TAS 305 INCOME Update and Future Plans for TAS (Mission 2017)

You never know what’s going to happen when you start something. Things can go way beyond what you thought would happen – which is exactly where things have gone for Scott Voelker. It’s been awhile since Scott has shared an update on his personal brands and progress as an Amazon private label seller, so this episode is going to do that. But he’s also got some plans for the new year regarding how he’s helping other people learn how to build their private label business. If you want to hear how Scott has been doing in his business and what he’s set as a goal for you this next year, be sure to listen!

Weird things happen when the spotlight shines on you.

Scott never imagined that the TAS brand and movement would become so big. When he first started his own Amazon sales business he only wanted to generate income for himself and his family. But the more he worked on things the more he came to see that what he was learning was of value to so many people – he just had to share it. That’s how the podcast and his workshops came to be and the rest is an unbelievable piece of history. But with that kind of notoriety comes some weirdness. People don’t always respond well. On this episode, Scott talks a bit about how he’s been received and what he’s learning about the things you experience on the path to success.

Why Scott never wants to be a guy who doesn’t do what he’s teaching others to do.

Over the past year, there have been a few people accusing Scott Voelker of being a “teach but not do” sort of internet guru. They think he’s phased out of selling on Amazon himself but is still making money from teaching others how to sell on Amazon. Nothing could be further from the truth. On this episode, Scott pulls back the curtain to show you what he’s doing in his own sales business and gives you the reasons that he NEVER wants to teach something that he’s not personally doing. It’s great insight into the character behind the TAS brand.

Why you have to just start. No excuses.

Scott Voelker has often said, “Just start.” He knows that unless you get moving, you’ll never have a chance of getting anywhere. That’s why he’s continued to stress the importance of taking action now before you get scared away or find a reason to give in to your personal insecurities that tell you, you can't do it. You’ve got to take action if you’re going to change your life for the better. Sure, there is a bit of risk involved but the potential rewards are far beyond what most people imagine. Scott’s got a bit of a pep talk for you on this episode about what it takes to get started and why you should – so be sure you listen.

Scott’s goal: Help 500 people earn $1000 per month.

Every new year most people in the entrepreneurial space set goals for their business. Scott is no different. He’s got personal goals for his income and sales numbers but he’s also got some goals for what he wants to do through The Amazing Seller podcast and brand. On this episode, Scott Voelker tells how he’s come up with the mission of helping 500 people make $1000 per month through eCommerce and online sales – and why it’s important for the trajectory of what he’s doing as an Amazon coach and consultant. Will you be one of those 500 people? You can be. Find out how on this episode.


  • [0:02] Scott’s welcome and introduction to this special episode.
  • [1:19] Why I wanted to record this episode and the importance of taking action.
  • [4:19] The weird things that happen when the spotlight shines on you.
  • [13:33] The most recent brands Scott has been working on in partnerships.
  • [23:40] Plans for the TAS brand and team in 2017.



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TAS 305 : INCOME Update and Future Plans for TAS (Mission 2017


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 305 and today, well, we're going to talk income numbers. We're going to give a little bit of an update, we're going to talk about future plans for TAS. We're calling this TAS Mission 2017 and I don't know about you guys but…

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…I'm still fired up even though we're in January 2017, we just kicked off the year. Hopefully you guys are still as fired up as you were when the New Year was upon us. Hopefully you are still fired up. I hope you are. It's only a week and a half in so you should be. If you're not well I want you to go back and listen to episode 302 and it's an episode which is going to help you create your own success plan.


It's something that I went through. I gave you some exercises to do, something that I've done and that I've done in the past and I'm currently doing to help myself really get clarity on what I want and how to go out there and get it. So definitely go check that out. I wanted to remind you of the show notes for this episode and that can be found at theamazingseller.com/305. You'll find the transcripts there, show notes, anything we talk about there will be linked up inside of the show notes page.


Now one of the reasons I wanted to record this episode, well there's a few different reasons but one of the main reasons I wanted to was to really let you guys know again that you can never really predict what will happen. As long as you take action things are going to happen. I've said that all along. If you don't believe me, go over to episode 300 and listen to that episode and you'll hear how all of the different things that I've done up to this point have led me to this point. Now if I didn't do one of those things, my path would have been completely shifted maybe. You just never know. This podcast is a perfect example of that. If you would have asked me that two and a half years ago if I'd have one of the top rated podcasts in iTunes right now and over 5 million downloads to date like I wouldn't believe you.


