TAS 505 Ask Scott #157 – Email List Building and Websites – Ranking Mystery and Keywords

Are you fired up and ready for another weekend working toward your ecommerce business goals? Do you need a little push to get you moving in the right direction? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller podcast! On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares some helpful tips that will expand your thinking. He’ll also cover answers to questions from TAS followers like you! Grab your pen and paper, you don’t want to miss a minute of this informative and engaging episode!

Time, Focus, and Energy

When was the last time you got some really good advice that helped you in the long run? How would you implement advice or insight that you find valuable? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he opens up about some great insight and wisdom that recently received from a mastermind session. At the mastermind, Scott heard three topics mentioned frequently; time, focus, and energy. To hear Scott break down the lessons he learned around each topic, make sure to listen to this episode. You just might find the key insight that will take you to the next level!

Connecting with your buyers.

What is the most effective way to connect with buyers who are interested in your product category? What can you do to cultivate that connection and build an audience with a robust network of fans and followers? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains how building an email list can help you make the most of your efforts to connect with potential buyers. While it may not always be easy, Scott is convinced that building a brand through an email list is the best strategy right now for most ecommerce businesses hoping to get their brand off of the ground. To hear more about this important subject, make sure to listen to this episode!

You don’t need to have a fully developed brand site right away.

While it may sound scary to start building a web presence without all the pieces in place, it’s not as risky as you may think. Don’t let the idea of having everything perfect get in your way of taking action and getting your brand rolling! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains why you need to start building your email list and gathering your audience. If you wait for the perfect timing and for all the stars to align, you are going to be waiting around forever! Make your goals and benchmarks but go ahead and start putting your brand out there on the market. Hear more from Scott as he explains why you don’t have to have a brand website set up to get rolling right now!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:50] Why you should check out the Product Discovery Bootcamp.
  • [4:30] Time, focus, and energy.
  • [12:00] Question #1: What is the best way to connect with buyers with a giveaway?
  • [21:40] Question #2: Does it really matter if my brand website is developed?
  • [28:00] Question #3: What should I do if my product doesn’t show up in Amazon searches like I think it should?
  • [34:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 505: Ask Scott #157 – Email List Building and Websites – Ranking Mystery and Keywords


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 505 and session number 157 of Ask Scott. This is where I…

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…answer your questions here on the podcast. And I've been doing it now for 157 weeks. What? That seems crazy. But it's true. We're going to do it again today and I am  extremely fired up today for a lot of different reasons and I'm going to dig through those reasons in a second and hopefully you guys are going to be fired up as well, which I think you will be. But let me just cover what we're going to be discussing here in today's episode as far as topics go.

We're going to be talking about email list building, we're going to be talking about websites, we're going to be talking about ranking and these mystery keywords potentially. That's what we're going to be talking about. That's what we're going to be deep diving into. Now you guys know I always got my weekly thoughts which I've got a few here today for you and a lot of cool things are happening with the podcast, some cool things are happening.

Really fired up about that. The one thing I want to leave with here today and it didn't really occur to me until I had my recent meet up that I had a few people come up to me and go Scott, I didn't realize that you had any training. Because they were asking me if I had any training. I said, “Yeah.” And they go, “We've been listening to the podcast now for a very long time and we don't really hear you talk about any training or any products that you have to offer your listeners.”

I said, “Well, that's because I don't use any ads on my podcast,” and they are like, “Well you should advertise yourself.” I'm like you know, probably should. So that's going that's going to start doing more of. So I will say that this episode of the podcast is sponsored by Product Discovery Bootcamp. There, I did it. I actually did it, I think with one episode with Chris because we were making fun of ourselves because we had someone say the same thing. But I wanted to bring this to your attention because this is something I'm really excited about. In my opinion it's something that will help a lot of different people.

[00:02:00] Scott: Not just people that are just starting but people that already have a current brand or maybe a one product brand and they want to expand their product line. In product discovery bootcamp, really what we're doing here is we're finding your market and then expanding your current one. If you don't have a current one already picked this will help you do that. The cool thing with that is you get to watch me and Chris start with no product and we go out and we find a market and then we find three to five products to serve to that market. We also get our samples in hand and we share those with you inside this training. If you're at all interested in that process and you want to go through that with us, we've got a lot of students that say it's been eye opening.

