TAS 557 How To HIRE The Right People to BUILD and SCALE Your Business

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long you’ve probably heard about the PACE method (if you haven’t, check out the links below this post). The very last pillar of PACE is called expansion, this is where a business reaches the point where they are ready to expand and take the operation to the next level of growth. One of the best ways to position your business for growth is by automating your processes and connecting with outside help to free up your capacity. Make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott welcomes back Nathan Hirsch to discuss the topic of hiring the right people to scale your business!

When is the right time to get outside help?

As a business leader, you are often looking at the bottom line and find yourself asking the question, “Can we afford it?” While that’s a great question to ask, sometimes you need to ask a similar question, “Can we afford to NOT do it?” Can you really afford not hiring outside help? Just think of all the freed up time and mental space that outsourcing even a few simple tasks can provide. If you want a way to up your game, consider taking some minor tasks off your plate! To hear how outsourcing tasks have helped Scott in the past, make sure to listen to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller!

Find out how to get the help you need!

If you are ready to admit that you need help in your business, the question remains, where do you start? How do you know what tasks to outsource and where to look for those freelancers? That’s where Nathan Hirsch and his team at FreeeUp want to step in! If you are ready to take that next step, go ahead and start the process with the FreeeUp team and they’ll help you identify what areas and tasks their freelancers can help you with. What do you have to lose? Consider it a worthwhile investment in your business! Hear more from Nathan on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

3 levels of hiring.

Did you know that there are three distinct levels at which business leaders choose to hire outside help? If you are wondering whether you are at the point of needing outside help in the form of a freelance worker, check out these three levels from FreeeUp Founder and CEO, Nathan Hirsch.

  1. Basic level – Workers who come in and follow your systems and processes.  
  2. Mid level – Workers who don’t need direction, they are doers who can complete a task.
  3. Experts – Workers who can help you create processes and systems in your business.

Learn more about hiring freelance workers at each of these three levels by listening to this informative episode of The Amazing Seller featuring Nathan Hirsch!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [6:00] Scott welcomes Nathan Hirsch back to the podcast.
  • [9:30] Focusing on low risk / high reward.
  • [13:45] How a consultation can help your business find what you need.
  • [14:45] Nathan goes over 3 levels of hiring.
  • [19:00] Know your numbers and where you can start giving away responsibilities.
  • [23:00] Is there anything that FreeeUp doesn’t offer? Why you should use FreeeUp.
  • [28:00] When you should start thinking about connecting with freelancers.
  • [29:30] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 557: How To HIRE The Right People to BUILD and SCALE Your Business


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 557 and today we’re going to be talking all about how to hire the right people to…

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…build and scale your business and I’ve invited on an expert who can help us in this area, actually helped me, because I’m actually going through some of this right now and I’ve invited them on to take us through this process. Now, he’s been on the podcast once before. His name is Nathan Hirsch but today we’re going to dig into more of a specific area and about how to hire and really where we should be thinking about hiring and all of that stuff. So, that’s what we’re going to be talking about. Now, no matter where you are in your business, eventually you will probably get to this phase. Now, if you’ve missed the PACE miniseries that I did which is P-A-C-E that is the four pillars to building a successful business, if you missed that, the E stands for expansion and that also is when you would start thinking about hiring people.

So, if you missed that episode, I’ll link it up in the show notes but that direct episode is 549 so that’s TheAmazingSeller.com/549 where we talk about expansion in your business and a lot of it does have to do with building and scaling out your business using other people because there’s only so much that you’re going to be able to do and there’s only so many things that you’re really good at. In the beginning, we’re kind of trying to do it all because we’re trying to save money but when you want to go out there and implement something and you want to be able to build a team to help you really grow your business, that’s how you’re going to get to that next level and I’ve seen that personally. Even with The Amazing Seller stuff when I first started, it was just me, I was doing my own show notes and stuff then I hired someone to do my show notes, then I hired someone to do transcripts, and it just took a lot off my plate where I could focus on other areas and then also I gave more value to you, to the listeners, but if you have your business and you’re adding other things to your business that you wouldn’t have done before, it just makes it where the business is more valuable in a sense and you’re giving more to your potential customers or your customers.

