TAS 551 Behind The Scenes of TAS INNER CIRCLE (Lessons Learned)

What is going on with the TAS crew behind the scenes? What do Scott and his team have cooked up for the future of TAS? How can you get involved or benefit from the amazing projects that are coming down the line? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and company as they go over their inner circle plans. Over the course of their conversation, they touch on why they created a TAS mastermind, the value of accountability, what it takes to put great ideas into action, and so much more! Don’t miss a minute of this engaging episode!

The value of accountability.

Let’s face it, accountability is not a sexy topic. The truth is, accountability has everything to do with long-term success! A lack of accountability breeds an atmosphere of poor decision making. Does that sound like a healthy business environment? No! Too often, business leaders don’t have a good place to turn even if they wanted to be held accountable. One of the many reasons why Scott and his team have developed the TAS mastermind group is to help leaders connect with peers who can hold their feet to the fire! Learn more about the mastermind and why it’s so helpful by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Simplify your process!

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about streamlining processes and looking for ways to build momentum. What is the status of your process right now? Are things running smoothly or do you need to make some adjustments? While it may sound basic, simplifying your process can be one of the hardest things to do! Don’t confuse complexity with success. To find out how you can embrace a more simplified approach to your business, listen to this useful episode!

Helping others grow and find success.

When was the last time you had outside eyes on your business? Where do you go to get an objective and helpful perspective when you are stuck? For most business leaders, the answers to these questions are often never and nowhere. Scott and his team are doing their best to equip leaders like you to get outside of your own thought patterns and embrace new points of view. Even if you can’t be part of the select TAS mastermind, you can benefit from its innovation! Scott and his team will be rolling out tips and insights you can use that directly come from this breeding ground of ideas! Learn more about mastermind and Scott’s motivations for starting it by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Turn ideas into action!

You’ve been there, you attended a conference or you just finished listening to a great audiobook or podcast and you are filled with good ideas that end up going nowhere! Aren’t you sick of that?! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and his team as they explain how they are working to get rid of this frustrating experience. From TAS events to content and podcast episodes, you’ll see more ways that you can take action with the concepts and ideas that Scott and his team put out. Hear more about their passion for solving this issue by listening to this exciting episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:15] Why Scott and his team created a TAS mastermind.
  • [2:30] Is your brand on PACE for growth and long term success?
  • [6:00] The value of accountability and learning from the success of others.
  • [8:30] Why do successful business leaders need to be part of a mastermind?
  • [12:00] Angel shares her perspective on the value of participating in a mastermind.
  • [17:00] Pushing others toward growth.
  • [22:00] How the TAS mastermind will benefit the TAS community.
  • [26:00] Don’t overcomplicate your processes!
  • [32:00] Why it’s helpful to focus on one strategy at a time.
  • [38:30] Putting great ideas into action.


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TAS 551: Behind The Scenes of TAS INNER CIRCLE (Lessons Learned)


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 551 and today I’m excited because I am sitting here with…

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…a good group of people if I don’t say so myself and we are going to be talking all about the power of masterminds but also why we decided to create our own inner circle, our TAS Inner Circle that is, and I wanted to bring on the core right here of this group, my team, and also why we decided to do it but also I wanted to kind of let you guys see the inside workings of why we decided to do this but also give you guys some valuable lessons from what we’ve learned since running our own high-level mastermind right now. So, welcome to the show, Joel Bower. We’ve got in Angel, we’ve got Chris.


[00:00:50] Scott: How’s it going, guys?

[00:00:52] Chris: Doing great.

[00:00:52] Angel: Awesome.

[00:00:54] Joel: Fantastic.

[00:00:55] Scott: That didn’t sound that exciting. Angel…

[00:00:57] Angel: That was really… Yeah.

[00:01:01] Scott: All right. That was better.

[00:01:03] Chris: She tried to think about it.

[00:01:04] Scott: Yeah. Okay. All right. So, yeah, everybody’s excited as you can tell. All right. So, cool. What I want to do though is I wanted to dig into why we decided to do this. We’ve been talking internally a lot about this new thing we’re calling PACE which is basically how can we take what we’ve learned combined, a mastermind. For all of you that don’t know what a mastermind is, it’s like taking all of the brain power like everyone in the room and kind of collectively putting that together so you can have a smarter group, more of I guess insight as far as what everybody is pulling from, from their experiences or their own businesses or just things that they’ve learned through the years and I think it is really powerful and I belonged to a couple right now. I know, Joel, you do, Chris. We all are part of these higher-level masterminds but we, I think me personally, I found things that I wanted in one that wasn’t there.

[00:01:58] Chris: Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:02:00] Scott: And I think that's a big one for me and I get a lot of requests that people want to work one-on-one with me or Chris and they’re like, “Do you do one-on-one coaching?” and the answer has been no but the inner circle for us we wanted to limit to 10 people. We wanted it to be people at a certain level in their business, making at least $25,000 in revenue a month, and people that were in the PACE already or they are already were putting these four pillars in place. So, before we do jump into like why we decided to do this, and I want people to get some actionable stuff too from this, but I wanted to just kind of talk about PACE really quickly and remind people that Chris and I did a four-part series, actually it’s five. It’s four parts but the overview we’ll count that as one so it’s technically a five-part. But what we basically did is we broke that down into the four different pillars that really make up PACE and it’s really about building a business that will last and there’s four different components, four different pillars.