[00:02:07] Scott: I'd say you're full of crap because I just wouldn’t believe it. But I did it, I took action, I wanted to do it but I never knew what was going to come along with that because I just couldn't plan that. When you get in the spotlight you start to get people that are critiquing, you start to get people that are haters, you get people that love you, there's people that are going to disagree and that's okay. We open ourselves up for that and I'm cool with that but the one thing that I wanted to really call out was like income. Like a lot of people want to know like okay, “Scott you're teaching this now, you have a podcast, are you still doing it? Are you still actually in the business?”


The answer is, “Absolutely 100% yes.” But, have things changed? The answer to that is, yes. And I'm going to explain why they have and it's something that I never could have planned for and I never would have been where I am right now in this business and in the position to do what I'm able to do now if I hadn't started the podcast when I decided to start it. Again, I just wanted to throw that out there. I've had people say, “Scott, I used to look forward to your income reports, how come you're not putting them out there anymore?” There’s really no reason. I didn't do it because I didn't want to. It wasn't intentional.


Really, to be honest with you I've been really focusing on the content to deliver to the audience now because again I feel that sense of responsibility that I want to give you guys the most up to date guidance that I can to get you started and to get you moving. Again like I said there is no intentional reason for that. I'm going to try to do more of this in the future. I can't guarantee, I'm not going to say I'm going to  do it monthly, I'm not going to say I'm going to do it quarterly but I will give you updates. But to just let you guys know and you guys again, some people out there are believers, some people are non-believers and that's fine. I've learned also with this territory you're going to have people that are haters, people that are really raving fans.


[00:04:02] Scott: I get it. I only want to deal with the people that I want to be surrounded with, anyway so I'm going to speak to those people. But I want to share with you a little bit of what has happened since the podcast within my own business but then also the new opportunities that have came from this. But I want to go to the spotlight. That was something I did not plan for. When you get in the spotlight, guess what happens? People start to expose you, they start to try to tear you down for whatever reason. I don't know. I know Patt Flynn had something very similar that happened. I actually spoke to him about this personally. And he really helped me with this because people will do that. He had someone that outranked one of his websites that he was showing how to do that.


They outranked him with some black hat strategies to show him that they could do a better job than him and they could expose his loophole or whatever they were trying to make it sound like he was doing something that was getting him there that other people didn't  have the resources to do, whatever. But it was just people trying to get attention on his behalf. I've had people that have contacted me and said, “Scott I know what you're selling. I already know the brand, I know what… I could ruin your business overnight if I wanted to.” Na na na kind of thing, like ha ha ha. That bothered me. It bothered me because I never planned in the beginning when I started this thing, number one I never planned to be in the spotlight. I never planned to do a podcast.


I never planned I was going to help thousands of people. Didn't do it. I was just doing it because I was going to create another revenue stream. Period. Some would say, “Well Scott just exposed it. Who cares?” Well, currently right now it's still doing between $10,000 and $20,000 a month on products that sell for less than $20 a month. People out there that say, “well, there's competition out there and you still can't sell product if you are selling products that are under $20,” I'm telling you right now I still have that brand and it is doing between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the month. And it's doing still 25% sometimes 30% depending on the pay-per-click as far as margins go.


[00:06:12] Scott: It's still a nice little side gig. A little side business but I will say this, when I discovered that was happening I stopped adding products. No more products is going to go into that brand. So that brand is just going to sit there and I’m going to do what I can with it right now and that's it. I'm not going to do any more with it because I know that people are watching it and they are seeing it and I'm just not going to do anything with it. I'm just not going to do anything with it as of right now. Just going to let that sit. My next thought was, okay, well that's great, now that's going to fizzle or that's going to just stay where it is, I'm not going to be able to grow that so how can I still stay in the business, do some things creatively without people really seeing 100% of what I'm doing so they can then try to tear it down or try to break it.


So then I said well, what I have to do is I have to partner with someone so that's what I did for brand number two. It's I was able to partner with someone, I pretty much did a lot of the product research, I still did… I didn't do any of the listing creation stuff, I was able to have them do that. I helped with some of the pay-per-click, some of the sourcing, they did a lot of that but they linked them up to who I thought that they could use and that one there again fairly new, it's under a year old I believe now. Almost a year old. Started with zero and with products that are under $20, a lot of times I like to do this with the products that are $20 to validate that you still can do it with products under $20. Low reviews, not really sexy products like the whole thing, everything that I talk about. I still want to be able to do that and I still want to be working in that business.


