TAS 369 (My Rant) Truth about Mind Set and The 9 Step Secret Formula to Success

Are you looking for an easy way to success and business growth? Good luck! Even the best tips, tricks, insights, and best practices have to be paired with hard work and determination. If you think there is a magic formula out there, you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll find a supportive environment for leaders and business owners who are ready to learn and challenge each other toward success and growth. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott lays out why he puts so much effort into the TAS community and how sellers like YOU can get the most out of it. Don’t come looking for an easy to use plan, come ready to work and learn! Find out more on this episode!

The Power of Focused Mindset

Are you ready to give your shot at success EVERYTHING you’ve got? Are you dedicated to making this journey toward success work no matter what? Great! Find out what it takes to nurture and develop a focused mindset that will put you on the path toward growth! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott shares a little bit about his story and how he got started as his own boss. You can tell that Scott is passionate about this subject and wants to help men and women find the freedom and empowerment that he found years ago. To find out what it takes to succeed in the long term, make sure to listen to this episode!

6 Takeaways from Sellers Summit

What are the qualities and characteristics of successful business leaders? Are they circumstantial or are there certain KEY qualities and practices that help an individual find success in life and business? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott shares six takeaways that he left with from his recent trip to Sellers Summit. There he got the chance to rub shoulders with and pick the brains of industry leaders and he wants to share those insights with TAS followers like YOU! If you’d like to get a peek into the mindset of business leaders who are making an impact, then make sure you listen to this episode!

The 9 Step Formula

If you want to get a glimpse of what it will take to grow your business then look no further! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear as Scott walks through his nine step formula to help sellers like you succeed in the ecommerce space. Scott will be the first to tell you that putting these steps into practice won’t be easy – there is no easy way to success! But if you are willing to put in the work and follow the steps that Scott has outlined, you will find yourself closer to understanding what it takes to grow a successful and thriving ecommerce business. If you are ready to jump in with BOTH feet – make sure you catch this episode!

Raise the BAR!

You might be just starting out in growing your small business or you might be right in the middle of trying to grow your sales. One thing you need to remember is to keep raising the bar! Don’t give ground one bit – push through difficulty and press toward success. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares what it will take for you to grow your business in the ecommerce space. Even with all the best advice and tips, Scott is convinced that leaders like you won’t have the chance to succeed if you don’t commit to having a high bar for your own personal goals. Find out more on this inspiring episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] The problem with hacks, tips, and secrets to success.
  • [8:00] Scott talks about how started working as his own boss.
  • [14:00] Getting into the right mindset. What’s holding you back?
  • [19:30] Scott’s 6 takeaways from Seller’s Summit.
  • [31:30] The 9 Step Formula.
  • [39:00] RAISE THE BAR!


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TAS 369: (My Rant) Truth about Mind Set and The 9 Step Secret Formula to Success


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 369. And today, well, I'm going to rant a little bit…

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… Well not too much. I'm going to hopefully talk about mindset, give you some other things to really set that so this way here, you understand the power in it. I'm also going to talk about the nine step secret formula to being successful. And I thought about doing this I'm like you know what, how can I really convey how important I feel it is because I didn't always have it and I'm still working on mindset. I think mindset is something that you're going to always be working on.

But I started realizing this as I started meeting people in person, and I started hearing their stories, and I started hearing about what were people saying that were successful, and what were people saying that were still kind of waiting until everything was perfect before they actually got in the game? I always kind of talk about sports because that's kind of my background. I like basketball, I like baseball, I like all kinds of sports but, it kind of always comes down to that like if you don't raise the bar, if you don't have the right mindset you're not going to be good. If you have the confidence to go into that game, you're not going to be good or you're not going to be as good as you could be.

But, I got a couple of things that I want to kind of I say rant about, but kind of get into because I think it's important. I wrote an email not that long ago about it. It was received really well, got a really good amount of feedback and all that stuff. Again, like I said, I just got back from Seller Summit, I met a lot of great people, and I had seen where people were struggling and I’d see more people that had actually made it or at least are on their way and it comes down to, a lot of it is mindset.

And yes, you got to pick the right products, and yes you got to pick the right brand and all that stuff. Yes, yes, yes. Like all that stuff is important as well. I'm going to kind of talk to you about the nine step secret formula that I believe isn't really a secret, but everyone wants to know the secrets or the hack or the shortcut.

[00:02:08] Scott: For me to get the most opens on an email, I need to say like, “Check out this new hack, that's going to get you ranked overnight, that would get a ton of opens.” And who knows maybe I do find a new hack and I give you that it's short lived and cool, you get a shortcut for a day.

