TAS 247 Ask Scott Session #74 – Your Amazon Questions

Welcome to this Friday Q & A episode of the Amazing Seller Podcast. We call these the “Ask Scott” sessions because it’s exactly that – your opportunity to ask Scott Voelker anything you want about selling on the Amazon platform. From product research and selection to shipping issues, to Amazon seller accounts and terms of service, to packaging, promotion, reviews, seller feedback – you name it and Scott is willing to address it on these Friday episodes. Be sure you ask your question. Who knows? Maybe it will be featured on a future Ask Scott episode.

Why results bring confidence in business and in life.

Everyone knows this but it’s true nonetheless. When you get results in any area of life you begin to gain confidence in that area. But you’ll never get the results if you never start. That’s why one of Scott’s biggest mantras is #takeAction. So if you’re struggling with confidence when it comes to your Amazon sales simply because it’s so new to you, you may need to simply take a step into the unknown so that you can gain the results you need to build that confidence. You can hear Scott’s thoughts on how he’s experienced this dynamic in business and in life, on this episode.

How can I best use Pay per Click to get myself to page 1 of the Amazon rankings?

Amazon’s pay per click tool is an amazing way to quickly make your product visible in the Amazon search rankings. But it’s not a normal listing that your potential customers see, it’s a promoted listing. But it’s what you’ve got to do in order to get your first sales. The first part of the launch is not about ranking, it’s about getting initial sales and reviews. That is where  Amazon PPC comes in as a powerful way to drive those sales. The next part of a launch is about ranking higher and that doesn’t happen through promotions, it happens through organic sales. And those organic sales are fueled partly by the existence of good reviews. Reviews serve as proof that your product is quality and actually something others want as well.

When I have variations on my products will my Best Seller Rank (BSR) apply to all variations or does each have it’s own BSR?

Every product in the Amazon catalog, including yours, has a seller rank. Every seller wants their product to achieve a best seller rank that shows potential customers that their product is worth buying. A listener asks about how variations of a product impact BSR. Do the variations each  have their own BSR or is the overall “parent product” the only one that has a BSR to be concerned about? It’s a great question and Scott has one of his “it depends” answers for you on this episode.

Should I have my products shipped first to my home address or directly to Amazon?

It may seem like a sensible shortcut to have the products from your supplier sent directly to the Amazon warehouse. After all, why would you want to keep inventory in your own home? Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid through FBA? But the issue is that when you send products directly to the Amazon warehouse you have no quality control process in place to ensure that your products are free of defects. The only way you know is that customers begin leaving negative reviews on your products – which is never a good thing. On this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott outlines some of the options for shipping that make sense for international sellers and domestic sellers.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:28] Random thoughts from Scott: results build confidence.
  • [5:28] QUESTION ONE: How do I get to page 1 using PPC and how l can I track it?
  • [12:18] QUESTION TWO: Questions about product variations and shipping.
  • [19:16] QUESTION THREE: My products are large and heavy but sell well. What can you tell me about freight forwarding services?
  • [26:50] QUESTION FOUR: Can you recommend a good copywriting service for me since I don’t speak English as my first language?



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TAS 247 : Ask Scott Session #74 – Your Amazon Questions


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone, welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 247 and session number 74 of Ask Scott. This is where you ask your questions and I do my best to answer them and we have a lot of fun doing it. It’s a way for me to connect with you on a weekly basis so definitely…

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…keep them coming. Now if you want to ask a question, real simple guys. All you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask, again that’s theamazingseller.com/ask. You can do that, there’ll be a button there to leave a voicemail obviously, you’ll need a microphone.

Just leave your first name and your brief question and I’ll do my best to answer it here on an upcoming Ask Scott session. Before we jump in, randomly I just want to throw it out there, I’ve been working out now consistently now for about six weeks. It feels amazing by the way. Again it comes back down to that like we have to commit to something and then it feels really good when we accomplish that thing. That goes hand in hand with this business stuff. The mental or the mind shift that it can have on us but I have to say I’m 44 now and my body just does not react the same way. My mind still feels the same but my body does not.

