TAS 446 TAS Behind the Scenes and Vision for 2018 and Beyond! (Recorded Meeting)

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes of The Amazing Seller? What is the team cooking up for 2018? How do they plan to expand their reach and help sellers get their ecommerce business off the ground? On this episode, you’ll get a special peek behind the scenes with Scott and his team as they talk about plans for 2018 and beyond. You don’t want to miss out on this unique and fun look at what the team has cooked up. Make sure to listen to this special episode!

Why Amazon?

As the ecommerce industry continues its upward trajectory, many business leaders wonder if it is still the best option to start and build a business on Amazon’s platform. Is it still worth it to start your ecommerce business on Amazon or are there better options out there to explore? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and his team as they explain why Amazon is still the best platform for sellers like you to get started on. While the guys admit that there are good options out there for expanding your ecommerce business away from Amazon, it is still the go-to platform for getting your business off the ground. To hear the TAS team dive deeper into this topic, make sure to listen to this episode!

What is success?

What is your definition of success for your business, especially starting out? Do you expect to get rich quick or become an overnight success story? What if you just break even in your first quarter of profits? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and his team talk about keeping a healthy perspective on success as you start your ecommerce business. Don’t expect to go out there and have your brand hit it out of the park right off the bat. Learn from the guys at TAS and get a good view on what to expect as you build your business. Hear more from Scott and his team on this episode!

Helping others and delivering value.

How do you know that Scott and his team are dedicated to helping sellers like you make the most out of your ecommerce business? They continue to deliver value and quality content week after week aimed at helping you learn from their successes and their mistakes. So what are you waiting for? Take them up on their advice and get started with your ecommerce business today! Find out what steps you need to take to join the TAS community and get the ball rolling. Learn more on this episode and check out the resources section located at the end of this post!

Challenge Yourself!

Do you really want to build an ecommerce business? Seriously? How bad do you want it? Is it just a good idea that you find interesting or are you willing to really put your money where your mouth is? Are you ready to go out there and risk failure in order to find success? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and his team talk about digging deep and finding the motivation you need to fuel your journey toward success. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to know your “Why” and really go after it, sacrifice put in the hard work, and see what all of your efforts will get you. Get more helpful tips and insights on what it takes to grow your business and more on this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:30] Scott and his team jump into the conversation.
  • [5:30] TAS plans moving into 2018.
  • [12:30] Why the TAS team encourages people to start their business on Amazon.
  • [23:30] What is success? What are you benchmarks?
  • [29:00] Plans to help TAS followers get started in 2018.
  • [41:00] Helping others and finding success in the process.
  • [47:00] Scott shares the stories from two TAS followers about getting started.
  • [54:00] Challenge yourself! There are no excuses!
  • [57:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 446: TAS Behind the Scenes and Vision for 2018 and Beyond! (Recorded Meeting)


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey guys. Yes you're in the right place. This is The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 446. Yes this is a different intro track and I did this for a couple of different reasons. Number one I wanted to…

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…mix it up for this episode because this episode is a little bit different. I also wanted to play this because it's gets me fired up and it should you as well because we are going to be diving into 2018 and we’ve got a lot of cool things planned. This recording today that you are going to be listening to is a recording that we did in Dallas Texas and I say we it was me and a couple of people from my team. You may know Chris Shaffer and Joel Bower.

And we talk about what’s going to be happening in 2018, what has happened in 2017, what do we have planned in TAS that we are going to do to help you get to where you want to go and really how to build that lifestyle business. You can probably tell just by my tone and by the energy in my voice that I am extremely excited about what we have planned and this meeting that you are going to be able to listen in on was us sitting down at a very large table and you’ll hear me describe it here in a minute and this room was amazing and we are in downtown Dallas. And it was just a great time to be in a room together because we were all fired up.

We were all feeding up off of each other but we were also talking about how we are going to help you, how we are going to create more content coming up in 2018 that is geared to help you get through each step of this process because it is a journey and there are going to be obstacles. But we are really coming together as a team and really a community to be able to silence out all of the noise that you might be hearing and really get tunnel vision and focus and clarity so this way here you can go out there and you can have an amazing 2018.

[00:02:01] Scott: And you are also going to hear how we plan to make this happen for thousands of people in 2018 and beyond so I am super excited for you to hear this recording. I will say this was in a very large conference room so it may be a little bit echoey but you are going to be able to at least hear what we were discussing and I think you are going to get value from the lessons learned as well and what we have planned for the future. So sit back, relax, enjoy this conversation that I held with my good friends and my team for TAS Chris Shaffer and Joel Bower.


[00:02:42] Scott: Alright so we are here in an office actually inside of the hotel it’s a little-what would you call this Chris?

[00:02:49] Chris: It’s a meeting room, private event indoor meeting space.

[00:02:50] Scott: Nice meeting room, it’s a huge table, big slab of wood blondish if you will. I think we can give them what it looks like where we have a nice city view, clean city view, it’s pretty clean here in Dallas I think.

[00:03:10] Joell: I think as far as cities go.

[00:03:12] Scott: Yes as far as cities go it’s a nice city.

[00:03:14] Joel: I’m not going to comment on which cities I’ve been to that weren’t like that.

[00:03:16] Scott: No we don’t want to do that.

[00:03:20] Joel: You know your city.

[00:03:21] Scott: Yeah exactly, come on let’s not get down onto New York and people out there. What I wanted to do though is I really wanted to let people listen in on our conversation. We’ve had a few conversations, we also have the train I think. Is it the train?

[00:03:35] Joel: It is the church bell, we’ve got trains, church bells.

[00:03:38] Scott: Okay so we have a lot of stuff going on but what I wanted to really do is I wanted to discuss what we discussed yesterday randomly because I think people would be interested to hear our thoughts and our take on ecommerce, online businesses, digital products, gurus in the space. All that stuff. I think that people they may see us as just everyone else. You are just like everybody else, you are just like someone that learns something and teaches something and I think that we are a lot more different than that, a lot more different than that.

And because our values are differently we are not just looking at a way to create the next product and sell it. I’ve personally turned down a ton of partnerships and deals that I could have did just because it wasn’t the right fit for the audience and it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. So what I want to do is I want to dig into a little bit of my vision, our vision and just let people know that we are in this thing for the long haul with our own businesses. We just had a meeting yesterday with a brand that we are helping on the side and we are so excited about that because we see the potential in that business and we see everything that we can bring to the table and they are action takers.

They are people that we actually want to work with but our flip side of that we are also going to now teach people what we are doing and give them the play by play and that’s really what I always want to do. I want to be the one in the trenches doing the work and then from there reporting back. So that’s just to set it up, so what do you want to start with? What’s your thoughts you guys and where do you want to start, letting people know our plans for moving forward, let's just say moving into 2018. What’s our vision, what’s our goal, what’s our mission?

