TAS 346 Ask Scott Session #106 – Split Testing – Ungating – Enhanced Content + Random Stuff

Are you fired up and ready to go for the weekend? No? Then make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller and another installment of Ask Scott. On this episode, you’ll get important updates on TAS events and projects, Scott’s weekly message, and of course answers to questions from listeners like you! As always you’ll get the best insights and links to resources you need to see success and results in your business. Make sure you take the time to listen and even grab a friend who needs to hear about this great business opportunity!

Movement + Patience = Results

Everyone wants to see exponential growth and RESULTS. But seeing the results you’ve been dreaming about can be a long journey. You will need to learn some vital truths to get you where you want to be with your business. One of the most important lessons you can learn is to exercise lots of patience. This is especially vital when you are trying to build a business selling on Amazon. If you’d like to hear Scott go deeper with this truth, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Is it the right time to start Split Testing?

If you’ve seen your product listing gain steady and sizable traffic and you are ready to start branching out with options like listing different variations it might be time to start split testing. What does that process look like? What results should you expect to see? There are so many tools and processes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott walks through this process and how you get the most out of it. Make sure you grab pen and paper, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Gaining access to a gated product category

Getting into gated categories on Amazon can be a very frustrating process. Have you done your research? Are you certain that the product you want to be listed in that category is going to bring you enough value to make the effort worth it? If so, there are a few options you have at your disposal to gain access to a gated category. Don’t give up hope! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott goes over his suggestions on how you can get access to a gated category. Don’t miss it!

Enhanced Brand Content

What benefits can using enhanced brand content on your product listing bring you? This is a complicated issue because it's going to be different for each seller. The best way to figure out the effectiveness of this method is to do a test on your product listing. Because there are multiple factors in place, giving it a good test is the best approach. If you decide to do down this route, make sure you record your data before and after the test to note any changes to your conversion rate or additional numbers. If you’d like to hear Scott go into more detail about this topic, make sure to catch this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:30] Some great TAS updates to be excited about.
  • [8:00] Scott’s message of the week. Movement + Patience = Results!  
  • [9:30] Question #1: Regarding split testing, what volume would you look for before you'd consider running a split test?
  • [16:50] Question #2: What are your suggestions for getting into a gated product category?
  • [23:25] Question #3: A question about enhanced brand content.


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TAS 346: Ask Scott Session #106 – Split Testing – Ungating – Enhanced Content + Random Stuff


[00:00:02] Scott: Well hey, hey what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 346 and session number 106 of ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and well you guys probably know what I'm going to say next? I love doing these. I love spending time with you. I love listening to your questions and today is no different. I am super pumped to be here and to answer some of those questions…

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Now those questions today, I’m going to give you guys like a little bit of what we're going to be talking about. One of the questions was about split testing, one of them was about ungating and one of them was about enhanced content which are all pretty important stuff and I’m going to give you guys my thoughts on these questions that were submitted by you the listener. Now if you do have a question you want me to air on an upcoming show and give you my thoughts just head over to the theamazingseller.com/ask and do that. Ask a question, leave your first name, maybe where you're tuning in from and then just ask that question and I'll do my best to air it on an upcoming show.

Now I’m super excited again, not just for this show. I mean I’m super excited about the show but I’m really excited about things that are happening, whether it's within the Amazon business space, I mean we've got some really cool things that we're doing in our own brands and I’m really excited to start sharing some of those things with you. We have a brand right now that we've started from scratch and it's a full fledged brand. Like we're talking like a front person, we've already started building lists inside of that market, we don't even have a product there yet but we have three in pre-production, we've got about two or three more that are in the development stages and it's just really, really awesome and I can't wait to see how everything kind of unfolds and I'm really excited if I haven't said that like 100 times already since this show has started the recording. But I am, I'm pumped about that.

The other thing that I'm really excited about is, I've had a lot of you reach out to me and say, “Scott when is the next TAS breakthrough live event going to be?”

