TAS 583 Ask Scott #182 – What Is Best Ways To Get Content Ideas to Attract My Customers?

It’s time for a gut check, how is your ecomerce business doing at this point? Are you hitting all of your goals or do need a little push to keep the momentum going? Scott’s back at it again with another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller! On this episode, he shares some exciting news, his thought of the week, some helpful tips on content creation, and so much more! Don’t leave the growth of your business up to chance! Get the helpful insights you need to keep pressing forward by listening to this episode!

Special announcement!

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about helping ecommerce sellers sharpen their abilities. Over the years he’s created specialized resources like the Private Label Classroom and Product Discovery Bootcamp to further equip sellers to take their game to the next level. Now, Scott is combining those two resources and giving the TAS community access for an amazing value of $99 a month. To get all the details on this wonderful resource at a great price, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Why you need to simplify and focus.

Let’s face it, our world today is filled with so many distractions and side ventures that you can really end up getting pulled in a thousand different directions. What is the solution? How to do you know which way to go and which appointees to pursue? For each individual, it's going to look different but the fact of the matter is, you’ve got to commit to simplifying your life and business so you can focus on what is most important. Make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott explains how this valuable insight has made all the difference in his life, you don’t want to miss it!

How to get content ideas for your brand.

Did you know that you can leverage your audience to create content for your brand? It’s true! Take a look at how Scott engages the TAS community, he uses the engagement aspect of the brand as a way to find out what sellers like you want to know about. You can use that same type of strategy in your brand to build content through your email list, blog, YouTube channel, or Facebook fan page. The possibles are endless! Learn more about this vital aspect of growing your brand by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:10] Scott’s special announcement!
  • [8:30] Scott’s thought of the week, simplify and focus.
  • [10:00] Question: What is the best way to get content ideas and attract customers?
  • [15:45] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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