TAS 535 Ask Scott #167 – How Do I Profit With a Small Email List & Facebook Fan Page to Promote MY Brand?

Are you fired up and ready to go? What’s holding you back from reaching your fullest potential as an ecommerce business owner? Are you missing that one piece of insight that will help take your business to the next level? Look no further! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller! On this episode you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, gives an update on what to expect from future Ask Scott sessions, answers a question from a TAS follower like you, and much more! Don’t miss a minute of this engaging episode!

New changes to Ask Scott

If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott has been branching out to expand his brand to YouTube and beyond. Due to this new focus on YouTube, Scott has been answering questions from TAS followers like you over on that channel. Check out the resources section on this post for the link! What you need to know is that the Ask Scott sessions here on the podcast will look a little different going forward. Scott is going to keep these sessions short by including his “Rant” or “Thought of the week” at the beginning but then end up only addressing one question which will be the audio of a question he answered from the YouTube channel. To hear Scott explain these changes in greater detail, make sure to listen to this episode!

Build assets!

One of the best ways to expand your ecommerce business so it’ll have a sustainable and long-lasting future is to start building assets! If you are unfamiliar with the term assets, these are simply tools and resources that add value to your business. Assets can be physical products like your inventory or they can be digital products like email lists. Don’t assume that you can just roll the dice and expect your business to grow! You’ve got to be willing to put in the time and resources necessary for long-term expansion. What assets do you need to start focusing on and begin building? Get a more detailed explanation of assets and how to start building them by listing to Scott expert perspective on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

How to leverage a small email list to grow your brand.

What does it take to leverage even small-scale assets like a low volume email list? How can you deepen your connection with your Facebook audience? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains how to use even small assets to grow your ecommerce business. Even if you have a small email list, you can leverage it to gain a larger following. The key is to connect with your audience and engage them, once you do this, search algorithms will increase your traffic and exposure. To get the full rundown from Scott, make sure to listen to this helpful and informative episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:30] A big change for Ask Scott.
  • [7:30] Scott’s thought of the week, build assets!
  • [10:30] Question: How do I profit with a small email list & Facebook fan page to promote my brand?
  • [15:30] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 535: Ask Scott #167 – How Do I Profit With a Small Email List & Facebook Fan Page to Promote MY Brand?


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 535 and session number 167 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I’ve been doing it now for over 167 weeks so it’s pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited…

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…to be back again here today. Now, there is going to be a little bit of a change, little bit of a test here, and I’ll explain exactly what I’m going to be talking about within this test. But what we’re going to be covering here today in this question is how do I profit with a small email list and maybe a Facebook fan page or just a small audience in general? How do I use these smaller lists to promote my brand? It’s a great question. Well, I’m going to dive into that in today’s episode, but this is how I’m going to do it.

Now, recently you’ve been hearing me talk a lot about the YouTube side of The Amazing Seller where I’m actually going a little bit deeper and I’m actually showing up every Wednesday with a new Whiteboard Wednesday video, a brand-building tip. That's been going really well and a lot of you have been giving me some really great feedback, some suggestions, all of that, and I welcome it and I’m really looking forward to creating even more content there for you. So, that is what we’re doing over there on YouTube. Now, on Fridays what I decided to do is I decided to do an Ask Scott video session there and that’s where I take a question that’s either come in through a voicemail or just on the blog itself. I didn’t realize that, but we’ve got well over, since we started three-and-a-half years ago, over 6,000 comments over there and not all of them are questions. There are some comments there which is pretty crazy. On that page, there’s so much conversation happening, and it has been for the past three years.

[00:02:01] Scott: So, definitely go check out TheAmazingSeller.com/Ask and you can just, if you want, read through that or ask your own question there. You can still just drop a comment if you want and just ask your question there. I’ll be going back to that page quite often or you can just submit a voicemail, record your message, and I will listen to it and possibly answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session. Now, here’s where a little bit of the change is happening. You guys know that I’ve been spending three days a week here on the podcast. Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the past three-and-a-half years and I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to continue to do that right now but now that I’m adding YouTube as part of my delivery as far as the content goes, I really kind of need to figure out a way that I can condense it but then still deliver the value that I want to give you. Now, some of you aren’t on YouTube, some of you are on both, whatever. What I decided to do is the Ask Scott session right now I’m going to test this, and I am going to answer the question on camera so you’ll see me on camera, and then what they’ll do is I will post that audio recording here on the podcast.

Now, I will still be doing my pre-show or my pre-show rants as a lot of you have said that you’ve enjoyed so I don’t want to not do that, and I won’t be doing that on YouTube necessarily. On YouTube it’s pretty much here’s the question, here’s the answer, see you later, have a great day because again YouTube is video, and a lot of times people’s attention span isn’t there so between 5 and 10 minutes we’ll usually address that question. I’ve also noticed that a lot of you are like showing up to the Ask Scott session for the preshow kind of rant stuff but also maybe one of the questions that I’m going to answer might call out to you. This way here you’ll also know that there is that one question and if it calls you, then come on and show up or if you just want to show up for the pre-rant, that’s fine too. But anyway, I just kind of want to let you know what I’m doing here, why I’m doing it, and I just want to deliver the most value that I can for you on the podcast and on YouTube now because I am going all in on the YouTube side of things and it is a process.

