TAS 648 How We Added $1,654.94 in Passive Monthly Income (Details)

Building a thriving ecommerce business is hard work, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a relatively easy way to generate consistent passive income for your brand? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris. In their conversation, the guys talk about the success of their new brand, how they’ve used digital products, what an “Order bump” is, how to increase traffic to your site, what it takes to scale your brand, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this valuable episode!

Should you create and sell digital products?

If you’ve been part of the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott and Chris have been working on a new ecommerce brand for the last twenty months. In that new brand that they created, Scott and Chris decided to see how successful they could be with selling a digital product. As it turns out, their efforts paid off! By creating, marketing, and selling their digital product, they’ve been able to generate over $1,500 in monthly passive income. To get the full scoop on how the guys were able to accomplish this feat, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Increasing traffic to your site.

As an ecommerce seller, you know that a great product either physical or digital is only as good as the traffic you get coming to your site or listing. What does it take to increase traffic to your brand’s website or listing? You need content! You can’t expect people to give you their attention if you don’t give them something worth sticking around for. What have you done to keep your audience engaged? Have you been able to build trust with your target audience? Make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott and Chris explain how sellers like you can increase traffic and expand your brand!

How to scale your brand.

If you want to see your ecommerce brand stand the test of time, you’ve got to become an expert at cultivating a connection with your audience. Too often sellers get excited about building their brand that they forget about how customers buy products! Think about how you made your last purchase, did you make the purchase because it was on sale or because you trusted the brand name? Let’s face it, people love to get a good deal on a decent product, but they stay loyal to a brand that they trust. Don’t you want to create a brand people can trust? To hear more about scaling your brand from Scott and Chris’ expert perspectives, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:15] Scott talks about the success they’ve had with the new brand.
  • [5:20] What is an “Order bump?”
  • [8:00] Chris talks about providing a one-time offer.
  • [10:10] How do you start driving traffic to your site?
  • [20:00] Scaling a brand requires grabbing your audience’s attention.
  • [24:10] Closing thoughts from Scott and Chris.


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TAS 648: How We Added $1,654.94 in Passive Monthly Income (Details)


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 648 and today we're going to be talking about…

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…how we just added $1,654.94 in passive monthly income and I'm looking at this probably growing to at least $2,000, to maybe even $3,000 per month because we're just getting started.

And I have my good friend back on again, Chris Shaffer and he is going really share with us the nitty gritty here and what we actually did. Some of the numbers, the metrics, the conversion numbers and what we actually did.

So Chris, what's up my friend?

[00:00:42] Chris: Not too much man. Looking at these numbers and loving every minute of it.

[00:00:48] Scott: Loving every minute of it. That's a song.

[00:00:49] Chris: I think might need to start charging more for this. Which is our biggest problem. Which is a great problem to have and I know that that sounds greedy and when you're looking at some of the conversion numbers that we're looking at, it's a great solution to having the numbers there too high.

[00:01:07] Scott: Well yeah. So here is what I want to do though. I want to walk people through like how this even happened. And what are our little test was because this is really just a test we were performing. And it's funny because the episode before this, episode 647, you and I were doing an episode on the cool Amazon updates and all that which was really cool. But I also did a little teaser in there telling people we were going through this and kind of shared the numbers.

We literally just got off from that recording to do this recording and you go, ‘Scott, you're going to have to update the number. We just made another sale through that funnel.' And so we updated the number. Not by much, by ten bucks or something. But still, hey ten bucks is ten bucks. And this is pure, pretty much profit. There's no advertising going into this. It's pure organic traffic through our email list, through the blog traffic and all that stuff.

So pretty exciting stuff. So let's kick this thing off. So here's kind of what we were thinking when we decided to do this. Number one, over the past 19 months now, 20 months, something like that, since we really started working with this new brand that we've built from scratch with our partner and we really have been following this exact process that we teach in EBF which if you don't know what that is it's E-comm Business Formula. It's a complete training.

But it's also our complete methodology and our strategy and our road map to what we do to build businesses. Like if we're going to start over we're going to follow this exact road map and this is probably where I should give you guys a call to action to go check that out if you haven't. I did a full video walk through of exactly what this looks like and actually how you can do it yourself. Now, head over to ecommbizclass.com for more information on that. You can actually watch the tutorial, there is no email or anything you have to opt in for.

