TAS 380 The Aggressive PPC Launch Strategy + Ranking for Keywords and Random Stuff (Round Table Discussion)

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  • How do you quickly compare the unit PPC v. Organic sales for a product ? Do you then divide the total PPC spend across your total unit sales to get the “real” ACOS?

    • Hey Albert, that would be a fast way to get it, if you’re willing to consider EVERY sale as a result of PPC. I generally suggest looking at sales from ppc and all other sales seperatly (knowing that SOME of the other sales are a result of ppc spend)

  • Awesome stuff guys. I have really pulled back on spending on PPC and I’m not even sure why. I think it was because my sales dropped a little and I got scared about spending on PPC. It is really low at the moment, and sales are dropping so it makes me want to stop PPC even more.


    Looking back at my peak months where I was pushing £20K in overall sales I was also spending the most I ever have on PPC. Thanks for the kick up the butt guys. I’ve just upped my daily spend on my main products and hitting my main keyword hard. Time to actively impact on my Amazon sales rather than passively hoping something will happen.

    Cheers from the UK

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