[00:04:05] Scott: And speaking of that, I actually hired a YouTube expert to look over my channel, look over some of the other things that I’m working on, and have them give me some advice. I’m always about investing in myself and I’ve told you guys that in the past, I’ve invested a lot in my education, not college but a lot of my education online and it’s helped me, and it’s built a lot of successful businesses and also, I’ve learned a ton through those experiences but I invested in this because I wanted to reach out to someone that I was following that was doing really good things on YouTube. So, what I decided to do also is while I had him I said, “Hey, would you maybe do a podcast episode with me and we can kind of talk about like people getting started on YouTube or if they have a brand in the physical products world like how we could attack that? Like, what we can do to kind of gain some of that traffic or some of that real estate and what we should do?”

And he was all over. His name is Sean Kennel, great guy. Actually, a good friend of mine now because as we’ve been working together, we just kind of built this relationship and he’s a really cool guy, willing to share, and the conversation that him and I had that we recorded was over an hour-and-a-half. I had to break it up into two parts. That’s coming up. So, look out for that. That will be coming on the podcast here very, very soon and I titled it: How To Use YouTube To Blow Up Your Brand And Sell More Products, because that’s exactly what you can do, and we go over some really cool strategies. There’s actually a strategy in there that I came up with and I asked him if he thought it was a good idea and I call it my 52-week Strategy and he said, “Yeah. That’s brilliant. I would definitely do that. Especially if you don’t know what you want to produce as far as content, that would be amazing, and you would get a ton of traffic from that if you consistently do that.”

[00:05:59] Scott: So, I’m calling it my 52-week Strategy. I got to come up with something little better than that. My 52-Week Content Strategy I think is what I’m going to be calling it, something like that. But anyway, you’re going to hear all about that stuff as well. It’s him and I really brainstorming about YouTube and how to get started and really how you can do it as well so definitely look out for that one. The past episode that I wanted to kind of direct you to recently was Episode 534. It was 5 Lead Magnet Offers To Build Your Email List And Attract Buyers. It goes hand in hand with today’s episode as well so definitely you’re going to want to check that out. I’ll link it up in the show notes and then Episode 533 that was an update that I did with Keith Snow. He was on Episode 50, all the way back on Episode 50, and we were helping him back then get his sauce, his sauces, organic sauces that is from retail on Amazon. We did that but then since he did that, he started to go into the spices world and now he’s got a full product line of spices and we talked about now what to do with that and he’s created digital products in his cooking brand.

So, really awesome. That was a great episode. If you missed it, I’m going to link that up in the show notes as well. That’s Episode 533 but you’re going to be hearing a lot more of this brand building stuff, guys, because I’m really passionate about it and I know that this is stuff that you can build now, and it will last for a very long time and it’s something that I’m going to lead into as far as my weekly thoughts and that is you need to think about building assets. Now, I’m not talking about building something like a tactic like a tactic isn’t an asset. An asset is something like I talked about in Episode 534 like a lead magnet. If you create a lead magnet, something that attracts the right potential customer and brings them into your world, they potentially can buy from you, they can potentially share your brand as well. So, that’s an asset, that lead magnet.

[00:07:59] Scott: That lead magnet, we talked about five of them but let’s just say one of them is an e-book or a video series that you have now that’s evergreen. We talk about YouTube stuff. If you create something on YouTube, that’s an asset that can bring new people over six months from now, but you created a video today, that’s an asset. So, we’re creating these multiple assets in our business. An email list is an asset. All of that stuff are things that can bring more business to you but also people and awareness to your brand. So, I want you to be thinking about building assets in your business and if you do that, you have a much greater chance of building a brand that can sustain competition, it could sustain maybe other people seeing not a lot of sales but you’re able to have more sales now because you have these assets that’s constantly feeding your business. Like, those are the things that we want to build today so this way here they will benefit us in the future and keep benefiting us in the future and bringing in more traffic, more revenue like all of that. Those are assets.

So, just think about that. I want you to think about that over the weekend if you’re listening to this on a Friday or even just during the week. Think about that. Maybe write down what are some assets that you’re building in your business. An asset isn’t necessarily just a product. Yes, that’s one thing but that’s not necessarily the asset that will just make everything happen. You have that as an asset but then you have to have other things that bring people into your business, into your brand like traffic but then also something that can get people to know, like, and trust you so they feel comfortable buying from you or buy again from you. So, those are outside assets in a sense, not just the product itself. And as a brand, you need to be thinking about that stuff.

[00:09:51] Scott: So, a lot of stuff there. I know but I wanted to definitely make sure that you understood that what we’re doing here is building something for the long haul, not just for the one-off product. It’s about building a brand and from there, you’re able to build these assets to support the brand and those are leverage points as well that can really just take your business to the next level once you have these things in place and you’re working on these things on a regular basis. So, let’s go ahead and listen to today’s question about how do I profit with a small email list and Facebook fan page to promote my brand. What do you say? Let’s do it.