[00:02:00] Scott: The actual in-person event and the last time we did this we actually broke up into two days, we did one day of hot seats and then we did another day of workshopping in a sense. It was like us going through a case study that we had built a list in. It was all about list building and funnels and all of that stuff and we had a lot of people say, “We really would like more on that. We would really like to be able to have you show us and maybe build with us our own little funnel or our own little list building machine.” And so what we've decided to do and actually by the time this thing airs it could be totally filled because it's going to be very small. It's going to be only 15 people at this little closed event.

So it's not going to be a full-fledged TAS Breakthrough Live, but it's going to be more of a workshop, more of us in the same room, going through the strategy, the technique but also then building it along with all of these people. And we've decided to do it in my neck of the woods this time in North Carolina.

The other thing that we're going to be doing is having an unofficial meetup in North Carolina. So we're going to do that the night before our small workshop, so this way here we can kind of get together with TAS listeners that are in this area or that want to make a short travel to North Carolina. It's going to be in Charlotte which I know a lot of people have reached out to me and said, “Scott when you're going to do one in Charlotte?”

So that's part of the reason why we wanted to do this, also because I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer myself, whether it's a family vacation or speaking engagement or my daughter's wedding, there's a lot of different things that we're going to be doing personally. So I figured I'd keep it closer to my home base but then also be able to do an in-person workshop type thing and that's what we're going to do. So if you are interested in that you can head over to theamazingseller.com/live and you can see details on that or you can look and see exactly what we're doing there. Now let me just say that I am recording this after I’ve already kind of semi announced that.

[00:03:57] Scott: I announced it to a very small list of people that have been to our past live events or that even have been interested in our live events and I'm giving them the first option to go. Now it will be a paid event. It will be like I said a full eight, nine hours worth of us hanging out together and then you guys walking away understanding the entire process and having something built so you can start building your own launch list and your own product launch list to boost your products or you know boost your BSR or whatever. That's what we're really doing here.

So if you are interested definitely check that out. I’m super excited about it. Like I said, by the time you listen to this and you go there it very well may be filled, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't jump on the early notification list because those people always get first option to grab a ticket when we do a live event. So again just want to kind of throw that out there, if you're interested it will be at the end of June or the third week in June is what we're shooting for, so we don't even have the exact date as the time I’m recording this Ask Scott but by the time you go there, by the time this thing airs, it will be there. It will be public.

We're pretty sure that it's going to be the third week in June. It'll be on a weekend, but the unofficial meetup that's going to be for anyone. So anyone that wants to come, totally free. If you want to come hang out with us for a few hours, we're going to do that as well and that will most likely be on that Friday and then we'll do our workshop on Saturday and what I’ll do is if you just go to theamazingseller.com/live, if you go to that page, I’ll have the free unofficial meet up on there as well so you can click on that link and it'll take you to the event page.

So we can at least get a head count as far as how many people are going to be showing up for the unofficial meet up, the little meet and greet and the hangout so definitely go over to that link and that will allow us to see how many people are coming. Again just want to throw that out there, let you guys know again how excited I am to be able to do this and wanting to do this it's going to be really, really awesome. I’ll link everything up in the show notes to this episode which is theamazingseller.com/346. That's probably going to be the easiest link for you guys to go to because all the links will be there.

[00:06:02] Scott: And the last thing that I’m super excited about is our 1K Fast Track group which it’s our second group that's going through this and I have to say I'm just blown away as the results are ready. The first 7 days before we even started the class that class generated over $5,900 in 7 days. We told them what to do on Saturday the following Saturday they came back and reported the numbers and it was $5,900 and some change. It was just insane. So it does clearly work and for you guys that want to go out there and try to earn your own money in the first 7 days without even having a product right now, visit theamazingseller.com/312 and basically that's what we told them to do, it's the exact same thing inside of our 1K Fast Track group.

So definitely go check that out, give yourself that little challenge and do it and you'll be surprised, you'll probably walk away with a few hundred dollars in your pocket just by looking at stuff that you have in your possession right now and just selling it. It's a matter of just what to do it and then see the results and it's all about momentum you guys have heard me talk about that before.

Two people in that group already and we haven't even been through our first official week, have already generated $1,000 each, which is crazy. They actually, they blew me away because we didn't have that result in the first group. The first group we had a few that did but it took them probably 3-4 weeks. But this is like within a week, within about actually about 10 days they're already at 1k which is insane. So again if you guys want any information on the 1K Fast Track, it's closed right now currently but when we do re-open we may even make that an ongoing where you can come in at any time. Right now it's a closed group but if you want more details on that you can always head over to 1kfasttrack.com. Again that's 1kfasttrack.com.