Just go watch the video and learn and apply that and also see if you already have a business where you can apply this stuff to it. Because if you're not there's a huge opportunity. One of them being something like this possibly that you can add another revenue stream that is not dependent on a product. Well it's not dependent on a physical product.

[00:03:10] Scott: It's not dependent on a channel necessarily. And everything that we've done leading up to this has allowed us to get to this point to add this revenue stream which I think with a little bit of tweaking we can probably get to $2,000 to $3,000 per month maybe even more. But the idea came as we were building traffic to this blog by publishing content by building our email list and then driving that traffic over to the content that we're creating, and then we said, ‘Holy crap, like number one there is a lot of traffic coming there.'

Like we have over 100,000 impressions every single month and I think it's upwards of 200,000 depending on the month. And we also have Ad Thrive turned now which is generating anywhere between $1,700 and $2,100 per month as another passive revenue stream which is pretty awesome. But this one here is something that we decided to add after the fact. And what it is is a digital item, a digital guide that people can, that they can download and that they can print out if they want to. And right now, what's the price on that Chris? Is it $3.99 or $4.99?

[00:04:16] Chris: I believe it's $4.99.

[00:04:18] Scott: Okay. So $4.99 and it's a digital item. So imagine you were selling in the bass fishing world and you were helping people win their next tournament. It would be ten steps to win your next bass fishing tournament. Get the ultimate guide here. Something like that so for $4.99 you're going to get that. Now as you're going through that process, there's a few other components that we’ve bolted on because we have something… And I say we, you and I listening.

We have the opportunity if we have done this properly to tap into physical products and digital products. And that's why we go through this whole process to really dig into the validation process way before we ever launch a business because we want to know that we can do this stuff down the line. It didn't happen right off the bat but it happened now because we have the traffic and the email list and all that stuff. But what we did is we added that digital item there and then we have something else what we call as an order bump.

And Chris, why don’t you talk a little bit about the order bump and what that actually means. What it is, what it looks like?

[00:05:22] Chris: So basically, you guys have probably seen this. And the way that I like to think about this in the digital world or the ecommerce world is it's the equivalent of the gum at the check-out stand or the magazine at the check-out stand. It's just another little thing that something might add on to their purchase when they are like, ‘Okay, I need this. Oh yeah, I forgot. I need the mints, I need the gum, I need whatever else.’ It's something that probably compliments what they are buying already. It's just a really low friction of it. So in our case if we're getting and I think the example you gave Scott was like ten tips to win your next bass fishing tournament the order bump that we're using is something like 30 more tips.

30 more tips that you could use to catch monster bass in every season in every lake. And we currently, and we should probably… This is what we should probably change the price on. We currently have this priced at $3. Specifically visual products and we're driving completely warm traffic to it, just people coming to the website, clicking on a link. And they get bought over. And that right now for us for every 100 people that buy the initial bass fishing guide 66 of them are taking the other guide as well.

And it’s just shows up, it's a little box before they click, ‘I'm ready to check out.’ It says, ‘Hey, do you want 30 more tips? Do you want 30 more ways to catch monster bass for $2.99?' They go, ‘Yeah. I'm spending $4.99 on a guide to win my next tournament, I want to learn as much as I can about catching monster bass.’ So 66% of people are currently taking us up on that second offer.

[00:06:54] Scott: Which is crazy. Which is absolutely crazy. So guys, that is unheard of. Generally, if you're looking at like a 20% to a 25% conversion rate you're actually pretty happy about that. But yes, so that there is not, and sometimes you've heard people talk about like one time offers. That's not a one-time offer. That is actually a bump. So it doesn't take you to another page, it's just like a little button, a little check box that shows that you can check it if you want it. That's it.

Now, let's say that they say yes or no to that. Doesn't really matter at this point. They go on and say yes, and they place in their order. So they put in their name and their mailing address maybe and then their credit card information. And then they say yes that they want this. Now, immediately after that's when we would take them to an upsell. And an upsell is generally going to be more than the initial purchase. Doesn't have to be but usually it is. We’re kind of like stepping them up in that process. But we also add something that would make 100% sense to the purchase that they just did.

So again, what's that look like? Like the one time offer?

[00:07:59] Chris: The way that I like to think about this and it is either going to be more of what they just got which we already kind of did in the bump and that tends to work really well in the physical products work. So if we're selling them bass fishing lures and that's what they are buying in the initial check out we might sell them five more bass fishing lures. In digital world and kind of what we’re doing here we're actually selling them the physical product and it's the next thing that they are going to need. So if they took that bass fishing guide and they took the order bump to get 30 more tips what is the next thing that they need in order to win the tournament because they are going to need some gear to do that.