And it's really, really helped them. Definitely check it out at theamazingseller.com/bootcamp. That's theamazingseller.com/bootcamp. So if you're interested check it out and let me know what you think. So that's it on that. So let me get into my weekly thoughts here. I recently got back from a mastermind. Now I did an episode with Chris on this. Him and I were in a hotel room. I know, I know. Kind of weird. We were in a hotel room and we were discussing our takeaways. Now that I've been back a little while, about a week, not even a full week, I'm able to really start to even process a little bit more of what happened there.

The crazy thing is where you think you're now or where you think that you're going might not necessarily be where you're going to go 100% because things will change. So that's one big thing. What got you where you are today doesn't necessarily mean that's going to get you where you want to go tomorrow. It's a process. So that's one random thought there. That's going in my head and it's been known to me for years because if you've listened to my story going back to episode 300 you know that the journey has just been a lot of turns and a lot of hills and a lot of just different twists and turns throughout that journey.

[00:04:03] Scott: That's going to happen and it's okay because every time something changes even with this podcast, things have changed and I've got some things I'm going to be announcing here in the next couple of episodes that you're going to understand even where I'm thinking and things are changing for me and things are changing with the podcast and people that are listening and who I want to reach and like all that stuff but I'll be discussing that more in detail. So definitely stay tuned for that. But what I wanted to talk about was something that happened in the mastermind and that was time, focus, energy. Those are three things that was discussed really, really deeply because we have a limited amount of time.

We have a limited amount of time. There's nothing we can do about that. We have time. That's it. Once that time moves, we are not going to get it back. I think we all know that. So we need to focus on the right things. That's always the question. What is the right thing. Well, there is ways that we can go through and figure out like are we doing a lot of work for nothing or are doing work that's going to advance us forward? So you have to figure that thing out and that's one thing we really talked a lot about in this mastermind. It was like all the things that you're doing let's look at all of those different things, which ones are moving the most.

Which ones have the most traction? Then basically we need to strip away all that other stuff we feel as though we're busy and we're working on but they aren't really producing the results as quickly as the one thing. So we need to figure out what that one thing is and then focus on that. So it's like really figuring that out and then focusing on the right things. Now, energy, we need energy in order to put in to the things that we're focusing on. Now that goes back to where we should probably feel good internally with our own self, our own mindset, be around like minded people like I was at this mastermind.

[00:06:01] Scott: Elevating your game a little bit which I think is huge when you're surrounding yourself with likeminded people. You're starting to think a little bit bigger but then we can put this energy that we have into the right things. The one thing right now. It doesn't mean we can't work on those other things eventually but we have to do that like as we go through. We have to figure out what that thing is. And it's not always going to be clear. You have to do a little bit of digging to figure that out. So again, you have to ask yourself, where are you in the process, where are you going and then you need to create that road map to get you there. Then only focus on those things at that time.

So that time that you're spending is focused really like a laser targeted on that thing and then all your energy goes into that. Now, if you're not disciplined enough to go to your computer and start working and then find yourself going into YouTube or you see yourself going into Facebook you need to set parameters for yourself. You need to say like listen, that's not doing anything for me. Like, that's wasting time. What did we talk about? Time is irreplaceable. You can't replace that. You can't get it back. So think about that. The next time you're getting ready to sit down and focus on whatever it is you're focusing on and energy meaning the energy that you have that you're putting into this thing is really going to matter. I don't necessarily mean like energy like you got to be all hyped up.

I mean that will help but the energy meaning the focus, the bandwidth in a sense that's going to be directed towards the thing you're focusing on. So plan out time. Number one, what kind of time are you going to be spending on your business, hour a day, two hours a day, whatever it is. Dedicate that time, figure out what you're going to focus on and then take all of your energy and put into that. Always try to prioritize too with the most important thing. If you have multiple things that you're doing pick the one thing and then from there focus all your energy on that. Really, really important. This goes without saying, business yes but life too. If you want to fix a part of your life or improve well figure out that one thing in that area and focus all your energy there for that time.

