TAS 403 Ask Scott Session #124 – Should I Bundle to Increase Sales  – Partnerships and Outdated Resources – Does Inventory Levels Help Rank

It’s time for another session of Ask Scott on this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast! This is your one stop location to get the motivation and information you need make the most of your efforts. The topics on this episode range from setting the right expectations when starting an ecommerce business, how to bundle products to increase sales, where to start listening to TAS episodes, how inventory levels affect your ranking, and so much more! The topics covered on this episode could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to help launch your business to the next level of growth. Don’t miss this helpful episode!

Setting the Right Expectations

One of the quickest ways to derail your business efforts is to set unrealistic expectations. So, how would you describe your expectations? Are they high enough to stretch you but not too high to exasperate you? Are they too low that you don’t feel that pinch to move forward and strive for success? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains the importance of setting the correct expectations and how to go about doing that. If you don’t think you need to evaluate your expectations when it comes to starting and running your ecommerce business, you just might want to think again and listen to this episode!

Bundling Products

Is it worth it to bundle two products together too after one has taken off in order to get the other one some momentum? Have you considered expanding to start bundling products? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains when you should consider bundling your products, the best method to do this, and what to look out for when starting this process. Don’t go into the whole bundling process blind! Find out if this next step is right for you and what you can do to make sure you start off on the right foot! Make sure to catch this episode!

Establishing Business Partnerships

Is it a good idea to go into an ecommerce business with a partner? What if it's your very first ecommerce business, should you start with a partner or wait until you are more experienced with what the business entails? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott goes over some important points when it comes to starting partnerships in an ecommerce business. Scott speaks from personal experience and wants leaders like you to learn from the highs and lows that he has run into when it comes to partnerships. To hear more from Scott on this subject, make sure to listen to this episode!

Finding the Right Resources

Do you have all the tools you need to get your ecommerce business off the ground? Do you have solid checklists, next step plans, and inspiration and motivation to spur you on? On top of all that, is there a community that can help you troubleshoot issues that you run across on your journey? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott shares that he will be compiling resources that will help new TAS followers navigate all the resources provided to access exactly what they need in the stage of business growth they find themselves in. Get more information on this subject by listening to this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:00] What are your expectations?
  • [9:20] Question #1: How do variants work?
  • [16:20] Question #2: Should I listen to your more recent episodes or should I go back to the beginning? Is working with a partner at the beginning a good idea?
  • [29:30] Question #3: Should have more inventory in FBA to increase my ranking?


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TAS 403: Ask Scott Session #124  – Should I Bundle to Increase Sales  – Partnerships and Outdated Resources – Does Inventory Levels Help Rank



[00:00:05] Scott: Well hey, hey what's up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 403 and session number 124 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and we're going to do it again. Now you may have realized…

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…that last Friday we skipped an Ask Scott session. If you missed it, well then you didn't know that we skipped a session but yeah, we skipped it for a good reason though. It was episode 400. We wanted to celebrate a little bit. I also wanted to go over some of the things that I've learned since starting the podcast and doing over 400 episodes

Now, that's 400 episodes with like episode numbers but I've done bonus episodes so it's probably closer to probably 405/408. Well now we're at 403 so it could be a little higher than that. But yeah we celebrated, we got on and we talked about a lot of the things that I pulled away from all the interviews that I've done or just how things have evolved, how things have changed, what I believe is still probably the things to do now that will also work in the future. I kind of dove into all of that stuff. If you did not listen to that episode you're going to want definitely check that one out. Plus, I'm doing something pretty cool. Now, depending on when you're listening to this, if it's around this time, if it's in August or even in September I'm going to be giving away two free, 30-minute coaching calls to a couple of listeners.

I'm doing that because I want to be able to connect with you but I also wanted to celebrate the 400th episode. Again, depending on when you're listening to this but you can still head over to this link, I'm going to give you this link right now. This is where people are already right now and it hasn't even been 100% like out there that long, people are already on there going through exactly what I wanted them to do in order to basically be eligible for this little contest that I'm doing.