If you missed that, definitely head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/PACE and everything will be linked up there. I also did some whiteboard training there that actually take you through the PACE process as far as what it looks like, how to really look and analyze at your own business and see where PACE applies to your business, where you can sure up your foundation or where you can add more attention to your business or how you can get more connected to your market and all of that stuff. So, definitely check that out. And the other thing is if you’re interested in joining or being considered to be part of our TAS Inner Circle, all you have to do is head over to TASInnerCircle.com. You can apply and then we will be reviewing applications and then we’ll reach out to you and let you know yes or no and then we’ll kind of take you through that process. But anyway, I just said there. Where do you want to start, Joel?

[00:03:49] Joel: I want to say a little bit about PACE just because not everybody understands the frame like how do we get there? What were we thinking about? And from all of our experience, thousands of companies both from a consulting side and the information, I mean, actually that's like tens of thousands of businesses at this point. We're looking at which ones were stable over time, which ones were not worried about dying tomorrow, which ones were actually growing a brand that they could be proud of and excited about, and really a business that could be here ten years from now. And we started asking ourselves, well, what are the core elements of that? And that’s where PACE came to be. As I said, okay, well these areas have to be focused on. No matter where you’re at in your business, you got to keep launching products, you got to keep bringing new stuff to the table. You still got to have an audience and build that relationship and expand in. So, yeah, I just want to say that because not everybody knows that we sat down and said, “Hey, what happens when a business and a brand last over time?”

[00:04:40] Scott: Yeah. I think also like what do we get excited about? And I think we all get excited about building something that matters and something that can help an individual whether that’s spend more time with their family or just do something that they absolutely enjoy or something that they can build and feel proud of. So, for us like our little slogan is like helping you build a business that will last because that’s what it’s really about. It’s not about just finding one product and being able to throw it up and get some quick sales like that’s not what we’re looking to do, and PACE is a big part of that. And we did spend a lot of time, all of us collectively, going through this whole thing and flushing it out and coming up with PACE and I think it’s funny like we’re thinking about different ways that we can describe it and it’s kind of like, “Is your business on PACE?” I like it but we’re still playing with it.

[00:05:36] Joel: Yeah. If you love it, just write down, send these comments. You can join us on Facebook and let Scott know how great it is.

[00:05:42] Scott: Exactly. All right. I’m going to hand it over to Chris really quickly. Where should we start with this and as far as like even the inner circle, the TAS Inner Circle and stuff, like where you want to go?

[00:05:55] Chris: I know we’ve talked in the past about some of the importance of the reason that you want to have that accountability. You want to have a group of people that you can rely on and I think that’s extremely important especially in this space whether it’s the inner circle, whether you want to go try to do something even just with friends. Scott, you and I met, I mean, and we really got to know each other through another mastermind that we were involved in and I think that’s really important that we were able to create and foster that connection. But really the purpose of any of these types of things is for you to be able to be in an environment that’s safe and to be able to grow your business.

You and I did an episode recently. I think it’s 549 like two episodes ago or three episodes ago where we talked about the importance of working on the business and masterminds are really the place where you can focus on working on the business. That is the entire scope of it. You’re purely at that strategic level in a mastermind. Now, if you need to figure out the tactical side of stuff, you can get help on that. But really what you’re talking about there is here’s the thing that’s made my business successful. Here’s the thing that’s made Scott’s business successful. Here’s what made Joel’s business, Angel’s business, whoever’s business successful over the last year or five years, whatever, and when you get different people in the room, you get a lot of different perspectives and you learn a ton very, very quickly.

[00:07:11] Scott: I want to get Joel and Angel in on this because they did go through even in the applications that we’ve went through to fill our first inner circle and right now we’re at seven and the most that we’ll take in one group is 10. Currently right now depending on when you’re listening to this, it could be filled by the time you listen, still apply because we are looking to do a second group. But what I want to do because you guys really went through a lot of the applications deeply and then they got kind of turned over to us that said, “Okay. These guys are like super qualified. They meet the criteria.” The other thing is and it’s kind of tough in this business is that we wanted to make sure that people could share their products and their industry so this way here there’s no competition inside of the inner circle.

What have you found so far, Joel, then we’ll go to Angel, like what have you found so far by, number one, getting on calls with these people that are successful? These people that are in our group are successful so why would they want any more help? We’re here in San Diego doing this recording and we were here at one of our own masterminds and there’s people that are multi-seven figures and…

[00:08:20] Chris: Nine figures. Yeah.

[00:08:22] Scott: Yeah. And so, I mean, like they’re there and you’re like thinking to yourself like you would think that they wouldn’t have any of these struggles but they’re very successful but they’re there because they want to learn, they want to grow, they want to make one little adjustment that could take their business to the next level. So, I’m curious from your perspective like what you’ve taken so far even with our call that we’ve already had with the inner circle and just that little bit of communication. You’ve been on a couple of calls with people, yeah, like I just want your take on that and I think people they’ll get value from just those conversations that you’ve had.