[00:07:55] Scott: Would I have to continue to do this? No. I'll be totally honest with you. I wouldn't have to but I want to because I don't want to be the person that is teaching something that’s not in it. I want to be in the business still working and I talk about that in my 300th episode where when I was a foreman on the job of my contractors, the guys that were working below me I was still in there getting dirty with them. I want to still have front line experiences. I still want to know what's going on. I still want to be able to build business. There's something about taking something from zero and bringing it to something that's generating some income.


It's like to me it's a challenge, it’s a game in a sense which is really fun, which we're going to get into for mission 2017 here pretty soon for TAS because there's some cool things that I've got planned but with that brand that we started, again that one there is not tied to me at all. So for that to be traced back to me will be very, very hard. Okay. Now, that being said, does that mean that it can't happen? Well, yeah sure it probably could but again now I'm diversified. Right now I've got something else that's in another location, kind of underneath someone else's name, not mine, it’s not tied to me at all. I learned a lot of this from, again a resource that became a listener but then also became a good friend of mine now, Dom Sugar. You guys have probably have heard of him by now.


He's been on our TAS Power Hours, little shout out to Dom. Great guy. Funny guy. Everyone loves him. But he also taught me that… Because he was burned in the past where people were exposing his identity and then being able to find things about him that he didn't want people finding out about personal information maybe. He was able to find a way or figure out a way to protect himself. He taught me that lesson. It was kind of him saying like, “Hey, buddy you kind of set yourself up for this but now that you know let's go ahead and fix this for the future so no one can really go back and trace what you're doing if you don't want to be traced.”


[00:09:57] Scott: Again there may come a time that I do expose something and we work on it together. There actually is something with TAS mission 2017 which we'll be talking about but right now with that second brand we've really covered our basis as best that we could so this way here I could still have my hands in it. That one in there it is doing between $10,000 and we just did $29,000 here in the fourth quarter. Again on products that are selling under $15 in this brand. Under $15. I just want to mention this. I hear a lot of the so called gurus in this space and just to let everyone know, I do not think of myself as a guru or even as an Amazon expert.


I'm a guy that might be a little bit further along and someone else but I don't like to look at myself in that light even though I know to some people I am but I'm not a guru. I hate that word. I don't like the guru thing. But there's some guys out there and girls that they are pushing out these numbers that they are doing $100,000 a month but they are selling a product that's $100 or more. Do you know how much easier it is to hit $100,000 a month if you have a product that sells for $100 or $200 compared to a $15 product? It's going to be harder.


So you have to sell more units at $15. I think, me personally being able to take something that is a little bit easier to compete so actually it's going to be a little bit harder to get to $25,000 or $30,000 per month at a lower price point it's a little bit harder. Honestly. If you guys are listening and you want to go down the route of $100 product or more, then go for it. There will be less competition there but it's going to cost more to get in the game but I hear guys saying, well, I did $100,000 a month but they are paying like $75 for the product, they are still making $20 on the product. So what's your margins and what's your outlay of money and all of that stuff?


[00:11:58] Scott: I'm not going to get into that but I just want to throw that out there because we all go by the numbers. We don't go after like profit in pocket a lot of times. We go after the top line. We don't go after the bottom line. I like to look at like at least a 25% to a 35% margin to me as worth doing and that's what's happening with that second brand that I'm working with but also with the first brand that I'm must letting sit there is still bringing in a mortgage payment and some car payments. I can tell you that. Anyway, that's those two things. Again, this stuff just happened. I never would have planned this. If you go back and listen to one of the earlier episodes, this wasn't even in my plans but it happened and here we are.


We're pivoting and we're adjusting. I just did an interview which should be airing fairly soon with Ryan from Flexport and he talks about how he started and how he got to where he is but how he would have never created Flexport if he didn't start selling product and having these challenges and these struggles. He had to figure out a solution. When he did then the started offering it to people. Again just you have to understand that things are going to change, he was telling me like you have to be prepared to adjust your business like every six months. That's like his timeline. Like every six months he's going to be adjusting and reevaluating. I kind of believe that because it seems like that is what's happening here.


Now, the most recent one, I would say within the past six month, the brand was started, I came aboard about three months and this one here we're putting out there because my good friend Dom Sugar has really made it really well protected, as far as like how to be traced and stuff and  he's not concerned. But Dom Sugar and I we have partnered up now in this open brand concept. The reason why I wanted to do this is because I seen that he had a ton of resources in the retail space but I have a lot of knowledge that he doesn't have, he has not idea about in the outside of Amazon or eBay expertise where I can add that to them mix.