I did these side weighted bends with a certain amount of weight and man oh man I am feeling it today as we speak. It feels good, it’s not like a sore like it hurts kind of thing but it feels good that I actually worked out and did something but man oh man as you get older… My father wasn’t kidding when he said, “You definitely feel different aches and pains as you get older.” But it’s like anything, you still got to push through and it goes back to business or anything that we’re dealing with or trying to do. We’re going to have obstacles, we’re going to have aches and pains. We just got to push through. Well you guys know what I always say is, “Take action.”

[00:02:02] Scott: Just like right now I’m recording this and I just heard that the mowing crew is now taking care of… There’s a little median that goes on our street or alongside our street and they decided to mow right now. Guess what? This is my schedule time to record so I’m just going to roll with this. Hopefully it doesn’t disturb you and I don’t think you’ll be able to hear it with the mic that I’m using but if you do I’m sorry. I got to keep rolling here. One last thing before we jump in today’s first question, I wanted to give you some random thoughts. I’m going to do this a little bit more often. I’ve been doing this on Snapchat.

People seem to be really enjoying them and it just also shows we’re all the same in a sense to where we have these certain thoughts. These certain demons or whatever you want to call them and we have to understand that it’s a mental game. We’re all wired the same, we have all these different things pulling at us and doubting us and all of that stuff. The one big thing that I wanted to really say is results build confidence. What does that mean? If you do something and you get results, you will start to build confidence. You might say, “Well Scott what if I do something and I don’t get good results?” Well that’s also going to help you learn not to do that again or do something different so then you can keep moving forward. That also leads me into my next thought which is, “You just can’t try something once and then give up.”

It’s got to be multiple, multiple times and then this way here something will stick. It doesn’t mean go out there and just throw out crap but it means go out there and continually push forward and put more out there so this way here, and I don’t mean more as like products, but just more things. If you’re trying to launch something and it’s not going right, don’t just give up on it. Think about the next thing that you can do or maybe you need to do it longer. Maybe you need to do it a little bit differently maybe a slight tweak or maybe you turned on pay-per-click a little bit too early.

[00:04:00] Scott: Now you aren’t seeing the results but if you turn it on this week and maybe you trim around those keywords that weren’t getting… Maybe they were getting the impressions but they weren’t getting or vice versa, whatever.  You have to adjust but you won’t know that until you start doing instead of just consuming. You guys have heard me say that before, “Don’t just consume, do.” The thing is the more that you do each day, it will increase your chances to learn and grow. Again I take it back to not just business but in life and in fitness. I mean I’m back into it, I feel really good. It’s six weeks in, my nutrition is 90% dialed in.

I say that because there’s been a couple of times I fell off a little bit. I had that ice-cream cone, hey I’m human I’ve got that urge. When you have a beautiful place right near us too that makes homemade ice-cream, it’s really hard to resist that. Anyway the bottom line is, again and I’ll sum this up so we can move into today’s questions, this is a little bit of a pre-rant, bottom-line is we have to take action. #takeaction everyone. Take action and get results and those results don’t necessarily mean that they’re going to always be positive. They’re going to be at least results that you can measure the success or the failures and then learn and then continue to grow. There it is, there’s my thoughts and hopefully that’s helped you and that’s what I’m thinking anyway. Let’s go ahead and listen to today’s first question and I’ll give you my answer.


[00:05:33] Charles: Hello Scott, my name is Charles. I’ve learned so much from your podcast. I recommend it to all my friends who ask, “How do I sell on Amazon?” My question is regarding Amazon pay-per-click. Number one, how do I get to page one using Amazon pay-per-click? Number two, how do I track how long I stay on page one based on the amount I’m spending on pay-per-clicks daily budget and keyword bit? Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

[00:06:04] Scott: Hey Charles, thank you so much for the question. Man I have to say though, I’m glad you’re my friend because your voice could make someone intimidated. You’re a strong man I can tell. Anyway thanks for the question and it sounds like you do have that tone where you know what, you’re just going to make it happen and I love it. To answer your question and it’s a great question, I can’t give you an exact formula for that. I don’t think any of us can. What I can do is give you what I would do or how I would approach this. If you’re trying to go after a certain keyword, again we’re always focusing on that one keyword. First off I would say don’t just focus on the one keyword.

