TAS 394 Ask Scott Session #122 – Mindset Rant – Facebook Ads – Product Images – Competition in Small markets

It’s time for another session of Ask Scott on this episode of The Amazing Seller! This is the place for sellers like YOU to ask your questions and get the motivation and insight you need to get out there and make your business thrive. On this episode, you’ll hear Scott go over a mindset rant, how to set up Facebook Ads, what to do with white products on a white background, how to compete in a small market, and so much more! Take the time out of your day to sit down with pen and paper to get the motivation and tools you need to succeed. Don’t miss this episode!

Mindset Rant

Are you one of those people who totally overlook and discount the significance of having a healthy or focused mindset? Do you think that having the right mindset is overrated? Wait – don’t get stuck with that kind of thinking. Listen to Scott on this episode of The Amazing Seller as he opens up about the power of having the right mindset and how he has seen it affect sellers positively. Holding on to skepticism can be really helpful in most cases, but consider adopting Scott’s outlook when it comes to mindset and business success. To hear Scott go deeper with this subject, make sure to catch this episode!

Facebook Ads – Step by Step

Do you want to know how to set up Facebook ads to build your email list? Wouldn’t it be great to have a step by step explanation of how the process works and how you can get started? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains how sellers like you can access the resources he has put together for this very purpose! Don’t forget, it’s also about the offer you assemble as well, Scott explains how you can access the tools he's assembled for putting together quality offers as well. Make sure you take the time to sit down and listen to all the resources mentioned in this episode!

Finding success in a small marketplace

What does it take to find success in a small marketplace like Amazon UK? What do sellers like you need to do to stand out and make your product the best among the competition? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he opens up about his perceptions of smaller marketplaces like Amazon UK. He goes over how you can adjust and adapt your product so it's different and compelling enough to make buyers choose you over the competition. You’ll also learn how important it is to consider branching out into larger marketplaces if you don’t want to take the time to build up a presence in a smaller market. To hear more on this subject, make sure to catch this episode!  


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:30] A weekly thought from Scott – Mindset Rant.
  • [12:00] Question #1: Can you make a step by step video on setting up Facebook Ads?
  • [17:00] Question #2: What is the best way to go about posting a product that is white on a white background?
  • [21:30] Question #3: How do I succeed as a seller in a small marketplace like the UK?


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TAS 394: Ask Scott Session #122 – Mindset Rant – Facebook Ads – Product Images – Competition in Small markets


[00:00:08] Scott: Hey, hey what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 394 and session number 122 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and guess what, we are going to do it again. I am pumped that you're here. Want to hear something funny…

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…I'm sitting here, I'm talking, hanging out with you guys and every week I do this I think to myself, “I need to take my Fitbit off because my hands are going like crazy because I get so excited and I talk really with my  hands a lot.” I don't know.

It's all that energy I've got. It's all just stored up inside of myself here. I always say to myself, I've got take off the Fitbit because I'm going to be getting fake steps in a sense. I am I guess, really I am kind of exercising in a sense. I'm really taking my arms and they are… I should probably video myself actually recording one of these and you can see what I mean. But I guess I'm still getting some exercise by being all excited about talking with you guys. But yeah, I'm super excited to be here. If you guys want to ask a question and have it aired on an upcoming show or session, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/ask.

I made it really easy for you. All you have to do is go there and you'll be able to use your phone or you can use your computer whichever and then just leave your first name, brief question, maybe where you're tuning in from and I'll do my best to air it  here on an upcoming show. You guys know I love hanging out with you guys because it's like we're in the same room together on Fridays. Today, what we are going to be talking about is Facebook Ads. We're going to be talking about product images and actually the product images question is a really good one. I don't think I've been asked that one before. Then the other question that we're going to be addressing is competition in small markets and this one happens to be in the UK market. We're going to talk about that. I've got some thoughts on that one myself.

[00:02:03] Scott: Before we jump in, you guys always know that I have these weekly thoughts or what I'm struggling with or what I'm trying to improve upon or any of that stuff and I have these thoughts that are constantly coming to me. And you probably have similar thoughts. It's like you're always thinking to yourself, like when is it going to be so clear? Like when is everything just going to align perfectly and you just go hit the domino and everything is just going to work? Well, it's probably not going to happen. But you can get some clarity and I think as we move through life or business, we're always figuring out a way to make it simpler for ourselves.

