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  • Thanks Scott for another good episode. I am confused about locking listing. We registered our brand on Amazon, but still our listings are not locked down. We get many hijackers from China. Our competitors’ listings are locked down, Amazon requires permission to list in new conditions. After registering brand, is there another process to lock down our listings?

    • Hey Ebu, your best bet is to reach directly out to Amazon and ask them to lock down the listing since it’s brand registered. They are still in the process of rolling this out.

  • Is there something specific that can be done to have your brand locked down? Can it be requested/initiated or do you just have to wait for Amazon to do it?

  • Thanks guys, great listen. Do you know if the Amazon enhanced listing feature is being rolled out in the UK? I can’t see the option anywhere.

    I have contacted seller support about this but thought I’d see if you guys knew,


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