All right so, let's get ready to rock and roll. There is one thing I want to share with you, my message of the week and this is pretty simple and here it is. There's two words for you, movement plus patience.

[00:08:01] Scott: What the heck do I mean? Work on something, let it happen, like let the results happen and as you're doing that work on something else while you're waiting. So many people, they do something they sit back and wait and then they get impatient and then they start tweaking things that they shouldn't be tweaking at, perfect example is pay-per-click, if you're running sponsored product ads and you're not letting it run 14 days, 30 days before you start tweaking, you're rushing it. Do that, set it, forget it for a little while, move on to something else that you can work on. So movement plus patience, that's going to equal results. So definitely, definitely do that. It's something that I have a tough time doing as well because I want to always be kind of tweaking but whatever you're doing it's always a smart idea to create movement by doing something but then having the patience to let it actually happen and don't start overreacting too soon and start adjusting because you're panicking in a sense.

Just let it happen and one of the one of the biggest things is with sponsored product ads, a lot of people just they want to see results like two days. It's just not going to happen, you gotta let that data to kind of come in. So I just wanted to share that with you guys, my message of the week is movement plus patience equals results. So maybe even write that down, that's a good one to write down, that's a writer downer, if I haven't said that before. All right guys, so let's get rocking and rolling. Let's go ahead and listen to today's first question and I'll give you my answer, let's do this.


[00:09:30] David: Hi Scott. This is David. I’m a long term listener and do it from Northern Ireland. I love the show, this is my second question actually so thanks for your help previously. A quick question today regarding split testing and what volume would you look for before you'd consider running a split test? My main product gets about 50 to 60 sessions a day and converts at 12 to 15%. This is in the UK so volumes are much less than the US. I know 50 sessions isn't a whole lot but it's okay, so I'm keen to start testing some variables but I know that volume is the key to statistical significance. Would you want to see more volume than that? Maybe I should concentrate on traffic right now more than conversions but I would love to get stuck in and do some testing so my question is do you think it's worthwhile testing variables with only 50 sessions a day? Okay, thanks again Scott.

[00:10:28] Scott: Hey David. Thank you so much for the repeat question or the repeat guest that is. Yes this is the second time that you've made the show so I want to thank you for that. Thank you for being a long time listener as well, it's a great question. Now you have 50 sessions per day. Now people that are brand new and they don't know what that means, that means that that's how many visitors were getting to the listing. That how many eyeballs were getting on the listing. So that’s 50 you know 50 people or 50 sessions. So just to kind of clarify that for anyone that's new. Now, when you have traffic and I think 50 is great.

I mean it's 50, I mean would you like 100? Yeah. Would you like 200? Yeah. So should you be working on getting more traffic every single day? Yes of course, especially if you're converting at 12%. Well if you get an extra hundred people to show up at that page, that's an extra 12 sales if they still convert at 12%. So a lot of times, we try to figure out like what are all the products that we can launch versus how do we optimize what we currently already have? I think it's really, really smart if you can focus on those things.

Now with that being said, I think you have enough traffic to start running tests. That means, what's going to happen is, when you have 50 sessions you're going to have those 50 sessions that day showing one thing and then the next day it shows something else and it just keeps flip flopping back and forth. That's why they call them AB tests, because you have A you know version A and then you have version B and then you kind of use that to gauge how it's converting with different elements that you're changing.

Most of the time you're changing price, sometimes you're changing an image, which I think I had Greg Mercer on not that not long ago and we talked about split testing and I'm actually going to direct you to that resource. The resource that you can go to and there's actually some downloads there on split testing, there's also a statistical significance calculator free that's there as well. He does have a tool called Splitly which that's there. If you want to go ahead and test drive that you can do that as well but there's also some split testing 101 stuff, some hacks and things that he's put together for the TAS audience.

