TAS 255 Amazon Changes the Game Once Again with Brand Registered Brands (Round Table Discussion)

Occasionally Scott likes to have round table type discussions with people who he’s come to know through his experience selling private label products on Amazon. On this episode, he’s recorded their conversation which was originally published to Facebook Live and Periscope. You’ll hear Scott, Chris Shaeffer, and Don Sugar chat about some of the things happening around the Amazon private label space and how the issues impact private label sellers and retail arbitrage accounts. Stick around for this one, there’s a lot of insightful thoughts to learn from and some cautions that could save you some real headaches.

We’re hearing that changes are happening in the Amazon terms of service.

Much of what’s going around in the online communities that surround Amazon private label is not verified by Amazon yet, but nevertheless, there does appear to be some changes happening. What is the stink about? Most of it surrounds the issue of brand registry and the conditions Amazon is requiring. There are also many brand products that Amazon is bringing into the issue, requiring that sellers prove their right to sell the product. It could be a mess, or it could be a blessing. Find out why on this roundtable episode.

How to the recent Brand Registry changes impact private label sellers?

Many private Label sellers are concerned about the brand registry requirements Amazon appears to be enacting but Chris Shaeffer says that it’s a blessing more than a curse. Why? Because it is going to make it more difficult for hijackers to take over the listings of private label products. In fact, that could very well be the issue Amazon is trying to address with the new actions they are taking regarding brand registry. You can hear Chris’ argument on this episode and find out other things going on in the Amazon universe, on this episode.

Why is it vital to capture email addresses of potential customers?

Part of the discussion on this episode of the podcast surrounds the tactic of building an email list of potential or previous customers. Email list building is a proven online sales strategy that many private label sellers have not tapped into. On this episode, the guys chat about why email lists are so important, how to go about building one, and how you can use them to generate sales and build your brand.

How many potential sellers are using these issues as an excuse not to start.

One of Scott’s concerns when things in the Amazon community begin to get stirred is that people who might be considering private label sales might use the confusion as an excuse not to get started. If you’ve listened to this podcast for any length of time you won’t be surprised to hear Scott addressing that issue. After all, he’s the guy who’s coined the term, “Take Action.” No matter what’s going on in the Amazon space there are always going to be hurdles. But don’t let them scare you away. Everything is going to take some hard work, diligent research, and learning. But the benefits are much larger than the difficulties it takes to get started.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this roundtable discussion.
  • [3:50] What are the changes Amazon has been doing?
  • [11:45] Why the changes are good news to private label folks.
  • [15:25] How can you deal with “gray market” products?
  • [17:39] Why brand registry is now more important than ever.
  • [23:00] Be careful about the words you use in your keyword or search term fields.
  • [34:33] The things needed to get brand registered.
  • [39:06] The best ways to capture emails of potential customers.
  • [45:06] The consensus about what’s going to come of the changes.
  • [48:40] The excuse not to get started.
  • [1:01:00] When and how you can hear the TAS power hour on Facebook or Periscope.



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TAS 255 : Amazon Changes the Game Once Again with Brand Registered Brands (Round Table Discussion)


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 255 and today we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re doing a little bit of an experiment here.

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What we’ve done is we’ve just recently… I say we, myself, Chris Shaffer and Dom Sugar who are doing these Facebook Lives where we hop on, we do some round tables and we discuss some current events in Amazon, ecommerce just all kinds of stuff. We’re going to give this a little bit of a test and see how it goes.

A recent one that we just did was all about the Amazon changes as far as brand registry because some of you may have heard that they are cracking down on this as far as like if you want to list a product they are making it harder so retail arb people, online arb people are going to possibly have to do things a little bit differently. For private labelers, it’s kind of exciting because then we can fend off those hijackers. What I want to here is let you listen to this conversation that we had, which was pretty good by the way. It was pretty awesome. I had people on Periscope, I had people on Facebook Live, we had just over a thousand people listening, tuning in and it was just really, really awesome. I want to share this with you.

I do want to say though, the audio quality is a little sub-par on my end because I was in the room that was being recorded on and I was piping those guys into… Again, it’s experiment. We’re seeing what happens here. I wanted to share it with you just in case you’re not on Facebook Live or you’re not on Periscope yet with me. This way here you can at least listen to it because it was really, really some good information. A lot of people listening said, “This stuff was gold. A lot of this just free flying information back and forth and then listening to some questions and then expounding on them.” I want to share that with you in this episode. It’s really, really beneficial to you. The other thing that I’m going to do is create some show notes for this and full transcripts.

[00:02:00] Scott: If you want to download them head over to theamazingseller.com/255. Again, that’s theamazingseller.com/255 and you can download those there, the transcripts, the show notes, all of that stuff. The other thing I would say for you to do if you want to, if you want to actually hang out with us on a Facebook Live while we’re doing this experiment, who knows maybe it will continue but you can head over to our fan page of The Amazing Seller. The group, you can also head there if you’re already on the group then you’ll be notified so theamazingseller.com/fb, that will get you into the group. You have to be approved but if you just want to like The Amazing Seller fan page then you’ll be notified as well there.

To get on that, or to get  notified through that you’d have to just go and like the fan page and you can easily do that by heading over to, I made a nice little short link for you, theamazingseller.com/hour, so theamazingseller.com/hour. That will direct you over to Facebook and the fan page created for The Amazing Seller. It’s not the group, it’s the fan page. This way here you’ll be notified when we go live which we’re going to try to do Friday afternoons at one o’clock for right now. Again, this is in beta. We’re just testing this thing out and seeing how it works but I did want to share with you because we had a really, really great conversation between the three of us and everyone else that was chiming in and giving some questions and some feedback. Just wanted to share it with you. Enjoy this Facebook Live, this Periscope that we did and this round table. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


[00:03:38] Scott: Hey, what’s up everyone. Facebook Live we’re getting ready to do the TAS Power Hour as we’re calling it. We’ve got Dom Sugar, we’ve got Chris Shaffer and we’re getting ready to rock and roll. Let’s get things going here. Chris, what are we going to be talking about today on Facebook Live and on Periscope? What are we going to be talking about?

[00:03:58] Chris: I believe, if I am not mistaken, we’re going to be talking about some of the shenanigans that have been going on this week. A little bit of an update to what we talked about on Wednesday which has to do with brand registry and the panic that’s been going on in the TAS and the Amazon private label community as a whole, Scott so you want to fill us in on that?

[00:04:17] Scott: Yeah. Well, Dom sent me over some pretty cool here today. I want to first off say, Dom what’s happening brother? I know it was a little problem getting on here. Why don’t we talk a little bit about that. Also want to talk to my Periscope people that are tuning in. I want to make sure that the audio is okay. Dom why don’t you fill us in man? What’s going on?

[00:04:34] Dom: A lot of hype out there my friends. Just following through the Facebook groups and including our Canadian Facebook group, there is just a lot of panic out there since we started talking on Wednesday and since Mr. [insider 00:04:48] dropped the bomb on the Nike Shoes there everything been quite going crazy. People are saying “I’m going to brand register, I’m going to rush over.” I saw four, five, six Facebook listings on The Amazing Seller talking about, “Oh, I’ve been banned. I’ve been suspended.” I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s bad timing or it’s just… Everyone has the same story coming out at once but I found it a little overwhelming with all these stories especially since we’ve been doing this for ten years on Amazon and never once have we had a cease and desist letter to stop selling.

We sell tons of branded, thousands of branded merchandise. We’ve looked into it ourselves as a team and again I don’t think it’s a full panic mode. I just don’t think everybody has to go… You don’t have to jump on the railways of a crazy train.