Obviously a lot of them are going to already have it. But what we want to do is we want to put something in front of them and in our case we're using the ultimate bass fishing bump. And so it's basically just, in our case we may use a video here which is probably something that would increase this conversion rate because we didn't have time. We kind of duct taped this system together just to see how it works and $1,700 later we should probably make some changes to it. But we kind of duct taped it together, as I have said in the past.

We ran head first through this wall and now we need to actually build the door and the rest of it.

[00:09:09] Scott: It's kind of how we roll.

[00:09:09] Chris: We can continue to use it. But it's literally just, it's a page. It looks a lot like the Amazon sales page for the same product and we just took a couple of pictures of it. We took some reviews from Amazon. We took a lot of those kind of the things and we just built a nice page that has a button on it. And it says, if you'd like to get the ultimate bass fishing bundle click here. I think we're selling it for $39.99. I have to look. It's somewhere between $30 and $40. And yeah basically it's a picture of the product and then a button that says ‘Buy now' and a little bit of text describing it.

And then some reviews form Amazon. It's something that anybody can put together. It's very, very simple, very straight forward.

[00:09:51] Scott: Again, I know people are going to ask okay, so that's great and all but what are… Number one, what is your traffic source? How are you getting people to see this? And then secondly, going to be asking how would I actually set all this up. So let's talk about the traffic piece first. So we have done this without using any paid traffic. You could use this with paid traffic. I wouldn't start with paid traffic. I would try doing it organically. And it’s funny because we have someone right now that's in our Inner Circle who is a seven figure seller who's like really excited about this.

He's like this is amazing, this is awesome. But I just don't know if I should be focusing on that or if I should be focusing on the content and getting traffic to the site. And I basically call the time out. And I go, okay, here's what I think you should do.

[00:10:40] Chris: Kevin, where's your whistle?

[00:10:41] Scott: Yeah, whistle, whistle. Come on Kev. What we want to do is we want to start building the traffic. I would say if you have two things to focus on, this is attractive but it took us eighteen months to get to this point to have this organic traffic. So I would build the traffic. I would build the content. I would do the organic stuff. I would build the email list. That was actually my first thing because here's a very, very small email list and I’m like that's what I would focus on.

If you're building the content side of things that's great. We're going to wait for Google to index us or people to find it and stuff, okay great. Let's speed up that process, let’s build that email list so we can let people know, ‘Hey just post five new tips to catch more bass. Go to the blog.’ They go to the blog or they go to a Facebook Live or wherever you want to post that content. And what this will do is number one it nurtures the audience and the people that are interested in this because you're sending stuff on a weekly basis.

And you're getting that content that you're spending time on and money on, you're actually getting it out there quicker and you're amplifying that content. And again, let me just go back, this is exactly what we are doing in this business and any business that we're helping. You can here talk about our inner circle members. This is exactly what we're focusing on. And the roadmap, the blueprint if you will is laid out in that video that I shot, a 34 minute video which is, you can find that at ecommbizclass.com.

All the details are there as far as like what we do to build out a business. So it allows us to be able to do this. But my recommendation was to him, not to go out there and build this little funnel like right now. Don't do that yet. Build the email list, build the content. That's the first step. That's going to be your six to eight-month plan. Like do that right now. So if you're not doing that do that because what we're doing is we're capitalizing on the work that's been done. That we did a year ago and now it's starting to pay off.

Now we can start to test things. Like we have traffic coming there every day and now Chris you can say you know what Scott, let's do a split test. Let's go ahead and change it up from a video to a non-video page and see what converts better and we'll give it a week. And then that organic traffic is just still coming. We don't have to pay for ads.

[00:12:45] Scott: So this is like pure profit in a sense. I mean yeah, you have hosting on your account, ten bucks a month, fifteen bucks a month. You have an email list depending on how big it is might cost you 75 bucks a month, 50 bucks a month, whatever. Not that much. So this here, this is extra in my eyes.

[00:13:02] Chris: So here's how I'm looking at this Scott. So even if we said that, and we're using click Funnels for this. Even if this is the only thing we're using this Click Funnels account for, which is not, that's 97 bucks and if this was the only thing that we were using the email list for, which it's not, I don't know what we're paying right now with the 30,000 people on there. Is it like $350? Does that sound right? So $350. So we still made, in the last… And it actually just updated, it's now $1,680.91. So that's 1300, let's just call it $1,300 in profit in the last 23 days, 24 days.

