TAS 316 Ask Scott Session #96 – Facebook Ads – Selling on Different Channels – Suppressed Listing of TOP Product

Most people slow down as they approach Friday but not Scott! He is fired up and ready to go. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott addresses some important questions regarding Facebook Ads, selling on different channels, suppressed listings, and so much more! Scott also gives an update on the status of his “Flow” and the temptations he’s overcome this past week. Make sure to listen as Scott challenges The Amazing Seller tribe to pay attention to what “Noise” you are letting into your mind. This Friday’s episode is a great way to kick off the weekend, don’t miss it!

Removing the “Noise”

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Where did that thought come from?” Do you find yourself easily sidetracked by all the distractions around you? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott takes a moment to address what might be causing these common issues. He is convinced that the main reason you face distractions or “Random thoughts” is because you aren’t paying close enough attention to the substance you let into your mind. This might sound weird, but it’s true! What you consume intellectually has a direct effect on what goes on inside your mind. This isn’t a debated issue when it comes to diet and nutrition – why should it be a surprise when the same principles are applied to thought life as well? Listen to this episode to hear how Scott has found success silencing the “Noise” and how you can too!

Looking forward to philanthropic opportunities

For many people part of The Amazing Seller tribe, the goal is financial independence. While that is a wonderful goal, there are others who have their sights set even higher. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you will hear from an enthusiastic member of the tribe who hopes to help others with his success. Scott then launches into a dream he has to participate in linking a successful product to a worthwhile cause. This is what success and financial freedom can bring you – the opportunity to dream big and get a vision for helping others!

Effective product advertising on Social Media and beyond

Every seller wants their product to catch fire and bring success. In addition to the standard process and methods Scott and Chris tackle, down the line there are ways to engage a Social Media audience for your product. Where do you start? When do you start? These are great questions and it’s important to remember that timing and strategy are key as your product gains success and takes off. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott address these questions and how to begin Social Media engagement. Don’t miss out on Scott’s valuable insight!

Dealing with Amazon Suppressing your listing

Imagine you are chugging along and your product is taking off, busting all your expectations. Sounds great, doesn’t it? What if, right in the middle of all that excitement and success, you find out that Amazon has suppressed your listing? Panic sets in. Then you find out that other listings that sell almost the exact same product that you were selling are still up and making money! What do you do? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott addresses this very scenario. His wisdom and helpful insight are on full display as he tackles this obstacle with all the experience he has gained. There are many reasons something like this might happen, it’s good to have resources like this one – just in case!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:20] Removing the noise.
  • [5:00] Getting into your flow – Update
  • [7:00] A success story from an audience member.
  • [7:30] Tieing the sale of a product to a great cause.
  • [11:00] Question #1: How do you utilize Facebook for advertising your product?
  • [17:15] Question #2: How do you choose which venue to promote your product through?
  • [23:50] Question #3: What do I do when Amazon suppresses my page? Should I move on?
  • [32:30] Remember, choose wisely about what you let into your brain!


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TAS 316: Ask Scott Session #96 – Facebook Ads – Selling on Different Channels – Suppressed Listing of TOP Product


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 316 and session number 96 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday, actually 96 Fridays to be exact right now. I love doing this stuff and if you guys have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can record a short message. Now what I’d like you to do though is….

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….leave your first name, where you're tuning in from and then just your brief question right there. That's all you've got to do and I'll do my best to work through those and try to get yours on the show here.  I'm really, really excited for today's show just because well, it's Friday and everyone is excited on Friday.

And I get to talk to you guys, I get to actually listen to your questions and give you guys some thoughts on those. Now I did want to give you my thought of the week and that really has to do with a lot of people telling me that they get overwhelmed including myself. I'm not sitting here saying that that doesn't still happen to me. It does but the one thing that has really worked for me and this is the theme that I want you to think about and maybe exercise this or try this and that is removing the noise. What I mean by that is it's really, really distracting when you go online, you go to your Facebook groups, you may go to mine, you know the TAS community, you may go to five others or ten others, who knows? There are so many new ones popping up. You think you're going to that new one and learn that one new little nugget.