[00:08:08] Scott: Same thing with working out and all that stuff. But anyway, that's it. Time, focus, energy. You might want to write those down. That's something that I learned this past week and I took away from our mastermind, our high level mastermind and I'm pretty excited about that and it's pretty clear to me that is definitely what we will be doing here moving forward. I've done it but I'm going to be doing it more consciously. So coming on Monday like I said, this is going to be episode 506, there's going to be an important announcement and that is going to be things that are going to be changing for the The Amazing Seller.

Not just the podcast but just in general. Now, it's not going to be that drastic of a change but there is going to be a little bit of a change. And for me it's what I kind of have to do. I'm not going to give it away because I want you to tune in on Monday and listen because I can go deeper into what I want to talk about. But the change is good and the change is for our future. Not just mine but for yours as well. And I think already by reading the comments on episode 500 which I posted a video as well, so if you missed that head over to other two places you can check that out.

I'll talk about the video in a minute but that episode really just talked about like what we've learned over the 500 episodes but I'm going to be able to dig deeper into on 506 as far as the things that I feel we need to be focusing on moving forward and I haven't really talked a whole bunch about but I'm going to start talking about more about it, I want to talk more about it, I want to share more about it and all of that stuff. So episode 506 will be coming. That's on Monday. Now if you're listening to this after the fact well then 506 should be there so theamazingseller.com/506. That should lead you there or I'll put it in the show notes to this episode.

[00:10:03] Scott: If you did miss episode 504, that's another good one. That's the one that Chris and I did immediately after being at this mastermind and we talked about how to really elevate your game and get new perspectives. Definitely check that one out as well. Now, the reminder here is, and this is going to be a little bit of a time sensitive reminder. Episode 500 aired and it was a big celebration because we hit 500 episodes, we hit over 10 million downloads and I'm going to do something special for celebrating the 500th episode. I shot a video explaining everything. I'm going to be giving away $2,000 in prizes. Actually a little bit more than that because our private label classroom it's technically to the public.

It's $1,497 and then I'm also going to be also giving away a free 30 minute coaching call with that as well. So that's a $2,000 prize just there. Actually a little bit more. If I do any one on consulting it's going to be more than $500 an hour. But I'm also going to give away two runner ups that are going to receive a 30 minute coaching call with me. Virtual coffee with me and all you have to do is go to that video, theamazingseller.com/coffee and that will lead you over to that video and then you'll see exactly what you got to do. Very simple there's just two simple things you can do. Take you probably less than five minutes and a whole bunch of people have already done it. So definitely go check that out. On May 1st, I'm going to be announcing the winner.

So that's everything there. I know that was a long intro but man, I'm fired up and there is a lot going on and I am so fired up. More fired up now than I was a week ago, just because everything is crystal clear for me, moving forward in our business that we're building, our other brand that we're building that I'm excited about that and sharing things there with you but also where we're going to be going in The Amazing Seller Podcast and things there. I'm fired up. I'm so excited and I hope you are too and hope you guys are fired up and I announce it on Monday.

That's it, let's go ahead and let's get this baby rocking and rolling. Let's listen to today's first question and I will give you my answer. Let's do it.


[00:12:05] Speaker: Hi Scott. Thanks for your podcast, thanks for all the tips you give us. Everything is fantastic and it's a big help for those of us who are just getting started. My question is kind of about the background work that's required before we start using a product like GiveAway Boost to market to a list and to build a list. Obviously it's a WordPress plugin so you have to have some form of a website. So I guess what I'm wondering is, how much development needs to go into that website? Is it really important for that website to have a domain that's related to your niche?

So if I'm selling camping gear, do I need to go out and first find a website like Camping.com that's obviously related to my niche and develop that website a little bit? Does it need a logo? When someone goes to that giveaway, if I use an Instagram promotion campaign and people go to that giveaway and it's camping.com/campingtentgiveaway. Are they going to want to the root domain and see what is this website I'm giving my email address to. I think they expect to see a blog there with blog posts and other content. Do they expect to see a logo? I'm guessing the way that Giveaway Boost is set up people probably wouldn't do that. They probably won't take the time to go to the root domain and say, oh what is this website. They probably just put their email address in and hop into the contest.