[00:12:36] Scott: So if you want to check that out, I strongly advise you doing that and that can be found at theamazingseller.com/splitly, full disclosure. Yes I'm affiliate, yes I earn a cup of coffee if you end up deciding to use that software. But it's a great tool to do this because you can set it and kind of forget it and then come back and let the traffic kind of tell the story and it allows you to kind of flip flop back and forth without you having to manually do that and he talks about that even in these reports that in order to do it properly you have to do it at the exact same time every single day so it's really important that you do that.

With only having 50 which I say only, it's still good but by having 50, you're going to need to wait a little while and I think your question was like when is there enough. There really isn't one set rule and that's why it’s statistical significance, that's a hard one to say by the way. Statistical significance. Statistical significance calculator, that will also help you do that because it'll take some of those other metrics and figure it into the equation, but if you weren't going to be using a tool, I would say, I mean usually like a thousand sessions would be like a good chunk of like visitors that are seeing that offer.

Now if you have 100 sessions a day, that's only going to take 10 days. And it's pretty simple math. If you have 50, well it's going to take 20 days. Now I'm just throwing out a number there, in my own head it's like a thousand sessions, that's a good chunk of sessions. That's a thousand different people seeing something and then reacting but there's also a lot of other factors that come into it. The day, it could be a certain time of the day, it could be certain days of the week, that's why you want to let that run for not just two days and then decide. Even if you had 500 sessions a day and you got a thousand in two days that wouldn't be enough data because you didn't give it enough time.

[00:14:30] Scott: Usually I think even Greg had said, like 14 days is like the minimum that you want to let a test run but again that it's going to depend on your traffic and all those things. So I think at 50 you're going to need to let that run a little while. If you increase your traffic then obviously that can make that time go down a little bit but I would say you're at a good place. Let it run, give it time. I talked about the beginning like you know the beginning of this of this podcast about how we want to do something and then let it sit, be patient with it. Well that's where this comes in as well. You have to be patient when you're doing a test like this and I think by being patient and putting something in motion like this it can be really, really rewarding on your end because you can discover things that you never would have known if you didn't test these things.

If you want to test your price point at let's say you're charging $19.97 right now and then you bump into $23.97 and you all of a sudden find out that $23.97 converts higher for some reason, you're making more money and you never would have known that if you didn't run that test. You’re just assuming. Don't assume, let the numbers speak to you. Same thing with sponsored product ads, it’s the same thing. You have to be patient with this. So I think you're in a good place, I would give it at least a thousand sessions or again like up to 14 days.

I would strongly recommend anyone that's thinking about this and I think that everyone should be thinking about this, is definitely go check out those resources, theamazingseller.com/splitly and just download those and kind of understand split testing but then also use that calculator even if you're not going to use the tool. If you want to automate this thing then I definitely strongly recommend using the tool and then this way here you can just set it, forget it, look back at the data and then it's going to let you know. It's going to let you know the winner and it's going to let you know the one that did better and then you can just keep improving upon that, so I definitely think it's smart to be thinking about split testing.

So let's go ahead and listen to the next question. One thing I want to say about this next question, it was a little glitchy on the audio, you can still make it out, there's nothing wrong with my end of the recording, just want to let you know that it's a little skippy here and here but you'll be able to make it out and then from there I can answer that question. I think it's a good question that's why I wanted to definitely post it here and then share it with you and then give you my feedback and my thoughts on this question. So let's go ahead and listen to that question now.

[00:16:49] Rick: Hey Scott. This is Rick calling from Erie Pennsylvania. Big shout out to you guys. You and Chris and Dom just for everything you guys do and making this thing happen, really appreciate it. So I've been listening for a while, probably last eight months and just recently pulled the trigger, sourced my products, took all those steps and ordered my product and ended up ordering you know I did this [Inaudible 00:17:23] rate which I got really fortunate there because there’s an awesome freight forwarder here in town and he's really taking care of me and made that whole process as simple as possible which is awesome.

So I have my product kind of put the cart before the cart before the horse though because the category I want to sell in, where all my competition is majority of sales, that's in the, what is it? Home and personal care and big problem here that's gated. Now I went through and I listened to your other show about how getting ungated and that whole process and how that works and kind of screwed up a little because I should have had my invoice split into three. Then didn't get that done but nonetheless as you know, I decided just to go ahead and try anyway and so I have my one invoice and some other documentation [Inaudible 00:18:22] and all that good stuff, so I thought maybe you know, maybe I can get in.

