TAS 262 Ask Scott Session #79 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

If you have questions about Amazon private label sales one of the best things that could happen for you is to be given the opportunity to ask an experienced Amazon seller the specific questions you have. That’s what you get on this episode of The Amazing Seller. These Friday episodes are “Ask Scott” sessions where Scott Voelker answers questions listeners submit, in detail, and completely. No half-measures here. You’ll be benefitted by what you hear others going through and what Scott has to say to advise them. Be sure you take some time to listen.

How do review groups work and is there a way I can pay Amazon fewer fees on promotions?

When you do a promotion or giveaway to get your products noticed or reviewed, there are costs you still have to pay Amazon for the privilege of using their platform. It’s just a cost of doing business. Among the misconceptions is that people feel like since they’re giving away a product, they shouldn’t have to pay fees. But any brand new business needs to make sure they let others know they exist – and that’s called marketing. It’s an expense of any business. You can hear how Scott addresses reviews, discounts, and giveaways and the fees involved, on this episode.

How to list a product on Amazon that is already there under a brand name.

A listener just purchased a company that owns a patented product and some of his existing distributors have the product available on Amazon. He’s curious if he should set up his own brand listing or if there is a way to combine their listings with his since it’s his product. Scott’s got a very helpful, clarifying answer to situations like this on this episode. Make sure you listen to this response because there are multiple applications of this concept to product sales on Amazon.

How soon should I start building an email list for my products or brand?

A listener today has heard Scott talk about the importance of building an email list but he’s a bit confused about why it’s important for a beginning private label seller, whether it’s worth his efforts, and how he should go about it when he begins using it. There are some great questions there. Is it really necessary for a new seller to begin creating an email list from the beginning? You can hear Scott’s in-depth response to this important question on this episode. He even tells you how to go about getting people to opt-in to your email list.

How would it benefit you to be in a room with experienced Amazon sellers to get their feedback on your products?

What benefit would you receive to sit with 20 to 30 experienced Amazon sellers as they analyze and give feedback about your product listings to help you optimize them for more sales? How would it benefit you to sit in the room as the same thing is done for others? You can probably see that you’d get a ton of value from seeing through the eyes of other sellers. The good news is that you can do this coming up November of 2017 at Scott’s live TAS event in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen to this episode to get details about how you can be a part of this business-changing event.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this Ask Scott session of the podcast!
  • [1:29] The upcoming LIVE event in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • [4:22] The TAS Power Hour – How you can get involved.
  • [5:38] QUESTION ONE: I have a question about promotions and giveaways – how does Amazon charge for those and can I minimize those fees?
  • [14:07] QUESTION TWO: I just bought a business that has its products listed on Amazon through distributors but I want to add them myself through FBA. What’s the best way to do that?
  • [22:26] QUESTION THREE: I’m trying to understand the purpose of establishing an email list. Can you help me understand why I should devote energy to it?


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TAS 262 : Ask Scott Session #79 – Your Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 262 and session number 79 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every Friday and I have a lot of fun doing it. If you’re listening to this on a Friday hopefully you’re ready for the…

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…weekend or you’re ready to go out there and be a weekend warrior and really go out there and just really attack your business or your goals for the weekend.

It’s funny because when I was in the construction business years ago we used to call the guys that used to get their projects done on the weekend we used to call them weekend warriors. That’s kind of where I got that from. It’s like you’d have a guy that worked his nine to five but then on the weekends he’d want to put his deck on his house with his buddy or maybe they’d want to paint the living room or whatever.

We’d call them weekend warriors. Sometimes weekend warriors were kind of trying to do something they shouldn’t have been doing because they watched a TV show or maybe they did know something and they just had the time to do it on the weekend. You can be a weekend warrior as far as getting stuff done in your business. A little side note there for you. Go ahead and be a weekend warrior nothing wrong with that.

