TAS 582 How To Get MEDIA ATTENTION for Your BRAND with Christina Nicholson

What does it take to get media attention for your ecommerce brand? Do you need to do something crazy and outside of the box to get your 15 minutes of fame? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from special guest, Christina Nicholson. In her conversation with Scott, Christina opens up about how she got her start in media, what led to her career change, how she started her own media firm, what sellers like you can do to get noticed by the media, and so much more! If you want a clear roadmap to getting your business some positive publicity, you’ve come to the right place!

From media career to business owner.

What is the best way to prepare your business for positive media exposure? By getting expert insight from someone who has had a career in media and built a business helping sellers like you! Christina Nicholson is an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience anchoring, reporting, writing, blogging, video production, editing, excelling in social media, photography, and live TV. Because of her experience in the communications industry, she’s networked with the best in the business to build a team of professionals who can handle almost any and every marketing needs a business or brand has. To hear more about Christina’s fascinating story and how she can help sellers like you, make sure to listen to this episode!

Why you need a compelling story.

Sure, getting featured in the media sounds great, but where do you start? Don’t you have to be an established brand with a solid reputation first? According to Christina Nicholson, that’s not necessarily true! What you need more than a brand that is pulling in 6 or 7 figures is a compelling story. Seriously! You could be selling a sexy and innovative product that had the potential to fly off the shelves but if your story falls flat, you are going nowhere! To find out how to craft a compelling story so your brand stands out from the competition and grabs media attention, make sure to listen to this powerful episode of The Amazing Seller!

The best ways to connect with a media outlet.

Let’s face it if you want to stand out from the crowd of business leaders looking for positive media coverage you’ve got to do what no one else is doing! It all starts with simply following up with your media contact. Too often business leaders fail to circle back and make sure that they’ve done their due diligence by following up with a media outlet that they’ve contacted. Send an email once a week for a month to show that you are engaged and diligent in getting your brand in the spotlight. After a month has passed and you haven't’ made any progress, consider changing your angle! To get the full breakdown from Christina on how to best approach media outlets, make sure to listen to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller!  

Make sure to build a local presence!

If you want to make a national or global impact with your ecommerce brand, you’ve got to think locally first! In the ecommerce world, this line of thinking probably sounds pretty backward, right? But when it comes to building a media reputation and even giving back in a charitable way, the key is to start where you are! Too many business leaders want to jump in with a splashy commitment with their giving to make waves but according to Christina, if you want to be taken seriously, you’ve got to have a solid, local reputation. Get more helpful insights from Christina’s expert perspective by listening to this engaging episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:40] Scott welcomes his guest, Christina Nicholson.
  • [5:30] Christina opens up about her background in media.
  • [11:20] What led Christina to make a change in her career?
  • [14:00] How did Christina get her business off the ground?
  • [16:15] What does Christina’s agency do?
  • [19:30] Christina talks about her approach to promoting brands.
  • [26:00] You just need a good story!
  • [29:30] What is the best way to connect with media outlets?
  • [34:00] Next steps after you secure media coverage.
  • [37:00] Why it's a good idea to connect your brand to local organizations.
  • [41:15] Make sure you keep seasonal timing in mind when promoting your product!
  • [43:00] How to connect with Christina.  
  • [48:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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