TAS 532 – Ask Scott #166 – How to Build a Brand Around One Product?

How is your journey going as an ecommerce seller? Are you hitting your stride or are you just getting started? Wherever you are along the process, you’ll need some tips and encouragement along the way. That’s where these Ask Scott sessions come in! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week and addresses questions from sellers like you. If you are ready to enter the weekend fired up and ready to move forward with your business, this is the episode for you! Make sure you have pen and paper ready so you don’t miss a thing!

Customer service matters!

When was the last time you were seriously impressed by the customer service of a brand? It seems like good customer service is increasingly rare these days. That’s exactly why sellers like you need to take Scott’s lesson to heart! On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares a recent example that his wife had with great customer service from a brand they use. While going the extra mile to fix an error or make your customer happy might cost your profit margin in the short term, it can end up paying huge dividends down the road. To hear more about the significance of good customer service, make sure to listen to this helpful episode!

Getting a brand off the ground and running.

What does it take to get a brand off of the ground and running? According to Scott, it all comes down to a good product and the right approach. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he runs through several ways a seller like you can take your product to market in a way that will connect with customers. While there is no “Guarantee” that any approach will lead to success, Scott explains that the reason he is so passionate about his strategy is that he's seen its merits. He wants to see sellers like you succeed! Find out how Scott encourages sellers to get started with their brand by listening to this episode!

Why you need to build an email list.

Do you want to know a sure fire way to jump-start your brand’s growth? Build an email list! While you might think that this step is more complicated than you are ready for, don’t write it off so quickly! Taking the time to build an email list early in the life of your ecommerce business could end up making a significant difference down the line. Get Scott’s take on why you should build an email list ASAP and the resources you need to get started by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller, you don't’ want to miss it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:50] Scott shares his thought of the week.
  • [7:15] Question: How can I market my homemade product?
  • [14:00] Why it’s important to build an email list.
  • [16:10] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 532 – Ask Scott #166 – How to Build a Brand Around One Product?


[00:00:02] Scott: Well, hey, hey, what’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 532 and session number 166 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I’m going to do it again here today but with that being said, I am going to be changing…

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…things a little bit. What I mean by that is instead of answering three questions, I’m going to stick to one question per week and the reason why I’m doing that is because, number one, when I set out for these Ask Scott sessions to begin, I was thinking, “You know what, maybe we’ll do just like one question,” and then I started listening to two and then to three and then before you know it, we’ve got another 30 or 40-minute episode and I want to make this bite-size pieces for the Ask Scott session. So, it’s going to be a little challenging for me because I do like to give you my thoughts and all that stuff and I still will give you my thoughts of the week. I’ll try to inject some of that energy.

A lot of you that have come up to me at conferences and stuff have said, “Scott, I love the first part of Ask Scott because you kind of get me excited and get me fired up to get out there and make it happen.” Now, I want to continue to do that. I do also want to really stick to maybe answering one question that I can really elaborate on and give you guys my thoughts. So, that’s what we’re going to do here. Now, before we do jump in, I want to remind you, if you have a question that you want me to ask on an upcoming Ask Scott session, head over to TheAmazingSeller.com/Ask and you can do that and here’s the other thing. If you want to ask me brand building tip questions or marketing, digital marketing online, anything around that, ask me that. Okay. It doesn’t just have to be stuff around e-commerce or even just Amazon. I want to be able to help you build a brand and that’s what I want these Ask Scott sessions to be about as well so definitely do that. The show notes to this will be found at TheAmazingSeller.com/532 so all of that will be there.

[00:01:59] Scott: And the other thing I want to remind you is that on Wednesdays now I’m posting a YouTube video that is all about brand building tips. So, if you have not seen them yet or you want to see them, head over to TheAmazingSellerTV.com. Again, that’s TheAmazingSellerTV.com and you’ll get all of the brand building tips there. It’s me in front of my whiteboard diagramming things out and brainstorming and kind of giving you all of the thoughts as far as brand building tips and everything that I’ve learned to the past 15 years but also people that I’ve worked with closely in their own brands. All right. So, definitely check that out and subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave a comment. If you have something you want me to address on an upcoming show on YouTube, let me know that as well. I’ll do my best to answer them or diagram something out for you to help you move forward in your business. All right. So, before we jump into today’s question, I did want to give you the thoughts of the week and what that is, is really customer service.

