TAS 555 5 Ways To Get More Sales in Your Business (#4 is my NEW Favorite)

How can ecommerce leaders like you take your brand to the next level? What do you need to do to boost your sales and drive traffic to your products? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares five ways to get increased sales in your business. These tried and tested methods can work for you and your business but remember, you have to put in the time and you have to take action! Get the full breakdown of all five methods by listening to this engaging episode, you don't’ want to miss it!

Start a YouTube channel.

What is the fastest growing medium on the internet? Video! Just take a stroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll see how prolific videos are. What are you doing to take advantage of this trend? How can your brand catch the wave and leverage this influx of traffic? According to Scott, one of the best ways to do this is by creating a YouTube channel. As you build your channel you can start by posting product reviews or how to videos that are related to your niche market. Learn more about leveraging the power of video by listening to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller!

What are you waiting for, build an email list!

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about convincing sellers like you build an email list. Where are you in that step? Have you built an email list? If not, what are you waiting for? Creating an email list of individuals who’ve expressed interest in your brand can serve as a powerful asset as you get your business off the ground. You can use your email list to drive traffic to your product listing, get feedback about product ideas, and much more! Learn more about email list building by checking out the link to Scott’s workshop located in the resource section!

Why you should use Facebook Ads.

Did you know that one of the hottest tools in the ecommerce industry right now is Facebook Ads? Have you started working with this important tool? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains why he loves to use Facebook Ads and how sellers like you can make the most of this awesome tool! Using Facebook Ads is so much more than just paying to get a sale – while you can use it for that purpose, you can also use it to expand your reach and grow your list of interested customers. Find out why Scott is so fired up about Facebook Ads by listening to this episode!

Connect with social media influencers!

One of the most popular methods of growing a brand is by connecting social media personalities and influencers who have taken the time to build a unique following. If you want to expand your brand’s reach, why not consider partnering with an influencer in your niche market? Scott has dabbled with this approach and he’s had some great experiences. Find out how your brand can benefit from tapping into the audience of social media personalities by listening to this valuable episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:15] Take a look at your listings!
  • [10:00] Why you should build an email list.
  • [16:30] How building a YouTube channel and support your brand.
  • [20:00] Use Facebook Ads!
  • [23:40] Why you should connect with social media influencers.
  • [27:50] Scott recaps 5 ways to get more sales.


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TAS 555: 5 Ways To Get More Sales in Your Business (#4 is my NEW Favorite)


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 555 and today we’re going to be talking about five ways to…

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…get more sales in your business and, actually, number four is one of my new favorites and I’m going to share with you how we’re kind of testing that right now and we’re playing around with it and it’s kind of exciting so you’re going to want to stick around for that. Now, before we do jump into these, I know a lot of people they want to know, “Scott, how do I get more sales?” The first thing and I’m not going to dive right into everything right now but the first thing you need to understand is there’s a lot more that goes into getting more sales than just getting more sales and I’ll break that all down and it will make a lot more sense. But you got to remember if you’re building a business, there are other aspects of your business that can lead to sales.


But the problem is and this is a lot of people and a lot of even successful, I’m doing the air quotes, by the way, a lot of successful brands that are only on one channel they’re only thinking about, “How can I tweak that one channel or that one thing?” And to me, that’s not really looking at the overall brand and how you can get more customers, more sales, repeat sales like all of that stuff and that will really make a big difference. Now, you guys have probably heard me talking lately a lot about this whole PACE, this PACE method and if you have not, definitely go check that out. I will link it up in the show notes but I’m going to also give you the direct link. I’ve kind of put everything on one page, TheAmazingSeller.com/PACE. This is literally everything that we are covering inside of PACE is what we work with, private clients, and people in our inner circle, all of that we are using these four pillars and they’re very important pillars. So, if you did not catch that little miniseries that I did, definitely do that.


