TAS 634 Ask Scott #198 – How Do I Drive Traffic to Amazon without Hurting Conversion Rates?

What are you going to do to make your ecommerce business stand out from all the competition on the marketplace? How will you make a name for yourself and your brand? If you need a spark of creativity, you’ve come to the right place! It is time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, updates on TAS resources, an answer to a question from a TAS follower like you, and much more! Don’t miss a minute of this helpful episode featuring Scott’s seasoned perspective!

Surround yourself with positive people

Did you know that you mirror the attitudes and mindsets of the people you spend your time with the most? It’s true! Haven’t you noticed that when you spend a lot of time with someone who complains a lot that you find yourself complaining too? Or maybe you find yourself in a crappy mood, and then you realize it is because you just spent time with someone who is having a terrible day. Just as negative attitudes and mindsets are often contagious, so are positive ones! Choose which one you’d rather have your life reflect then order your life and relationships accordingly. To hear more about this vital topic, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Why you need external assets for your brand

Is it a good idea to have multiple investments engaged to help your ecommerce business succeed? Do you really need to build up an email list or a social media following for your brand? According to Scott, building up external assets is one of the best ways to future proof your ecommerce business. You can also use these external channels to add depth and a personal touch to your brand. What is the status of your external assets? Do you have several or are you just getting started? Find out how you can make sure your assets are firing on all cylinders by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Make sure you target the right audience!

Let’s face it; no one likes to have their time wasted. From door to door salespeople to newspaper advertisements, people hate getting something sold to them that they aren’t interested in. Thankfully, in the ecommerce age, we don’t have to advertise products to a huge audience, we can niche down and make sure we are targeting people who are already interested! Don’t leave it all up to guesswork; you can take advantage of the hard-fought lessons that Scott has learned over the years. Learn more about targeting the right audience for your brand by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:00] Scott’s thought of the week.
  • [8:30] How do I drive traffic to my Amazon listing without hurting conversion rates?
  • [18:30] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 634: Ask Scott #198 – How Do I Drive Traffic to Amazon without Hurting Conversion Rates?


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is Episode #634 and Session #198 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your question here on the podcast and guess what? I’m going to do it again here today. And today's question…

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…I’m going to get right to it. I’m going to tell you what we’re going to be talking about. This is a good one. I love this one. How to drive traffic to Amazon without hurting my conversion rates? It’s a big one. Because we’ve been talking a lot lately about how to drive external traffic and should we drive them to our Amazon listing? Should we drive them to our own Shopify store, our own platform? Well, we’re going to talk all about that. So, that's what we’re going to be talking about. Now, before we do, a couple reminders here. Number one, if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session, head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/Ask and you can do that. You can get the information there. Just basically you’re going to send a voicemail and you’re going to ask the question or just leave your first name, where you’re tuning in from, and that would be awesome. I’d love to know who I'm chatting with on the podcast here.

The other thing that I wanted to mention here which is brand-new and I'm super excited about, you guys have been hearing me talk a lot lately about EBF also known as ECOM Business Formula. Well, I’ve finally gotten something together that I'm really excited to share with you and it is a book, a blueprint if you will, a roadmap, a playbook, whatever you want to call it on the 10-step formula for really going out there and finding the markets, but more importantly, finding the markets and invalidating the markets and then from there building out the business with products, with traffic, with assets being built inside so you can grow and scale and do all the things that real businesses do and really allowing yourself to differentiate yourself from just other people that are selling products on Amazon and not just being an Amazon business. We are an e-commerce business, an online business.

[00:02:06] Scott: So, if you're interested in checking that out, you can head over to ECOMBizBook.com. Again, that's ECOMBizBook.com and you can get all the information there. It is a digital version of the book so you'll get it instantly and, yeah, you can go check it out over there. I'm really proud of it. It came out really, really good and I can't take all the credit. My good friend, Chris Schaffer had a lot to do with this and after going through this process with him in a recent business that we built together and then other ones that we’re consulting in, in our inner circle, it's everything. It's the playbook. It really truly is. So, definitely check out ECOMBizBook.com and that'll take you straight to that page. So, the other thing I want to say here before we get rocking and rolling is some thoughts, some weekly thoughts, and this is something I've said before. I’m going to say it again and I’ll probably say it again and again.