[00:05:37] Joel: I think what you mentioned that was really great is that we do want to do it. There is a lot of trainers and they did it four years ago, they did it five years ago, they have a system, they are not necessarily testing and a lot of the feedback currently is, “Hey, one of my students did this and it didn’t work so we’ve got to do something different.” I really like that our team always wants to go, okay we want to be there with them. Even if we are doing it through another company we want to see a buyer from beginning to the end. We want to know that that happened because that’s a position where we can actually help someone that has real questions about it.

We didn’t see all the things going in that we wouldn’t be in that same position. I think that’s crazy valuable to all three of us really love to see that so we know how to get it back when someone else comes in I have this wrong. You have the same exact problem.

[00:06:24] Chris: And that’s one of the things I think that we put a lot of conscious effort into. Even before we launched the list building stuff, we really sat back and said, “Here’s all the things that we can possibly do to launch products. Here is all the things that work in ecommerce that we’ve tried in the past and what actually is going to work for people who are selling on Amazon.” And that’s really what we were trying to go for with that what’s going to be the most repeatable and we've had a conversation a couple of times this weekend about the reason we like using Amazon as a vehicle to help people achieve their why, achieve their goals and build their businesses really and we are not trying to build Amazon business and we are trying to build their businesses, is because it's consistent, because it's repeatable and because we can see people do it fairly easily in comparison to the other things.

And so I think everything that we talk about has to fit that criteria.

[00:07:20] Scott: Okay so let’s talk about the first thing. If we are helping people, we talk about there is people out there and a lot of people will say to me, “Scott why don’t you just build businesses? Why don’t you just build businesses and be behind the scenes and just build businesses?” And I totally could do that.

[00:07:37] Joel: Yeah and make more money on it, in many cases.

[00:07:40] Scott: And not even say that. Even if I did or do make more money pitching, is that a bad thing?

[00:07:48] Joel: Well no. I think you can make more money going into the businesses because think about it as a position if you have to be there and touch it, that’s time that goes into it. You only have so much time in a day and if you are having that level standard of seeing it versus… You easily could find ten people right now and go, “Scott I'll partner with you, just need someone to keep guiding me and I’ll do it.” You can make more money in that because you have ten businesses where they were really diving in and doing the…

[00:08:13] Scott: They are doing the work, I’m just pulling the strings.

[00:08:16] Joel: I’m not going to take the ‘it's not work' because…

[00:08: 18] Scott: No, no what I’m saying is I would actually have to do all of the hammering and the sawing and stuff like that but I can actually just say, “Listen we are going to build that house over there. We need footings, I need my concrete crew here.” We could do that and actually we’ve talked about that. We are going to be setting up some systems.

[00:08:38] Joel: We are doing that in our own businesses.

[00:08:37] Scott: In our own businesses. Like right now, and this is going off a little bit, I mean again I want people to listen in on our conversations because this is exactly what we are doing here. I just want people to eavesdrop on us and listen in to what we are saying but we talked about this last night where before we can scale helping other businesses grow, I mean like us actually working in a business, we need to build out our systems in place. And that’s currently what we are doing. We have a new brand that we all went in and this is our first brand we actually all went in together to help and from the beginning, from the ground up, we are over six figures already in six months so it’s doing well but we are building.

We have kinks that are in there that we are working out but we are setting up those systems so now if we meet with another brand like we did yesterday and we say, “Hey listen, we will partner with you but we are going to take care of this, this and this.” And then once we do that we just plug in to those components that we’ve done so could we just build an empire of businesses that we build and help?

[00:09:39] Joel: Yeah.

[00:09:40] Scott: Absolutely but me personally I have this desire now and just this passion to really get my word out which I never used to do because I know so many people when they come to me like, “Scott I listen to your podcast because I’m ready to quit and I say can't because Scott said take action or Scott motivated me and said that’s going to happen, it’s part of the process.” So because of that, that also shows me that there’s an importance for me and a thing for me to actually convey because I have the voice the people will listen to and be inspired and motivated by.

And that’s why you are always telling me Joel, ‘You need to thread your story in there because it hits the parts and the points and the key points where people are now and they are feeling that.” Talk about that.

[00:10:27] Joel: You always come with a decent level of honesty and integrity and some people usually say, “I've listened to everybody but when I hear Scott talk I know it’s a real person telling me what’s going on. So I believe I can do it, he’s not trying to say oh I’m so brilliant look at these great things you want to buy everything I have because I’m a genius.” He’s saying, “Hey, it works I’m testing the things I’m bringing them in and I’m working on.” That kind of believability helps people and so if you add in the story of like… you are giving the training, “Hey I figured this out, this and all that, this is what is going on in my life, this is what I was thinking about.”

It wows them to go, “This is what I was thinking about, that’s what I’m going through right now and it’s not exactly like Scott’s story but Scott was there too. He was saying maybe I can’t do it, maybe I’m not ready for it and now suddenly by saying I figured out, I did something, I realized that it had to be better, it had to be different in this. I wasn’t going to let my family settle for it or myself settle for it.” And so those kinds of connections pieces people can do the same thing in their own story. They start to hear their own story backing away, “This is where Scott would have taken action and I didn’t but I can now.” And so it’s so critical that people can connect to their world.

It’s great to hear Scott’s story and you are excited and you are all pumped up people walk off motivated just by hearing the story it’s when they connect back and they transform and they can go, “Wait, my life hasn’t been what I want, I’m not happy at that job, I’m not satisfied with what I’m telling my kids it’s okay to settle for. I feel checked out of my life.” We hear that a lot when people are coming through, “I don’t know what to do next, I’m stuck, I’m stressed.”

[00:12:07] Chris: That’s why the live events are so much fun.

[00:12:10] Scott: But let me ask you guys this, and we've talked a little bit about this. Why Amazon? We all know that we can teach people to start a brick and mortar, we could teach people how to start their own digital product business, we could do all that.

[00:12:28] Chris: With the experiences on the TAS team I think we can talk just about literally anything and be able to move some people to success and I mentione a few minutes ago, one of the reasons that we like Amazon so much, and it’s not even necessarily for the long term thing, and you guys have heard us say in the past, Amazon is not the end all or be all but it’s the place to get started in our opinion. You’ve done a ton of stuff online Scott, Joel has done a ton of stuff online, I’ve done a ton of stuff online, we’ve worked with businesses of all different sizes and done just about everything there is to do in terms of trying to get freedom, trying to do those things MLMs, affiliate marketing, real estate, all of these things.

And Amazon, at least in my opinion and again just for the getting started even if they didn’t have any opportunity beyond getting started and bankrolling, Amazon is one of the most consistent first of all in terms of if you follow the formula you're going to get results and it’s also one of the easier ones in terms of the things that you need. If you are going to try to build an affiliate marketing empire, you have to have an insane amount of text skills, you have to be able to write tons of content to be able to do all of these things.