[00:02:01] Scott: All right. I’m telling you right now, it will make a lot of sense. You can pretty much do analysis of your business right now and see where you're at or maybe you're just starting your business and this will give you a good framework to kind of go by because there are four important pillars in my opinion. One of them is really what we’re talking about today is sales but inside of getting more sales or inside of like this component if you will, there’s a lot of different things that we can do and that’s what we’re going to be talking about here today and I’m going to give you guys actionable stuff. So, depending on where you are, you can think about how can I add one of these or how can I optimize one of these and I’m going to give you some stuff to walk away and actually implement in your business right now because that’s what I always want to do, give you guys some action steps so you can go out there and do it.


All right. Now, one last thing before we do jump in here. I wanted to remind you of the show notes. If you want to download the show notes, the transcripts, all that stuff, all the links, head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/555. All right. So, that’s TheAmazingSeller.com/555. And one last thing before we do kick this baby off, I just found this out just the other day that we have now hit 11 million, that’s right, million downloads for this podcast in just over three years which is crazy. Never imagined that 11 million downloads would happen especially that this soon. I mean, three years isn’t that long and there’s a lot of podcasters out there that have started that are excited about getting their 1 millionth download which is awesome. I mean, it’s still great but to have 11 million downloads reaching people worldwide is just incredible and I kind of go back to the story of like I almost didn’t start the podcast because I had a little bit of self-doubt come in.


[00:03:59] Scott: And that’s the same thing that’s happened to me all the way back in the day when I was a construction worker going from that career to a potential photographer and studio that we own, my wife and I, and then from there branching out and starting to get into the online space whether that’s e-commerce or digital products like all of that stuff has always had that little bit of self-doubt but you just push through and I’m so glad I did because I met so many awesome people and just so many stories that I’ve heard so far just in this past three years that have used this information whether they’ve ever purchased anything, whether that’s Jungle Scout or I’ve gotten affiliate commission there or if someone’s bought one of my trainings. I've had a lot of people have purchased nothing and have gotten awesome results, have built million-dollar brands which is awesome. I’m happy about that and that’s really what I just want to say is I want to thank you guys for being listeners and going out there and using this information for good and just feels pretty good so I just want to thank everyone. I want to take a minute here because I just found this out just the other day and I was kind of blown away so I wanted to share that with you so thank you.




[00:05:05] Scott: All right. So, let’s jump in. Five ways to get more sales in your business. Let’s talk about this. Number one, let’s say for example right now most of you are probably selling on Amazon. I’m going to guess that you probably are and if that’s the case, then here’s what we need to do first. We need to look at our listings. We need to see what we are ranking for, what we are not ranking for, what we want to rank for and see if we can tweak that at all. If we can get more eyeballs on our listings and some of this stuff seems like a given but I’m just blown away by people not doing it. It’s the simple things sometimes that seems so obvious but you don’t do it so do this. Figure that stuff out. I just recently ran a test and I think I shared this and I ran a test. I was using the new Jungle Scout keyword tool that’s built into the web app. If you’ve not checked that out, definitely check that out.


I’ll give you my affiliate link now, TheAmazingSeller.com/JS and that’ll take you over there, you’ll get a discount if you sign up through my link. Either way, use the tool. It’s a great tool. But what I did to again try to spike some sales or get some additional sales was I used this tool and what I did I did two things. One, I went and took one of our competition’s listings that was doing pretty good and then from there I just did a reverse ASIN search is kind of what they call that and what that did is it pulled in some keywords. Now, the cool thing with this keyword tool that a lot of them are doing is it’s giving me the results of keywords that are ranking on at least the first five pages and then it also gives me some numbers as far as how many I would need to give away or do a launch for that I would need to sell in order to rank so it gives me an idea of how much traffic is going through those keywords. Pretty powerful stuff. I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time here but what I did was found 10 keywords probably in a matter of 10 minutes and I threw them into an exact match campaign in sponsored product ads.