I'm here to really set you up and myself up for success not just now but in the future. And I think everyone that's out there looking for the new hack or the secret or the shortcut are people that just aren't really 100% committed to this process. Yes, there's ways that you can jump into this game and make money pretty quickly, we've done that in the 1K FastTrack, we've done that. We'd had people come into that class with zero sales and in seven days, our first class, did over I think it was $3,800 or $4,200. Something like that. It was over $3,000 in revenue basically profit, in a sense, because it was stuff that they cleared out of their house.

And then the second group did over I think it was $6,500, which is crazy in seven days just because I said, “Listen, here's what we're going to do. Forget everything else right now, I want you to go and do this. Don't think about anything, just do this. And from now till next week, and only focus on that. Again, focus on that. The mindset was you can do it, you're going to go out there and do it.” And guess what, people did it. And now a lot of those people are going on to either do more retail arbitrage or build a private label business. Because, again, the mindset was, “I can't do this.” Or, “I'm stuck.” Or, “How do I move forward?” You got to get started. Like if we don't get started in this game, we'll never going to go anywhere. I get people that say, “Scott, I've have been doing this now, I’ve been listening to the podcast for 12 months, and I'm just not sure yet.”

[00:03:59] Scott: My advice to you is do something. If you do something, something is going to happen whether it's a positive thing or a negative thing. But, however you look at that, it's going to be a learning experience. And everyone that I talked to that was successful or at least has had some type of success in this process and I've talked to a bunch of people at Sellers Summit, and the constant thing I keep hearing from people, the constant feedback from people is, “You know what, I said I'm just going to jump in, I might do a small order, we'll see what happens.” And then boom, that's what started their journey. And some people, I've got one guy that comes to mind, that I was talking to, I actually had dinner with him at our VIP dinner at Seller Summit and he told me, “Scott, I've been listening to a podcast.

I launched a product, I followed everything but I kind of messed up on the product stuff. I got a little too excited, I jumped into the game, and my first product flopped but I still liquidated it. I got out from under it but I kind of feel like it wasn't it wasn't even a single. It just did okay.” And then he just chucked it up as, “You know what, I'm just going to move on. I'm going to go and move on to the next thing. Find another product, do better product research, pick a better market, whatever.” So he pivoted. And now he's reporting to me that he's done over $250,000 in less than a year. That's pretty awesome. But, he didn't stop and he got results, and he learned from that first experience. He learned what not to do again.

So if you're one of those people that you sitting here and you're thinking to yourself, “But I'm just…I'm not technical. I don't know all that much about the tech side.” Well, with Amazon, you don't need to know the tech side or even eBay depending on what platform you want to start on. That's why I always say start on one of those two platforms or even Etsy. Start on one of those platforms and take all that out of the mix, they’re going to handle all that stuff for you, all you gotta do is find your products, and sell it, and do a little bit of optimization stuff.

[00:05:59] Scott: And I'll go through my nine steps secret formula here and I classify that as a secret formula because that's what people want to hear. I'm being kind of funny about it too because I don't think that… You know you hear these gurus out there. Even people in our community. I'm not going to mention any names and you've probably heard them. And I actually met with some people in my audience, they are TASers and they asked me about these people. And again, no comment it’s kind of like my answer generally but you can kind of see through that. I'm not sitting here telling you that it's going to be easy, it's not going to come without struggles, it's not going to come without you being frustrated at times, right? It's going to happen.

But the other thing I also say to those people is, “Is it going to be easy when you go to get a job for someone?” You going to have to learn that job, you're going to also maybe have to live up to your quota on sales for that month if you're a salesperson. There's all those things that come into it. So what's the difference if it's for yourself or someone else? But anyway, not to go off on too much of a tangent there but there's people in our in our space, in our community that are saying like, “Look at me, I did $2 million in a year. You can do it too.” Yes, you can do it too but you got to start with 100 bucks.

You got to start with the first 100. You got to start with the first 1,000. And again, and it's always about, “Oh, look at this new secret that I just did.” Or, “This new shortcut.” Or “This new hack.” I don't know, that stuff it annoys me and you can hear it in my voice right now and I get a little upset with that because, I can't stand that those people out there, I know there are other been for years that are trying to make it out as like, “It's this easy thing if you just follow the secret formula.” The secret formula is actually doing something and learning something, and then building upon that. If you listen to my story back in episode 300, if you haven't, go back and listen to that episode theamazingseller.com/300.

[00:08:00] Scott: Listen to that because it goes through like all of the things that I learned. I learned email marketing way before I got into the Amazon game but I can take that knowledge and bring it over to this new business or if I start another business. If I went into the automotive business, the first thing I'd be doing is figuring out a way to build an email list around my potential clients or customers so they can see more of my business and what we represent in our customer service and all that stuff. You guys have heard me say this time and time again, right?