I don't know about you but I always feel like there's got to be a simpler way or there's going to be other things I should be working on instead of this so I'm all about like prioritizing and trying to schedule because if I don't get on a schedule, if I don't have a routine I just kind of like float around. You ever feel like that? You feel like I've got a bunch of stuff to do but I'm not doing any of it or maybe you do something to prevent yourself  from doing the stuff that you're supposed to be doing something like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest. I don't know.

Whatever you kind of go on to distract yourself so this way you can't get anything done. Hey trust me, I've done it myself. It's kind of like, oh I've got to do these things and you go to the computer and you start to do it and you're like, “Before I actually dive in let me just go over and make sure that I didn't miss any messages here or email or any of that stuff.” So little tip here for you, it's not going to get 100% easier all the time as far as like you think that you got it and then all of a sudden you are going to get back off track. It's going to happen. It's okay, it's normal but you can constantly be working on it. I think we always should be working on ourselves, our mind and then this is really what I want to talk about because mindset is huge. Huge as far as what we do in life but then also how successful we can become.

[00:04:13] Scott: Whether that's in business or in life. I keep going back and forth with those two guys because ultimately we are doing this business stuff most of us because we want to create a better life for ourselves. We want to be able to do more things without family or we want to do more things and like travel or we just don't want to have someone telling us what to do. Life is a big part of this and I think we all kind of know that but we get tied up in the tactics and the strategies and all that stuff.

I really want you to understand that mindset is a huge, huge component to what we are doing here and it will help you in life which also will help you in business because if we can get a better life, if we can get a better start to the day, if we can get a better start to the week we can work on our business and be more productive. Does that make sense? Nod your head if it makes sense. Yes. If you're running you can still nod your head because I know a lot of you take me on a run with you which I wish I was getting those calories burnt that you're getting by running. It would be fantastic.

We are actually trying to create a better life so we have to understand that mindset has a lot to do with our life of what we set ourselves up for. If you are burn out, if you can't focus then working on your business is going to be hard. But if we can go ahead and get the mindset right and start getting some positive habits, some action items for ourselves to do and actually sit down and do them it's huge but the mindset and I keep going back to mindset the mindset needs to be… We almost seem to re-download maybe things that we've learned before or maybe that we used to do but we don't do anymore.

[00:06:04] Scott: But just think to yourself, when you're a laser on something… Here is a perfect example, I forget where I read this. It might actually be in the new book that I'm reading by my good friend JB Glossinger, The Sacred 6. I think he talked about that. I'm pretty sure it was him. He heard it from someone else as well but it's funny because we just went through this with my daughter getting married. You have a wedding, you're planning for a wedding, you are so focused on everything that has to happen for that wedding. Some people are going to get upset during the process.

You're going to have hiccups, you're going to have maybe a little mini internal arguments. You have all of that stuff but at the end of the day, you are going to have a wedding and you are going to get that done. You're so focused on that, that's all that's going to happen. That's all that's going to matter. Everything of those whatever, six months, eight months, a year however long you're planning it is going to be focused on that wedding. Why can't we do that in business? Why can't we do that in life? We can but we don't make it where it's a thing that we have to do. There's no ifs, ands or buts we are going to do it but we have to create a positive mindset but also a direction.

So this week, myself personally I'm working a lot on my own clarity. Like getting clear on what I'm doing like especially now with the podcast and stuff, I know there is a lot of people listening. I've got people that write me letters and they say, “Scott, I've been listening to your podcast, you've changed my life. I just listen to you because I want to get motivated. I want to get inspired, I want to actually do this. I want to believe on myself and I feel like you believe in me.” So because of that I know that there's a bigger thing out there rather than just business. Right now whether you're building a business or you're maybe just trying to figure out your life understand we got to start with the mindset.

[00:08:05] Scott: You have to just understand that it's going to be a process. Once you figure things out and I've talked about it before, figuring out your why, figuring out the how and then what? Going through that entire process which I'm not going to spend a ton of time here. You guys understand. You guys probably understood that. I really am passionate about this because I believe that as we are going through life you'd think Scott, you're 45 years old now, I just turned 45 by the way July 30th. You probably got it all figured out. No, no. I don't have it all figured out.