And I was reminded of this just the other morning where and I've mentioned this before. There's a guy that he's in the of the local coffee shop that he does the floors in the morning. So, before anyone really gets there, any really big traffic, he's doing the floors and he’s got this commercial kind of like sweeper or mopper. It's just a giant like big sweeper thing but it's a motorized thing so it's not like you actually see the brooms and stuff. Really, really nice guy and just from going and get my coffee every day, I've gotten to know him. He's there every morning. Cool guy and he's just so like he's just got a great look on his face every day. No matter what kind of day it is, he's always upbeat and happy and just always talkative. Just a great spirit, just a great guy. And recently, I went in and he had told me, I asked him, I said, “So, hey, Sammy. How’s it going, man?” and he’s like, “It's going good. It's going good, Scott. Had a good weekend,” and he goes, “But I also had some bad news.”

[00:04:01] Scott: I’m like, “Oh yeah, what’s that?” and he goes, “Well, my mother passed away over the weekend and I’m like, “Aww, Sammy, I'm so sorry to hear that,” and he was like, “Yeah, you know, the way I look at it is she's in a better place and she was 89. She lived a great life. I mean I’m going to miss her and it’s just going to take a little time but I know she's in a great place and she wasn't scared of death. She wasn't like she was like, ‘You know what, when the time is here, I'm ready.’” And so, he had just a great attitude and so then a couple weeks have passed since then and I see him again this morning. Yeah. It was this morning. I thought it was yesterday. It was this morning. And I went in and I said, “How’s it going? How's everything going since your mom passed and everything? Is everything okay?” He goes, “Yeah. I’ve got good days and bad days,” and by the way, while he's telling me this stuff, he’s smiling. He's got like a nice smile on his face like just happy, just a good, good person. You could just see it through and through and he said, “You know, I have good days, I have bad days, but I always just, you know, I'm thankful that I'm here. I'm thankful that I'm healthy and I’m thankful I get to see people like you every single morning.” That's what he said to me.

And I said, “Wow, man, that feels really good. I appreciate that,” and he goes, “Well, you know I've said that my whole life. You surround yourself with good people, with good energy, people that just they’re positive people, you're going to have a positive life,” and I agree with that 100%. So, here's the takeaway, surround yourself with really cool people that pick you up, not drag you down and, yes, there’s going to become times when you are surrounded by these people and there’s nothing you can do about it or you have to be there because maybe you're still at your 9-to-5 and you have to deal with these people. It's okay. But try to get more of the other people in your life and I’m telling you like when you're around people that are just energetic and just full of passion, full of just loving life, it just changes everything. So, I’ve had people say, “Scott, I listen to your podcast because I just want to hear your energy, man. I just want to hear you give me that pep talk,” and that's cool. I love that and I want to do that for people.

[00:06:05] Scott: And then I’ll share another little story here with you before we dig in here is the other day, I was having a little bit of a bad day and it wasn't like a terrible day, but I was feeling a little bit down just because I had, to be honest with you, I had some negative comments on a video that I posted and I’m like, “Why would people put a negative?” It wasn’t even a negative comment. It was like a thumbs down or something and I’m like, “Am I missing the mark here? Am I doing something wrong?” but yet I've had videos that have gotten 100 people that said it was awesome. And I reached out to my father and I was talking to him a little bit about it and then he said, “Hey, listen, don’t let that stuff bother you. You know what you're doing is changing lives. You know what you're doing is helping people. There are always going to have people that are just going to be out there and trying to kind of kick you in the shins to bring you down because their life sucks and so don't worry about it.”

And I'm like, “Geez, you’re giving me the same advice I give other people. Thanks, dad.” So, you know what, we need that sometimes. We’re all human. We’re all normal. That's normal feelings, emotions, that we’re going to have them but the more people that you surround yourself like my dad that gave me that little pep talk, it changed my outlook for the day. I was like I was turned right around. I was like, “You know what, he's right. And you know what, that's what I tell people and that's what I'm supposed to believe in too and I do believe in that. Damn it.” And so, yeah, so, anyway, surround yourself with positive people and great energy. I'm telling you what, it's a game changer. So, there's my little message for you for this Friday or for this week, depending on when you’re listening to this. All right. So, surround yourself with those like-minded people and really follow the people especially on like social media like follow the people that inspire you, that give you positive energy that doesn't give you false hope or that aren’t like flashy and like all about them like we don’t want that either, right? Like, we want to resonate with people that we know, like, and trust, and that's it, bottom line.

[00:08:03] Scott: And we want people to help make us feel good by just being happy or being in the moment. So, anyway, I can go on for this or go on with this forever. It’s just a huge topic for me because I believe in it so much. So, anyway, alright, get your head right. Go ahead, attack the day.