Let’s first off talk a little bit about a couple of things that are happening and a few things that I want to let you know of. You guys may or may not have heard me talk about the event that we’re having in Arizona, Phoenix Arizona that is, it’s going to be a live event. It’s going to be limited spots. We’re doing two days. Day one is going to be TAS Breakthrough Live. Basically that’s the name of the event but that’s the day one. That’s kind of where this whole thing originated from, the one that we did on Denver.

We’re going to have ten people in the hot seat. 30 minute sessions for ten hot seats for the entire day. We’ll take breaks obviously but there’s going to be 20 other people attending as well. This is great because it allows us to get into a room together and really dissect these people’s issues as far as like their breakthrough moments.

[00:02:08] Scott: A lot of times the other people that are sitting in the room they’re either having similar struggles or have already been there and then things come up in their business. Everyone gets to breakthrough. Everyone gets to really connect with other people that might be going through similar things and then breakthrough that one thing or two things that they’re struggling with to bring themselves to the next level.

That’s what’s really cool about this event. It’s called TAS breakthrough live. That’s day one. Day two is something new that we’re doing and this is something that we’re going to be focusing on with just 20 attendees because here we’re going to be really digging deep doing like a workshop where we’re going to be taking you through how to grow your business outside of Amazon.

We’re talking about email marketing, email list building, we’re talking about content creation, we’re going to be talking about sales funnels, all of that stuff that you guys have been hearing me talk about here recently. We’re going to dive in for a full day and break it down. We’re actually going to map it out. We’re going to take certain situations, we’re going to actually let the 20 people help us come up with ideas on how we’re going to actually map out and plan out this sales funnel.

We’re going to build a few of them not just one so this way here you understand exactly how you come up with things that can attract your customer but then can lead your customer down the path to eventually purchasing and also giving them value. Really if you want to build your business outside of Amazon you definitely need to understand building sales funnels, email list building, email capture, all of that and that’s what we’re going to be talking about on day two.

I’m really, really excited about that. Now this is going to be held in Phoenix Arizona this time and it’s going to be November 5th and 6th. That’s this November 5th and 6th that’s 2016. If you want to grab a ticket if they’re still available head over to theamazingseller.com/live. Again,this is going to be very limited. We’re only having 30 attendees on day one and 20 attendees on day two. You can attend both days or you can attend just one or the other.

[00:04:04] Scott: Definitely head over to theamazingseller.com/live and you can see if there’s still tickets available. Now, if there’s not tickets available still get on the waitlist because if there’s a cancellation or someone has a conflict we will be reaching out to those people that register there so definitely, definitely do that. One last thing before we dive into today’s questions is we do something now on Fridays, we’ve been doing it for the past few weeks, something we call the TAS Power Hour. Now you may have heard a couple of the recordings that I’ve put on the podcast because they’ve been very valuable.

Well we’re doing them live on Fridays at 1 o’clock P.M. eastern time. When you’re listening to this thing right now there might be one today actually at 1 o’clock P.M. eastern time. If you want to be notified when we do them head over to theamazingseller.com/hour. That will be a fan page for TAS and all you have to do is like it and then you’ll be notified of when we go live for them.

Now I threw a bunch of links at you guys. There’s going to be a show notes page, of course you guys know that and you can find all the links heading over to, one more link, theamazingseller.com/262 and that will make it a little bit easier for you to be able to go ahead and see all these links that I just threw at you.

I’m pretty fired up to get started here and listen to some of these questions that you guys phoned in and I’m going to go ahead to do my best to answer them and I’ve actually pre-screened some of these. What do you say? Let’s go ahead and listen to today’s first question and I’ll give you my answer. Let’s do this.


[00:05:38] DJ: Hey Scott this is DJ in South Carolina. I actually I’m local to you now that you’ve made your move so maybe we’ll have to get together over a cup of coffee. Actually I probably need to buy you a steak dinner for all the value that you provided to me but maybe we’ll make that happen sometime. My question today is in regarding a giveaway and a promotion on Amazon. I recently have launched a product and had been using the Review Kick service for my promotional giveaway and it’s worked great. I’ve got some excellent reviews. Very, very actually highly rated Amazon reviewers.