Don't worry you're not alone, we've all thought that but for the most part, you're going to find what you need in one, maybe two groups. Same thing with people that you follow. Now whether you want to follow me or other people, that's cool but just understand that every single thing that you're starting to put into your mind…

[00:02:04] Scott: I call it like you're downloading into your head, you're also then being either influenced or you're saying to yourself maybe I should try that or maybe I should be thinking about that or oh my gosh, something just happened and I should pay attention to that even though you're not even there yet. Does that sound familiar? Where you're sitting there thinking to yourself, alright I'm in product research but then someone just told me something about sales tax and I go and start looking about this sales tax thing. We are not even there yet.

What I mean by that is try to limit what you're downloading into your brain at least when you're in maybe the building blocks phases. From there you can start to worry about the other things as they come. I learned this from Pat Flynn or I heard it from him and it's something I really do live by and that is called Just In Time learning. He had talked about and if you guys don't know Pat Flynn, he's got a great podcast; I actually interviewed him on episode 314, so definitely go listen to that one. He talks about how to validate a business and a product idea without even spending any money. So it's a really great episode and it was just a privilege to have him on and somebody that I’ve been following for a very long time. A lesson that he kind of taught me, and I'm not even sure if he thought of it himself, he might have learned it as well. He just passed it along to me but it's really something very, very simple.

But it’s hard in today's world with all of the social media, with all of the emails that we've got coming at us. You know what I'm talking about when you hear me talking about getting bombarded. You go into these different places and there's a ton of things and a lot of times it's good things sometimes but they're at the wrong time for you. What I really would like you to do or maybe think about doing is start to eliminate or start to not maybe go to certain areas or maybe only look at your email from certain people or maybe filter out those emails so you only see that ones that you want to see right now.

[00:04:04] Scott: The other one's go into a folder. That way you're not deleting them, you're just pushing it to a folder. This way here if you want to go back to that later you can do that. I know Pat Flynn talks about using Evernote and what he'll do is he'll just bookmark it, make a screenshot of it, whatever and he'll just put it into a folder.

If it's something about a Pinterest strategy or whatever and he thinks this is a cool new strategy and he might be able to use, he just bookmarks everything, throws it off to the side and then that way there it's not forgotten and it's not something that he's not going to maybe do but he's kind of stored it and he feels okay about leaving it now and then he comes back to what he's working on. I really, really love that mindset and that exercise on how to do that. It's going to help you feel less overwhelmed, it's going to allow you to get more stuff done that matters. We can sit here and say we're busy all day long but really what did we do that really mattered or that added to or helped us get further along on our journey to get to that next level or that next stage.

Now, little update here, I talked about on the last episode about flow, getting into your flow. I just want to give you guys an update because I think flow also has to do with what I’m just talking about right now. Once you get into that rhythm in a sense you want to stay there. I call that your momentum or your MO as I learnt from Darren Hardy from the book, The Compound Effect. You guys are probably tired about me talking about that book but it's really, really powerful. Right now, just a little update from me. I told you guys I started that T25 program with Shaun T and I am still in the flow. I’m dialed in, I’m locked in there's nothing that's going to derail me.

It's funny I sent an image to my son last night, who is in college and I was putting away the Cheez-Its, they were out, my daughter had a handful or two or three and she left him out and those things are a drug to me because I love those things. Any snacky type of salty food but anyway I took the box and I took a picture of me with my hand on it and my son texted back and he says, “Don't do it.” Because he knows that I’m locked in and I just did it as a joke and I was actually just putting it away. Which I really was.

[00:06:17] Scott: Anyway, I am locked in, I am in the flow you need to get in the flow yourself and you also need to remove distractions and the noise. That's my thought of the week and something that I'm thinking about as well. You have to guard what you download in your head. You have to. You really, really do. Now, before we jump into today's first question I did want to read something. Again I love getting emails from you guys, I love hearing updates, I love hearing how you guys are taking action and I wanted to read this one from Albert.