[00:09:00] Joel: Yeah. First off, an amazing group. I was excited to jump on those calls. I didn't know what to expect. I mean, we kind of put out the applications and we saw them. It's one thing to see in digital and going, “This is what I'm working on. This is where I'm at in my numbers,” but to hear the real people that are just crushing in some ways. One of the things that stood out right away is their level of success of how much success they have, many of them didn't know like they didn't feel it I should say. They were like they're crushing out these numbers and they’re like, “Oh, you know, I’m only hitting a million,” and you’re like, “What? Go get excited. Use that.” But everybody’s goals change. As you grow, if you’re someone who does like to grow to begin with, when you grow you don’t just go, “Okay. Well, that’s good. I got my million so I’m good. I’m done. I don’t want anything else.” There’s always that next level. There’s always that thing like, man, there’s more to it than this.

And so, that thing it stood out to me and like that's why people are in Masterminds. They didn't need to hear. They've heard every tactic. I mean they've already heard all things. You say, “Hey, what do you think you need work on?” They say, “Well, these 100 things,” and so what they need though is clarity. They need some focus and that helps the people to kind of figure out where they’re going to go. So, really in these masterminds you can hear someone else that tried one of the 100 ideas you said and then you can hear results, so you can decide what to do. So, that was absolutely crucial for everybody and then last one that I saw consistently no matter what level they were at, accountability is needed, not just from anybody. It’s not like, okay, someone who’s not doing anything in their life is going to call me and tell me to do this thing. It was someone they believed in, trusted, and could push them to that next level and they would go. Because you know you’ve got to grow and someone comes up to you that doesn’t do anything in life, goes, “Oh, you just got to do blah, blah, blah.” You don’t believe them. You don’t trust them.

[00:10:58] Joel: And so, mastermind’s give a place for someone that is, A, understands where you’re at so there’s that, “Hey, you get it,” so I can’t just pretend, “Oh, you’re in another industry. You’re not really doing this,” and you can hear them, and they can go, “Hey, where are you at? You said you’re going to have those numbers in this place, you’re going to hit back. Well, what happened?” And that is so huge when you get to a certain size of business because another tactic isn’t going to crush it out for you. Running new social media isn’t going to crush it for you by itself. It’s the are you going to push the things that matter most in your business and are you going to stay consistent with it?

[00:11:33] Scott: Yeah. Go ahead, Angel. I want your perspective too. A lot of people they ask you like are there any women included in your industry? And number one, yes, there’s a lot of women in this industry and there’s a lot of successful women and we have one girl currently right now in the inner circle doing phenomenal and we have a woman on our team here, Angel. So, I wanted you really from your perspective you going through the applications and even the conversations like what’s your take? I mean like what’s your take away and kind of like what’s the feeling of what we’re doing?

[00:12:14] Angel: I'm really excited about the mastermind so I've been watching the TAS Community for quite some time if on the background and mostly because I'm on the backend systems and the community there's a bunch of starters and you can tell that there are people who are progressing and doing a fantastic job but they just needed a little bit more and that was what the mastermind is designed to do and I'm super excited to help those more advanced people get help and accountability and really the clarity. Because there's a lot of material in all of our programs that help you get started but together as a team, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge that can help those businesses move forward. And so, the other thing I’m pretty excited about is as talk going through the first group of people, the first seven, there’s not a single person on that team that doesn’t want more. They want to grow. They want the accountability. They’re super excited. They’re active inside of our private group and they’re helping each other moving back and forth and I’m super excited to see what…

[00:13:25] Scott: Yeah. No, I love it and you brought up a good point like collectively. Just in this room right now like I’m not even going to give myself any of the credit right now but you could add me in there but like just the three of you have a tremendous amount of knowledge, resources, skill sets. I mean, there are things that Angel can do that I would never want to do, to be honest with you. Like you and Chris were talking yesterday about like funnel stuff and I know funnels. I could probably build one and teach myself. Don't want to but I could. That's why we got Angel in the house here. And Angel loves it but in the same breath, you understand it, and you and Chris were going back and forth a little bit on a certain like tweaking the funnel like just a split test type thing and it’s really interesting because I was sitting there thinking to myself like, “These guys are brilliant, they’re smart,” and I’m so proud to be a part of what we have because we definitely have our own strengths.

And I think when you then bring in people that have businesses that you can then apply it to some of these things, it sometimes just that one tweak at a time and that’s why PACE is so important because we’re not saying you got to do it all. What we’re going to do is we’re going to overlay that on the business. We’re going to put it through a filter in a sense and we’re going to see where we can apply or where we should be focusing in on each one of these pillars and then we can really dive in and that’s where that expertise comes in. I mean, Joel has got a tremendous amount of background, just even psychology alone. I mean, come on. I mean we’ve got people on the inner circle that are excited just to be like how do I get mentally clear and then like it’s just even myself like it’s really cool because I mean you’ve got years of just self-development, Tony Robbins, like I mean, you’ve went through his stuff since 20 years ago so we were able to tap into that which is pretty impressive and pretty awesome. And then Chris is just Chris is Chris.