[00:02:08] Scott: And I’ll give you an example. I actually talk about this when I have this conversation with Nathan which you’re going to hear here in a minute and what I was talking about was just the other day I was meeting with one of our private clients in the Inner Circle and I was going over like all of the different things that they should do to really go out and get in front of the right people that could possibly buy their product. But now by doing that, I was giving like the blueprint like all of the different things that need to happen. You need to create a video, you need to be able to get that in front of the right people using Facebook ads or Instagram, and then from there you need to create a follow-up video that then would show to people who only watched 50% or more of the video, like all of these things. So, that’s the plan. You have it. It’s all written down but now you got to implement. You got to take action on those different things. Well, you might not be a Facebook ads guy and you might not want to learn it, or girl, and maybe you don’t want to learn it. Well, that’s where this process that I’m about to go over with you and Nathan is going to help us with and how you would do that. All right.

The other thing I want to say is I recently attended an event, I say recently probably about three months ago now, Resonate, and it’s put on by Seller Labs and actually, Nathan was speaking there. It’s the first time I met him in person. I had him on the podcast before. First time I met him in person, great guy, down-to-earth guy, knows his stuff, and he’s also been in the e-commerce world as well and just the online business space. So, he knows a thing or two, but the cool thing was is I was talking to people at that event just about their hiring process and who they used. And I would say 90% of the people I talked to all said that they used FreeeUp, they used his company. So, that was just validation to me like, okay, it’s not just him saying his company is great. It’s other people. I think that’s like reviews on Amazon like we like to hear a third-party or other people saying good things about the process.

[00:04:00] Scott: And some people told me it was great. They had a couple of hiccups, but they were soon resolved because their team inside of FreeeUp took care of everything. So, that was also cool, and they only have the top 1% of people that qualify there on that platform and that platform like I said I’m talking about is FreeeUp. I’ll go ahead and give you the link now if you wanted to check it out now or later, you also will receive a $25 credit towards your first hire which is pretty awesome. So, my affiliate link is TheAmazingSeller.com/FreeUp. That’s F-R-E-E-U-P. They actually spell it with three Es but to make it easy I just figured I would just make that short little link for you. So, if you want to check that out. Again, $25 he’s giving towards your first hire and you can kind of check it out. But it’s going back to the expansion phase in PACE that we talk about and that you’re going to hear me talking more about. If you guys missed that miniseries, please go back and listen to that because it really breaks down what is the makeup of successful business and those four pillars are critical so definitely check that out.

So, I’m going to stop talking so you can listen to this conversation that I had with Nathan and you’re going to hear me really go in depth, in detail about what I want to do even with The Amazing Seller and some of the things that I can probably leverage other people’s strengths and he kind of walked me through that process. Now, the other thing I want to point out here is I didn’t realize until after we got off, I had an update on Skype. We record our stuff through Skype and it defaulted over to my regular microphone on my computer and not my podcasting mic that I’m using right now. You’re going to hear a difference. The content is still good but I’m aware of it and I’ll try to make that not happen in the future by double checking my settings, but I just thought that everything went over fine but, well, it didn’t so you’re going to go ahead and hear a little bit of a difference in my audio but it’s still going to be good content. I promise. All right. So, enjoy this interview with Nathan Hirsch.


[00:06:02] Scott: Well, hey, Nathan, thank you so much for coming back on the show. How are you doing, man?

[00:06:06] Nathan: I’m doing great, Scott. Thanks for having me.

[00:06:08] Scott: You actually are just coming off a red-eye flight though. Is this correct?

[00:06:12] Nathan: Yeah. It’s a little bit of a rough night. But I’m good. I’m ready to go today.

[00:06:16] Scott: Nice, man. You’re dedicated, man. You’re here. You’re actually here and I know we’re trying to get you on about a month ago and just my schedule change and I appreciate you kind of figuring out another date that was going to work because we both were kind of busy but, yeah, I really want to get you on. I mean, I wanted to pick your brain. I mean, you and I met in person. I believe it was at the Seller Labs event and we met for the first time in person and it was really interesting to kind of just talk amongst ourselves about even things that I want to hire for in TAS stuff and really just figuring out that entire process and we’ve heard a lot of great things about your company, FreeeUp, and if anybody hasn’t listened to that episode, I’ll link it up in the show notes. We kind of went through like all of the main things that you need to understand is like when you should hire, what to look for, and like all of those things, and we’ll readdress some of those.