So I've learned so much through the business going back to my father and my brick and mortar experience. And having that experience I learned about employees, I learned about what it takes to run a brick and mortar business. I learned all that stuff as a young guy. I was only like 19 years old when I was in that business but I learned a ton. And a lot of that stuff is already translated over to how I work with VAs now, virtual assistants, how I treat them. Because I know that they need to be treated with respect and they need to know that they're appreciated.

So, again all of these lessons that we learn are moved over to that next thing. But again, let’s dig into the mindset there really quickly. That's something that we're always going to be working on and you're always going to be going to be working on that. If there's one thing that I think you should always be working on, is mindset. How to get yourself in a state of confidence of when you know that you're going to go in there, you're going to give it all you've got but you're going to also give yourself a little bit of a safety net in a sense and I've talked about that too. I've always kind of set up these safety nets mentally so I know what's the worst case if this doesn't work for me, what am I going to do?

So going back to my construction days when I left my construction company or my father's construction company, I was going into a completely different market. My wife and I were going to be photographers. “What? A photographer? Scott's going to be a photographer?

[00:10:00] Scott: Scott, you've never taken any photography, you've never went to school for that.” All of these doubts are in my mind. “How are you going to do that? You don't have degrees. You don't have this schooling.” It's funny. I met a guy out in Seller Summit, a photographer. His name is Bob. Bob, if you're listening man, thank you so much. Also, Bob took some pictures ironically that he is a photographer took him with his iPhone or his phone, I don’t know it was an iPhone or not, but Bob took some pictures.

But him and I were talking he said, “Okay, Scott. I listened to your podcast and I know that you are a fellow photographer so am I. Did you…” I forget what club it was but there's some major club with all professional photographers. They join it's like a national thing and all this stuff. And I said, “You know Bob, my wife and I when we first started we didn't want to get into that because we didn't think the technical stuff really had a ton to do with the final result.” What does that mean?

Well, what it means is, we wanted to deliver a really nice picture that a family was going to treasure. They don't care that our settings were maybe, I don't know, too off for talking about F-stops or for talking about shutter speed. They don't care that we might have miscalculated a reading as long is the final image came out okay. But if we were to give that to a judge on a photography pro-panel, they would have ripped us apart. But to the everyday person, the person we're selling it to, it was okay.

So, just understand that as you're going through this process, you don't have to be perfect. And I don't even know where I'm going with that. I met Bob, Bob brought that up and I said, “Bob, we didn't even care about that.” So again, I think just going back to the mindset like if I didn't think that we could deliver the final goods to our customer, I never would have did it. Where would I be today if I never trusted my gut and said, “Let's just do it.” I know it was, the safety net.

[00:12:01] Scott: So my safety net was, I could go back and do construction if I had to. So I'm going to leave, I'm going to go ahead and say, “I'm going to give my two weeks' notice to my father's company, I'm going to go out on my own. We're going to go ahead.” I think at the time, it was in November, we knew that the fourth quarter was coming up so pictures were a big deal in fourth quarter, and I said, “You know what, let's just go all in here and let's figure this thing out, and let's see what we can do.” And guess what, we did really well, for us and it proved to us that we could do it.

So I didn't have to go back and do the construction thing that I kind of laid in there as a safety net. So my mental state was, “You aren't really risking.” Even though I was still scared to death. Don't let me fool you, I was still scared to death but I was able to create that safety net that allowed me to take that chance. Because what was the worst thing that was going to happen? I was going have to go back out in the real world and work with my hands again doing construction. But guess what, I never went back and did that.

Then, go to the next thing, my photography business. My wife and I, she was more the creative, I was more of the technical. I learned through books. I didn't really learn through YouTube at the time because it wasn't really even happening yet with YouTube, that's how long ago. Still using 35-millimeter film until we graduated to our first digital camera, which was a whole another experience, Photoshop, all that stuff.

So I learned all that stuff and now I've got this knowledge, that I didn't even realize I was sitting on, that people were asking me for advice. I was in forums, at the time, there wasn’t really Facebook groups or anything like that. It was more or less forums, and the people were asking me like, “How did you do this? How did you guys start? You are a husband and wife team. How did you do it? How do you work together?” All that stuff. And then I started helping people and I built an email list around that market and then I started to sell products to those people that would help them in their journey.