Albert wrote me and the email was very simple. It just said thank you and then it says, “I have been a longtime fan for a whole year, thanks to you I did $175,000 in December,” smiley face. He says, “Here's a snapshot and my story that you can talked about if you'd like to if you think that it would inspire other people.” So I was like cool, that's what I'm going to do. He says, “One day while complaining about my corp job to my wife she told me to quit and do something that mattered.

Three months later we launched our own business and the business is really about helping other organizations as well.” Which I think this is a really cool thing, so I'm going off of the script here for a second of the email that he wrote me. If you can tie a cause, and I've thought about this myself and it's something that I definitely want to do in the future. I want to tie a product that we sell to a cause to support that cause. A company that does that really, really well is Flex Watches and if you guys have not watched The Profit episode of those guys, really, really great story. I may even do a whole episode on that and really kind of break it down and dig into it. I think it's powerful how they started with the mission and then they started seeing the money. Then they got off the mission and their sales started doing down and then how Marcus Lemonis from The Profit brought them back to reality and kind of let them know what they really needed to do here.

[00:08:08] Scott: Whenever you can have a product and it ties into helping an organization for whatever that is, you're doing good and you're creating a really solid company. People a lot of times want to buy through that company because of the cause. I am not saying do this just because you can sell more stuff, I’m saying it's going to be a combo and it's going to be a good thing. Only use that for good, please. That’s what I want to do and I'm definitely going to do that. It's definitely on my bucket list. I'm going to create a product line or a business around a cause so this way here we can have sales come in, you can bring in money but then you can also donate a portion to a cause, I think it's beautiful. I'm going to move on.

He says, “We launched our website on shopify and connected it to FBA and I listened to every podcast you produced sometimes twice. Over the course of ten months we've successfully grown the biz from zero per month to $150,000 in December along with another $25,000 from other channels.” Then he goes on to say, “We've been hijacked, ripped off and Amazon loses a lot of our inventory but all of that doesn't matter because we just keep taking action. We’re on track to do $1.2 Million in our first year. Then he goes on to say, “There are a lot of people who make light of how easy it is to start an Amazon biz, it's not. But at the end of the day if you work really hard at it there is no other channel that delivers the demand and I have to credit you for giving me the motivation in the beginning not to give up. Many thanks Albert.”

That was awesome; Albert if you're listening thank you so much for sending me that, that really just makes my day, my week, my month, my year. It’s just really, really awesome when I get those types of emails and to know that I had a little something to do with it because obviously you had to do the work. If I can get you started and then get you going down that road and keep you motivated through you do that, when you do have those ups and downs that to me is the ultimate paycheck for me, honestly because you guys are out there actually doing it.

[00:10:09] Scott: That’s awesome. On the note of hearing from you guys, I know I get your questions but we’re going to do something a little different here. If you guys have a story like that or even something smaller than that, maybe you just launched your first product, you made your first 10 sales, whatever it is, if you're a podcast listener and if it's helped you in any way, I want to know about it. I want to hear about it. I’d love to highlight you.

What we’re doing now is we're accepting these audio messages from you. All you need to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and if you go there you can record a message personally and you can send it to me and I would love that and I may even air it on an upcoming show. So that would be cool. Definitely, definitely let me know how the podcast has helped you in any way at all, I want to hear it, I want to hear from you. Alright guys, let's rock and roll. Let’s get into today's first question and I will give you my answer. Let's do this.


[00:11:07] Victor: Hi Scott this is Victor from Russia. I have a question about your TAS session 254, you have said, “Now the cool thing is it's like a custom audience, now guess what we can do, we can create a lookalike audience. Now Facebook is going to go out there and find people that match that criteria in their profile and now you can branch out to hundreds of thousands of people that match that type of person.” Now my question is how are you going to make Facebook go out there, find people that match that type of person and advertise among them. Thank you. Best of luck and thank you for what you're doing.

[00:11:51] Scott: Hey Victor, thank you so much for the question all the way from Russia. Every time that I get a question from you guys that are all over the globe, it's just really, really awesome. It just proves how awesome our TAS community is. So I just want to say victor, thank you so much for being a listener. This is a great question. It's something that maybe more advanced for some of you just starting and it's okay. Again, going back to what I talked about in the beginning. Don’t worry about doing this now, worry about maybe archiving this little tip here and it’s come back to it.