What I really want to do here, Nathan, is not kind of rehash all that stuff. I really want to just talk about like the process and really like what we should be looking for and kind of like even just walking through an example for myself and we kind of just go through that process. Does that sound cool?

[00:07:30] Nathan: Yeah. It sounds great. It’s kind of funny because I hire a lot from my own platform for my team and I just got back from ASD but before that, I was in Colorado meeting with my business partner and we were going through the same thing. What do we hire for next? What do we really need? And it’s all the same system that we preach to our clients every day.

[00:07:48] Scott: Yeah. Again, sometimes you’re not really sure like, “Okay. I want to hire someone but I’m not sure really what I need to hire for.” You got the kind of ask yourself first thing is like what could you be doing or should you be doing more off or a better job at that you’re just feeling like it’s either a time suck for you or maybe you’re just thinking like you’re not able to do it because it’s just not up to as far as your expertise or any of that stuff? For me, personally, like I’m thinking of like I’ve got like for our TAS team like I’ve got, let’s see, four or five people currently right now and basically they all came on through a partnership through myself and Chris Schaffer and it’s just been really awesome but there’s a time now that we want to be able to especially just with all of the content that I have created especially like Instagram and there’s a lot of different content that I know I could be publishing but I just don’t have the time and I’m not going to take some of that’s doing internal stuff on our backend systems to do that so I really need to figure that part out and it’s really like the social media piece.

YouTube, yeah, we could probably play around a little bit more there. I’ve already kind of a system there but I’m really looking at like Instagram because I haven’t really spent a ton of time. I know that I probably should but it’s one of those channels that I’m just like it’s more of a brand building channel to me more than a let’s go out and sell stuff on that platform. And for me personally like I’m thinking like I want someone to be – so I’m probably going to need two different people to do this because I’m going to need someone that could edit video and I’m going to need someone that could then post social media clips. So, where do I start with that?

[00:09:28] Nathan: Yeah. So, what I like to do is focus on low risk, high reward situations because if you think of all the different social media channels, most businesses they can’t just focus on all of them from the beginning and what works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for others. So, what I like to do is I pick and choose what makes sense for my business. So, for example, a few months ago I picked Twitter and I picked Instagram and I focused on hiring more of an agency because I didn’t want to have to actually manage this person. I didn't actually want to teach them. There are really two ways to hire. You're either hiring someone to take something off your plate to follow your system, your process or you’re hiring something, someone to turn a weakness into a strength, something you’re not good at that’s not a good use to your time. So, in this scenario, I don’t know Instagram that well. I’m not a social media person. I’m on there but I’m definitely not an expert. So, for me to spend the time to come up with a system, probably not worth it.

So, what I did is I hired an agency off the FreeeUp platform. It’s a few hundred dollars every month, pretty affordable and what’s the worst-case scenario? I use them for a few months. I spend $600. I realize, “Hey, it’s not working or not going what I want,” and I stopped, and I focus on another channel. Maybe it’s LinkedIn or Pinterest but what’s the best-case scenario? They take it. They run with it. They’re growing my following. I’m getting new clients. My brand’s growing which has already started to happen. So, for me, whenever I think of the social media, I think a lot of people get in their head, hey, I have to be everywhere and eventually you can be but you really have to focus on, “Hey, what do I do first? What can I actually commit to? And how do I make this, how do I reduce the risk as much as possible?”

[00:11:08] Scott: Yeah. That’s a great way to look at it and I wasn’t aware of that either that you actually can hire an agency through your company which I think that’s pretty awesome because then they specialize in that and they’ll take care of all – it’s almost like you’re hiring a manager that’s going to manage all of those other working or all of those moving pieces that could happen within it. Like, I know how to do it, but I don't necessarily want to even kind of teach how to do it I guess and there's probably things that I'm not aware of that could probably be done even better. I mean, so for me, I’m just like thinking to myself like I know that someone could just take my YouTube clips that I’m creating on a weekly basis because that’s really where I’m focusing a lot of my energy for TAS stuff is on that platform and I’m committed to it. It’s like I’m just going to go all in but there’s a lot of great content that could be cut up and probably repurpose on Instagram. I could be doing that almost simultaneously without me doing that work.