[00:02:12] Scott:  So you're probably asking, “Scott I didn't listen to that episode yet. What do I got to do?” What do you have to do? It's pretty simple. Go to this link, theamazingseller.com/story. All you have to do is two things. One is you're going to go to a Facebook post and on that post you're going to put in, number one how long you've been a  podcast listener and then number two one big take away or one thing that you've really pulled away from listening, whether you've been listening for a week or whether you've been listening for two and a half years.

Three years will be in February. So that's what I want you to do. Go over there, do that. It's already blown up over there a lot of great, great feedback and it just really feels good to know that I'm connecting with people from all over the world and to hear your story really fires me up. Go do that, I'm going to be picking two winners and I'm going to be doing it randomly and I'll be reaching out to those people. We're going to get on Skype and we're going to do a little 30-minute coaching call. That's going to be a lot of fun. I really want to be able to do that and I'll report back on those coaching calls too and tell you how they went. Go over and do that.

Now, we are going to jump into today's questions. We've got three or four questions that we're going to be addressing and we're going to be talking about should I bundle to increase sales? I mean I already have a product that's already selling. Should I create a bundle of something that could maybe go along with it and then create a variation, so that's what we're going to be talking about. Actually, there's a friend of mine that is actually in this exact position right now that we're actually talk through. I'm going to also talk about that. Partnerships and outdated resources. Someone asked, “Scott should  I do partnerships, I've got a couple of things going and I think that it's a really great thing but I'm just not sure. Can you give me your feedback on that?” Then also about like the podcast.

[00:04:01] Scott: It's been out now for quite a while. Should I start at certain parts and what shouldn't I listen to? We'll go into that and then does inventory levels help you rank and you may have heard this and I'm going to give you my thoughts on that as well. So, with that all being said, if you want to ask a question on an upcoming Ask Scott session it's pretty simple. All you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that. And just please, put your first name and where you're tuning in from maybe and then just a brief question and then we'll do our best to answer here on an upcoming Ask Scott session.

Before we jump into today's questions I do like to, you guys know this, I like to give you my thoughts for the week. Things that I'm kind of thinking about or maybe things that I've seen that I think you should be aware of or just anyone that I'd sitting down with having a cup of coffee I'd be like you know this is what I'm thinking right now. Or maybe this is what I think other people need to be aware of. We're going to be talking about today really quickly is expectations. What are your expectations? What do you expect out of this business or where you're going in the future, where you're moving towards?

Some people come to me and they go, “Scott, I want to start this Amazon business and I want to be able to leave my job in three months.” Well those are expectations that I don't believe are really a good set of expectations because it's going to be hard and it's probably not even going to be possible for that to happen. I wouldn't even recommend you going in with those expectations.

So I think people have expectations that they are going to start something, immediately see a result and they are going to be able to scale this thing really, really quickly and that's not generally going to be the case. It's going to take work, this is not a get rich quick thing. And it's funny going back to the people that are leaving comments on that link that I posted in Facebook about your story, a lot of people and I love it because people are saying, “Scott you've basically said you're going to fail along the way, you're going to learn from those and as long as you keep moving forward and pressing on, then you're going to be okay.”

[00:06:04] Scott: I still believe that but I love it that that is the message that I'm putting out there and it's resonating and it's also being consumed that way and it's being delivered that way so this way here you guys are getting the right message from me. I never want you to think that it's easier. I never want you to think that this is a get rich quick thing because it's not. To be honest with you, I don't believe there's one out there and if you're hearing that there is one, these night shiny cars and yachts and all that stuff, to me my BS meter goes off and I think anyone's does. It's just you want to hope that there's this thing.

It's like winning the lottery. It's like, man if I can just close my eyes and just make this thing happen, this would be awesome. Just click my fingers and it all happens and I win the lottery. To me number one yeah it might be cool for a day or  a little bit longer but it's much better when you work for it number one but number two you're never going to be able to do that. Your chance are so much less than if you just put in the work and if your expectations are let me give me this thing a solid certain amount of time like six months, eight months, a year, whatever it is. let me give it a certain amount of time and let me set my expectations to something that I know that I can probably achieve.