Especially in the beginning, the beginning it’s really about trying to get yourself indexed and found for multiple, multiple keywords. That to me is the easier path versus just going after page one for stainless steel garlic press. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a little bit frustrating in the beginning depending on how competitive your market is. I would do exactly what I’ve said in the past. I would do a standard launch where I would go ahead and start to do a small giveaway so this way I can start to get some reviews coming in because if I start doing reviews and I start running pay-per-click, I need those reviews to start coming in so this way here my conversion rate will be up.

If I get traffic to my listing but I don’t get sales through that keyword, that’s going to negatively affect my rankings as well. In the beginning, I don’t necessarily think that the very first part of that launch is going to be about ranking, it’s going to be about getting the momentum going number one. Number two, starting to get indexed for a bunch of different keywords. Number three to start getting in the reviews. Then once you dial up the pay-per-click then it’s going to help you convert into a sale. If that happens then you can start ranking. Now as far as tracking it goes, there are different services out there that allow you to track it.

[00:08:11] Scott: One of them that I hear a lot about and I do use is AMZ tracker. I do have that one. I don’t use it that often I got to be honest with you because again it’s one of those things, yes if you want to go after that one keyword, then you’re going to want a tracking software.

So you don’t have to keep going and looking every single day to see where you are. For the most part it’s like again, you know the handful of keywords that you want to go after, go after those but then it’s really about casting the net even wider. Then what I like to do is I like to run a keyword scrape on my own listing and see how I did or how I’m doing as far as getting indexed for. For those of you that don’t know how that works just say for example I went over to Keyword Inspector… If you guys are not familiar with that you guys can check out my resource page theamazingseller.com/resources, go down to keyword research and you’ll find that there. It’s on a credit system so you’ll buy a few credits.

They’re not that expensive. If you go through my affiliate link there you will get I believe a discount or extra credits. You get something additional for going through my link and you’ll buy me a cup of coffee which I have right in front of me right here and I appreciate that coffee by the way. It’s a great tool for being able to see exactly not just your competitors which it’s useful for that as well. It’s really cool because now what I can do is, let’s say right now your listing is only three weeks old. I would run a scrape on your listing like right now. Then I would take and I would save that data. Then four weeks from now I would do the same exact thing and I would run another scrape and I would see then how many additional keywords I’m being indexed for. The other cool thing about using that tool is it also allows me to see what position I am ranked for for those keywords.        

Now that doesn’t mean I’m getting sales necessarily through those keywords but it means that I’m being indexed and it means that I’m ranked in certain positions.

[00:10:10] Scott: This way here I can see at a glance all of the keywords I’m indexed for so I know which ones Amazon is picking up for me. Then I’m also seeing I’m ranking position number four on page one for stainless steel long handle garlic press. That’s going to give me some intelligence about my own listing. I can see how well I’m doing by running my pay-per-click or running any other additional promos. I’m able to see how my ranking is being affected. That to me is something that I do and I would advise anyone to do because it will allow you to see your listing at a glance of what you’re being indexed for.

When you’re being indexed for, it also helps you when you’re running your pay-per-click because if you’re trying to target a keyword that you’re not being indexed for, Amazon could have a problem with that because you’re not relevant and they want you to be relevant. That’s what I would do. Again you can check that out by heading over to my resources page and check out the Keyword Inspector Tool. Definitely I use it, it’s a cool little tool and it definitely gives you some intelligence. You can also take it a step further and see how your competitors are ranking and how they’re indexed and how many more keywords they’re being indexed for than you. That might give you more intelligence for running more pay-per-click campaigns. I’ve done that too where I’ll scrape a listing, I’ll take those keywords, I’ll dump them into an Amazon pay-per-click campaign and then I’ll start driving money towards those or ads spend towards those and I’ll see how they do for me for getting impressions and all of that.