Don't worry about it right now. For those of you that are at that point, you're thinking to yourself, you listened to episode 254 and that episode was actually a hot seat that Chris Schaffer and I did. It was titled, “Failing Product Plus Advice on Future Product Plan and Sales Funnel Mapping.” So we talk about sales funnels, the sales process and how to map all that stuff out. It's definitely a great episode. If you want to listen to that then maybe this answer will make a little bit more sense. What we're really talking about, again, we talk about this and even if you're just building a launch list, if you want to get people that are in your audience, a great way to do it is to build a list in that audience and then from that list we can then upload that email list to Facebook and then we can start to retarget those people or we can create lookalike audiences.

Some may be saying, “Well Scott I already have customers that have bought through Amazon how do I get them on a list?” Well we've talked about that before too and that is really insert cards is going to be a good way to do that but you're percentage is going to be low. Because now you have to get someone that takes opens up their package, they look at the insert card, they have a URL there, they click on it, they go to that page and then they can enter their name and email address for whatever you're offering in exchange for that. Now the other thing and we've talked about this and again it's always changing on what kind of information Amazon is giving us but if you have the phone numbers in the back end of your orders of your customers, you can actually take those and then upload those and then those will be a match type.

[00:14:00] Scott: At least you can or you could still do, not sure if can still do it but again that's a way that you can tap into your customers that you already have. I personally think that you can still just build a list, we've talked about this, we did a  workshop on this and depending on when you're listening to this, you can go watch that or you can attend an upcoming one and I’ll give you the link to that. I'm going to put all this in the show notes too but that's going to be theamazingseller.com/buildlist. Again that’s theamazingseller.com/buildlist. It's an entire workshop that we did, we did a case study showing you how we built an email list over 3,000 at the time that we we're actually doing this case study but then we actually grew it to over 7,000 and then from there even more than that.

We actually break it all down. The power of that is that we go out, we find our market, we put an offer out in front of them. Contest worked really good for this and then from there we can take that email list, we can either retarget those or we just use them as a way to create a lookalike audience of people that are in my market that have the same profile type stuff that they can be matched up with. I know this can be confusing, again, that's why I’m saying depending on where you're starting this may not even apply right now. You may want to just skip ahead because this is a little bit more advanced. Now if you have a shopify store, like Albert did, he's getting orders through that Shopify store. Those he has, he has those email addresses. If you have the email addresses you could upload those which you can also do inside of Facebook. At least you can as from the time that I'm recording this right now is you can use other information like phone numbers. It just is going to depend.

There is services out there that can take a phone number and then reverse it and then find out more information about that person. I know it's creepy but that is what you can do. You're not using it to be creepy you're just doing it so you can target your ideal customer but mainly so you have a base of people so this way here you can build on that letting Facebook say, “Oh there's 500 people that are like this?

[00:16:09] Scott: Let's go out and match these types of people with other people that we have in our database and then we can expand that out.” That's how that would work. I know this was a little all over the place but the biggest thing for anyone right now is to have an email list of some kind, even if it's only 500 email addresses.

That right there will be a good start for you to start, number one, targeting those people and retargeting those people but then also building upon that with lookalike audiences inside of Facebook. Now in the future, I'm going to have my good buddy Rick Mulready on and he's going to break down some of this Facebook stuff because I know a lot of you want to know more about that but again if you go to theamazingseller.com/buildlist you will find that entire workshop there. Or you can attend an upcoming one. That there will break everything down as far as how all this stuff kind of fits together. Hopefully that helped you Victor. Keep me posted on your progress and anyone else listening out there, if you're not building an email list start today. That is a definite.

Alright guys let's go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:17:15] Eric: Hey Scott. Eric from Ohio here. First off thank you so much for the content you've been providing. It's really helped me get a handle on how to sell on Amazon. It's been crucial for me getting started. My question revolves around multi-channel and how to focus your marketing effort with many channels of selling. So I know you’ve mentioned in the past, ‘definitely get off of Amazon or at least diversify with your own website or different market places.’