I'm still figuring it out. I'm still wrestling with things in my own head. I'm still doubting myself here and there. I'm still thinking that I might do something that might not work. I don't want to look like a fool. Like all of that stuff it's normal and I'm constantly working on it because I know that I need to be strong in my own self and it all starts with ourselves. It all starts with our physical self. It starts with the mental self. We have to understand that it is huge. If you guys are still listening to this, I probably resonated with something in your life right now. To me that's important because if we can get that right man oh man, I'm telling you you can do anything that you want.

The only person that's going to stop you is you. What is that that is going to be that's going to stop you or how is that going to stop you? Basically because your head, your mind says, “Nah, you better stop because if you don't there's going to be some pain to follow. That pain could be failure. Looking like a failure to your family or whatever.” There's always that kind of relationship with I've got something I want to try but if it doesn't work then I fail and then if I fail I look silly and I don't want to look silly or I don't want to… Or it could be just like I'm investing 500 bucks and I don't want to lose 500 bucks. I might $3,000. That's things that you have to get right inside your head but it all comes down to the mindset.

[00:10:07] Scott: Had to get that off my chest. Hopefully you guys are cool with that. I always say that whenever I don't talk about business strategies and tactics. I'm like I hope you guys are cool with that and I always get emails of that people say yes, please keep doing those. If you're into that stuff, cool. I'm going to keep bringing that stuff because I think it's important and it's more than just motivation. It's also actually putting it into action and then coming up with these things that we can do on a daily basis to help ourselves stay on track and also get more clarity.

With that being said, I do have one little thing to say here. One little announcement. I'm on Instagram. I have been for a while, I just haven't done anything with it. My son finally got me back into the game and I already screwed it up though. I invited a bunch of people over to follow me on Instagram and my profile was private so you couldn't even see my stuff. Then I got that figured out but anyway, if you want more of this stuff. This type of stuff like mindset type stuff and business stuff and just me taking a walk and with my thoughts and my rants that's going to be on Instagram. I'm going to be focusing a little bit more time there.

If you want to go follow me on Instagram head over to @scottvoelker on Instagram and you'll find me there. It's @scottvoelker and go on over there. Like some stuff, share it. I don't know if you can share on Instagram. You can like it and you can comment I think. I'm kind of new to this whole Instagram thing. I've used Instagram to build a list but I haven't actually used it to actually talk and build stories and that stuff that's… Anyway, let's go ahead and let's get started here. Let's go ahead and listen to today's question. What do you say? The first one is going to be on Facebook Ads. I'm excited to talk about this one because we just did some training and this is going to be good stuff. Let's go ahead and listen to today's first question and I'll give you my answer.


[00:11:57] Elon: Hi Scott. My name is Elon. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama USA. I was wondering if you could make a video with a screen share about step by step of how one should go at Facebook Ads for their Amazon products. Like step by step that you explain everything from what type of ad, what will you write in your ad, how you generate the list, what will you put in your page and all that stuff that I wish you had in one video. Again, step by step will be so much easier because I was listening to your other broadcasts and I could not find one that put it together nicely and organized for someone to follow. Thank you.

[00:12:49] Scott: Hi Elon. Thank you so much for the question and it's funny that you submitted this question before we actually did the podcast with Rick Mulready all about Facebook ads. You're going to want to go back and listen to that one which was the episode before this episode so it's episode 393 so theamazingseller.com/393. We actually talk a lot about all of the mechanics but also like what is the strategy? What is, not just tactics but what is the strategy and how to work backwards. Then from there we are going to actually do a deep dive. So depending on when you're listening to this, we're actually going to be doing a workshop which if you're listening to this before August 8th 2017, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/fbtraining.

If you are listening to it after the fact, you can still go to that link. I'm going to try to leave that training up so you can go and actually attend that workshop. Totally free by the way. He's going to walk us through how to find your audience, how to target them and then from there how to set up your ad and all the things in between and he's going to do some Q&A. That's going to be one you definitely going to want to attend. Again, theamazingseller.com/fbtraining. Like I said, the one episode we did just before this that will give you a good framework of what you can expect to actually do as you walking through that.

If you want to actually see how actually everything is kind of put together you're definitely going to want to check out that training. Now the other thing is episode 392 I actually went through like the beginning thing that you need before you even run Facebook ads. If you guys are brand new and are like okay, Facebook ads, but okay, I'm going to drive that traffic. Those people I'm going to drive them over to my listing. No. We're not going to do that. Actually I talk about that in episode 392 where we talk about offers because if you're going to run Faceboook ads you have to have a really good offer.

