck, you’ve got to be willing to step out and try something new. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back and keep you from the success you deserve! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives some helpful insights and lessons that will prepare sellers like you to go out there put it all on the line. Get the help you need to make your goals and dreams a reality!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:30] How to validate digital products in your niche market.
  • [6:20] Scott’s process for attracting external traffic.
  • [13:00] What is an order bump?
  • [16:30] How do you create a digital product?
  • [24:00] Don’t jump the gun, do your market research!
  • [26:00] Why you need to build a home base.
  • [27:45] Where should you start?
  • [30:30] Scott talks about an experiment that he’s planning.
  • [33:30] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 650: UPDATE: $2,008 from External Traffic in 29 Days with NO NEW Products


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 650 and today well, I've got…

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…an update for you from a previous episode I did and actually it was 648. So just a couple of episodes ago. And me and Chris jumped on and we talked about this. This little experiment that we've been running with some external traffic. And this external traffic is organic, it's mainly from Google. And it's going directly to our website/blog. And we talk about how we turned that into some additional revenue.

And that number when I posted that, actually it was funny. We were on doing the episode and Chris did a refresh and we added a few more sales to that. And I'll talk all about what that is here in a minute if you missed that episode. You're probably going to want to go back and check that one out though theamazingseller.com/648. Because we talk all about what that really consisted of. I'll give you guys another recap on that. But as of recording this now, it's been 29 days and it was actually about 29.5 days. But Chris told me that we crossed the $2,000 mark. So it was $2,008 and this is totally organic.

We're also still building our email list in the process which we're going to do another little experiment here and see what happens. And I'll let you guys know what that is. But what I'm talking about here guys is organic traffic. We're not even talking from ads because there are ads now running on that blog and that website. And by the way, this brand is still selling a lot of physical products every single day and this is a brand that we're building to hopefully in the future probably in the next 12 to… I don't know. I don't want to say 18 months.

I'm going to say 12 months we want to exit this brand and sell it. We're actually in the process of talking with Joe Valley from Quiet Light and some things we want to do to make sure that we can get the best evaluation from this brand.

[00:02:03] Scott: We want to exit from about a seven-figure number. But these are different components that we're adding that will help increase that. And this one here is another external revenue source. Now, this is not ad traffic, this is not affiliate sales which we're still generating those pretty consistently which is pretty awesome. But this one here is directly with a digital item. And that digital item is a book. It's a guide or a manual. Just imagine being in the bass fishing world and you had a guide that taught how to catch more bass during your bass tournament or something like that.

And then people they would see this offer and if they wanted it, they could buy it for $4.99 or $3.99, whatever. And then from there there's other components here that I'll talk about. But really it starts with that. I know some of you may be asking, well, Scott I don't think my market lends itself to that. Well, that's why we have to go through this validation process. This is why we have to figure this stuff out before we even enter into that market or if you are in a market that you're question this you need to really drill down a little bit further in that market.

Get really niched down and figure out what that thing could be because I'm telling you if you could add a digital component it really can open up another revenue stream for you. It also going to lead people back to your other products which we're going to see in this little update here and I'll share that with you. But one thing that you could do, just to kind of get an idea if there's anything like this selling in your market is go to Kindle or Amazon and search for a Kindle book and see if there's any Kindle books in your market.

Like that's an easy way to see if people are buying a digital item because Kindle is digital. So, it's one little exercise you can do right now. And then if you do find that, go through the table of contents and see what people are writing about. Like what is the book designed to do?

[00:04:00] Scott: So definitely do that. That's one exercise you could do. And I'm telling you right now, this doesn't have to happen overnight. I actually have someone in my inner circle right now. Obviously who knows about this because I've been updating them inside our Inner Circle and he's got a very, very successful physical products brand. Really doing well on Amazon and he wants to start to really build out the external side of things. So he's been working on building out his email list and then working on organic traffic. And then when he started hearing about these numbers he was like, ‘Scott, should I start that like too?'

And I'm like, ‘Probably not.' Like this does not come first. This comes after. But the other components come first and then you just start to build off of those. I'll kind of walk you through that here in a minute. But again, if you missed that episode with Chris and myself going through it. Probably want to go over it and check that one out. That's theamzingseller.com/648. The other thing I want to do here and I'll kind of show you how this whole thing works but if you want to validate your market or go through the process that we're following, and it's working pretty well to not just sell products on Amazon.

