TAS 244 Ask Scott Session #73 – You Amazon FBA Questions

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  • Hi Scott,
    I’ve listened to all of the “Start Here” podcasts for new listeners and a few others in addition to that. Thank you for all of the great information; I am excited to listen to more and start diving in.

    But let me get into my question! 🙂 I’ve heard in some of the podcasts that people may want to avoid getting into a product that has one dominant seller (due to maybe strong brand strength) and that we would want to find more depth. I found a product and there are only two sellers selling the exact same product with one difference– one has an added free product that they’ve bundled with it. I’ve looked on Jungle Scout and it seems as if they are getting all of the sales. Even compared to the other styles in the same category. The thing is, this is not a well known brand or anything. In fact, I’ve looked them up and they happen to be a manufacturer (or re-seller?) from China.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there anything else I can look into to either help validate or confirm that this is a bad idea? If I went forward, my plan was to bundle a couple of things with it that are different from what is currently offered.

    Thank you!!!

    • Hey Josephine, if there are only two sellers in the market I would generally avoid it, you want to try and find a market where there are 5+ sellers hitting the numbers you’re looking for!

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