[00:14:00] Scott: But my safety net was now okay. Wait a minute here, we've got our photography business that's a full-time gig, we're meeting with clients at times that we really necessarily don't want to because it's in the evenings because it's when the lighting is best and all the stuff. If you guys have listened to my story? You've already heard this. But it started to become a job where we're starting to lose the lifestyle business. So we said, “Well, maybe we can go in kind of do 50/50.

We'll do some online and we'll do some offline and we'll see what happens.” And the online thing just took off, we started really doing well. Now, we had to make another decision. Do we leave that? So, again, the mindset was, we've already got something here secure, we know what our income is going to be, we're doing a six figure a year business. We're going to go over here, we're going to risk this. What was my safety net? Mentally, I'm setting up that safety net. I could always go back and take pictures, you see?

So the mental state has to be right. The mindset has to be right. So whatever it is for you, you've got to figure out what is that safety net? What is the mindset for you? What is tripping you up? Ask yourself. Ask yourself this question right now whether you’re on the run, whether you're walking, whether you're laying out on the back deck enjoying some sun. Oh man, I'm wishing I was doing that right now. I will be later. I've got a new chair that my wife bought me for our anniversary. One of those zero chairs on the back deck which is awesome.

So ask yourself that, if you're stuck right now whether you already started your business and you’re stuck, maybe you launched a product and it wasn't as successful as you are so now you're doubting yourself, what is that one thing right now that's that barrier? That thing that's holding you back. Is it that you don't believe in yourself? Is it because you don't think you have the experience? Is it that you don't think that you can grow a business? Is it that you don't think you know enough about marketing? What is it? Because I can assure you there's probably something there that's tripping you up that if you figure out a safety net for that or a way to work around that, I'm telling you, you can do anything you want.

[00:15:58] Scott: And take it for me, someone that never went to college felt really embarrassed about that for the longest time and now I'm proud of it. Because, man I did it. I'm not done, don't get me wrong. I mean, after meeting with people at Sellers Summit just recently, which is really why it's so fresh for me and hearing people say, “Scott, I tune in just to hear you get me fired up like to take action. I was thinking about bailing and now I got a second wind.” And that's what this podcast is really about. I know this isn't like a hack for you or a secret for you, although it could be I guess because you might not even be thinking about this stuff.

Maybe it's that one trigger that gets you over the hump and you're going to email me or you're going to see me at a live event. You’re going to say “Scott, I listened to episode 369, your rant and your mindset, and your 9 step secret formula. And from that day forward, I did everything you said and it just got me over the hump and now I'm doing $250,000 a year or a million a year.” Whatever it is, whatever your goals are. That would be amazing for me. So I know that this isn't like sexy. This isn't like sexy because it's not like a hack or well it is, I think it is. The mindset is that it can be a hack. I think people, I think it's overused.

But a lot of people said. “Scott, I want more of this stuff I want you to really speak about the mindset because I think it's important as well. Because that's things that you're being hang up on.” You already know what you got to do. Now, to I'll give you the 9 step secret formula here in a minute which is really kind of basic. But you know all you need to do is to have the right mindset and then take the action, and then get the results, and then decide what to do next from the results. That's what we're doing.

Like I said, I wrote an email not that long ago after I got back from Seller Summit depending on when you're listening to this, and I talked all about I was there, I met a ton of people, and my voice was starting to go because when you're at these networking events…

[00:18:01] Scott: And again surround yourself with like-minded people is powerful. If you're not doing that, you should be doing it. I mean the energy is just higher, and just the creative juices are flowing, and you get ideas and you get motivated, and you get inspired, and then also you take more action, which again gets you more results. But, you can hear it in my voice right now I almost want to clear my throat but I'm not going to because we're here live or we're recording this.

But, you know I was losing my voice, at night time they had music playing, the whole room is packed, you got everyone's talking, so you have to bring your voice up. My voice is short and I'm telling people I'm like, “Yeah, I'm a podcaster and I don't have a voice left.” But I was dedicated to stay there as late as I could with these people because I wanted to hear their stories. I wanted to give them advice where I could or kind of push them over the edge a little bit to where they weren't comfortable in a sense because that's kind of where to me, that's always been where you know big things can happen is when you get pushed over that edge a little bit where you're comfortable. But I talked about how…

I just pushed through or “I pressed on”. You guys that are longtime listeners you hear we talk a lot about, pressing on, we kind of relate that back to the garlic press or whatever. So we press on and that's what I did. I pressed on, I got back to work and you know I'm actively working in the Amazon space with the Amazon brands. I've partnered with a few people now, we’re really excited about this new brand. And I got back and I was kind of tired, my voice was kind of a shot, but I still had enough in me to press on. Because my mindset was I have to actively do something every single day towards the goals that we're going after and you have to do the same exact thing.