No I'm not saying that you have to be saying so… Like I only want to make a dollar. Set your expectations a little bit higher, just a little bit like raise the bar a little bit and then from there you can strive to maybe go for that. Then if you come a little short, guess what you're still better off because you would have shot yourself a little bit lower if you would have set your bar a little bit lower. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is going from here, where you are and the starting gate and then being able to be making six figures a year, not even a month, people are out throwing out these numbers.

[00:08:04] Scott: Six figures a month and a million dollars a year. Yeah, that's not profit number one. Number two, what does it take for you or anyone to be able to support your lifestyle and then also if you're only building that on Amazon is that really a solid plan? Probably not. That's why we build a list. That's why we build our own ecommerce store. That's what we are talking about. Your expectations are big and I just want you guys to know that you need to set up realistic but yet set it a little bit high. I'm not saying don't set it up high because I want you to be striving. I want you to be reaching a little bit. Get a little bit out of your comfort zone, a little bit maybe work a little bit harder because you want to achieve that. I'm not saying that.

But to say that you're going to be able to start something today and in two months quit your job, you're setting yourself up to be disappointed. Your expectations need to be good and they need to be real and with reality in mind. Good expectations and just understand there's nothing out there that's a get rich quick thing. There just isn't. I went on a little bit a rant there. I'm sorry. I know a lot of you say you like those rants so I will keep them coming. But let's go ahead and let's get rocking and rolling here. Let's go ahead and listen to today's first question and I'll give you my answer. Let's do this.


[00:09:23] Scott (Listener): Hi Scott, this is Scott from Wisconsin. I've got a question about I'll say increasing product sales on an item that you've already been selling for a while. Let's say you have a garlic press that has hundreds of reviews, is selling well and you want to increase the sales by offering a bundle that has your existing garlic press plus something else, let's say if you look on your product listing and this is people who have purchased your garlic press have also purchased an apple slicer for example.

Well, you know that you could source an apple slicer and private label it and you can create a separate listing for that apple slicer but you're going to be starting over with a new listing, that's got zero reviews and you have to work up to get a ranking for that. What if there was a way to add a variant to your existing garlic press listing so that it gives the option for a customer with a drop down menu that the other variant is the garlic press plus the apple slicer. That way you're piggybacking on your existing listing and not having to start a over.

It basically gives you a lot more exposure right away and increases your average order size. If you have any tips on how to do this, maybe it's just as simple as creating a variant and then that variant is just the two products packaged together and you ship that into FBA, I guess I'm just not sure how that works. I've never used variants before, if that's allowed, if the product images change appropriately based on the selection so customers aren't confused. Any tips on this that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

[00:11:18] Scott: Hi Scott from Wisconsin. Thank you so much for the question and it's a good one. It's funny because I just recently when we were in North Carolina we had our TAS Breakthrough little workshop there that we had. One of the guys there, one of a good friend of mine now through this whole TAS community and everything. I'm working with him a little bit since the beginning and actually before the podcast was even started, just before it started actually and he's got a really, really great product that it's selling really, really well and we sat down and he was looking at well maybe I should do another product in this market or maybe I should do another one and I go, wait a minute here.

Let's look at your numbers and number one is numbers are crazy like over 20,000 sessions a month on one SKU, actually two SKUs because there's a variation of it. Not a bundle, just a variation of it. My first thought was, why don't we just try to get more exposure to another variation or to another product? So you're talking about and that would be a simple one, exactly what you said. Frequently bought together, you sister those two up, you make a bundle, now you offer that on your listing, now people that come to your listing are going to have the option to buy the bundled version. That makes total sense. So yes, that would be an easy way to do that and you don't have to create a new listing.