So I have an Etsy store, an Amazon store and now my own ecommerce website. What I wanted to ask is if I have social media up and running and have been driving leads to Amazon listings and sales there, now that I've launched an ecommerce store, how do you focus your efforts to either promoting just the ecommerce website itself or do you split up and promote both listings to give people an option? I think it's kind of a conflict of whether or not you want to split your marketing message or focus on just one thing. Well I'm interested to get your take on it. Thanks

[00:18:16] Scott: Hey Eric from Ohio. What’s up man? Thank you so much for the question and this is another good question. I like this. Multi-channel, meaning you're selling on different platforms which is really cool. Now you mentioned Etsy, I think that's awesome it's a great platform, you didn't mention eBay. You might want to expand there, I think that definitely if you're not there, that would probably be one that I would say it's an easy add, you might as well. But you already have your ecommerce website, which I think you said Shopify but if you didn't let's just say it's your own ecommerce, your own website. That's going to really be again, this is all going to depend on what and I know Chris Schaffer loves that, ‘it depends’. I still have to get him a shirt.

I might actually get us a shirt because we do say that a lot. Alright here's my answer but it does depend. It depends. What it really comes down to is number one if Amazon is providing all of the service throughout that product and it's going to help you rank then you're going to probably push people even from your ecommerce store to Amazon depending on where you are. If you're trying to take that 50 sales a day and push them all to Amazon then do that. If you want to, maybe you're already ranking well and you don't care well then push 25 of them over there and push 25 to your own ecommerce store.

You can split it any way you want or maybe part of the week you do them here or part of the week you do them over there. You can do that. If you just want to say any traffic that comes to my Shopify store or my ecommerce store, I'm just going to process all of those externally. I'm not going to go through Amazon. That's fine and that way there you're not dependent on Amazon at all, as far as that channel goes. You have to have everything plugged in which  I think you said that you plugged it in to do the fulfillment through Amazon anyway, so  Amazon's still doing the fulfillment so you're still spending some money there to have them do that. You're not paying the advertising fee but you are paying the pick and pack. That is still going to come out.

[00:20:21] Scott: You're only saving a little bit by doing that. That adds up but again, it comes down to are you where you want to be on Amazon right now as far as ranking for keywords and building out those listings so those can almost run on autopilot and then you can decide what you want to do with the traffic on your own website. Again if you're selling on Etsy well we want the traffic on Etsy to stay on Etsy. If we want eBay, if we're on eBay we want the traffic on eBay to stay on eBay. We’re not going to push that stuff around. We're talking mainly about your own website which is a great question. I know a lot of people think that. They are like, okay so what do I do? The very first thing that you do is you set up a website that's going to offer your product? I would push them right to Amazon.

That would be the first thing that I would do that way I don't have to worry about fulfillment outside of Amazon, if that's what you're going to do. But it's just easier and then this way here you don't have to think about all of the different pieces that you might have to connect to make that happen. From the sounds of it, where you are, you can have that external sale happen. The cool thing about the external sale even if you fulfill it through Amazon is you're going to be able to capture that information that we were just talking about with Victor. Is you now can take the emails and all the information and you can email those people? If you're on Shopify you can do it directly there or you can just use your own auto responder and then you can message those people.

And you can export that list and then upload it to Facebook and then retarget those people and then create lookalike audiences and all of that stuff. There is some pluses to processing the order on your own website as well. Again it comes down to, it depends. Where are you in this process? Can you get more sales on Amazon if you were to push more traffic there? If you could then great. The other question would be, if I push the traffic there how is my listing converting on Amazon? Well it's converting at 10%. If you can get that up to 15% you'll push more traffic there because it's converting better but the more traffic that you push over there, your conversion rate is going to stay the same until you fix that issue.

[00:22:23] Scott: So you may want to dial it back until you get that fixed. As you can see there's a lot of different things that you could do but I would say from the sounds of it, is and you didn't really say if you're happy with the sales on Amazon in your ranking and all of that stuff. If I knew that piece it would be more of a direct answer but I think I’ve given you some things to think about. If you're happy over on Amazon right now with traffic and the rank and all that stuff, then keep it on your own site. Cool. You will make more money that way. If you're not happy with your results over there, you're still tweaking things over on Amazon to get your rank up and to get more sales then I would push sales over there as long as it's not converting poor.