[00:08:22] Scott: So, alright, let’s go ahead and let's dig into this question. Now, this was a written question so I am going to read this so this way here you guys can get some context here of what the actual question was and it was from HK Cayan I think it is and I don't know exactly how to pronounce that but HK so maybe it’s just a profile name, whatever. It says, “Hi, Scott, I have a question. You talk about using these assets to drive sales to Amazon and spike the algorithm. Could you elaborate on how this traffic is driven to Amazon? How are they prequalified before sending them? What type of link do you use? How to do this while protecting conversion rates and other details pertaining to driving external traffic over to Amazon? Thanks.” All right. Cool. A lot of questions wrapped up in that one little blurb.

So, first off, yes, we want to drive traffic to our Amazon listings because we want to drive sales so Amazon looks at our listing and says, “Oh my gosh, these guys are optimized for these keywords and we are going to start ranking them for these keywords because they're getting sales through this listing so it must be relevant and it must be what people are looking for.” That's the basics of like that so we all pretty much know that. If you don't, you know it now. Okay. That's the mindset. That's what we’re trying to do here. So, the second part of this is how do we take external traffic let's say from a Facebook ad? It's funny. I just went through this in our training inside ECOM Business Formula. I went through the exact process here and I’ll kind of describe here for you. So, here's what we’re doing. Number one, we have to go out there and get people to raise their hands that are interested, okay, before we even ask them to go anywhere. So, there’s a couple different ways you do this. If you're building an email list, which is an asset, which I'm a big fan of, if you do that, you want to put the right offer in front of those people.

[00:10:24] Scott: This is where it's different than you just driving traffic from someone on a deal site over to your blog. We don't know that those people are actually our customers. They’re just people that want to get that deal for the day or whatever and they might go there and then bounce, whatever. But if we can get people to raise their hand first by getting them to opt-in, well, we’re a little bit closer. So, on a giveaway or a contest, this is my favorite way to start when you’re brand-new because you can do it fairly quickly and it also helps to do some other asset building as far as like driving traffic to your website and then getting people to visit other platforms that you're on but, again, that's for a whole another discussion. Okay. So, what we want to do here is we want to get them to raise their hand. So, on a giveaway, what we’re doing here is we’re targeting that audience of people that is into that stuff. So, for example, if I was going to go into, again, I'll use bass fishing, if I was going to go into the bass fishing market then I would go to some of those or some of those interest groups.

So, when you go to Facebook, you can target certain interests so it would be bass fishing. Sometimes you can even target the pages directly. And then what we’re going to do is we are going to start driving traffic in front of those people to get them to raise her hand. We’re going to put a landing page. We call this a landing page which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a place where people land and then they can make the decision if they want to give you your name and email address in order to get entered or to get the deal because there’s a couple different ways you can use that. So, what we want to do is get them to raise their hand by putting their name and email address and that's step one so we put like a little bit of a hurdle there for them to get over and if they get over it then boom, we’re a little bit closer. They’re a little bit more qualified. Now, the other thing we can do too is we can pixel that page through Facebook ads, again, a little bit more advanced but that's something else we can do and then we can start building a custom audience in Facebook and then do some really cool things with that, but that's again a little bit more advanced.

[00:12:21] Scott: So, then what we’re going to do is once we have them qualified by giving us their name and email address because they raised their hand for the ultimate bass fishing kit, then we know that if we send them over to Amazon with our products, there's a good chance that they're interested in that. Now, we would also once we start to build that relationship with them, we’re going to start letting them in on what we also offer. Now, in that bundle, it's really important that we offer maybe our products or other people's that are related to directly to ours so we want to make sure that we do that. All right. So, in this case, we took someone from a Facebook ad that we targeted precisely and we got them to raise their hand on a really good match on what they're interested and that qualifies them then from there, if we wanted to, we could send them directly to that bundle if it was for sale or we can just get them on our email list and then start building that relationship.

Now, this here is the exact process that I was just going through in ECOM Business Formula as I was recording this training so here's the breakdown. We do the exact same thing, we target that audience. Okay, we find them on Facebook through interests or the other thing that we can do and this is what we do a lot is we’ll take the email list that we already have that we've already gotten them to raise their hand and then we’ll upload that to Facebook and then we’ll use that as our audience, as our base either retargeting or we’ll create a lookalike audience. So, again, it's very important that we target the right people. Now, here’s what we would do. Let's say I wanted to send a direct offer to these people, but I didn't want them going directly to the listing. So, what I would do is something very similar. I would run the ad that would then get them to raise their hand, hey, 50% off this week only or today only or for the next two days, whatever, get that urgency in there but also get a crazy deal or it could be 30% off whatever or maybe it's get it for $10, normally sells for 25, whatever. Just come up with something that's going to get their attention but again, going back to targeting it's really important that we target the right people so we've done that.