[00:07:09] Scott: So, number one, I wanted to look at my listing first to make sure that they were in my listing which they were but I wasn’t ranking that well for these keywords so I said let me go ahead and throw them in pay-per-click and see if I can then get some sales. I’ll also see the impression, see the traffic, and I’ll see if I can get some additional sales. Well, guess what, I did. Like in the first week we are able, I forget what the number is now at the top of my head but at least 15 additional sales and the cool thing is it’s at a really, really good cost per click and ACOS but it was so crazy like one of them I think we had 250 impressions and three clicks and two sales. Just insane. So, that was one thing that we did but again, what we’re doing here is we’re optimizing what we currently have and we’re exploring other longtails to bring in sales that we’re not just going after the standard garlic press that everyone else is doing.


The other thing to do here is test price. We’ve done that numerous times where sales start to slow down a little bit. We go ahead. We drop the price by a dollar. We might start getting more sales or maybe the other way around. Maybe we raise the price by a dollar or two and then we see an increase in sales or we already have increased amount of sales and then we say, “Let’s see what happens if we raise it by a dollar and now we have more profit.” So, this isn’t necessarily getting more sales but we’re getting more profit so those are some things that we can do to bring in more revenue and also get more sales and then the other thing is and I see a lot of people not doing this. I actually did a coaching call the other day and, on that call, they didn’t know really how they could cross-promote their products and they had a product that was getting a lot of traffic and I was like, “Well, I would just think that everyone really knows that,” and they were like, “No, I really didn’t and I didn’t think that it would be that beneficial.”


[00:08:58] Scott: I’m like, “Listen, if you have 1,000 people coming to your listing, don’t you think it’s worth putting something else on that listing right below where they’re on the…” we call it the top of the fold. It’s kind of like the top of the page where you can see where it says, “Receive 20% off when you buy two or more of this.” It’s related to your product so why wouldn’t you do that?” So, again, sometimes it’s the obvious stuff or the things that you think, “Well, I don’t want to bother with that right now.” These are things you could do like immediately on just that one channel. So, what we did there is we just kind of broke down our listing or our products on Amazon, where can we make some really subtle tweaks really. Not that big of a deal. What can we do to maybe move the needle and get more sales? All right. What can we do? So, those are some things there that you can do. All right. Now, let’s move on. Number two, you guys have heard me talk about this a lot. I’m going to keep talking about it until I’m blue in the face because it works.


All right. Number two, build an email list. If you have not started building an email list, you need to start doing that now or you need to start figuring out a way to get the attention in your market through another form of building a list. I just like email list because I have done it for so long. It works. Why not send people good value and good content through email that can lead them to a sale? So, what we’ve done in the past, we actually did it with our new brand right now. We did that before we even had our first product live. We built an email list with other people’s products so what we did is we built a contest around these other products. We got interest. We get people to raise their hand. You guys have probably already heard this story and then from there, we built up an email list and in that time period, we’re able to also now when we had our first launch we’re able to let these people know that we had something for sale and we were going to give them a discount after-the-fact. And it worked. We were able to do that with our first five products right out of the gate because we had an email list. Now, here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t understand and I need to take a timeout here. I’ve had my buddy, Kevin.


[00:11:04] Scott: Kevin, if you’re listening, I need you to blow that whistle. All right. And we got to get a sound effect for that because right now I need people to understand this. So many people think they build the email list and they need to get paid today from that email list. That is the wrong attitude, the wrong mindset. Okay. Because here’s the deal. We built that email list. Yes, we got some sales out of the gate. Maybe enough to pay for what we spent on the email list, maybe, but now here’s the thing. This brand is over 18 months old. We have been building that email list consistently. We have about 26,000, 27,000, maybe even closer to 30,000 now. I haven’t checked in a while and what we have done ever since is we are sending out weekly emails and guess what happens every week when we send out an email. That’s a really soft pitch if there’s one at all. It’s just going to be some recommendations of content that they might be interested in. If you’re in the bass fishing market, it might be like three tips for the weekend when you go fishing and then a soft pitch in the PS. “Oh, by the way, we’re doing a flash sale this weekend,” or, “Oh, by the way, go check out our new lures or whatever.” Just something.