Then again we’re just trying to widen the net of all of the different long tail keywords that we can rank for because the more that we can rank for and the more that we can get indexed the better chance we have of being picked up by random ones. Not just going after what everyone else is going after, if that makes sense. Hopefully that makes sense. Thank you so much for the question, hopefully this has been helpful. Again too I want to just stress this. A lot of us are impatient in the beginning especially we want to get rankings like day one or week one. It doesn’t happen like that it takes some time. Be patient with it but be persistent with it as well. Let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:12:23] Elder: Hello Scott, my name is Eldar and I want to say thank you for running this amazing podcast. I do have some questions for you. With variation listing, let’s say I have two pack and four pack. If I ran out of stock with four pack and I still got the two pack inventory, will it hurt my BSR rating? Second question, for the first time shipment would you highly recommend to ship it to your home address instead of shipping it directly to Amazon or should I just hire an inspection service? If you recommend inspection instead, which service should I use? By the way sorry for my broken English, thank you.

[00:13:02] Scott: Hey Elder thank you so much for the question man. I appreciate it and I appreciate you being a listener as well and all the kind words. It really does fire me up to keep doing this podcast. All of you listening that’s sending your questions or emails or anything it really does mean a lot or hey, iTunes reviews too. All of you guys are amazing and it keeps me fired up to keep doing the podcasts really. Thank you and keep them coming. Let’s answer these couple of questions. I probably already touched on these before but I’m going to go ahead and answer them again because I think it’s worth repeating. First thing this is with a variation, depending on the category, and it does depend on categories.

Some categories you can have four variations on a listing, on a parent listing. Each one of those variations is a different BSR. You may also be in a category that you have four variations and everything is housed underneath the parent so is the other but it’s only giving you one BSR whether that’s the red version, the black version, the white version or the blue version. You don’t know. The only way to really know even if you’re looking at competition to see which one is their best seller out of those variations if you don’t have a BSR to go by. You’re going to want to see which one is showing up in the search.

That would be a way to figure that out but I know it wasn’t really your question. What your question was is if I run out of inventory of my four pack but I still have the two pack will my BSR go up or down? The answer is, “It depends.” It depends on the category. What I would say is if you have a good selling product that’s a variation and your other one isn’t that you run out off, whether it’s individually tracked or if it’s a whole it’s still going to affect where you rank because overall, it’s going to go up or down. However, some people say well you have better ranking means up or better ranking means down, it means that it’s a worse BSR, let’s say that.

[00:15:13] Scott: I would say you don’t want to run out of inventory of one of your better selling items because that will negatively affect your listing. It wouldn’t matter if you did run out of two pack if the two pack doesn’t sell.

Does that make sense? Hopefully it does. I’m pretending like we’re actually across the table from each other and you’re just nodding, “Yeah, yes Scott that makes total sense.” It’s just the way I like to roll here guys. I like to pretend like we are actually sitting across the table having that coffee. That would be the answer to that question, hopefully that makes sense. Hopefully that’s helpful. The key here is try not to run out of inventory. That’d be my best recommendation. If you do, you do. The other thing is let’s talk about that real quick though because this also is worth repeating. If you’re starting to run out of inventory and I’ve actually talked about this in the past where I might have slightly raised my price to slow it down.

The problem with that if you do it too much, if you raise it too much and you slow your sales down to where you were doing ten a day and now you’re only doing one a day, your conversion is less. That could negatively affect your ranking once you get back in stock because Amazon pretty much looks at where you were when you sold out all of your inventory. Just keep that in mind as well. I’m kind of on the side now of I’ll raise the price a little bit maybe to slow them down just a touch but not enough to where it’s going to make my inventory stay in stock so much that my ranking, man I can’t get this out, where my ranking suffers because of that. I’d rather just go out of stock with selling a bunch a day and then get back in stock and then come back in where I left off.