[00:14:27] Scott: Now, I would drive that visitor over to a landing page, a page that will be between the listing. So, before they would get to the listing, they would go to this page and then it would say, “Hey, claim your coupon code here or your special offer here.” They would click that and then that would pop up a box that would allow them to fill in their name and email address to get the code. And then what I would do is from there as soon as they say yes and they hit submit claim code, it would automatically send them to a thank you page which would have all the details on how to grab the code which would be on that page, how to put it into your Amazon listing, and then from there get the discount. So, see what we did there? We qualified them, we sent them over to a landing page that explained more, and then we got them to raise their hand even further by going ahead and having them put in their name and email address and then from there we would send them over the Amazon.

You see what we did there? We qualified them, we made them just really, really likely, more likely to buy than not. Now, are they all going to know? But here's the other thing that we do, here’s another little tip for you. If you're doing that, you're going to hook that up to your autoresponder, your email autoresponder. We use ConvertKit. In the past, we've used AWeber, MailChimp Infusionsoft, you name it. We've used them all. ConvertKit is probably the easiest, especially for e-commerce. It's really cool and it’s really easy to use. There’s other ones out there, Klaviyo. There’s a bunch of other really advanced ones too which I don't think you need to go there yet. But anyway, so then what we do is the minute that they say, “Yes, I want the coupon code,” claim it, immediately they go to the thank you page. And in the backend of that, we have it synced up to where they would get an automatic email that would then say, “Hey, just wanted to send you this email to make sure that you got the link and the coupon code. Click here to grab it.”

[00:16:29] Scott: And then that way there, it’ll drive them back to the thank you page because we all know that person could have been busy and they did it and then they had to leave or maybe they set their phone down and then they came back and the page was gone, for whatever reason. Now, we have their email address and we can follow up with those people so that's another cool thing that we can do. So, hopefully, that broke it down for you or anyone listening. Now, I would definitely, definitely recommend grabbing ECOMBizBook.com if you're at all interested in this type of stuff because inside of there, we don't go into a ton of like how to like do this part of it, but we do go into how to create a brand in a market that allows you to be able to target these types of people, to be able to create these offers that people are going to raise their hand, and then build these assets through email list building, through external ads, and all of that stuff, and not just on the Amazon platform.

So, definitely check out ECOMBizBook.com and that'll give you a really, really good idea on how to really put all the pieces together as far as growing your brand externally and really building it from scratch, or if you already have a product right now, I just did a Facebook live today actually going over this. If you already have a product right now, you’re like, “How the heck do I get more sales on this product?” I don’t even know what market I'm in, in this product. I actually did a Facebook live today and you know what, I will go ahead and I’ll link that up inside of this show notes page because I think it's valuable for you to see exactly what I'm talking about here and how I took a basic product and I said, “What market is this product serving?” and we found three other products just by going through that exercise. So, I'll link that up and the reason why I'm saying that is because so many people are at that place where they’re like, “I have a product that’s selling okay but I want to get more sales. I want to do this external stuff but I don’t even know if I can.”

[00:18:25] Scott: Well, part of the validation process in the ECOM Business Formula is doing this process and then from there, we can see if we have room to do this stuff in the future and if we do, it becomes so much easier to build a brand. So, definitely check out ECOMBizBook.com and you’ll get all the details there and I think it's going to help a lot of people here in 2019. Just created it so it's fresh off the press in a sense. It’s a digital version but it's new and you can go ahead and print that thing out if you want to which I would definitely recommend and start going through that process and seeing if you're in the right place within your brand right now if you currently have one or if you want to start one from scratch, definitely a must-have.


[00:19:10] Scott: So, guys that's it. That is going to wrap up this episode of Ask Scott. Also, a little reminder here, definitely surround yourself with some of those cool positive people. I’m telling you what, it's a game changer and it can really, really change your outlook, but really motivate you to get out there and create the life that you deserve because you do deserve it. Trust me. I know that you do. So, that's it, guys. That is going to wrap up this episode. Remember, as always, I am here for you, I believe in you, and I am rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, on the count of three, one, two, three, take action! Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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