[00:05:41] Scott: That’s a good song though.

[00:05:43] Dom: It’s a good song.

[00:05:45] Scott: Come on. Give me a bar of that. That song might be a little too old for Chris. Chris is still a baby.

[00:05:59] Chris: My musical tastes are a little more diverse than you might suspect.

[00:06:07] Scott: Okay, cool. We won’t get into that. Dom, I totally get it as well and again it’s always like that gloom and doom, but what does… Right now, what are you hearing? I know you said you went into the TAS Facebook group, you seen people all saying like they’re going to go bankrupt now… What are you hearing inside of there and what would you like to…? You being in the retail arb business for years and understanding that business model, what’s your thoughts on that?

[00:06:36] Dom: First all I think it’s just overwhelming for a lot other people that are in there to saying all this stuff. I don’t get over the hype when I see stuff like that because it’s just like anything. It’s like the right program or Amazon will do something like this or another company will do put a blitz on. It lasts for a couple of days and then it just quiets right down. What’s happening is that because certain companies like Nike that never used to be blocked are blocking a lot of their stuff and to tell you the truth, we did a testing on… We listed a bunch of hats, official Nike apparel, no problem listing it, no issue. It’s just certain shoes they don’t want you listing. They don’t want you putting up Jordans, they don’t want you putting up Max95s, their big brand shoes because of all the knock offs, the counterfeits and overseas in Asia and that’s what’s happening.

How it relates to private label, I kind of get it but not really. The race to brand register it hasn’t still… We reverse engineer, we’ve done a few counts. I’ve heard in the group people talking about people talking about, “Oh I check my account, I tried to relist under mine and I couldn’t do it.” Well, we tried on our own accounts and we could re-list under our own account.

[00:07:48] Scott: That’s a good point though. Here’s what I’ve been hearing. Some people are saying that they are having a tough time even are sending more inventory in or they are having a letter sent to them that’s saying, “Hey, we realize you have inventory in on this brand. You’ve got thirty days to remove it,” or sixty days or whatever it is, “until you can prove it you’re licensed or whatever to sell them.” That’s that I’m hearing. Now, I’m not sure if that’s true or what but that’s what I’m hearing. Then the other thing is if you want to list a product. Like, let’s say for example. I give you example, Dom. I went into Radio Shack today and I bought my splitters so I can split this cable so I can give these guys on Periscope some good audio quality.

I’ve got a speaker near that phone. We’re doing it really ghetto here. Here’s the deal. I went in there, there are like 30 or 40% offer right now. They have beats in there, they have some other named brand products. If I went in there, grabbed them off the shelf you’re telling me I’m going to have a tough time regardless of what Amazon just did because they’re beats by Dr. Dre?

[00:08:53] Dom: Well, first of all, those are restricted products anyways. You would need to send those as used, first of all. What they’re doing is so I guess the premise is, there’s going to be unauthorized gated products. Products, that you can’t sell regardless and then products that you can sell but you have to be an authorized dealer and stuff like that. Then some products, some branded products of those name like Nike you can still list under their products but not their main ones. They are breaking it down to different thresholds. You’re right. Dr. Dre or SMS beat headsets, Monster Cables, you name it, you can’t list any of that stuff as new. Some will let you use as used but most of them you can’t list at all, new or used.

[00:09:37] Scott: Now, what about eBay.

[00:09:39] Dom: There’s nothing. It’s strict open. Of course the same guidelines follow; has to be authentic, it has to be real, you have to know your source.

[00:09:46] Scott: If I wanted to go into Radio Shack and if I wanted to purchase five sets of beats I can sell them on eBay?

[00:09:52] Dom: You could sell them on eBay as far as I understand. It’s called first ranked doctrine. Once you purchase those good on open market, you’re allowed to sell those freely without any stoppage unless of course they are a grey or black area even a little bit of a greyer of a grey area, hence there was a big case last year with a guy buying books from India and selling them on Amazon. They were made for the Amazon community like Amazon retail but he was bringing them because they were like a quarter the price, so the book made like $5 there, when they can sell them here $50. So he’s getting them on clearance, bringing them back, listing them on Amazon.com. You can actually search for that. It was a huge lawsuit that, same thing, Costco does the same thing. Stuff there that was meant to go overseas, it’s called grey area but they bring it back into here and you sell. The product has to be real, it’s fine it’s all authentic but that product wasn’t authorized to be sold within Canada.

[00:10:47] Scott: People that are doing retail arb right now you’re saying like you wouldn’t be concerned even on Amazon as long as it wasn’t as a restricted product to begin with. If I just went, I bought iMasks and I found they were a close out and I sold them on Amazon, I shouldn’t have a problem is what you’re saying.

[00:11:05] Dom: Well, it’s like anything Scott. You got to do your due diligence. If you’re going to buy five thousand pairs of one thing, if you’re going to buy two, it costs you twenty bucks, you can’t list it, go to another venue. I would do it. Even those iMasks, I would check it right away but I don’t think you’d have a problem with those. If you’re selling Gucci and you got Burberry purses, you’re probably not going to be able to put them on Amazon, you should know that. There’s lots of websites online that will show you how the restricted products and obviously they’ll grow as now as people say okay now Nike you can’t sell this or Sony you’ve lots of other TVs anymore but their PS4’s are fine. That type of stuff.

[00:11:47] Scott: What private label people are right now excited about is that this could potentially knock hijackers off where you’re not able to do it if you’re brand registered. That’s exciting for me, for you, for you, for everyone. Also for retail arb people they are kind of nervous because they might be banking on fourth quarter, they’ve got a bunch of inventory they want to ship in. They are not going to be able to ship in that possibly. Dom, I’m going to let you go again here. Before you do, Chris let’s let you actually talk for a second. Dom doesn’t like to talk at all. Let’s go ahead and get you your take on this here. Dom is pretty fired up about this topic because he knows a lot about it but let’s get your take.

[00:12:33] Chris: I’m fired up about this too and Scott speaking of the private label thing. It started out with the Nike thing and I’ve actually talked to a couple different sellers including couple of people in the classroom who either tested their product and weren’t able to list it for another account. It sounds like Dom you’ve done that a couple of times and you were able to list regardless. Or, there was actually two people that I talked to that called in to seller central and asked them to restrict their brand registered product and they now have that as well. You know, milage may vary, but if that is the case then this is really, really cool. Scott you brought this up when we were talking about it on Wednesday. It wasn’t something that occurred to me at the time but it was brilliant besides your ego. I think it was really smart which is if this is the case it opens up a lot of products that I wouldn’t have looked at otherwise because they are highly competitive or they are knock off prone.

Cheaper easier type of products that we might be able to launch three, four, five of in a smaller amount of time. I probably wouldn’t have done that before now because I can protect it through brand registry. It may open up some of those opportunities for me.

[00:13:43] Scott: Right. Who was it that just rolled a post? You sent it over to me Dom. Can you pull it up maybe we can pull out some of those points that… I think it was… What’s her name? Yeah, last name Stein… I’m sorry if I forgot her name, if she ever watches this but she wrote a pretty good post detailing out some of those things. Cynthia Stein. Someone’s just reminding me on that. Again, I want to just talk about that. I also want to invite Periscope people and Facebook Live people to submit your questions. I know we’re going to stop here for a second and answer some of your questions. Then we can again make this a little bit more interactive. The other thing is too Chris, maybe we can let people know like put in the chat in the Facebook Live like where you’re tuning in from, we just want to see where you guys are from.

