TAS 378 Amazon’s NEW Early Incentivized Review Program and What Does This MEAN for Sellers?

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  • Hi Scott, thanks for your podcast. You’re a life saver!
    Do you have a trademark registration site you can recommend for non-US sellers?
    theamazingseller.com/trademark seems to be for US registered sellers only.

  • In the episode, you mentioned linking to the site your currently using to get trademarked. What was that link? Thanks!

  • Scott — First, thank you for a very informative podcast today. Learned a lot about the recent Amazon changes, and confirmed that we definitely want to brand register.

    During the podcast you mentioned that you were receiving trademark help for approximately $99 + application fees.

    Do you mind sharing the link to that trademark assistance company or site?

    Thank you again!

  • Hi Scott !
    I just found out your poscast and learning about FBA business and privat labels.
    I would like to try it but i m just wondering if there is still opportunities to make money in there or is it saturated ( i mean much more harder than in 2015?)
    Thank you i plan to listen to all your podcasts

  • Hey Scott, as always thanks for all the up to date killer info on Amazon! I was looking for a link to that Trademark resource you mentioned and couldn’t find it in the show notes.

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