[00:14:18] Scott: If we can take this open brand and we did an episode, it was episode… What was that? That was 296 I believe. Let me find that out. Let me grab that really quick. That one there on the open brand was 296. So 296 is the open brand. I did that with Dom Sugar and we talk all about what we're doing there and why we decided to do this and what we decided to do is create an open brand where we're able to put in different markets under one roof. Kind of like a Walmart or a Target where you can sell multiple different brands or different markets under one main brand.


This is allowing us to test products quicker but it's also then to see what is working, what's not working then start building email lists in different ways to reach these customers whether it’s using external traffic like Facebook ads or maybe Pinterest or Instagram. Those different things we can use now and we can start to build these email lists which we’ve already started doing. We're going to be starting to share some of this in some upcoming workshops and stuff. We did a case study for our live event in Arizona, which was amazing.


We built an email list in under 30 days of 7200 emails, it was 2200 in less than 15 days. Then when that contest ended… We ran a contest, pretty much it's what we did which we're going to share more about that but we basically did that and we built an email list in this market, in a targeted market so this way here we can roll out products to this market. But again, that's for a whole other conversation, a whole other discussion but because I have this, I don't even want to call it expertise but I guess I can.


[00:16:08] Scott: I'm going to give myself credit. I have this expertise of external traffic, email list building sales funnels like I have that. I have resources now. Also Chris Shaffer, good friend of mine, who's really good at that as well. So now we’re able to come on and partner with him in this open brand and then we can leverage his strengths, he can leverage our strengths and now combined we can create a pretty cool little brand.


We can test different products, we can different concepts, we can play around with this business model and then also teach what we learn and that's what I want to continue to do. As you can see, it's a little messy because I have like different income over here, another income over here, I've got another down here. So you got all these different things but for me it's more about testing and playing in this space so this way here I can learn and then I can teach through what I find. Whether it's good or bad but a bi-product of this is you can also make some money by building these brands and testing out these different products. I just wanted to throw that out there.


Let you guys know from me, this is exactly what I'm doing, this is how things change, it’s the way it's worked for me like I said all the way back from when I started working in construction for my father all the way up to my photography business and then from there to selling digital products with my photography space and then the whole story is episode 300. Definitely go check that out but I'm really excited to work in this open brand with Dom and Chris because it allows us to really play off of each other's strengths and I've said this before, if you're ever going in a partnership with someone, you definitely, definitely want to make sure that you're not identical to each other.


[00:18:01] Scott: Perfect example is Dom Sugar and me or Chris, like we all have individual strengths that we bring to the table plus we really get along. That helps. Again, going back to my episode 300, I talk about my father's partnership with his business partner and it was just a bad marriage from the start. If you can find that partnership that is key. But going back to what I said before, it's like none of this, none of this what I'm talking about now was thought of a year ago.


This wasn’t even thought of. It' just wasn't thought of. It's like me personally, I'm just, I'm in the business, I'm working on the business and then I'm creating a podcast and I'm trying to figure out what content I should be creating to help you move forward in your journey. I'm fielding emails, I'm fielding questions on Facebook, I'm running a class now. I'm doing all of these things so I have to find that balance and that's not always easy. Sometimes then my business starts to slip because you can't be there and once that starts to happen, then you have to say, “Okay, can I outsource something? Can I still have someone work for me that can help me leverage maybe the research that I know how to do but they don’t but I can teach them and then they can do it for me?” Like there's different ways that you have to think about it as you start to move through on this journey but you just don't know until you start the process.


That's why I always say #juststart because if you start things are going to happen. You're going to be forced to learn. You're going to be forced to basically be faced with these challenges and with each challenge creates an opportunity for you to learn something and then once you learn it, you're a little bit smarter and you can bring that to the next thing.. Going back to Ryan from Flexport, he was selling on eBay before Amazon was even thought of and then he moved on Amazon and he was selling products there.


[00:20:03] Scott: He was sourcing from China. All that stuff. Private labeling way, way back in the day and he learned that freight forwarding was a big problem and he wanted to solve that problem and he did and now he created Flexport but that never would have happened if he didn't  have that experience. So I can't stress that enough but again I just wanted to come on here and just let you guys know a little bit of what's been going on and get you guys caught up as far as what I'm working on, what businesses I'm involved in. The open brand too I'll just let you guys know that this right here, I haven't really talked to Dom much about what I should share as far as numbers and stuff.


