TAS 399 How to Create a Successful Mindset that Allows You to WIN with My Morning Coach JB Glossinger

What does it take to find personal and professional success? How can you embrace healthy patterns and behaviors in your life that will encourage growth? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from successful podcaster and business leader, JB Glossinger. JB opens up about the power of consistency, understanding your “Why,” clearing the clutter in your life, and so much more! He brings his years of experience through both success and failure to help leaders like you experience the transformation and change you need to take your business to the next level of success. Don’t miss this powerful episode!

The Power of Consistency

What routines and practices fill up your day? Are they healthy habits and routines, unhealthy habits and routines, or a mixture of both? What steps can you take today to move you toward healthy patterns in your life? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from JB Glossinger as he shares his story and how building consistent and dependable patterns into his day have fueled his journey toward success. What can you learn from JB’s story? What patterns will you change in your life in light of JB’s lessons? Find out on this inspiring episode!

What is your “Why?”

What pushes you forward each day as you build your business and dream of the future? What is that one thing that motivates and animates you? How do you keep that motivation in front of you and visible? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from podcaster and business leader, JB Glossinger. JB has experienced his fair share of highs and lows on his journey to success. The one thing that kept him going each and every day was knowing that his podcast was making a difference in people’s lives – that was JB’s “Why.” What’s yours? To hear more about JB’s story, make sure to catch this episode!

Getting Out of a “Funk”

Everyone’s been in a “Funk” before. But how do you find your way out of one? Sometimes it can seem like they just fade away or you just wake up one morning and it has dissipated – but how can you intentionally start to move out of a funk either professionally or personally? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from business leader and podcaster JB Glossinger as he opens up about how he navigates his way out of funks in his life. JB’s advice is to get into a health kick – he’s seen that simple change make a significant difference in his attitude and outlook on life. To hear more lessons from JB on how to get out of the funk, make sure to listen to this episode!

Get into a Positive Mindset

It’s gut check time! Where is your mindset these days? Are you focused on the negative and the difficult aspects of life and business? What keeps you drawn to a negative mindset? Is it the people around you? What steps can you take to move toward a more positive mindset? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from JB Glossinger as he explains the impact of maintaining a positive mindset. JB teaches that it all comes down to your actions and your beliefs, do they support a positive or negative mindset? Answer that tough question for yourself and listen to this episode to get helpful steps to move forward!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:30] JB Glossinger joins the podcast.
  • [7:00] JB tells his story, the cliff notes version.
  • [19:30] The power of consistency.
  • [23:30] Understanding your “Why.”
  • [27:30] Clearing the clutter and saying “No.”
  • [30:00] Trust your training.
  • [33:30] Dealing with people in your life who don’t support you.
  • [39:00] Getting out of a funk.
  • [45:30] What has JB fired up?
  • [49:00] Closing thoughts from JB.


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TAS 399: How to Create a Successful Mindset that Allows You to WIN with My Morning Coach JB Glossinger


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 399 and today you may notice there is a little bit more energy in the room if that’s even possible but there is and for good reason. I’m inviting…

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…my good friend on the show today who knows a lot about energy and delivering that energy to a massive audience, also about mindset and how it really does contribute to success in business and in life, life balance, all of that stuff and his name is JB Glossinger and I was recently introduced to him, we soon became really, really close friends. I met him actually at Sellers Summit at Steve Chou's event so thanks you Steve for allowing me to come and speak and then in return I was able to meet someone like JB Glossinger who has impacted my life in a huge way and I’m now able to then transfer that over to the Amazing Seller Community.

Also I want to give a little shout out to Jeff Cowen who introduced me to JB. Now JB is not an Amazon seller, he is not an FBA seller, he is not a private labeler. What he is is a life coach. He’s been doing this for over ten years, probably closer to fifteen years I don’t know the exact number I just know he’s been podcasting about it for over ten years which I didn’t even know podcasting was happening back then and wait till you hear how he started down that road. But I wanted to invite him on number one, he’s high energy. He is always talking about getting the energy high so then you build off of that energy and then you take that into your day.

So that’s what’s going to happen today, that’s definitely going to happen today but I wanted to get him on and really talk about how to create a successful mindset that allows us and you to win and I always talk now about this business as like a game and that’s what I think we should treat it as.

[00:02:00] Scott: It's like we are playing a game, we are in a football game and we are going to run a play or we are in a soccer game and we are going to run a play or baseball whatever. We put these plays into the game and we see what happens but mindset if you have the right mindset, if you know how to really condition your mind that can really help you overcome some fears of about maybe not even wanting to try it or if something fails and then you being able to switch that to say, “It's okay, that was just a play I ran, I’m going to run another one.” He’s really good, JB is really, really good at this stuff and I really wanted to invite him on to dig really deep into this area because I know it will help you.

So this is episode 399, episode 400 is coming soon I can't believe that either and that’s going to be a killer episode so I can't wait to share that with you but morningcoach.com is where JB Glossinger podcasts every single day by the way, seven days a week, which is crazy and he is really focusing on helping people build a better life and a better business. Definitely check out morningcoach.com. But before you do I want you to listen to this awesome conversation. I don’t even say it's an interview, it was a conversation it was just a great time hanging out with my good friend JB about life in general and about business and mindset and all that stuff and you are going to walk away with some stuff that you can apply to your life right now.

Alright so episode 399 theamazingseller.com/399. You can grab the show notes, the transcripts and then also I’m going to drop his book in there as well. He didn’t ask me to do this but I’m going to do it anyway. I actually picked up the hard copy because I love a physical book in my hand even though I like to audio read a book or audio listen I guess is what you would say but I always like to also get the hard copy just to have on my bookshelf and I actually do read every now and then so I do have his book. Actually its one of the books I’m going through right now and it's called The Sacred Six, great, great book.