[00:12:06] Nathan: Yeah. So, for social media, there's always three parts. You got the content and the scheduling which can – I mean, that could be incredibly cheap if you’re doing some basic or it could be more expensive. If you’re doing video editing and graphic design and stuff that goes with it, next you kind of have the hacks that go with it. For LinkedIn, I actually hire someone who’s constantly connecting with new CEOs. They’re kind of doing that legwork to grow the following. Same thing on Instagram. There’s a lot of hacks that you can learn over time and there are courses that you can take but I personally don’t have time to take those courses so I hire someone that knows how to do it and grow my following very organically, staying within terms of service, and then if you go more advanced you have the advertising, the Facebook ads, the LinkedIn ads and that could be necessary depending on your business and where you’re at. So, a lot of the time you’re focusing on the first two or even for the first six months of your company maybe you’re just focusing on the content, get a little bit going, yes, you’re getting a little bit of a following and then you add that expert to really take you to the next level once you have that content system really in place.

[00:13:08] Scott: Yeah. No, that’s really good. Now, how would that work though? So, if I was to which I am going to do this but I’m just kind of like saying like if I was going to do this like you kind of walk me through the process so if I was going to do this, who would I reach out to, to get the ball rolling here, to get this process down? I just told you what I want. Where would you say, “All right, Scott, you’re right. You’ve got content. You could probably repurpose that content. It might need to be chopped up. Not a ton that you have to do. You just have to find someone to be able to cut some video and kind of fit it in but then also you need someone that’s going to be able to post that on a regular basis,” where would you advise and kind of like what would be my first steps going on FreeeUp?

[00:13:49] Nathan: Yeah. So, we try to take the stance that we don’t tell people what to do for their business, at least me and my team don’t. If you need that advice of, “Hey, how do I market my business? How do I grow my social media following?” We have experts that you can hire, and you can hire them for a two-hour consultation or ongoing or whatever you need, but the first step that you would do is create a FreeeUp account and click Request A Freelancer at the top and tell us exactly what you need. The other side of it is we actually have a FreeeUp assistant or client success assistant that if you don’t want to fill out that request, you can meet with them either on the phone or Skype and he’ll actually create the ticket for you and he might not ask you some questions to really identify what you want. So, it’s kind of up to you whether you want to be more hands-on and do it yourself or whether you want my assistant to help you. If you really think of hiring, there are three levels. You need to figure out what level works for you.

You’ve got basic level, the $5 to $10 an hour non-US. Yes, they’ll have experience but they’re there to follow your systems, your processes, then you got the mid-level people. They might be video editors, graphic designers, bookkeepers. You’re not teaching them how to do graphic design but they’re not consulting with you either. They’re doers. They do the same thing 8 to 10 hours every day. And then you got the experts, the $25 and up, these are people that could consult. They can project manage. They can help create systems and processes. They can audit your business, report to your business, help create a game plan. So, you really need to figure out, hey, do I need that expert, maybe an agency that's going to consult and really handle the whole thing or maybe a solo freelancer? Do I just need a specialist? Hey, I need video editing. This is what you’re going to be doing for me X number of hours a week or do you have that system in place where you need that basic level? And that’s where a lot of people go wrong. They say, “Hey, I need this whole social media strategy. Let’s hire a basic level person with no systems, no processes,” or they hire a mid-level person. They try to get them to give advice but that’s not really what they’re for.

[00:15:46] Scott: Yeah. That’s a good point. So, basically you have to have your own strategy, but you could hire someone that can help you with the strategy and I think that’s what you’re telling me is that I can hire someone that says, “Okay. You need to do these things,” and it’s funny. I literally just got done with a private client of mine that’s in one of our groups and basically, we’re laying out everything like blueprint wise like, “Okay. You need to create three videos and these videos are really just goodwill videos.” They’re going to get people to really resonate with your message maybe or with your brand and then you’re not offering anything. And then on Facebook what we’re going to do is we’re going to publish those videos and we’re going to get people to engage with those videos and if they engage with a certain amount of them then we’ll move to another audience. But here’s the deal, I’m laying out that whole strategy and we can blueprint it all out but still you need to create a video, so we might need someone to help us with that part. The other part is we might need someone to set up some Facebook ads. It knows what they’re doing there so we got to hire someone for that but really, it’s about like the strategy is one thing but then implementing the different components is a completely other thing.