But it's kind of crazy because that open brand started six months ago and has done between $20,000 a month to over $100,000 per month in this past fourth quarter it was over $100,000.  Now, that there was not expected, we were hoping to do $25,000 to $30,000 consistently. This fourth quarter just blew up and the reason is because there was three products that landed. There were three products, one of them… It was one product with three different SKUs but out bottom line is it hit fourth quarter we had no reviews by the way. No reviews. So people saying you can't launch products if you don’t have reviews, I don't believe it because we did it. Launched a product, had a really good listing but we just pushed pay-per-click.


Obviously found a product that people wanted and they bought it. We did it with no reviews and the funny thing is we were in Arizona at our live event and Dom was telling me, “Hey we got the product, it's coming in, it's going to be launched, it should go live when we're here. Fingers crossed.” He was a little nervous because we don't have any reviews yet so we're going to probably try to get some reviews, so we're going to try to do some giveaways or something, maybe try to do a Facebook Ad or something. Or just run some pay-per-click. I go, “We'll just run some pay-per-click and just let it go and see what happens. And we started doing like maybe seven a day, then maybe ten a day and then maybe 15 a day.


[00:22:05] Scott:  Then it just kept growing and growing and growing but the funny thing is we got back and Chris was setting up the autoresponder in Salesbacker and he noticed that Dom had not turned it on when we thought that it was turned on. Dom, sorry buddy I'm not calling you out on this but you were busy. You were at the event, we were having a blast and never turned on the sequence. So as we had customers coming through the door we weren't really in a sense handing out the thank you cards or the inserts because they weren't getting those emails to allow them to leave us feedback or a review.


We lost a lot of opportunity there but that's okay. We were still selling product but now we've turned that on but to just let you know you can still do this without having hundreds of reviews. Now, again that comes down to picking product which we talked about in plenty of episodes and actually episode 189 is probably the best one to look at as far as picking the product but then doing the deep dive as far as the history and the trends and stuff like that. That one there will give you the best…  I'm going to actually update that soon too so I'll let you guys know on that but everything on that episode 189 is pretty much the way I still do it. But I'm going to do an update anyway just to let you guys see another example and maybe dig in a little bit deeper.


But it really does come down to that and if you do that and you find products that don't have a ton of reviews but are still selling your ten units a day then you still got a pretty good chance of selling, even if you just start selling pay-per-click right out of the gate. Again, just finding that product that people want or need and that's really the key. It really is. So, let's jump into plans for TAS in 2017, something I'm super, super excited about. We're calling this TAS mission 2017 and the reason why I'm doing that is because I wanted a statement. I wanted to put something down on paper and I wanted to say, and I pulled my team together, my TAS team now I've got a bunch of great people…


[00:24:05] Scott: Again, that never would have happened if I didn't start this thing and it didn't start on day one. It just slowly built. I've got people now that can help me, that can make TAS a better place, more education, it can help more  people by bringing on people like Dom sugar, a great resource been in retail game for years before Amazon was… Actually before eBay was even here and then started on eBay and then adapted to different changes there and then learning more about retail arb and online arb and how to get started with very little money.


A ton of resources there which I want to bring to you guys. I want to be able to do that. We've got a great guy on our team Joel Bauer who was on the podcast not that long ago. Just a great resource, Facebook ads he knows pretty good but he knows a lot more about like hiring VAs and virtual assistants and how to create processes and stuff and he's a great guy but again someone that is going to make The Amazing Seller Podcast and brand that much better.


But really, we sat down and we said, what are we going to do here in 2017? What do we want to do? For me personally, I said this, I said, “I want to help 500 people earn $1,000 per month. I want to help them pay their mortgage payment or their rent, whatever. I want to help them do that one thing.” Because a lot of times if we just get started and we can then build from what we've learned to get to that point and to a lot of people $1,000 a month is a lot of money. To me it's a lot of money. If you can just take that one thing and remove it, remove that payment, if we focus on that, I believe that we can help 500 people or more.


[00:26:02] Scott: For me it's a way for me to say that's what I'm going to focus on in 2017 for The Amazing Seller people. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to help people grow their business from $20,000 to $100,000. There's Jerred right now that's one of our students who came to our Denver event and he had no product launched, he had not product even ready to source yet. Then he came there, he was a little confused as far as what he needed to do next. He got clear, he went back to the drawing board, he went ahead and found a product, found his products, launched them… Boom.