[00:13:45] Scott: Set the website, you’ve got to be able to SEO, backlinking.

[00:13:48] Chris: On top of that you are not getting paid to do any of those things so you are putting in time and money and you are putting in effort with very little return on any of those investments. And it’s not just money that’s the investment, time is an investment because it's time you are taking away from your family or from something else that could be helping you achieve your why. I don’t know whatever this why is but for a lot of us it’s our family or just doing the things we want to do, working on what we want to work and not working when we don’t want to work.

And Amazon consistently seems to be the thing that delivers people the most return on those three investments and you don’t have any of that tech curve that you have to on the other stuff.

[00:14:24] Scott: Right, here is one thing I like to look at I think might people might be able to actually visualize this a little bit better, I like looking at all of these different things as vehicles. They are a vehicle to get you to the place you want to go and what I mean by that is it could be building an affiliate website. You goal there is to get people to come there consume some information, hopefully click on one of your affiliate links and buy a product. That’s what’s it’s there for. Amazon it's people are buying products, we want to get in front of those people, we want to have products, we want to have them possibly buy and then maybe get them off of Amazon and then maybe market to them later.

The way that I look at it is Amazon is the vehicle right now, right this present time. We may be talking at this table or another table or a year from now or two years from now we may have a different thing to tell you or maybe a different spin on it but as of right now if I’m advising anyone, it’s going to be start there because it’s going to be the shortest path to where you can get up and running, get some momentum, get that first dollar earned and say, “Holy crap this stuff works I can do this.” We met with… I forget the gentleman’s name but at TAS meetup and he said when he made his first sale it’s like he just had this massive rush. It was like holy cow, he couldn’t believe I made $40. He was just stoked and that lit him up.

[00:15:48] Joel: What’s great about that is it's… The frame behind all of it, what we are thinking about is we really want to go, “How do I help more people?” It’s not like all of our processes, all the things we are doing if we train something or educate or just talk on something and want someone else to start listening, we really want them to be able to take that and use it because we want them to see the change in their business and so all of these ways we are thinking about it and what work and which ones don’t and why we are recommending Amazon comes from that. We believe that a lot of the meetings we have we are talking about, “How do I make it happen for them consistently?”

And not just some, if you have been listening you, we are talking to you, if you have a desire to do something different than what you are doing right now we are trying to give you the steps and that constant. And sometimes you are not ready for the stuff like some of the stuff that we are talking about but get it in your mind this is a real business. This is going to be a lot of stuff you only need to do the thing that you are at right now and we want to give that to you in a way that’s usable. And Amazon allows us to do that. If I had to explain to someone how to set up a distribution center in their garage that’s insane and plus it would cost them more.

And a lot of people don’t get that it’s like FBA is leveraging their shipping empire they own. They do so much and they get to dictate all the terms. We took the benefit of that and there is essence in one place that that happens not mentioning how hard it is in a lot of businesses to bring customers to products. That’s a difficult thing that a lot of people struggle with. I don't think they have to learn that curve.

[00:17:25] Chris: And it’s a conversation that’s come up this weekend that we’ve had and it’s about business fundamentals. Amazon is the opportunity right now. I think to understand and to build a solid foundation for that business. Scott you talk all the time about, use construction stuff all the time because that’s your background. We are putting in the footings, we have a great solid foundation and we are learning the skills. If what I want to do to achieve my why is not build an ecommerce empire that’s fine but I can still bankroll that in the Amazon opportunity and use that to get me out of my day job so that I can go be a motivational speaker or so that I can go be whatever that is.

And it’s also teaching me the skills that I need to roll that over in ecommerce.

[00:18:16] Scott: And plug that in wherever you want. I always know that you are building a skillset. When I first started working construction for my father I didn’t know how to read a tape measure and I’m not even kidding. That’s funny and all but I was nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to look stupid and I didn’t know, at that time I didn’t know the sixteenth of an inch. I tried to figure that out quickly. In math you learn it, you might learn your quarters, your halves, your three quarter but you didn’t really get down to that nitty gritty and if you did I was sleeping during that section.

But I had to learn it and I was nervous because to me even back then I didn’t feel I was capable of doing that and I soon got over that and now all of a sudden it was nothing and then all of a sudden now I’m building homes and tearing people’s houses apart and making them beautiful. Honestly even looking back at that experience, I was proud at the end of my job. I used to take pictures before and after and I was like, “I took that house that looked terrible and I made it really awesome and they were so proud of it too and they couldn’t thank me enough.” So that was awesome so I don’t know how we got on a tangent but it's relating it back to an asset, a skill set.

I can go into a house right now, tear it apart and put it back together and feel confident in doing that or I can tell a crew what they need to do in order to do it or what the different components are and the different steps. Same thing with business.

[00:19:41] Joel: What I really loved about what you said is you take something that was generally simple and people say, “Oh it’s not a big deal.” How big of a deal is it you mismeasure in building a house?

[00:19:50] Scott: Measure twice. Let me just time out real quick, my father’s partner and sometimes my father, it happens, would measure a doorway or a window wrong and it’s like three inches off. Who’s going to cut that open to make it work? Me.

[00:20:08] Chris: As long as it's on the short side it's fine.

[00:20:11] Scott: Yeah, you can't cut that window down to make it fit because you can't cut glass and the window all at the same time. It's kind of a complicated process.

[00:20:18] Chris: But that comes back to knowing your numbers. The same thing in ecommerce and Amazon. That's why we touched so much on product selection, that's why we talk so much about basics. Anybody can put a nicer window in that same hole but you have to get that hole right and you have to get the foundation right and you have to get the wall right and you have to get the studs right before you can upgrade the windows in the house. It's the same thing with the Amazon business or ecommerce.

If you get product selection right that product selection is that foundation. No matter what else you're doing, whether you're selling on Amazon, whether you're selling off Amazon, whether you're doing free plus shipping, whether you're doing the Ali Express method, the $500 challenge, the foundation of that comes back to something like product selection and that's something that's easy, something that's repeatable and it's something that has actual numbers behind it that you can look at and analyze and say this will work, this will not.

I'm going to take a chance on this one.

[00:21:11] Scott: Or that has a better chance.

[00:21:13] Joel: The point I was trying to make was like when you first started that was it important? It was simple for someone who's done a lot and then eventually became so obvious and it's like… And Chris brought up product selection. Yes, it's important to get it right. So people overwhelm me themselves because it's so important that eventually becomes a basic skill. You just got to keep at it. Eventually it's as simple as measuring something. Simple as measuring something you've done 100 times. The first one you're right to be concerned, you didn't know the effect on that, there's a possibility of you got that wrong, you mess up something big and that's fine but we can't start this because really it was just measure. At the end of the day just measure.