I think I had one that was number 49 which was excellent. I’m very happy with that service. My question though is in regards to the fees that Amazon charges when you giveaway a product for free. It appeared that I am still essentially paying a large portion of the fee to Amazon to pick and pack and ship that product which I would expect since they’re doing some work to send that product out. My question really is are there ways to minimize the fees that you have to pay to Amazon to give away a product?

Obviously it’s the cost of the product to manufacture, is the cost of the giveaway or the cost of the giveaway service and then also having to pay Amazon could add up pretty quickly when we’re giving away a number of items to jump start a promotion. Just didn’t know what your thoughts are if there are ways to minimize the fees for a giveaway through Amazon. If not that’s totally fine. I think it’s still worth it but I just wanted to try to maximize saving as much as possible. Thanks again for all you do and I hope we can meet in person sometime soon. Bye.

[00:07:24] Scott: Hey DJ thank you so much for the question and also thanks so much for the offer for that steak dinner. That sounds amazing by the way. Little steak, little baked potato maybe on the side, little side of broccoli. I’m hungry here just thinking about that. That’s sounds amazing. Who knows maybe we’ll have to make that happen.

To answer your question, again if we’re having that cup of coffee, which we’re not or that steak dinner, this is my thoughts on this because a lot of people do think to themselves like okay I’m paying for the review service. The review service and anyone else that’s brand new, the review service all we’re talking about is rounding up a bunch of people that are willing to review a product on Amazon in exchange for a discount on the product.

Just imagine that you walked up to a stranger and you go, “Hey, would you want to review one of my products, give me your honest feedback, your honest review? Would you be willing to do that if I give it to you at a discount? I normally sell it for 20 bucks I’m willing to give it to you for a dollar. Is that cool? Would you be okay with that?” Then she raises her hand and says, “yeah, I’d love to.”

Imagine that’s what a review group is or at least the legitimate ones are. You’re not paying people to leave their review you’re giving them a discount to leave the review and the review you can’t sway them to say leave me a five star review. I just want to get that out of the way because there’s a lot of confusion around that.

Number one is you’re correct. It is going to cost you money usually for a review service. It doesn’t have to but it could. Basically you’re paying for access to the group of people that raised their hand that said I would like to review a product at a discount or to get the product at a discount so this way here I’ll leave my review and I’ll be more than happy to do that. That’s that group.

[00:09:27] Scott: You’re just paying to have access to that group. That is going to cost you usually for a decent group. I think you said Review Kick. It’s a great group and if you guys are interested in using that you can always head over to my resources page and I have that in. I have a couple of other ones that are trusted, that I believe are trusted. They’re the ones that I’ve used before. You can head over to theamazingseller.com/resources and find those there.

Number one you have to understand yes you are going to be paying usually for that service. There are some that are very expensive and there are some that aren’t that expensive. I think Review Kick is a good one, getbsr.com is a good one as well. They’re very reasonable. That’s an expense.

The second expense is you’re going to pay Amazon its pick and pack fees and depending on how much you charge for it you will be paying that advertising fee or the listing fee and that’s going to fluctuate. If you charge $12 and it normally sells for 24 you’re going to pay on the 12 you’re not going to pay on the 24 because that’s really what you sold it for but you still are going to pay the same pick and pack fees. You are going to pay that. The FBA fees are pretty much going to be there. A lot of people again they go, “That kind of stinks because now I’m giving away my product for almost free or free.”

It costs me $5 for my product and I’m paying Amazon five bucks so it costs me $10 and then maybe the review group maybe it costs me $20 for access to do one promo and maybe you gave out a 100. That’s not that expensive but you see what I’m saying. It might cost you a little bit more than $10 a unit in order to do this review give away because you’re trying to get yourself established.

I always go back to if you’re a brand new restaurant and no one knows that you exist you have to go out there and advertise. You have to print out fliers, you got to pay someone to go out there and hand them out or maybe you have someone go around the parking lot and put them underneath the windshield wiper.