But the one thing, I'm kind of going to go through these six different things that people that I took away. From successful people that I met here at this past event. Number one is they learned and then they took action.

[00:20:00] Scott: So they consumed something and then they did something.

Two, they didn't expect everything to work perfectly. They expected there was going to be issues. There was going to be hiccups, there was going to be problems. That was okay. We're going to work around them. Three, they kept taking action. They just figured things out.

And you know I go back to Pat Flynn as mentioned before, ‘Just-in-time learning’. But don't worry about learning everything down the pipe until you get down there. Only worry about things that are concerning you now that you have to fix or you have to deal with. So, again, that was number three. They kept taking action, they figured things out as they went.

Number four, they surround themselves with like minded people like being at an event or in a Facebook group. Surrounding yourself like minded people is powerful. Surrounding yourself with not like-minded people or negative people, can be harmful, be toxic. So understand that too. You may need to trim some of those people. And I'm not saying you got to get rid of people, I'm just saying you got to have less activity with those people maybe. You know who they are, you know the people that might be raining on your parade. Those are the people.

Five, they just never gave up, he's kept pressing on. I'm going to make this thing work because this is what I want. My why is big enough that I'm going to keep going and keep going and keep going. You’re just never giving up. You realize when I left my construction job back when I was about twenty four-ish, twenty five-ish, I think it was, I have to go back and look at the exact age I was. I have never worked for another person and I'm going to be 45 years old this year. That's pretty crazy but you know what, my why, was there, my lifestyle business that I wanted to create was there. So understand that you don't have to have it all figured out but you can't give up.

[00:22:06] Scott: You can't give up if you really want it. Now, you may be like, “You know what, I would rather just work for someone,” and that's cool. I respect that. It's okay. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Now, number six they believed they could do it. “But how do you believe you can do it Scott if you don't believe in yourself?” It’s a great question. The way you do it, is you surround yourself with like minded people. It's contagious. Have you ever seen a baseball team that's doing really well? They're hitting really well, everyone starts to hit well. You ever noticed that? Maybe you're not a baseball fan.

If you aren't, well that's what happens. Maybe you just relate that to something else. You ever notice when you're around people that are like minded and someone starts to do something and then it starts to kind of just… Everyone starts to do the same kind of thing and they start to get the same kind of results? Negatively, that can happen too. Maybe everyone sitting around talking about how negative things are, then you’re going to be in a negative place. But you can. I believe you can manufacture this by surrounding yourself with like-minded people or listening to a podcast like this one right here. Hopefully, this is going to know that you're not alone in that we believe in you, meaning the TAS community. To me, it's all about how can I let you know that I was exactly where you are right now, maybe, in the mindset of not believing in myself.

If you can't believe in yourself, someone else has to believe in you. Where do you find that? You have to surround yourself with those people. Do a local meetup, create a local meet up and have people come in that are also talking about this. Start there, do a local meet up if you want or do an online meetup. Do it on a Facebook page or a group. Where you can surround yourself with… I've had people drive six hours to come to a TAS meet up because they want to be surrounded with other people that are like-minded and they knew that that would help them mentally.

[00:24:12] Scott: And also it would help them give them other ideas, and maybe even bounce ideas off of each other. There's just a huge amount of, to me power in being around like minded people. So, that was like number five. But number six was, believe that you can do it.

The only way you can believe you can do it is number one, believe it. But how do you do that? Well, you got to get results. If you get results, that's going to be like… Even like a mini win will prove to you that you can do it. And if you believe that you can do it, that's going to then spring you into wanting to do more. It’s going to motivate you do want to do more. That's why we came up with 1K Fast Track. To be quite honest with you guys, I wanted to figure out what's holding people back from jumping into the private label game?

Well, the fear of not picking the right product. So let's skip that for a second here. Let’s start where we can actually get a result like in seven days and prove to yourself that you can make a dollar or you can make $100 or you can make $1,000 in a short period of time. So we did the 1K Fast Track. If you guys are there if you're in that place, I would encourage you to go over to 1kfasttrack.com go over to that page, check it out, you'll hear exactly what I'm talking about there. And at the time you go there, it may not even be open.

So I'm not pushing you there to have you join, obviously in the future. If we open and you wanted to join, I would say it’d be a great place for you start. If you're stuck, you get a ton of support there as well from other people that are in a similar situation. You also get to see where people actually were at that place and now they're not at that place, they are further ahead now. Because people would say, “Scott, I was stuck. I went ahead, I did the seven day challenge.” That's what we do in the very beginning, we do the seventy challenge. “I made 800 bucks, 500 bucks, 300 bucks, 100 bucks whatever, in seven days and it motivated me to want to go out there and do it again, and again, and again,.”