[00:21:54] Scott: If it was something I could learn, I could learn it and I did and then moving on it was looking at things that you were trained as that one skill set. And then once you get that skill set, we're talking about measuring but there was other things I was doing like we used to basically take metal like aluminum bended. It's called the bending break and they made six foot, eight foot, ten foot, twelve foot. We had a twelve foot break and basically it's a sheet metal machine basically. You go in and you make bends. I used to make window casings to wrap the windows so you can take old wood and I would over it up and make it look new. You'd never paint the windows again.

I used to bend every single contour and then cut it out with tin snips and put it all together and I got so good that we used the 20/30 windows a day. But when I first started, it was huge.

[00:22:42] Joel: That's a beast. Everyone of these business, everything in business it starts up that way because you never seen it before.

[00:22:48] Scott: And you're afraid of it. And you don't want to look stupid.

[00:22:51] Joel: And eventually just like anything you're good at right now in your life, you've done it so much you don't think about it.

[00:22:57] Scott: Yeah, you'll do it hundreds of thousands of times over and over again and that's like, it's like you always say. What does Tony Robbins always say?

[00:23:03] Joel: Repetition is the mother of skill.

[00:23:05] Scott: Every program he says that. He's just reminding you, pounding at you. He's repeating the message of repeating. I just want people to understand that. Like when you're doing this whether you're successful or not at this point, like what is success? What is success? Success for me was learning how to measure and not be scared anymore. Then from there it was how to wrap windows and make them look good so I could then sell them to the customer. And then it's faster and more efficient but then everyone that came on I had to teach them. Now I became a teacher.

[00:23:46] Joel: Oddly enough. But it shows in everything you do, you learn something and you can't wait to share it.

[00:24:04] Chris: People especially on the business side get caught up in the metrics. We had this conversation a little bit in the meeting yesterday about social media. If you had 100 people and this is a fairly large room, if we had 100 people in this room, this would be amazing. But I'm a failure if I don't have 100 YouTube subscribers and that's the mindset that we have. In business especially people a lot of times swing for the fences which there's nothing wrong with that. But, a single is just good in business…

[00:24:38] Scott: I would rather have ten singles than one home run because that means I contributed more to the team and my coach is like, “That guy is going to get out and probably get a base it,” And is consistent. We used to have kids on our team, I used to coach baseball. We used to have kids on our team they'd hit one home run out of 30 bats. And strike out the other… Because they'd swing for the fences. You gotta have that balance and speaking of baseball Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge who is a rookie this year, hit 51 home runs but he also hit a ton of base hits, a ton of doubles and he also contributed to other places. He's not necessarily a home run… Judge is not just going after the home run. He's actually going after being a well rounded player.

[00:25:24] Chris: That's a happy accident. You're occasionally going to hit a home run. And we talk about this all the time. If you set up and it comes back to the foundation stuff. If you set up your business in a place where you have to make the half court shot at the buzzer you weren't shooting enough layer ups during the first half. Your layer ups are your bank shots. Nobody likes shooting off the back board because it doesn't look as cool but it's a much higher probability shot than the half court nothing, but net game winning at the buzzer shot. I would much rather hit ten layer ups than one half court game winning at buzzer shot.

[00:26:04] Scott: And consistently every game. Like not just that one buzzer game.

[00:26:08] Joel: If you were consistently doing that the number of half court shots that you can actually make at the same time seems to go up in business that's the way it seems. We're doing a consistent thing so many of these opportunities that look like freaking home runs or slam dunks are opening up half court shots.

[00:26:23] Chris: Just throw in another sport's analogy. If you look at something like American football, you have two things you can do on offense. You can run or you can throw. If you can't run it makes throwing a heck of a lot better. If you can't do some of the fundamental things, it makes everything else a business harder but if you have a good run game in American football, they can't stop you from passing because you can run a player actually, you can fake a hand-of. And the defenders come in and then everybody downfield is open and you can throw for a 78 yard touchdown.

It's the same thing in basketball. If you nail them at the hoop you can take longer three points shots and nobody is going to see it coming. And it's the same thing in business. If you can master those fundamentals, if you can get a solid foundation in the business, the other stuff that you're doing becomes substantially easier and it becomes substantially more consistent.

[00:27:15] Joel: You have the opposite of problems, you have to know when to say no. I can't take any more of these amazing opportunities. That's a much cooler place. I think a lot of people get there faster than we think if they take a breath just go hey, I just need a sale. I just need one. That will tell me that I can get more. One of the scariest places I seen in business when you're starting is when you've done all the marketing, all of the system, and no sales come in because you don't know how close you're. With a sale, I know exactly how close I am. At least if I did everything in that, I can get another one. Now I can just keep growing. If you don't know how far away you're from a goal because you haven't seen any sales. So the reason I bring that up is because a lot of the people in the meet ups they say well, “I'm not doing so well because I'm getting like a sale a day.”

I was excited a sale, that guy was excited that sale had going because that tells me that I'm in the zone. I'm in the place where I can repeat this. It might not be easy, competition might come and people freak out about competition all the time. Like if I know that I can turn that over, yeah I might have to do something different than I've done already but I know it's possible. And I know I'm not light years away. So when you get those sales reward the heck out of yourself because you're excited and you go find the things that will bridge that gap and okay, how do I get ten? Then it's exciting.

[00:28:33] Scott: Then you get ten, how do I get twenty?

[00:28:35] Joel: But if you beat yourself up and say I only have one, how excited are you to do the ten? You should be but you're not. You're like, I feel bad. Some people give up on businesses right there and I'm looking at it going man you have everything. You just got to do it now, like just keep going. And they go oh no, it's a failure. That'll never work.

[00:28:57] Scott: What I want to do here though is I want to talk a little bit about like what we were talking about like what we're doing moving forward. Internally we're building, we're helping our goal is to really help brands even like us to work in a brand like we are right now. And we want to do that more. That's not something we're saying we want to do ten new brands next year. But we're going to do one right now. We're going to learn it through that brand and then we're going to be able to possibly plug in another brand. Maybe in 2018. Like that's like we're looking like that is like long term strategy. Maybe. On the same breath, we also say to ourselves, we've got a lot of people. A lot of people listen to the podcast, a lot of people find it on YouTube. A lot of people are coming in on a Facebook Live, whatever.

And they are excited, they might get started kind of but then they never end up actually pulling the trigger. So our goal, we have two different things actually. We've got that one person that we need to get to the start line and then get started. So we're coming up with ways we can do that to actually make that an easier thing for them. Some of that is mindset stuff. Someone is getting out of their own way. So that's one thing I want to talk about and then the second thing I want to talk about is the current people that are already up and running because they came listened said, “Scott, like I don't need your class because I'm already up and running but I need like how to build the brand.