[00:04:03] Scott: Enough to get you guys excited about my guest here JB Glossinger. Let's go ahead and dig in. I can't wait for you to hear this and I think you guys are going to get a ton of value so sit back, relax and get ready to change your mindset so you can win at this game of life and business.


[00:04:22] Scott: Well hey JB, thank you so much for being on the podcast. What's up man?

[00:04:26] JB: Super pumped to be here brother excited to be here.

[00:04:29] Scott: It's funny I’m talking to you now and I’m going to tell people a little bit about how we got introduced to each other but I’ve been listening to your podcast and your intro man gets me fired up.

[00:04:40] JB: That’s what it's about man, goooood morning, right?

[00:04:46] Scott: Yes you keep that note really pinned and I’m thinking if that’s early in the morning man I may be cracking on that note.

[00:04:51] JB: Oh it's crazy and I do it every day I’ve done it for ten years, if you can imagine and I don’t prerecord my pre-roll that’s done live every time that I do it.

[00:05:02] Scott: That is awesome man. Alright so just to get people caught up really quickly, I was at Sellers Summit, actually Jeff Cohen was there I was hanging out with him and he was like, “I’m friends with this guy, he’s been podcasting since the beginning of time as far as podcasting goes and I really think you should meet him. I’m going to invite him. Do you mind, do you want to have a drink whatever?” and I’m like, “Bring him down.” And then you came over and the rest is history, we just hit it off man, we just had an amazing talk, discussion, we had dinner together. It was just awesome and I wanted to get you on the show because you are the official morning coach so man I just want to say thanks for coming on.

[00:05:40] JB: No problem brother I’m excited to be here and I agree with you we just hit it off because we are putting the energy out there and we’ve got to keep doing it that’s what it's about.

[00:05:47] Scott: Absolutely man and I want to go back. A lot of people might be listening and going, “Okay, this whole mindset thing,” a lot of people they throw that to the side and they go, “Yeah I know that that’s a thing but isn’t everybody talking about that and is it really that important? I just want to know the tactics and the strategy in order to make a lot of money online.” That’s generally the mindset of people and the reason why I wanted to have you on is because you’ve been doing this now for years where it's all about mindset and it's all about creative thinking and just a whole different philosophy when it comes to whether its business, whether it's life, whatever.

So what I want to do here is I want you to give people a little bit of a background of who you are, where you came from, that whole thing but I also want to really dive in and the reason why I wanted to have you on is to help me, our audience, everyone that’s listening get over those self-doubts, those things that enter our brain. I had a guy on the other day that called it head trash all of these things I want you to be able to maybe help us get through those times and also maybe give us some exercises to get ourselves moving forward when we are getting into this entrepreneurship because it can be a little bit of a scary road to be honest with you when you are starting out and you start to doubt yourself.

First of who is JB, who is he?

[00:07:11] JB: I’d love to start that way. I’m just this guy from Indiana honestly. I’m a dude from Indiana that went into corporate and wasn’t very intelligent when I was 28, I went through three colleges and wanted to party and meet girls. That’s what I wanted to do and yeah it was crazy, it was a fun time but I thought that when I graduated from college everybody should pay me millions of dollars because I was so smart. Of course that didn’t happen I had to go to the workforce and I was still thinking people needed to pay me millions of dollars but I didn’t get it and I just got into a career.

I ran health clubs for a while, I mean just hustled and started an MBA at night trying to get some education and answered an ad in a newspaper for a company that was hiring a helicopter repair salesperson to sell helicopter engine repairs. I wrote a letter, it's funny I wrote a letter to the president, the president this is the story he told me later, he took it into my boss and said, “I don’t know who this kid is he can't write but we need to talk to him.” So they had me in and interviewed me and I actually took the job and for about 15 years I was in aviation bouncing around companies to companies. I ended up buying and selling aircrafts, it was pretty crazy.

I learned my sales skills and busted my chops in aviation for years and then eventually a head hunter wanted me to help with the company here in South Florida so I moved from Arizona to South Florida and helped them transition. They had a gentleman that had brain cancer that was running the company and I came in to help that transition and over that period I was trying to make money to be blunt. I wanted a lifestyle and I got to the point where I was on the board of directors making high six figures but I was miserable. I was traveling all over, really the dream job. We hadn’t gotten married. My wife’s Colombian awesome pillar I love her to death but I was miserable.

[00:09:12] JB: I was bringing us all down and I thought there’s gotta be something else I can do. I’d listened to Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar, I thought I had the right mindset. In fact I did I got to the top of the food chain in the corporate world and I actually got mad at myself because I was like, “Look, you are from Indiana, your parents are blue collared, they worked in factories, you are running a company, you don’t have a right to be frustrated.” It was a really dark time. I was like, “But I am frustrated.” I used to beat myself up from that but I went back to my personal development stuff and I said, “Hey these guys did it I’m going to write a book, become a best seller and change people’s lives.”

So I wrote a book, quit my job and fell flat on my face. Another intelligent moment was to quit my job and this is the hero’s journey story but we lost the house, nobody bought my book. It was just a disaster. Nobody went to the website. I thought it was a lot easier to be a speaker and become a best seller and be the next Tony Robbins and it didn’t happen. It was a disaster and had a lot of ‘come to Jesus’ moments at that time trying to figure out what's going on. Luckily my wife stayed with me, I don’t know why but we worked through the tough times and a buddy of mine as I was really failing I didn’t know what I was going to do my book wasn’t selling said, “Why don’t you do a morning call?” I was like, “A morning call? Who the heck would listen first of?”