Yes, that is a big part of the strategy and this methodology and everything but it's really building out a brand that allows you to build these external assets and these external traffic and all that stuff. If you want to learn that process, well you can head over to ecommbizbook.com. Again that's ecommbizbook.com. And very similar to what I just talked about with the bass fishing or whatever your market is. I've done the same exact thing here. So we're taking the exact same thing that we're doing over on our physical brand stuff and we're also using it here in TAS.

And any other things that we do. We're always thinking along these lines because this is a valuable resource that you guys can access. And then from there if you need more help obviously you'll be offered that. It's really that simple. So if you want to check it out, it's the full process of really how to validate and really dial in your market and then see the potential growth from there. And it will give you step by step on how we've done it.

[00:06:05] Scott: Head over to ecommbizbook.com. So there's my little shameless plug. Now, with that all being said, let's talk about how this even happened. How could we get it to this point where we generated an extra $2,008 right now from the time that I'm recording this? 29 days after we tried this little experiment.

First off, we focused on the market. And I'm talking we focused on this before we even put this offer in front of these people. So number one we focused on the market.

Number two, we built an email list.

Three, we launched our products on Amazon. Now, at this point we had not done any content. No content, no publishing blog posts, no publishing on the website, nothing. That's what we did. But we did build that email list first. We built our email list before we even had our product in hand. We created an offer to that market with products that were not just similar to ours but they could be wrapped around that product or those products. So we built it around that. That's one big mistake I see a lot of people making. It's they miss the mark on that.

They are like, ‘Well, I'm going to go into this market, I'm going to go after the fishing market.’ And then they put out like a tackle box. But if you're going after the bass fishing market, you probably want to put something out there that’s going to get people that are into bass fishing to raise their hand versus just everyone in fishing. So that's what we did. We dialed that in in the very beginning but again, we knew the market. We knew who we wanted to attract. So we built that email list. Now, we had that email list in hand, we have a product now we want to launch to that list but also in that process, we're communicating with the list.

We’re nurturing the list. And even if we don't have our own content, we can still direct them to valuable resources on YouTube, a blog post that we find. Whatever.

[00:08:00] Scott: We're the reporter. That's what we did. So again, a lot of people get all confused or they get overwhelmed and they are like, ‘I don't want to build the list because I don't know what I'm going to send them.' Send them anything that's valuable in your marketplace. That's it, period. So, number three we launched products on Amazon. We did that very successfully because we had that list. We also were communicating with that list. We also let the be part of the launch. Meaning we were showing them a little bit of what we were working on when it was going to be ready.

We still do that to this day. Then the fourth part of this was we started to publish the content on a regular basis on the blog. We started with just one piece of content a week. Now, we've got it towards about two per week and we’re emailing the list now three times a week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And so now, here is the deal, a lot of people say, ‘Well Scott, how do you get your traffic on Google? How do you get traffic on Yahoo? How do you get traffic on these different platforms?’

Well, if you have an email list we can then push that traffic over to something that we just published. So again, I'm just walking you through like how this even came to be. Being able to put this other offer in front of these people then generate an extra $2,000 per month which seems that that's going to be a regular occurrence but it's also probably going to grow because we're just getting started. So, publish the content on a blog, we also did it on Facebook. We also are now doing it on YouTube which is a whole another revenue stream that we'll be dialing in here pretty soon.

We're up over 2,000 subscribers now. We're almost at the threshold of minutes viewed in order to turn on the ad network on YouTube. Can't wait to see when that happens and what happens from it. But I will keep you posted. So we published content on the blog. That’s where it started. We also went to Facebook. YouTube was later. Not even going to talk about YouTube right now. And then 19 months later, let's take a time out here, Kevin Sanderson my good friend, or event coordinator for Brand Accelerator Live, I need him to blow the whistle.

[00:10:02] Scott: He actually is a referee for football. I always joke about he's our whistle blow for the time out. So I need a time out because think about what I just said. 19 months later we're now getting 170,000 to 200,000 impressions per month. And generally that's between 70,000 and 100,000 uniques. I'd have to get the exact number from Chris. But it's 170,000 to 200,000 impressions. Meaning, that's how many times people are viewing our pages. The cool thing about that is once you hit a number like that or even a less number, even if you're only getting 40,000 a month that's still a lot.