[00:15:24] Scott: Chris has a lot of knowledge there. He’s pretty and I mean he’s a smart guy and he’s got a lot of knowledge on the backend systems but also, he’s good on camera. He can talk to people and really translate that and make it sound not as difficult and I think that’s really important to be able to do that. So, I just think surrounding yourself with good people. I think we have great people here in this room, but we’ve got really cool people in our first inner circle and I am super excited about it and I’ll admit it like I was a little nervous to do this. You guys know that. I’m like it’s a big – it’s a responsibility that we’re taking on. We’re not just saying like, “Okay. If you qualify, if you could pay this money, you’re in.” It’s more of, “Can we really help you? And can we be a partner in your business to help you grow and scale your business, so you can go and get what you want.”

The other thing was, my criteria was I want people in this group that are cool. I want people in here that I literally would sit down on the weekend and we would have a barbecue and we’d play a little cornhole. I’m in the cornhole right now guys like we’re having like all kinds of tournaments at the house so, yeah, it’s pretty exciting. We might even have to do a TAS cornhole tournament sometime on one of these inner circles. I’m thinking about doing that.

[00:16:48] Chris: If any of you guys sell cornhole, let us know. We’ll buy from Amazon.

[00:16:51] Scott: Yes. Go ahead, Chris.

[00:16:54] Chris: I think you touched on something there, Scott, that’s really important. I mean, you talked about the people that are on your team that you surround yourself with. You didn’t include yourself in that which I think is a miss and it’s one of the things that even if you had no other skills which is to say that would be a complete lie. You have the ability to push people and to make people want to be better and to do more and that is huge both in our brand in the TAS Community, in anybody’s business that you’re bolted on to. You are liquid energy in the business because you are on fire all of the time like to the point where you text me at 5 o’clock in the morning.

[00:17:33] Scott: Yeah.

[00:17:34] Chris: And if I don’t respond by 7 you’re like, “Are you dead? What’s going on?”

[00:17:36] Scott: Yeah. “Where are you?”

[00:17:38] Joel: “You’re normally up with me. What’s going on?”

[00:17:40] Scott: “I’ve got an idea here.”

[00:17:41] Chris: But the thing that’s interesting is like this e-commerce world, this entrepreneurship thing is, quite honestly, a really lonely game for most people and we talked about like you can be successful in planning the P in PACE that preparation foundation thing. You can create a business that puts you on the top 1% of the US which puts you on the 1% of the world, $250,000 a year. You’re in the top 1% of earners in the world. Just crazy to think about. You can do that on your own. But if you want to have any help in that, if you want to help grow that, if you want to do anything like that, you have to start to bring in a team of people who think differently than you, who have different experiences than you. And part of the impetus, part of the push behind creating this was we knew people needed other perspectives and the whole goal of this is not to be like someone who lords over your business and goes, “You’re doing this wrong.” It’s to give you a team of people that you have access to and realistically that’s why we’re doing it.

We’re doing it so that we can help people grow to that next level and when you jump into something like this, you have immediate access to all of those resources. You have immediate access to Joel’s brain which is a terrifying thought. But a very useful resource, but terrifying thought, and it’s something everyone should experience once for themselves, just once. And you have access to Angel. I said this in our mastermind call the other day like you guys are wondering, Okay. They drove Angel into this thing, they dragged her into the room, and they’re trying to get her perspective on stuff. But I said in the call the other day, “Angel is a quiet giant. Angel doesn’t say a lot, but she absorbs everything. Everything. Everything.” Right? Like, things you don’t know that you said she will call you on six months from now. She’s like, “Okay. Remember when you’re going to write that thing?” I’m like, “No, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” She’s like, “It was April 8.” I’m like, “Oh, okay, well now I feel like a jerk.”

[00:19:42] Chris: But when she brings something to bear, when she sees something that’s going on in your business or she sees that you have something that’s holding you back, you need to listen to her because she’s paying attention to everything that’s going on,  not just the things that you say but the way that you say them and the other things that are going on in your business. She has a very analytical mind but she’s also like a really kinesthetic person and she has like a really weird combination. It’s just a unique perspective on things and she combines the analytics with the emotions and the view of everything that she has and brings that to bear. So, when she opens her mouth it’s usually worth listening to.

[00:20:18] Scott: Yeah. I would definitely listen for sure and the same thing with all of you. I mean, again…

[00:20:24] Chris: I just talk.

[00:20:24] Scott: Yeah. And so, I mean, like thinking about even like the seven that we’re working with right now there’s a lot of resources from those seven that we’ll actually learn from as well because as we apply things to their business, we’re also learning through that process. And I think that’s important to really understand that these different things that you’re doing to your business, you’re learning through those things and you’re building an asset in your business which is you. And no one can really replace that asset of you and your knowledge and your skill set and that’s one thing that we talk about even in the expansion. It’s like even in the foundation, it’s like by you creating more knowledge for yourself and that could be just having more knowledge about how to run Facebook ads. That’s a skill set. That’s an asset that you’re building.

So, yeah, so we decided to do this because we get excited about working on other people’s businesses and cool people like cool people that are doing good things that have same visions in a sense as far as they want to spend more time with their family or they just want to get out of their 9-to-5 because they’re sick of it, they’re tired of it, or they just did it because they had to. That’s really what drives us. Now, does that mean anyone listening right now if they’re not at this certain level and they wouldn’t qualify, does that mean that we’re like leaving them behind? Absolutely not. You’ve got over 500 episodes of the podcast and more to come because I am still going to be teaching you and sharing with you and hopefully getting you unstuck because I see a lot of people they’ll consume the information and are stuck.