I’d run through all my money at this time and entrepreneurs know this feeling I had no money so I had to build another website because I wanted to do this morning call even though I really didn’t know what it was going to be. So I got a conference line on freeconferencecall.com this is probably 2003/2004. Early days and so I got a conference line and I didn’t know how to build a website so I pirated the software Dreamweaver from a Torrent or whatever it was back then…

[00:11:07] Scott: I used Dreamweaver before yeah.

[00:11:09] JB: So I couldn’t afford it so I had to download it and I guess I can say that now.

[00:11:14] Scott: Yeah I think you’ll be fine.

[00:11:15] JB: Yeah I’m past the incrimination point or whatever they call that and I went to the Barnes & Nobles, back then they had book stores and I bought the ‘How To Build a Website in 24 Hours With Dreamweaver’ and so I built this really horrible website and I used to go on My Space and put this little thing on people’s My Space that's really dating myself saying, “Hey, you want to listen to this morning call come over to morningcoach.com” I had found the URL, “and sign up,” and I had a little email box and everything and this is like 2004 maybe you can imagine.

And so people started coming on the line and listening to me and I would do a conference at 7:30 and 10:30 for the west coast and people started telling their friends. I started selling a few books, we still were broke but it started to take off a little bit but then the conference lines couldn’t hold anybody else because there was a hundred people getting on and so I was getting email saying, “JB I can't get on” and I didn’t know what to do so I called freeconferencecall.com and they wanted like $500 a month for another hundred lines. I couldn’t do it. So again here I am a two finger typist, broke, don’t know anything about the internet but I did figure how to put a page up and a little thing called podcasting was starting.

I was like, “Wow I think I can figure this out.” So I took my computer and literary took the phone next to my mouth and I used to record in the mic on the computer. You can tell how bad this was. It was terrible and so I would record ‘Good Morning’ and I would do my show and literary the first couple of shows I would put up on iTunes. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just was just putting no entry, no backend but I just set it up there. This is about 2005 and so people started listening and I started getting complaints and I was reading these complaints and they would say, “Hey JB, there is something happening in the background.” So I started listening to them I didn’t know how to edit I didn’t edit anything but in the background I picked up the noise from the other people and in the background you could hear a tink, a stream and then a flush.

[00:13:17] Scott: Oh no.

[00:13:19] JB: Somebody was going to the bathroom in the back of my podcast every day and they thought it was me. They were like, “JB you can’t do the podcast and go to the bathroom the same time.”

[00:13:27] Scott: That’d be an interesting show.

[00:13:28] JB: It was definitely interesting and so I didn’t know I had that effect on people but it was really ugly at the beginning I mean I knew nothing but I kept putting it up there, I learned how to edit, I learned how to put a front end and a back end on there and that was about two hundred shows in which is pretty crazy.

[00:13:46] Scott: Wow, was that every day?

[00:13:49] JB: Every day, Monday through Friday I didn’t do weekends back then but I finally got it up and then iTunes there wasn’t many podcasters back then but they featured me on New Year’s on the cover. And I went top 25 in iTunes and we were getting about 40,000 downloads back in 2007 and we were top 25 and again me and my crazy intelligence weren’t making any money. There were no sponsors back then. Nobody really knew what podcasting was even though I had this big space and I had to monetize. The truth was Tim Ferriss was around, Gary Vaynerchuk were around those days. I was speaking at blog world with those guys, we were all getting started at the same time and they had enough.

Gary had his wine business so he was making money. Tim is just one of the smartest guys I know. He was just a genius he was getting ready four hour work week but he also had Brain Quick or that MMA supplement he was doing. I didn’t have anything so I had a big audience with no way to monetize and no base. So I was going broke and we were building websites at this time. That’s all I can do. People were like, “Your podcast is so good, how do you do that?” I said, “Let me build you a website.” And so I put a team together and that’s how I was surviving.

And in 2009 we were still way up there in the rankings. I mean you were going to self-help and when they have the top episodes download I used to have five of the top ten. It was insane but I had to change because I was broke. I wasn’t making any money I didn’t want to keep building websites, that business was brutal. My dog who I had had for almost 17 years passed away and I went to Colombia and I just said, “I’ve got to make a change.” I probably made one of the biggest mistakes of my life financially but one of the best mistakes of my life as far as building a future for myself and I went paid.

[00:15:49] JB: So in 2009 I went from a free podcast to a paid podcast and over the forty thousand listeners or downloads a day twelve thousand of them had joined my website and I told them on 2009 I just came back and said, “Guys I’m going paid tomorrow.” And I had so much fall out from that I literally cried. I mean I had 57 negative reviews, people hated me I got one death threat in the mail literally. It was one of the darkest days in my life. But what I learned then was 1,200 people came with me for $20 a month and so the big mistake was if I would have kept going I probably would have millions and millions of downloads. I can't even imagine from 2009 to today how many people would be listening to Morning Coach but I couldn’t.

I had to pay the bills and so 1,200 people came with me which was great. $25,000. For me that was millions of dollars back then but it probably cost me millions of dollars to do that but in all honesty I had no choice. So up to 2017 I’ve been paid and I literally just went back to free about six months ago. I still have a membership where I do courses and stuff but the free one now is up to 5,000 downloads a day and we are starting to get the momentum back to do that. The reason I switched the model is because it's time now to go back to putting it out there and I’ve built enough revenue streams now that I’m not so dependent on it that I can survive with my family.