That's nothing to shake a stick at. It's $12,000/$13,000/$14,000 a year depending on how that shapes out in pure profit without us having to do anything. Some of those sales did come from us mentioning it in the email. The thing that's really interesting to me is we send an email to that list. A lot of them, and it always kind of correlates with the email but we're tracking sources differently. So there's like a pop up that shows up on the website that tells them about it. There's like a side bar image that tells them about it.

But any time we send an email we get two or three sales directly from the email and then we get sales from people who click a different link in the email. And went to the page and read the blog post. And then decided that they wanted to get the bass fishing guide. But it's like boom, boom, boom we get a whole bunch back to back. Even without having that, even just having the sheer organic traffic that's coming to the site. We wake up every morning with three or four new sales. And so even if you cut out that having email list and all those kinds of things, just people coming to the site we have this opportunity to sell to and it's not just this. This is the thing that we threw in front of them.

And one of the things that you guys have heard us talk about in the past is like Amazon is launch platform. Amazon is going to bring in revenue that's going to pay for house while we do all of this other stuff. It's going to pay our bills, it's going to take care of us but as we start to build and grow the business the thing that will give us multiples, the thing that will give us exponential growth in the business is not necessarily launching a 7th product on Amazon.

[00:15:10] Chris: It's expanding out to the other 95%, 97% of the audience that isn't ready to buy right now. Well guess what, they might not be ready to buy the ultimate bass fishing bundle right now so they are not going to go to Amazon to look for it. But they are willing to pay us $5 or $10 to learn how to win the tournament that they are going to be in next weekend. Like we're trying to take advantage of these people, we're giving them something that is of value to them. And that's the other thing. I know like a lot of people hate making offers.

They hate asking for money, they hate doing that and in Amazon it's okay. Because everybody is like ready to buy. Like there's a physical thing that they are going to get. When you're looking for something like this it can kind of rub people the wrong way. So we're like all right, let's just throw this offer up at $4.99. What happens? And if no one takes up on it the we get it wrong. If you're putting the right product in front of the right audience we're going to be able to capture that. Now, we're not getting all 100,000 people to buy that. But we're getting a good subsection of the audience on a daily basis we sell five or ten.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a lot but what's an extra $50 a day or $100 a day in your business going to do for you when it's essentially pure profit? That's a huge deal. And so what we can do is we can test other offers now. Now that we know that this audience is going to convert, that this really essentially cold traffic because the people who are coming from Google search may not have ever interacted with our brand. And yet because we’re putting the right offer in front of them, they’re willing to move from that 95% into the 5% of the people who are willing to buy right now because it's the right thing for them at that point.

So we can test putting a product in front of them or putting a different digital offer in front of them or whatever but we had to build that traffic first. And now that we've done that we can test all these other things outside of the Amazon ecosystem to start to multiply what we're doing.

[00:17:01] Scott: I'll even bring it over to TAS stuff. I have people that have listened to this podcast or the YouTube channel or whatever for a year or two. They've been through multiple of the workshops that that I've done in the past. Any lives that you and I have done to get people have show up and maybe never bought anything. But a year later they are like you know what I'm ready, I'm going to do this thing and I want Scott's help or I want Chris's help. That's what it is. You have to be willing to number one be patient but also know that the market is not always going to be ready the day that you put something out there into the world as far as for something to buy.

Like if you launch something on Amazon there's something there that's on Amazon that I'm not going to buy right today but I'm going to buy it in a month from now or two months from now because that's when I need it, that's when I want it. But again, if we get into building a business or brand that does allows us to go out there and reach that audience and that's why we do go through this ten step process in when we're building out these businesses and these brands, we look at the full scope of it.

So this way here we know that we have the potential to go out there and be in front of the audience even if they are not ready to buy six months from now. So that's what we looked for. Yes, if you’re selling a water filter for a refrigerator it might not be the easiest one to do? Could you still do it, probably if you leaned on like well. Well, you should have better water blah, blah, blah. But it's going to be harder. But we would notice that before we even entered that brand. So again, that's why I'd have you guys watch that if you have not watched that overview video of myself going through the case study really of us building this most recent brand going through this methodology.