[00:16:54] Nathan: Exactly. And there’s no right or wrong way to hire. I mean a general rule of thumb, this isn’t really a FreeeUp thing, this is a real-life thing, if you hire someone or a company that’s good at doing a lot of different things, they tend to cost more than if you hire a specialist who just does one thing but the specialist usually requires a little bit more direction, a little bit more focus and you might have to combine them with other people. We have clients who do it both ways and I even do it both ways on my team. I have an agency that handles everything Instagram but then when we get to let’s say customer service, I divide it up a little bit where everyone has the little thing that they’re responsible for. So, some of it is figuring out what makes sense for your business, what your budget is, how much experience you have hiring, and then there’s a little trial and error too that once you hire someone and you see what’s not working, you can tweak that to really get what you need.

[00:17:45] Scott: Okay. Yeah. That makes sense but so what I want people to do right now that are listening because we talk a lot about like, okay, when is the right time for this to all happen? And I think it’s kind of like your own analysis in your own business in order to it to scale or to grow. we have something that we refer to as the PACE method and the E and that is expansion and in expansion a lot of times is hiring but you have to ask yourself like where is the area that you need to focus on your business that you believe will move the needle for you to go in the direction you want to go? And I think every business is going to be a little bit different. I know there are people right now that are like, “Well, I wish someone would just take over my pay-per-click, my sponsored product ads.” Well, you could go there and request that, correct? Like if that’s what you need.

[00:18:33] Nathan: Yeah. I mean, I would put our PPC experts against any experts out there and I think we’ve kind of gotten to the point where there’s so many software out there and so many courses but at some point, you have to compare that against hiring someone who can just do it and handle it for you and it also depends on the business too. I mean if you have one SKU, it might not make sense to hire an expert but if you have 50, are you really going to have a software that’s automatically going through all of your products? A lot of times it makes sense to have an expert that actually looking at that every day, every week, and making adjustments. So, yeah, we definitely have that and what I recommend doing is know your numbers very well. Conner and I were just doing, we’re going through our numbers, “Hey, we want to invest X percentage every month,” and then we figure out, “Hey, where are we? How much room do we have to play with?” Okay. We want to spend an extra $1,000 this month putting it back into the business. What makes sense to break it down? Do we want to start working on Instagram? Do we want to invest in LinkedIn ads? In Amazon’s case, hey, do we want to hire an expert to go through my listings and optimize them one time before we get to the busier part of the year? That’s what you really have to go through every quarter as a business owner.

[00:19:42] Scott: Yeah. You’re absolutely right like where are those growth elements and really profit elements in a sense. We can say Instagram isn’t really a profiting or a profit kind of a push but it really could be. If we’re getting awareness or if we’re creating a stronger bond, if we’re connecting to a different part of the market then it totally could be worth it and you could relate that back but I think you have to, like you said, you have to look at your business, where it is right now, where you want to see it go and then what are those different areas that you need to work on? And like I said, I just literally broke this down with one of our private clients in our inner circle and it’s basically like this is the blueprint like I can give you the blueprint but there’s a lot of components that you might not know how to do. You might not be a Facebook ads guy. So, do you want to go out there and learn Facebook ads, buy a course maybe $1,000 or whatever and learn it and spend all that time, or did you just want to hire someone, take that $1,000, invest it in a person that’s already done it and you just say, “I want to get this in front of my ideal people so they see my stuff so they can potentially buy,” and just speed up that process and that’s probably the route I would want to get down unless you plan on hiring someone internally and then saying, “Here, I’m going to buy you training, I need you to learn this,” but then still it’s going to take you time to learn that. I’d rather go right to the person that’s already good at it myself.

[00:20:58] Nathan: Yeah. And that’s very risky too. I mean, a lot of entrepreneurs again have this habit where hiring is hard. They make a few bad hires. They finally find someone they like so what do they do? They just load them up with everything. Hey, take this course, learn this, put this on your plate. Well, if that person gets sick or quits on you and that stuff happens in real life business, you’re putting your business in a lot of risk and they can take a very long time to replace that person. So, that’s why I’m a big fan of really dividing it up as much as possible using freelancers to support because let’s say this Instagram agency that I hire drops me, and hiring an agency one of the benefits is there’s a very low chance that they’re going to do that, it’s a lot easier to replace than, “Hey, if I had an internal person who’s, well, not only doing my Instagram but they’re doing my PPC and they’re managing my LinkedIn, they’re doing all this stuff and all of a sudden they had to leave for a few weeks,” how do I ever replace that?