If someone lands on your site and they go to buy and you push them to Amazon, I think your conversion should be really good because people trust Amazon. Period. Alright, hopefully this helped you, hopefully it helps anyone else that's thinking to themselves that they want to go out there and do different channels I think it's great because here's the other cool thing. Once you have that all set up and you have some traffic coming in, you're now not depending 100% on Amazon and if Amazon suppresses your listing, guess what? You can take all your traffic now and just push it to your ecommerce store and you're still in business. You don't have to worry about that. Definitely, definitely a wise decision.

Alright guys, let's go ahead and listen to one more question for today and then we'll answer that and then we'll wrap this thing up. What do you say, let's do it? Let's listen to the last question of the day.

[00:23:50] Pete: Hey Scott. What's going on this is Pete here. I love the show, love everything about it. I'm here in North Carolina and I've taken all your information, done it between you, Greg Mercer, Ryan Durant. You guys are like the trinity of what I do when it comes to things on Amazon. Anyway, long story short, got a product, searched it, found it. Everything I need to do, put it on line. Pow, I'm making like a good amount of money a week. When I say a good amount, first week out I'm knocking it out the park, grand slam. The base is loaded, I'm the Cubs. A hundred years I’ve done it, boom made it happen to a very good amount of money every week. All of a sudden Amazon suppresses my page and I'm like, “Oh my God, what's going on?” At this point I asked them about it. They said, “Well hey this item is not something that we normally sell so you can't sell it.”

I then say, “Okay no problem.” I've done it once I can do it again as far as finding a product so I’m like cool, I've got you guys having my back, you're supporting me, you're mentoring me so I know I can make it happen. Well I go on and do more research and I find out that there's like a plethora of other people, other sellers that are selling if not the exact same thing, almost the exact same item. I ask Amazon about it and they say, “Well can you let us know who they are because they are not supposed to be doing this as well. But in that case we're going to look and research and then allow you to maybe sell again. So I rebuild my page again, no problem, happy to do it. But unfortunately they still have not given me the go ahead. They still haven't unsuppressed the page or anything.

When it comes to a situation like that do you just march on or do you see where you were making them money and now you see other people making them money that you made and do you still keep fighting that fight to say, “Hey please unsuppress my page, let me move forward, let me do what I got to do.”

[00:25:57] Pete: Because it's not like Amazon's is not making money off of me. I know they're not making a mint off me but I see people making, like selling my item, almost the exact same item and now they're not. Well, now I'm not and I just think that's not fair. If you can just give me a holla about that, it will be great and let's just go from there. Thanks. I like everything you do and if I can I definitely want to go the next year's TAS breakthrough. Take care. Bye.

[00:26:28] Scott: Hey Pete. Oh man, that was a nice, nice message. Your voice is solid. You should be a DJ man that is a soothing voice right there Pete, I like it. I could just sit there and listen to that. Nice, nice tone. You've got some good audio going there too. Congratulations on hitting a grand slam. That is awesome. Congrats to you on that. The problem with that is it can go away like it has. For the time being. All of a sudden you get accustomed this and then all of a sudden anything else is a failure. You're just thinking to yourself, “I've got to top that.” That's cool.

That's motivation to do that but also can work against you. Let me just say for you or anyone that's listening, that's not normal. To do that. To launch a product and hit a grand slam out of the park right out of the bat is not normal. How many baseball player do you see, they get into the Major Leagues and hit the grand slam the first time out to the plate. They don't, they usually strike out, they might ground out, they're nervous, whatever. It doesn't always happen that way but it did for you which is awesome and now your question is alright do I continually focus on trying to get this listing unsuppressed or do I just leave it and walk away and go off and do something else. I think you can do both, to be honest with you.

I think you can still focus some time on that because let's face it when you contact Amazon, it's going to take a day or two or more sometimes to get an answer back and then you're going back and forth, back and forth. It could be months before anything happens. My only issue here is, is if they suppressed it once, they're probably going to suppress it again. It's probably a product that teeters on the line of is this infringement on patent, is this a trademark issue? There's an issue there. If they have an issue with you now, they'll probably have an issue with you later because if someone, just one person makes a complaint you're going to be suppressed again. How's that going to feel?