Definitely check it out at ecommbizclass.com. Like I said it's a tutorial in a sense. It also talks about our training E-comm Business Formula and everything that we teach inside of there. We go really deep in all of the aspects of building out this business and this brand.

[00:19:04] Scott: So the pages, I know a lot of people get hung up with the tech stuff. If you are at that stage and you're going to start doing this there's different ways you can do it. The simplest way that we found to do it is to use Click Funnels. We do have an affiliate link for that if you guys wanted to buy us a cup of coffee you can totally do that. Chris likes tea. You can head over to theamazingseller.com/funnels. And if you do go through that link send an email to support@theamazingseller.com. We do have some templates that we can send your way to help you kind of build this stuff out for your…

Give you some that we've used in the past. So that way here it gives you something to at least start from.

[00:19:41] Chris: It's literally the templates that we're using right now. It's one of those things. Scott, I think the big lesson in this, outside of the technical stuff which is fairly easy once you've done it. And this is something you've been kind of railing on for a few weeks now is once you have attention, in the Amazon world, in the e-commerce side of things, when we're just strictly selling a physical product online. We don't necessarily need to worry about attention as much. Because we can list on Amazon, Amazon gets the attention for us.

We're trying to scale these brands into a “real business” not an Amazon seller account with some products but “real business”. We have to focus on getting the attention ourselves. The point of the attention is not to sell stuff. The point of the attention is to have the opportunity to interact with a potential customer. Once we have that attention, we can put this offer in front of them. We can direct it to our other products. We can sell them physical stuff. We can do all of that.

But we have to get in front of that other 95% of the world first. And we have to do it not with the intention of selling them a thing. But we have to do it with a genuine intention of helping them. Whether that's with TAS in the podcast, like we don't do the podcast to sell stuff. We do the podcast to help people. We then get asked for extra help and in order to do that we have things like EBF so that we can help as many people as possible. So that we can help the people who don't just want to listen to this episode and go implement that or don't want to learn this one extra thing or want to look over our shoulder and watch us literally go through five different markets like we did in the master class.

Whatever, right. And so the reason that we're doing this is to capture the attention of the people who need the help or are interested in the market. That then gives us the opportunity, if the opportunity arises to say hey, maybe go check this out. And in our case we’re saying hey if you're going to be in a tournament this weekend maybe you want the book that will teach you how to win. And they go, ‘Oh yeah.' And if they say they don't want it that's totally cool. I'm not going to not let them read the article they came to read.

[00:21:44] Chris: They are still going to see that. And they are going to get that and then they are going to be indoctrinated by the brand. They are probably going to end up in our email list. And then we’re going to have 100 opportunities to sell something as well. So we need to focus on getting attention. Once we're up and launched and we have that stable base inside of the Amazon ecosystem getting attention is going to be absolutely 100% as you put it the currency moving forward outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

[00:22:08] Scott: Absolutely. And again I'll just, I'm going to stress this that it's so important that you realize that what you're building in your business is not just a business that sells products but it's actually assets that can help people get attention. But then also can lead people to your purchasing process. Or the engine that gets sales. Like he process that gets sales. There's two different sides of that. The one side is get attention, help people give them the information they need. Get them to know they can trust you, make some light offers that don't say go buy my stuff.

Just if you want more information go here. And then from there they can make the decision but then that leads them into a sales process. So there's two different processes that you have to understand and there's assets that we're building that do both of those things. They get the attention, they build good will, they sell. There's different assets that you're building in your business. And this is one that is a sales process but we could have our partner jump on a Facebook Live talk about certain things inside of the actual resource, the guide and say, ‘If you want the four other ones that I talk about in this book or the nine other ones in this book, go grab it.'

Like that's it. And then maybe tomorrow you do another lesson in there and then you say, ‘Hey, if you want the rest of them go here.' Or whatever or if you want deep dive go here. So that's all you are really doing. Is you're just bringing attention to it, helping them with the actual value and the leading them to the sales process. That's it. Once you have a sales process in place you can just drive the traffic there like we're doing right now with this book funnel in a sense.

So anyway, that's what I wanted to cover here today. I know Chris you and I can go on with this forever because we have so many things that we can be talking about here with attention and building the audiences and the list and retargeting and building audiences on Facebook. Like there's so much we can talk about, which we will be talking about here in the future. We may even do some trainings, actually some live trainings where we'll be going deeper into that.

[00:24:08] Scott: So definitely stay tuned for that. So Chris, anything else you wanted to say before we wrap up?