You're going to be able to capitalize on your reviews and all of those good things that happen with a seasoned listing you get. The problem with that is we're relying on one listing again. We're still relying on that one listing. Not so much inventory wise because the thing that I've been kind of realizing even in the new brand is that we have multiple variations which is kind of cool because if we run out of one variation doesn't mean the whole listing goes down. That's cool. But on the other side of this situation or this equation is really we want to also have a separate product that could also be doing its own thing. So in your case yes I would do the bundle and make that a variation, that's a simple one.

[00:13:26] Scott: But I would also start thinking about all that traffic that you're having. Why can't we then use that traffic when people hit that listing? So they're going to see that little promotion area, that little promotion window and depending on your category and market and all that stuff depending on where that actually appears, I know for us where it appears. It appears, and not always but sometimes it will appear just below the price now. Before you had to scroll down a little bit further. So it will say, “Buy one at regular price or buy one and get second one 25% off or an additional our products that we sell.”

Something like that. I don't know the language off top of my head but something like that. They're going to see that once they land on my listing. Now you have traffic that can go directly to another product that you offer. Not even on that listing, I mean on the listing is easy. We got a variations so they're going to look at the variations but to be able to then drive those people to another product but they have to buy one product to get the discount on the other that's the beauty there. You've got two things that I would consider. Number one, I would bundle like you said and add a variation. Simple. Done.

The second part of that is I'd find another product that you wouldn't necessarily make a variation on that listing but create another product that would then be able to be a purchased by that same buyer and then create another listing with another product, maybe even add another  variation of a bundle of some kind and then that way there you're kind of cross promoting the two.

So now you've got the traffic that's the one that's coming to the already currently selling and then you'll start to drive sales to the other one and maybe even do a launch list with that one, an email list, influencer, whatever and get sales going on that one. That one there ranks too and now once you start getting traffic to that one, now you can push sales to the other one that's already going well but you can get that one to do even better. So I think you've got a couple of things that you can do. Anyone else listening right now, this is exactly what we're talking about and this is just Amazon based though. If we had our own website we can do a lot of that stuff.

[00:15:30] Scott: But to be able to do this internally and almost force in a way people to be aware or driven to your other products, without Amazon… Amazon will do like ‘Frequently bought together stuff' and if you have products that are always bought together then that will naturally happen but we can almost do this ourselves inside of our own listing. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm excited for you. I think it's a great opportunity and keep me posted on that. Send me an email and let me know how that works out for you and what you decided to do. I know depending on when you're listening to this, this may have been recorded a month, month and a half ago because I'm getting a little bit behind on the Ask Scott session especially because last week we took off.

But hopefully people that are listening also will get value from this but you as well Scott. Keep me posted. Let me know how that works out for you. All right, let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer. Let's do it.

[00:16:23] Josh: Hi Scott. My name is Josh. I'm from Utah and I really want to thank you for what you're doing. It's really helped me out a lot. I started listening to other podcasts about three weeks ago or four weeks ago. They just did not give me information and I was kind of reluctant to get into this. But when I started listening to your Podcast about a week and a half ago it really started clicking with me. I'm currently on episode 52 and it's been so much help. I already have my first product, I'm ordering samples for it. My second product because I'm having two different partners I'm working with.

Everything is going well so far. I had two questions, it's a two part question. The first one is should I be on episode 52 or should I be at a more relevant episode because I don't know if these older ones, because it's almost two years ago, if their information is still as accurate as the newer episodes or podcasts would be. My second question is do you think that having these two partners is a good way to do this? I kind of only wanted one but someone jumped in and wanted me to help them and that's currently how I got that second one. Any information would be great. Again, thank you so much for what you do. It's really helped me out a lot.

[00:17:46] Scott: We'll, hey Josh. What's up? Thank you so much for the kind words and thank you so much for the question. I truly appreciate it and I definitely want to answer these questions for you. Number one let's address this, and for anyone listening. Yes there's a lot of episodes and it's been basically me going through and documenting either my story or other people that I'm working with or people that come on as interviews. Even in some of the more earlier day podcast interviews that I've done, the launch strategy that they talked about might not be the launch strategy that we want to use today or at least it needs to be modified.