[00:14:55] Scott: We talk about that in 392 and so I'm not going to go over all the details there but just understand when we are talking about doing this, we call this a sales funnel or a sales process. What you're going to do is you're basically going to find the audience but before you find the audience we have to have a good offer. If we have a good offer then we take that traffic from Facebook, we can find out where these people are hanging out, we can target those people and then from there we can drive that traffic from our offer page. Our offer page, there's like four components to this. Then on the offer page we can then say, “Hey, here's your 25% discount or your 50% discount or here's the contest to enter your name, your email address so this way here you can win this bundle worth $150.

Or something like that which we've done time and time again and we actually did a whole workshop on that. That's like the third component it's really like getting the messaging done. Now we have to message those people and then from there we want to either launch a product to those people or we want to communicate with those people with other content or ways that we can also see what else that they want. But again, Facebook ads is going to be huge component to drive awareness to the offer. You've got some catching up to  do if you guys have not caught those two episodes, 392 and 393 will get you all of that up to the point where you would actually start collecting the email addresses or start doing all of that stuff on the back end.

So episode 392 and 393 will get you everything there and then you're going to want to attend the free training at theamazingseller.com/fbtraining and that's with my good friend Rick Mulready. Facebook ads, you're definitely going to want to use them, I think that's going to be a huge thing for businesses and brands moving forward especially with competition coming in. Hopefully that helped you. Good luck, keep me posted. Let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:16:54] Matt: Hi Scott. This is Matt from Chicago. Thanks for your podcast and your website. I just did a question about background images. I have some products that are kind of small and they are white, about 75%. The rest is some colored lettering. I was just curious if you had any experience posting white products with white backgrounds on Amazon and how Amazon deals with that, if they make an exception or if you know any tricks. I have some feelers out to a few photographers but I've yet to hear back exactly what they are going to say. I'm not sure if it's even going to be relevant to Amazon in particular. If you know anything, let me know. Thanks.

[00:17:30] Scott: Hey Matt. Thank you so much for the question. It's a good one and I don't think I've ever been asked that question before. It's a really good question and what Matt is really talking about is what if you have an item that is white and then you're taking a picture on a white background. Well, here's the thing. If you have something that's white, you are going to shoot on a white background. Most off the time the white background is really like bright, bright white. There will always be a little bit of a difference in whites. I've noticed this even when I've done stuff around the house painting or even back when I was working construction. We used to sell windows and the vinyl was always a different color than the paint.

The paint was technically white. There's always going to be a little bit of a shade difference so I think you can still get away with putting it on white and then shooting image. The other option that you have is you would then have the image cut out in photoshop and then they would just put a little bit of a drop shadow around it or on the bottom of it to make it look as though it's got a shadow. That way there it will show you that it's separated. I would say, depending on what the item is the white that you have is not going to be the exact white that Amazon wants. Amazon is it's a very, very bright bright white and most things out there are not going to be the exact same thing.

It was funny, we had actually a product that we were doing a photoshoot for and it had a little bit of a transparency to it. That was kind of hard too because now you're like you're trying to photograph something that's kind of clear in a sense. But yet it's how do you do that? Well, it's the same idea. It almost has a little bit of a cast to it on top of the white and then also like I said, you can cut it out and then create a drop shadow item. That would be my recommendation. You're not going to be able to use a grey or a different color just because you have a white product. I have not seen them make any exceptions for that.

[00:19:32] Scott: I haven't heard of them allowing you to do that. Now I do have a company that actually I'm starting to work with, I'm starting to have them do some stuff for us and so far so good. So if you do need images done or packaging or any of that stuff and this was actually a company that was recommended by one of our listeners that came on the podcast. The name of the company is outlinematic.com. You can actually get a discount. I'm actually working with them and I asked them, I said, “Hey, if I use you and I like you is there any discount I can give to my listeners?” They said, “Yeah, We can probably do something like 10%.”

If you want to go check them out, go over to theamazingseller.com/outlinematic and you can get a 10% discount there. Just let them know that you're a TAS listener though. There's going to be like a coupon field here, there should be and then just put in there TAS and it should automatically take that 10% off. But the listener that I had on that raved about them, just awesome packaging. I looked at a lot of their samples, looked amazing. Now I have them start to do some work for us even like logo designs, stuff like that.