[00:24:12] Chris: Other than we need a cash register sound because we just added two more sales. So $1,688.89 right now.

[00:24:21] Scott: Almost at that $1,700.

[00:24:22] Chris: I know, like can we get there? We can just [inaudible] for like five minutes because I just saw more come in and haven't updated on the back end.

[00:24:30] Scott: So we're almost at $1,700. As we were recording this we had a couple of sales come in. That's great.

[00:24:35] Chris: I think I just want to reiterate having the intention allows to do all of these things like we were placed just an offer to capture people's emails for free. And I was doing really well for us. We said I'm curious if we can take the same traffic and actually get paid for having it. And that's what happened. This was our first attempt at it. And we’ve brought in… By the time you guys are listening to this over $1,700 unless something drastic happens in the next 20 minutes in under a month and so we can then go okay, was this worth it compared to what we think the value of the email addresses that we had captured for free.

Or, can we then turn these people into customers that are buying other things. Can we then take the $1,700 and go get email addresses, make it worth the time. What do we want to do with this? But because we have the traffic coming in the front we can put whatever we want in front of them and start experimenting with some of these things. And these are the things that are going to lead to exponential growth in the business once we kind of reach that kind of stability inside of the Amazon business.

[00:25:36] Scott: It's super important guys. And that's why I wanted to jump on here with Chris and kind of go through it. Again, if you want a deep dive of the actual process that we're using and that we're building businesses around go to ecommbizclass.com. You're get an overview video. Basically it's me walking you through this case study in a sense. More or less like a tutorial and from there you can see exactly what we're doing. And then also you can hear a little bit more about our EBF training, which is more or less a home study course in six modules.

It's pretty intense and it's pretty good. So go check it out. Chris, did you want to say anything else.

[00:26:14] Chris: Yes, $1,706.88.

[00:26:17] Scott: Oh, there you go. I seen you put your finger up like, ‘Wait a minute, I got one more thing.' That's good.

[00:26:22] Chris: So we had one more sale come through. And that's the power of having some of those like physical products on the back end. They didn't take us up on the big bundle offer but they did take us up on the other thing that we show if they don’t want that.

[00:26:34] Scott: What was the total number again? I'm writing this down.

[00:26:37] Chris: Well, let me refresh it so that you get it right this time.

[00:26:40] Scott: I want the actual current number.

[00:26:43] Chris: $1,706.88.

[00:26:47] Scott: I like that. Nice. That was perfect timing. I'm so glad that that happened. So we're over $1,700. And how many days is that been running out?

[00:27:00] Chris: You making me do math?

[00:27:01] Scott: I know, I know. Do the math, do the math.

[00:27:04] Chris; It's less than 30.

[00:27:11] Scott: I knew that. Tell me something I don't know. Chris is doing math on the fly. I shouldn't have asked that question. I thought it was like 20-some days.

[00:27:24] Chris: Today is the 26th day.

[00:27:24] Scott: 26th. So it's really like 25 and a half.

[00:27:30] Chris: 25 and a third.

[00:27:32] Scott: So under a month. So we still have time to get there to hit our $2,000 number which that's what I was shooting for for the month is to get to the $2,000.

[00:27:39] Chris: So what's that amount? $1,706.88 divided by 25. $68.27. So are we going on a 30 day month?

[00:27:54] Scott: Yeah, do a 30-day month for sure.

[00:27:57] Chris; So we have five days left in the month. It'd be $341. So we're run rating for a $2,100. Assuming that that holds.

[00:28:09] Scott: Okay guys, we'll give you an update on this. We're going to stop rumbling here because we're just talking out loud as we're going through the…

[00:28:13] Chris: This is actually the real reason that we have the podcast. It's because Scott and I are just on talking anyway.

[00:28:19] Scott: Why not just hit record and do it. So let's wrap this up. Let them get on with it and again understand this, if you're not at the point to put this into your business yet, don't worry about it. Do the other stuff to get yourself to this point.

Again, that's why we do talk very, very in-depth about like this process and we went through it, I went through it in a video, ecommbizclass.com. One more little shout out there for that. So go check that out. The show notes can be found for this episode, I got to remember what that is now, Chris, theamazingseller.com/648. Get all the links, the show notes, all that stuff there. You can find over on the show notes page and that is going to wrap up this episode.

So guys, as always, remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I'm rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud. Chris is going to say it with me on the count of three.

One, two, three, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day guys and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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