So theoretically you probably just have, you can probably build a bunch of emails with a totally empty website and probably your domain name doesn't really even matter all that much is what I'm guessing. I guess what it all boils down to is if I pick three products in three different niches, three different products, three different niches, do I have to go out and find three different domains and develop three different websites with three different logos and do it that way or could I be able to use a single website to sort of market to all sorts of niches? How does that all work is what I'm thinking about.

[00:14:11] Scott: Well hey thank you so much for the question. And you didn't leave your first name so I can't say thank you so and so but anyway no problem, I wanted to answer your question. But guys remember if you ask a question definitely put your first name in there. I know a lot of times you guys are comparing as far as what you're going to say and everything and you might forget it. I get it. It's okay.

But anyway, I wish I could call you by name or give you a virtual high five. So let's dig into this. So what you are asking and anyone else that might be listening is also asking is like when we do a giveaway, now what we're talking about, if you guys are brand new what we generally will do is we will especially if we're just starting, a new product line or even a new brand we will start doing a giveaway of some product that is related to ours.

So I've used this in the past, again fishing. So if I know I'm going to be selling a tackle box I may put together the ultimate fishing package so it's going to be a fishing pole maybe, maybe it's going to be a vest and maybe I don't know a ten pack of these bass lures or something like that. So I'm going to be really advertising this on Facebook generally or Instagram depending and I will get that audience to raise their hand. So we did this actually in the new brand before we even had our own product landed yet. We were doing this while we were waiting for the production to be done of our product.

But we knew what the product was going to be. So what we would do is we get people to raise their hand. Now the difference between doing this and just going to a deal site of some kind is these people that are raising their hand they are not necessarily on a deal site. So that doesn't necessarily mean that they are just looking for a deal. They are raising their hand. Now will they want a deal? Sure they will. But they are not conditioned to just be a deal seeker. Are you going to get some of them? Sure. But what we're trying to do is we're trying to get different type of list than just your giveaway type groups that are out there that people are trained that oh I get free product, doesn't matter what it is or I get product that 25% off or 50% off and what I've got to do is just basically buy it and I'm good.

[00:16:26] Scott: If I leave a review, I leave a review. No big deal. I don't want to be associated with those types of group for a few different reasons. Number one because I don't want something to happen where it's linked back to me or my business because a lot of those are still doing things not correctly and what will happen then is if I do get some reviews they will just get wiped out. So that's one negative thing. The other thing is sometimes the sales that are on there because people want a deeper discount they won't buy. So because they are conditioned to get 90% off they won't buy 25% or 50% off. So I don't want to go where those people are.

I want to get new people that just want to receive something for 50% off or 25% off. Something like that. Or I want people that are just raising their hand. They are saying, “I am in this market. I am in this market.” That's all they are saying. That's the first step. So now that we've cleared that all up what you're asking though is when we install, we have a plugin that we had created with Chris Guthrie, he also has SalesBacker but we partnered up with him to have him build us a WordPress plugin. Now this WordPress plugin it basically gets installed on our post. We get a very inexpensive host. You can go over at Hostgator or you can go over to Bluehost wherever.

I think it's maybe give bucks a month, something like that. They range depending on what you get but let's say five bucks a month. You install your domain on there. Now your domain could be anything you want. I think what you're asking was like, does it have to be because if you have three different brands you would want three different domains, three different hostings. You don't necessarily need three different hostings. Again, not to get too complicated here. You could actually get a shared hosting account and you can install multiple domains on this.

[00:18:21] Scott: So you'd only need one host with three different URLs or domains. I wouldn't suggest that. Number one I would also probably say if you're doing three different brands I would pick one and I would run with that one. That's my first tip. Because I think moving forward we're going to want to start focusing on a brand and not just like a barrage of different products. If you're going to do that then you're going to have one domain and that domain will be XYZdeals.com. Like that would be it. You could have that could be your deal hub. Then whenever you do a giveaway you can just do that and then people would think that this giveaway is being put on by XYZdeals.com. That you could do. And that's fine.