[00:11:23] Scott: Maybe have them put the door hanger on or maybe you put an ad in the paper or maybe you do a billboard. There’s advertising costs in any business but we just think we shouldn’t have to do that.

I have so many people that contact me and they go, “Scott I listed the product, it’s great, everything is optimized and I haven’t done a promotion because I’m just going to go ahead and see what happens.” You can do that but guess what, the chances are it’s going to be a slower go because you have to usually get yourself going. You don’t have to do that. You should be doing pay-per-click then. You should be doing something to get eyeballs. We need eyeballs or no one can buy. It’s that simple. That’s marketing 101.

We need eyeballs and if we have eyeballs then we have to get their attention and that comes in your image and that comes into a good title, a good ad copy, good benefits, good features, good products, all of that stuff. I know I’m going on a little bit or rant here, a little bit of a tangent and I kind of want to because I think it’s important because there’s a lot of misconceptions here when it comes to getting started. A lot of people they think I don’t want to lose that money.

You’re not losing that money. That money is advertising fees. It’s advertising fees. Think of that way don’t think of it how can I get rid of that fee because I want to save money. It’s one of those things like I said if you’re a brand new restaurant or a brand new store that’s selling sporting goods stuff you need to let people know that you’re there. I just want to get that out of the way.

DJ you are going to be spending money on this and it’s just part of the process. You should have that in your budget. If anyone out there right now is listening and they’re just going to be launching their product you should have it in the budget to give away a 100 units. Let’s just say that your unit cost is $5 and your FBA pick and pack and miscellaneous fees is another five so that’s going to be 10 bucks. Basically you’re going to spend $10 for a 100 units, what’s the math on that? Thousand bucks. That’s what you got to do.

[00:13:27] Scott: Now, you might only need to give 50 away, that’s fine. Then it’s 500 bucks. I’m just trying to put it out there that most people are going to want to do a giveaway or a discounted item because they want to go ahead and do momentum and they want to get on the map and they want to get on the algorithm of Amazon. They want to start getting reviews and all of that stuff.

I think I’ve went on along long enough about that, I think you get it DJ. I just wanted to say anyone out there that’s a brand new it’s part of the process and just understand that you may need to give away some units in order to get started and it usually will help get things moving quicker. Let’s go ahead and listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:14:11] Dino: Hey Scott, Dino from Seattle here. I love your website and podcast. I have a question for you. “I’m getting ready to launch my first product” and I’ll put air quotes around that statement because I actually just purchased a business that has a well-established patented product that’s currently being promoted and sold through several channels including Amazon.

There are three distributors that each have their own Amazon listing as well as their own websites. On Amazon the only way to get this product right now is fulfilled by merchant through those three distributors. The listings that those distributors have are pretty good and the reviews are excellent. It’s a personal safety device. There’re actually a few reviews from people who fought off attackers using the device.

The bottom line there is I don’t want to lose those reviews. I don’t see any reason to cut the distributors out but I do have to re-launch this thing properly and I’m going to set my product up on Amazon with a new listing and I’m going to do FBA. I’m going to be using that as the main focus for growth for the company at least initially and then I’m going to be looking to the big box brick and mortar stores as a potential channel in the future.

But like I said back to FBA. That’s going to be my main focus here for the next several months, year maybe. Here’s the crutch to my question. It make no sense to me to have three listings of my product or four listings of my product out there. Should I and can I consolidate those into one listing and how do I do that? Is there a way to pull all of the reviews that are existing now over to my new listing or will I need to do a directed sample promotion to those customers that put in the good reviews to entice them into rewriting those reviews into my new listing? Thanks Scott for any advice you could provide, looking forward to hearing it from you. Thanks.

[00:16:39] Scott: Hey Dino. Thank you so much for the question. This is a great question and you have a really great opportunity I think but we have a couple of sticking points here. A couple of issues that I see. I would really want more clarification because, I’m going to try to give you my feedback or my advice or my thoughts. Really it’s going to be my thoughts because I’m not really sure I can give you exact answers. This is my current thought process.