I need like how to do the external traffic. I need to know the social medial stuff. And we don't really have any training for that.” So that's why we said, we have to bridge that gap. So in 2018 we're possibly looking at doing something around the brand building. That's like our focus and then the other part that I think is definitely a go is we're going to try to bridge the gap between like getting started like the first thing which is product research and picking that product. And getting a result quick.

[00:30:50] Joel: Getting actual sales. You know that's the real starting line if you're building a business.

[00:30:55] Scott: Yeah, so those are the two things that are in our minds right now. The PLC class and ‘TAS Breakthrough You' like that's going well. But we know there are people in there that are still stuck and we need to figure that out. That's what we're really doing. We're figuring out the people that are coming on, and what do they need in order to help them get to where they need to go to they get over that threshold of okay, I can do this.

[00:31:20] Chris: I think it's interesting because there's two places that we constantly see people get stuck. The first one is that first sale, right? Like how do I make money? Yeah, like I get all the product selection staff but I don't have $4,000 to invest in inventory. Like I know this business is going to work but how do I even get there? So getting them that first sale is a huge hurdle for a lot of people. Then the second one is okay now how do I scale, so it's sales and scales.

It's one of those things where a lot of people who are in the community just don’t know what to do and we've been playing around with a lot of stuff. I think we could be openly sharing a lot more of this stuff that we've been playing around with in the background to try to see what works and what scales down from your $60M a year businesses to what's actually going to work for people transitioning away from just been dependent on Amazon and starting to build their own thing.

[00:32:12] Scott: Yeah. All right, so I just wanted to kind of throw that out there and kind of let people like hear that process because that is a process that we've been talking about. Those are the two topics that really come up. Could we just punch out another course and sell it and get people into a class? Absolutely. But we're constantly thinking strategically in a good way how we're going to be able to better serve the people that are in TAS.

[00:32:42] Joel: We're sampling our community and finding out where they are. All the time.

[00:32:46] Scott: Yeah, a lot of that comes from even like the meet up that we did like after we have the TAS meet up the other night, we had a sit down and we said there's two things that came out of that.

We had people that either still haven't gotten started because of this, this and this business so we have to address that. We have to figure out how to bridge that gap. Then we had other people come in and go oh, I didn't know that you had a class.

[00:33:08] Joel: Yeah, I want training. I want it from you.

[00:33:10] Scott: I want training, I want it from you on like brand building or like how to take my business to the next level but I don't see anything there. It really opened our eyes especially when we had that hot seat session with Aaron and his wife and his partner and it made us say like we need to basically teach what we just taught him, but really dig down really deep.

[00:33:30] Joel: That's what we test in our brand because we are ultimately, a lot of the partners will say hey, this is a really good idea. Okay, can we prove it and can we teach it back? We still look at ways to bring it back and-

[00:33:40] Scott: That’s the key though. Can we prove it by us validating in our own brand that we're working on or working and even with him in his… You know, his wife and his business partner it's like we're now able to almost deploy what we've told them to do and then kind of check back in and then we can tweak and… It's really cool just to let you guys know that I'm listening in, that we're probably going to be able to share his brand and some of these things that we're teaching and kind of seeing what it does.

[00:34:11] Joel: Yeah, the line numbers.

[00:34:12] Scott: Which I think is really exciting. He's so open to it and obviously like right now we're not part of the brand but we are in a sense that we want to see them do well and I think it would also make us a really good case study for people to actually see behind the scenes and they're so open and honest.

[00:34:27] Joel: We're also running back I mean a lot of the advice that is coming out of it is stuff that we're testing in our common brand.

[00:34:32] Scott: Yeah. 100%.

[00:34:34] Joel: This is like it's fine to say hey, I did it over here. It's different to say can I give it to this person and their business for a change? It's all connected we really are driven by this. We want every space, we're driven by proving it and bringing it back.

I think it's amazing. That's why I enjoy working, everything that we do, every time we come together it's like man, I want to help more people. What's going on? Why aren't they getting help? It reminds me of something because this is like if you want to help people, then why not just give it for free?

[00:35:03] Scott: Yeah. That's a good one.

[00:35:05] Joel: I get others like you know what that is the worst thing I can do for people. I consistently seen media something freak, how much do you think they value it?

[00:35:12] Chris: That’s why we started doing pay consulting in our business?

[00:35:18] Joel: It's tough. It's like it's all this weird puzzle that we're trying to figure out what's the right price? What's really going to get into their hands? What's going to make sure they value it? What's going to make sure they use it?

We're answering for that all time and so we're coming up we're like okay, what's an entry product that they can do without having to come up with the investment on PLC because we know people need that.

We know there are people sitting on the fence and they go, “Man, I want too, but I'm at the edge. I'm barely taking care of just my dailies, I can't… I don't know where I can find that money. I don't have family support, I don't have anything like…”

[00:35:47] Scott: I also think people are wired differently. I've got tons of people that have listened to podcast, picked up bits and pieces, went through a workshop and took action on it and-

[00:36:02] Joel: Which is amazing…

[00:36:03] Scott: And launched their business. But that's a different type of person. Not everyone is going to be able to do that because then they're going to feel scattered, kind of lost, they're going to feel like they're not being walked through the entire process, they might miss something.

Whatever and that's really… I mean if we go all the way back, Chris to when we decided to do this, it was like we need to figure out what they want and what they need but they will pretty much email me saying, “Scott, can you show me step by step? Can you take me…” This was literally their words. “Can you take me by the hand and show me the way. Can I look over your shoulder as you're building this up or as you're through the research or as you're doing the sourcing?”

Then it just kind of hit me. It was like well, yeah. I mean I just have to retrace my steps and then just kind of show them the way and then obviously it evolved. We've had numerous different trainings in there now and we've learned along the way so we've modified it and tweaked it and everything.

And you're right. Like when you have skin in the game, you generally show up. Even on my workshops, I always say that I'm like you hear me Chris I'll tell them. I'm like listen I want you guys to imagine you paid $100 to attend tonight.

Because if you paid $100, I guarantee you would not have me on and then have the TV on and then have Facebook up and all these different stuff. You would be tuned up. You'd have a notebook handy, you'd have a pen handy, and you'd be paying attention. And that's because you had $100 invested.

[00:37:26] Joel: It was great but a … Right, as you're doing that workshop, most times, there is a $2,000 course or a $3,000 course teaching the same thing. So it's not a hundred bucks.

[00:37:34] Chris: That's not even workshop.

[00:37:36] Joel: Yeah, so just the value that's in there. We always want to give the real thing because what happens if you come in and you learn from us even in the open sources and you do something with it and it connects, guess what just happened? We added you to our community.

Now you're in it, you're with us, you're helping other people grow. I mean we have so much support from people who have done it and they come back it's like how do I give? How do I support?