[00:22:06] Joel: Well, I want to say something because, I mean, you’re bringing a great point. The mastermind isn’t just for the people in that room. The knowledge is going to come out of that, the lessons, the learnings. It’s going to change all of our businesses and the beautiful thing about mastermind, even the people running it are going to gain something from it and guess where that’s going? We have a TAS community to take care of. You guys are going to be hearing it. I’ll give you a tidbit right now. I’ll tell you what every single person, and when I did the first calls, what every single person said was the skill they needed in their mastermind.

[00:22:34] Scott: Uh, oh. Here we go. Wait a minute here. This is a golden nugget. We’re going to reveal it right now so golden nugget number one.

[00:22:40] Joel: If you guys are at this stage and you’re questioning if this is the next step for you, you already have a successful product, it’s already moving, you have it on Amazon, you have a single channel, everybody that’s in this mastermind said that they needed to work on building a list and communicating to that list on a regular basis to drive sales, period. If you guys are wondering if that’s a skill you need, yes, it is. Right. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen is like when we learn anything or when we reaffirm or we get to see it from multiple angles, we have the ability to come in and talk to you about your industry because we’re not just – everything that we’re teaching, everything about list building, we’re going to see it in different industry all seven different and three or four of our own and that’s going to continue to build and is going to continue to be fed back to the TAS audience. So, you guys there is so much that’s going to come out of this. Now, granted, one of the things going to happen is where is it going to happen first? Probably in the mastermind because those guys are pushing the level. They’re the ones that are breaking through, “Hey, this is my stop point before. This is my boundary of the most I’ve ever done. How do I do more?”

[00:23:41] Scott: Well, the thing is though too, I want to bring this up, and this is where I’m going to throw it over to Angel here in a minute but there are some things we just learned that we’re going to be applying in TAS and in our new brand and there is but it’s a little bit advanced. It’s a little bit advanced and it’s semi-building a list but then also doing it through Facebook in a very creative way and I’m not going to talk about it here right now because this isn’t about like how to teach you how to drive traffic using Facebook and this new thing that we learned that we’re going to be testing and trying but it’s more advanced. So, why am I going to throw an advanced thing out there that’s going to confuse the beginners then they’re going to think they have to do this in order to be successful? So, I have to be careful at what I do share because I don’t want to isolate and I don’t want – but that doesn’t mean I won’t share but it’s tough, right?

Now, our inner circle, they’re going to get it like I’m going to be sharing that and I just talked to Chris this morning about it and we’re obviously going to be testing this first and then from there we’re going to then share it with the inner circle and hopefully install it in their business and that’s where really Angel is what I want to get from her was like when you’re seeing like businesses as far as like the tech goes and maybe this isn’t really a question but I see you as like being there in the room and when we’re going through this stuff for you to be able to break down something complicated and make it where it’s understandable. So, like I mean you know what I’m talking about. So, like when you look at, well, it’s the thing that we talked about. Chris is trying to be – you guys can’t see Chris but Chris is always trying to do comedy stuff. I think in a hidden life he wanted to be a comic. He is making us laugh. You don’t see it and he’s trying to distract us.

[00:25:39] Joel: It’s really funny.

[00:25:39] Scott: It’s really funny.

[00:25:43] Chris: With my face.

[00:25:45] Scott: Yup. Yup. So, anyway, what I wanted from Angel just was for you being able to look at like what people are doing. Would you say that that’s advanced or would you say that maybe it’s just not a good understanding of what they’re doing? Like, if you were to look at someone’s Facebook Ad’s campaign, a little bit about Facebook ads, you were running ours for a while so for you to look at that, do you think that it’s just them being able to see it differently or they’re overcomplicating it? Like what're your thoughts on that? Just tell how people sometimes overcomplicate things.

[00:26:21] Angel: Yeah. In most cases, the process can actually be very simple. What I find is there’s so many tactics here and there in this place and that place coming from all different directions that it’s easy to get the entire, the big picture a little bit skewed and thinking that you have to add all those things in, in order to get great results and that's simply not true. A lot of times you can actually get two or three elements, really own those, and your system will skyrocket.

[00:26:52] Scott: Yeah. No, I love that. So, Chris, what did you want to say?

[00:26:54] Chris: I think that’s really important and I think this tactic because it’s really what it is that we’re talking about right now is one of those things where it doesn’t make sense for people who are starting out. It just doesn’t. It’s literally a waste of your money right now. For the people who are in the place where we are in the new brand, for people who are in the place that are in the inner circle, it actually makes a lot of sense. They have a list to potentially that we can start to target with. They have a little bit of money because it’s going to cost us more upfront to do this than it would to build a list which we can now communicate with forever. So, it’s a little more advanced in the sense that it doesn’t make sense for every business to do. Like, when we talk about the list building stuff and you guys may or may not know this but when we came up with the workshop that’s available at the TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList, we tested a whole bunch of stuff and we said what works consistently, what can we teach, and what’s easy enough for everybody to understand.