I tried it, got rejected, tried it, got rejected. I probably got rejected like four times, it's like crazy but each time I get rejected it’s some other vague statement as to why. So one of the recurring things though in these rejection process is, they can't validate my vendors address. Which seems crazy to me because I mean they're a pretty big manufacturer, they have a hundred plus people, they do $10 million a year in sales. I mean what's the problem with getting their address validated?

So I guess I’m at a little bit of a stalemate their, so I was thinking about going it a different route. Now correct me if I’m wrong, if I was to get ungated in that category for another product, something I could source maybe locally or within the United States, I am then good, I open that category for all products. So I was thinking about possibly just taking that route and curious what your thoughts are with doing something like that. Let me know what you're thinking. Thanks so much for everything you do.

[00:19:43] Scott: Hey Rick. Thank you so much for the question and thanks for being a listener, I appreciate it and yeah this is a great question and I just want to say anyone out there that is trying to get ungated into a category it can be frustrating, trust me. It definitely, definitely can. Now you kind of said, whether it’s a couple things that you might have did, that you could've did differently before you submitted it and yes that's true. But let's talk about your solution that you kind of came up with here in a minute. Before I do though, if anyone else is thinking about getting ungated we did an episode, episode 212. So theamazingseller.com/212, the simple process for getting ungated is one that I did with Chris Shaffer.

We break it all down, we give you like the steps on how to do it and we also talk about being frustrated because sometimes you do everything by the book and then they still come back and they're vague. My one recommendation would be, get on the phone with someone. Like call during the business hours, speak to someone there. You can also request the catalog team and talk to someone there that might also be a way to talk to someone that can help you further rather than just going through the email communication. But you really just want to be very persistent about this and just keep asking questions and then eventually you'll probably get ungated but like you said there's probably going to be a workaround and I don't think there's anything wrong with this workaround that you came up with as long as you're not trying to launch a product that wouldn't get ungated for some reason.

I've always said that, like don't use like something to get around something so you can do something evil. We want to stay above board, we want to do things white hat, we want to do things for the long haul but you have a great solution I think and that's something that I would definitely consider because you're right if you get ungated in a category, you're now ungated for all of those products.

[00:21:42] Scott: Like now you can sell in that category, they're just gating you to get in. Once you get in you're in and yes if you have products that are going to violate terms of service and all that stuff you're going to eventually get found out and then you'll get your account banned or suppressed or whatever. So you gotta be careful with that, but I think your solution is a great solution. I think that's something that I would definitely consider and really what you're saying is maybe find something here in the States that's going to be easier for them to be able to validate the product. It would be a product that you would want to sell and that you're going to sell. I wouldn't say just do it for this purpose, I would say do it so you can actually sell it maybe that's your second product that you're going to be doing in this space and then from there you can then start to sell your other product that you've been trying to get ungated for.

So I think that's a great solution, again use it in the best way possible as far as like you know for good. Like don't do this to try to sneak your way in. I just want to stress that. I'm not about that at all. I would never recommend that but if you're doing this just because you've had a tough time communicating what you're doing with your rep or whatever this would definitely be a way that you could probably get around it and I'm okay with that myself personally. If I was to do it, I would feel okay about that as long as I knew that the products that I’m selling are legit and they're okay and there's nothing I'm trying to sneak by anybody.

So I think it's a great idea. So hopefully that helped you and great solution by the way and way to come up with that on your own and again guys if you want to know more about getting ungated the episode 212 would be the resource that I would point you to and I'll put all this in the show notes to this episode. So let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer let's do it.

[00:23:27] Roman: Hey Scott, my name is Roman. I'm from Kiev Ukraine. It’s in Eastern Europe for those guys who doesn't know and my question is regarding enhanced brand content. How do you see in your opinion which option from the five available is the best working for you right now because currently I’m using the one with a big banner and I didn't notice a huge difference in conversion rates? So I was wondering whether it is at all so useful taking into account that I suppose starting this February, it will be not free because currently it is in the promotional state which is good for us sellers. Thank you so much and hope to hear your answer soon. Bye.