So that’s where I am at today. It's going great. I signed with Hay House, I’m speaking at the Affiliate Summit coming up for fifty five hundred people after Joe Theismann. I’m pretty excited about that and life is great but I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I kick myself sometimes, if I’d done what Gary and Tim did and just stayed free and kept building and building and building I’d probably have millions of people but I really can't complain too much I’ve got a great life. But it's been a challenge all the way over these past ten years trying to make decisions and hustle to keep the business going.

[00:17:48] Scott: Yeah and from what I’m hearing there was a ton of ups and downs and when they were down they were pretty hard downs and like you said having a death threat, you are starting to get haters that’s no fun. I mean even with our little show here you are going to get haters. The minute that you put a promotion out there or you say that you are an affiliate of a product all of a sudden you’ve sold out. That can be a dark time for you and especially if you are not surrounding yourself with people that understand that, they are going be able to talk you off the ledge in a sense and that’s why they get so important to surround yourself with like-minded people whether it's in ecommerce, whether it's in podcasting, whatever it is in business or in life and I just think that it's really, really important.

What I really want to highlight though for people and the reason why I wanted you to come on because you are the self-help guy to me. You’ve just done it, you are good at it, you really understand I think the brain, a lot of it and I think it's just from you doing it for so long and then understanding how people act upon certain things. One of the biggest things and that’s what I want to drill into here is you had some of those low moments. What allowed you, what gave you, what did you do to get yourself out of the funk and back into forward motion? That’s the big one because I mean I’m going to tell everyone listening now you are going to fail at some point. It's going to happen, it’s a matter of how you deal with it is what's going to matter most and I want to hear your thoughts on that JB.

[00:19:28] JB: Yeah 100%. My biggest blessing is that I have to do Morning Coach every day because it's who I’ve become. I actually did it for myself. I don’t know how spiritual people are but I believe that was part of my education is that I had to do this every single day. So I had to read the books, I had to study, I had to figure out because people were counting on me and so the consistency of doing something every day really made a difference. I can tell you that one of the things that I do and I think everybody in business should have this as an avatar.

I had a letter come in from a lady who listened every day and said that she had moved to Europe with her husband and had two beautiful children, started a great life and things were going amazing but then he became abusive and he started to beat her. She went in the closet and that’s when she found me in the closet with her laptop searching for something positive and she heard me do a podcast on staying strong and she actually sent me a letter telling me all this. She had two children and she stayed there for the children but then he started to abuse the children so she literally listened to me on one of my podcasts talking about being strong and took the kids, took what money she could out of the bank and moved to California and started to rebuild her life and listened to me every day. In fact in the letter she said, “I kept paying you your twenty bucks.”

And at the end of the letter she said, “And I’m just sitting here on the beach I just finished a marathon I’m with my two beautiful kids. I love you for helping me change my life.” So for me that aspect of understanding that person's out there and I need to be there for her, there is somebody listening, I need to get better, I need to understand the psychology, I need to understand how to get people through the tough times, that’s what really helped me was to have her out there in my life and understand that there is other people like that listening.

[00:21:21] JB: And so for me the consistent mindset is so important even if you don’t get it every day. Believe me I’m the guy that does this and there are days that I don’t want to get up and do what I have to do but when I think that there’s other people that need it that keeps me motivated but for people that are struggling with that it’s the consistency that you do over time that really works. It's not the one weekend course that you go and you bend bars and you walk on fire. That’s all good but that gives you a suntan and that suntan wears off. You need to do something consistently every day. That’s the only way to get the mental really picture to flip you from 51% negative to 51% positive because that’s all it takes.

Most people are tending negative and then when you get something even negative come into your life you jump up to 55%. I just want you to stay 51% positive. You can stay forty nine percent negative but let's keep that mental pathway positive.

[00:22:15] Scott: Okay so maybe you can give us a tip or two for that. Let's say for example that happens, I’m feeling excited because I often see this happen where, including myself, you get excited about something. For us our podcast and our community is really built around ecommerce. We sell on Amazon, we sell on our own websites, we do all of that stuff and it's marketing and it's all exciting stuff. We just love it and it's almost like a game in a sense too but also a game that you can be paid for if you have good products and services and all that fun stuff.

I know that you understand that as well but we get on this high, it's like everything is exciting, everything is going to “work” technically. Everything is going to work and then all of a sudden you have to actually start doing the work and as you are doing the work you lose some of that drive because you are not seeing the results quick enough. What is your tip or how would you coach someone that it's going to take them time to get to a result where they can see a return in a sense? Or it's like weight loss the same thing it's going to take you time before you actually see some pounds off of the scale but in this case in business if we don’t see a dollar come in and we’ve put all this work in, how do you keep yourself going so you can eventually see that dollar?

[00:23:33] JB: It's all about the reframe and the why. So there is two things so you have to always have to have a big reason why and you have to constantly ask yourself why am I doing this? If you don’t have a good reason for it you need to really check to see why you are doing it and a lot of times making money isn’t the biggest reason it really isn’t. It's not always about money even though it seems like it in the beginning because what happens if you don’t make money you go chasing another butterfly and then you chase another butterfly and you chase another butterfly.

So you’ve got to discover a deeper reason why and then you’ve got to constantly reframe so I have a lot of people come to see and say, “JB I hate my job, my business isn’t working,” whatever it is and I say, “If it's your job then what I want you to do is think about the first day that you went in because you were excited at one time. What changed?” “Well I got in the politics.” “No but you were excited the first time you came in.” With business owners this is key and I know a lot of you listeners are business owners. I will tell them, “Take this weekend, whatever day it is if it's Tuesday, when you go this weekend if it's Friday take this weekend and I want you to just clear your mind and I want you to think that you just bought your business on Friday and start thinking about what you are going to do differently Monday as an owner, a new owner of the business not the old owner of the business if you are a consultant or you just bought the business.”