Just so we can get a sense of who we’re talking to here. Some of you are international. Do you have any questions in the Facebook Live? I ‘m sure I can get some the Periscope…

[00:14:46] Dom: I don’t. I just asked them about a minute ago if they wanted to ask anything. Guys if you’re listening on Facebook Live ask us questions. If you’re listening on Periscope ask some and we’ll answer.

[00:14:53] Scott: Awesome. Danny Brewer is in on Periscope right now. Danny Brewer in the house.

[00:15:01] Chris: Danny Brewer is pushing product.

[00:15:06] Scott: That was good. Is that your impersonation of Danny?

[00:15:08] Chris: “A brand, I’m not a brand, I want to push product!”

[00:15:16] Scott: Danny. That was pretty good. New York City. You guys had any questions? The great market. Let’s see. Even if the… I’m trying to read it here, on the side here. Branded product was purchased legally. If something was purchased legally and it was a grey market product, how do you deal with that? Dom.

[00:15:43] Dom: On eBay we had issues before with that. So grey marketing, yeah it’s still legal stuff. For example, New Era. New Era has their North American division and they have the European division. We legally aren’t authorized to sell overseas any of the Canadian or US made New Era products because they have different rights. But, again, you can kind of get away with it. We follow the line. We just don’t show, we ship New Era stuff, and we just exempt. We just exempt all the international buyers. There’s other ways they can buy, they can get shipped to the US and then somebody else will ship it to them. That’s what they mean by that grey area stuff. I would suggest it, the easiest way is to just so many products like why do you need to do that?

Why would you want anything that’s close to a Nike Shoe? Why do you need a Burberry style purse? There’s just so many products you can have. Millions and millions. That’s the problem. If it’s grey area your shoe might run into problems. If you’re seasoned veteran, again that’s my favorite saying, that you might get away because you got 10-15 years of your count, they take that into consideration, you get a slap on your wrists, “don’t do it again!” But if it’s your first product then you happen to be selling a hundred of them a day, first of all even a lawsuit is going to catch up to you, right Chris? We always talk about… And they’re going to shut you down anyway, it’s just a red flag right away.

There’s other grey areas but we’re pretty good. All our product that we have is sourced within Canada, US so it’s all manufactured for our market. Then if we get one of our clients that say it’s for export only then that’s basically what it is. Sometimes we’ll get stuff from the US, it can only be exported to Canada, sold within Canada. So we’ll just sell on Amazon Canada. We’ll just do it on our Shopify store.

[00:17:38] Scott: Okay. Some good stuff. I’m going to point my question to Chris and then I’m going to point it to Dom. Chris, what is this that you’re hearing about Amazon making it harder for you to launch brand products. What does that mean for private labelers to you?

[00:17:59] Chris: That’s the point I was touching on just a little bit earlier. It’s a good piece for private labelers. Now, it does mean that if you want protections, you do have to go through brand registry. Again if this is actually what’s happening. I view that as a positive thing, not as a negative thing. It lets me set up additional barriers entry like I’m a big fan of gated categories because people have to jump through hoops. I’m also a big fan of brand registry because people have to jump through some hoops. If I can protect myself that way through brand registry as well as maybe a gated category something like that, it helps shore up my Amazon store in addition to anything that I’m doing off the sites. Does that makes sense?

[00:18:36] Scott: The reason why I am laughing guys, I am not laughing because…You guys see my set up here. I’ve got a speaker propped up, it keeps falling over.

[00:18:47] Chris: It’s like a hospital room eh?

[00:18:50] Scott: I’ve got to take a shot on this. Everything I understood I was distracted by my jerry-rig that I‘ve got rigged up here so Periscope people can listen. I totally get that and for private labelers it’s exciting but again it also makes us say we should probably brand register as soon as we can. Real quick, Chris I’ll point this one to you once again. What’s it mean to brand register? What do you need to do to get brand registered.

[00:19:16] Chris: Chad on Facebook said, “Can we briefly dumb down brand registry?” Is it that products are registered meaning we can’t sell those? Couldn’t all products be registered. I’m probably rambling about this but I don’t fully understand, it’s what Chad says. It’s kind of a sum up in your question which is, “What is brand registry?” It’s just a form that you fill out on Amazon to say, “This is my branded product and this is what it looks like.” It has these features, here’s what my logo looks like on the products and it protects the brand so additional products that you launch with that brand, Scott’s amazing garlic presses. Scott then goes and launches his Silicone barbecue mints and the garlic press and the garlic bag and all those kinds of things, the silicone gloves. That’s going to be a hot seller this year.

All of those products as long as they have his branding on them, are then protected by brand registry. From private label standpoint that makes a lot of sense for us if we can build a real brand which is the goal for most of the people especially the people in the TAS community. It’s an extra step that stops people from hijacking your listing. That’s realistically how I’m looking at it. It’s just an extra hurdle for people to try to do things that aren’t so gentlemanly.

[00:20:30] Scott: Here’s the thing though. This is if this is really happening. We’re thinking that it’s happening as far as like… It could be not for all of the different ones right now. It could be for someone that’s already brand registered maybe a year ago and the newer ones aren’t being locked down yet. We don’t know that yet. We’re again speculating that’s when people are all getting up in arms about this, number  one if you’re a private labeler it should be something that you’re happy about because it does make it harder, if this is true, that it will make it harder for somebody to just jump on your listing and say, “I sell that thing. It’s my brand. I’m just going to sell the same exact thing,” and then they can hijack it especially people that are international that are doing it.

That’s going to make it harder. It’s going to also make it harder for anyone starting out because when they start out they’re going to need a basic website to do brand registry. They are going to need a couple of invoices, they are going to really verify their brand. There’s going to be a few hoops you got to jump through. Again, that’s also going to weed out anyone that doesn’t go through that. Dom, what’s it mean to you for private labelers that, if this is true, what’s it mean?

[00:21:44] Dom: While I was thinking when I… The basis I find for all this hype and what’s going on is in really three sectors. There’s the rush to everyone to brand register, what’s happening now, which is going to cause a little bit of backlash of brand registry which means they might implement more information to me because they don’t want to put as many people through. I know everyone’s hyped it’s good, it’s going to help us but that’s definitely going to happen. They’re not going to say just give us a website and then we’ll see that, we’re going to see okay we need to add ten more steps because we’re getting a hundred a minute. That’s going to happen with that eventually. Two for us. I have no concern to tell you the truth because we’re already ready for that. We already know what’s going to happen with hijackers. We have a huge cease and desist letter whether it’s from our paralegal team.

I’ve got all my stuff retail ready, UPC codes, checks inside the box so they know if they open it, we’ve got our own way to verify stuff. We have all that in place. For me, go ahead and hijack it. We’ll get you off of our listing. Sometimes they will and we’ll figure out other ways to do it, so I’ve never had an issue with that. The second part is in the class with all these getting their account suspended, that type of stuff that I noticed, all these like five, six to ten people in the Facebook community talking about, “Oh my God I just got an email, cease and desist. Trademark infringement, copyright infringement,” so that costs you. And then three, and the last is the retail arb guys. “Oh my God I won’t be able assist this” so it’s a three part segment.

I’m not sure how it all goes together or it just happens to go together because we’re all in the same marketplaces EA, Amazon, eBay. This is the thing. For somebody who is on all three, for me brand registry I don’t worry about it. I’m taking care of that. Private label products themselves, never had a problem with suspension, using keywords in the back, like small things people probably don’t know. You’re not allowed to put major brand names in the back to use for keywords. You can’t put Sony, Reebok in the back of there to get SEO terms.