[00:10:34] Scott: Carolina says, “Hello, Scott. I already have a website and I’ve been collecting emails for two years. I don’t have that many, but I do have a couple of hundred emails. On Facebook, I have 4,800 followers. I’d like to capitalize on that audience and I’d appreciate your advice on how to do that.” So, here’s the deal. All right. When we have a small list of 200 people, the first thing I want you to understand, I want you to think about this, what 200 people actually feels like in a room. If you were on a stage talking to 200 people, it’s a lot of people. So, that’s number one. Let’s understand that we’re talking to people. Now 4,800 followers on Facebook I think we all know that the reach on Facebook has gone down. And there are ways that we can still leverage that.

So, what I want you to first do if you have a list of 200 people, I want you to email them. Email them anything. Just basically let them know that you're still there. And maybe ask them questions. Maybe, in this case, let’s say that it’s me, emailing 200 people that I have on a list and I say, “Hey, listen, I’m going to be creating some helpful videos here. What are you struggling with the right now?” Like that might be the email or, “Hey, sorry I haven’t emailed in a while. I just shot this new video. Go check it out here.” Boom. That’s what you can do. You need to engage with those 200 people and that can start to get a little bit more momentum. So, that’s number one. Now number two, what we can do a little more advanced is we can take those 200 people on an email list and we can upload those to Facebook. All right. Now, if we upload those into Facebook into the Ads Manager, we can now either retarget those people so we can show a message, a piece of content, a sales message, whatever you want, you can put an ad in front of those people. So, that’s one way to leverage that list.

[00:12:36] Scott: The second way to leverage the list is you can actually create a look-alike audience of that 200. So, now what Facebook will do is it will go out and it will find people that are closely matched to those people meaning same interests, maybe even saying things that they like or they share or their buying habits, any of that stuff will be taken into consideration. So, now we can take that 200-person list and we can get our message out to thousands if not millions of people by just that one little targeted part of your market. So, that’s one big thing that you can do. All right. Now, let’s talk about the 4,800 people that are following your fan page. First off, are you engaging with them? Are you asking questions on that Facebook page? Here’s the deal with Facebook pages. If you ask questions, a lot of times you’ll start to get some engagement and when you get some engagement, guess what, Facebook pays attention.

And now when you post something else and they see that people are engaging, they’re commenting, they’re liking, they’re sharing, they’re going to start to allow those people to see more of your messages so that’s another way that you can use that. Now, a Facebook fan page for me is really a placeholder because what I’m really using that Facebook fan page for is to run ads. I can run ads through my Facebook fan page. Without a Facebook fan page as of right now I can’t run ads so that’s kind of like my placeholder. I want to have some content. I want to have some conversations going there and the other thing that I would do is with that email list is I would say, “Hey, go over and check out this new post that I just posted on Facebook and let me know what you think.” And then what they will do is they will like it, they’ll share it, and then guess what, the engagement goes up on Facebook as well so now I can leverage that 200-person list to my other pieces of content. If I just posted a blog post, I would then send those 200 people to the blog post.

[00:14:31] Scott: What I would definitely do though is I would engage with those people and I would see what they want or I would at least say, “Hey, this is what I’m up to,” and just keep giving them value. You don’t have to, and you shouldn’t just sell right out of the gate. I think you should deliver value over and over and over again. You can sprinkle in some sales messages, but you really want those people to get to know, like, and trust you.


[00:14:59] Scott: All right. So, there you go. There is my response and my answer to how do I profit with a small email list and Facebook fan page to promote my brand? And it’s pretty simple, right? I mean, we have to understand that we’re dealing with people. We have people that we are communicating with, not just a number and if you understand that, if you know how to communicate with these people, and if you know that they are looking to learn more about your business or your industry or your market then you just have to figure out a way to communicate with those people and give them value. All right. So, if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session, all you need to do is head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/Ask and you can do that. You can ask a question over there and I also want to remind you of what I mentioned in the beginning and that was I want you to be thinking about building assets. An email list as an asset. Communicating with those people, they are assets in your business.

So, we can look at it as the email list itself is an asset but the people that are on the email list and those conversations, those communications back and forth with those people, that is an asset as well or they are assets in your business as well. So, definitely don’t forget that. All right. So, the show notes can be found at TheAmazingSeller.com/535. If you want to check out the YouTube channel of The Amazing Seller, head over to TheAmazingSellerTV.com and you’ll get the Whiteboard Wednesday videos, the brand building tips that we’re doing there. You’ll also get the on-camera Ask Scott video sessions over there. And also, do me a favor. Drop me a comment on YouTube one of those videos, one of the Whiteboard Wednesdays or just the Ask Scott sessions. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you have any questions of your own that you want me to answer here on an upcoming Ask Scott session or just on something that I’ve already answered and it’s just not clear. I’ll do my best to comment there and answer your questions directly.

[00:17:00] Scott: All right. So, that’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Remember, as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, take action! Have an awesome amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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