TAS 465 (Part 2) 7 Figure Seller Reveals How to Launch Products and Build Brands in 2018

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  • Loved these two podcasts, it’s really inspiring to hear what people who have found success in e-commerce talking about the tactics and steps they take.

    When Mike was talking about using free+shipping offers to build an email list, what are the channels you would use to get that offer out into the world? FB advertising targeted by an interest in the product’s niche?

    I ask because I haven’t had great success with FB ads so, relatively speaking, it sounds like a harder route to go than a giveaway, although the upside Mike obviously mentions is that those people are more primed to buy than emails collected by a giveaway.


      • Very inspiring interview like John said.
        Scott, can you please explain how to set up an add with the free product + shipping? who to charge the shipping cost exactly? should I create a landing page with paypal checkout for the shipping cost?

        I really enjoy listening to your podcasts (all the way from Israel).


        • Hey Yahav, if you want to create a free plus shipping offer you would need either a website or you can use something like Clickfunnels (theamazingseller.com/funnels ) to build those pages. You would be creating a landing page and then using something like paypal or stripe to charge the shipping costs to whoever wants the product.

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