It’s better than nothing but the problem I see a lot of people making is they build the email list for the only purpose of launching a product and then after that the list goes dormant. They don’t ever send anything to them. All right. Now, it’s funny. My business partner said, “Listen, why aren’t we sending more than one email?” I go that’s a great question. Really because I didn’t think we had a lot of time to be doing that but you’re right, so they now are writing at least two and for the past three weeks I think we’ve been doing three emails, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We’ve had no flack on it. No one is complaining. We’re giving value. We’re not pitching but what’s happening is we’re seeing a spike in sales by about 10% to 15% just from sending an email with value-added and the cool thing is, is once you build out library of content, you can recycle that content meaning something you posted now today, you can post again in six weeks and bring it back and say, “Hey, just in case you miss this, here’s this one piece of content.”


[00:13:06] Scott: And just maybe word it differently or say, “Hey, I tried my thing out again this past week and if you missed it, I posted about it a few weeks ago. Here it is again.” Just remind them. You can constantly be bringing that content back to the surface so they’re assets in your business which leads me to like what do you do to build an email list? I talked about this, lead magnets. What’s a lead magnet? Well, I talked about this a lot and I've also talked about it in a whiteboard video so if you have not subscribed to the YouTube channel, you’re missing out. You are going to be getting a full crash course on email list building, on marketing, on how to attract the right customers, how to build a brand, like it’s all over there guys so you should be there. I’m whiteboarding on Wednesdays so every Wednesday I fire up the whiteboard, get my gel pens out and we just go ahead and we just start drawing stuff up on the board and I talk a lot about lead magnets and stuff and really what that is, is just things that get people’s attention but they’re assets in your business.


All right. They are assets in your business. And they could be the five things that you must have on your next bass fishing trip and then that’s your lead magnet. People would opt in with an email address to receive that and then you could also talk about that stuff in your email because they just signed up for it so you can go deeper on those topics. Discounts are a great way to build an email list, contests, so all of that stuff. And then again just to remind you on here, you definitely want to keep communicating with these people. Don’t be one of those people that says, “Scott, I built the email list. It’s great. I did that. I sent out a few emails to my list about something to buy and I only got a handful of orders.” Well, you’re not doing it fully right. We have to communicate with them. We also call that the cultivation stage or the phase inside of PACE. If you guys missed PACE, I’m going to go back to that, you need to go tune into that because that’s what we talk about in there, the P, the A, the C, and the E. And in this case, this is really to build email lists is in attention and cultivation components here so definitely do that.


[00:15:06] Scott: So, email once a week, content, plus a little soft pitch, and then some you can do content and a hard pitch or a direct pitch. You got to mix it up but you constantly want to be communicating with those people, adding value. Life will be good. All right. So, that’s how you can get some additional sales. And the other cool thing before I move on is you’re not now relying on just one channel like Amazon. This email list, you can direct them anywhere. You can direct them anywhere. Another little side tip and I just keep going on side tips here because I’m kind of fired up today if you couldn’t tell because this stuff gets me fired up because there’s so much opportunity here.


The other thing that we did in the fourth quarter because we’re driving people, not even the fourth quarter, the Prime Day, even right now we do it all the time but we really notice a difference or a big spike in affiliate commissions during Prime Day because obviously, Prime Day people are filling up their shopping carts. Well, what we did is we drove people to our blog which we had content that was our products and other people’s products were wrapped around that content or kind of nested in and then people would click on the link and go over to Amazon. Well, because of that, I think my partner said I think we just under $1,000 in affiliate commissions for that one month which is crazy. $1,000 that we just got because we sent people to Amazon and they bought stuff. Not even necessarily our stuff. So, that’s another thing that you can do with your email list.


All right. Moving on. Number three, building a YouTube channel. It’s another option. Don’t have to do it. I did talk about this in one of my videos on the whiteboard and I kind of describe what you could do because a lot of people say, “Well what do I do? I don’t know. I only have one product. What am I going to talk about?” Well, if you're in bass fishing, there are 100 things you could talk about and then the products that you don't currently have, you could then be an affiliate for it through Amazon and send them there and then see what kind of traffic you get and maybe you will private label that later. So, you can do that. But just think about your market. What could you create as far as videos that would help them? That would add goodwill to the market? Like what could you do?