I would say, definitely just go through and look at the ones that are most useful for you right now. Now, interviews they're always going to be useful because even if you listen to an interview that was way back when, there's going to be things in that that are going to pertain to you right now. Some of that stuff is ever green. It never changes. I'm not talking about strategy or tactics. I'm taking about just like the overall like maybe market selection and that type of stuff. Or maybe how you promoted the product not using like a giveaway list or maybe building an email list like all of that stuff is still going to always be relevant.

I am looking to do this though. So for everyone that's listening right now, I'm looking to put together like a three or four or even a five part series of me really going through kind of like on my workshops where I break it down in like phase one to phase five and everything in between and like just going through that so that way there it's current but then also gives you that all in a nice chunk of content but it's broken down and I'll probably link that up on a special page, special link, something like that. I'm looking to do that soon. So keep an eye out for that. You're going to probably see something coming up soon where I'm going to actually do that in like a five part series.

[00:19:51] Scott: That's going to be probably coming. In the meantime, yes I would say look and see what is happening right now within the podcast, go back a few episodes or even a month or two and see if something is there about launching. Or see if something's there about reviews because those are the things I think we know that are changing is the review stuff. I've never really been a huge like go out there do a big massive giveaway to get reviews. Never said that, never did that. Yes, we've given away 100 units to boost our BSR and in return we are getting reviews but we weren't doing it for just that reason.

Now, what we are doing is building a list and then from that list we're able to push our product and then once you push product you're able to also then if you have a good follow up sequence in place then you're going to be able to naturally get reviews coming through if your customer service is there. Now, I'm not saying that you would put on there in like an insert and say, “Give us a five star review.” No, no. Never said that, never will. I don't believe in that. I think that you just have to understand that the terms of service have changed in the review game type of stuff. Maybe a little bit in the launch procedure so I would say, yeah. Just kind of skim and pick what is most relevant to you. I don't think you have to listen to all 400 episodes at all.

The other thing I would say is if you want to it all kind of like again broken down and distilled down into about an hour or maybe 90 minutes that's why we do the workshop. That's why we do our workshops and you can go and register for an upcoming one by heading over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. Not sure when the next one is depending on when you're listening to this. But if you go there it will give you the most up to date one that we're doing. So this way here you can register. Then that's really what I do. It's like that's the most currently, that is like everything kind of like distilled down and just put into a 60 or a 90 minute workshop where we go through the five phases. I would definitely recommend that.

[00:22:01] Scott: But you're right. There's some episodes that were recorded two years ago that aren't going to be 100% relevant. I can't go back and edit all of those but if we're talking about reviews you know that now. I would start with that stuff in mind. Again maybe you're going to go… Maybe go to the blog, theamazingseller.com and just use the search bar. If you've looking to launch, put in there launch product. Then you're going to see everything that's created to that. Then maybe go the newest ones and then maybe work yourself backwards if you want. I'm going to be a better job with this as far as organizing the content better and stuff moving forward.

We do have a ton of content now. But I would definitely recommend the workshop. That is where I would start as far as if you want to look at the entire process kind of mapped out for you like the roadmap. Now your next question; partnerships. I think partnerships can be really, really good. But I also think they can be really, really bad. You have to understand what you're getting yourself into but it has to be very, very clear as to what you're doing and what your strengths are and what their strengths are. I think you have to go in with the attitude that you're combining forces and you're not just going to do all the work and then the partner isn't going to do the work unless they're just an investor.

If you have a situation or an opportunity where you can take like just for example, let's say that you have a local brick and mortar business and they have no idea about selling on Amazon or even online for that matter but they have a really good product and stuff or products and you come in and say, “Listen, I'll take care of all of your ecommerce stuff, all the ecommerce sales, I'm going to get 50% of any profit that comes through.” They'd be foolish not to do it because they're going to get all the brick and mortar sales as they are so nothing is changing there. The only thing that you're going to do is add more money to the bottom line if you can sell their product. That would be a good one. That wouldn't be bad.