If that's what you want to do, fine. I don't think anyone is not going to enter because they see XYZdeals.com versus camping.com. Maybe a little bit if they want to go and see who the company is and stuff but I wouldn't really worry about that. But that's what you could do. What I would prefer to do is focus on my market, focus on my brand and if it was camping then it would be camping.com/giveaways or a contest or something like that. So you would have something that you can install another plugin in WordPress and that there would be like pretty link. There's free plugin there it's called Pretty Link and that can be used on all WordPress blogs and WordPress by the way is a free install once you have your host.

So the only thing you're paying for is your hosting account and your domain. Domain, you can get them for a buck, you can get them as much as maybe 13 bucks or if you want to buy a really custom one that's already for sale that someone is sitting on that might cost you thousands but for the most part it's going to cost you like ten bucks at most. So you buy that, you install it on a WordPress blog for $5, $10 for hosting for the month and then you would install WordPress. It's a free install. We give all that training also inside of Giveaway boost. So when you do purchase giveaway boost you will also get training that Chris created showing how to set everything up inside of there.

[00:20:30] Scott: If you're interested in GiveAway Boost check out either giveawayboost.com or go to theamazingseller.com/boost and that will take you to the same place. We'll put the links in the show notes as well. So anyway that's what I would recommend doing. Now you asked, should I fill out like more on that site? You can, I would probably have an ‘about page' so people know who the company is about, maybe share some of your story and if you do have any pages that you want to include definitely include them but you don't have to. So to answer your question are you going to have to have separate domains? You can but you don't have to. So you have three different products in three different markets and if you're saying you want to build brands in all three of those, then you would probably need to do three different domains on a shared hosting account.

So hopefully that's not too complicated. I don't think it is but sometimes when you're doing it through audio it seems like it is but hopefully that explains that. Now, you had a follow up question that I'm going to answer here but let me go ahead and play that so that way everyone else listening understands the question and then I'll give you my thoughts on that.

[00:21:41] Speaker: My second question is if that's the case and you start emailing your list, just give your list content and helpful tips and YouTube videos and things like that, aren't they going to want to see a website behind the person who's emailing them and giving them tips? Aren't they going to want to see camping.com, oh camping.com that's where this Dan guy who's emailing me. He's from camping.com and I can click on camping.com, I can go there and you can see there's this blog and they have some camping tips and things like that. Aren't they going to want to go to see a developed website? Or does that also not really matter? Hopefully that makes sense and appreciate your time. Thanks for answering my question ahead of time.

[00:22:23] Scott: So there's a few different things that you can consider here. To keep it really simple then what I would say is if you don't want to build out your website which I would be doing along the way anyway but if you didn't want to do that you could always just create that Facebook fan page or Facebook group, push your content there and then when you email people that's like your web page. People trust Facebook just like Amazon, they trust Facebook so if you're sending them an email and you direct them over to your Facebook fan page where you have the content there it's like a blog you would just want to include that link to that post inside of Facebook.

Then from there you can just drive them over to that page, get engagement, you can say, “Hey let me know what you think.” So it's kind of like comments on a blog. I would personally and this is what we're doing in the new brand is any piece of content that I would publish there, I'm going to publish it on my blog too for a couple of different reasons. Number one it's super easy to put together a blog post. Super easy and in WordPress super easy to make a page or a post. And what I would do is I would include that on there because this way I'm going to start to get SEO, search engine optimization, I'm going to start get found on Google as well.

Now, if you have a YouTube page or a YouTube channel and you create a video well then what I would do is I would create the video now I'm going to get some of YouTube's traffic because I would want to see what keywords I'm looking for there. So if it's like how to catch more bass fish or whatever, I would put that in my title. Then I would take that video and I would embed it, there's an embed link inside of YouTube that you can copy and I would post that in my post on my blog post and then will that also give me a link coming from YouTube over to my blog which helps SEO. Again guys I don't want to get in the weeds here.