And it's amazing how that reframe can change everything. So if you have a good why that’s driving you and you are like this is what I’m going to do every day, and for me it's that woman in Europe who was always getting beat I mean that’s going to get me up and make me do my podcast every day. And the other thing is if I reframe, and I do this all the time, I will say, “Okay JB take the week and go away and come back start from scratch. What do we need to do to make this business work if I just bought it?” And a lot of times that really changes the way that you view your business or the thing that you are working on.

[00:25:22] Scott: I love that and I have talked about that a lot your why and figuring that out because for me personally I go back to the days of when I had to figure out a change. For me personally I was working, and this is going back I’m going to be 45, this is when I was like 20/21 years old first married, had my first child and I wasn’t home. I was working as a construction worker so I was working long hours, 60+ hours a week. I was just feeling like I wasn’t able to live my life, like I was just working more than I was actually enjoying and I didn’t think that it was fair to me or to my family. Again I established my why very quickly but I’ll be the first one to admit like I chased a lot of those butterflies.

I did the Amway thing, yeah it's true I did it. I did the Amway thing. I got sucked into the Amway thing but I learned a lot of things from that Amway networking and meeting and reading certain business books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. I don’t look at it as a negative experience it was a place that got me to where I am today but I always had that why of what I wanted. And to some people maybe it's not kids and maybe it's not family, maybe it's something else. You just want to travel, you don’t want to have to check into that job or whatever but I agree 100%, if you get that why clear, crystal clear, you are going to stay up an hour later when the kids go to bed because now you can work on your business because you need to do that and when you don’t feel like doing it you are going to be brought back to the why so I totally, totally believe that.

Now let me ask you this, what can we do? For me personally I’m a visual person too. I can have all these thoughts and everything and all of a sudden it starts to become a mess in my head. How can we organize our thoughts or come up with a better way to almost systematize our thoughts or so we can have a plan? Is there anything that you advise any of your listeners or any of your students, what can we do to get ourselves feeling a little bit more like a clear head?

[00:27:23] JB: Scott it's funny you bring that up because my last book that I wrote with Hay House was called The Sacred Six and really is about this idea that comes back from my belief back in the day talking to Schwab who ran a steel industry about a concept of writing down the six things you are going to accomplish and focusing on one and not going to number two until number one is done. This is back in 1910, 1920 before we had texts and cell phones and computers and Facebook and everything else, so The Sacred Six is a very simple principle.

It's like let's get six projects we are going to work on, don’t add any more, clear the clutter and then break it down to some basic tasks you are going to do every day and focus on those tasks one at a time. It's a great resource but it really slows you down. So the idea is let's not have more than six things going on at any given time. If you're going to bring something and you're going to replace it then that's a scary thing. You got to really make sure it's something you're going to replace. That's how you clear that clutter in your mind is slow down, just get six things that you're working on and if you have more than six you got to let some things go. You gotta learn to say no.

[00:28:32] Scott: That's a big one. Saying no. That's a big one. It's a big one for me. Since the podcast and stuff and I'm sure with yourself as well opportunities come at me like all over the place. It's like, “Man that looks good. That would be good. That sounds fun.” It's like how do you turn them off. Well, one thing that I've been able to do and now that I've kind of instructed my team to basically also shout at me is like listen, “If it's not a hell yes then it's a no.” If it's not going to fill the mission that I'm going after, if it's not going to fulfill my life or if it's going to take away from my life then I'm probably going to say no.

There's all those different things that I have to think about and I think that that's a big one, it's to say no. It's hard to say no. Sometimes it's saying no to someone that just wants to go out to grab a bite to eat but you know that you have something on your sacred six. You only have enough time to do something and you already had a schedule. You might need to say no to that. There's just a ton that goes into that and I think that's a big big take away for a lot of people is saying no and saying yes to the right things. But then again, how do you know what the right things are and like you said, if you come up with that list it's going to make it a lot clearer.

[00:29:47] JB: One of the things that I always fall back on, let's go to mindset is that they were talking to, I believe it was Tiger Woods when he was doing really good. He was cranking. We all know Tiger has had his fall from grace. He said something that I thought was great when he was dominating. Somebody said, “When you're in the lead, when you're in the lead and somebody's coming from behind, you can see that you're two strokes ahead and they are starting to catch you, what's your thought? Do you get nervous?” He said, “No, I just trust my training.” As entrepreneurs and as business owners and as just regular people, anybody listening to your show is way above any regular person because they are getting education.

There's somebody that's different anyway. We have to trust our training. I don't think we do enough. We don't trust our intuition, we don't trust ourselves. I personally fall back on that the greater good is conspiring for me. That I really believe that there's as good energy that is conspiring for me not matter what's going on, I got to trust myself, I got to trust my training, I just got to keep going. Sometimes I got to say no because I know that that's going to get in the way of where I'm going. For me the big thing that I wish more people would do especially when they are going through challenges is to respect the challenge, to understand as part of your growth, to understand that you are going to get through it.

The greater good is conspiring for you and that you just gotta keep moving forward. For me, if my book would have sold back in the day, for example, let's just say when that book when we lost our house, get out of neutral, that first book I wrote, I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't be doing a Morning Coach. That year led me to the greatest thing in my life. Now, then keeping it free and going paid gave me a great lifestyle I didn't kill it. I didn't hit this massive home run as some of the people that were doing the same things at that time did but it's setting me up something even different. I personally feel that my training I have to trust it and I have to trust that the greater good is conspiring for me. I don't think we trust enough. I think that's a core issue.