[00:38:00] Scott: You just brought up a really good point. It's the same thing with who we talk to with the little consulting session that we did with them, right? Like the little hot seat. Literally like he would have been willing to spend money to have us sit down for a day and go over his business, right? What did I tell him? I said, “Listen, all I want is that I want you to take action on what we said, I want you to share your results, good or bad and by doing that, that's going to help people in the community.” That's my exact thing that I said.

Now, will money come from this? Yes. People will want to come in, and they'll want to go through the training or if we do a new training and maybe even just product research or a boot camp they may want to do that depending on where they are. Or if you're building a brand, you may want to do something that we do on the feature on brand building. Like I know that that will eventually happen but it doesn't mean it has to happen.

But I know that by giving more to the people and helping people and sharing those results is only going to come back to help more people and that also, when it does help to fund TAS and yes, you make money and I make money and Chris makes money and the team makes and the business makes money. It helps us also help more people.

[00:39:16] Joel: Yeah, if we weren't making money there we couldn't do it too. I mean because at some point I have to say this is far away from my family. That's my world like I know it's yours.

[00:39:27] Chris: You flew to Dallas to hang out with TAS people. Like you and I aren't here for the conference.

[00:39:32] Scott: You guys did not attend the conference that I'm attending. You just came in because I was going to be in town and you said you know what, it'd be a good time to get together and kind of plan and talk and-

[00:39:39] Chris: And do a TAS cleanup because we want to hang out with people and that's why we're here.

[00:39:41] Joel: Exactly, and so every time I take time away, like right now it's… I didn’t get paid with a check when I got here. I'm willing to do that but at some point I have to say that I am trading my time with my family and doing things like living my life to do this. I love this so it's another check on it but there is a trade always. People forget that sometimes.

They're looking it from their own way. If you really want to help me then you'll do this it's like I really want to help you and thousands of others, which means I have to give more than what I can do one on one.

This is what we're building. We're taking that step back and go man, okay what is each thing they need. What I love about what we're talking about is okay, some people just start writing PLC right now. They can go in, they have the investment money, they can go up and running and I mean we've seen some phenomenal numbers from last year of people starting from scratch.

Insane, and now there's a group of people that might not… We're going to be able to serve them now. We're going to be to take them there, guess where they're going next. They're going to the full PLC. Guess what's happening next? Once they got up and they're running and Amazon is consistently giving them their revenue source. If they can, and they want to, we'll have a grand piece for them. We're giving them a pathway to get to a sole business, it's their year in and year out. Not just well Amazon is the hot new thing.

[00:40:53] Scott: It's not just like you're a number and you're just like a sale to us. You know what I mean like to me it's about a person, it's about one individual and I always think about that whenever I am writing an email, whenever I am behind the mic. Right now I know that we are talking to people. Real people.

[00:41:13] Chris: Even if it's just only one other person.

[00:41:15] Scott: Exactly, but I'm just saying like you have to understand that. I was talking to a lady in the elevator the other day and she asked me what I did and I kind of told her I was a podcaster and I do ecommerce and stuff. She's into finance and I was talking to her about like what she does and she was like I want to just… I might want to start doing video because I want to get my local people to come in and kind of trust me and know me and stuff and I'm like that's great.

I go, “Have you ever thought about podcasting?” And she's like well, I don't know because they're not my idea of client because they're not local and I go, “But in the future, you could reach a much broader audience and help more people.” That's what I said. I didn't say and you can make more money. That will come.

But I said you will help more people and if you want to help people and not just do it for the money, then you need to do that because number one, I think a podcast is like the number one way to really connect with people because you're not distracted.

Like depending on where you're listening right now, you might in the car, you might be on a run, you might be on the train, you might be in the plane, right? You're pretty much just listening to this.

[00:42:22] Chris: Yeah, at work.

[00:42:23] Scott: At work, whatever.

[00:42:24] Joel: While you're working.

[00:42:25] Scott: To me it's the best way to connect with people so I just was kind of talking to her about that and she kind of lit up a little bit. She was kind of, “Okay, yeah. I didn't think about it that way.” Sometimes it's just a little mental shift in the way that you think about it. But anyway, that's just a little side note.

[00:42:42] Joel: Oh, no. I mean that's really good to hear. It's the branded piece and the reason we have the multiple parts that we're looking and building is not everybody is right there. So the person knows what was created. She already has a service. She already has a service.

[00:42:53] Scott: She already has a business in a sense.

[00:42:56] Joel: You still have to start where you're at but eventually, that information will be there ready for you when you go past on your own, okay, how do I make this, and how do I secure, and how do I create amazing launches that happen faster or how do I support these products? Now I'm growing a business, now I have ten SKUs, now I have 25, now I have a hundred SKUs.

Everybody has different sizes. Some people honestly can make more money with like three SKUs than they can with a hundred just by where they focus. But that audience piece that's coming back and somehow communicating and connecting matters once you have the beginnings, once you have the foundational piece. So don't get overwhelmed. I know a lot of people go oh, then I have to do a podcast.

You don't have to do a podcast. If you don't have a product and you don't have an audience yet, you seem to get a product.

[00:43:40] Chris: Again, I don't know that it's necessarily even about the medium and we've had this conversation a couple of times like there is a lot of ways to do it. She could do video and she could do a video diary like a YouTube diary. But the way that she was describing it was I'm going to do video for my local people and that's cool and all..

[00:43:59] Scott: Which I think it's fine.

[00:44:01] Chris: But your audience is everywhere when you get into the brand side of stuff and anything that you could do to help serve that audience is great and we… If you guys watched the Facebook live we did after the little hot seat with Allan, we talked about… One of his concerns was showing off like how to use the product or like how to get to the product that he has because anybody can make it. But most people won't.

So by showing them all the benefits of the individual things that go into making this product, by doing that, he can connect with lots of different people in lots of different audiences that are actually his customers. And he can bring them in and he can do that via a podcast which he's done in the past. He could do that via video, he could do that via Instagram.

It's about going out and putting that material out there for other people to find and your people will find you. I know it sounds cheesy and like if you build it, they will come.

[00:45:06] Joel: You're trying to figure out what's actually relevant to the audience. It's not like you're going to go oh, I'm only covering what's relevant to the audience. He has a passion in that space and it helps to have that connection with what's going on and now he's excited about it.

Now he can't wait to sell it and then he has a story because he's actually changing the quality in which he does this. It's not just he's doing it because oh, that's exactly how everyone else does it. It makes me think a little bit like it's hard to see sometimes when you're looking at your own brand, but when you look at bigger brands, it becomes very obvious. Lots of companies make phones. Where are you buying yours, and why?

So yes, a lot of people can buy a phone but they don't have the same connection, they don't have the same support. They don't feel like it has the same features. They don't believe the quality of the company. There's a ton of things going on. It looks cool.