And that’s where we came up with like the giveaway strategy and those kinds of things. But not everything that we tested was a failure. A lot of the other stuff worked well. It just doesn’t make sense for everyone to do so we’re not going to share exactly how to do that. Everybody can do this and they can get it. This specific Facebook strategy doesn't make sense for everybody. You need to have a face to the brand and you need to have a little bit of cash flow coming in, so you can finance the front end of it. It doesn’t make sense for everybody. So, it’s more advanced in that sense. It's not necessarily like this is a technically complicated thing. It's not applicable to everybody and so we’re not necessarily going to share it here.

[00:28:35] Scott: Yeah.

[00:28:36] Chris: Because we don’t want you to do something that’s worthless for you.

[00:28:39] Scott: I don't want to actually take you back in your business. You know what I mean? I think there are more important things that you could be working on than this thing but if you’re at the level where you can then, yeah. Hell yeah. Do it.

[00:28:52] Joel: I’ll talk a little bit about because I’ve seen it for so long and when you’re in your business and you start to like, “Oh, I have to make a decision here,” and you don’t know what’s going to happen on the other side of the decision, people have the propensity that stops and do nothing and I sure know enough and they start then trying to collect more and more information. More and more information isn’t always a solve. Sometimes that’s just more of a confusion. If you want it, I do something that really helps. One of the things is, something that Scott pushes, figure out why you're doing what you're doing so, either way, you can know after the decision you're making is going to even have a chance of serving that and then secondly, saying what is that next step, what is the one thing, and then go obsess about that. Don’t go where, “Oh, some guy is saying this advanced strategy that made him a million dollars in 90 days.” If you’re not at that level, then it doesn’t help you. Figure out what the next step is for your business so if you have a stable list of products on Amazon, it’s been for a while, generally what people are saying is build a list. Go get that knowledge. That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate it.

You don’t have to go get obsessed about Facebook ads or start up all your social media channels tomorrow. Just pick the one thing that’s going to move you forward and that will open your business for these other things. That’ll open your business for, “Oh, now I have a cash flow. Now I can run Facebook ads. Oh man, now I’ve actually set up my business where I have a team. Now I can put more time in the social media and build a real brand here.” That is how those steps work. If you think you have to do it all at once all the time, “I have to be on LinkedIn. I have to be on Facebook. Oh, there’s this new thing. Oh, I have to be everywhere all the time.” You’re going to run out of time and your business isn’t going to go anywhere. So, get the knowledge you need, find out what it is and go get that.

[00:30:28] Scott: Yeah. That’s a great point because I think a lot of us get overwhelmed or just information overload. It’s like you think and we’re all guilty of it. It’s the shiny object syndrome. It’s like you go out there and you think that the next new thing is going to get you results and quicker. It’s always about how it’s going to get me quicker but that’s not always the case.

[00:30:50] Joel: Yeah. I want to connect that back because I didn’t point it out but that is a major thing that’s happening in the mastermind that everybody has like a million ideas and especially people who are at that level because they’ve been more exposed to it longer, they have way more ideas than they need to shape.

[00:31:05] Scott: And they have opportunity. I think opportunity is another thing. Maybe too much opportunity.

[00:31:10] Joel: Too much opportunity and so, one of the things we’re doing is saying, “Okay. Well, first what’s going to get you the most results? What’s that low hanging fruit? What’s the thing that you can do right now to get to the next step and then have enough clearance to make some decisions rather than being at the edge all the time because you’re doing too much?”

[00:31:24] Scott: Yeah. That’s a good point.

[00:31:25] Chris: Yeah. And it's funny because that's really one of the reasons that we built the mastermind, to begin with, right, is to give people that are at that level extra accountability. You got to have us function as like your partners, your board of directors, however you want to look at that where you say, “Here’s what I’m thinking about,” and you say, “Is that really the 80/20? Is that going to get you the most results for the least effort?” But the thing that kind of popped up in my head when we’re talking about all these things, Facebook Messenger bots, all of these different kinds of ads that we can run, video bundles and all these kinds of stuff, do you want to know the dirty secret behind all that?

[00:31:55] Scott: Please tell us.

[00:31:55] Chris: We’re saying these in air quotes. I’m not doing air quotes but I’m doing them in my head. All of these things work. It’s just a matter of how well they work for you but if we do all of them, none of them work. So, you have to focus specifically in each of our businesses on what the next thing is and you brought that up, Joel. I think that’s really key and we talked about it a lot on the podcast in the past which is just in time learning, right? Where can we point you and focus all of your energy and effort that is going to get you the biggest return on your investment? Focus on that right now both from a tactical level, from a strategic level, and from a business overall business direction level and that’s really what the accountability and having us as a part of your team inside a mastermind will help you to do.

[00:32:41] Scott: Yeah. Absolutely. I think to wrap up what I’d like to do is just let people know like how we designed this, why we designed it the way that we have. I belong to two masterminds right now that I pay a lot of money to be in and it’s been worth every penny. Well, I’m here right now at this one here and it was well over $25,000. It’s like $30,000. Now, I’ll just throw it right out there but let’s say 10 years ago, would I had been at the place in my business to do it? No. I wouldn’t have. I’m still building my business and that business might not have been the one I was going to build that I was going to need the help on it or that I was going to want to but now I was at the place where I wanted that and already my second meeting here it’s been phenomenal. This one here I was a little in question but this one here has been a little bit different. Now, there's things I like about it and things I don't like about it. But I belong to another one which I paid a good amount of money to and that one where I get a lot of what I do like.