[00:31:53] Scott: I love it how you traced it back to your story and like if that book took off like you wouldn't probably be here right now talking to me. Everything would have changed. It's kind of like going back to the night that I wasn't going to go out as a young 20 year old kid because I had worked late and I was tired and I was under 21 at the time. You had to be 21 to get into a bar and I wasn't going to go out. My buddies dragged me out, well just happens my wife was there that I'm married to now for over 23 years. If that never happened, man I'd never have these three amazing kids.

I'd never be where I am. She's a huge cheerleader of my life, it's just crazy to think of that stuff. It's hard. It's really hard when you're in the middle of a failure. It's like so hard to get yourself changing the mindset unless you have people in your life that are helping you with that. Again that goes with surrounding yourself with good people which actually that'd be a good question for you really quickly. Like we've all heard this, you're the average of the five people that you hang around and I believe in that. There's going to be people in your life that are not going to fall within that. What if it's your family members and stuff? What do you suggest that people do? You just cut the people off from your life or you just limit the amount. What's some strategies there?

There's going to be people listening and there's actually people on my life that I have to limit the amount of time that I'm around because it's just not who I am. Like what do you do there?

[00:33:26] JB: Yeah it's tough. When I first had my dream of being a speaker before I got married, before I knew this like in 2000 I went back to my roommate and I had went to a Florida Speaker's Association Meeting and I said this is like right. I was young. I had my roommate and I said, “Man I want to be a speaker. This is what I want to do. I want to motivate people.” He literally looked at me and he said, “JB you're an arrow space, you're an idiot. Who would listen to you?” That's what he told me, out of love. Like why would you leave your career? That was straight from his heart. He meant that from his heart. Like he really cared about me. I listened to him.

I stayed in aviation for two years. I didn't go back to that Florida Speaker's Association Meeting. I didn't go back to that group. I quit it. You gotta be careful of those people around you that love you and are trying to help you. They are trying to help you but do they really have the best interest in hand and that's why really feel you got to have your heart and your belief where you believe in what you're doing. That's why the ‘Why' has got to be strong enough and you got to have that intuition because we're always going to have doubters. You're going to have haters.

Look, people in this country, specifically in the United States I know we broadcast all over the world but people in this country want you to be successful just not more successful more than them. It's just the way it is. It's hard and that's why as you grow you get around people that have been there and you respect each other and you know that's the cream rises to the top. Can I swear or not on this show?

[00:34:55] Scott: You can,  but we'd have to bleep you.

[00:34:57] JB: Okay, let's do this. The cream rises to the top but poop floats. We got to be conscious because you're going to get some of those people around you. What I do is all about posture and presence. This is why nose got to be very strong and you got to have energy. You got to move like you need to go.  You got to stay fit and get healthy. You got to have that energy that people are like, “Man, you might not be there yet but you're going there.” I've always been that even when I didn't have anything, I moved a little faster than anybody else. I think that's from the magic of thinking big or somewhere I got that.

I walk a little faster, I talk a little faster, I move a little faster and those are things you can do around those negative people. Here's what happens. Let me tell you this dynamic. At first they are going to ridicule you. That's what happens. They are going to say, “You're an idiot, why are you doing this, there's no way.” That's what I had happen. All my friends I drank with, partied with they thought I was an idiot. How can you be a motivational speaker? Then they fear you because they are scared. They are like oh my gosh, he's really doing it. I went through that. Then what happens is they really respect you and they want to be like you. That same roommate that told me never to become a speaker hired me to come to speak to his company.

That's what happened. When you have people around you that are scared or afraid of you you got to just take that as a motivation and use it to after it.

[00:36:21] Scott: It's funny that you talk like with energy a lot. I hear you talk about that on your show a lot and even just the way that you speak can put you in a certain state and all that stuff and people that you listen to. It's funny because I've listened to some podcasts, where I'll have a guest on really, excited and talking like this and immediately I'm taken down a level. You and I it was funny when we were talking in Florida when I was there and you were like… It's like everything is up an octave. It's almost like everything, you're up, I'm up, the more I get up it's like there's this positive energy and then you feed off but when you get people that are around you, you start to see that they are bringing themselves up just a little bit too.

Like you said, they are going to walk a little bit fast because they got to keep up. It's funny when I'm walking in whether it's a grocery store or whatever, I'm always leading my family and I have to slow back a little bit. It's just I'm on a mission. I'm in there to get the bread or whatever, like just I'm going. I'll look back and do I really walk that fast? It's like I am, I am high strung, I am wired a little bit differently that way but I also think that I train myself to be that way in a sense. It's now all of a sudden it's second nature and I've also hang around a lot of people that are like that and I usually resonate with those people. My suggestion for anyone out there is definitely, definitely surround yourself with people that have higher energy because that's just going to bring you up a notch. It's almost like playing up a level in basketball or baseball or a sport.

You're naturally going to elevate your game and I totally believe that. I also want to dig into, because it's a big one for people to hear all this and it sounds all great and everything. But some people are just so deep into a funk. Like what's the first thing that you would say that you would advise them to get out of that funk? You've probably read the Compound Effect, Darren Hardy. Great book. That book right there I'll go back to every now and then because that really pulled me out of a funk.

[00:38:30] Scott: Probably around three years ago. Probably just before I was starting my podcast and I was in between like what I was going to do and just… I think as an entrepreneur I think you always go through those times when you're starting to rethink where you are and where you want to go and what direction you want to pivot and all that stuff. I think I was going through one of those times and I listened to that book. I listened to it, I didn't read it. I actually do a lot of audio books. I listened to it and I'll tell you what, that changed the way I think and it really made me aware of how small tiny little changes make big changes over time. Maybe you can speak to that because I know you're a big believer in that type of stuff too.