[00:23:46] Dom: That’s why people are getting shut down. When you use your keywords or your brand name you got to do some due diligence. You got take a look there and search. You can’t just put green garlic press, maybe somebody bought that name. Especially if it’s a federal trademark. A lot of people they push, they’ll send you an email, “stop selling our stuff, you have a copyright infringement.” Yah, they have the copyright on the name and a certain word in a certain text or character, but they don’t own the federal trademark for that, for garlic press. Nobody owns garlic press but somebody might own green garlic press because they did a different one. So that really didn’t affect us because I make sure our team does its due diligence, two to three months of the product making sure and the first places you look in Google and you look in Amazon. If you don’t see your name there, then you do more research.

Third is the retail arb, which is my more concern than any of them because we’re seeing a lot of products on FBA and knock on wood we we haven’t had cone come back yet? I just think it’s a certain brands. Most of the big brands are already going to be restricted anyway. You’re not selling specific jewelry, nobody’s selling swarovski, you can go ahead and sell your Champion track pants. They are not going to do that and it’s going to be eventual. You think they’re going to do a million brands in two days? It takes years and years to implement this stuff. I think they are just going to go to the big brands… And it’s up to Amazon to make money too. “For $50,000 we’ll close up your thing and we’ll charge people to list.” I don’t need your brand.

[00:25:23] Scott: Someone just said Adidas recently gated.

[00:25:26] Dom: Adidas has been gated for a long time. We could never list Adidas. Same with Nike, again when Andy brought up the fact that… Nike again, we listed hats and T-shirts yesterday like 10, 20 of them, no problem. Just search shoes account listers from Nike. Sony is going to do the same thing. I don’t think they care if you list your product or you steal their Sony camcorder that’s only worth $99 anymore, because it’s so old. But they don’t want you listing their 10K TV that’s $10,000. I just think there’s three segments that we have to look at individually. My concern is do they run together or are the retail arb guys is the same as… I just happen to look across all three platforms so it affects me in all three. For some it might not affect all three or two it might be just one. My main concern were like suspensions and trademark, copyright infringements, and why there are so many.

[00:26:23] Scott: What would you say to someone that is right now just starting? Would you it’s important for them too brand register right out of the gate?

[00:26:30] Dom: The problem with brand registering right away is that you need to have your receipts. How are you going to do that? And a website. But the website you can do, it’s easy. You just go, you slap it on, you can go to Fiverr and get a guy to do it for ten, but how are you going to get that manifest, your receipt from China. You put your 30% down. Now if you get it locally, great but even that’s going to take you time. You have to do a big order, then you have to… You won’t be able to send it to Amazon until you actually get the brand registered. You’re going to have to ship it to your house, do your brand registry. Then ship it in. That’s why they don’t make you do it because there’s some formal stuff, you just put it in and then you register after, when you got your manifests and stuff.

[00:27:14] Scott: Chris do you have any other questions that you seen coming on the Facebook Live stream? I know I’ve got some here on Periscope but they go away quickly.

[00:27:23] Chris: We do. I have one here from Nester. He says, and Dom this is to your point earlier, “If you trademark your brand name other people can’t put that in their keywords?”

[00:27:35] Dom: That’s not what I’m saying. No. Trademark infringement there’s lots, lots of ways to get around it or through it. Scot you had the podcast with your lawyer a couple of times. He talked about it. You can’t just… If I trademark green garlic press, I’m going to make it in certain fonts, green garlic press and then type whatever. You pick and type whatever you want. Helivant, bla, bla, bla, and I put a green garlic press on the side of it with a palm tree wrapped around it. I don’t know. If I take that picture I can trademark that graphic with the three words together. Nobody can come through and use that name in that conjunction in the same product but you can still come back and name it a blue garlic press with a regular tree on the side of it and it won’t matter because you totally changed the image.

Then you have federal trademarks. Stuff like Just Do It, Threepeat, Johnny Hockey or Johnny Football, Mr. Football or whatever, Johnny football. That’s a federal trademark. He owns that. Threepeat. What’s his name, owns Threepeat, the general manager of the Knicks, sorry it escaped my mind. Phil Jackson! He owns Threepeat. You can’t copy that. If you put “home of the Threepeat number one garlic press” you’re going to get copyright infringement.

[00:29:09] Chris: I think his question was more about, and you mentioned you can’t put your competitor brand names even if they’re not trademarked. You can’t put Sony in your keywords. That’s against TOS.

[00:29:20] Scott: Wait a minute. Let me cut in here. So you’re telling me if I sell a filter for a Dyson Vacuum cleaner I can’t put replacement filter for Dyson?

[00:29:30] Dom: You can do that yes, but you can put Dyson on the back off your TOS in your keywords and your search terms.

[00:29:36] Scott: So in my search terms I can’t say replacement filter for Dyson?

[00:29:39] Dom: You’re not supposed to put any of them main brands…

[00:29:43] Scott: “Works well with Dyson”, so I can’t put that in there.

[00:29:45] Dom: We do everything compatible with, works with.

[00:29:50] Scott: That’s my question because Chad Reuben who was on who does very well with the vacuum cleaner filter space and he’s got that in his stuff that’s how he sells. If you got a Whirlpool refrigerator and you sell filters or whatever or air filters for your house, for a certain system. It’s kind of a grey area. It’s like what’s right, what’s wrong. What am I going to do?

[00:30:14] Chris: What they don’t want you to do Scott is they don’t want you to say, we’re private labeling Television, would you please for the love of God don’t go private label a television. We’re private labeling a television, they don’t want the first line in your keywords to be Sony, Samsung, Visio, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer, all of those.

[00:30:31] Dom: They don’t want you beneath $15 to click on the word Sony. They don’t want you looking at, they don’t want you looking at exactly that’s what it is.

[00:30:42] Scott: I’m okay with that but if my product works with a certain thing, I think that should be okay. Let’s say that I’ve went after the certain Dyson model and it’s X5282 and I’ve put that in works good with x5282, 52xdr. People that are looking specifically for that thing, they are going to find that and I’m not really sure… I don’t know. I’m not an attorney, I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I would think that you would be able to do that. That’s just me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong.

[00:31:19] Dom: No, no. You can because you’re putting the word ‘compatible with Dyson’s DC50’. The thing is that DC50 it’s just a word. You’re not copyrighting the type, you’re not actually using the font for DC Dyson 50. You’re just using it. It’s free enterprise for that word but if they wanted to have, I’m talking more of the catch phrases that are federal trademarks. We have tons of stuff that says, ‘compatible with’ ‘for used only with’. I wouldn’t put ‘number one competitor’. I wouldn’t put ‘right behind Dyson we’re number two’. I wouldn’t…

[00:32:01] Chris: Especially as your title.

[00:32:03] Dom: What I’m talking about is in the search terms so nothing to do with your body or there’s tons of people who put it. Even the big brands do it to themselves but if you’re getting a keyword, what they do is they say, look here, this is copyright infringement. They’re going to look through your whole account and they’re going to go you’re just using the word in the back end. Sorry, we’ll take it off. We’ve had competitors and we’ve used the so-called social keyword like water bottle. Nobody owns the word ‘water bottle’. We can put it in. If we put hydroflask in our back end that’s against terms of service in a search term but I can put ‘compatible with hydro flask’, ‘cheaper than hydroflask’. Again, some grey areas sometimes on that but I’ve never had any issue with the account. It’s the little things like that tid-bits that people are missing that’s why their accounts are getting shut down. Of course unless you’re buying grey market area and they know that or they just grab someone's picture and just put their brand on it. Obviously nobody dilutes their products, so you don’t know.