Hopefully that helps. Now the second part of that question is really about should you have it shipped to your home or your home office or should you ship it directly to Amazon?

[00:17:10] Scott: There’s a couple different thoughts here. Number one, if you are international and you’re shipping to your home country and then shipping back that’s going to be not really a smart move. In that case I would say hire a third party inspection company, the one that I’ve been recommending that a lot of my students have been using is topwininspections.com. That can be found at the resources page as well theamazingseller.com/resources and you should find the link there for inspection services. That would be my recommendation there.

If you are in the US and you are just starting, I would probably have it shipped to myself so I can compare it myself with my own hands, my own eyes and see that the sample matches up with the product that has been shipped. Again, we’re talking about a trust level here with our supplier, with our agent, whatever and we want to make sure that it is what they said it is. Now, the second part of that would be if you want to is the second option here would be to do the same thing as if you were international is just hire a third party inspection company to do that for you before you ship it in. Just keep in mind you are sending in all of your units to Amazon.

If there’s a problem with them, you’re not going to know about it until customers start to receive it and customers start to leave negative reviews. That would be bad. In the beginning especially, we want to prevent that. It may cost you a few extra dollars in the beginning but understand that it’s worth that little bit of expense. If not the bigger expense will be negative reviews and all the inventory that’s in there you have to pull out. Then you're going to have to pay for that and then you’re going to have to figure out how to get it back to them or maybe have them replace it, all of that stuff. I would say in the beginning, let’s be safe. Let’s either have it shipped directly to ourselves or let’s go ahead and hire a third party inspection company. Hopefully that’s been helpful let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:19:19] Matt: Scott Voelker, Matt here. Hey man I talk like I know you because I feel like I do even though you don’t know me from Adam. It’s got to be weird for you by the way as a podcaster. I apologize for that in advance. Listen, I’ve made myself a promise. The next time I add a 300 plus dollar a day the flywheel's really starting to turn for the business. I’m up at 486 bucks for today. Dude, this is a huge deal for me personally for my sanity I’ve got a full time job. A lot of responsibilities, it’s very stressful. This is a great reprieve and it’s a real side thing and now I’ve got a clear line of sight to a business that might just change everything. My wife has since spun up an FBA business largely due to your inputs as well. Listen, this is a huge gift so thank you on behalf of, I’m sure everyone is listening and certainly my family. Thank you.

Listen, I’m a little bit opposite world, my strategies have been very different, I don’t do the whole fits in the shoebox little cost, high velocity thing. Mine’s just oversized, it’s quite expensive to me, my costs and as a result it’s quite expensive on Amazon. The stuff is heavy, my main product at least, I’ve got several. I need to figure out this freight forward deal in the logistics. I’m still shipping to my house, I believe you’ve done a lot of that in the past, you might still be doing it now.

I wanted to get your thoughts on where you’re at with freight forwarding and the logistical side, the inspections, do you do them in China? What the heck happens when it lands? It’s really overwhelming even with the resources that are out there, I just started looking at it and it’s… I feel like it could work against me if I’m not extraordinarily careful but I also know I need to do it because I can’t keep up with the business. Orders are coming in and exceeding my capacity for inventory, I’ve got to get some serious volume going with my orders so freight forwarding and sea shipping is going to be where it’s at.

Listen, that’s my question man, hope the move is going well, I’m in the South East as well, I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee one of these days. Thank you. Later.

[00:21:26] Scott: Hey Matt, what’s up brother? Hey, thank you so much for the question and also it does feel a little strange sometimes because it does feel like we know each other and then when we meet it’s even a little bit more strange because then it’s like you already do know pretty much everything about me. Let’s get this started right, put your fist up, let’s do a little fist pump, let’s go ahead and put our hand up and our fist bump, I should say, let’s give a fist bump, like they do in baseball.