Kind of like a 99 Designs but I actually like that I can actually talk to these people and it's a smaller company but yet big enough to handle the stuff that we are doing. 99 Designs is doing everything under the sun. So outlinematic.com, just use the code TAS and you'll be able to get a little discount there or just at least check them out. Now if you need images done and they can probably even recommend what they could do so you may even just contact them to just ask what you can do and it might even have some tips and tricks that you can do for that situation. I would definitely go check them out. Hopefully Matt that helped you. Hopefully you get that image done and you get some sales rocking and rolling. That would be pretty cool.

All right, let's go ahead and listen to one more question for today and then I will let you guys go because I know you guys are probably busy and ready to get out there and get to work. Let's go ahead and listen to that last question.

[00:21:43] Omar: Okay Scott, I apologize if this is a duplicate. I just sent a message and there was a problem with the app so hopefully this will go through. My name is Omar from the UK. I apologize also for the background noise. I am in a cafe but I wanted to send this message to you now while it was fresh in my brain. It basically has to do with finding a product in a relatively small market. In this case I'm talking about the UK. I'm trying to apply the ten by ten by ten idea which I think is a brilliant idea but I'm finding in the UK that when I find a good product, sometimes I'll go into the market and I notice that it's a race to the bottom with UK sellers.

A lot of people will flood into the market and rather than improving the product or trying to find some other angle on it people will just simply lower the price and even if you have an improved product it's often difficult to compete because the market is relatively small. Whereas in America a lot of times the exact same product can exist and it will be as much as 30% higher or a similar product and it has some improvements.

I'm just finding it hard to kind of go through and deal with things in this market place and I wondered if you had any tips on how to find products in a relatively small market place. So maybe it's about marketing in a relatively small market such that you can still be successful, irrespective of what other sellers do or maybe it's just simple matter of slogging through until you find a product that sells that people don't channel to and deal with the inevitability that if you're successful other sellers will join. I'd love to hear your answer. Take care and thanks for the show.

[00:23:29] Scott: Hey Omar from the UK. What's happening man? Thank so much for the question. Yeah, little noise there but I can totally hear you. I think it was kind of funny that you were recording a message with a whole bunch of people around. That's pretty cool. Let's talk about this. You're telling me that you're in a small market and your problem is you're launching in the UK and as you launch in the UK the minute you do a whole bunch of other competitors come in then everybody races to the bottom. So number one that tells me that your product isn't much different than everyone else's. The first thing would be make your product different, make your different better. That's step number one. A lot of people don't want to go down that road because they feel as though I don't want to put in that work if it's not going to sell.

But here's the deal. A lot of times it doesn't have to be a major upgrade or something that you tweaked. It doesn't have to be a major thing. It could be just be you reading the reviews and you coming up with a better Velcro strap or whatever. It doesn't have to be a major but I would say that's going to be something that will help you allow yourself to differentiate yourself so this way here you don't have to compete on price. The other thing is is a bundle. We've talked about that before so if you have a product that other people have the same exact thing and you want to differentiate well you have to create something that the other ones aren't having included and that would be something that you would add an extra component to it.

Then the other thing is maybe, just maybe you are going after products that are really, really easy to find. I think the other thing and moving forward for any of us we can test a product like you've tested it, it sounds like it's selling. But then all of a sudden people come in and then it's race to the bottom. So we don't want that. But it sounds like you validated that that market is buying stuff. So we've already done that so your next thing would be maybe okay how do I find something and have a company create something for me.

[00:25:32] Scott: It doesn't have to be a mold. We just went through this in the new brand that we're working in. We just look something that was already created and we modified it without having to add a mold. We just had a different components to it and it worked great. We're the only ones in the market right now currently that has it and it has going to be hard for them to do it because they are actually going to have to find those other parts and kind of build it. That's one way of doing it is to really create something that is going to be hard for them to find. If it's hard for you to find it, and I get a lot of people that say “I've looked everywhere and actually there's a product we are looking at right now for another SKU for the new brand and my partner is like, “I'm having such a tough time finding that.”

I go, “That's great.” Because that means that's going to be so much harder for everyone else to find it. So this way here if you find it and then you can maybe even modify it a little bit you're going to be ahead of the game. The other thing is maybe you need to go after a higher price point. I don't know what the price is. Maybe it's under $15 so it's going to be easier for people to get in the game. Maybe you need to go with products that are $24 to $30 somewhere in that range. So that's another idea for you. So there's a lot of things that you can do by increasing the value of the product, making it better. Making it stand out, better packaging.