[00:33:10] Scott: Okay. I’m going to cut in here real quick. I know we’re going to try to format the show as we break it into chunks. What I want to do here real quick is I want to let everyone know that what once you’re here on Facebook or on Periscope share this if you want to see us do more of this. We like to hang out and talk privately so we’d more than happy to jump on here and record it because this is the stuff we would be talking about privately. Why not let you guys listen in. If we can get you guys to interact and have some conversation with us we’d be more than happy to do this. That’s what we’re looking to do. If you guys like this, Periscope guys and girls share it up and tap on the screen, give some love and on Facebook you could do some similar stuff. Chris what do they do on Facebook in order to make that happen?

[00:33:51] Chris: Thumbs up, hearts, comments, there’s a whole bunch of emojis that you can pick from. Pick your favorite emoji and share it that way. Scott let’s go ahead and let’s jump into some Q&A here if you have some on the Periscope side.

[00:34:04] Scott: I did but now I have to wait till more comes through because it goes away.

[00:34:08] Chris: Periscope people, get some questions.

[00:34:11] Scott: Periscope people ask some questions right now. We’ll try to answer them if I can read them quick enough. You’re asking a lot, Chris. We have tons of hearts going on here. Tons of hearts. Dom, my timer didn’t go off but it was ready to go off for you. It was ready to ring. Okay. “New brand, just put first a deposit in order to have website but no products yet.” Someone else is loving this. Basically they have a new product, they put their money down, it’s coming but they don’t have it in their hands yet. Can they still brand register? That’s what they’re asking.

[00:34:53] Chris: If they have images of their logo and stuff on the product then in theory, yes. As long as they have what they need for brand registry which should be photos of the product including your logo on the product itself. On the box if you’re shipping in a box it’s not good enough it has to be on the product itself so that if Amazon pulls it out of the box, just in case someone copies your box that the product is the same. Then you need some invoices in some cases as well as a website and Dom has it changed? It used be a website, just a plain old website and I’ve been hearing some people lately say it has to have some sort of add to cart button even if that points to Amazon.

[00:35:30] Dom: That’s right. Before it used to be just a manual, just a one picture, just a LeadPage type thing but now you’re right. You need something that leads to, from what I’ve been told anyway same thing that you need… It clicks through, it has a short link right directly to Amazon.

[00:35:49] Chris: Essentially a three page website. A home page, that’s all about your products with a button that takes them to Amazon, a ‘contact us’ with an email address and maybe an ‘About us’ that say, “Here’s what’s up. Here’s what my brand is and how Amazon has all the info.” The other thing that you do need to do this and something that a lot of people miss when they go through brand registry and I see it all the time in the TAS group is you need an @mywebsite.com email which if you’re building a website, it’s super easy.

If you’re going to do brand registry, you have to have Scott’sAmazingGarlicPresses.com or Scott@scottsamazinggarlicpresses.com. That’s your email address. Not just that you submit but also on your seller account.

[00:36:27] Scott: We got to blast through them a little quicker because I’ve got like three questions that come up and then I forget what they are by the time I get ready here. We’re going to figure out another monitor to monitor those and you can be writing them down. The one was, “Can I put ‘comparable to’?” That’s a little iffy. You don’t want to be like compare us to this. I think it’s saying ‘it works with’ or ‘compatible with’ is different than ‘comparable to’, True?

[00:36:54] Chris: I disagree with that. I have a private label product on my desk from Kruger and it says it right on there. It says ‘compare to XYZ.’

[00:37:04] Scott: Does that mean it’s right? Does that mean it’s okay?

[00:37:07] Chris: Yeah. Now, in terms of Amazon…

[00:37:10] Scott: Now, Chris Shaffer is an attorney.

[00:37:14] Chris: That may be different. If Kruger is doing it, Kruger has a team of attorneys. They are not worried about. Now, in terms of Amazon TOS maybe a little bit more of a grey area that saying ‘works with’.

[00:37:22] Scott: I like ‘works with’. I don’t know about…

[00:37:25] Chris: But it depends on what it is. If you private label 5 hour energy you’re not going to say, “Works with energy drinks.” You’re going to say, “Comparable to 5 hour energy,” and because you private labeled it from that brand that’s a little bit different as well.

[00:37:42] Dom: We did a lot of ‘better value than’. We use that term in our stuff ‘better value than’, blah blah. ‘Includes more than’ that type of stuff. We do use it but we don’t put it in the title, only in the bullets. We’d never put it in the title.

[00:38:03] Scott: The other thing was what are they, as far as an invoice, what does it need to be? What does it need to look like from that manufacturer? I know they usually want three, so I know we’ve talked about breaking it up into three invoices but what do they actually need it to say. Basically who it’s from, who you’re purchasing it from with your business name on it, is that all they need?

[00:38:23] Chris: And what it is. Not a proforma invoice but a full commercial invoice. That’s what you’re going to need for getting ungated anyway so if you’re going into a gated category, that’s what you’re going to want to have, regardless so you might as well just ask them for a commercial invoice. That’s going to have your contact info as well as your website on it, if you’re doing brand registry. Then the manufacturer's contact info. Now, you should still be able to blackout pricing and all that kind of stuff because Amazon doesn’t care they just need to know what it is according to the manufacturer which is what the invoice tells you and where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

[00:38:55] Scott:  Another question came in. It’s pretty cool. Again, we talked about this, right now we’re talking about this but this question came in, it’s just random and Chris you’re going to love this because you and I just recorded a hot seat this morning about it. Someone said, what’s the best way to capture emails of my potential customers? So Chris, why don’t you recap what we talked about this morning which people are going to hear the podcast coming up.

[00:39:17] Chris: I’m going to completely derail you here because there’s two different ways. Generally speaking Facebook ads to the landing page is going to be the best. Now what you give them in exchange for that is going to vary. My personal favorite is going to be some sort of a giveaway at the moment, whether it’s a bundle of products. Scott, let’s use the example. We can give these guys a little taste of what we did this morning. We talked about fly fishing. You can create a give-away bundle that is a fly fishing vest, flies, if you want to get really fancy you can give a rod, well I guess there’s no reel in that case but still things that a fly fisherman would need. You create a bundle and you advertise that on Facebook to your target audience. They click on the ad, they get taken to the landing page and they give you their email, in exchange for entry into the contest.

[00:40:06] Scott: Yeah, one thing I just want to throw in here, because some people will be like, “Well, I’m going into this, I got my product ordered, I can’t really do it until I have my product.” And I disagree with that. Here is a cool on how you can do this, right? Let’s say for example you are going to sell a special lure for catching bass.

Well they want different poles, they want certain gear for that market. So, a cool thing you can do, is going out and buy the top rod, the top reel and maybe a couple of lures and you bundle that together, you create a really nice image of that. Then you advertise that on Facebook, you find your ideal customers in a group, in a Facebook fan-page, somewhere there.

The from that point, yes you are giving away someone else’s product but you might not be selling rods for a while, you might not be selling reels for while or tackle boxes. Right but eventually you will, but right now we are just looking to drop the line in the pond and get people to come in and really I know. It is a good analogy though.

[00:41:04] Chris: So bad.

[00:41:05] Scott: Right? We have pond, it is not cheesy come on, we have a pond and I’m going to take a little bait we are going to put on the hook here. We’ve got a little bit right here, and we are going to cast the line in there, Dom right? We are going to put in the line and then we are going to see if anybody bites. If that’s the case, all we are doing is attracting the right type of person. That all that we are doing, and by doing the contest, you are going to give away physical items.

People are going to enter their name and email address. Then what’s going to happen is, let’s say seven days later, you are going to announce the winner. And you are also going to say, “Sorry, you didn’t win but we know that you are interested in the stuff, we are going to give you 25% off of our new lure that is coming out in two weeks.” Something like that, maybe we are going to give it to you for 50% off something like that.