Number one congratulations, you bought a business with a patented product. That’s cool and you have already distribution channels in place. The one thing that you said that kind of I’m not clear on is you said you have distributors that are selling this product on Amazon. You want to be able to use some of their reviews on your listing. Number one if you have a product and it’s your product now because you bought the business and it’s patented you’re the brand. There’s going to be one listing for that product because you’re the brand.

If you have a distributor that is selling that product they’re going to sell under your brand or under or under your listing. Example, if Hasbro has a toy and they’re selling it and I’m going to sell that same exact product. I’m not going to go create a brand new listing I’m going to have to sell on their brand because I can’t be Hasbro. That’s where you come up with multiple sellers or multiple people sharing the buy box that’s what we talk about.

In your case and I know you said that you don’t want to I guess disturb your distributors and I’m not sure how you have two or three different distributors on Amazon selling it. Maybe there’s something I don’t know about this and if there is please someone contact me because I don’t see how you can do this if it’s the same product by the same brand. It needs to be sold by that brand.

[00:18:41] Scott: I cannot sell a branded product that’s under another brand. I can’t go out and create my own listing and try to compete with them. The only thing I can do is go, we’re talking the exact product though. We’re talking the exact same thing because Amazon does not want multiple SKUs of the same item in their catalog, if I can speak here. What they want is they want the one product and then yes if you’re a distributor well then you’re going to be able to sell that product through there. The problem with that is that is now you need to have some type of control so that this way here you don’t have people trying to undercut each other because that’s going to become a problem and then you’re going to have them contacting you.

My thoughts are that if you’re going to sell this on Amazon but then you’re going to let distributors sell it on Amazon it’s going to be tough because you’re kind of competing with your distributors in a sense. I’m not really sure why you’d want to do that. You could contact your distributors and say sorry this is no longer going to be available to sell that way unless they are going to buy in bulk from you and then sell it on your Amazon listing and you don’t really care. That’s an option.

Technically if there’s a listing out there with your branded item that’s been patented that is your brand now you should be able to have full control of that listing, again unless I’m missing something here. If you’re the brand with that patented product and you hold the patent and you hold the brand any listing that is selling that product with your patent is your listing in a sense because you can prove that’s mine. Now because of that no one else can really sell on that. Actually you’re really in a good spot if that’s the case because now if you ever have anybody try to jump on your listing you can get them off.

[00:20:47] Scott: I’m assuming you’re brand registered if not you definitely need to do that but those listings are live and they’re your listings they’re your listings. Those reviews are going towards the brand and towards the product not for the seller. It would be XYZ wholesale would be selling your branded product yes they can do that but if they’re going to sell your exact same UPC because that’s what that product would be then they would be selling it on your listing again unless I’m totally missing something.

Just wanted to say you probably want to consolidate those into one listing if you have miscellaneous ones out there because Amazon doesn’t want that either. You just gotta be careful with that. The only thing that they could do is if they wanted to create your product or take your product and then put an accessory with it and now make that its own UPC they can do that. They can’t sell that product by itself and create a brand new listing for that same exact product. It has to go under your listing because that listing, it’s their listing technically right now but if you’re the owner of the business now you can take control of that listing because you’re the brand and you’re patented on that brand.

Hopefully that makes sense. Probably need some more facts here and more data but that’s how I see it right now. I would try to take over those listings myself because they’re already established and I wouldn’t want to lose those reviews or that feedback. You’ve a little bit of an issue there but I think that you should be okay.

Let me know how that works out for you too though. I’m really, really curious. Let’s go ahead and listen to one more question and this next one is going to be a little bit in depth but I wanted to answer it because I love talking about this stuff. Let’s go ahead and listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:22:39] Wahid: Hey Scott this is Wahid from Texas. Really love what you do. Like your energy, like the content, love the Facebook group, everything is awesome. Thanks man, thanks for everything you do. Here’s my question. My question is sort of two-fold. It has to do with the email list. I’m kind of a new seller, I’ve been selling for a few months so I’m early in the game and the first part of the question is what is the exact strategy or what is the exact end goal in creating this email list?