[00:24:04] Scott: Maybe you only want to do 25% and… I personally would say it'd have to be 50% to make it worth your time and everything. But that's a great little partnership. You're not taking anything from them, any equity from their business and as far as brick and mortar goes… Now this maybe something else that goes, “My strengths are sourcing and doing the launch and all that stuff and yours is more the marketing externally or maybe the list building and all of that stuff.”

You got to figure what is the best situation for you but I think it can be a great opportunity for people that are stuck and they don't know about picking a product or they don't know what direction they want to go but you have someone that has a little bit of momentum or at least someone that has a strength that you don't have and then you can combine forces that's when it makes the most sense.

For anyone listening right now understand that even if you go through this process and you launch your product and it's not a success, you are learning a skill. You are learning ecommerce. You'll always have this. You'll always understand what it takes to sell physical products online. You'll also understand what it takes to private label. You may be able to go in as a consultant to a local brick and mortar business that might be a pet grooming store.

Let's take this for example. Let's say you have a local pet groomer and all they did was groom dogs and that's all they do. They cut nails, they groom them, they wash them, they clean their ears. All that stuff but they don't sell a physical product that's branded their name. I know actually there's a local place here where we get our dog groomed and I know that for a fact. They don't sell shampoo, they don't sell special soaps, they don't sell brushes, they don't sell leashes, they don't sell dog chains, they don't sell any of that stuff or the little collars or the name tags. They don't sell any of that stuff.

[00:26:06] Scott: Why couldn't you go in and say well you have a pretty good brand here. You understand what you like for shampoos for dry skin and this and that and the other thing. Why can't we formulate your own or why can't we come up with maybe a certain brush that you guys wish that you had because the ones that are on the market don't do a certain job and now you can sell product to the homeowner and to a business. There's different things that can happen as you get in that environment now and that brick and mortar store has no idea that you can private label a product. They're like, “Private label, what do you mean?”

What does that mean? I just thought I could wholesale a product maybe. I could sell someone else's brand name but not my own. No. You can sell your own so you can go in there, pitch your idea to them and who knows? Walk away with a deal because they know the business. The other cool thing is if you want to build their brand around the products very easy because now you can do videos of them grooming and grooming tips and all that stuff. That would be amazing. So again, just an idea. Doggy treats. I can keep going. There's a whole bunch of things that you could do for that business, they have no idea about online marketing as far as online sales, physical products, no idea. None. Zero.

I know as for a fact too there's actually we were at a… It was a little event here we had in town of all these vendors and they all set up their little things and there was these ladies making homemade soaps. We were talking to them we were yeah we're trying to sell a little bit on Etsy but we just really don't know what we're doing and we just want to focus on, setting up our little thing here on the weekend and doing a few hundred dollars or something like that. Immediately I'm thinking to myself man, if they only understood how they could take the same thing and instead of sitting there at a booth or even paying someone to sit there at a booth and maybe get a handful of people to buy, you could put it online and people could go there and be discovered and then you can sell 24/7 if you want.

[00:28:06] Scott: But no idea. I could have came in and said, “Hey listen. I'll tell you what I'll partner with you and I'll only make the money on the online sales and I'll go ahead I'll take care of helping you with packaging, I'll help you with getting ungated. I'll help with all that stuff that needs to be done and then I'll just take 50% of the profit not the gross. I think someone will be interested in that. You're constantly creating a skill. I know I just went on a little bit of a rant there, a little bit of a tangent but a good one because what you don't realize is you have this opportunity right in front of you because you have a skill set now that a lot of people don't have.

Even though people say, “Scott yeah but you've got like over eight million downloads and everyone knows about this.” No, It's a small little, little bit that knows. It's actually smaller of people that are actually doing it. To answer your question partnerships are good if it's a good marriage. For you it sounds like you've got two of them just don't spread yourself too thin. That's what I would say too. You want to be able to give it 100% of your attention and if you're not able to do that, then you're going to be giving it 50% of your attention, you're going to get 50% of what you could have gotten if you would have just given it 100% you could have gotten better results, better results for that partner or that business and then from there you can scale it, from that add other people to the team, all that fun stuff.