[00:26:03] Scott: I'm telling you results motivate you to want to do more. Makes sense, right? So you have to believe that you can do it. And the only way to do that is to have people that can actually help you with that and be their supporters and also you do it yourself by you getting results. Look, I went back I was a construction worker. I graduated to being a photographer, I didn't believe in myself. I did it and then I said, “Holy crap. I can do this.” And then I said, “Okay, I'm doing well there let's go ahead in photography. Now let's teach it online. Let's actually have programs and let's have a community around what I've learned through the past eight years of my photography journey.”  I don’t know if I can do it. I don't know if it's going to work I don’t know if people are going to really listen, boom fast forward, I've got a six figure business, doing exactly that.

But I didn't believe it at first until I proved that I could do it. And the same thing has went on. I don't think I can sell things on eBay, I don't know if I know everything about eBay that I'm supposed to know. You know what, the best way to learn, put something up and see what happens. That's the easiest way to learn that. But I did that and I got results. And, “Oh, boy. Look at this thing, this eBay thing kind of works.” Try this Amazon thing. Holy crap. First six months did $120,000 in revenue, not profit, validation. It works.

First year, $300,000, wow. Now I've partnered with a bunch of brands. I've helped a bunch of people now and I haven't done a total. I probably should total up everybody that I've helped so far, with just the podcast or my class, and see exactly what the number is. It’s got to be millions. It has to be. I have screenshots right now that I know is over a few million just from people that have sent me emails, that I've kind of collected a little bit to kind of keep as a reminder of what I'm doing is helping other people. But you know I mean, you gotta understand that doing this, you're going to have those doubts. It's normal.

[00:27:58] Scott: But you have to have a mental mindset to be able to push through and surround yourself with those like minded people. I met a couple at Sellers Summit. I met a couple. They came up, funny story too. The wife came up first, introduced herself, I didn't see the husband didn’t know who he was, didn't even see him. And she came up, told me her whole story, and she's like, “Oh, my gosh, I've listened your podcasts since the beginning. I didn't know anything about selling online, didn't know anything about Amazon. I took your advice and the podcast. All we did was follow the podcast, and we did, I think it was like $500,000 and now we're on track to do like over $1.5 million in like 18 months.” Am like, “Holy crap. You got to share this with me. You would have emailed me this.” She says, “Oh, I don't want to bother you.” I go, “No, I want you to bother me with that.” That motivates me,that inspires me to continue to want to help.

Anyway, so I talk to her, awesome congratulations, high fives. Everything. I went in the other room and another guy approached me. He goes, “Hey, I just want to let you know I am a huge fan of the podcast. I listen to your podcast. My wife and I…” And basically, it was her husband. He came up. So then we brought them together, we met, we had a great conversation and just awesome people. But again, they told me, “It started slow. We had some issues in the beginning. We had product issues. We had shipping issues. We had maybe…” I think it was customs issues. They had all kinds of little issues but they pushed through it. And they kept believing in themselves and they probably had a good support network between the two of them.

Now, I had a landscaper that I met there. And he listened and he said well he was… He was actually on his own business, a landscaping business and he knew that that wasn't what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. And he was a young guy. And I think I'm going to even have him on the podcast too. Great story, great guy. Actually, he lives in Hawaii which I want to go to Hawaii. So he said, “Yeah, come on over we'll make something happen. Maybe we’ll do a will do a TAS meet up in Hawaii next year maybe or something like that.” But anyway, he came up to me and said, “I listened to the podcast, I did it. It wasn't perfect all the time but I did it and I pushed through and I'm on track to do over $500,000 in less than a year. “Holy cow, this stuff is crazy.”

[00:30:01] Scott: I kept hearing this over and over and over again from people that were listeners of the show or just people in general. And it came down to them just continuing to take action, to learn, to understand that everything's not going to be perfect and to learn as you go. And that's huge. That's really a big thing. So that's all you take away from this episode. That's going to be a huge one. You’re probably going to want to write that one down. Whatever that thing is that's blocking you right now, you got to figure that thing out. Figure that thing out and that thing could unlock the keys for your success.

So let me just kind of… Again I can go on and on here and I am just about approaching the 30-minute mark and I try to keep these so this way here you guys can get through these. But there's no limit as far as how long I can talk here, you guys know that as long as my voice holds up. But, again, there's people out there in our community that are saying like, “Oh, here's the secret. Here is the nine steps. Here is the three steps, here is the hack.” And you know I kind of want to address that right now because I know that a lot of times I'm not like giving out those really catchy, hooky, headlines or subject lines because that's just not my style, number one. But number two, I don't really believe it.