I can see how if you’re an established brand, if you have multiple products in your catalog and let’s say you have a bunch of emails captured. Let’s say you have a 100,000 emails captured and you’re selling this list of 100,000 people regular content well then I can see how you’re going to benefit from that email list. You’re going to be able to sell more products in your catalog. You’re going to get your brand name out there even more. I can see how that list would benefit you.

If you’re a new seller and let’s say you have a couple of products and let’s say you have 500 emails captured this early in the game are you really going to benefit from sending content to that email list? Is there a specific way we could benefit from that immediately or is it something that we just want to start as early as possible and starting to create that brand and getting that loyalty from our customers? I really don’t see how just having a small email list and having just a couple of products I don’t really see how that can benefit me immediately.

[00:24:37] Wahid: Then I can see how maybe you want to launch a new product you want to get reviews and so you have this email list of loyal customers that are going to love to get your free product and give you a review. The problem is that if someone has already given you a review on one of your products and they give you a review on another one of your products in that same brand that review is probably going to be deleted by Amazon because they see that as like a loyalty thing.

I don’t really see how it can benefit me as far as reviews either. I just wanted to kind of get your opinion on that. The other part of this question is let’s say I do want to start creating this email list, what is the best way to do it? I’d made a contest on Facebook where I was giving away one of my products for free. I didn’t get any emails captured from that. I don’t know how much money I spent on it but I think I have like 18 people that clicked on the offer but I think as soon as they saw that they had to put their email in they said no thank you.

I got like 18 clicks but nobody actually gave me their email and nobody actually entered the contest. What I’m thinking to do is to do the insert cards in my products. I just wanted to get your opinion. I know the contest has worked very well for other people but I’m not sure why it didn’t work for me. I just wanted to see what are my other options, what’s the best way you think? I know you have experience in marketing.

I wanted to see what way you think is the best to start capturing those emails right away. All right thanks Scott, sorry for the long question. I know it was really wrong but I hope this benefits other people. I would love to get your opinion and love to get your answer. All right thanks Scott, take care bye, bye.

[00:26:44] Scott: Hey Wahid, that’s a heck of question. There’s like a few questions in there but I love it. I’m going to answer these. I really wanted to answer these because I think there is a lot of confusion when it comes to email list building for your business. When should I do it? How should I do it? Why even consider doing it at the early stages? I really do want to address this because I’m pretty passionate about this because I know that in the long term we’re all going to want this.

The first thing that you asked and I kind of made some notes here as I was listening through and I’m hoping that I’m going to answer all of the major points here. You said right off the bat what is the benefits if I just have one product? Well the benefits are that you’re building an email list, period. Why start when you have five products when you can just start today. Whether you email them right away or not that’s an asset that you’re creating.

Now, you did say that well I kind of get it, if I get an email list build of my customers that maybe you advertise through Facebook let’s say which we’ll talk about that in a minute why you might not have been getting any conversions on that. You talked about if I have a list of 500 people and they all bought my product at a discount then I could roll out my next product and then ask them to review it and you said that Amazon won’t allow that because they’re going to say that it’s a loyalty thing to the brand.

That’s not true at all. If I have a product and I have a customer that buys all my products Amazon’s cool with that. They don’t care about that. They don’t look at it like that at all, at least that’s what I know.

[00:28:38] Scott: Amazon’s not looking at the point of okay someone, if you have a customer that buys three of your products and they love them then they leave a review on each of those products they can do that. Now, if they bought your product three times of the same product they can’t leave three reviews. That’s absolutely correct. They can’t leave three different reviews. They would just get credit for the one review and that’s it.

But understand that there’s so much power in having even that small email list of 500 people or even 300 people and then letting them know when your next product is released they’re going to get a discount. The other thing you can do with that 500 emails is that you could ask them, “Hey, we’re making some improvements to our product what would you like us to include or what would you like us to do differently? What can we do better in the future to help our customers?”