[00:28:35] Scott: I would probably say, don't focus 100% of your energy here. I would take all the same principles that you've used up to this point that have gotten you to where you are and I would go back to the drawing board and start over again. Now that you have some of this inside information on this market that you just tapped into well that's a good thing. Are there other products that might not be conflicting or that might not have an issue that you could use as a supporting product. This way here, you're kind of still working in that niche. It's going to allow you to see that there's a ton of demand, there's a ton of ways that we can go wider and maybe even deeper.  But it gave you a little bit of insight.

The other thing is if you say to yourself, “Nah, this is kind of a market that's maybe a trend and that trend's going to be dying off.” Then again I don't know how much effort I would put into that when I can be thinking about what could I work on and focus on that will allow me to grow along with that and that won't be necessarily a trend or seasonal or something that's going to be possibly suppressed again in the future. I would try to go a little bit on the safer route but again taking some of that information that you just learned I would apply that to either that next product or that market and then maybe try to find a way to get yourself into that market. Maybe position yourself a little bit differently to that market but maybe a different part of that market.

Again it's hard to say without knowing the product but you kind of get what I'm saying. You want to be able to take the information that you've gathered and use that to your advantage and hey, if you get it unsuppressed again and you run for three, four months then great.

[00:30:36] Scott: But don't bank on it. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Don't bank on something that's already unstable right from the get go because that's risky and we don't want to build a business on a product or products that are risky and that could be potentially taken down and then all of a sudden one day you're just out of business. The other thing I would probably look at too, now that we're brainstorming through this together is I would probably look at just what we mentioned with Eric.

Can you do other channels? Can you sell that thing on eBay, can you sell it on Etsy, can you sell it on your own ecommerce store? Is there a market there that you could then go out? Can you run a contest around a product that supports your product? Is it like let's say it's a vacuum. You raffle off a vacuum that's a popular vacuum and you sell the filters. That's how you would get an interest list for that and you can take that list and upload it to Facebook and then retarget those people. Then you can create lookalike audiences and all of that stuff. There's other things that you can probably do even though your listing is suppressed you can still sell that product on your own property or maybe other channels. Again, something else to think about that you possibly could do with that product that was a grand slam, right out of the park.

You guys can't see me. I just literally swung the bat like I was swinging, like a grand slam. I'm so animated over here today I don't know why. I'm excited today. I'm excited to be here with you guys. Hopefully that answered your question and Pete, keep on rocking it brother that's awesome. I'm so glad for you. I'm so glad that you're listener and a part of our community. It’s people like you that really make it what it is. I just want to say thank you to you and everyone else that is part of our TAS little family here. I love the voice man. I love the voice, you may want to think about doing voice overs or something. Really, really good tone man. Guys, I think that's going to wrap up this episode. I want you guys to get out there and again remove some of that noise.

[00:32:40] Scott: Really think about what you're downloading in your brain. Think about your brain and your mind as something that you can control what comes in and out of that thing. You need to stay guard. Same thing with people. The people that you surround yourself with are going to start to contaminate sometimes and it's just the way it works. You have to really be guarded on that because that can influence us to do things that we might not want to do or maybe think things that we don't think that we can do. You get what I'm saying, right? There’s good and bad that come with that. Just stay guard of that and really try to cut down on the noise and really try to understand this Just In Time learning thing. Learn what you learn now. Deal with what you need to deal with now. Worry about the next thing when the next thing is there.

Show notes, theamazingseller.com/315. If you want to ask a question on the show theamazingseller.com/ask and we'd love to hear from you. Definitely check out the show notes, the transcripts and all that good stuff and that's it, that's a wrap. Remember guys I've got to close with this because I'm fired up and I want to. Just remember that I'm here for you and I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it proud, say it loud, “Take action!” Have an awesome amazing day, weekend, whatever time it is that you listen to this and I'll see you guys right back here on the next episode.


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