Again I had a recent guest on and they talked all about packaging and they actually sold the brand. They launched the brand in 18 months after they sold it and they had I think five or six SKUs. They netted, this is net, this isn't gross, this isn't like revenue. This was $180,000 in 18 months they netted. He swears that the packaging is what did it because their products were perceived as a higher value and they weren't going to get copy cats because they're going to have to duplicate the packaging and it wasn't that easy. They spent their time and actually that company I just mentioned they are the ones that did the packaging.

[00:27:33] Scott: They created the packaging for a brand that sold, that was only 18 months old. That's pretty cool. That's a pretty cool story. So anyway hopefully this helps. I think that a lot of times a lot of times people just want to go and find something easy on Alibaba and then just slap it up. Yes you've heard me talk about going to Alibaba and finding suppliers and starting to communicate with those suppliers but it doesn't mean that you're just going to take the standard stock item and use that forever. If you want to do it just to test the market and then once you start to see that it sells then you want to modify it, then I'm good with that.

I would never say just take something, slap a sticker on it and then just sell it and don't do anything with it. You're not going to be able to stay in the game that long because other people are going to come in. It's easy for you, it's easy for them. Hopefully this helped you. Keep me posted on that as well and the other thing is, go to the US. Go to the US market too. Try that out but I get it, if you're in the UK you live in the UK, might be easier for you to get started in the UK, that's fine. But hopefully some of these ideas have helped you. Then I think you've also brought a really good point. You almost answered your own question. You said maybe it's just a matter of me finding outside like traffic in a sense and then that's what's going to help me stay above the competition. You know what, you're right.

You're absolutely right. That's going to be the new superpower for businesses and brands that are trying to build a brand on Amazon. It's how can you find, how can you leverage influencers to push your product? How can you build your own email list to push your products? How can you then start getting ranked in Google when people are searching for a product and then your product is there? Those are things that's going to require work and time to build out this little infrastructure, this little network that you have of outside traffic and by the way Amazon loves outside traffic because guess what, you're driving it to their site even if they don't buy your product they are on their site now.

[00:29:38] Scott: I believe they are actually going to give you more love when it comes to selling your product or even ranking. So yes, that would be a definite as well. Yeah, I would be reaching out to YouTubers that would be a good fit and again all it takes is one or two to get you started. Again, I had the landscaper on not that long ago and he talked all about the YouTube strategy where he's now spending a lot of his time out there just recruiting YouTubers, giving his product to them and having them give an honest review and then use it and put it on their YouTube channel and his sales have increased, his traffic has increased.

Now that he has them established he can go back to them with new products or an update on the product or whatever and he's going to get another push of traffic. The other cool thing is when these YouTubers do this, guess what? That video is there for as long as they don't take it down. They are forever. So you'll have traffic coming in all the time. It's kind of like you're building out all of these channels, all of these YouTube channels that is and you're able to then start have all the traffic that you pushed towards your listings or to even your store now that we have the store option inside of our sellers account, we can just drive them to our store if we want to, which that might be even a better way to do it. Anyway just a lot of things you can do there again but I'm just riffing here. I think you're going to be fine. You just have to rethink things a little bit and get focused on what you need to do, do it.

Guys, that is going to wrap it up, went a little longer today. The mindset thing took up a little bit of time in the beginning and if you guys fast forwarded and you missed it, you should probably go back. Some people think that the whole mindset, the whole getting clear, figuring all that stuff out is a waste of time, I'm telling you right now most people that think that end up not making it.

[00:31:38] Scott: Everyone that I've ever listened to on an interview or just seen successful people them working on themselves and really bettering themselves or taking care of themselves health wise, physical, all of that stuff like they are just generally they are working on themselves and mindset is a big part of that because when you're working out or when you're eating right you feel better about yourself, you feel good. If you're into meditation maybe that's what you do as part of your thinking to get you ready and your mindset ready to get that clarity. So all of that stuff.

Guys I'm constantly working on that stuff. I'm going to be bringing you more of that stuff because I want to and I know a lot of you want it and you also need it as I do. So keep an eye on that stuff. That's it guys. That's going to wrap it up. If you want to ask a question, head over to theamazingseller.com/ask. If you want to download the show notes, the transcripts to this episode head over to theamazingseller.com/394. All right guys, that's it. That's going to officially wrap this up, get out there, have an awesome, amazing day and as always remember I'm here for you. I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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