Getting us out of this funk, if we're having… Let's say for us we just launched a product on Amazon, we thought it was going to do really good and it bombed. Now we are deflated. Now what?

[00:39:18] JB: My first help is to get into a health kick. I know that sounds crazy but it correlates to my bank account. Every time that I get into a funk I'm like okay, I'm going to eat better, I'm going to go to the gym, I'm going to start getting myself back. It just seems like every time when I get into a funk and I do it’s because I've been skipping working out, I'm not eating good and mentally I'm not sleeping good and I'm not a health guy. I'm not a trainer. I'm not here to teach people on health but that's the first thing I do, is get that going. Then try to get some positives in your mind. You just had a great book, listen to positive things, listen to podcasts, there's a couple of things. We talk about getting around other people because you start to build a belief.

One of the big things I do consistently is I read bios. I read bios of the rock bands because if you really read like guns and roses… It's fun to read about the fun but man did they go through hell to get where they are today. You read bios of other people and you're like, “Man, I'm like that.” It takes kind of mystic off of success. You start to see that everybody has failures. Everybody has multiple, multiple failures. My suggestion would be go on a health kick, go on grab a bio of somebody that you really respect and appreciate. If you're a music fan like me, read a bio of your favorite band. There's tons of them out there and then you'll start to believe and then start to get some positive stuff in your life. Really become a person of development junkie.

Every successful, like super successful person that I have met over the years and maybe because I'm in the field but everybody that I've meant they are all person of development junkies. They are readers, there are listeners, they are always consuming something positive. I know, believe me, I was that guy at one point too like I don't need that. When I started Morning Coach, I'm like, “I don't need a morning coach. Who's going to coach me?” My 28 year old self thought I needed to make millions of dollars and I couldn't help one person. Now, I do have million dollar clients that have multimillion dollar businesses. My 20 year old self couldn't help that. Get over yourself, that's a big thing. Realize you're going to fail, lose the ego, be a little humble, get back at the gym or whatever you need to do to get yourself healthier.

[00:41:24] JB: Ground yourself and some great personal development and then the final thing that I would say is the gratitude aspect of it too. Be thankful that you have this life and the gifts that you have. It's a great time to be alive, it truly is.

[00:41:38] Scott: I love that you said that because that's  something and as I'm getting older it's like I'm starting to realize, I never thought I would and that's how the mind is so strange sometimes. When I was in my 30's I'm like people are turning 40 and they are like having this little like, “Oh my gosh I'm getting older,” and I'm like, “I don't care. When I'm 40 it's not going to bother me.” And then guess what, I hit 40 and it started bothering me and I was trying to fight it. I was trying to fight it, I'm like it ain't going to bother me. I was 42. Now I'm going to be 45 I'm like next year I'm going to be over the hump, I'm going to be going towards 50 and then after that it's going to be and I'm like ‘damn'. It can mentally twist you up like really, really bad.

[00:42:18] JB: I'm 48 bro. It goes fast. I feel 25 but I'm 48. I don't even remember the 90s. Did that 10 year period even exist? I like have maybe two memories of that whole entire decade.

[00:42:31] Scott: It went quick. It went really, really quick. I agree with you that it's like number one and I’ve fallen into that trap many times where I think, the busier I am the more that I'm trying harder to achieve when actually a lot of times is if I slow down starting with getting healthy and then from there maybe even doing a little bit of meditation and maybe then just doing a little bit of like you said reading or listening or maybe even visualizing and that… Once I start to make that part of my daily routine and I think that's the big one, it's making it a part of your routine or else it never happens. Then everything else starts to click.

I find myself even now, I went from probably four months ago I got back into my health kick and I was doing awesome and I'm still doing awesome but I started falling off the rails a little bit because I was getting busy and then I'm like wait a minute. You got to commit to the morning workout like you've been doing, you've to commit to eating the right way, you have to commit to taking your walks because I take walks all throughout the day, take my breaks and the minute that I do not do that stuff I start to go off the rails. It's so important to understand that it does start with that.

If you're not healthy there and I meant healthy just mindset too, then it's going to be a lot harder when you start coming across some of these man obstacles and these ups and downs. Big time.

[00:44:02] JB: 100%. You know what's so great about life is that no matter what happened yesterday really doesn't matter. You can start up tomorrow, you can start up to just have to listen to us and say you know what I'm going to start, I'm going to recharged about my business, I'm going to get recharged about myself, I'm going to start believing again and that's the beautiful thing about life. As long as you're not seven feet under you still got a chance. There's no reason to give up. The worst thing that I see in the world is apathy and there's a lot of people that just give up.

Look, that just drives me nuts. I'm a fighter. You got to fight. If you're down, man it's awesome. Start over again. Believe me, I ate dog food at one time in my life. I'm not going to get in the hero’s journey, but I did and that was rough. Being there, I recognize it, hey it wasn't so bad. Actually back then I remember growing and developing. That was a pretty good part of my life. It changed me. Just recognize that you go to bed at night, you kind of die. You do. You wake up and it's a whole new opportunity. If you just change your mindset and your approach way to that, what a great way to live. It's about experiences. Whatever comes my way, I'm going to bring it into my life, I'm going to enjoy it, I'm going to savor it, the good,  the bad and the ugly. I'm just going to keep fighting the good fight every day.

[00:45:13] Scott: Love it. All right. We're going to wrap up but I want to ask you, right now what has you all fired up. You're fired up anyway but what has you most fired up right now about where you're at right now and what the future looks like for you and like what are you up to man?