[00:17:08] Scott: I mean, there’s a lot of things I’m sure that you can come up with that people would want to know. You could demo your product. You could demo other products. How to use your product when you first get it? Put those in there. And then the other thing that you could do and I think this is a great idea especially if you're thinking to yourself, “Well, I don’t really know what else I should put on there.” Well, I’ll tell you what. You could post one video every single week of maybe even a bigger product like let’s say for example you’re in the bass fishing and you are going to do a review on a small Jon boat and a Jon boat, I’m learning this because I might buy one, is basically just like a little boat with two seats and it generally use put a little trolling motor. It’s not necessarily a gas motor in it. They’re light. You could put them in the back of a pickup truck and they’re $600 all the way up to about $3,000, $4,000 but you could do one on that.


If you have one, you could do a review on that product and guess what, when people are searching for a type of Jon boats, there are certain brands that are more popular you’re going to come up in the search inside of YouTube. Well, guess what, now you’re building your channel of people that you know that are into bass fishing, a product that you will probably never sell but you can get an affiliate commission for but then that same person might buy your tackle box and your vest and your lures and your pole or whatever. You get the idea. So, you can totally do that and I think that would be a great strategy especially if you are thinking to yourself, “Listen, I don’t have a lot of money to get started in this thing.” Just take one product every single week and review it, put it up on your channel. You’re going to start getting search traffic for those products because they’re popular products in your market and then you’re going to start to build up a little bit of a YouTube following, a little bit of a list. A YouTube channel subscriber is a list. It’s the same idea. It’s on someone else’s platform but it’s a great channel to be able to do that.


[00:19:02] Scott: The other cool thing is, guess what, if you have the email list, we can then point those people over to a YouTube video that we just did. You might have noticed that I’ve been doing that. On Friday, I will email you and I will say, “Hey, I just posted two new videos on YouTube. Go check them out.” I don’t drive you to my blog. I drive you over to my YouTube channel. Why? Because I want you to consume it there. Because I know that if you consume it there, you might like it, you might leave a comment and YouTube wants that stuff. And then this way here, you’re on that platform. I’ll also drop you in a playlist and then that playlist there’s going to be other supporting content that’s going to help you through that. Guess what, YouTube loves that. They love seeing you spend more time on their platform. Now, I could always take that video and vet it on my site as well and then I can direct you there later. There are all different things that we can do with an email list or a list so we can drive people to certain areas again delivering value. All right. So, that's number three, building a YouTube channel. No reason not to.


Number four, Facebook ads and I said, in the beginning, this is like my new favorite. It totally is. There are so many things that we can do with Facebook ads and I want you to think about Facebook ads for a second as we’re not necessarily even looking at Facebook ads as necessarily like making a sale up front. Yes, we are going to do that but we’re also building custom audiences. We can do retargeting. We can do video ads and we can track how long people have watched and then we can send them additional content. So, actually, we can build a list inside of Facebook as a custom audience by how long they watch a video or how much interaction they do. So, not necessarily you even have to pay for a sale to get a sale. We can. You absolutely can but there are so many other things that we can do. And I want you to think about Facebook ads in a sense or any ads for that matter is multiplying capital. That’s really what we’re doing here. That’s what we’re in the business of doing here or in the – we’re in the create more money for money that we spend when you’re doing ads. It’s like put a dollar and get two back. Put a dollar and get three back. Who wouldn’t do that?


[00:21:07] Scott: So, we’re multiplying cash is really what we’re doing with ads and we’re building a client base. We’re building up maybe awareness of our brand by having videos. Go out there and then people are consuming them where we can see how much they’re using or they’re consuming the video, all kinds of stuff. Actually, one of our private clients right now just did a test and they went out there and they actually did a test really haphazardly if you will but it still worked. They actually did like I think it was 50% off and they were driving people directly to Amazon which is a no-no. We don’t suggest that but they just wanted to get it up because we’re going to be meeting here soon and they wanted to have their account set up and they wanted to have some data and my first thing was, “Well, you know, we need to drive them to a landing page and get their email address and we also have to drop a pixel on our page so this way here we can pixel them and we probably want to do a video and test it.” So, I kept going back further and they’re like, “I absolutely know, I absolutely agree, but I wanted to get this thing up and running before we actually met.”