All right man, that was cool to hear by the way. I’m so glad that you had this little metric in your head that said that, “Once I hit like 300 a day I’m going to really say this is validation,” and this is getting me excited and that’s awesome because I think that’s what we all need in anything that we do in life. We have to create this little metrics in our own head that say, “Hey, once I get to this little milestone then it’s going to prove that it works and that I should probably focus a little bit more on this,” and then it’s going to you more excited.

Like I talked in the beginning, it’s like getting that confidence to then move that next level and you’re at that level where you’re like, “I’m going to have to start doing the whole sea shipping and shipping directly to Amazon.” That stuff could be scary, it’s another level of risk, it’s more obstacles that you’re going to have to go through, it’s more things you’re going to have to control and you’re going to have to keep your eyes and ears on and open for.

All of that stuff comes into the mix but again it’s part of the process for you because you are doing it a little bit differently. By the way, I want to commend you on that. Anyone out there that has the resources and the little bit of risk tolerance that they want to put something up there that’s a little bit more expensive, a little bit heavier, maybe oversize your competition will be less.

[00:23:31] Scott: With that said, there’s a little bit more risk too because now we have a bigger product, it cost a little bit more to get it here. We also have the possibility of someone returning that item now and now all of a sudden we’re going to have to eat that entire cost.

There’s a lot of that that goes into it but I want to commend you because it’s something that I think you’re seeing as a way for you to eliminate some of that competition. For anyone out there that’s also thinking about doing that understand there are those risks but there are also those rewards and as Matt has just said. I’m so glad that your wife is now like involved in this whole thing and you guys are like partners in this and it really does help when you have that really, I guess togetherness because when times get tough or times get good you want people to celebrate with or people to lean on. Really, really awesome stuff.

My recommendation here though Matt would be to definitely look into a freight forwarding company. Now, there’s one called Flexport, I have not personally used them yet but I’ve heard really good things about them. Derek Miller who I had on the podcast, he was episode 131, if you have not listened to that or anyone else listening to this Ask Scott session definitely go check that one out. That’s theamazingseller.com/131 and if you guys want to you can just go over the show notes. All of these will be linked up there as well so don’t worry about having to write that link down. It’ll be at this episode which is theamazingseller.com/247 and you can find all the links and the show notes and the transcripts and all that stuff over on this particular post.

I would say definitely go listen to that. I think Derek will also help you out with this, if you want to contact him directly he could probably direct you properly. Again, he outlined it really, really easily. He does use Flexport as well I believe, at least he did at the time of that interview. I just talked to Greg Mercer last night and he was saying again he has been using Flexport now.

[00:25:38] Scott: The way that it was described to me, Flexport is really like the 21st century freight forwarding, before it was always like faxing stuff to this one and having this certain bond and then this certain paperwork had to be sent here and signed off and all of this stuff. Flexport really makes it where it’s controllable inside of this one location, it’s like a nice unique dashboard.

One little side note, I did also hear that they are right now only accepting certain clients so you might want to contact them and see if they are accepting new clients and also if not who they would recommend maybe that you go to. That’s the one that I would recommend. I know there’s been other ones in the past but that would be the one that I would use myself and when I do end up doing freight forwarding and all of that stuff I will be looking into Flexport as well.

All right, so that’s going to answer that question. Matt, once again thank you so much and keep me posted on your success man, it sounds like you’re doing amazing so definitely keep me posted and let’s jump up right now and do some high fives, really some big high fives man, you’re doing awesome.

All right let’s go ahead and listen to one more quick question, I’ll give you my answer and then we’ll wrap this baby up, what do you say?

[00:26:57] Jordi: Hey, how are you doing Scott? I got a question, since my English is not my first language, I’m Spanish. I really need a real good copywriter since and like I said my English is not so good so my copy is not as best as I can. I try many, many, many, many copywriters but it seems like an impossible road to succeed here. Is it possible that you can recommend me a good copywriter for a leasing? I really need that.