[00:45:28] JB: I'll be candid. I teach people how to find the ‘Why' and I teach people how to help people and I build the four hour work week with my podcast. I had a membership site and was making $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 a month and I took up a lot of golf. I had a coach, I was 28 years at the beginning of the year. He said, “JB the four hour week goal for you is a bunch of BS.” I asked him, “Why don't I feel so great.” He says, “You gotta do what you love.” Here's a guy that I teach it. I've taught it for 10 years and this is why sometimes you need somebody else to help you. I sat back and I said “what really gives me pure joy? What do I love more than anything?”

I really found out that it was to help people. I know that sounds cheesey. I know it does but it's like man. All I have been doing is building a business for four hours. I mean trying to have a four hour work week. I accomplished that and that was my goal. But this year for the first time I finally have a real why and it's to help as many people as I can and it's just I'm having so much fun. Now it's like I'm doing the things I probably should have done ten years ago. I'm getting out speaking more, I'm connecting people, I'm putting the podcast out again for free, I'm doing some courses to generate revenue. But at the end of the day it's just that I'm just asking myself, am I helping people?

Boy do I get so much joy from that. That is better than the four hour week or any of that stuff being on the golf course. I'm just pumped. I'm really doing it now.

[00:46:54] Scott: It's awesome. It's just great how you are so transparent with that. It's like people would look at you and go oh wow, you started this podcast and you turned it into a paid podcast. It was the life and then you're like all right, something is missing. I got to tweak some things. Now you've readjusted a little bit but then you re-evaluated your why and your why might have changed. It's funny because a lot of people say and you hear it, when you're not there you don't really get it but a lot of people say once you get to a certain number you're not happy. Even though you got there, you're not happy and you want more or something is going to change.

You just don't believe them. You're like, well screw you because I want to be there. I want to be making whatever, $10,000 a month and able to take care of my family and I have to go to a job. I would love that. Then you get there and then you start to go “oh wow, wait a minute. That person was kind of right. It's like I'm here and I still have some struggles and some obstacles in my brain because now I'm thinking about what's next.” So that's the next hurdle but I believe that that's your growth. It's like Tony Robbins said, if you're not growing you're dying. I believe in that.

For you especially people would say, you have been at this for so long. Everything has just got to be hunky dorey and you're like no it's not. There's more from me. I'm starting to experience that as well. It's like now that I have a platform and I have reach and people I'm able to meet in person it makes me realize that this is bigger than just me and I have like a responsibility now to actually go out there and try to help and improve other people's lives. I'm with you brother and I'm so glad that we met. If I didn't go to Sellers Summit, and if you didn't agree to come on over and hang out, we would never have met and you wouldn't have been here right now and hopefully from this conversation people are going to run over and check out your podcast.

So what don't you do that. Why don't you let people know how they can listen to more of you and all of your morning thoughts.

[00:48:50] JB: No problem. We are at morningcoach.com. Real simple. Almost 3,000 episodes now. I have iPhone apps and Windows apps, Android Apps, they can get more at morningcoach.com or go on iTunes. It's everywhere, morningcoach.com pretty simple.

[00:49:03] Scott: Cool man. I'm going to link that up in the show notes as well. Why don't you just give people maybe one last little bit of advice with mindset.

[00:49:12] JB: I think the key is we all know that thoughts are things. It's important that we think positively and put that energy out there. The beliefs are the critical thing. If we can really believe, beliefs make them so. Thoughts are things, beliefs make them so but the key thing is actions solidify the belief. Thoughts are things, belief makes them so and then your action solidifies the belief. Get out there and take some action.

[00:49:36] Scott: Freaking love it man. I love it. All right JB. This has been awesome, I know I'm going to have you back on the show because I just love hanging out with you anyway. We're going to get you back on. We're going to have to do an update anyway because I know you're going to do be doing some Amazing things. I know a lot of people are going to head over and start listening to your podcast and I know that I'm a big fan now as well. Man I want to thank you and I appreciate it and I'll be talking to you soon brother.

[00:49:57] John: Sweet brother.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[00:50:01] Scott: Okay. Was I kidding or what? JB is awesome. Love JB, I'm going to definitely have him back on the show because you know what, we always need a little kick start. A little reminder, a little reboot. He's my reboot guy. He is going to be my reboot guy. He doesn't even know it right now. But JB if you're listening to this back you're going to be back on just to give me a reboot. Just to give me a little kick in the butt. Love it, love it and I'm so glad that I was able to meet JB and then also now share him with you because I really believe that that's what  it's about.

Introducing you to people that inspire me, that help me with life balance, mindset, all of that stuff that I'm working on constantly. I want to share with you because I do believe that that makes a huge, huge difference. Definitely go check out morningcoach.com. That's where you'll find JB every single morning by the way. You got to listen to the actual good morning message that he gives every single day and it's got to be a hard one to hit every morning especially if it's early. Definitely go check that out, his book is the Sacred Six and I have it in my hand right now, love the book, I'm actually about halfway through it. The simple step by step process for focusing your attention and recovering your dreams. Love it.

Definitely you're going to probably grab that out, I'll drop a link to that inside the show notes, themazingseller.com/399. You may even want to bookmark or save this one somewhere, this episode so that that is and come back to it when you're having a little bit of a problem, a little bit of an issue with that old mindset or head trash as we like to call it. All right.

Guys, that is going to wrap up this episode, I hope that you're going to leave today as JB says with some extra additional energy that you didn't start the day with or whatever time of the day it is and you can carry that energy through to the next day and then the next day. All right, so get out there and make it happen and as always remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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