[00:24:30] Scott: Hey Roman, thank you so much for the question and another international seller. I love it and I love it that you're a listener. Thank you so much for submitting this question and being a part of the TAS community. I thank you man, I appreciate it. So, this is a great question as well and there's not really an exact answer that I’m going to give you. What I am going to say is you probably want to test. So we talked a little bit about split testing, I don't think there's one set template that's going to work for everyone.

What I will say is however you can explain either the story about the brand better and visualize that for people or give a visual for that. That would be the way I would go or if it's a way that describes your product and shows the benefits and then the features not just the features, a lot of people focus on the features not the benefits trying to incorporate lifestyle images in the brand or the I'm sorry inside of the enhanced content. We also did another episode on this, how to use the new enhanced content features and why you should and that's episode 294.

So again I'll give you that free resource, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/294 or you can just go to the show notes to this episode, it's there and we talk all about the rollout of the enhanced content. I think it's a great thing to have.

The one thing I will say, is I'm not really sure that everyone that visits your listing will actually look at the enhanced content, depending on what template you pick of course but the ones that are more like the description down below a little bit, they're probably less likely to see that. So you want to take that in consideration but I what I would say is you might want to run a split test, like we talked about. Maybe you have one version that has the stuff more towards the top and then from there you take that same content but then you just lay it out differently in another design and then you test that.

[00:26:30] Scott: So you have two running tests, so it will basically flip back and forth. I'm pretty sure splitly will do that. Again I'm not 100% sure but if they will that's what I would do, if they won't then I would run it myself. I would just go in and change it and it's going to take some work if you have to do it yourself but I’m pretty sure splitly will do that for us. I’ll have to actually look into that myself and maybe even reach out to Greg and see if that's the case but I’m pretty sure because I know you can you can adjust the description and all that stuff and they're pretty much up to date on everything there. But I would say split test it, that's what I would do and you're not going to really know until you actually get visitors to land on those pages. I do know that your images are going to be something that will change your conversion for the good or the bad, so you have to play with those.

I think that's my first thing that I would always tell people. If you're split testing anything, it's going to be the main image and then images in general. Enhanced content allows us to then take those images or different images, you can't use the same images in your images that you have posted versus the enhanced content, they want them to be differently, different content, unique content. So it's another way for you to add more about your product, better description about it, benefits showing it being used, maybe the story behind the brand like all of that stuff, showing a face to the brand like all that stuff you're able to do now in enhanced content.

So I would say test it that's all I can really say. I'm not going to say like yeah you know version A is going to do better because it has images that are stacked vertically and then the other one is more horizontal and that one's going to do better. There's no really one set template that's going to work for everyone the same, I think it's got to be tested. So I know it wasn't an exact answer but hopefully it gets you thinking about split testing it, not just wanting to know what one should I use. I would test them, that's what I would do. Hopefully this helped you. Again I'm going to throw all of these links we did drop a lot of links in this Ask Scott session today.

[00:28:34] Scott: So an easy way to find all those links and the transcripts and the show notes is to head over to theamazingseller.com/346. So just go to theamazingseller.com/346 and you'll get all of today's show notes and the links and everything that we discussed. If you guys want to know more about our live list building workshop that we're going to be doing in North Carolina, definitely head over to theamazingseller.com/live see if there's any spots available.

If you're interested, I'm really looking forward to that and yeah just keep me posted in the Facebook group too. If you guys are not part of our TAS Facebook group, you really need to be. We have just about actually just crossed 45,000 active members inside of the TAS community and if you're not part of that yet you really need to be. There's a lot of people in there helping each other through this process and supporting each other through this process which I think is huge.

So definitely go check that out, again I'll link that up in the show notes, the quick link is theamazingseller.com/fb and I hope you guys can see. These are all free resources that I'm giving to you because I want you to take action. I want you to have the resources but I also want you to have the support network and that's what we're trying to create here within TAS. So hopefully you get yourself involved, you get out there, you get yourself moving.

Whether that's the smallest thing, do one thing that's going to move you closer to your goals or what you're working towards. All right, so guys that's it, that's going to wrap up this session of ask Scott in this episode. I want you guys to remember, as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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