Then, you built an email list of 500 people, there is highly targeted and that’s how you can start that. So, that is the easiest and I think the most effective way to do it like now. Then we talk about Facebook Ad pixels and all that stuff.

[00:42:07] Chris: SeeScott, you say, “easy,” and I’m sitting here watching Dom’s head explode.

[00:42:11] Dom: It’s funny where that time was…

[00:42:17] Chris: So guys it really is, is a simple process right? There is three essential things that you need. You need a Facebook Ad.

[00:42:24] Scott: That was for Dom.

[00:42:26] Chris: You need the thing that you are getting away, and you need a landing page through Lead Pages or through Click Funnels. It is fairly simple to set up, most people if you have a basic understanding of how to type and use a computer, will be able to do it. It’s not a very complicated process by any interest and imagination. You start to build and Scott, you have heard me yell, and I have said this on the podcast and Dom told me to say this is for your sanity. You heard me yell like six or eight times in Denver, “your email is this the single biggest asset in your business.” It is single most valuable thing in your business. It really is, and so if you can build that whether that is early on, or after you have established yourself on Amazon, you set yourself up for long term success both on and off.

[00:43:10] Scott: I love that, someone else just said, “Yup,” Dom, what’s your thought on that?

[00:43:15] Dom: We have a lot of emails my friends, you know that they are just sitting there.

[00:43:18] Scott: You see now Dom is on the other hand of the spectrum where he has a lot of emails because he has the shopify store, eBay store, all of that stuff so he has a lot of that data. Now Dom has to take it to the next level and start doing that. Again it is great to hear that Dom is very successful where he is and kind of he knows that industry inside and out. He knows how to do all that.

But on the other sides of things, he’s got a lot that he can learn on that side of business which is really exciting for us because it’s stuff that we are kind of passionate about, if you haven’t already noticed that. I just talked to, I thought I thought I told you Chris that my neighbor who we met through… Actually it was just a long story but my wife met her before we even met down… she is a blogger. She got an email list, and she basically didn’t know really how to use that to launch a product on Amazon, so kind of helped her along a little bit without giving her a little bit direct her to the podcast off course.

You know she doesn’t realize that she is way ahead of the curve because she has been doing all of that, now she is just adding the Amazon piece to the mix. And she has got a huge leverage point because she has that audience in that email list. So, I’m pretty passionate about that because I know the value and I know the power of it.

If you guys want to, go ahead and Google, “True 1000 fans.” Look for that post, and that post will show you that, if you take your time, and build a list of true, your true 1000 fans, those people, not just your fans for you but the fans for the market, those 1000 fans can really take care of you financially for the rest of your life. That is really what that post is about. So else we got guys, you want to talk about what’s grinding your gears right now there Dom? What’s grinding your gears this week Dom? What’s grinding your gears this week?

[00:45:14] Dom: We already know it’s all these suspensions and trademark infringements.

[00:45:22] Scott: What grinds your gears, is just that people are all getting up in arms over it when they really don’t need to?

[00:45:28] Dom: I just don’t know what the… I have a few comments on there. It is that it just happens to be all on the same week or you know people are not doing their due diligence? That I just never seen. We have been selling so many years, 10, 20 years and never had any issues you know. One small one here and here’s one small one there with big brands but I have never seen such craziness, and we have been selling privately for over three years now.

We have a lot of products and I have had one instance where somebody said, “Hi, you are using our keyword, you’re using our word.” And we said, “No, you don’t own that.” “Yeah we do,” and we said, “Okay here, this is what you do own.” “Oh yeah you are right we only own first you are right.” That was it, stop bugging us, actually they got suspended for bugging us.

Because we opened a case against them for emailing us all the time and letting us know that we were infringing on them. And their listing got shot down.

[00:46:18] Scott: Nice it backfired then.

[00:46:21] Dom: A backfire exactly. I mean, again I mean for me it is interesting to see all these, I don’t know, probably that few products too, that I’m like they have one or two products that have a same name. They had the few their aces taking up. But not their whole account, that’s another thing too. So, it was just like one, or two, or three. Some weren’t even related like the products, the competitor where they getting taken off from. They weren’t even selling things and nowhere even near.

One guy was saying, they sell this type of stuff but it was this other products so. I don’t know, it is kind of interesting to me and I guess that’s what grinds my gears today I guess.

[00:46:56] Scott: Chris grinding your gears this week, you think anything grinding your gears?

[00:47:01] Chris: World hunger. No you know it’s funny because I have been around long enough, I know you constantly joke that I’m a baby. But I have been around on the online space long enough to have seen similar reactions like my background is SEO in ecommerce strategy and I see similar reactions any time Google makes a change. “Oh my God this guy is falling,” right, everything is coming to a scratching screeching ugly bloody halt.

When everything shakes out not really anything has changed, there is a couple of small tricks that we need to make, a couple of small things. Then everything carries on as normal, and so it doesn’t really necessarily grind my gears but it intrigues me that we haven’t learnt our lesson as online sellers from Google and Bing when they make those changes. We are now applying the same kind of panic to Amazon, and you know the British had the right keep calling carry on.

Not really anything has changed, it is actually good news now for retail arb folks. There may be some additional brands that are gated or that are restricted and they have to jump through some hurdles to get. But we will figure out how many of them there are, and how soon we have to make all of those jumps. Scott I did see one other question in the Facebook live for Dom.

[00:48:13] Scott: But wait a minute, I didn’t get to say what grinds my gears.

[00:48:15] Chris: Oh Scotty.

[00:48:15] Scott: Come on.

[00:48:15] Chris: What grinds your gears Scot, what grinds your gears?

[00:48:19] Scott: You know, go ahead, I will talk about that.

[00:48:22] Chris: Me not letting you answer what grinds your gears.

[00:48:24] Dom: It’s the acres of posh land where he lives in this new house, his pond’s not big enough.

[00:48:33] Scott: Real quick I didn’t want to say something here and it’s, it kind of keeps coming up all the time and it’s really where people… Again something like this I think this kind of brings it back up, like I think people are actually looking for an excuse to not get started. Like, “Oh no, now because of this, I probably shouldn’t do it, because then I’m going to run into this issues.” Or, “Oh boy, now I’m going to have to do brand registry.” “Well that is a good reason why I probably shouldn’t do it right now, I’m going to hold off until now.”

So, I hear a lot of people saying like, “You know what, I’m going to wait until this happens,” and I think we have all done that, I mean we have all done that. “As soon as this is done I’m going to relax”, we’ve said that before too. “I’m going to finish this project and once that is done, I’m going to take some time off.” Then you go to the next thing, it is the same thing.

I think procrastination is just easier than doing something. I hear all the time Amazon is oversaturated now, and we made a comment last night on our workshop that we did. We were talking about like people that usually start something don’t finish it. It’s just the way it goes. I have had friends they start projects on their house, and you go back there three days later, and the wall is half built.

One thing you will know about me, my wife will tell you this, if I’m starting a project, that project is getting done, and I don’t care. I remember siding my house at 2 am in the morning, because I had to go word the next day. Because I wanted that peak finished right? That is just me in general, but the thing is people will start something, people will listen to the podcast, and I hate to say this, I really do. People will listen to the podcast, they will join the class, they will join the workshop, whatever and they will consume it but they won't do it. So, my whole thing is, it kind of grinds my gears is that people want something, but they don’t want it bad enough.