I said, “Congratulations. I’m glad you did that because this way here we do have something that we can work with,” but my point is this. There’s a lot of stuff that can work but what we have to do is we have to understand that we’re not necessarily just going on there on day one and getting that ad to create money. Maybe what we’re doing is we’re building a custom audience inside of there so then we can create a look-alike audience and then reach even more people. So, there are other ways that we’re leveraging the ads versus just a sale but because this is about how to get more sales, it does start with thinking about how would someone buy something from me or how could someone buy something through me once they hit one of my ads? And that might be a discount. That might be a retargeting because someone watched 50% of your video about how to catch more bass and then you’re going to show them a retargeting video or an ad of your new lure that makes that easier or maybe you’re going to do a free plus shipping offer.


[00:23:12] Scott: So, there’s a lot of stuff that we can do but understand we’re still building an audience inside of Facebook so this way here we can retarget that or create a look-alike audience later but it’s one of my favorites right now because it’s actually if you do it properly, it’s powerful but it’s really inexpensive like right now we’re getting like video views for like $0.18. It’s just insane and we can see how long people are watching our stuff. It’s crazy. Anyway, moving on. That’s number four.


All right. Number five, partners, influencers or just partners. It doesn’t have to be influencers. We had someone right now, I’ll give you this example, we have someone right now in our marketplace that we went ahead and we reached out to, not me, my partner did. My partner has been awesome. I mean, they’re just reaching out to just various people making themselves known in the marketplace but also relationships. It’s so powerful and you just have to keep at it.


Well, it paid off because we have someone that we landed that has a very large Facebook group, 450,000 people in this group and this person barely knows what they have really like they don’t even realize what they have and they aren’t really the driver. They’re just the ones that put the community together so they’re not really an influencer but they are in control of that page so that means that because we are friends now in a sense which we are, they will allow us to get in front of their 450,000 people so it’s like they built the list, they built the community, and now we have access to it because we have a relationship with them. Same thing with an influencer. If they have the influence on the market, why not try to partner up with them and make some type of partnership or some type of deal that everyone wins.


[00:24:57] Scott: So, what we’ve done, we did a couple of different things. The one thing that we did was we did a two-week, no, sorry. It was one week. I wanted it to be two weeks. It was only one week, a one-week contest and that one-week contest was just a bundle of our products so we didn't even really have to go out and buy anything like we normally tell you to do is we usually go out there and make something even larger but we took like five or six of our products, we bundled them all together and then we just did a contest and we did it for a week and we got just about 1,000 emails for free by the way because here’s the thing. We’ve been posting content in there for the admin or the owner of this page and they love it so that’s why they’re getting that contest but also, they’re using their affiliate links. So, all of our products that they sell, they are getting a commission for. So, that’s pretty cool. So, if they sell 50 units a day or 100 units a day guess what, they’re getting a percentage of that just for us creating the content and then allowing us to do it.


They didn’t give in charge us to post that which I’d be happy to pay for that but this happened because my partner is relentless and just goes out there and keeps pounding the pavement in a sense, keeps reaching out, stays aware, pays attention in other groups, who else is active, who else has other groups that they might be able to talk to, who could introduce this one to that one. It's kind of like the blogging world years ago. It's kind of like you have this underground world of bloggers. Well, it's the same thing. If you find your community has that, try to tap into it somewhere. I see so many people that say, “Well, I tried. I looked. There’s not really that many.” I don’t think you looked hard enough, to be honest with you. I have to be real with you. You got to get out there and you got to keep pounding the pavement in a sense. You got to keep knocking on those doors. There's a guy that I met in Florida. I think it was two years ago and he was doing exactly that. He was sending 50 different or different emails, not different emails.