I don't believe there are secrets that you guys don't know that I haven't already revealed. So I kind of want to break that down for you guys really quickly and to me it's really simple. For getting started, and we're talking about Amazon right now. This could be your own ecommerce, it could be anything you want. But number one, this is the nine steps, okay? The nine secrets, we’ll call them secrets for today's episode.

Number one is finding a market that's looking for products to buy. It's pretty simple, right? It's no secret. I just watched Shark Tank again last night I know… I had a guest and he said, “No, that’s fake.” It's probably not staged in a sense but then they know they make it a show, I get that.

[00:32:00] Scott: But the one common thing that they keep saying over and over, and over again is, “What are your sales?” “Oh, I'm in pre-launch right now, we haven't had any sales yet.” “Bye, see you.” We need to find a market that's looking for products to buy and we need to validate them, this is step two, secret number two, validate they’re selling on Amazon.

Just use Amazon as your validation tool even if you don't sell on the Amazon you want to validate that there's actually a market there for it. So it's there for us. It hasn't been any easier ever to be able to do that. Is to see what your competition is selling and then you to decide if you want to go into that market or not.

Read Reviews which is step three, by the way, I am doing this off the top of my head and then I'm going back to my notes and I go, “Oh, that’s step three.” So number one is, find a market that's looking for products to buy. Two, validate they are selling using Amazon. It’s just a tool if you want to.

Three, read competitors negative reviews, make yours better. And then four, have your product made with great packaging. Now, in the beginning, it doesn't have to be like custom, it just has to be unique. And if you can use their standard packaging, to kind of speed up that process then from there you can do that and then you can always upgrade it or enhance it later but hire someone to do some nice graphics, all of that stuff. Again, I'm not going to go into all that in today's episode. That's that step.

So four is, have some nice packaging, and try to put that packaging in your image if you can. So if you have your first image, you might want to put your product and your packaging in there. I think that's good anyway to prevent hijackers and stuff like that because hijackers are going to see that and it’s going to be hard for them to replicate that.

Five, create an optimized Listing. We talked about this plenty of times. I'll give you a quick little recap. Images, title, bullets, description, search terms in your back end. That's creating an optimized listing and that's something you're going to do over and over again.

[00:34:01] Scott: You're going to make better and better by looking at some of your other stuff as far as like pay-per-click or maybe competitor stuff, all of that. So five is, create an optimized listing.

Six, launch to a list. Okay? Whether that's your own email list or a deal site that you that you trust, just get the products out there and launch them. So many people want to make money on the first run. I always tell people, “You know what, your first run you're probably not going to make any money. You should be happy to break even. So, many people they’re like, “But Scott, I don't want to give away my product at a discount. I want to sell it at full price because I want to make my 35% or 50% margin rate out of the gate.”

And I go back to well if you were to open a brick and mortar store, would you do a grand opening sale? And if you say, No, then I say, “Well, you've got some learning to do.” And I met a guy actually in Seller Summit that he said, he'd done plenty of grand openings for brick and mortars. It's generally like a $10,000 grand opening budget.

So understand the launch is really, really important. But, number six like I said, is launch to a list, get sales. Amazon is all about sales. So there's your secret. Get sales. And like I said, you can use your own email list which we talk about in… The workshop addresses, theamazingseller.com/buildlist. Check that out if you want to start building your own launch list. And then seven is turning on pay-per-click. Pay-per-click, sponsored product ads, Amazon pay-per-click, whatever you want to call it. Turn that on, and start generating sales through those search terms or your keywords.

And then from there, here's the big one. Ready? Here's the big secret. You're going to look at your data. You're going to look at your data and start seeing what people are actually searching for. Now, I'm not going to go into this, this could be a whole another topic which we actually did a full week on pay-per-click, theamazingseller.com/ppc. Go there, tons of resources, explains everything, go check that out if you're at all interested.

[00:36:05] Scott: And if you're at that stage, if you're not at that stage yet, don't worry about that. Don't get there yet. So pay-per-click is great for getting sales but also in the beginning, it's great to get intel about your market, about what they're actually searching for. Because you're going to put in a keyword like garlic press but they're going to actually type in, stainless steel garlic press and you're going to see that in your report.

And number eight, follow up with customers after they purchase. You can do this manually or you can use a tool. I use Salesbacker. There is also Feedback Genius. There's other ones out there but I’ve have used Feedback Genius in the beginning, and I switched to Salesbacker. I’m using Salesbacker currently right now. Nothing wrong with either of them. Good tools.