Reaching out and getting that feedback from 500 people, now some people are thinking to themselves well 500 people that’s not that many on an email list. I want you to put 500 people in a room and see how that feels. It’s a lot of people. 200 people, 100 people. Put those people in a room. I was just at a volleyball thing with my daughter. She’s doing this volleyball thing on the weekends and there was 35 kids in this one area that they were doing the coaching and kind of the drills and stuff.

I was looking at them and I’m like it looks kind of crowded in there for volleyball and then I got thinking, I did think it I said people don’t realize when people are in a room how it can fill up so fast but when they talk about email addresses they don’t think of it that way. You have to think about it, they’re people not just the number. When you communicate with those people they can give you a couple of different things. They can give you a sale. They can tell people about your product and they can help you build better products and be loyal customers. Whether you have one product right now or ten products I think you should be building an email list as soon as you can, period.

[00:30:42] Scott: Let’s talk quickly about your Facebook ad that you ran. I’m not quite sure what you ran it to. I don’t know if you ran it as like maybe 10% off or 25% off. If you did that you probably not going to get as high conversions. If you do something like 50% off or 75% off or even like regular price $29.97 for a limited time. You’re able to get this for $2.95 or something like that because we’re doing some research and want to make sure that or we’re doing a beta launch or the product so we can get feedback from our customers before we release it to the public, something like that.

You can do all that stuff and get people to get into your email list by offering them something compelling. It has to be really compelling and I say at least 50% off if you’re running a Facebook ad especially if you’re trying to build that email list so then you can offer them more things in the future. Now if you have a product that’s consumable or that could be purchased again and again and again well again going back to well what if they only buy one? What if you can get that person to come back in 60 days and buy another one? Maybe it’s a gift item and then you can remind them that there’s a holiday coming up and they’re like, “Oh that’s great idea.Maybe I should buy one of those things that I already bought that I love and I’ll buy one for my sister or my brother or my nephew.”

A lot of people don’t understand this so you’re not alone but understand there’s so much power that comes with an email address rather than just saying how do I benefit now. From what you were saying like, it’s totally normal and anyone else out there that’s thinking this it’s totally normal like I spend a dollar today how do I get that dollar back instantly? We would all love to be able to do it and there’s some different ways that you can do that which we’ll talk about later in the future.

[00:32:36] Scott: Right now just understand that if you spend a dollar to get that email address or even $5 to get that email address it’s powerful because in the future we know that those people are our target audience, they are our customer. We could then have them help us by either buying more product in the future or by helping us buy it at a discount. This way here it spikes the algorithm in Amazon or they can tell friends or they can buy gifts. It’s all of those things.

That’s that, again I’m looking at my notes here. The other thing that I wanted to mention on your Facebook ad stuff is you said that you had 18 clicks. Typically on anything that I’ve ever done whether it’s physical products, whether it’s digital products generally if you get a 20% to a 30% opt in rate that is good. You got 18 clicks, my question there would be okay you got 18 clicks, we need to get at least a 100 clicks and if we get 100 clicks then we can measure. You only got 18 clicks well if you’re at 20%, what’s that really equate to? Not much.

You need more traffic so that means you might have to expand out your audience. Like I said I don’t think that you reached enough people to even say that your thing worked or it didn’t work. If you’ve got 18 clicks not enough clicks in my book. I think you go to get at least 100. That mean 100 people actually clicked on it, went to your landing page and then from there decided to either opt in for the thing or not opt in.

The other is you had 18 clicks, my next question to you would be like what was the offer? What were you giving them in exchange for their email address? Was it 10% off? Who cares? I’m not going to give my email address for 10% off. 50% off, yeah I might give you my email address for that. The offer has a lot to do with your conversion on that part as well. The other thing you wanted to know was about what do you use to capture that email.