You can then turn on MediaVine which is another ad network. Or you can just start with AdSense. These are going to allow you to start getting revenue from ads that are running on your organic traffic site. That's also bringing in people to your brand and you'll naturally start to sell other products, affiliate offers, all that stuff. I've talked about this a lot before I'm going to go into too much detail there. But that happened 19 months later. Now, here's the cool thing. When you have that kind of attention and that kind of traffic you can do some pretty cool things.

You can turn on the ads. You can put other offers up there. If you have a launch coming up you can put a little banner at the top of your blog saying that you're going to be having a launch special. So you're getting eyeballs again on your offer. You can do cool things like that. You can start to build your email list very, very quickly. We were actually building our email list through that traffic and we were upwards of 140 emails per day. And then since what we've done is we dialed that back because now that offer is being presented versus an email opt in.

So instead of saying like hey put your email address in here to get weekly updates instead of that we said, ‘Grab our ultimate bass fishing book for $4.99 here.

[00:12:00] Scott: Get all of the tips and secrets to win your next bass tournament.' Something like that, $4.99. So we swapped that out and that's where the $2,000 is coming from. But we're still getting because we have areas that people can opt in. We're still getting between 15 and 30 email opt ins per day. Now that sounds like a lot less. Now it is but we added $2,000 to it and every person that buys that book and goes through that funnel becomes part of our email list. So we didn't really lose, we actually gained customers. And we're going to play around with that.

We have got a few ideas on what we want to test and I'll walk you through that too. But I just want you to get the big picture here. That's what it took to get there. So you've heard me say this before. It's like slow and steady wins the race. You got to keep at it. Now here's the experiment and I'm going to talk about how we actually created this guide. So the experiment looks like this. It's very, very simple. We created a digital book/guide. Like I said the ultimate bass fishing guide, how to win your next bass fishing tournament. Something like that. That's the guide.

Could be like a Kindle book. Exact same thing. It's digital. Now on that page we also have what we call an order bump. The order bump is kind of like if you are about to check out and you’re sitting there and you’re waiting in line and you see the little racks other on the side, you see a magazine or you see a pack of gum or you see something… In this case it's related, it's directly related to the purchase. So they haven't said that they are going to finalize the order yet. They have a little check box. It says, ‘Hey, of $3.99 more do you want 30 more ideas or tips or do you want a case study on how I won this bass fishing tournament on these five different lures?

Get this exclusive live video recording for just $3.99.’ Something like that.

[00:14:05] Scott: In my case if you go through ecommbizbook.com you'll see something there that says, do you want the audio book. So that's again, you bought the book and then the order bump as they call it, or the additional thing of value would be, ‘Do you want the audio?' I know myself personally, I want audio. Like I'm not much of a reader. Now will I buy the book, and then print it, yes because I want to make notes. But I am also going to want to listen. So that's how that works.

And again just going through this process there's a couple of things you can take away. Number one, like if you want to learn how to figure out if your market will even allow some like this and you want kind of go through this validation process definitely check ecommbizbook.com. And then the second part of that is if you go through that you'll kind of see what I'm talking about here and how this whole thing kind of works. So anyway that's that. So you create the digital book/guide. You add the additional guide or additional resource for just a slightly little bit to add to the order.

That's it, it's just an order bump. Now what we did is we offered them a one time offer which was a bundle of physical products. So who's physical products are they? Ours. So think about this, you just bought the fishing guide, you just bought the additional videos of me out there catching fish with these five exclusive lures and how I made the or something like that. And then the bundle could be get my 30 top fishing lures that I make or that I create or that I offer. That would be the bundle.

So you'd get a physical item. So for $39.99 get the ultimate lure kit. That would be your little funnel. Like that's it. Like that's all that we're doing.

[00:16:03] Scott: And I think Chris told me we’re getting between a 10% and a 15% uptake on the physical items that's being purchased. Now these physical items guess what, they are being fulfilled by Amazon as well. So we don't have to fulfill them. So that's what it looks like. And that's a little experiment. That's what we've done. So now the next question I get is well Scott, this sounds great, how do we create a guide? Well, here's what we did. I'm just going to give you the play by play here.

We hired what they call a ghost writer or just someone that knows how to write and can compile information and turn it into something really nice. Because that's not my strength it's not really anybody necessary that's on my direct teams, talent or even just someone that we don't want to take away from what they are doing for us. So we just hired someone one off. Now, I actually have someone that has been doing some of these resources for me in the past that I'm able to go to for this type of work. And it's funny because she was a listener or is a listener of the podcast.