And then nine, rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Now, are there going to be other things that have to happen in this process? Yes, there are. But you're going to do those as they need to be done as you grow, as you scale. Very simply guys, it's nine steps like nine things that you need to wrap your head around. There's no secrets out there. I've given you everything that you need and it's proven because the people that I've met Sellers Summit that came up to me and said, “Scott, I’m doing $500,000. I'm doing $60,000. I'm doing $250,000. I'm doing half a million dollars.”

Like all these people come up to me, they followed exactly what I'm sharing with you. So understand that you don't need the secrets or the hacks, or the shortcuts, if you want the long-term success, and you want to do it right, that's how you do it. So guys, I went a little bit longer than I wanted to. But this was a little bit of something that I wanted to get off my chest a little bit in a sense. A little bit of a rant, in a good way, I think. And guys let me know if you want to do more of these. If you want to do more of this mindset stuff? I've done this before and I've asked and a lot of people said, “Yes.”

[00:38:12] Scott: That's why I'm doing another one and even people in person said, “Scott, I love them. I want to do more of those. Those are awesome.” I may even do something maybe even weekly or maybe every couple times a week. I might even jump on Facebook live and do something about this because I think it's so very, very important and so very powerful that I want to be able to get you to be able to get through those sticking points, so you can get the potential out of you. Because there's so much probably that you have deep inside that you don't even know are your strengths, until you start down this road, and you start to learn more about yourself as you do this.

Take it from me someone who, again, going all the way back to when I was a 19 year old kid, I did not have that believing in myself as far as in business. I was a young kid, didn't know a lot, didn't go to college. Now, if you go back to my high school days when I was playing sports, I was confidence heck. I was a pretty good athlete because I had confidence. Because, again I practiced. I played a lot of sports when I was a kid. But I also played with a lot of older kids. Another tip. Raise the bar. Raise the bar higher than you think. It's funny. I was talking to my good friend Dom Sugar and you know I haven't given any public updates with what I've been working with him on the side, and I think he'd be cool that at this point, so I'm going to do it anyway.

Dom Sugar is a good friend of mine. Someone that kind of came to me with his own mental little barrier with weight loss. And you know I had a little heart to heart with him. He's a good friend of mine now I feel he is always part of my family in a sense, and I’d seen that he was not healthy. So I said, “You know what, let's do something. If you're up for it let's do it.”

[00:39:59] Scott: So we kind of came up with a plan, a health plan in a sense, and a fitness and all that stuff, nothing crazy. And it's been not that long. It's been less than three months and he's dropped about 84 pounds, I believe it is, at this point in time. 80 to 85 pounds, somewhere in that range. Crazy, right? He's dialed in right now, his mindset is really powerful. But the one thing I told him because he would report back to me and say, “You know what? I think I can hit this goal.” And I'm like, “You know what, I think you can do five pounds more.” And he said, “That's a lot.” And I said, “Yeah. But you know what, I wouldn’t be a good coach if I just let you settle there. I got to have you strive to be better, to do more, to ask more of yourself.” And same thing goes financially.

If you want to make $100,000 a year, why not try to make $150,000 a year? Set your target there, reverse it back. How much is that a day? Go after that target and you know what, if you fall short, it might $120,000 or $125,000. Generally, it's going to be over what you were shooting for that's why I always like to shoot for those higher goals. Not out of range goals, just goals that are going to make you stretch we call them stretch goals. So anyway, a little bit of a tangent today. A little bit of a rant but I love doing the ranting thing.

It's kind of cool because I get this off my chest and it's what I believe it's in me. It's kind of in my DNA, in a sense, to where… I've got my daughter who's 21, going to be 22. I can see just by looking at her that she's definitely got exactly what I have as far as like that drive and that motivation, and my son now who is 19, who is starting to show signs of it. And my nine year old. I'm just starting to see that we can also, for people that are in our lives, it's going to help those people as well in our surroundings or if you have kids. So, to me it is contagious and just to understand that it's a process.

[00:42:00] Scott: So, guys, that's pretty much what I got for you today. Hopefully, that's cool. Hopefully, I got you guys thinking and you guys can maybe do a little bit of a mental shift. Maybe even you want to come back maybe bookmark this one. Definitely go check out the show notes, the transcripts, any links that I mentioned will be there as well. theamazingseller.com/369. And again, it's where we talk all about mindset and that nine step secret formula. Being sarcastic with the secret, by the way.

All right guys. So that's it. That's pretty much going to wrap it up. As always, remember I'm here for you and I believe in you, and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, we're in this together guys, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Nice work Scott! As a 23 year old just getting into this after university I find this stuff is repeated by all successful people – very helpful. Reading/listening to autobiographies of successful people I have found is a great way to show yourself what is possible. Keep up the good work!

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