[00:34:43] Scott: Well there’s a couple of different things to keep it really, really basic. I would use something like Lead Pages. Again guys I have the resources on my resources page if you guys want to know about email capture pages or what service to use like Mail Chimp or Aweber. I’ve got those on there as far as for email collection.

I would use lead pages that’s a really out of the box easy to use and then connects to an Aweber or a Mail Chimp and then you’re off to the races and that’s how I would do that. The other thing that I wanted to just kind of throw out here, this is a little bit more advanced is really about how you could take those 500 emails and turn them into a couple hundred thousand emails that you could have access to.

Let me explain. If you have 500 emails you can upload those into a Facebook ad campaign, not even a campaign, into your Facebook ads manager and then what Facebook will do is they will go out and they’ll try to match those 500 emails. They might only find 400 but those 400 emails are the people that already opted in. What that’s doing is it’s finding those people and adding them into a targeted list inside of your Facebook ads campaign or your ad manager that’s what I’m trying to say here. Then what you can do is you can then go out and retarget those 400 people or 500 people however many people it found from your 500 emails.

You see you can still use them. Yes you’re going to pay a little bit of money to reach them but we already know that they’re customers because they purchased through that email or they opted in. The other thing now that you can do now that we have those people on our, they call it a custom audience. When you have them on this custom audience now what I can is I can say there’s 400 people, Facebook I want you to go out now and find a lookalike audience. Create a lookalike audience that looks like these 400 people with similar profiles, similar spending traits, different things that they follow.

[00:36:47] Scott: They’re going to go out and find people that are like those 500 or those 400 people from that list and then from there you can reach 200,000, 300,000 sometimes a million or more. That’s where you can really start to scale this thing and then start targeting people that are your ideal customer. You guys can see I can go on and on about this stuff and actually we are going to be going on about this stuff at our live event in Phoenix Arizona on November 6th. November 5th is going to be our TAS Breakthrough Live Event where we’re going to be taking ten hot seats.

You guys heard me talk about that with 20 other attendees and that’s where we’re going to breakthrough some of these obstacles that they’re facing in their business. Day two is going to be stuff like this, retargeting, building that custom audience and then creating a sales funnel, a lead magnet to get people in from one place to another to get that opt in, to get that email address and how to communicate with them. All of that stuff. You guys can see I’m pretty passionate about this stuff because I believe that this here is long term growth.

This is where you can definitely grow your business outside of Amazon and this is an asset you’ll always, always have. You’ll always have that email address. It’s more than just the email because that email as you’ve seen right there you’re able to take that email and then use it inside of Facebook in your Facebook ad manager where it can go out and find people that are like those people that are already opted in.

It’s pretty crazy and it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully that answered your questions. Again, I could talk about this stuff for days, love it because it’s so powerful and I think that that’s where we should be going. I think that’s where we should be heading. Yes Amazon is awesome and yes we are going to be selling on Amazon but it’s just one channel and if we can build our own channel we’re that more secure in our business.

[00:38:39] Scott: Guys that’s it, that’s pretty much going to wrap up this episode. Again, if you want to know more about the live event that we’re going to be doing November 5th and 6th head over to theamazingseller.com/live.

Once again that’s theamazingseller.com/live and you can see all the details there and you can just hop on the waitlist. If it’s already sold out get on the waitlist and you’ll be notified if there’s any cancellations or you’ll be updated when we do another one in the future and maybe you can attend there. Last thing remind you about the show notes to this episode you can head over to theamazingseller.com/262 and you can get all the show notes, the transcripts there and all the links that we talked about will be there as well.

Like I said if there was anything that you needed more information as far as tools and stuff that I’m using for this type of stuff head over to the resources page and that can be found at theamazingseller.com/resources. This has been awesome… Oh wait a minute one more last thing, if you guys want to ask a question on an upcoming show head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and leave your first name and where you’re tuning in from maybe and a brief question and I’ll do my best to air it here on an upcoming Ask Scott session.

That’s it, that’s going to wrap it up. Remember I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud. I am so fired up today, can you guys tell? “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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