[00:45:54] Scott: Yeah, they just want to be an Apple person or a Windows person.

[00:45:58] Joel: Yeah, so Apple said… If Apple had started and said, “You know people already have phones. They have them in their house.”

[00:46:06] Scott: No, not even with that but I mean if you're an Apple computer person or if you're Dell, or… but Dell isn't really the same as an Apple, but-

[00:46:13] Chris: You're just talking about phones that's why I was laughing. Because like windows phone doesn't exist.

[00:46:18] Scott: Yeah, I don't even know about Androids. Androids are… I don't know about them. I second guess that.

[00:46:21] Joel: It's a whole world out there.

[00:46:23] Scott: There's a whole world. There are different tribes in a sense that support and they're going to go into battle about each other.

[00:46:28] Joel: Hundreds of manufacturers, I don't even know about and they keep popping up on Amazon and feeds and just count like I don't even know this brand. I want to buy a phone from them.

But technically it's the same thing so why don't we do it? Well, we believe in something that the company is doing or we like it a lot. That actually is differentiated most products and they can't happen until you start to connect and educate and…

[00:46:54] Scott: And it takes time.

[00:46:56] Joel: It takes time, yeah.

[00:46:57] Scott: It takes time. All right, we're going to wrap up, but I want to wrap with is one thing. I think it's big and I think it's important and it's what I took away from our meet up. One of the big things I took away was people that are struggling to just get started.

I want to talk about Kevin for a second and if Kevin, if you're listening I'm saying this out of love and you now that. Then we've got John who was there, who basically had the same situation kind of happen but took care of it differently as far as he would handled it differently.

So you had Kevin who said, “Scott, I came here last year, I was six months in then I was listening your podcast. Before that, it's been a year and a half since I've listened to the podcast and I just launched my product today.” Like literally today.

[00:47:46] Joel: He believed him when he first heard it.

[00:47:48] Scott: 100%.

[00:47:49] Joel: He wanted to do it.

[00:47:49] Scott: He wanted to do it. He was excited to do it.

[00:47:53] Chris: And did it a year and a half later.

[00:47:53] Scott: And a year and a half later… And he looked at me and he goes and a year and a half later and he just went on and on like number one that’s great, high five. Let's time out for a second and let's dig into that. I said, “Why did it take you a year and a half?”

He goes, “Well, I don't really know.” And I go, “Let's dig in. let's figure this out.” So now then what do I do? I started asking questions. I go, “Have you done things in the past online or just in business that didn't work?” And he goes, “Yeah.” I go, “Okay let's go back to some of them.” I go, “What really worked for you? And he goes real estate. I was doing great in the '90s.”

He was, “Then '96 happened and he goes and I had a bad deal.” And he goes, “It ruined me. It like literally knocked me to the ground.” He didn't go into all the specifics but who knows? Maybe his house was financing the one house that he was buying and then he was in jeopardy of losing his home and then his family and then he was going to look bad like I don't know. Like there is a lot that went into it but it scarred him.

It scarred him pretty bad. Then from there, he did a little MLM stuff and again, when you're doing MLM you know like Multiple Level Marketing it's there is low cost to get involved, but there is a lot of work that goes in this as far as approaching people, your family, your friends and they go on so now they're branching out.

So there is a lot of that. He had a bad taste in his mouth there, he had like a $2,000 revenue stream coming in and then his up line went behind his back and then got his down line to actually go over to a new product that he was selling so they wiped him out.

So he went from $2,000 to nothing. So that left a bitter taste in his mouth. So he had these things happen that were scarred, they were there. He just brings them back and he's like, “Oh my gosh like I don't want this to be another thing.”

[00:49:32] Joel: Yeah, exactly.

[00:49:33] Scott: You know what I mean? We finally got to that and he kind of was like waking up a little bit. He was like I guess that is the reason why. Like he recognized it now. But a lot of times you don't go that deep. You just figure you're just afraid and you don't want to do it. But you need to dig into that and so if you're listening right now, and you have been listening for a year and a half or a year or six months and you have not done anything, ask yourself ‘why?'

What has happened in the past? What has worked for you, what has not worked for you? Then from there, kind of look at it and then get through that one thing. What is the worst thing that can happen if you try something? Now, let's talk about John, okay? Now John, he had a similar thing happen. He started, he took action.

He started quicker than a year and a half but he launched his product and it failed. To him, it didn't do well so he had to liquidate it. So he hadn't have any money to invest so he… Because he wiped it out when he goes like okay, I'm going to allocate $5,000 and I'm going to try that and if it works, it works and if it doesn't, it doesn't.

He didn't take in to finance his house to get his inventory but it was still all the money he was going to invest. So now he's out of cash. So then he's like okay, I'm not going to give up. I'm just going to try another product but how can I do this? I don't have a lot of money.

He went and took 500 bucks, he went to Ali Express and he found a product there that he could just take it, put it on, flip it, make a thousand bucks and now do that again. And he did that like three or four times until he built up more capital and now he's selling successfully.

And I said to him though Joel, I go why didn't you stop after that one thing? He goes, “Because I knew it worked and I wasn't going to give up.” That was it. He was like, he was so confident when he said that to me. He was like, “Because I knew that it would work, I just didn't pick the right product.”

I know that like I know what I did like. And I know it works because other people I see that are doing it and it just didn't work for me in that one round. I was like I went up to the plate, I dug in. I struck out and I'm going to go back up next time when it's my turn.

[00:51:29] Joel: That's great because so many people do the other thing, go like, this must not work. I must not be able to do this. It's the wrong time.

[00:51:34] Chris: I can't head offf you darvish.

[00:51:35] Joel: If someone is out there doing it starting from scratch, we can replicate it. We don't know exactly what we need to know yet. That's why we go get trainers, why we listen to podcast about it, why we paid education until we can get those pieces but the truth is it's not you, it's not the product, it's not the timing.

Business is flexible and we have to be too. Our lives are flexible and we have to be willing to go with it if we want something different than what we got right now. Like generally where we are at is because of how we do things right now.

So you got to do something a little bit different. So you've got to do something a little bit different. That's why you push people on take action. When you take action, you've done something you haven't done before usually.

[00:52:12] Scott: Yeah, and you've learnt from it and you get to get some momentum, yeah.

[00:52:15] Joel: Even if you didn't nothing like this year, then do a hundred things that you didn't do before, you're a different person. You've more skills, more bills, more experiences. That's how it works in business. That's how you get to successful places.

[00:52:29] Scott: Yeah, all right. Cool. Let's all wrap this up. Again guys, this is totally a random table talk that we did here at this giant piece of wood.

[00:52:40] Chris: It's a harvest table.