[00:24:21] Scott: I'm just kind of talking out loud like we're sitting having that cup of coffee. This is the things that I'm telling you and you're going to be writing notes. That's the process that I would do. If I'm going to have a YouTube channel, if I'm going to have a Facebook page which I think that you should, now again I don't want you to get overwhelmed thinking you have to do all of those, again thinking about the one focus. If you only have enough time to create the blog post, create the blog post. If you only have enough time to set up a Facebook page set up a Facebook page. Start populating that. You can always go back and start populating the content in other places. But if you were to do it the way that I would start to do it right from the beginning it would be exactly that.

I would have a blog post or I would write the content and I would make that my home base. Yes, it would be on the same domain that your brand is on. So if you have a contest page, it's going to be camping.com/contest. Now, if you have a post your post you wouldn't necessarily have to do a pretty link for that, it would just be the title of the post. So if the post was camping.com/howtocatchmorebass. Then you would copy that URL and you would share that in your email but now people would go to your blog. If they went to the contest and they wanted to go to your blog and see some of your content you'd have a tab there that would say blog and then you can click on that and they can go through all of your recent posts. So that's what I would do.

Now, if you took it a step further and you said, “Well I want to post a video and show how to catch those bass,” well, then you're going to have a YouTube channel, you're going to create that video and then you're going to embed that video in your blog post. So now you're getting two lines of traffic. One coming from YouTube, one coming from SEO search on Yahoo, and Bing and Google. And then you're going also be driving traffic there from your ad directly to your blog which they can sign up for the contest. So that's going to kind of get things moving but then you're also building your home base. Now, if you're listening to this and you're like, “Scott, that seems like a ton of stuff, I don't want to have to do all that stuff right now.” Then don't.

[00:26:20] Scott: Set up the contest page, set up an ‘About me' page at least to tell a little bit about your company and then that's it. Then someone that goes there they are just going to have the option to enter name, email and they are going to enter. That's it. That's all you got to worry about. So that's what I would do. And again just to mention that if you do have three different brands or three different products in different markets then you're either going to have to make the decision to go all in on one or you're going to have to create a generic one like we talked about which will be harder because now your blog isn't really going to make sense on that universal brand link if you will.

So if you had XYZdeals.com you wouldn't be writing articles on fishing and then articles on maybe cooking and then articles on crocheting. You wouldn't want to do that. So that's where that can get a little goofy. So I would say pick one and then from there try to go all in on that one that you build out and the other one I wouldn't necessarily concern myself with. If you are then you got to go with a deal site type feel and just build it off of that. So hopefully this didn't overly complicate things, which it might have. But you might want to go back and listen to that one again. But I'll try to break this one down in future episodes as well because this is important and I think some people get overwhelmed with all of those steps.

So I will be breaking that stuff down even further. Try to do some videos and stuff as well. So hopefully this helped. Keep me posted though. Let's go ahead and listen to another question and I will give you my answer. Let's do it.

[00:27:59] Trevor: Hey Scott. This is Trevor from Chicago. Just wanted to start off by saying I really appreciate everything you've done. You've been an awesome motivator and a great source for information and guidance for me so keep it up. My question today has to do with Amazon search results. So in some instances when you search something on Amazon the results will have like a showing ‘most relevant results', ‘click to see all results' option at the top. What's interesting is in the initial search my listing doesn't even show up a lot of times. Which these are supposed to be the “most relevant results” but if you click ‘show all results' my listing is the second or third on the page.

I've done some digging around the seller forums and I really haven't found answers. I found a lot of people that had the same problem but don't really understand what's going on. So my question is, have you ever dealt with this issue before and do you know why Amazon search results are showing up this way? I really don't understand if it's like a brand name or a specific keyword in the search itself it's prompting these kinds of results or what but I really can't find a definitive answer on it. My product is doing pretty well but it's plateaued and I think if I can figure this out it'd really take off. Really help if you can give this guidance here. Again, thanks for all you do. You've been extremely helpful for me and hope to hear a response from you on Friday. Take care.