I just got off a call with a guy who’s doing really, really well. We’re talking 175,000 a month-ish, somewhere around there but his secret to success in his opinion is customer service like he goes way over and beyond on customer service and I want you to give an example of what happened to me this week. Actually, it happened to my wife and why this won us back and why it’s so important. So, we buy our dog food through Chewy.com. They do a great job. They give you a little handwritten card. They welcome you. Of course, they’re trying to get us to want to keep coming back. That’s what they’re doing. They’re trying to win us over. And so far, everything has been great. We get on subscription every month or every other month we get our dog food, and everything is great and they’re always on time. Great. Well, my wife was ordering some new food for the new puppy and, oh, by the way, the new puppy, Macy, is doing amazing. She’s almost – well, she is a little bit bigger than Brody as of right now which is crazy but she’s doing really good.

[00:03:59] Scott: So, my wife decided, “You know what, let’s go ahead and let’s start ordering her food from Chewy.com,” and she was doing the research and all that stuff, and she ordered it and it was supposed to get here in two days and she ordered it on a Friday but what they didn’t tell us is Saturday didn’t count so it wouldn’t be here until Tuesday. So, my wife ran out of food or was going to run out of food on Monday and wasn’t going to go to the pet store. So, she called them on Monday and said, “I was just wondering like when is the food going to be here.” They’re like, “Oh no, it’s not going to be here until tomorrow.” And my wife said, “Wait a minute, you told us that it was going to be here,” and they go, “Yeah, but on Saturdays, it doesn't count,” and she said, “But that doesn’t say that on your website.” And she was real nice about it and everything and they said, “You know what, let us do this. Let us give you a $15 credit and you can go to your local store and buy a bag to hold you over.” All right. So, they gave us $15. Now, did they make less on that sale that we were getting to our house? Absolutely.

Maybe they even broke even but they’re winning us back to come back again and again and again and we’re going to tell people about that just like I’m telling you, so you might go and look at Chewy.com because I just mentioned it. Yes, I have a lot of people that listen to the show but besides that, if I’m at a dinner with family and friends, I’m going to talk about Chewy.com and actually I was just doing that the other day so that’s how the word spreads and nothing compares to that. Another example is Zappos. Zappos sells shoes and sneakers, the same brand that other companies sell. They’re resellers. Why have they been so successful? Customer service, period. And they have a book out. Actually, the CEO of – and actually the founder created a book, wrote a book called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. You might want to grab that one. I’m going to link that up in the show notes. I’m going to be reading that. I haven’t read it yet. It was recommended to me so I’m definitely going to read that.

[00:05:58] Scott: So, my thought of the week is here, customer service. Do not underestimate the power of customer service. You might not make the profit on this sale because you had to give maybe a discount or you had to credit the money back or give them a refund and send them a brand-new product without you charging them but, in the end, that customer service is key and that’s what you have to keep in mind. All right. So, that’s my little rant and it’s funny. I say rant a lot and I had an email come through the other day and said, “Scott, don’t make your little spot there where you give energy and you talk passionately about something, don’t say it’s a rant. That sounds kind of negative. You should say it’s more positive thoughts,” and you’re kind of right but it’s kind of where I get on a little roll here so nothing negative about it. It’s a good positive rant but it’s my thoughts and I’m sharing here with you. All right. So, hopefully, that helped you and hopefully, you think about that. How can you add better customer service with the customers that are currently coming through the door? Really important. Look into that and implement that as soon as possible.

All right. So, I’m going to stop talking now so we can go ahead and listen to today’s question and then I will give you my answer and my thoughts and then we will wrap this up so let’s do it. Let’s listen to the question.