[00:26:55] Scott: He was sending 50 people an email talking about maybe partnering with them because they were influencers and out of those 50, he would generally get one or two and his goal was then to just basically build out this whole network of like 50 really, really solid influencers so now he is able to then reach out to these people and then just consistently get sales. The cool thing is when you find a YouTube influencer, they post a video and that video starts to get traction, that video is evergreen like Facebook it’s going to get buried after a while but in YouTube, it’s going to be evergreen which is really cool. So, anyway, partners, influencers are big. So, contact influencers in your market or people that you know have created a group and they have control of that group, that could be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever else they’re hanging out so definitely do that. All right. So, here’s what I want to do. I want to do a little recap here for you because I just threw a lot at you, guys. So, let’s kind of do a little recap.


Number one, optimize what you currently have right now. Amazon listings, see if you can improve that. Use a keyword tool of your choice. I would prefer the new keyword tool inside of the web app of Jungle Scout. Again, you can pick that up if you don’t have it by heading over to TheAmazingSeller.com/JS and, yes, that is an affiliate link and, yes, you will buy me a coffee and, yes, I will be very happy but if you don’t, that’s cool too. And pay-per-click, take pay-per-click and use it, try to find some long tail keywords and however you do it, do it because it will be worth it if you could hone in on some ones that will bring in some additional sales and generally, if you try and test a little bit of that exact match stuff you might have some good luck with some really long tail. I’m talking four or five keyword strings and it’s worked really well for us so I’m going to keep exploring that because I’m now more excited than ever. Test price, like I said, lower, higher, just play around with it, see what happens and then always cross-promote inside of a listing that’s getting traffic or any listing for that matter. You just never know people will then they’ll start going from one or the other and then your cart value will increase and you’ll start getting some more traffic in some of those other products or even the current product that you have right there. So, just use that.


[00:29:11] Scott: Two, build an email list. That’s all. I’m just going to say that. I’m going to leave it there. If you don’t know how to do that, I have a free resource. You can go to TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList and I’ll link all this up in the show notes, guys. And then the other thing is, number three, build a YouTube channel. I don’t care if you just started and just have it sit there for a day and then you figure out what you’re going to post but do that. Just do that. Create the channel. They’re totally free to do. Figure out what your market wants, what they need, do a little bit of exploring, a little bit of digging inside of that platform itself and if you don’t know what to post, here’s a really easy thing to do. Okay. Find out what your market is buying other than your products, something that’s probably name-brand of some kind and just do a review on those products and then you’ll be able to put that in your title. You’ll start getting searches from that and then you’ll start to get a subscriber base on that and you can start to create some content around your market that way. Super easy. No excuse.


So, number four, Facebook ads. Not going to go into too much detail here but you kind of heard what I said there. A lot of opportunities there. A lot of ways that you can build a custom audience there. You can do retargeting just a huge opportunity and I think it's a skill set that everyone just starts to learn. And then number five, partners, influencers, do a little bit of legwork. Go out there figure out who is in your market that you could possibly partner with or even just create a relationship with and don’t just go at them and start asking. Try to add value to their community, add value to what they’ve built, what they’ve spent so much time and energy doing. Remember, they’ve done all the hard work. You’re trying to leverage their hard work. Don’t just think that they’re going to post because you asked them. You got to add some value and that’s what we’ve done in that group that I was mentioning. We’ve added value without asking for anything in return. All right. So, definitely just be cool. Just be cool.




[00:31:10] Scott: All right. So, again, that’s the recap. That’s the five ways to get more sales in your business. Some that can get you immediate results, some will take a little bit of work but over time that will compound on itself and I think it’s well worth your time. All right. So, the show notes to this episode can be found at TheAmazingSeller.com/555 and then the other thing I want to remind you is about our PACE method and that miniseries that I’ve been talking so much about and I’m going to continue to talk about. You can find that by heading over to TheAmazingSeller.com/PACE. Is your business on PACE? Get it? Is it on PACE? Four pillars? They’re really important. You should be on PACE. All right. I know. Kind of corny. It’s kind of like a dad joke but anyway, hope you guys found this valuable. I hope you guys go out there and take action on at least one of these, at least one of these. You don’t have to do them all right now but go out there and make it happen.


All right, guys. So, that’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Remember, as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, take action! Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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