[00:21:50] Scott: Yeah. That’s a great point. I mean, again, we talk about even just being channel dependent, product dependent. Well, the same thing goes with being like someone who’s working for you dependent like if you’re depending on that one person to do a job, that is kind of risky. So, I definitely believe in diversifying on that as well and kind of just spreading the task or at least having a backup for that case.

[00:22:14] Nathan: Yeah. I mean, we all want to be the McDonald’s of business. We want to have these systems in place where if turnover does happen and sometimes it’s inevitable at some point, it just doesn’t take you that long to replace that person. If you can get it to less than a week, you’re in pretty good shape but if every time someone quits on you, it takes you three months to replace them, your business at some point is going to just stall backwards and you’re just going to be doing the same thing over and over and over.

[00:22:38] Scott: Yeah. I agree 100%. So, let me ask you this. Is there any service that you guys don’t offer? If I’m looking for a certain thing, is there’s something that you just don’t have people that are either qualified or that you guys just don’t offer?

[00:22:56] Nathan: We don’t offer anything that’s against Amazon’s terms of use. So, nothing with fake reviews or creating fake Facebook accounts or anything like that but outside of that, I mean we have over 100 skill sets on a platform. We’re always adding new ones. If you go to FreeeUp.com/Pricing, you can see everything we offer and ballpark pricing for US and non-US freelancers and that’s not really our pricing. What we try to do is capture the market, so you can actually use that no matter where you’re hiring from. We’re constantly adjusting it depending on what we see. The freelancers set their own rates and we don’t control the market. There’s really no way to do that. So, having a good understanding of what things should cost will definitely help you along that hiring process.

[00:23:38] Scott: Okay. And then so then let me ask you this. What is the advantage of going to your platform to do that versus just going out there and going to one of these random sites where you can kind of solicit like people that are doing that? I know you guys do a little bit more vetting on the people but just tell me like from your perspective.

[00:23:59] Nathan: Yeah. So, we get hundreds of applicants every week. We vet them for skill, attitude, communication, take the top 1% and let them in, make them available to you quickly so you don’t have to browse through 100 applicants to find what you want. We have 24/7 support in case anything goes wrong, so you always have someone to go to and then we have a no turnover guarantee. If someone quits on you, we cover all replacement costs and get you a new person right away. So, the difference is that pre-vetting, the speed, the customer service, and the protection and for me, it's all about the speed. I mean the reason I built this is because if I needed a graphic designer I couldn't spend two weeks to find one. I needed someone today and that's really what I want to make happen.

[00:24:39] Scott: Yeah. That’s awesome. And just to let everyone know, Nathan is doing something pretty awesome here for the TAS audience. We have a $25 credit towards your first hire. You can go to and use my affiliate link at TheAmazingSeller.com/FreeUp and that’s just FreeUp or you can go to the resources page, TheAmazingSeller.com/Resources, scroll down and you’ll see FreeeUp is right there and if you have any questions I know Nathan is always there to answer those questions and he just wants to definitely have the best platform out there for us to be able to find the best hires. I have to say like when I was at that event, I mean, everyone I would talk to about who they use was pretty much you or they used to use someone and now they’re using your company.

And it was pretty awesome because at first, I had you on the podcast, I knew a little bit about you and that was about it, but I actually heard from a dozen or more people that all said, “Oh yeah, I’ve used them. They’re great.” Or if they had a little bit of an issue, it was corrected like you said like you guys stood behind it and you guys found or maybe a hire didn’t work out and that person was let go then maybe that person isn’t on the platform anymore. And so, you’re always improving it so that’s the one thing I took away from that event from hearing from real people that I was surrounded with that were saying we use them. We love them and that was no endorsement that you’re asking them for. They just kind of came up to me and told me that after I was asking them who they were using. So, that was pretty cool.

[00:26:12] Nathan: Yeah. I mean, whenever you start a new company you never know what the client feedback is going to be like, but it’s been overwhelmingly positive. We appreciate the support. On our side we love feedback. We’re always trying to improve. I made this platform based on my own needs, so I know what clients like, I know what freelancers like, and now we want to hear from everyone else how we can make this better and better to really make it the best freelancer platform out there.