[00:27:40] Scott: Hey there, thank you so much for the question. Before I answer that question real quick I was looking at your name, you didn’t say your name so I don’t even know how to pronounce it. The funny thing is I looked at your name and I tried to think about how it would sound and I asked my wife, “How would you pronounce this name?” Then she went to our friend Google and she looked it up and the way that it sounds like I should say your name is Jordi, so it’s J-O-R-D-I. Then my wife’s like, “No, no, no, it’s not like that, you have to say it like Yo’-De.”

We had a little fun with that, she was laughing at me when we were discussing this. I wanted to make sure that I gave it a good effort here, so I think it’s Yo’-de. Jordi, thank you so much for the question and hopefully I pronounced it correctly and as you can see that my pronunciation of names is not that good either. Anyway, this is actually a pretty good question because if I’m not from a certain country and my language is not that language but I’m going to be selling on that platform, I want to make sure that my slang or my language is the same as that country or that language.

If not it’s going to shine through as though I’m trying to speak to those people as those people but I’m really not those people, if that makes sense. I think it’s really important, you bring up a really good point because you want to definitely have that stuff in line. My advice on this would be definitely hire someone, you wouldn’t want to do that yourself. I would have to steer you towards my good friend Karon Thaxton.

She has books and stuff and she’s been on the podcast three times. I would say if you didn’t want to hire her and her services then maybe just purchase one of her books or one of her guides or even just read her blog and then maybe give that to someone that you’re going to hire so then they can do it along those guidelines because you want your listing to be optimized and you do want it to be really targeting the messaging and the keywords that your product is going to support.

[00:30:05] Scott: I would say first off, anyone listening, especially that wants to, even about listing optimization but then copy writing and stuff, episodes 86, 155 and now 245, I would listen to those. Really, really great stuff and she’s always up to speed and really like on top of the terms of services and optimization stuff for Amazon listings. That’s what she does on a day to day basis with tons of different businesses. She’s pretty affordable if you wanted to hire her just like one off and have her write your listing for you, they do the research to figure out what the messaging should be, keywords, all of that stuff so I’d definitely check her out.

Again, you can find all of those episodes, I’ll link them up in the show notes. Again, if you wanted to hire her you could go to my resources page too and there’s a link there to go through that link which is an affiliate link but you can go through there to get more information about her services, theamazingseller.com/resources will get you there, just scroll down to where it says listing optimization and you’ll find that there. Again, listen to those episodes, they are a wealth of information and I would say to anyone that’s talking about whether they’re having someone else do it, have them listen to those episodes, really, really important.

Guys, that’s pretty much going to wrap up this episode of Ask Scott, another session in the books. Man oh man, I’ll tell you what, I get fired up each and every week that we get a chance to do these and as those questions keep coming in I will continue to come back. Again, I want to throw this out there, if you guys have questions that just aren’t Amazon related, maybe just business or marketing or any of that stuff, you guys are more than welcome to submit those too.

[00:31:49] Scott: You guys know that I’ve been at this for pretty long while here, online, I’ve been online just about 10 years now and it’s not just been Amazon for me, this has just been something fairly new, a new revenue stream. I’ve been online selling digital products since, I forget the year now but it’s been about nine, ten years so I know a little bit about marketing, I know a little bit about how the ecosystem works and funnels and all that stuff.

If you guys have any other questions in regards to that that you guys want me to answer on an Ask Scott session, more than welcome to submit them there and I’ll do my best to answer them as well. I just love talking about this stuff and if I can help you guys by getting through it or just making it easier to understand I would love to be able to do that and help you guys out. That’s it guys, that’s pretty much going to wrap it up, let me remind you one last time, if you want to download the transcripts or check out the show notes, all the links we talked about, head over to theamazingseller.com/247 and you can find everything right there.

All right guys, that’s it, that’s going to wrap it up officially right now and I want to remind you one last time, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action!” Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode. #Takeaction.


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