And she approached me, gosh probably two and a half years go just that she does some transcription work and she does some writing and stuff like that. And if I ever need it she'd be more than happy to give me a quote or whatever. And I looked at her work, I needed some work done at the time and I said, sure, let's do a test project. And that's what we did. So that's who I go to. But you can find people on FreeeUp or you can just to theamazingseller.com/freeup. If you want $25 towards your next VA, to hire your next person, if you go through my link which is an affiliate link, you will buy me a cup of coffee. Yes.

But Nathan over there at FreeeUp will definitely take care of you. They've got a great great set of VAs over there.

[00:18:02] Scott: But it's not hard to find someone. Now, I'll tell you how much I paid for this and how I had them put this together. I said, ‘Listen, here's what I want,’ there was probably at the time over 70 articles that we had written at that point. And so what I said is I want to take those and I want to turn them into a very, very comprehensive guide or book. I want it to have illustrations, I wanted it to have just everything that a good book would have or guide, or a playbook. Whatever you want to call it would have.

I want you to put that together for me. So all they did is to take my information or our information in the brand, they took the information and that was published and they went through it and then they just compiled it and made into a really, really nice comprehensive guide. And I paid around 600 bucks to have that done. $600. $600 I created an asset. If all I wanted to do is just put it up on Kindle and start selling it on Kindle for $2.99 I could. But I didn't want to do that. But I could, and I've done that in the past by the way in other businesses.

In my photography business I did that. At one point I was making over $1,000 a month in just Kindle books. So yes, so that totally can work. But I didn't want to be like pigeon hole to where I can only sell Kindle books. I wanted to have the ability to do upsells and I wanted to be able to do bumps and I wanted to get the email address and all that stuff. So we decided we're just going to create this asset and this is an asset. Yes you invest $600 in an asset but that asset has just made me $2,000. And it's going to keep on making because we're not done with it.

We're not done with this and you can use this thing in multiple places. So again, just think about it, when you’re creating something like this, it is an asset.

[00:20:00] Scott: So here is the deal though. If you don't have the traffic, don't want to really do this. I would not take this and put this before building the traffic. This is an asset that comes later. What I would do and this is exactly what I told this gentleman that's in our Inner Circle, a really good friend of mine now actually. One of our first students in PLC, Private Label Classroom which now is EBF which E-Comm Business Formula and he went through the whole process. He's since went on to build a very, very successful business, seven figure business.

And now he's in the Inner Circle which is a small, very very small group of entrepreneurs and people that are looking to scale their business and grow their business. And this is exactly what he asked me. He said, ‘Scott, I'm building the traffic right now and we're doing that slow and steady. And I started building the email list. But I’m really focusing on the organic side of getting the traffic from Google and Yahoo. Should I do this funnel? This is exciting.' And I go, ‘No, you shouldn't.' Maybe plan if you want like what it could be, but what you want to do is think about creating your digital asset, your digital guide through blog posts.

So write the guide as individual blog posts. Almost like create chapters and each chapter will be its own blog post and then when you get ten or fifteen or twenty done and you want to turn them into a digital guide. You can hand them off to someone and have them compile it and then now you got that asset that you're building. But in the meantime you have like these different chunks of the book. That's why I say, look at a kindle book and see what the chapters look like. Those could be individual blog posts.

And go really deep into those topics to help people through it. Whatever it is. Whether it is crocheting and have patterns, whether it's how to catch more fish. Whether it's how to become a better bowler.

[00:22:00] Scott: Whatever it is create that resource on the blog because once you publish it on the blog or the website, it's going to now be able to be ranked on Google and then you get that traffic. The other cool thing is every time you publish an article and you have an email list we drive that email list over to the blog post and then we get that traffic kind of amped up a little bit. But here's what I told him. I said okay, how are you doing on your email list.

He goes, ‘Well, it's not really my main focus now, just getting that content created and publishing it.’ I go all right, ‘Well the email list has to be that next thing that would be my focus. I would start doing that immediately because what that’s going to do is allow us to drive eyeballs over to that content.’ And then if we get that content going and we get that thing really working in Google and getting it ranking faster well guess what, then we can take this asset and put it in front of those people. And then start to do this, this same idea that we're doing right now. See how everything kind of fits together?