[00:29:27] Scott: Hey Trevor. Thank you so much for the question and yeah this is a good one. And it's a little bit of a mystery. I'm not quite sure that I've had this happen. What I've had happen though is again if my settings inside of my browser are selected like ‘Prime', so I'm only going to see Prime, free same day, I can select that stuff. So I'm just wondering and you probably have already done this but if you haven't you might want to log out of your account or start a new browser and see if that is still the case. Because there's a lot of things we can refine now and that's going to become even more known as we move forward because Amazon is always trying to make it per user. So if someone's you're going to start seeing stuff as suggested or stuff that you looked at before.

It's kind of like retargeting. The same thing goes with you settings. And you may have something checked and then you're not seeing all of the results because it's filtering out some of those other ones and so you're not seeing yours. If you selected a certain brand then yeah, you're only going to see that brand or products made by that brand. We can select by Amazon prime, delivery day, subscribe and save, brand name, all of that stuff and if you guys are curious about this and you haven't picked that up, if you just go on your browser, I'm doing this I'm looking at my screen right now that I'm on my web browser, I'm in Firefox. And I'm logged in technically as myself and the very first thing on the left hand side, not on my phone, this is desktop is I'm seeing you have Prime at the very top, free same day.

And I can select that and that's going to then filter out things. If I leave that unchecked I'm going to get more results. Then down further it's even more of refinement where I can do refine by subscribe and save, delivery day, get it today, get it tomorrow, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Free same day and then brand. Then I can go through it and I can even see more brands depending on the category.

[00:31:34] Scott: I can also select by type of material, color, types of time of the year. Is it a holiday?  I want to make sure that you are looking at it as if no one is logged in even though you could do that and you can see a different result. Your people that are searching for it might have these things selected. So it's really hard to say if you're really going to be able to show up for everything if they have things that are selected. That's why if you are selling and you're doing FBM you're probably losing search because people are searching for Prime. You're not going to show up.

Also like you said if there are certain criteria in there, if it's a certain material, let's say that you're selling something that's rubber and the other people they are selling something that's in stainless well if they have that selected you're not going to show up. So there's a lot of these filters that will show up for the individual. That's the only explanation that I have. Again, if anyone else has details on this, please share it on this episode. Go to the blog and the show notes to this episode which will be theamazingseller.com/505. Go there, drop it in the comments and let us know because of course we want to figure this out if it is something but I think it has to do with refinement. That's what personally I think it is.

But again with that being said, make sure that you put as much detail as humanly possible in your listing that makes sense. Do not try to put a brand name in there because you think that you're going to trick it to now you're going to show up. That is against terms of service. You do not want to do that either. Then the same thing though. If you have a certain material put that in there. If you have a certain size, put it in there because depending on maybe it has six inch, eight inch, ten inch, twelve inch because those are like different criteria that people would search for Amazon is going to constantly be making it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

[00:33:42] Scott: So that's my only explanation. I'm sorry I don't have like this hidden gem here for you but I would again try to look at the filters and see if I can do it with you being logged out. So you don't have any criteria there that is kind of embedded into your browser. That would be what I would do there. So thanks again for the question. Keep me posted though. Let me know if you figured that out or if you have any updates, if you figure something out, drop it in the comments. Anyone listening by the way. The show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/505.

Guys that is going to wrap up this episode. Went a little bit longer today, tends to happen every now and then, doesn't it? But I've got a lot of cool stuff in store. I want you to definitely come back and listen to Monday's episode that's going to be 506, episode 506. Important announcement, things that are going to changing in TAS, nothing bad. It's all good but something that I feel as though I want to do and then I need to do and I'm going to explain why. So definitely listen to that episode. Another reminder, if you're interested in checking Product Discovery Bootcamp head over to theamazingseller.com/bootcamp. You can get all the details over there.

I would love to see you inside that training. It's helping a lot of people right now figure out their market and expanding their brand. So definitely check that out. That's it, that's going to wrap it up. Remember as always I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • The answer to question #3 is your product is not setup for the browse node associated with that keyword. You need to ask someone in the catalog team at seller support to add that browse node to allow it to be searchable under the search terms of “garlic press”.

    I have had this same issue with a few of my products. It makes a big difference!

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