All right let's go ahead and listen to one more quick question. I'll give you my answer, we'll wrap this up and you can get on with your weekend, what do you say.

[00:29:40] Speaker: Hey Scott. Love your videos, really helpful. Keep up the good work. One question. If I sent 50 units to FBA versus 150 units, will I sell more because Amazon is interested to sell more products. So if I send 150 units to FBA then maybe I'll sell more or I'll rank higher. Please answer this question, it'll be really helpful. Thank you so much.

[00:30:07] Scott: Okay, this is a good question. Didn't get your first name. Sorry, I didn't even get it in the email so sorry but anyway, to answer this quick question because this is a quick one I don't know the answer to that 100%. I do have a hunch that Amazon definitely wants products or listings that have inventory especially if they're going to be getting it more exposure because if you instantly run out of stock it's not going to do them any good either. I think, I don't know 100% but I think inventory could play a role only if you have competitors with a similar product that have more inventory also have a good account, a seasoned account.

Everything is going to match up and then from there if you have three units left in stock but your competitor has a 100 or 200 or 1,000 there could be a chance that they're going to help that particular seller rank better because they have more inventory, they're not going to run out of inventory and people are going to be able to be able to buy it without you running out of stock. I can't say for sure but I just have a hunch that that could play into it.

There could be something in their algorithm that says, and again it has to take all these data points and it's going to have to throw it in there and then it may say if you only have five units but you've got ten other competitors and they all have more than you, a lot more than you and they're not going to run out because they're going to look at sales velocity too like they are selling 15 a day and across 10 listings like how any are they going to need? All f that stuff they could come into the equation but I don't know for sure. I would say yes, if you want to start with 50 units just to test, test. I would probably try to go with a minimum of 100 and then from there try to keep that inventory up but if you're just running through a test do what you can do. Don't worry about what you're trying to figure out because at this point it wouldn't matter.

[00:32:09] Scott: I just think if you have 50 units in inventory, you can always drive sales with pay-per-click. They're still going to show you if you're willing to spend money, period. I don't think that would come into the equation there but that could too. I would say throw money at it see if you can… Again, if you have 50 units all you're doing there is testing. You're just testing to see if you can generate sales with low reviews, whatever your price point is like that type of stuff. I wouldn't get too hung up on that but it could especially if you start to get sales velocity and then you have other competitors that are in there with more inventory that could play a role.

But I can't say for certain but just a few things to think about there. So guys, this was awesome. A lot of great questions, keep them coming, head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and do that and also if you want to get into the little giveaway that we're doing or the contest and you want to be possibly eligible to get a 30 minute coaching call with me, head over to theamazingseller.com/story. All you have to do is answer two questions. One, how long have you been a podcast listener and two what is one thing that you've taken away since listening to the podcast? That's it. Then you're entered in a sense.

We're going to go through, we're going to randomly pick a couple of winners and I'm going to jump on Skype, myself and Chris Shaffer that is. I'm going to actually going to have Chris come on and he doesn't even know this. I'm going to tell him that, “Hey, we got to jump on a coaching call, be ready.” And he'll be cool with it. He loves doing them as well. So that will be a 30 minute coaching call. We'll do that via Skype and we'll talk about anything that you need to burst through any roadblocks or any things that you're struggling with, we'll get you through those.

That's all I got for you guys this week. This is awesome. I'm excited, we're over episode 400 already and we're moving towards 500 which is always exciting as well and this February we'll be having a celebration because it will be our third year and it's been an amazing ride and I owe all of it to you guys, all of you, you listeners, you loyal TASers out there just want to again say thank you guys.

[00:34:15] Scott: You guys are always awesome and keep the questions coming and I'll do my best to answer them, whether it's through email, whether it's through Facebook, whether it's through the Ask Scott session. Just keep them coming. All right so that's it, that's going to wrap it up. Remember as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.



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