[00:52:42] Scott: It's a harvest table, Chris tells me. He's very into this table.

[00:52:48] Chris: I could put this in my house. I don't have room in my house.

[00:52:50] Scott: Oh, this is a beautiful table. I mean this would a nice thanksgiving table.

[00:52:57] Chris: I like the light fixture too.

[00:52:58] Scott: And the light fixture is nice. All right so, we're going to wrap this up guys. Again I wanted to jump in here and kind of give you guys a little bit of a behind the scenes, kind of what we talk about on a regular basis when we have these meetings internally.

We are here to really serve people and right now, Amazon is a vehicle that I think is one of the easier ones to get started in. I don't say easy lightly. It takes work.

[00:53:22] Chris: In terms of the skills that you need. If you put in time and effort.

[00:53:28] Scott: You got a better chance at that than going out and just buying a scratch off. Let's put it that way. And how many people go into a convenience store and spend $20, $30, $50 on scratch ups hoping they can win some money.

[00:53:43] Joel: Let's take the hundreds of dollars that people have spent if they keep doing that over time and then they're like oh, but I didn't invest in that or the company or myself.

[00:53:53] Chris: That's something and I know we need to wrap this up, but there's probably something in your life like if money is the object, even to get to something like $500 challenge which we've talked about.

[00:54:04] Scott: It was the seven day challenge.

[00:54:06] Chris: There's something in your life that you're spending that money on that if you're wired strong enough, you'll figure it out. How much does cable cost? It's like $120 a month. Switch to Hulu Live or whatever, get 40 channels with ESPN and all that stuff and it's most of the channels you watch anyway and save the $60 a month, right? Maybe don't go to Starbucks, go to Pete’s.

[00:54:30] Scott: Pete’s is so expensive.

[00:54:32] Chris: Make the coffee at home. If you're wired strong enough you're going to figure out those things. It's resources versus resourcefulness.

[00:54:43] Scott: Honestly I mean, again we have to wrap this up but-

[00:54:46] Joel: We're going to say it five more times before we're done.

[00:54:48] Scott: No, but I mean… In all seriousness it's like we created the seven day challenge into 1K fast track and honestly that seven day challenge is simple. It's like everybody can probably make 500 bucks to me.

They can make 500 bucks with the stuff they have right now. If you don't want to sell it on eBay or Amazon, and I'm talking about stuff that you have lying around your house or you cleaned out your garage then do a garage sale lawn sale.

[00:55:19] Joel: Craig's list.

[00:55:21] Scott: Craig's list like honestly like you could probably sell the stuff that's in your house that you're not using at your lawn sale or garage sale. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can list that on eBay and you wouldn't have to have all that stuff out in your driveway or in your garage. So that would be like number one. Go figure out what you can get rid of and sell it period.

Then use that 500 bucks or whatever and get started. Like that's it. Like you have to do something if you want to get a result. To me if you're not willing to do it, it just means that you're not there yet.

[00:55:58] Chris: If you want change you have to change. Be the change you want to see in the world.

[00:56:02] Scott: If you're not willing to do that, then that means to me your feet are not to the fire, where they need to be. You don't want the change bad enough.

[00:56:10] Joel: Yeah, you don't want it bad enough. You're going to get excited or get worried that you're going to stay where you're at. Do something.

[00:56:15] Scott: All right, cool. We're going to wrap this up. I'll officially wrap it up but all right guys, this has been fun. I'm sure we'll have more in-depth conversations so hope you guys enjoyed that.

Okay, like I said it was a random conversation but we did have some focus when we sat down at that table. We wanted to talk really about what we were going to do moving forward to help others really in this process.

I think you guys can hear just by our conversation that there is a lot of mental blocks that get in the way and Joel is great at identifying them but then our goal and really our job is to figure out what it's going to take to get you through those sticking points and to get you that little bit of success that we know that will get you that momentum.

So again, I hope you got value from listening in on that, there is a lot of different things that we talked about in a couple of different directions in examples and stories and you know me talking about working again with my father in that business and all of that stuff but I really just wanted you guys to hear exactly, from us really what we're looking to do here moving forward, not just internally for ourselves but also how we can help others.

It's funny, I get a lot of people that say like, “Scott, why don't you just build like a whole bunch of Amazon businesses and ecommerce businesses and not even teach? Like why not just do that like wouldn't that be like a good decision?” The answer is no because for me personally, I love the game of business. I love being able to go out there and try to build businesses and see what works, what doesn't work.

It's a challenge, it's a game, I gamify, I love it, right? It's just part of the process. Now, it's just part of like human nature like you like to start something and see progress and kind of see if you can make it work and then learn from it and for me it's always about learning and growing. The other side of things, and this has kind of happened over probably the past ten years, is where I get a huge reward from… and not even financially.

[00:58:26] Scott: Yes, we do earn income from selling training or tools and I've been totally upfront with you guys on that so there's nothing being hidden there.

But I get more satisfaction from just helping people get started to where they're able to start believing in themselves to then take their business to the next level. Then I can help them in that process as well but for me, it's about how can I get out there and, through not just me but my team and the community now, to be able to reach more people, but then also help more people in getting those people to make that switch in their minds.

Whether you just listen to the podcast, I've got a lot of people. Lots of people that listen to the podcast that haven't purchased anything. Maybe they purchased a tool or maybe they haven't or maybe they purchased training or maybe they haven't.

There's a lot of people that have listened to the podcast and started a business and have been successful. Just from listening to the podcast. So there's nothing there I'm gaining financially other than the fuel that that gives me from that person sharing that story with me. Some people don't even share their story with me, which if you guys are listening and have had some success, share it with me.

I mean I need that stuff too, right? That helps motivate me. Keeps me going. It keeps me fired up to keep bringing it, to keep sharing and to keep helping and figuring out new ways to get people to get results. That's the ultimate goal here so.

Guys, I'm going to officially wrap this up, I hope that you enjoyed that. I'll probably do those again in the future. They were fun because we sit down and we do have these in-depth meetings and if I think it will bring value to you then I will definitely share it.

So that is going to officially wrap up this episode, there are show notes and transcripts if you want to go grab them, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/446 you can grab those over there and then also I wanted to remind you that if you are just getting started, if you are thinking to yourself, I need a direct path, there's a couple of resources for you.

There is our workshop. You can go over to the amazingseller.com/workshop if we're doing one there, you will see that as a registration and you can go ahead as a registration, you can go ahead and sign up.

[01:00:33] Scott: If we're not doing, there will also be a resource for you, and that can be found at theamazingseller.com/start and that will be there for you as well. Those are both resources to take you through the entire process, all right? Yeah, that's it. That’s going to pretty much wrap it up. I'm so excited for 2018 and beyond so that is officially going to wrap it up guys.

Remember as always I'm here for you and I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, say it with some energy today guys, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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