[00:07:17] Brie: Hey, Scott. My name is Brie. I’m calling from Kernville, California area and I have questions for you about starting a new, I’m not even starting a new. There’s a product I made because there wasn’t something like it and there wasn’t anything like it, so I made it, created, prototyped and now I’m creating it and selling it and I would love some tips on making a business and selling something I made which I am so excited about doing but, holy cow, how terrifying. So, I have a Facebook page, I have a Wix page I’m selling it on, and an Instagram with hashtags that help a lot in pulling people to my site, but it is such an interesting process and I would love some tip. So, I love your podcast. Thank you so much for all that you’re doing, and I hope to hear some from you. Thanks. Bye.

[00:08:24] Scott: Hey, Brie. Thank you so much for the question and I’m so excited for you. I mean, you went out there, you develop the product, made a prototype. I mean, that’s something in itself and now you are selling it on your own website and you didn’t even mention selling it on Amazon. So, we’ve got a lot of room for growth here. Number one is we could launch it right on Amazon like that’s like first thing. We should probably get that thing up and running on Amazon and then this way here you could take advantage of even just some natural organic sales even if you don’t want this start pay-per-click which I would probably start doing that as well. Maybe you don’t have enough inventory. I don’t know the whole situation but that’s what I would be thinking like immediately because we can get eyeballs pretty quickly. You said that you are building these outside channels which I’m very happy to hear and if you have not listened to Episode 531 which was the episode just before this one, you’re going to want to listen to that one because I went through pretty much everything that I would recommend here and even deeper because we had about 45, 50 minutes to discuss this. It’s really aligned with what you’re doing as well.

You’ve got a little bit maybe of a head start in some areas. You have Instagram. I don’t know how many have an Instagram, how much reach you have there. I would also recommend a couple of things. Number one, I would say if you’re on Wix, that’s okay. I would want to get on my own platform and what I mean by that is my own home base. And I talk about this on one of my brand building tips on the Wednesday whiteboard videos that I’ve been doing so if you miss that one, I’ll link that up in the show notes as well but that can be found at TheAmazingSellerTV.com. If you go there, it will bring you over to those brand building tips on that channel. Because there are some different parts that we need to start working on and one of them is a home base and you kind of have that. You have that with Wix. I’d rather see you have your own home base meaning your own website and have a blog attached to it.

[00:10:25] Scott: And that is what we call our home base then we kind of have all of the content reside there, the sales can happen there, everything is kind of housed under our own home base house, home base. So, that’s what I would do there. Your outside channels that you’re working on is great. You have Instagram and you have Facebook. You didn’t say anything about YouTube. Maybe you can do some videos, demoing, showing how it’s being used. Maybe some of your customers. Here’s a thought. Maybe your customers once they receive it, you could follow-up with them and you could offer to give them a discount or even offer to give them maybe even a gift card, let’s say $10 gift card if they’ll send you a video showing them using your product. And by doing that, now you can take those videos, put them up on YouTube, you can put them up on your blog, and then when you’re selling your product it’s going to show it being used as well.

Now, I’m not saying using them on Amazon. I’m saying you’re using them on your own web property or your own home base, so I would definitely do that. I think that’s an easy win for you but the one thing I see that’s missing that I didn’t hear is an email list. And I think that if you have an email list that is going to give you so much more reach because while you are building an Instagram and you’re building your Facebook page, you can’t really reach them unless they see your stuff in the feed. What we want to do is, yes, I want those two platforms but I want to have an email list so I can say, “Hey, I just posted something on the blog, go check it out,” or, “I just posted a couple of images on Instagram, go check it out. I just posted a couple of things on Facebook, go check them out.” Like, you can do that and if you want to get a nice little boost of sales, now we can communicate with that email list and say, “I’m going to do a three-day flash,” sale and then you can offer a discount for three days.