This one here gives me a little bit more strategy. The other one gives me a little bit of strategy and it gives me community. So, what we’re trying to do is create a mix of both, a hybrid in a sense, something that I want, something that I would want to be a part of which I am because it’s our inner circle but that’s what it is. So, I want to be able to meet with people at least three times a year so we’re doing three in-person retreats, two days, and we’re going to be able to really break down the businesses but then also come up with what’s the next steps, what should you be working on? The other thing that I’m excited about is we’re also going to be meeting the months that we’re not meeting in-person. We’re going to get on and meet online. We’re going to meet in person face-to-face through Zoom. So, that’ll be an hour or two or whatever it’s going to take. We’re going to be on those calls with that group.

[00:34:37] Scott: Now, we’ve also decided to limit the group to only to 10, up to 10 people because we want to be able to give individual attention. We don’t want it to be, “Well, we’ll take anybody. 20 people, 30 people.” No. What we’re going to do is eventually we will be opening up a second group and maybe a third group, but right now first group, second group. That’s the way we’re doing so this way here we can also serve those people and then see if 10 is the right number and from there we will make adjustments if we have to. And the other thing is we did that I like which isn’t in the one that I’m in here in San Diego is a slack group. We created an individual slack group for just this group so this way here it’s like you’re text messaging. I just shot a video this morning in my hotel room connecting with everyone just to say, “Hey, just wanted to let you know a couple of things that I took away from this mastermind that I’m in and then also wanted to let people know that just to keep sharing stuff because there’s a lot of sharing going back and forth with how people are outsourcing, someone was talking about their launch strategy. So, what’s your favorite business books?”

It’s like just really good stuff inside of there outside of just like business, business stuff. So, it’s kind of cool. But anyway, the slack group is something that I wanted to do, and I think it’s going really well. So, those are the different components that we’re going to be doing and serving or the ways that we’re going to be serving these people, but I really look at it as we’re partners in someone else’s business.

[00:36:08] Joel: Yeah. And you brought in some interesting stuff in this entire call like so many of the things that it’s almost like we brought up, “Oh, this is happening in the group.” All of it was done by design. We actually sat in a room or not in a room. On our virtual.

[00:36:20] Scott: A virtual room.

[00:36:21] Joel: A virtual room and we said, “What do we want? What have we learned from these masterminds?” As you’re kind of mentioning these things, there’s a bunch of things. Hey, we want to make sure everyone in that room could connect to each other. So, there was a certain set of like is this a really good person? Is what they’re doing exciting to others? We make sure that they could talk openly and freely about their brand.

[00:36:41] Scott: That’s a big one.

[00:36:41] Joel: That was on design. We wanted to make sure that anybody that’s sitting in that room that the investment to be in that group would be payback for sure in that first quarter or at least clear that well more than what they invested in the first year. And that was for what we were looking at. Not that we can make them do their business, but we wanted that to be already ready in their business, so we decided, “Hey, we’re going to look at business of the particular size.” Because I mean, I can come in and someone who hasn’t launched their product at best in six months I can probably get them to launch their product successfully. I mean, so what’s the difference in that and how much can they afford to that leave them out of to be able to afford our mastermind. But someone else that’s doing $100,000 a month, well, and if we can increase that number by 30%, 40%, wow it’s easy for them to afford what it is and that’s what we’re really looking for. We don’t anyone to regret being in a mastermind.

The other thing we did is we wanted to make sure that the relationships were not just with us because not you’re coming to us the gurus. Everybody in that room has a skill or focus that they’ve created in their business that’s unique to them and we wanted the people to be able to connect and create a network for life. So, it’s all these things that we put into where when we looked around at the other masterminds, we decided and made it happen. And so, I just wanted to point that because that wasn’t an accident and it’s not going to be and we’re going to continue listening to everyone in the group and when they have something they need, we’re going to do what we can to bring it in there.

[00:38:08] Scott: Yeah. Those are some good points. All right. So, let’s wrap this up. Chris, you want to say any closing thoughts? Angel, if you have any thoughts, I can hand it over to you, Chris. You want to start?

[00:38:17] Chris: Yeah. You briefly touched on the fact that we’re doing those in-person retreats and it’s something that I think is really important for people. We’ve kind of talk about how we wanted to structure those, and you and I have been in a whole bunch of different masterminds. We’ve done a bunch of live events. Joel’s been in a bunch of masterminds. He’s done a ton of live events and one of the things that we’ve always noticed is that there’s kind of no accountability outside of that exact environment. And so, you come in like yesterday or Thursday, the last few days I guess. We’ve sat there, and you took, what, 10 pages of notes. I took five or six pages. I write very, very small.

[00:38:57] Scott: That’s true.

[00:38:58] Chris: It’s unreadable to everybody else and that’s my intention because everything I write down is gold. But the biggest problem with that and it was something that I was talking to all the people in the group yesterday is you walk away with so many ideas with so many things but then you have to either do them all immediately. You have to fly in your team and do all those things right now or you’re never going to do any of them. So, one of the things that we want to try to plug into those live events is that accountability and implementation time so that if you have a question about something at the tactical level where you’re saying, “Okay. Here’s the one big thing that I need to do the next couple of months,” if you have a question that I can help you, that Joel can help you, that Angel can help you, that Scott can help you, that anybody else in the group can help you before you leave, and you at least have started to make a progress on that thing before you go home. And that is extremely important for every business because what always happens anytime you go to any conference, you go to any event is you leave with a giant book of stuff that you never do.