But it's a process. But here's the big thing I want you to think about. If you do not understand where the business has these opportunities and if this business can have these opportunities, if you don't know that right now and you get to that point where you're listening to this and you're like Scott, this sounds awesome. I want to do it. But I'm not sure I picked the right market. I'm not sure I niched down far enough. I'm not sure that I can even build an email list because my market isn't really the type that would be able to build the list because it's about water filters or something.

I don't know, I'm just throwing something out there. That's why you need to understand this beforehand. It doesn't mean you have to like right now. You might be listening like oh my gosh, I want that asset built and I want that organic traffic and I want to make that extra $2,000 per month. Who doesn't? But you can't do that first. The first part is who’s the market, what do they want, what they're looking for, what do they need, how can you become the best resources in there. What products are they buying and that you can sell on Amazon immediately?

[00:24:02] Scott: What offer could you put in front of those people that would get their attention to raise their hand so you can build an email list so when you do launch a product on Amazon you can start getting eyeballs and start getting sales and then you can then drive traffic to a blog post that you created because already know what they want this information, this content. You see where I'm going here. But you need to understand that. You need to validate that and you need to really look at this with a different set of glasses in a sense or a different lens.

Not just how do I find a product that sells good on Amazon? That's just one part of the equation. There's so much more. So again, my little shameless plug here. If you want to see exactly how we are doing it and I'm advising others to do it, go ahead and check out ecommbizbook.com. Everything is laid out there. Everything is broken down inside of that guide. And yes, that is a very similar guide to what I'm telling you to create yourself.

But you need to understand that there is a process to this and you need to be able to go through and identify this and then from there start working towards this. So definitely if you want that, check it out ecommbizbook.com and you’ll see exactly what I'm talking about and kind of what's working for us right now and what we use every single day when we're looking at building the business or even just growing an existing one that we have.

So remember, slow and steady though wins the race. Now, the other thing I want to bring up here is home base. I talk a lot about building your home base. Your home base is your blog, is your website. Whatever you want to call it. It's your asset. And organic traffic allows us to test new offers, build our email list, generate ad money, generate affiliate money, launch products with pop up banners. All of that stuff. But your home base is what everything resides.

Everything kind of funnels back to your home base. Everything points back to your home base. If you have a product on Amazon and you have a guide inside of your insert or whatever, it's going to drive over to your website. It should.

[00:26:04] Scott: Hey, you want to see how to use your new garlic press 2,000? Go over to garlicpresses.com/tips. Maybe that's the resource. Driving it over there. when they go to the page, guess what they see. ‘Hey, you want to get five tips to use your garlic press better?’ That’s kind of random, probably wouldn't work. But you get what I'm saying. Everything is pointing back to the home base because the home base we control. We control that pop up that comes onto the website that says, hey…

You want ten of the best bass fishing tips so you can win your next tournament? Go here. Or hey there’s a, this week only 20% off all fishing rods, go here. So we can put all of this energy towards our home base because we know that if we build that thing out and we get that traffic we're able to do a lot of cool things like this and test things. Here's the other thing. As an investor looking at this, these are assets. And when we have these assets, it's going to drive up the valuation. So this way here you get more, you can get more. Instead of getting a 2.5 you might get a 3X or maybe more.

Who knows. Because we have more leverage in the brand and that's really what we want to do. Okay, what comes first? I just want to go back to this. Because a lot of people are going to be like, ‘Well Scott sounds like a lot,' And it is. But what comes first? Number one, who is the market. You've already heard me say this, time and time again. Who's the market. Who is your market? Now the next thing is you need to validate that you can validate these assets and get traffic.

[00:28:00] Scott: And the way that you do that, and I'll just give you the really, really super quick way, but in order to validate that you want to go over to Amazon and see what products people are buying in that market. That might also lead you to sub markets inside of there. And then from there look at ‘frequently bought together.' Are those three to five products that people are buying together. Great. Now, the next thing is people actually searching for information, seeing how to use something better or how to be better at a certain skill.

Or how to build a deck in your backyard and you're selling deck screws or whatever. I don't know. Like so you need to understand is there an opportunity out there for getting in front of people that are searching for things around your potential products or just your market in general. So you want to definitely validate that stuff and then again, you want to validate that you can sell products. And not even just those products, let's say for example you are into bass fishing but you aren't going to sell a giant boat which is a boat that you would throw in the back of a pick up truck and drop in a pond or a lake and maybe they are 500 bucks, maybe they are 1,500 bucks.