[00:26:34] Scott: Yeah. And it’s definitely got a great rep so far. I mean, like people like I said they’re raving about it. So, yeah, I’m going to be definitely going through this process. I know I talk to you a little bit privately about it and I was like, “You know what, I really have to do this. It’s just been putting it off, but I really want to because I know I’m sitting on a lot of content that I should be getting out there to the world and I need some help doing that.” So, I’m going to be hiring probably two different people. One would be for the social media side and then also probably some light video editing. So, we’ll definitely be going down that path and I might even be probably recommending this to my business partner in one of my Amazon brands for even looking after some of those things inside of there too because there are always things that we can do to free up some time. Get it? FreeeUp some time. So, yeah, and again if you guys are listening and you’re thinking to yourself like, “I’m just not sure like what I should be hiring for,” just think about where you are in your business.

Maybe right now isn’t the time. Maybe you’re not in that E in PACE that I always refer back to in the expansion phase yet. Maybe you’re not there yet but once you start moving towards that or you start seeing herself like you’re just either, there’s something that you’re doing in your business that you don’t like doing or you just don’t look forward to or you’re not good at or you need some help with, that’s where I would start and then I would also again if you are strategizing a plan or maybe you have someone that’s helping you like I do with our inner circle like if I’m laying out a business plan for you or the different components that we need to do to carry out this strategy and there are different components, that’s where you’re going to start. I mean, the first thing you’re going to want to do is probably hire in those areas because that’s going to help you create the business plan or the blueprint that you’ve kind of laid out in that strategy. So, just look at your business, ask yourself where you are, and then you can decide where you need to start and like I said, then go over and check out FreeeUp and start that process which is a pretty simple process. Anything else you want to add, Nathan, before we wrap up?

[00:28:34] Nathan: Yeah. My calendar is right at the top of FreeeUp.com with three Es or go through Scott’s link and you can book a free meeting with me. I’d love to talk to you about your business in any way that I can help.

[00:28:44] Scott: Awesome. Yeah. That's definitely awesome to do that and actually, I went to the link and it's right there, guys. You can’t miss it. Again, $25 credit towards your first hire. Head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/FreeUp and I’ll also drop that in the show notes to this episode and it’s listed on the resources page at TheAmazingSeller.com/Resources. So, that’s it. That’s going to wrap up this little episode here with Nathan. Nathan, I want to thank you again for coming on and I’m sure that we’ll be in touch and I’m sure that I’ll be reaching back out to you to pick your brain a little bit more on this hiring process and when we do we’ll possibly get you back on the show to help us with that process. So, I want to thank you.

[00:29:27] Nathan: Thanks, Scott. Have a great rest of the summer.

[00:29:29] Scott: Thanks, man.


[00:29:31] Scott: All right. So, hopefully, you found that valuable and I apologize once again for that audio. Man, that stuff drives me crazy when you get an update and I thought everything was checked and then it’s not, but you just got to roll with it. Just roll with it. I’m not going to put out that piece of content because my audio is just not 100%. So, lesson here, it doesn’t have to be a perfect product as long as the content is there or the value is still there. Don’t stress about that. I see a lot of people get hung up on videos that they want to create but they’re not perfect on camera. It doesn’t have to be perfect just as long as it’s good value or it’s at least good enough to bring to the market and then you can start getting that feedback. In this case, I know that it wasn’t perfect but I’m still going to let it roll because it was good content. So, hopefully, you got value from that. Definitely check out FreeeUp. You can head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/FreeUp and it will take you right there.

You could also grab that $25 credit towards your first hire which I definitely, definitely recommend doing so again that’s TheAmazingSeller.com/FreeUp and I’ll also link all of that stuff up in the show notes which can be found at TheAmazingSeller.com/557. Again, when you’re hiring, it can be scary. It doesn’t have to be and I would do one thing at a time or at least the components that you know you need right now and that could be you building out that plan which we also talk about in our PACE method which is in the very first P and that is preparing the foundation and part of that is planning the roadmap and really creating that roadmap and it might take someone else on your team to do those other pieces to really bring them to fruition. So, definitely, definitely check out that miniseries. If you haven’t done that as well, that can be found at TheAmazingSeller.com/PACE and it will all make sense after you go through that miniseries.

[00:31:32] Scott: All right. So, guys, that’s it. That’s going to wrap up this episode. Remember as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, take action! Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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