[00:50:29] Scott: The thing is they will come up with excuses as to “why I won’t do it”, or “why I failed”, or “why I shouldn’t do it now”. “I’m glad I didn’t do it because now there is big brand registry thing.” It is just excuses guys and it is just obstacles that we have to overcome.

It is going to happen in this business, or it is going to happen in another business or in your job because your job is switching from different corp to corp or whatever, you know you are doing switching up management or whatever. There is always going to be issues, so to me what grinds my gears is excuses, period. Chris, what were you going to say now?

[00:51:04] Chris: Somebody in the chat and I lost that email, looks like Victor, he says, “For a brand registry can I take two products like from wholesale and put a hangtag on it?” Dom have you had any experience with that, if it is unbranded wholesale product.

[00:51:17] Dom: Yeah, you know what there is companies that will do that. Bunch of companies that will do that, they are just private labeled or white labeled just nothing on them. I don’t see anything wrong with doing that, again your margins aren’t going to be as good but it is a good way to test products or get… Really what you are doing is wholesale retail arb that way. That is what I can see it right?

[00:51:38] Chris: Right and if you are in that stage, you don’t necessarily need to be doing brand registry.

[00:51:43] Dom: No you really don’t need to do that, I mean it is kind of a, it’s not a drop-shipping method but you get the stuff in whether it’s, you know whatever you want it ready. You can put you name on it. A lot of those companies actually put there for you in a sticker format. You can send it in there at least you still have it something in a box, and then yes, it;s one way to start, it is the easy way.

Again your margin isn’t going to be as good but it gives you the test… You know the biggest thing with the private label is, like Scott says, “Hundreds of excuses and millions of excuses even when you started.” I call it the gym membership syndrome. You know when you get your gym membership, you are all hyped and then you are just like brr… You go once you start a little bit, and as soon as the first, “Oh my God, I missed going on Wednesday, well that’s it, I’m done.”

[00:52:26] Chris: Or I’m sore today, I can’t go.

[00:52:28] Dom: Yeah, exactly, whether you work for yourself or in private label or work for a big company, there’s going to be tons of hoops, you have to move, you know you have had another child, you have to work more hours now, your wife can’t work because she’s got stay at home because you can’t afford a sitter or… I mean there is million different things that are going to come up in your life. I find it even with us, even with me, we have got lots brands, lots of aces, you know retail arb, everyday something happens but I don’t just give up.

I know I don’t just say “that’s it. Okay, that’s it no more I’m not going to launch anymore product because they are going to be banned and I’m going to buy any more product.” Then you might as well just keep working for someone else and putting up with the junk everyday, and not wanting to be self-employed. This is so much easier, once you get through the hoops of doing your first product, and don’t get involved with what you are going to call it and should I taxes? It is so frustrating when I hear all these, even my clients, people are calling and who talk to me, and students that I work with the same thing over and over and over again and what makes it worse is when you tell them, go through all the stuff everything is tight and they still go and they still release the garlic press. They still the [inaudible 00:53:39] I’m like, “Come on.”

[00:53:41] Scott: Or what is the other thing Dom, you and I talked privately about this, it’s like you have someone and they are doing the research and then you come back 6 months later and they are still doing the research.

[00:53:51] Dom: They are still doing it, it has non stop. I’ll be honest, when we first started privately label about three years ago, three or four years ago now, we did the same things. Took us about 4, 5 months to do things. So I try to teach, I try to help the people that I work with you know, even some of my staff members are in on it. I say look it, here is a great product, don’t fall in love with it, if it doesn’t look like you can’t launch it. Go to the next product?

And if you’re worried about copyright infringements and this color, you’re just trying to do 15 colors, you are already making… you know what I’m saying, it just…

[00:54:23] Chris: You are over complicating it.

[00:54:24] Dom: You are over complicating, you are just over thinking that right. Even if, I’d rather you, even I don’t like rather you sell a garlic like of the guys in your classroom yesterday. But I want to sell a garlic press, I want get into the food stuff. The sell the garlic press.

[00:54:40] Scott: Make it a really good garlic press.

[00:54:39] Dom: Sell one or two a day instead of a hundred because you’re not number one and you’re not going to get there because got to put tons of money into it. But at least you’ve gone through how to get yourself out there, how to get your UPC codes, how the manifest work, how your shipping air, how your DHL work, and then your second product, you already know all that stuff. Second product you learn a little more in depth stuff. Then third product. Then it just flows.

[00:55:04] Scott: You know, let me just cut in there really quick Dom I just had a thought. Let’s say someone wanted to launch a garlic press, I have got a way that someone could release a garlic press and I bet they could be very, very successful. Here is how you do it, you are ready for this? You go on YouTube, you find an internet celebrity, in YouTube, that is in cooking, and you partner with that person to make a beautiful garlic press, one that works really well.

Then they launch it to their list, and now you are going to have the credibility of a social celebrity in the internet space, they are going to help you push that product and now Amazon is just a secondary thing. So there is a little tip for you, go out there, find internet celebrities that are on YouTube crashing it in the food space, partner with them, split 50/50 and you do all the work on that side of the end. So, there you go.

[00:55:57] Dom: You give half of our game plan away.

[00:56:01] Scott: Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, cut this.

[00:56:07] Chris: There are no secrets in this space.

[00:56:09] Dom: There are no secrets, we are helping people, I’ll be honest, you know a lot of our products, not every one because we want to keep. Our team will work with top YouTube bloggers. Guys that do, that test stuff and pick the product and I send them stuff. They look at it and as soon as that happens boom number one right away. “Hey, this is the bla, bla, bla garlic press, it’s from this company, you should go try it on.” I’m not talking about a guy who has 1000 followers… More than 65,000.

If you do this, do a thing on it, there might be some conversation involved, you know there might some stuff I’ll give you some points or whatever. That’s with every deal we work out with, instant, pretty well. You know 50% of those products, 50-60% of the products will be gold mines right away. Just because the guy has so much following. Just if like you go to Bob Izumi and say, “Here is something on my new tackle can you try it for me, can you put on your show?”

[00:57:02] Scott: Look at Jillian Michaels, like if you get em’ out with something that was in the exercise space and she touched it, it is going to go viral. And that is a little extreme, but there is YouTube celebrities out there with 100,000 followers that you can do this right in multiple niches, multiple brands. It’s going to take leg work, it’s going to take some back and forth, it’s going to take a relationship being built.

[00:57:25] Dom: But it is proven to work.

[00:57:25] Scott: Yeah.

[00:57:25] Dom: There is actually one lady that I saw on your Facebook page, she sells handbags, amazing handbags. Easy concept you know, and it’s all celebrity based type stuff and she sends them products and they have got pictures of them with her hand bags.

[00:57:45] Scott: They posted on social media.

[00:57:47] Dom: But she did the footwork, she built her brands. She probably wanted somebody who waited to see this on the runway so hey, you might want one of my handbags? She just didn’t sit there and wait for it to happen to her.

[00:58:01] Chris: That’s actually a great example, right? I think it is Kenneth Cole, you know the story behind Kenneth Cole Dom?

[00:58:07] Dom: I don’t know the whole, no.

[00:58:09] Chris: I’m pretty sure it is Kenneth Cole, I’m sure, I’m sure I’m not just completely making this up, but he couldn’t afford to get into fashion week, so he rented like a trailer and parked it outside, right and waited till everybody walked by and did like a trunk show. That is how he got his start.

[00:58:22] Dom: If you get to get it done this way… My famous story is here and if you don’t know we are, I got a cottage up in Muskoka, that’s you know a lot of the hockey players, football players got even big celebrities, have cottages up in Muskoka. There was this restaurant, that he bought it on the side of the highway. There was a divider on one side, only 2 lane design, nobody is going there, so the first couple of weeks, he says “I got to lose his business.”