[00:39:57] Scott: It’s true. Yeah.

[00:39:59] Chris: And if you can make even minuscule progress on that before you get on the plane to go home and get back to your life and your kids and your wife and your sports and your whatever before you get mauled by your dog when you walk in the front door and forget everything that you just learned, the next time you go to do anything you get that dopamine hit, that instant reward of, well, I started this. So, what happened? Okay. Now I need to finish implementation. Now I need to go back and tweak it or now in our next monthly call let’s talk about the results that I got and how can we change it or fix it or make it better?

[00:40:32] Scott: Absolutely. All right. Cool. So, Angel, you want to wrap up with anything? Any final thoughts that you had? I know this isn’t in your wheelhouse but we’re going to get you in the wheelhouse. Do you have any final thoughts as far…? I mean, I see Angel really as being like at a retreat looking over people’s shoulders and then them saying like, “I’m having trouble here,” and her being able to help them through that process.

[00:40:57] Joel: Or organizing clarifying plan. I mean, that’s what she does for us.

[00:41:01] Scott: Get on the mic on that one. What did you say, Joel?

[00:41:04] Joel: Yeah. One of the things she definitely does too is help us get to an actual plan so we’re like, “Oh, that’s great. Scott, Chris, and Joel, you have all these million ideas and then like an hour you can create like 50 new ones each,” and she’s the one that goes, “Okay, but is this real?”

[00:41:21] Chris: And it’s funny because I made a joke on the podcast in the past and Joel doesn’t think that it’s funny, but I like the analogy like I like to run headfirst through walls and you do the same in business, right?

[00:41:29] Scott: I do. Yeah.

[00:41:31] Chris: We run headfirst through walls and we go, “This is awesome!” and sometimes we run face first in the studs and sometimes we make it through the other side. And if there’s something good on the other side of that wall then Angel is the person who helps build the door behind us so that we can keep walking back and forth without hurting ourselves.

[00:41:48] Scott: Exactly. That’s 100% true. So, do you have any final thoughts? I know you’re the quiet giant in the room that Chris talked about.

[00:41:56] Chris: Quiet giant.

[00:41:57] Angel: Nice.

[00:41:59] Scott: Is there any final thoughts you want to say about the inner circle or anything?

[00:42:02] Angel: I do not.

[00:42:04] Scott: I told you. I mean, she’s just going to work on your stuff.

[00:42:09] Angel: Yeah. No, I think everyone hit on really good points. I was going to mention after Chris kind of wrap it up right at the end there that the accountability is missing in most programs, and most live events, most communities. Everyone’s over there talking but there’s nobody that comes in circles back around and says, “Hey, you said you were going to do this thing. Where are you at now? What did you learn?” And that’s what we’re designing into our inner circle which is really going to tremendously affect the progress that each person feels at the end of one year.

[00:42:47] Scott: Yeah. I mean, and I’m going to kind of highlight that because even us like we were here three months ago with a list of things that we were going to do. We’ve done them but we’ve also adjusted the course, but we’ve done more. So, we actually started something new because of the last one and we’ve already received results from it but it was implementing what we took away from the first one. Now we’re walking away with more to do but it’s building off of what we’ve already started in the first part but it’s the accountability thing. You wouldn’t want to show up at this mastermind and have your lead person or your other members and they say, “So, how’d you do? What did you do?” You go, “Nothing.” “How do you expect me to help you?” Now, most, I’m not going to say all, but most people that, number one, want this but they also invest in themselves, they’re doing it. So that’s a thing. You’re surrounding yourself with what I always call action takers.

These are hard-core action takers because they’ve already took action and built a business but now they just want to refine it or they want to get more freedom in their business and work on it versus in it like all of those things or maybe they want to expand like whatever it is, they want to grow but they’re action takers and they’re doing it and it’s not about talking about how do you set up your first Amazon account like it’s not that level. And again, we already have training for that and we have all of that, but this really is designed for people that are at that at least 25K per month minimum. Everyone that’s in our inner circle is past that but I’m just saying that’s our qualification the first one and then from there obviously your business has to be at a certain level but also, it’s got to be not competing with other people that are in the inner circle and then just a little bit of a background check as far as your why and what you’re doing, and stuff like that.


[00:44:43] Scott: So, if you’re interested, definitely head over to TASInnerCircle.com. You can apply there. Like I said, not everyone will be accepted. Not everyone will be ready for this, but you know what, when you do build your business and you’re at that point, we will most likely be here for you in the inner circle after spots open but definitely check it out TASInnerCircle.com. I’ll also link that up in the show notes, TheAmazingSeller.com/551 and, yeah, if you have any questions let us know but I’m really, really excited to be working with this first group and I’m also excited to really report back to the community and you guys can share what’s happening and just kind of allow you to grow as well. So, guys, that’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Remember as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, the whole room is going to say it with me on the count of three. One, two, three. Take action!

[00:45:42] Chris: Take action!

[00:45:42] Angel: Take action!

[00:45:42] Joel: Take action!

[00:45:44] Scott: Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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