But you're not going to sell one What we want to see is the potential to do affiliate offers to those? Is there digital products that I'm not going to create but there’s other ones out there being created and I can be an affiliate for that? So that's what we're looking at too. We're not just looking at the physical products side. Yes we want that, that's easy we can go over to Amazon, look at that data and all that stuff. Then the other thing is getting attention, traffic. What's a potential here. Are there YouTubers out there that are getting attention right now and getting traffic? Is there people over on Facebook getting attention and getting traffic?

Is there people on Pinterest? Are there people already currently building a list that you can see because you go to their website and it says, ‘Hey, get ten tips. Put your email address in here or get the special guide.' Identify these things by doing your research first.

[00:30:02] Scott: And then once you do this stuff and you can start building it well then that's what you do. Kind of write that plan out and start with step one and move through it. But you got to have the market. You got to have the submarket or sub niche. But here's what we're going to do, I just kind of give you guys what we're going to do next here. And we're still talking about it if we want to because an extra two grand a month is great. Can we get that to three? can we get it to four? And so we've talked about doing this, this is a little test that we’re thinking about doing.

I'm not sure yet if we’re going to do it, this is what we’re going to do. Maybe we're going to switch it back to where we offer like we were before to get that extra 100 emails per day. And then the very first email and on the thank you page we would have the book offer. So it's almost like we're going to go the email first and then if they enter their name and email address they are going to get an email, the very first email will then offer the guide in there. Obviously introducing ourselves and talking a little bit about that, probably having a few other free resources in there like go over and check this Facebook video that we just did.

Check out our YouTube channel, whatever. But then also there’s going to be a direct offer to that guide. And also on the ‘Thank you page that’s another place that you can put something like that like hey before you go check your email. I just sent you your guide or your cheat sheet or whatever it is before you go I've actually compiled this in a really digestible guide for you and you can check it out here and get access for just $4.99,’ so you can put the offer there too. But we're getting the email address first.

We're thinking about testing that. I'm a little on the fence if I want to do that yet. I still kind of wanting to see if we can get the funnel that's working right now to convert even better. Because we have people that are coming in and I think it's converting, I'd have to check with Chris on this but I think we're converting from person that lands on the page to actually fills out the information because there's a two-step form, I believe it’s like 25% or 30%.

[00:32:04] Scott: Which is really, really good. So now the key is let's just get more traffic to the site. Like that’s the next answer but anyway, I'll keep you guys posted on that. I'm not 100% sure on what we're going to do but those are just things that we're thinking about. But yeah, this is just an additional revenue stream. Came later but it's there. We also got ad revenue that's coming in, we're on target again this month to hit $2,000. There's $4,000 just there and we got affiliate sales that are anywheres between $750 and $1,000. So let's just call it $1,000 to make it easy. That's five grand.

Five grand a month. Not selling one physical product, we're selling lots of them but this is like additional. And this is something that right there with just $5,000. So let's do some quick math, that's $60,000 per year just there. And we have room to improve that. A lot of room. And if you get more traffic obviously the numbers should increase. That's the goal. But then also, we're now adding a premium product to our brand, a physical product that we're going to be adding a bundle that's going to sell for $39.99. That's going to be coming up

So that's always filling that. We're always filling that side of the business, physical products. And then we're filling the digital side and then we're filling the traffic side. So these different, these different buckets we’re always working on and that's what really makes a world of diversified brand. So anyway, some things to think about. Some things to think about. Do not get overwhelmed. Again, if you want to see this laid out in a very, very detailed manner where you can go through this you can print out the book, the guide that I have created. All you have to do is head over to ecommbizbook.com.

And you'll see exactly what I'm talking about there. A cup of coffee is what you’re basically going to invest here. Yes, you'll buy me a cup of coffee and I love my coffee. You guys know that but I'm telling you right now this thing will allow you to identify your market really drill deep into your niche.

[00:34:04] Scott: But then also plan this stuff out for where you can go when you decide to get there and kind of when you move through this process. So definitely check it out. Ecommbizbook.com. And if you want, the show notes to this episode head over to theamazingseller.com/650.

So guys, that's going it to wrap it up. I'm excited. I don't know if you guys can tell. This is pretty awesome stuff. I love being able to have external revenue sources and as we're building this and working towards a possible exit this gets me really excited because I know an investor is going to love these external revenue sources. So guys, that's it. That's going to wrap it up. As always remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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