TAS 442 PL Part 3 – How to Find Suppliers and Source Your Products

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  • Again thanks for a great episode. A couple questions:
    1. It sounds like custom packaging is one thing we definitely should plan to do even if we don’t modify the product at all. But ideally we want to put a logo on the product and have custom packaging, right?
    2. You mentioned asking for air shipping for the first shipment. Why only the first and not the second and third? It it because after your first shipment you can figure out how long it takes to sell 1,000 units and thus order ahead of time on the slow boat the next time?
    3. You mentioned using a third party inspection company. I did not quite get that at all. Are these inspection companies going to the actual factory in China or do they receive the units for us when they arrive in the States? I assume this would only be for an advanced seller but is there any reason we couldn’t inspect goods when they arrive?

    Thank you!

    • 1. yes
      2. you want it for sure on the first shipment, depending on when you start ordering large quantities (thousands of units) would change when you move from air to sea. You also are asking about air so that you know the numbers will work if for some reason you HAVE to use air (like for a small order to avoid running out of stock.)
      3. You can get them inspected in china and I also tend to look at them once the get to the states.

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