[00:12:22] Scott: And there’s something I call my either my three or my four-day email profit push where basically what we’ll do is we’ll send out an email saying, “Hey, I’ve got a special coming up. It’s going to start tomorrow or starts today,” then the next day you remind them of it and then the next day you remind them that it’s going to be ending and you can send two emails on that one. That’s where it comes into a three-day or a four-day profit push. So, that’s what I would recommend. I think you’re in a great spot right now. You’re doing great things. I just think we have to have those other pieces in there and you can stay on Wix if you want to. I just would rather see you on your own platform and your hosting is basically housing your home. So, it’s like with Wix you’re kind of like dependent on Wix and any plug-ins or anything like that, you have to only use what’s ever in Wix. I like WordPress which is free and then the hosting I usually on something like this I would use like HostGator or Bluehost.

Again, I’ll link all of this stuff up in the show notes, but I think a home base is critical and then I think the email list and then we can always do more advanced stuff down the line. I’m not going to really, well, I can share it with you. I just don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Because if we have an email list, now we can take that email list, so we can upload it to Facebook and now we can run Facebook ads to those people. We could also create a look-alike audience of those people and reach more people. So, there’s all that stuff we can do but the email list coming first is really like that asset that then we can leverage later and just think about to speed up the process like if you post something on Facebook, you’re hoping it’s going to get shared, you’re hoping people are going to see it. Same thing with Instagram. If you post them on Instagram, it’s like you just snap your fingers and there’s already three other posts in front of yours and someone else they’re not seeing. So, I would say with an email list you’re able to then email them and let them know that you have something. And you’re not like I mean, yes, you have an inbox that can keep getting emails but not as much as like social media. That’s like flying like crazy.

[00:14:30] Scott: So, I would say I would work on building an email list. A great way to do that especially in your market would be doing a giveaway or some type of sweepstakes or you can get a few other people together in your industry and maybe you guys all throw in your items and then everybody gets the list. I would think you could do it yourself with what you’re selling and then build your own email list that way. You could also do it through discount codes so if you did a Facebook ad and you said, “Hey, for the next three days, we’re going to give 30% off and then you collect an email in that process.” We did a full workshop on list building and you can check that out by heading to TheAmazingSeller.com/BuildList and that will lay everything out for you.

But that’s what I would probably say I would focus on because that will allow you to get more eyeballs on your stuff and also it will help share or help let people know that it’s there and so they can share it and you can do really cool things with that. You can say, “Hey, for the first 10 people that comment, I’ll give everyone a discount, a 10% discount or something.” So, it gets people over there and wanting to comment or like or to share and then this way here you can start to get a little bit more spread on the content that's on your social media platforms. So, hopefully, this helped you. I know it was a mouthful. You might want to go back and listen to that one again, so this was like a mini coaching call. I’ve done a bunch of these now but the one that I would listen to is Episode 531, the one that we just did with Danielle. So, TheAmazingSeller.com/531.


[00:16:06] Scott: All right, guys. So, that is going to wrap up this Ask Scott session and I can’t believe I was able to get it done under 20 minutes so that’s pretty incredible. So, I’m proud of myself. Actually, I got that done and I think we packed it full of useful actionable stuff, so you guys can get out there and make it happen. I would remind you on the show notes you can find them at TheAmazingSeller.com/532 and then also definitely check out TheAmazingSellerTV.com and you’ll get all the brand building tips is what it is, not branding. Brand building tips, everything over there and also, we’ll still be talking all about e-commerce, Amazon stuff, all of that stuff will still be happening there but that’s where I’m going to be really dedicating Wednesdays to brand building tips and then everything else will be around e-commerce and all of that stuff but, I mean, brand building tips is still e-commerce, isn’t it? I mean, we’re just talking about marketing. We’re talking about building stuff like this that we just talked about today, but I can really demonstrate it on the whiteboard.

All right. So, that’s going to wrap it up, guys. Remember as always, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you, but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, say it with some energy, let’s do it, take action! Have an awesome, amazing day! And I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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