He's off to the races, now up to date I think not even a year in he sold over $250,000 in product. Pretty awesome and actually in fourth quarter he did over 100 grand which he's just blown away. He was at the Arizona event too. Again, that is something that we're also going to help people with but for me it's getting those people unstuck. Those people that think they can't do it to get them to that point. However I need to get to that point it could be doing retail arb or online arb. Like that's not my expertise but guess what, I know someone that is an expertise, Dom Sugar. So I can help someone in that way by connecting them there.


Creating some type of resource so this way here we can get you to that $1000 per month and then we can grow and scale from there. That's like the big TAS mission for 2017 is help 500 people earn $1,000 per month. How cool would that be to say that The Amazing Seller Podcast has helped 500 people make $1,000 per month. What we're going to do is once we start to roll this out in ways that we're going to be able to say, “Hey, once you get to $1,000 per month let us know. Write us a note.” Let us know what you did to get there or what resource you used to get there that we helped you with and we want to go ahead and put you on the wall of fame.


[00:28:03] Scott: Like that's what we want to do. Then we can look back and say, “Hey, cool we did it.” Or, “We fell little short. Why? What can we do better?” That's what we have planned, that's what I'm super excited about and again we're not forgetting about the people that want to grow from $25,000 to $50,000 to $100,000. Don't worry, I've got plans for you guys too because we're talking about external traffic. We're talking about sales funnels. We've got a case study that we're going to be sharing that we're able to collect a whole bunch of email addresses. I'm talking in this one market, we did over 21,000 email addresses in less than two months. Insane!


It's a targeted market. We did another one in a smaller market and we did that in a little bit of a different way but we did that one where we were able to get over 5,000 emails in less than 30 days in a targeted market. That to me is going to be the big thing for 2017, it's to really help people at whatever stage they are. That's really our TAS mission 2017 it's to really just help more people. The people that want to get started and the people that want to grow. That's what we're going to be doing so I'm super, super excited about 2017 and I just want to say, “Thank you guys so much for listening to the podcast and for telling people about the podcast.”


If there's one thing that I would ask you guys to do is to say hey listen if you know someone that can benefit from the podcast just share it. That would be the best payment you could do for us. It's just go out there and share it but only with people that you know want to learn about this type of stuff. We don't want you to just bring someone just to bring someone. Again, you know I talk about it a lot, I want to be around people that I actually want to be around. If you're listening to this and you've listened to me for more than a few episodes it's probably you.


[00:29:59] Scott: We would probably be hanging out on the back deck having a beer or having a drink or having a coffee and just chatting about this and just maybe chatting about life. That's what we want to do here on The Amazing Seller Podcast it’s reach more people, like minded people that we can really share these different experiences with. The Facebook group that has grown into something just crazy. I mean over 40,000 people in the TAS group just awesome and so many great people. If you have not connected in that group I urge you to do that. Become part of The Amazing Seller family. Go out there and just share what you're doing, ask questions, don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn from each other and be of value to people too.


Don't just go out there and just ask. You want to share and when you discover something get on there and share your experiences because it's like we've always said. When you give you will receive and that's totally true and you maybe even meet someone on there that you can partner with or someone that you wanted to do a mastermind with. That's how I met Chris Shaffer for those of you that don't know. Definitely, definitely do that. All right guys, that's pretty much it. That's what I wanted to do here, I really wanted to just drop in here, give you guys a little bit of an update, give you a bit of a behind the scenes look of the craziness that's in my world which I love because I just really do enjoy doing this and just to go back to what I said in the beginning.


You just never know where you're going to end up until you get started and start to experience these things. Start building these skill sets and start networking, connecting with people. If you’ve not listened to episode 300 do that. That's your homework assignment. Definitely go over to episode 300, I'll put it in the show notes as well and you can do that and I would also say listen to episode 302 and create your own success plan. That’s a big one. That's something I do every single year and quarterly and I always refer back to that so definitely do that.


[00:32:01] Scott: The show notes guys will be at themazingseller.com/305 and you can get them all there and again I just wanted to say guys thank you so much for being listeners, I truly appreciate each and every one of you and the podcast would not be what it is without you, the community. So again I want to thank you for that and I truly appreciate you. Guys, that's it, that's going to wrap up this episode but as always remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Hey Scott,
    You mentioned that you will be doing a case study reveal for the 21000 emails collected. Will that be on a live workshop? When can we expect to see it come out?


  • Hi Scott, thank you for your amazing podcast! I’m new in this business, just kind a discovering this world 🙂 Sharing all this information and energy with us is really admirable.
    Please protect your business as much as you can and don’t listen to anyone! You become part of our “Amazon business” and we need your advises. You are really talented in motivating people. Wish you good luck and all success you deserve!

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