You know what he did, he got his fan and he got all his friends and family about 80 people to line up every morning for a week, especially on the weekends when all the cars are coming down, and people would try buy and they see 80 people in line. You can’t stop it. Then it was at 85 people, the next week it was 100 people, then 120, then we got to 100 people, he got rid of his family, but he still had a hundred. I’ll go there still drive by when I go see my family, go to my cottage and stuff like that. There is 200, 300 people, I’m not lying. I’ll take a picture one day, you will see all the people lined up.

You know who is there now? Our major communications companies got a booth there now, whatever our major clothing retailers has got a booth there now. Because he brought, you know…

[00:59:27] Scott: He brought attention, and we are always like that, we have done that, I pulled into, you know my wife would be like, “oh we got this coupon book.” We actually just bought one today it is like an entertainment book where you kind of have discounts and stuff and you do it for a charity and the kids, local sports and stuff. It has a bunch of great coupons for the local restaurants so if we got we are going to hit this place time. We go there the parking lot has got 2 cars in it. I’m telling you I’m not going to go in there. There’s a reason why it’s 6 o’clock and usually every place is like is a 20 or 30 minute wait, or an hour wait. This place has got 2 cars, but if that parking lot was filled I’m probably going to go in. I’m might have a beer at the bar, I might just kind of hang out, see the place right.

But it is so true but I think that’s a great story Dom as far as like, you have your friends and family, show up, make it look as though like you are very, very popular. Then everybody starts to flock in, and then eventually your family goes home and then you have clients. Take a picture of that, we will post that.

[01:00:26] Dom: I will next time I go down.

[01:00:28] Scott: For anyone that’s listening, I mean you are in Canada, is cottage like a camp, is that what we call a cabin Scott

[01:00:36] Chris: It’s a cabin, it’s a cabin Scott

[01:00:39] Scott: A cabin is it like a long cabin or a camp?

[01:00:42] Dom: It is a regular house but it is by the water.

[01:00:44] Scott: So we call that camps here, and it is not a camp like a shack, but…

[01:00:50] Dom: No.

[01:00:52] Chris: A camp is a tent.

[01:00:54] Scott: No, I have people that live on a lake if we are ever going to a camp this weekend. They are going to camp, their house is like $500,000 house.

[01:01:01] Dom: Just have to do a cottage just like a Muskoka cottage, anywhere cottage is life, you know see all the banks services and stuff like cottage.

[01:01:11] Chris: Cottage like… It’s like Thug Life.

[01:01:12] Dom: Thug life yeah.

[01:01:13] Scott: It is kind of like are you driving dog cart around Dom.

[01:01:16] Dom: We are not sitting on 10 foot trailer parked on open land and you know. It is just called that…

[01:01:22] Chris: Well it is Muskoka.

[01:01:24] Dom: You come from the city, you drive two and a half hours not to just go on this area, it’s like a, I don’t know it is quite, there is no city traffic, neighbors are like not right beside your ass is to the water, you go swimming, you put your boat on the lake or the river. That’s what cottage life is I guess, I don’t know, you must have tons of places…

[01:01:42] Scott: I know I’m just kidding, I’m just talking the language here. All right we got get running in here, we went over the power hour here. So we’ve still got a bunch of people still on Periscope and we got people on Facebook. We are going to have to go guys. So, this is what we are calling TAS power hour. We are going to give this a go for a few weeks, we are going to try to do Fridays at 1 o’clock. So, Fridays at 1 o’clock look for this, and hopefully we’ll keep showing up if you guys keep showing up, so keep your questions coming, a lot of people of Periscope are saying “love it”, someone said “no don’t go”, “thank you” but yeah.

This has been pretty cool, pretty fun, it seems like everything is holding up “Yes for power hour”, someone just said so awesome. Then I’ve got another “awesome”, I’ve got another “thanks”, I’ve got a ton of hearts. Do me a favor though guys, if you are on Facebook, share this. Okay, share this, if you are on Periscope, share it over there as well. Share this out, if you guys think this was valuable, if you guys want to help other people or maybe discuss certain things definitely share this, that would be awesome. Dom I want to thank you buddy, have fun at the cottage this weekend.

[01:02:48] Dom: I just want to say if you guys are in Canada, just go to the TAS, The Amazing Seller Canada on Facebook, same type thing, we also have a meetup group, that’s The Amazing Seller TAS Canada, as well just to meetup.com and we’re in Ontario. We have some out of towners that come and we will Skype them in, for our meeting and stuff like that. So, if anybody needs any help on that side we got a full team as well there.

[01:03:11] Scott: You know what we should in the future Dom we should probably get you a nice short URL so we can direct people so they can go look at that page. Go to meetup.com, search for, is it TAS Canada?

[01:03:23] Dom TAS Canada.

[01:03:23] Scott: TAS Canada then you will see Dom and your wife is part of that too right?

[01:03:27] Dom: Yeah that’s right, we have 40 there but we have way more than that… I’m too cheap, anything after 40 I have to pay a higher monthly… So anybody that doesn’t show up after a couple of weeks I just take them off and keep it under 40. Yeah I’m just kidding but yeah you can go there on our Facebook page, there’s a lot of people you know, freight forwarders, we talk about stuff like that and taxes and different things that don’t affect you the US but again it is the same thing whether you are from the UK or Canada, there are just a few different things that will help people with, and some of our followers.

[01:03:58] Scott: Yeah and keep coming back, we are going to do like I said, we are going to do some sessions here for the next few weeks, we are going to see how it goes, we are going to see the show up is, we are going to see how the engagement is. So, it is up to you guys to make this work, right? So you guys have to go out there and share it, and if you share it, you get yourself back here and other people will keep doing them but right now we are kind of use it like a pilot and see how this works.

So, again definitely check that out and come back on Fridays, 1 o’clock you will be tuning you will be tuning in as we are doing this podcast. And yeah Chris, I want to thank you, Dom I want to thank you, have a great weekend at the cottage. Chris I’ll be talking to you soon and everyone else. Chris why don’t you shut it down on Facebook because you are the engineer over there.

I’m going to shut down Periscope here and say goodbye to these guys. So everyone on Facebook, we will see you guys later, and Dom, I will see you later brother. Yeah will see you, and Chris, I will see you in a little while. So that’s it.

[01:05:01] Scott: All right so there you go, pretty awesome. That was a lot of fun, you can tell we have a lot of fun hanging out with each other and with everyone else that is tuning in. So again I’m want to remind you, if you want to be notified of when we do another Facebook live or a Periscope, head over to theamazingseller.com/hour and all you have to do is like the fan page The Amazing Seller, and that is all that is going to bring you to.

Then that way there you are going to be notified when we go live with that. Which should be on Fridays at 1 o’clock pm, Eastern time that’s what we are shooting for right now. Again we are going to do a few of these episodes, see how they go, see how the interaction is with you. So definitely we need you to show up, and yeah we just have a lot of fun doing it, and hopefully bringing you value and learning along the way as well.

So, just wanted to say come on over and hang out with us. The other thing that I would say to do here, is if you wanted to download the show notes and the transcripts to this episode, head over to the amazingseller.com/255 and there you can either read the show notes and the transcripts or you can download them. Whatever you want to do, again that is theamazingseller.com/255 and one last reminder if you want to like the fan page so you are notified of any upcoming live broadcast, head over to theamazingseller.com/hour.

That’s it guys, I have to remind you though again as I always do, that I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day, and I will see you right back here on the next episode or on periscope or on Facebook Live. I’ll see you around.


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